Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lugubriously Pious Theologian Compares Public School Involvement With Satanism

Of me it was written, "What is an example of a double minded Christian? I would say that one who advocates public education is such an example. Public education is tax payer theft. Public education is not spiritually or morally neutral, but rather it is blatant indoctrination. It is anti-Christian and it is anti-American. If you want to insist that public education is a ministry, I will argue that it is a ministry of Satan."

So what the person is saying is that they were a practicing Satanist when they were employed by the public school system.

The world in which we exist has public education.

For the time being, it is the way in which most people are educated.

As such, Christians employed by the system doing what they can to present truth and to blunt deception to the best that they can are engaged in a MINISTRY.

Some people would do well to reflect upon Scripture praising Joseph of Arimathea as a secret disciple.

There comes a point where the devout are so eager to set the current system ablaze that they are destructive in their own manner not all that unlike radical Islamists or militant secularists.

How is someone demanding uniformity of vocational calling all that different than the Communists of the early 20th century insisting that all individuals conform to an interchangeable sameness?

by Frederick Meekins

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