Friday, June 29, 2012

Average Americans Need Not Feel Guilty

On the cover of the 4/20/12 issue of the leftwing Catholic publication Commonweal is a picture of a farm worker. The caption below the picture reads, "Meet The Woman Who Picked Your Food". And why should the average American be made to feel guilty about this? Unlike this leftwing branch of the Catholic faith (as well as the leftwing branches of Protestantism for that matter), average citizens are not the ones wanting borders flung wide open and little done to deport those with no business being here. Does the magazine also intend to run a cover article about average Americans to shoulder increased tax burdens and how waves of immigrants failing to acclimate to the cultural standards of this country have decreased the quality of life in numerous communities across the nation?

So do the police that initially concluded that George Zimmerman's injuries were not consistent with his life being threatened allow themselves to be beaten seriously before drawing their sidearm on an approaching suspect or assailant?

Michelle Obama declared Jesus to be a model citizen. In the eyes of the First Lady, I wonder if that includes the incident of the driving of the money changers from the Temple? Does Michelle Obama applaud Christ's endorsement of the right to carry a concealed weapon (or at least a weapon) when He told his Disciples to sell a cloak to purchase a sword if they did not already have access to the contemporary side arm of the day. And under the kind of healthcare reform advocated by Jesus, contraceptives (at least for the unmarried) would not be necessary since He told the adulterous woman to go and sin no more.

Organs Harvested From Undead Patients

Cannibal Raghead Eats Wife's Lips

Tom Cruise will need to find some new cushions to bounce around on. He's divorcing Katie Holmes.

The commencement speaking insisting there is nothing inherently special about individual human beings told the students that they were taken care of by adults that had better things to do. If that is the attitude of these adults, perhaps they ought to have been doing these other things the night they made the baby.

Chief Justice Roberts said it is not the duty of the Court to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices. So if the nation wanted to herd Jews into cattle cars, America's most prominent judicial body would refuse to issue an injunction or such condemning such an act?

"Building For Social Change"

The cover story of the March 2012 edition of Architectural Record is "Building For Social Change." For those not yet fluent in speaking the language of Totalitarianstan, this means people will literally be herded into living in tight quarters whether they want to or not. Most laughable were the pronouncements for the grandiose projects designated for skid row areas with large concentrations of the homeless and others just as likely on government assistance. After nearly five decades of public housing projects, apparently these central planners still fail to realize that, no matter how pretty you design the building, it's not going to last long if the residents have it so easily handed to them that they have no compunction against defecating in places other than the designated toilet facilities.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In a sermon on systematic theology, the minister said that your primary source of teaching ought to be from the local church. Any books that you research should be construed through what is learned there. If anything, you should view the local church with the same degree of scrutiny in light of God's Word. One might actually need to be more conscientious in keeping one's guard up in regards to the local church because a book is not going to play up to your existential weaknesses not directly related to the subject matter being addressed by the book nor intimidate you if you don't go along 100% with the manuscript on every secondary issue.

Joe The Plumber Right

Joe the Plumber should not be condemned by leftwing Jews over recent comments regarding the Second Amendment. If Jews had firearms in Germany, at least one of the scenarios would have likely transpired. Fewer Jews might have died because the Nazis might have thought twice about sending so many to their deaths. Second, those defending themselves might have taken a greater number of Nazis out along the way. Even more importantly, if Jews had been permitted to own firearms, there might have not even been a Holocaust since the first step of slaughtering vast numbers of people is to deindividualize. There is no surer way of accomplishing that than by increasing dependence upon the state.

The cover of the July 2, 2012 of The Nation reads, "Islamophobia: Anatomy Of An American Panic". Those given over to such reflection should stop and ask a profound question. That interrogatory is just how many publications in the Islamic and Third Worlds have published articles with titles such as “Christophobia” or “Ameriphobia? It must be observed that those given over to destroying their own neighborhoods upon merely hearing things they don’t like aren’t exactly renowned for their aptitude out critical self-evaluation.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thoughts Concerning The Avengers

The Avengers was a good film. However, it was not the greatest superhero movie of all time as has been suggested. And believe me, I have seen some superhero movies. Not much thought went into Hawkeye's costume. It hardly resembled his ensemble from the comics. The aliens were less than impressive and, along with the wormhole portal opening above a skyscraper, the sequence seemed nearly interchangeable with last year's Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon. As often as films depict such anomalies manifesting in the vicinity of the Empire State Building with non-terrestrial entities pouring through, that is likely a warning placed by occultic elites to those of sufficient discernment that such an event is prophesied for some point in the future. Sort of the way all manner of ghoulish symbolism is dispersed throughout the Denver International Airport subtly informing how the facility will be used as a command center by the forces of the New World Order when that tyranny is implemented. In one particularly reflective scene, the assembled heroes flew into a moral outrage when Nick Fury admitted to plans to develop weapons based upon the tesseract technology. Thor portends that such research will usher mankind to the next level of warfare as forces beyond humanity from that point onward will take notice of the threat posed by the Earth. But wouldn't these individuals of enhanced ability themselves be the next step in the development of the implements of destruction and conflict? Yet other than Bruce Banner wanting rid of his affliction as the Incredible Hulk, none of them seem eager to give up those aspects of their existential makeup that set them above the lumbering common masses of humanity. Captain America would probably be the sincerest individual among the lot but even he volunteered to undergo the procedure that increased his physiology. Iron Man is ultimately just a suit of armor. Thus Tony Stark could give up his alter ego the easiest, but possesses an ego so large that he claims his company no longer produces weaponry even though what he pilots is little more than an anthropomorphized weapon. So the differences between what he professes and how he actually lives makes Tony Stark the Rosie O'Donnel of superheroes. Yet Stark in terms of humility is an anchorite monk in comparison to Thor. Thor's people, a race known as the Asgardians originating from a plane of existence beyond Earth, seem to have done little to dissuade early man from worshipping these transdimensional beings as gods. Even Thor throughout the film continued to look down his nose at the human race when he insinuated mere earthlings were unworthy of laying hands upon beings from his realm no matter what earth laws such beings may have broken or how many human lives might have been destroyed. Mary Poppins sang a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. The cartoonish nature of The Avengers may just be what the doctor ordered to get viewers to contemplate the implications of those that would alter what it means to be human and in essence weaponize our underlying ontology. by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pedophile Getting What He Deserves Heralded As "Vicitim"

Houston Chronicle

An alternative headline might be "Pervert Dies Of Black Eye In Shiner, Texas".

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Will Food Fascists Utilize Surveillance Lasers To Make You Eat Vegetables?

Pope says rich families ought to pay for poor families. Perhaps some ostentatious Vatican finery ought to go for that cause before telling the rest of us to part with our own resources.

Gay DC Comics Character The Version Of The Green Lantern With A Weakness For Hard Wood

At least I don't have to pitch out my extensive Batman wardrobe.

Interesting they would select a character to be gay in the Earth 2 version of the characters. 

From my impression, these were the earliest version of the characters set primarily in the 1940's. 

So unless things have changed, these stories will no doubt be used to denigrate U.S. History and the foundations of American culture rather than a full on frontal assault.