Sunday, December 30, 2012 Headlines Insinuate Indian Children More Precious Than Whites

A prominent headline posted at on 12/30/12 read "Choctaw Family Devastated In Miss. Suv Wreck."

Sympathies go out to any family that loses five children in a single automobile accident.

However, had these individuals been run of the mill White people, would the news of their deaths have been as prominently placed?

Are we suppose to weep more for them just because they are American Indians?

And if they had been boring, regular White people, would the headline have read "Caucasian Family Devastated In SUV Wreck"?

And if their Prius had been flattened would that have been pointed out or is that sort of vehicle of such shoddy construction that that would have been expected anyway?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wayne LaPiere of the of the NRA astutely observed that, if the President is worthy of being protected by armed security, why not the nation’s school children. However, a number of issues need to be addressed before his proposal of a national school security force is implemented throughout the country. For example, what if the administrators of a private school do not want such federal operatives roaming their halls? Furthermore, will the purview of their authority be restricted to stopping actual gun incidents as they unfold or will they also be trolling for the crimes of thought and non-sociability many are being duped into believing are even greater threats than the actual discharge of a firearm.

Eventually, it will be designated a symptom of mental illness if you would rather live in your own house on private property rather than in a resettlement and reeducation COMMUNITY.

I do hope most realize the definition of mental illness is going to be written so broadly that everyone will be caught up in the dragnet that does not have a silly brainwashed grin plastered across their faces over the direction in which the country is headed.

The world is so philosophically warped that contemporary culture is on the verge of categorizing men that recreationally wear camouflage as threats to public safety largely on account that they are individualists but applauds and protects with special laws the men that wear frilly dresses because they are souls willing to follow their own path.

A fuss is made that the United States has a higher homicide rate than other wealthy nations. But doesn't the US has a higher percentage of non-Whites other than Japan?

Rapper Hopes Baby Grows Up To Be A Drug Addict

Are Muslims Attempting To Take Over Factions Of The Tea Party Movement?

NRA Membership Soars

The Night Before by Thomas Kincaide

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Cure For Horrible Hands Advertisement

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anti-Nativity Scrooges Selective In What Gods They Toss Out Into The Cold

For decades, Santa Monica churches erected nativity scenes on municipal park land there in celebration of the Christmas season. However, the onward march to abolish the assorted foundations upon which America was built continues unabated and is now even seeming to accelerate as evidenced by increasing numbers of the able bodied voting for demagogues promising bounty the recipients did not have to lift a finger for and to solemnize with one of society's highest recognitions relationships once considered so far beyond the boundaries of acceptability that the respectable were often too ashamed to even speak of. As such, even those trappings held over from the previous world order that brought joy and happiness to the adherents of beauty and truth must be eliminated.

In 2011, the authorization process for erecting the Nativities was altered so that many of the permits ended up going not to churches but rather to a motley assortment of unbelievers. As a result of the hassle and embarrassment, under the excuse of the necessity maintaining an unobstructed seaside view, municipal authorities decided to do away with depictive winter displays altogether.

The ultimate reason though is to deny access by any particular viewpoint by suppressing them all equally. Sort of the socialistic notion that everyone is equal because everyone is equally miserable.

Cutting edge commentary will likely focus on the here and now with how the tradition has been abolished in its entirety. However, the way the issue was handled in 2011 still gives rise to observations as pertinent today as they aptly apply to the overall tenor of the age in which we live rather than the narrow focus of a particular year which has already elapsed.

In 2011, one of the displays erected by the apostates and unregenerates read "What myths do you see? 37 million Americans know myths when they see them." Pictured along with the slogan were images of Neptune, Santa Claus, Jesus and Satan.

Of course, the Old Deluder, the Devil himself, has no problem being depicted as a buffoonish cartoon villain since, though he has a massive ego having at one time conspired to set his throne on the mount of the congregation in his attempt to usurp the place of the Almighty. At this point in the game, he is more concerned about dragging down as many as he can with him to eternal damnation rather than to get as many as possible to swear an eternal positive affirmation to his infernal name.

Of course, especially in a place like California, it really doesn't take all that much courage to thumb one's nose at Christ either. After all, He was the one that admonished the insulted to turn the other cheek and those ready to call for Crusades on behalf of His name, even if not in His spirit, don't exactly hold he sway they once did.

So shouldn't those wanting to take a courageous stand in the name of the Great Emptiness or however else one might be inclined to depict nothing whatsoever take on a figure whose backers show a little more teeth? For instance Islam? These fanatics threatened the producers of South Park for even obscuring the view of the specific personage that was suppose to be in the bear costume.

However, it seems these leftists converging upon California only go out of their way to have Judeo-Christian religious figures removed from view on public property. They seem to exhibit little opposition to deities advocated by less than Biblically acceptable religions and forms of belief.

For in California, in the mid 90’s a monument costing the taxpayers nearly $500,000 was erected to Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl is the winged serpent god from Aztec mythology around which a number of Hispanosupremacist front organizations hope to repaganize and de-Christianize this targeted demographic in preparation for the uprising against the United States when insurgents intend to slaughter the remaining Whites in disputed Southwestern territories.

Atheism is the belief that God does not exist. To be consistent, that would include those of a non-Christian variety as well.

Thus, it would be reasonable to conclude that there must be a greater overarching, more pragmatic commonality linking those that believe in no God and those that believe that higher order beings condescended down to our level who, rather than shed their blood and died on our behalf, insisted that our blood be shed and lives sacrificed to placate the base lusts of these craven entities whether the victims were willing or not. That shared commonality is nothing less than an outright hatred of the God that is there and a desire to see His followers silenced.

by Frederick Meekins

The Social Media MBA

Christmas Evil

Self Publishing Losing Stigma

Vintage Christmas Nativity

Was Adam Lanza A Practicing Satanist?

Is Sam Donaldson A Raving Boozer

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scientists admit that the rumors of the demise of a variety of whale thought extinct for nearly two million years have been greatly exaggerated. One must stop and wonder what other aspects of evolution and the geologic column the overly educated don’t have a clue about.

In justifying the selection of Obama as Time’s man of the year on the grounds that the President is the architect and symbol of a new kind of America, isn’t that an admission that the President is really King of the Deadbeats?

In questioning how many single woman in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s protect themselves with a bushmaster rifle, Joe Scarborough revealed that he joined this mentioned demographic since it is quite obvious that his manhood shriveled and fell off some time ago.

If Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg were not permitted to retain the bones and sinews connecting their heads and their necks, why should Nidal Hassan be allowed to retain the hair connected to his face?

If Nancy Pelosi possesses all the eloquence of a slurring drink in enunciating the technical specifics of the firearms debate, do we really want this woman mutilating our Constitutional liberties?

Spineless effettes are in an uproar over the possibility of arming school personnel as a deterrent against deranged gunmen. As if reason has been all that successful in dissuading such rampaging demoniacs.

Since the Occupy Movement weaponizes human fecal matter, does that mean the government should outlaw bowel movements?

The Vigilant Prepare For The Pending Collapse As Gun Permit Applications Increase

Human Turd Permitted To Retain Its Fuzz Coating

Leftwing Journalists Itching To Censor Social Media Following Conn School Mass Murder

Was Deranged Gunman A Fanatic Vegan?

Obama Views Gun Control As Path To Consolidating His Dictatorship

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #152 "The Black Cat Appearance"

Will Texas School Banning Confederate Flag Also Ban Hispanic Insignias?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If social ineptitude is to be an indicator as to whether or not someone is likely to go postal according to the advocates of Minority Report style crime prevention, will adolescents fidgeting awkwardly in the school cafeteria eventually provoke the same response as two suspects exchanging wads of cash that bolt like deer when a police cruiser turns down the street?

Once access to firearms is eliminated, the next thing to be eliminated in the name of public safety and social cohesion will be access to non-government approved news and policy information websites.

A caller to WMAL's Chris Plante program argued against citizens possessing weapons technologically beyond those available to the Founding Fathers at the time the Constitution was adopted. Only White property holders could vote back then also. Should we return to that arrangement as well? That might relieve America of deadbeats voting themselves lavish welfare benefits.

The Moral Case For The Free Market

Peacenik Filth Threatens To Murder Anyone Advocating Self Defense

UFO's, Aliens & The Bible

Newsweek Trashes Christ’s Name During Christmas Season

The Dec. 17, 2012 issue of Newsweek Magazine published a cover story titled "Who Was Jesus."

Instead of providing a balanced perspective on this topic, editors instead allowed the topic to be addressed by Bart Ehrman.

Bart Ehrman's claim to fame is essentially undermining every tenet of orthodox Christianity by casting doubt on the sources that serve as the foundation of the faith in favor of texts more gnostic in origins and interpretation.

Thus, it must be asked, would Newsweek publish an article casting aspirations on the founder or central figure of another world religion deliberately during a time of the year held to be one of the most sacred among a significant percentage of the faith’s adherents?

Would Newsweek pull something like this during Ramadan?

Both Voltaire and Nietzsche in their respective eras remarked how the name of Jesus Christ was on the wane and that God was dead.

Now, a Bible Society has turned Voltaire’s former home into an office and it is Nietzsche that is dead.

As the periodical prepares to publish its last print edition towards the close of 2012, perhaps Newsweek should stop and reflect where its name will be 200 years or so in comparison to the Name Above All Names.

by Frederick Meekins

Monday, December 17, 2012

Analysts and pundits are suggesting that eliminating the Second Amendment may be the best way to prevent incidents of mass violence such as the Connecticut elementary school massacre. When that does not work as a cure, what will be there to protect the American people when it is argued that what is really needed to make the United States safe is the elimination of the First Amendment?

So if fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson initially summarized that the Connecticut elementary school massacre represents 27 reasons why to abandon the public education system, does he intend to modify his original claim and say the same thing about homeschooling since reports seem to indicate that Adam Lanza was educated in part through that form of pedagogy as well?

Liberals are going to need to make a decision. Are we still going to go with the line of just be yourself and everything will work out fine (one of the greatest loads of excrement pounded into children's heads)? Or should we put up enough of a front that we really give a crap so as to avoid being categorized by intelligence agencies as subversively introverted or reclusive?

If the purpose of police strategy and tactics is to subdue suspects with minimal force, law enforcement doesn't need "assault weapons" either.

If the purpose of police strategy and tactics is to subdue suspects with minimal force, law enforcement doesn't need "assault weapons" either.

If the purpose of police strategy and tactics is to subdue suspects with minimal force, law enforcement doesn't need "assault weapons" either.

Military Handbook Propagandizes On Islam's Behalf

Westboro Bastards Insist Massacred School Children Masterminded Gay Marriage Conspiracy


Will Knowledge Of Doctor Who Be Categorized As A Mental Disorder
Read down to about paragraph 11.

A Day Of Death: The Conn School Shooting

Elementary Massacre Narrative Edging Closer To Blaming All Defying Herr Obama


Sunday, December 16, 2012

According to Dominionist theologian Don Paulk, average Americans should be denied access to so-called “assault weapons” because the only purpose for such firearms is to quickly kill large numbers of people. However, he does not have a problem with police or military having access to such implements of carnage. Thus, how are innocent citizens suppose to protect themselves should the day eventually arrive when government forces are turned against innocent civilians?

If Adam Lanza had shot up Congress rather than an elementary school, would his victims have been left to commence the process of decomposition over the weekend wherever their bodies hit the floor or would they have been quickly removed in a dignified fashion for return to their respective families?

Geraldo instructed that, if we see something aberrant, we must say something. Does that include him signing the thighs of Hooter’s waitresses during the Beltway sniper crisis?

Geraldo instructed that, if we see something aberrant, we must say something. Does that include him signing the thighs of Hooter’s waitresses during the Beltway sniper crisis?

Geraldo instructed that, if we see something aberrant, we must say something. Does that include him signing the thighs of Hooter’s waitresses during the Beltway sniper crisis?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Contrary to the mantra harped in the media, just because one has procreated that does not make the outrage one feels in regards to the Connecticut elementary school shooting morally superior to and more worthy of accolades than that experienced by someone that has not.

A fuss is being made that it was difficult to identify the gunman of the Connecticut elementary school system because he was carrying his brother's ID. Thus, when the time comes for the Mark of the Beast to be implemented, those opposed to what will likely be a biochip identification system will be castigated as encouraging schoolhouse massacres.

Too bad Obama does not get as choked up over the young lives cut short by having their skulls cracked open and brains sucked out through the procedure of partial birth abortion

Fanatic homeschooler Kevin Swanson is categorizing the tragic Connecticut elementary school shooting as 27 reasons why to abandon the public school system. Twenty-seven is the number slaughtered by the gunman. So should the shooting at the Amish school some time ago be categorized as whatever the number murdered reasons why to abandon private Christian education? Likewise, should someone ever go off at some kind of homeschool or church function, should such an incident be invoked as to why homeschooling or even church attendance should be abandoned?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe if Black students behaved themselves more they wouldn't be suspended at a higher rate.

In the closing scene of Wolverine & The X-Men animated series, the part with Apocalypse hovering above the Earth in a pyramid shaped UFO with the assembled throng chanting his name in adoration was eschatologically interesting. No wonder the program was cancelled.

Will The EPA Classify Water As A Pollutant To Justify Widespread Property Seizures?

An article in the Nov. 2012 edition of Public Relations Tactics is titled "Rolling Stones use augmented reality to drive message awareness." The members of that band have used so many drugs over the decades are the any longer able to distinguish between normal and "augmented" reality?

Deep down, does the religious opposition some exhibit towards Christmas stem from a desire for Biblical fidelity, more from the standpoint to be ostentatiously non-Catholic, or from a profound irritation that people might simply be enjoying themselves?

NBC medical correspondent claims that religion "mucks up" Christmas. Would she say such a thing about Ramadan? Just as importantly, if medical journalists are being allowed to hand down authoritative pronouncements regarding religious matters, will clergy be brought on to hand down unquestioned opinions regarding matters of biological science?

Obama insists that the Michigan Right To Work legislation is about working more for less pay. One has to grant that the President is indeed an expert on these kinds of laws as evidenced by his proposed tax hikes and healthcare program.

Since Rick Warren's Saddleback Church celebrated world AIDS day, does the church set aside recognition for the wide array of other pestilences that plague mankind?

Inventing the Christmas Tree by Bernd Brunner

War On Christmas: Wimpy Pastors Result In Wimpy Christians

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Chickadees At Lakeside Cabin

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DC Subway Surrendered To Negrosupremacist Morlocks

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gangnam Gook Anti-American
Of course, some will make a bigger fuss over me using the word "gook" than this human turd wanting to kill Americans.

Colonel Sanders Christmas

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If guns bring out the worst in people as suggested by some ditzy broad on some cable news broadcast, what is to protect the average citizen when it is only government operatives allowed to manifest these negative tendencies?

Ed Schultz of MSNBC has proposed that NFL players shouldn’t be allowed to own legal firearms. Shouldn’t he also suggest they not be allowed to father out of wedlock children as well?

Is it that inexpensive generic Canadian oxycontin is a threat to public health or rather that it undermines big pharma and even larger government?

Since Autozone fired an employee for foiling an armed robbery, I’d guess they’d argue Spider-Man did the right thing in letting the robber escape that ultimately murdered Uncle Ben Parker.

A fundamentalist blathering on about the evils of celebrating Christmas condemned children wanting to sit in Santa's lap rather than that of Jesus. However, there is not someone dressed in a Jesus costume down at the mall that a child can relate to in such a physical manner. Thus, isn't this a condemnation over a child not having reached a level of cognitive development over which they have no control rather than rebuking an actual sin? There is no winning with such clergy. They create an atmosphere where one is afraid of Hellfire if one does not reveal every last detail of one’s existential inner life and then commence another round of verbal castigation when what is revealed does not measure up to some ideal that few have ever achieved in an unblemished state.

Seven Deadly Sins Of Christmas

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Tips about reselling thrift store finds on ebay

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

Monday, December 03, 2012

Vagrant Aided By Police Officer Morphs Into First Rate Media Whore

I figured additional aspects of this story would develop.

It seems the vagrant provided a new pair of shoes by a good natured police officer was seen once again lurking barefoot around the streets of New York City.

It seems he has placed the shoes in hiding, thinking they will grow in value as a recognizable icon from the early days of social media.

It might be one thing to think a few steps down the road in terms of investments and the future.

However, this indigent has crossed over the line into outright greed.

No one would have known about this act of assistance without it having been photographed by a passing shutterbug that uploaded an image of the touching moment to Facebook, from where it went viral.

Now the recipient of the photographed act of kindness is demanding his cut of any royalties that might accrue or some other form of compensation since no one asked permission to take his picture.

Hopefully, he will get frostbite as a result of his decision to go discalced, but that will probably just earn this bum an even larger government handout.

By Frederick Meekins

Princess Kate has been hospitalized with severe morning sickness. Are other British women extended such treatment under the national health service there or are they told to simply suck it up and sent home?

The NRA is being characterized as a new version of the Ku Klux Klan because of the alleged number of Black lives ruined as a result of firearms violence. It is doubtful many of the Black youths gunning each other down take to heart the lessons taught by Eddie the Eagle. Why should White folks be denied firearms because Black ones don't know how to properly handle these ballistic mechanisms?

Perhaps Bob Costas should speak out in a condemnatory fashion regarding the ruination that results from fathering a child outside the bounds of marriage and shacking up in a state of fornication.

If Bob Costas is so concerned about the external influences that can prod the individual into committing horrific acts, does he also intend to go into a tirade against booze as well?

If David Letterman had insinuated about Obama's rather than Sarah Palin's daughters were fornicating with a major league baseball player, would the late night host have still received a Kennedy Center Honor?

Good Communitarians Obligated To Smoke

Feminists' Panties In A Wad Over "Men Working" Sign

Disney Attempts To Prevent Lucas From Ruining Next Star Wars Movie

Santa Visits Chessie The Railroad Cat

Snowpeople Decorating Tree

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Humanity Mourns Loss Of Confessed Serial Killer

Reading Like An Historian

If David Letterman has insinuated about Obama's rather than Sarah Palin's daughters fornicating with a major leage baseball player, would the late night host have still received a Kennedy Center Honor?

Christmas Morning, She'll Be Happier With A Hoover

Friday, November 30, 2012

Prison Fellowship Ministries Up To Old Direct Mail Antics

One can tell the holidays that herald the conclusion of the year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are upon us.

Most can tell this by the crispness in the air or from the days growing noticeably shorter.

However, if your name and address has made it into the databases of Christian Evangelical direct marketing, you may also know Christmas time is coming because of an annual appeal received from Prison Fellowship Ministries on behalf of the organization's Angel Tree Project.

In most instances, those that send Christmas cards tooting their own horns at least have the decency to change up the content each year.

The same cannot be said of the part of the Angel Tree Project appeal designed to guilt recipients into compliance.

Contained with the mailing is what the unsuspecting will perceived as a handwritten message from a convict begging for a gift for his daughter.

According to the letter, there was still nine years left on the inmate's sentence and he would not be able to play a role in his daughter's life for nearly an entire decade.

However, since at least 2005 and perhaps even as far back as 2003, Prison Fellowship has been sending the exact same note.

As such, shouldn't "Richard" (if that is even his name) nearly be ready for release if he has not already departed the Big House? It is 2012, after all.

It's bad enough for Prison Fellowship to solicit for the organization's campaign in such a manner as to make those receiving the appeal seem guilty because those perpetrating any variety of criminal deeds have been incarcerated for violating the law.

You'd think that Prison Fellowship could at least exhibit the decency to feature a different jailbird each year still in need of the ministry's services.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The cover story of the November 24, 2012 issue of the New Scientist suggests humans might have been human much longer than originally thought. It would be amusing if science eventually gets to the point where it is admitted that our species has been fully human all along as well as the other species fixed within the parameters of their respective kinds.

Those inquiring as to whether Marco Rubio embraces the notion that the earth is millions of years old don't give a tinkers Darwin about scientific accuracy. What they are really hinting at is that they find such a candidate insufficiently relativistic in his thinking to undermine human dignity and traditional marriage or posses enough of a willingness to eliminate America's system of natural and Constitutional liberties.

Time Magazine is considering naming Sandra Fluke as the Person of the Year. Do the editors realize that, just because someone is reported to be working on their back, it does not mean they are painting the Sistine Chapel or even lubricating an automobile.

To the Calvinist, if the individual is just a puppet with God's hand up their backside unable to profess anything but what the puppeteer allows to come out of its mouth, why is it the puppet's fault if the puppet is not allowed to confess belief in its creator and for any vile things the puppeteer allows the puppet to enunciate?

If the murder of Abraham Shakespeare is to be lifted up an example of the evil that befalls lottery winners, shouldn't the destitution, sloth, and debauchery wallowed in by many of the recipients of assorted government assistance programs extended to the able-bodied youthful be touted as evidence for the eventually abolition of most forms of public welfare?

I hope most realize that, when a publication lists an edition as a special double issue, that this is nothing but a plan to squeak by on the least amount of editorial effort as possible while attempting to fool the subscriber into thinking they are still receiving whatever ever number the volume is suppose to consist of. Often these double issues are no thicker contentwise than the usual installment.

If Pat Robertson thinks that the Genesis creation account should not be taken literally, why should we take as literal any verses of Scripture he invokes to justify the most idiotic segment of his program where he claims to telepathically see God healing generic nondescript illnesses where the televangelist hopes those falling for such parlor trickery will send in a hefty donation.

Nutcase Professor Disavows White American Heterosexual Males

Beck's "Obama In Pee Pee" Actually Less Offensive Than Government-Financed "Piss Christ"

Pat Robertson Apostacizes That Genesis Account Not Accurate

Santa Bends Knee To Christ

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Buffet Admits Raising Taxes Not About Revenue But About Revenge

Immigration Sparks Killer Epidemics
Are you going to tell me your broadmindedness will protect you or that you are willing to die in this manner in the name of your "noble principles"?

Homeschool Activist Considers Twilight Saga Pornographic

Frosty, Prancer And Friends

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If assorted leftists such as Barack Obama can enunciate a sense of accomplishment for wooing the franchise of shiftless minorities and women of ill repute, why shouldn’t a Romney advisor be satisfied for winning the vote of self-sufficient Whites?

Paul Krugman denounced Marco Rubio (and by extension all Republican candidates identifying themselves in some way as conservative) for not embracing the theory that the world is millions of years old. However, isn't the hypothesis of a young earth more rational and less harmful than a political ideology that encourages indolence and sloth on the part of the able-bodied youthful?

So if the Calvinist holds that unbelief is still a sin even though we have no control over whether we come to believe Jesus's claims to be the Messiah or not, they probably also insist it is a sin when a baby poos in the diaper also.

I was never all that impressed with how much one gets back on one's taxes as a result of all the interest one had to pay out in order to receive anything. It is yet another form of government manipulation deluding the gullible into believing the have been given something that was already theirs to begin with.

If the Calvinist observes that many have been duped into believing they have plenty of time before they die to consider their eternal welfare, theologians holding to such have no one to blame but God if things are set up in such a way in terms of salvation if a person is nothing but a puppet in terms of where the individual ends up in the Afterlife.

I am sure it is recognition of America's agricultural heritage that motivates these potheads advocating legalized dope when they ramble on regarding the historic uses and applications of hemp.

According to Calvinism, how can unbelief be considered a sin if you aren't capable of assenting to the propositions of redemption unless permitted to do so by God Himself? In Calvinism, categorizing unbelief as a sin is akin to a bully grapping the hands of his victim, hitting the victim with the victims hands, and then asking the victim "Why are you hitting yourself?"

If you will be forced to pay increased taxes on medical devices, why shouldn't Sandra Fluke be forced to pay for her own birth control?

In Congress, Chicago voters may go from a Representative that prances around naked in gay bathhouses thinking he is a reincarnated Greek charioteer to an aspiring pedophile turned on by the prospects of defiling Catholic school girls. Of course, the really offensive outrage and fall of the republic is Mitt Romney admitting their is a sizeable demographic in this country that won't vote for you unless you lavish them with unearned handouts.

Tard Strutting A Jailable Offence
Can you also be arrested if you gyrate a "noodle neck" at a rampaging Black woman?

Moral Defectives Voted For Obama

Tea Party Accused Of Insufficently Catering To Human Leeches

Mexican President Endorses Obama's Plans To Destroy The United States

Adoration Of The Shepherds

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Rand Paul Urges Surrender To Foreign Invaders, Terrorists & Dope Peddlers

Father Christmas During The Civil War

Cult Leader Has Own Wife Killed By Commune Resident

The wonders of "Intentional COMMUNITY" for you.

How to Make $20,000 a Year in Antiques & Collectibles Without Leaving Your Job

A reviewer remarked that they enjoyed the Charlie Brown Christmas Special with the exception of the part where it became too religious and preachy. Don't they realize the recitation of the Gospel passage by Linus is the pivot around which that Peanuts’ narrative revolves?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Homeless Man Hassles Hackman

Considerable consternation erupted online over actor Gene Hackman striking a homeless person.

The headline initially informing of such was formulated without a modifier or a more colorful description such as "crazed deadbeat" or "lewd indigent" in order to make Hackman appear to be this vile individual that makes a habit of accosting the downtrodden or deriving some kind of buzz from doing so.

Quite the opposite seems to be true.

From the complete account, Hackman was actually protecting his wife and the vagrant properly got what was coming to him.

Why should we care that Hackman's attacker was homeless?

Would the public have been informed of this incident if the assailant domiciled in a more traditional mode of habitation?

As in regards to race and ethnicity, many leftists will so romanticize destitution that they cultivate the perception that those characterized by this economic plight or social condition can do no wrong.

If so, are the hypertolerant going to insist that they would allow some filthy, possibly disease ridden, bum to put his hands all over their wives, daughters, or dinner dates they are hoping to impress?

The Declaration of Independence insists that, in terms of fundamental being, all men are created equal.

If we are to accept the notion that the homeless are no less human than the rest of us and are deserving of the same degree of respect and courtesy that we expect from other members of our species, it also follows that we should expect from them the same kind of character flaws plaguing the remainder of our kind and that we should be allowed to protect ourselves from them accordingly.

by Frederick Meekins

Leading 2016 Republican Contenders Castigated As Creationists

Ben Carson Urges Parents To Be Niggardly With Praise

In a Baltimore parent's magazine, in an interview famed surgeon Ben Carson seemed to suggest that a child should not receive any praise for the accomplishment of ordinary tasks.

What if those are the only things that a child is good at?

And if a child should not receive any praise for the accomplishment of ordinary things, applying this kind of logic why ought run of the mill parents then be fawned all over by children on Mother's or Father's Day.

After all, it was the parents that took it upon themselves to engage in those motions that result in a child coming into existence and should have known what it was they were getting themselves into.

Unless you are a Mormon or something, the child wasn't consulted in the matter.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Is the media making a fuss over Islamist rockets raining down on Israeli civilians?

The best wat to support Israel may be to let that nation fight its own battles.

I don't see why a spiritually meaningful yet materially enjoyable Christmas are mutually exclusive propositions. Do those making such a claim subsist on nothing but bread crusts and rainwater collected in a cistern while wearing a haired shirt while sleeping on a straw mat on a stone floor?

IKEA Employed East German Slave Labor

Gingrich Brownnoses Deadbeat Minorities & Lewd Women

Jindal Insists Popularity More Important Than Morality

Raghead Beat Elderly Woman Rescuing Puppy


According to homeschool activist Kevin Swanson in his sermon "Using Yourself Up", it is a sin if parents don't leave their children much of a financial inheritance. Well excuse the contemporary individual if they eat more than a single saltine cracker with a single sip of water per day and aren't amenable to living under a bridge like a common troll waiting for an unsuspecting goat to perambulate by. And what if, as in the case of many of the elderly, what you did save is eaten up by overwhelming medical expenses? Not only are we forced to suffer sickness as a result of the sin curse placed upon mankind, but according to this line of theological reasoning, we must also feel guilt for implications of the sickness itself now?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Those Spewing Respiratory Expellant Should Remain Home From Church

In a Facebook comment, I admitted that I wasn’t too keen on being showered with viscous respiratory expellant by someone in the pew behind me trying to hack up a lung.

There is no reason why those suffering such afflictions shouldn't stay home.

As an omniscient deity, it's not like God is not able to determine whether you are legitimately sick or trying to pull a fast one over His eyes.

This sentiment is especially pertinent in a church that insists upon some asinine handshaking ritual where some won’t return to their pews until they’ve smeared their palms over every last palm in the congregation.

For sharing this observation that has no doubt crossed the mind of others, it was insinuated my faith was not as sincere as those that participate in foreign missions.

For responding that not everyone’s cup of tea is made of Third World sewer water, I had James 1:27 tossed back in my face about pure religion being visiting widows and orphans in their time of trouble.

I have visited people in hospital settings despite the near phobia I have of those places.

But I guess those I visited were too White and American to rack up any brownie points over yonder.

And unlike missionaries that send out photocards with their fifteen kids all dressed the same like they are members of some sort of cult, I don’t stretch out a hand expecting something to be placed in it while droning on incessantly how morally superior those dwelling in these heathen trashpile countries are to the run of the mill American Christian that doesn’t practice the faith at the level of a religious fanatic.

by Frederick Meekins

So I guess an associate forced out of their job because they were willing to work while their Colored coworkers wouldn’t didn’t have enough of a minority outreach effort?

After being forced out of business as a result of union pressure, what snack food company will Obama minions attempt to destroy next?

These Republicans censoring mention that Obama won as a result of deadbeats and trampy women are as much a threat to America as Obama Administration officials refusing to enunciate the word terrorism.

Police Provide No Reason For Unannounced Raid

Ron Paul: America Is Gone

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: An Insider's Look at the World of Flea Markets, Antiques, and Collecting

Study The Scripture Before You Preach

The Aim Of Preaching

Leftist Hovel Eager For Takeover By Hispanic Interlopers

Jungle Fever Republicans Pander To Ghetto Deadbeats

Obama Voters Destroy Hostess Bakery

Freedom & Virtue with Os Guiness

Thanksgiving Church Bulletin

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In a direct email fundraiser for their Angel Tree Project, Prison Fellowship Ministries invoked the passing of the ministry's founder Chuck Colson as a tactic to solicit contributions. The appeal closed by asking, "We need your church to ensure that no child is without a token of their mom or dad's love." What is the organization doing for the children who lost their parents as a result of the criminal actions of these convicts?

Certain theologians contend that parents ought to avoid Halloween as a way to protect children from the perverts that use the celebration to prey upon children. Using that logic, shouldn't these parents also be warned to stay away from church and Christian youth activities as well?

Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops and Hidden Conflicts

FEMA & Red Cross Guilt-Trip For Cash Donations To Finance Posh Accomodations

Obama Nativity Figurines

UFO's: Chariot Of The Beast

Planned Parenthood Publishes Pedophile Pamphlet

Elmo Gay But Not A Pedophile

Fantastic Four Annual #2 Cover: Dr. Doom

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Halloween: Innocence Lost?

Consistent Size Apparently Does Matter

Nativity Scene

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dependent upon the age of consent in the jurisdiction where the alleged inappropriate relationship took place, on what grounds do PBS heads criticize Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash? Any other time, liberals at the network advocate any number of lifestyles and social arrangements undermining traditional conceptions of morality. If Sesame Street and its backers claim these kinds of allegations will hurt the financial bottom line, don’t these cultural effetes rank among the vile capitalists these artistic types go out of their way to denigrate and despise?

Wine Tasters Test How Much Booze Necessary To Make Hillary Sexy

Something to consider of secessionists get their way and there is a second civil war. What if common Americans refuse to fire on their fellow countrymen? If you are going to die on the battlefield anyway, Americans conscripted on either side should simply turn their guns on their officers when ordered to fire.

So do those clamoring for secession intend to protect the innate liberties of speech and belief of those living in the particular territories that do not agree with this jurisdictional tactic? If not, what makes them better than the Union they are desirous to escape?

The opening of Sean Hannity’s radio program claims that freedom is back in style. Then why did Obama win the election?

So will these geezers agitating for secession from the United States remain as ecstatic when the United States cuts off Social Security payments and the like to those residing in the disunited jurisdictions? Of course, those getting these payments have no problem cutting off the young of today from ever receiving any, but certainly let you hear about it when it comes to the loss of their own civil honorarium.

Why Did The Vatican Name Its Space Telescope After Lucifer?


Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto

The Very Next New Thing: Commentaries on the Latest Developments That Will Be Changing Your Life

BloomTURD Starves Homeless For Their Own Good

Virginia To Let Minority Students Slide By With Less Effort


Wonder if those giddy over the prospects of seccession remember anything about the horrific bloodshed involved the last time it was tried. From what I've read, neither side was overly kind to the other.

FEMA Guilt Trips The Charitable Donating Anything But Cash

Of course they want cash.  It's easier to abscond with.

Did Obama Rig The Election?

Nearly Half The States Desire Secession From Obama Dictatorship

Thanksgiving Turkey and Corn Sheaves

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

LA Food Fascists Promulgate Meatless Monday Decree

Mom Confronts Obama Voters Leaving Son For Dead

Monday, November 12, 2012

Does Differential Instruction Undermine Achieving Students?

A new educational buzzword is "Differential Instruction."

This form of pedagogy is defined in the "Fiesta" 2012 edition of the Prince George's Suite magazine.

Before going further, perhaps it should be pointed out to a bimonthly publication that, in the standard American calendar, Fiesta is not a month.

But getting back to the subject at hand, differential instruction is described in the following manner: "After participating in a group lesson, students log into their account and find a passage of text just right for them --- challenging enough but not too difficult."

Efforts to approach each student as an individual rather than as part of a herd are to be commended.

However, the approach may be less than ideal.

For when it comes time for grades and academic assessments or accolades to be distributed, will there be any kind of annotation differentiating an "A" granted for remedial work from an "A" granted for a level of achievement more at the level of talented and gifted?

But then again, it probably doesn't really matter as pretty soon we will all be living in conditions reminiscent of a Mad Max movie anyway.

Ironically, the very same teachers griping that one student should not be concerned if another student put in the same effort for the same grade would be among the first to take to the streets in a rampage if years of service were no longer determined in the calculation of pay levels and benefits.

By Frederick Meekins

An analyst at Commentary magazine has correctly categorized the Obama phenomena as a personality cult. Thus, it must be asked what will happen when it comes time for this pseudo-messiah to leave office? Seldom in history have such things ended well. Jonestown anyone? Just remember it has come to light that not everyone at that tragedy drank the infamous Kool-Aid willingly.

An analyst at Commentary magazine has correctly categorized the Obama phenomena as a personality cult. Thus, it must be asked what will happen when it comes time for this pseudo-messiah to leave office? Seldom in history have such things ended well. Jonestown anyone? Just remember it has come to light that not everyone at that tragedy drank the infamous Kool-Aid willingly.

If voters shouldn’t be asked to show ID in order to vote, then why do I not only have to show ID to purchase Sudafed but also have that ID entered into yet another government database?

One of the primary lessons to be learned from Isaiah 39 is that a nation ought to limit and better police the number of foreigners allowed within its borders.

It has been argued that Republicans must learn to talk about their ideology in a way that appeals to radical minorities. In other words, as in the case of many Seeker Sensitive and Emergent Churches, those elites imposing this stipulation expect average conservatives to hop onboard the bash Whitey and anti-American bandwagon.

For decades, liberals have pounded their chests over the Ugly American Syndrome where individuals from the United States throw their weight around while traveling abroad. Perhaps Americans ought to start exposing the Ugly Foreigner Syndrome where migrants wash up on our shores demanding lavish handouts and wholesale adaptation to their backwards customs.

It has been suggested that significant numbers of Hispanics are not so much in favor of immigration reform as they are in expanding various social welfare programs. So how much more of their income are elitist Republicans harping on the need for reaching out to targeted minorities willing to hand over to the state?

So how much cotton are these GOP elites pandering to minorites intend to pick?

Union Goons Exempt From Identity Theft Laws

X-Men: Season One

Is Tickle Me Elmo A Pedophile?

Obama Insists Only Narrowly Defined Religious Organizations Posses Religious Liberty

The Hybrid Age, 2.0

Christ The Good Shepherd

How To Write Transhumanist Articles


The Fall Of Scripture & The RIse Of The Academic Bible

Trevor Hammack Responds To Anti-Fedora Crone

UFO's, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Will Obama Call In UN Troops To Take Over America?

Many businesses are making a point in their advertising that they are women owned. Ok, if we are going to go that route, I suppose that is good to know so you can instead find another establishment that will do the job right rather than sit around and discuss how they feel about the job.

Priest Bites Off Another Priest's Ear

NAACP Admits Obama Only Voted For Because He Is Black


So if Sean Hannity catches someone living in his attic, garage, or even a closet, doesn’t his “evolved” views on immigration require him to permit the intruder to remain in that particular place of residency?

Given that he has openly ridiculed callers to his program bringing up the subject of Bohemian Grove, those must be some pretty racy Polaroids of what Sean Hannity was caught doing with the giant owl statue to get him to “evolve” his views on immigration.

To be consistent with his new "evolved" views on immigration that if they can get here they can stay here, doesn't Sean Hannity have to side with the invaders against the United States in the remake of Red Dawn?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Headshrinkers Badmouth Pilgrims

On the masthead page of the Nov. 2012 issue of Monitor On Psychology, there was a cartoon published.

In this illustration, one Indian says to another, "That was nice, but I don't want to make it in a regular thing."

Seated in the background are the Pilgrims.

It is no doubt hoped readers will conclude this was a depiction of the first Thanksgiving Day feast in the New World; but given the state of the education system, that might be too much to hope for.

Some will likely laugh, relating to how they themselves have endured numerous dinners and parties this festive time of year they didn't mind attending but would rather not have to endure again in the future if given a choice.

However, the Monitor On Psychology is a flagship publication of the American Psychological Association.

This front organization seeks to turn either every depravity known to man into a mental illness the individual has no control over or excuse it in some fashion altogether.

Therefore, would these otherwise political correct leftists have published a cartoon where a Pilgrim forefather made a similarly snide remark about not wanting the Indians over again any time soon?

by Frederick Meekins

The cover story of an issue of the Spectator, a British periodical of news and opinion, noted the increasing number of women converting to Islam so they can marry. So why should we feel sorry for these women when their marriages fail largely as a result of domestic violence? As far back as the film "Not Without My Daughter" Western women were warned of what they were getting into when they let themselves be lured into such romances. More importantly, why should Christian men then settle for such sloppy, second hand merchandise on the rebound?

Mike Huckabee stated on Fox News that the Republican Party has done a lousy job in reaching out to African Americans. It should be noted that, to the former governor of Arkansas, targeted minority outreach consists of releasing hardcore criminals of the specified ethnicity who proceed to commit violent crimes against innocent Americans.

The flag of St. Louis briefly flew over the District Building because the Mayor of Washington, DC lost a bet as to which of the cities two teams would make it the farthest in the baseball playoffs. Should our flags be treated so trivially? It shows just what little respect elected officials possess for this nation. They are not late night talk show hosts and comedians.

The flag of St. Louis briefly flew over the District Building because the Mayor of Washington, DC lost a bet as to which of the cities two teams would make it the farthest in the baseball playoffs. Should our flags be treated so trivially? It shows just what little respect elected officials possess for this nation. They are not late night talk show hosts and comedians.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Al Cardernas, head of the American Conservative Union, is quoted by as saying, “Our party needs to realize it’s too old and too White and too male.” Mind you, Cardernas will continue to expect these old White people to render financial tribute as a result of direct mail fundraising solicitation so that he can no doubt continue his quasi-lavish lifestyle. He might not rake in as much as high level union thugs, but he probably doesn’t have to eat ramen noodles several night a week either. If Cardernas feels so strongly about this issue, does Cardernas intend to resign his prestigious and lucrative position so it can be turned over to a woman with himself taking a position as a manual laborer barely making minimum wage?

Perhaps Whites should surrender everything to those uppity minorities and radical broads. Whose going to finance their debaucheries when we aren’t around anymore?

I voted against gay marriage. However, here is another way of looking at it. Those of this inclination that wed one another stay together even less than heterosexuals in morally legitimate marriages. At least under these new statutory provisions the scourge and ruination of divorce can be inflicted upon those of this questionable behavioral predilection. As humorist Kinky Friedman mused, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as everybody else.

If Romney received several million fewer Republican votes than did McCain, doesn’t that mean that Romney did not go out of his way enough to attract the White vote?

If you are not FROM here, you have no inherent right to BE here.

The way some of these alleged conservatives go out of their way to explain how Hispanics vote remind me how many Christians in the early 90’s would go out of their way to explain six ways from Sunday trying to hope how Colin Powell was on the side of Bible-believing conservatives.

So if conservatives are suppose to cater to other demographic constituencies, isn’t that an admission that racially groups really aren’t the same?

When it is publicly claimed racial issues are not being sufficiently discussed in the civic dialogue, that is euphemism that not enough Whites have enthusiastically embraced the notion of their own demise and the bestowing of handouts on minorities for accomplishing nothing other than having emerged a certain hue from their mother’s birth canal.

Republicans attempting to justify proposed pandering to Hispanics are claiming that his demographic are supposedly noted for their social conservatism. But if this group’s rate of bastard births is around 43%, is that really conservative?

Journalists and pundits experiencing the most intense spasms of elation over "America's changing demographics" live in developments and complexes as white as a Dutch baby's ass.

Only a percentage of the population gets the government that they deserve.

Saturday Evening Post Pilgrim

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Heathens Gyrate In The Buff Before Pagan Idol

Heston Reacts To News Of Obama's Reelection

Diocese Of South Carolina Secedes From Episcopal Church

Interesting. It's an intolerable outrage when Whites organize for their interests but something to fawn over and applaud when minorities do so.

Obama Voters Savagely Attack Victim In Broad Daylight

House Speaker Lodges Nose In Obama's Backside

If Puerto Ricoooooooooooooo becomes the 51st state, will residents finally be required to pay income taxes. And more importantly, if they don't have to currently pay income taxes because it is not a state, why should residents of the District of Columbia be required to?

Toddler Fined $2500 For Urinating In Public

Interesting that the cops never seem to catch the Mexicans doing it.  But then again, unlike many Mexicans, toddlers are usually renowned as knife fighters.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

By emphasizing one perspective over another, namely that tolerance is a preferable thing, isn’t the Museum of Tolerance violating its own mission statement?

Perhaps it is time for AWANA, Royal Rangers, the Catholic Youth Organization, Youth For Christ, Knights Of Columbus, Intervarsity Fellowship, and Navigators to incorporate firearms training into their respective recreational programs. Shocking? Don't be ticked at me. Christ Himself said to sell some excess clothing if you did not have the money to purchase a SWORD.

In mentioning the possibility of widespread voting machine fraud, Rush Limbaugh said he does not want to go there. But shouldn’t he be willing to go wherever it seems the evidence may lead? Or is maintaining his swanky Florida beachside estate and private jet more important while the rest of us are suppose to surrender whatever meager comforts we may possess for the good of the cause? Doesn’t Limbaugh taut himself as the self-proclaimed Mayor of Realville?

Inclusiveness and diversity are euphemisms for handing out large wads of taxpayer cash to those urinating on crosses and smearing elephant dung on portraits of the Virgin Mary.

In terms of the 2012 Presidential Election, you’ve just witnessed what happens with the brainwashing that Blacks are to be catered to at all costs.

Things won’t change immediately overnight at first. However, the process will give you something to talk about as you ride in the cattle car to the reeducation camp or while you comfort an elderly loved one expiring from an affliction that was easily cured just a few years prior and could still be at that point in the future if the scheduling of the treatment hadn’t gotten caught up in the process of bureaucratic approval.

A theologian has accused Mitt Romney of bearing false witness because the presidential candidate predicted a victory that did not come to pass. It is the job of a candidate to project an air of confidence that will motivate one’s minions onward to take the desire action. Exuding all of the enthusiasm of Droopy Dog is not the path to electoral victory. Though that canine did seem to bag an interestingly high number of 1940’s pin up quality dames in the cartoons he starred in.

In terms of the 2012 Presidential Election, you’ve just witnessed what happens with the brainwashing that Blacks are to be catered to at all costs.

With the way the jigaboos took to the streets in celebration swinging from lightpoles like a bunch of monkeys and setting off fireworks, perhaps it is best to give their kind this round so that there will be at least a remnant of the country left standing. Political matters can be settled when there are two proper White candidates running.

In his acceptance speech, President Obama said, “It doesn’t matter if you or poor. You can make it in America.” But under a regime conspiring to take a larger and larger percentage of what you struggle to achieve, make and acquire, why ought anyone really try any harder if it is going to be siphoned off for the deadbeats and human leeches unwilling to lift a finger or even fire a neuron for their own sustenance?

Wonder if Obama has checked in with Vladimir at party headquarters following the election as he promised.

Pollster Doug Shone insinuated that the Republican Party has not shown an inclination towards the inclusiveness necessary to solve the nation’s problems. That translates as most Republicans are not willing to renounce their fundamental principles and go along with the radical collectivism by liberals and Democrats.

A theologian has accused Mitt Romney of bearing false witness for predicting an election victory that did not come to pass. Applying this logic, if one's wife says she is going to prepare a particular food for dinner but, for whatever reason beyond her control, does not get around to it, has she committed the sin of prevarication? And more importantly, is it a spankable offence? And is it wrong if both enjoy that corrective measure?

Washington, DC voted 91% in favor of Obama. Should the predominately Black residents there be lectured as racist for failing to vote proportionally for a White candidate?

Insisting that the Republican Party should reach out to minorities is euphemism for the need to go soft on crime and to expand government handouts to the able bodied.

Hannity attempted to provide a word of encouragement by reminding that government and politics are only one aspect of existence. However, those retaining a grip on power at this time are those believing government ought to take more and more control over those other spheres.

In summary, basic America as we knew it was ended up a certain variety of women that couldn't control the tingling in their HOOHAH's.

If we are on the threshold of a second Obama term and his supporters are still blaming George W. Bush, perhaps the next time a Republican assumes the presidency there should be a continual harping how the entire mess we are in can pretty much be traced back to FDR and LBJ.

Will Radical Environmentalism Spark Third World Epidemics In America?

After America by Mark Steyn

The Protobeast Demands Tribute

Apparently Jesse Jackson Jr. still won reelection despite incarceration in a looney-bin rubber room. Must have been that reincarnated gay bathhouse greek charioteer vote that pushed him over the hump to election victory.

Conservative talk show hosts did not LIE about Republican victory. They just miscalcuated the extent to which most spineless Whites had their noses lodged up the backsides of Blacks

Bubble Universe Theory