Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Batman 80th Anniversary

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Eel Lodged In Anus As Desperate Constipation Cure

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Pink Flowers

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Green Rustbucket

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NASA Contemplates Careening With Wormwood

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Absolute Apostasy Approaches

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Religion As A Necessary Engine Of Space Travel

Aliens and a Global Flood

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Bolshevists Fuming Trump Dared Praise Robert E. Lee

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Socialization Not Always The Key To Optimal Survival

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Stupid Cow Glues Jugs To Asphalt In Global Warming Protest

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Has Child Protective Services Been Infiltrated By Pedophiles?

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Priestess Of Moloch Rages That Any Would Defy Oblations To Her Ravenous Master

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Obama Assumes Role Of Sith Apprentice Manipulating World Events From Behind The Scenes

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Extraterrestrial Hybrids: Are They Here?

Making Connections: Transhumanism

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Is The True Endgame Of Avengers Manipulative Indoctrination?

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The Failure Of The Galaxy Rangers

Monday, April 29, 2019

Will Catwoman Get Gotham Spinoff Series?

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Will The UN Impose The Mark Of The Beast By 2030?

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Gloria Allred Threatens To Expose Herman Cain’s Penis

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Opulent Resorts Denigrate Male Private Sector Labor

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Independent Catholicism An Innovative Religious Alternative

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JAG Reboot Rumored

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Rabb and Mac To Appear On NCIS: LA Episode?

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Humpty Bunny

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Space In Religion and Science

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The Oxford Movement

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Open Border Liberals Don’t Want Migrant Hordes Residing Near Them

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Theologians Under Hitler

Will Congress Also Investigate Antifa Subversion?

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Why Is Pence Obligated To Renounce His Clear Biblical Position?

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Who Should Rule: Humans Or Machines?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bunny Boat

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Red Chinese Attempt To Engineer Planet Of The Apes

Have they not seen the nine movies and two TV series suggesting this sort of thing does not end well?

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Leftists Elites Declare Jihad Against Critical Analysis

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Hit and Run Commentary #122

Students at a Minneapolis high school are under investigation for holding a “patriotic black out” where the participants adorned themselves in red, white and blue regalia while a number also clung to a Trump 2020 reelection banner. The complaint was instigated by the coach of the visiting team that stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. So if it is their First Amendment Right to disrespect the flag in this manner, why don’t the students have a First Amendment Right to support the flag and anthem? Likewise, if students can be investigated for supporting the flag as a preparatory step towards punitive disciplinary measures, shouldn’t similar steps be taken against those that deliberately snubbed their noses at this nation’s most rudimentary symbols?

Regarding the senile Indian that beat his tomtom while a Catholic student who did little more than look on with a bewildered smirk was initially tossed to the wolves by operatives of his diocese . What does being a veteran have to do with the issue? In that case, are Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McViegh deserving of extra sympathy for simply being veterans?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has decreed that a system that allows for the existence of billionaires is immoral. But isn’t a system immoral when it imposes so many regulations and confiscatory assessments that the individual of average intelligence and ability is discouraged to the point of no longer striving to better themselves or expending the effort to accumulate wealth for the fear of being destroyed for violating these byzantine obligations?

In his criticism of the purity movement, a homeschool activist applauds his grandmother for getting married at the age of 15. So if this is to be allowed nowadays in Christian settings, will these young couples be expected to provide for themselves? Or, as in the case of many missionaries, is everybody else going to be guilt-tripped into providing those with outstretched hands and superiority complexes?

In his condemnation of the unmarried, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson remarked that our primary concern ought to be keeping the commandments of God and that likely means that our children are to be married. In other words, getting children married is not about their individual happiness or personal well being. Rather it is apparently about children existing to mollify the psycho-spiritual quirks and mental deficiencies of their parents. Along with that, Swanson warned that Christians must not get sucked into romantic or idealistic conceptions of marriage and instead view the institution as a tool (much like haired shirt one supposes) to mortify the flesh. In other words, kids ought to smacked up side the head (probably literally in the minds of some acolytes of this extremist form of pedagogy) if they refuse to settle for a mediocre partner they are less than enthused about and must apparently acquiesce to because of their parents diminished sense of self-worth.

In condemnation of fantasy films, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson upheld as praiseworthy a movie detailing a massacre of early Virginian colonists on the part of American Indians. But why is it acceptable to examine the moral implications of those sorts of actions in the light of that described narrative but instead inappropriate to contemplate a similar ethical situation in the form of Thanos’ use of the Infinity Gauntlet?

Regarding the alleged assault against actor Jussie Smollett, Joe Biden tweeted that such attacks must never be tolerated in this country. Did the former Vice President ever issue similar statements against the knockout game where urban youth predominantly selected White victims euphemistically referred to as “polar bears” or in regards to activist hordes looting private property in response to unpopular police actions or jury verdicts?

The Governor of Virginia pontificated that, since most legislators are men, they should stay out of the abortion debate. Applying similar reasoning, does that mean women should remain silent regarding the formulations for determining child support since it is usually men paying it?

The 1/30/19 Washington Post announced that Rand Paul was awarded $580,000 in a lawsuit over injuries sustained in an attack by his neighbor over a landscaping dispute. The story also pointed out that the perpetrator spent a month in jail for assaulting a member of Congress. As a good libertarian, shouldn’t Paul be opposed to an increase in penalty based upon the station of the victim when the crime was not necessarily motivated by the elected office held by the victim? Likewise, did Joe Biden issue a statement how neighbors physically attacking neighbors cannot be tolerated in this country? Guess Rand Paul is neither gay or Black enough to warrant such additional sympathy.

Sophisticates across the political spectrum are warning that Trump’s border national emergency will open the door to dictatorship. So where were these voices when their beloved Ronald Reagan and Oliver North were drawing up plans to suspend the Constitution, seize private property, and to conscript the civilian population into slave labor details? Aren’t the political figures that formulated these sorts of procedures as much at fault as any office holder that might implement any power already on the books?

Alaska airlines is threatening to hire more minority pilots. So pandering to activists is apparently more important than successfully transporting aircraft from point A to point B.

Regarding the weather forecast. The way the meteorologist is referencing the transition of snow to rain as "the change over" sounds more like a report on menopause.

Presidential contender Kamala Harris assures that the New Green Deal is more something to aspire to rather than concrete policy proposals to actually implement. So she wants an America where people will not be allowed to eat meat or fly? Can it be explained why it is an outrage to erect barriers to keep out those that have no right to be here but perfectly acceptable to impede the travel within designated borders of those sanctioned to be within a particular territory?

Bernie Sanders raised nearly a million dollars just hours after announcing his latest presidential bid. As a good socialist, shouldn’t he insist that these funds be seized and redistributed to less successful candidates?

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sleeping Pink Bunny

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Controlled Disclosure and Rebranding UFO’s

Congress Conspires To Curb Social Media Speech

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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Titanic Not So Glamorous Afterall

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Monday, April 01, 2019

Caravan Response Highlights Extent Of Progressive Hypocrisy

So many illegals are pouring over the border that Immigration Services are releasing the throngs onto American streets.

Local authorities are being asked to assist in the care of these undocumented transients.

But shouldn't enlightened progressives be outraged at this policy request?

They, after all, tossed conniptions at Sheriff Joe Arpaio taking it upon himself to enforce federal laws that were not.

The vigilante patriots of the Minute Man Project were condemned for doing nothing more than monitoring the border and reporting violations to law enforcement.

Activists are lamenting that the holding area for the horde of illegals swarming over the border resembles a concentration camp.

But unlike the case of the historical facilities alluded to, no one was forced into the ones the United States is accused of administering in this instance.

No goons banged down the doors of these people and dragged them here.

How many making these complaints are going to grant these migrants shelter in the gated communities from whence those making these sorts of allegations usually ensconce themselves with luxuries they would deny those deemed less enlightened in terms of espoused ideology?

By Frederick Meekins