Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why Are Intellectuals So Dumb?

Southern Baptist Elites Incapable Of Responding To Ed Litton Plagiarism

Apparently Racist To Turn Up Nose At Heathen Swill

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Will Government Deploy Fanatic Atheist To Brainwash Masses Regarding Extraterrestrials?

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Would Extraterrestrials Debunk Christianity?

Republicans Get Ball Rolling For UFO Disclosure

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Supreme Court OK With Male Genitalia Flopping Around In The Little Girl’s Room

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Autarch Celebrates Denigrating Nation At Olympics

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Is The World On Verge Of Unbridled Extraterrestrial Deception?

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Biden Autarchy Conspires To Ghettoize America

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Juneteenth Not About Celebrating Liberty But About Destroying America

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Biden Autarchy Downplays Adverse Reactions To Plague Cult Alchemy

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

UFO’s, Inflation & Car Shortages

James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Joint Chiefs Chairman Sides With America's Enemies

Chairman Of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff General Mark Milley at a congressional hearing likened studying Critical Race Theory to reading works by Marxists such as Lenin and Mao. 

It is one thing to know your enemy.

It is another to read and assimilate these works as a sycophantic convert as Milley has obviously become.

For if the high ranking Pentagon functionary was the objective strategist he parades himself as before the American people, he would have spent as much time warning about the concrete threat posed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter as he did the amorphous “White rage” he never bothers to define or even accurately describe.

For while he was visibly discombobulated regarding the Capitol Kerfuffle of January 6th, looting and rioting of other people’s property is not that much of a concern to him. 

It is claimed he verbalized the vilest of profanities (perhaps language he picked up from the leftist theoreticians with whom he seems quite enamored) when a Trump advisor observed that protests had turned American cities into war zones.

Wonder if the General would have been as dismissive if it had been the Pentagon or the officers’ club on the verge of being burned to the ground.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, June 25, 2021

Olympic Basketball Team Condemned For Lack Of Racial Purity

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Spiritually Alseep Or Discerning Eyes Wide Open?

A pastor reflected upon the noticeable change in attendance since the commencement of his ministry at a church which began with considerable hoopla and fanfare to now drawing in barely a dozen a week. 

He  remarked that congregants that had not returned since the Plague were spiritually asleep.  

But is it that all such souls were asleep or more that some had their eyes wide opened as to what has been going on during his tenure and adjusted their Sunday morning schedules accordingly?  

 The traditional hymnody was dropped the moment he assumed the pulpit. 

 During the most strident phase of the lockdowns, without informing the church, additional wool was pulled over everyone’s eyes when without informing the congregation, the pastor had the American and Christian flags removed along with the choir loft, piano, organ, pulpit, and even the baptistry.  

That last one is perhaps even a greater feat than even getting a church renowned for rigorous adherence to traditional rules to change its constitution to allow for divorced pastors a mere two minutes before hiring him given that Baptists insist that immersion is the only acceptable form for the Christian rite explicitly referenced in their name.  

Along with these, the church library --- both the shelf and the contents --- were literally tossed in the trash. 

Eyes also need to be opened to a number of surreptitious changes in leadership no one even seems to want to talk about. 

 For in the same condemnation regarding the spiritually asleep failing to return at the conclusion of the Plague, a special “Women’s” worship service was announced because, though a number of the men in the congregation were now deacons, it was primarily women doing most of the work.  

This was not the first time new deacons were named without actually being named and someone on Facebook is listing themselves as the church music minister without even having been introduced to the church, or at least to the White folks that used to attend there before in essence being run off after the church was taken over.  

For a perusal of the as yet again redesigned church website lists only the single deacon that set this coup into motion.  

Yet just a few months earlier the relaunched church website listed the three other original deacons as well.

However, the identities of the additional deacons remain as shrouded in mystery as those of the Final Five Cylons from Battlestar Galactica.  

by Frederick Meekins 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Fifty Denominations Compared

Failure To Pander To Women Condemned As Misogyny

Podcaster Exposing Abusive Fundamentalism Alleges Death Threat

Strategic Intelligence During Times Of Accelerated Social Change

An Insider’s Look At West Coast Baptist College

Eight Reasons To Leave The Southern Baptist Convention


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Picking Own Spouse Denounced As Humanistic

For saying that one picks one’s spouse, I was accused of advocating “a man centered theology”.  

Instead one is supposed to accept what spouse God selects for you and you do not always get what one desires. 

 One is not forced to marry.  

But if organized Christianity is supposed to accept someone’s claim that God has laid it upon someone’s heart to pursue a particular occupational vocation, why are we to be so prudish that it was not God that placed it within someone’s heart and mind to desire someone with particular physical characteristics? 

 For unless you want to profess some sort of neo-gnoticism, did not God also create physical characteristics as well? 

 Do these antimasculinist theologians ever intend to as vociferously condemn the female inclination to demand partners of particular income or status levels?   

It was argued that one should not choose a spouse because the person might not be the one that God intended for you.  

But provided the intended is of a particular doctrinal persuasion, something that even those leveling these sorts of criticisms doubtfully even adhered to in their own life, isn’t whoever one marries the one God intended you to be stuck with if in every instance we are supposed to embrace the Reformed notion that God micromanages to such a granular level?  

Or is it that some are so miserable in their own relationships that they want to see that to the same level spread to everyone else around them?

by Frederick Meekins 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hospital Staff Refuse To Relent To Human Experimentation

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Israeli Plague Cult Begins Human Experimentation On Adolescents

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Anti-Trinitarian Heretic Accuses White Evangelicals Of Not Giving A Damn About Jesus

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If Voddie Baucham So Concerned About False Teachers Why Has He Snuggled Up With Mormon Glenn Beck?

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Plague Cultists Ostracize Naomi Wolf From Ranks Of Planetary Elite

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Russia Undermines Religious Liberty

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The Toynbee Tiles & The Tavistock Institute

R.C. Sproul’s Life & Ministry

Monday, June 07, 2021

Allen Guelzo On Edmund Burke & American Conservatism

Journalism In A Post-Truth, Fake News Culture

Hit & Run Commentary #133

It's been said your first murder is always the hardest. So what is to stop this level of microdictatorship every time there is a flu or disease outbreak?

Does social distancing really prevent disease? Am not really that close to that many other human beings other than immediate family yet in the past still picked up colds and such mostly likely that did not originate with them.

If we are to be subjected to public service announcements urging us not to touch our faces, how about some targeting certain demographics on the importance of wiping their rear ends properly and washing their hands afterwards?

It has been hypothesized that those that do not submit to a future coronavirus vaccine complete with bio-tracking capabilities could be prohibited from travel. But if such a vaccination really does provide immunity for those that take it, what does it matter regarding those that do not?

It has been suggested that even if risk of the Coronavirus subsided to a reasonable level, those over 55 should remain quarantined indefinitely. Will that be a personal choice or imposed by the state under threat of violence which is how any governmental edict or law is ultimately enforced? Will those with elderly in a long term care or even independent living facility be allowed to see them ever again? So would one’s 55th birthday become a ritual like the trip to Carousel in “Logan’s Run” or the episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” where a scientist had to abandon his work that would have saved his planet just because he had reached a certain age?

The remark was made on Fox News that once the initial Coronavirus lock down ends, the elderly should continue their social distancing while the rest of us move on. Wonder how long until this results in the elderly being excluded from society and then eventually eliminated preemptively against their will? The threat of this disease lurking in the background even if no one is actively suffering from it is going to be used to justify all sorts of cultural deprivations and infringements of liberties. Sort of like how those Japanese Americans had to be placed in those facilities for “their own good”. This would also be a good way to get many of the more doctrinally solid churches shuttered as well. Wonder how much property will end up being seized before it’s all over with to finance these Coronavirus relief programs.

Wonder how long, in the name of compassion of course, until the elderly are herded against their will into quarantine colonies where they will never again be allowed to see their loved ones?

So if the New York lock down applies particularly to those with underlying health issues, does that mean they are snooping through the medical files of those detained?

Cuomo says “social distancing is needed EVERYWHERE.” Does that include our bedrooms where it was once insisted what two consenting adults did was their own business?

In regards to the enforcement of social distancing decrees, are we to assume that law enforcement is so superhuman that they can estimate the difference between six feet and 5 feet 10 inches? If this is going to be the racket through which governments finance assorted plague relief efforts, the least that a citizenry subjected to such an intrusive degree of scrutiny deserves is for these assessments to be determined accurately rather than as a result of someone not having gotten their doughnut before hypoglycemia sets in.

Apparently a number of prisons are releasing convicts over fears of the Coronavirus spreading among the inmates and even to the staff. So why would it be acceptable to detain those accused of violating social distancing decrees (at this point can these even be considered actual laws) and possibly even those over 55 now daring to show their unmasked faces in public?

Ironic. The states now inclined to crack down the most vigorously against the Coronavirus in terms of imposing near police state conditions were the most lackadaisical in enforcing immigration laws that could have played a part in curtailing this plague.

It was remarked, “Tim LaHaye made millions of dollars with his 'Left Behind' series and his movies. Personally, I think that it is junk. Can it be explained to me why Tim LaHaye's prophecy works are to be condemned for a more literalistic interpretation of eschatological portions of Scripture yet this same online theologian is noticeably quiet or perhaps even accepting of Pat Robertson's prophetic announcements? Both of these ministers are Premillennial with works published teaching that the Tribulation period is to be understood as foretelling events that will take place. So why is Tim LaHaye to be condemned for having been a workman worthy of his hire? At least unlike Robertson, LaHaye's fortune would have been made for the most part from the actual selling of books and not begging for it through questionable broadcast tactics with those proceeds going in part to pay for race horses and his own private jet and Virginia Beach air landing strip. Unlike Mrs. Robertson, I bet Beverly LaHaye never had to fear being kicked to the curb in favor of a younger replacement had she been stricken with dementia.

As of late, a popular theme among Gospel Coalition type churches is that what we have does not belong to us but rather to God. Technically, that is true. However,, it is hoped that such conceptual repetition will make it easier to manipulate the pewfiller into more pliantly surrendering the targeted financial resources or even acceptance of compulsory income redistribution commonly referred to as increased taxation. But if we are to view ourselves as mere stewards rather than as owners, don’t we have an obligation to look to the needs of our own households just as rigorously so that we won’t be a burden upon God’s people.

In a prayer, a pastor lamented the divisive politics “polarizing our nation at this time.” So just how many more fundamental liberties are we obligated to surrender and compromise? Does the income that should be redistributed also include the accumulated wealth of the church and the pastor’s housing allowance? Or do the higher tax rates to be arrived at in the name of compromise just apply to the dimwitted saps filling the pews? Should the compromises also include the bill like the one being proposed in Virginia where religious schools would not be allowed to fire crossdressers? The pastor lamented that partisan politics is now linked to the message of Christianity. But wasn’t that initially the fault of progressives going out of their way to blatantly curtail the expression of religious liberty and traditional values to the extent that those holding to these could not help but come to the conclusion that the only viable alternative in this country was some degree of participation in the Republican Party?

Jim Bakker hawking 5 gallon survivalist buckets of pinto beans. No wonder some folks need so much toilet paper.

Given that Prince Charles contracted Coronavirus, wonder if his father Prince Phillip remained as keen on the prospect of plagues wiping out vast swaths of humanity.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Campus Crusade For Christ Succumb To Woketopianism?

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Museum Honors Iconic Ufologist

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Is Synodality The Future Of Ecclesiology?

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Genetic Harvesting & Interdimensional Beings

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