Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Picking Own Spouse Denounced As Humanistic

For saying that one picks one’s spouse, I was accused of advocating “a man centered theology”.  

Instead one is supposed to accept what spouse God selects for you and you do not always get what one desires. 

 One is not forced to marry.  

But if organized Christianity is supposed to accept someone’s claim that God has laid it upon someone’s heart to pursue a particular occupational vocation, why are we to be so prudish that it was not God that placed it within someone’s heart and mind to desire someone with particular physical characteristics? 

 For unless you want to profess some sort of neo-gnoticism, did not God also create physical characteristics as well? 

 Do these antimasculinist theologians ever intend to as vociferously condemn the female inclination to demand partners of particular income or status levels?   

It was argued that one should not choose a spouse because the person might not be the one that God intended for you.  

But provided the intended is of a particular doctrinal persuasion, something that even those leveling these sorts of criticisms doubtfully even adhered to in their own life, isn’t whoever one marries the one God intended you to be stuck with if in every instance we are supposed to embrace the Reformed notion that God micromanages to such a granular level?  

Or is it that some are so miserable in their own relationships that they want to see that to the same level spread to everyone else around them?

by Frederick Meekins 

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