Thursday, March 29, 2012

If a depressed father kills his kids, would he get a free pass from the loony bin to attend church?

The extent of Andrea Yates religious participation should be a worn Bible tossed into her padded cell.

Zimmerman's Father Realizes Obama Might Be The Biggest Hater Of The All

The children of Andrea Yates are unable to attend church because they were killed by their mother. So why should she be granted that privilege?

Marko Rubio is being considered for the Vice Presidency in part because he can allegedly bring in the Hispanic vote. Had anyone considered the importance of solidifying the “White Vote”? Does anyone realize that if Rubio shoots a Black man, given Rubio’s light pigmentation, he’d likely be considered a “White Hispanic”?

Obama Doesn't Give A Flip About Murdered British Teens

Time Magazine Advocates Abolishing Self Defense In Name Of Racial Enlightenment

WMAL's Chris Plant pointed out that federal Hate Crimes laws fail to mention White Heterosexuals.

Black Rabblerouser Threatens Riot If Welfare Benefits Cut

Am not sure what's more shocking: the threat of violence or that one of these deadbeats would actually get off their backside and exert themselves.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray is justifying the erection of additional speed and red light cameras as way to protect bicyclists. Will cameras also be set up to protect motorists and especially perambulating pedestrians from narcissistic bicyclists that just as blatantly flout the standards of vehicular propriety and decorum?

If one of the Supreme Court's most formidable minds panics at the overwhelming length of Obamacare, just think what it does to the rest of us.

Wearing a hoody doesn't make you a hoodlum. However, vandalizing your school and slamming someone's head against the concrete certainly does.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pelosi Insists Death Panels & Rationed Medical Procedures In Keeping With The Founders’ Vision

An associate insists it is inappropriate for a woman to openly criticize a pastor. The associate also invokes some of the same Scriptures opposing women speaking in church and holding ecclesiastical office to oppose the involvement of women in politics. Thus, it must be asked, if the hardline Reconstructionist allies of this associate ever seize power, what would prevent them from eventually enacting laws and regulations that would abolish the public expression of women altogether?

Do The Ultrapious Want To Silence Women?

An associate has raised the issue if it is proper for a woman to express her disagreement with the pastor over an ecclesiastical concern.

I say let a couple of deacons place a pillowcase over her head and drag her down to the kitchen.

Some scullion duty should silence her spiteful tongue.

What's gotten into women these days thinking they can just speak to any man they aren't even related to?

Seriously though, there is nothing in Scripture forbidding a woman from sharing thoughts and concerns with the pastor.

I Corinthians 14:34 says, "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak...And if they will lean any thing, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

This would seem to indicate during the church service.

Would pastors rather for the sake of their own egos prefer women to lie as women walk out the church door and act as if all things are hunky-dory?

If this injunction is to be absolute, shouldn’t we also condemn those women congratulating the pastor as to how wonderful they found the message to be?

I guess soon, as in the case of Barbara Streisand and pre-World War II Japanese emperors, we mere lay people won’t even be allowed to gaze upon clergy.

by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boomeranging Your Own Business

In discussing the phenomena of boomerang children where young adults return to live with their parents, the hosts of the WMAL morning show conducted the discussion as if the trend was disgusting and shameful.

It was even asked if those engaged in the practice ought to be embarrassed.

Did this particular program take a similar tone discussing the Flukeys out having so much sex that they demand that birth control be provided for them at public expense?

Has it been asked on this station if those having children outside of marriage ought to be embarrassed or the increasing number shacking-up without sanction of matrimony?

These practices are condemned from the pages of Scripture and religious tradition.

On the other hand, provided the young adults are not abusing their parents or on the public dole as a result of their own indolence, the pages of Holy Writ are quite silent regarding young adults that decide to live with their parents.

The Hebrew Patriarchs such as Isaac lived with their parents well into their adulthoods.

Interesting, when it happens to be regular Americans that are usually White in terms of their ethnic backgrounds and genetic phenotypes that live together as extended family it is apparently a living arrangement one step above cultic or abusive in terms of social condemnation.

However, if nearly entire Central American villages pile into single family domiciles, one is denounced as racist or jingoistic if one reacts with anything other than fawning praise of how beautifully family oriented and delightfully communal for a practice that drags essentially drags down property values and makes neighborhoods less desirable places in which to live.

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, March 16, 2012

MSNBC analyst Karen Finney said conservative values are code words for promoting racism. If so, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism are euphemisms for the deprivation of property, expression, and conscience.

MSNBC analyst Karen Finney said conservative values are code words for promoting racism. If so, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism are euphemisms for the deprivation of property, expression, and conscience.

Where Will Cylon Sinks Lead Next?

In a public restroom, these new cylon sinks are a delight as one doesn't have to touch a filthy faucet for the water to turn on.

However, the question must be asked.

At some time in the future, will government force this upgrade on the residential sector?

No longer would individuals be allowed to determine for themselves whether the water will be cold or hot.

Instead, a bureaucrat will determine the tepid in between.

Don't laugh.

Need one be reminded of low flush toilets?

Already, utility authorities are taking steps through the proliferation of so-called "smart meters" so that they might ultimately be the ones to make your climate control decisions for you.

Eventually, those insisting on determining for themselves the temperature of their water will be painted as opposing energy conservation or exhibiting burn sensitivity in children.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pathetic Black Father Exhibits Ethnic Favoritism By Allowing Indian Tribe To Slaughter Bald Eagles

If American Indians can be granted an exemption to laws protecting bald eagles, why can’t Catholics and conservative Evangelicals be granted an exemption for having to provide abortion and birth control coverage to the carnally incontinent?

Religious leftists will no doubt work themselves up into an outrage that most Southerners still don’t cotton up to the notion of interracial marriage. It is claimed there is nothing in Scripture forbidding the individual from believing in interracial marriage. But neither is there saying in the Bible that you are required to believe in it.

Former Obama propagandist Anita Dunn says the White House constitutes a hostile work environment towards women. As a professed admirer of Mao, I guess she doesn’t find mass murder and forced abortion all that intimidating or a deprivation of fundamental human liberties.

A Gingrich campaign ad mocks Mitt Romney by insinuating that the former Massachusetts governor isn't the type to pump his own gas. And you are going to tell me Gingrich pumps his own regularly? And what about Gingrich's high maintenance ball-and-chain. Didn’t he about go into bankruptcy trying to placate her with fancy trinkets?

Longshoreman's Union Shoves Nose Up The Backside Of Chinese Tyrants

Red China Corners Market On Rare Minerals

What's The Deal With The Papal Lavatory?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The head of the NAACP is flying to Switzerland to sing to a UN rights of organization of how nobody knows the troubles he's seen. It seems laws in America requiring not only that shiftless minorities must show identification but that also make provision for state personnel to chauffer you to get your idea are an atrocity of near historic proportions. Wouldn't UN efforts be better directed at investigating other alleged outrages such as the forced virginity examinations in Egypt?

The head of the NAACP is flying to Switzerland to sing to a UN rights of organization of how nobody knows the troubles he's seen. It seems laws in America requiring not only that shiftless minorities must show identification but that also make provision for state personnel to chauffer you to get your idea are an atrocity of near historic proportions. Wouldn't UN efforts be better directed at investigating other alleged outrages such as the forced virginity examinations in Egypt?

FEMA Recruits Stormtroopers

Moonbats Blame Rush Limbaugh For Afghan Massacre

Montel Williams Calls For The Death Of Michelle Bachmann

Tourists Go On Safari In Black Harlem Churches

Since elites lecture those of us that have never set foot outside of the United States as to why we should feel shameful about the pushiness about the reputation of the ugly American abroad, do we get to sneer down our noses now about foreigners disrespecting this nation's religous culture and practices?

Is O'Reilly Obama's Lapdog?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leftist Commemoration Undermines Resolve Against Terror

Yes.  Perhaps this is being posted a bit late.  However, the points are still valid.  If you are going to be that condescending, perhaps you should be reminded that you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time online obsessively reading columns and articles of those you snidely dismiss as less accomplished than yourself.

It is said that the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history.   Following the attack on 9/11, the nation's leaders as epitomized by the members of Congress joining on the steps of the Capitol in patriotic chorus vowed that they would be vigilant against the laxity of policy and perspective that left the door wide open allowing such a tragedy to transpire in the first place.  However, in the decade since then, little has changed in the hearts of many that would prevent an occurrence of similar or greater magnitude from happening again in the future.

Under the auspices of the National Cathedral, an interfaith memorial was to be held in Washington, DC.  Since the President and a number of representatives from a variety of religious perspectives were scheduled to speak at the service, the event was billed as and assumed to be one promoting an inclusive brand of diversity and spirituality.

It is estimated that nearly 20% hold to a theology or worldview classifiable as Evangelical in nature.  Critics might respond that is only a small percentage of the population and as such the perspective should not be catered to with a proverbial seat on the dais.

If that is the case, then why should a number of other faiths have been included that did next to nothing in laying the foundation upon which this country was built  or offer little in addressing the 9/11 attack.  One could argue that, at least, Islam should have been allowed on stage to offer an apology for the entire awful mess.

The number of Hindus, Buddhists and Jains in this country no doubt come in at a percentage far below that of the Evangelical Right.  A number of these Eastern faiths are emphasized over that of Evangelicalism because of the tendency of these creeds of the Orient to ignore the reality of the troubles plaguing mankind rather than addressing how to really resolve them as in traditional Christianity.

Leftwing religionists, such as those organizing the memorial service sponsored by the National Cathedral, despite clinging to the Christian name do not like to admit evil manifesting in human lives known as sin exists.  Pantheism --- the philosophical backbone of Hinduism --- denies the objective reality of sin altogether.
Popular conceptions of Hinduism further down the chain of enlightenment consist of an infinite number of gods (though adherents of a multiplicity of deities still get as jacked out of shape as a monotheistic Jew if a family member comes to Christ as Lord and Savior).  However, among elites, the multitude of divinities are not so much distinct personalities but rather representations of the singular unified reality known as “Brahman”.

In fact, according to the adherents of this outlook, we ourselves are not really independent consciences distinct from the comprehensive totality (“Atman is Brahman”).  What we perceive as the self is merely an illusion.  This is summarized by the teaching of “maya”.

Thus, instead of grappling with the overwhelming horror of sin on such a grand scale as an objective reality such as 9/11, the Eastern perspective just glosses it all over by insisting that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon never really happened in the ultimate sense.  And if by some small chance that it really did, such an act at its core couldn’t possibly be evil at its most profound depth.  One of the beauties the pantheist insists upon in the All Is One mentality of philosophical monism is that at such a level everything is beyond the limited concepts of good and evil.

One religion invited to the interfaith prayer service is so obscure that it is a safe wager that the majority of Americans have likely never heard of it and even fewer understand it.  It was in all likelihood selected as it represents the kind of religion Episcopalian elites would like to impose upon the masses in the future.

As a system of belief, there is very little that Jainism can provide to defend a civilization against the onslaught of terrorism.  It does posses a number of tenets that are the equivalent of where liberalism ends up if followed to its logical conclusions.

For example, Jainism does not believe in a personal God as found in the monotheistic traditions.  Rather, what is thought of as the ultimate has more in common with a form energy.  When considering Jainism, one is reminded of Yoda in  “The Empire Strikes Back” when he describes the Force of that series as “surrounds us. binds us.”

As such, a ratiocinative consciousness cannot be seen as the characteristic separating the higher order lifeforms more worthy of additional ethical concern and reflection.  Since this characteristic is not possessed by what Paul Tillich would categorize as the ultimate concern of this creed now under consideration, those life forms possessing it are no more superior or much higher along the chain of being than those that do not.

The way this principle manifests itself is reminiscent of how things would operate if PETA had its way.  Jainists are fanatic vegetarians.  Not only do they refuse to eat meat, but they also sweep the ground in front of them so as to not inadvertently step on any bugs.

Jains also wear a cloth over their mouths and also abstain from certain vegetables so as to avoid inflicting undue harm on microorganisms.  In other words, during the outbreak of a killer epidemic, if they want to remain philosophically consistent, they would have to remain no more in favor of the triumph of man over germ than germ over man in such a biological survival of the fittest.

Certain schools of Eastern thought construed through a Western New Age mindset hold that we create our own reality, largely through how we conceptualize the world around us.  This has to be the reason to justify how the Obama administration decided to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th.

To fully appreciate what happened that tragic day, one cannot avoid who it was and what motivated these scumbags to carry out an act of such evil that the average person cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the deed's animus.  By emphasizing this act of Islamist terror, the nation would be reminded that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and that there exists those in the world whose highest goal is the destruction of that with which we have been blessed.

Instead, the Obama administration issued directives that the specifics of the attack were to be downplayed (as if the Twin Towers simply collapsed and a large gaping whole split the Pentagon all on their own).   Instead, government officials and spokesmen were to present a "positive forward looking narrative" emphasizing trivialities such as community service.

However, some things that happen aren't positive.  To be historically accurate, one cannot deny or sweep under the rug that several thousand Americans died that day and who it was that killed them.

Religion and/or spirituality is one of the most important pillars embraced by an individual influencing how they will cope with what transpires in the world around them.  And though the state should have virtually no say in determining what path one ultimately decides upon for oneself, it has to be admitted that some creeds optimize one's chances of survival over others in that they approach the world as it actually exists rather than how we would like it to be.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tolerancemongers Issue Death Threats Against Rush Limbaugh

Seems to me calling for someone's murder is a greater verbal faux pas that calling someone a slut that expects everyone but the responsible party to finance a promiscious lifestyle.

Those that want to be such sticklers as to verbally ream those wishing them an innocuous “good luck” shouldn’t be surprised that they will be bestowing this admonishment decreasingly over time. However, it is not because people are taking your message to hurt. It is more likely that they are avoiding you altogether because no one wants to be berated for simply attempting to extend a little human kindness.

Are those marketing themselves as so devout as to verbally chastise those daring to wish them good luck are really that devout or merely want to be applauded for seeming to be that devout.

Homeschool Leader Calls For The Abolition Of Social Security

On the 2/27/12 edition of Generations Radio, Kevin Swanson advocated the abolition of Social Security.

And what is to be done with the elderly that, for whatever reason, didn’t have the opportunity to procreate?

Many such as Swanson would likely suggest that such individuals become wards of the church.

But is it such a wise idea to give churches that degree of authority over the life of an individual where whether or not you receive care is dependent upon ascent to a particular congregation’s doctrinal peculiarities?

For example, will the pastor hold final sway as to whether or not you will be permitted to take a particular class of medication?

If Tom Brokaw had poked fun at Obama's nappy hair and blubber lips rather than Romney's "White man's overbite", that media dinosaur would never again be seen on broadcast television.

Obama's Fossil Fuel Hyocrisy

Obama condemns Americans for holding 2% of the world's oil reserves but for using 20% of the world's oil.

Before condemning us, perhaps he and his battle ax should not have revved up Air Force 1 or the motorcade to take dozens of lavish vacations and nearly one hundred rounds of golf.

If we have to sit our rearends home, even more so his.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Transgendered Illegals Lavished With Government-Provided Hormones

Walmart Condemned As Racist For Providing Minorities With Food

None Of Glenn Beck's Business How Much Santorum Gives To Charity

Girl Scout Goons Demand Robbed Girls Still Render Tribute

If the organization's CEO makes a salary of around $300,000, you'd think she'd be willing to absorb the cost so as to not punish the victims of this crime.

Audio: Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Isn't refusing to call Sandra Fluke a slut for wanting other people to pay for her birth control nearly the same thing as refusing to call acts of revolutionary political violence terrorism or those usually behind them Islamic extremists?

One of those truths pounded into our heads incessantly by television over the years is that woman suffer higher rates of constipation than do men. So in the name of WWWWWWWomennnnnn's health will Obamacare provide laxatives and stool softeners for free or are they just not as glamorous as birth control pills?

Most Respect Needs To Be Earned

An associate is insinuating that Rush Limbaugh’s remarks regarding the testimony of Sandra Fluke before a congressional Democratic committee coupled with the broadcaster’s three divorces indicates a lack of respect for women.

Rush has given this woman all the respect she deserves.

He has neither laid hands on her or forced himself upon her though she's so easy that I doubt she'd refuse anyone.

Limbaugh's divorces don't really have any relevance to this issue.

He is not the one demanding public subsidy to finance his debauchery.

At least one of Limbaugh's divorces was the result that the little woman didn't like it he was not much for going out and partying.

So if one’s wife one day leaves you for being of a studious retiring nature, should we conclude that you "don't respect women"?

Conversely, are those making the assertion that Limbaugh’s divorces indicated a lack of respect for women going to make as big of a fuss that Limbaugh's former wives insufficiently respected men?

Women that want the level of respect where they are not called sluts should earn that honor.
One shouldn't be fawned over with a degree of deference just because of how their reproductive tract is hooked up.

Should a wife beater still be considered a gentleman and all manner of condemnation heaped upon those refusing to publicly recognize him in such a lofty manner?

Had this woman been a 500 pound diabetic demanding free insulin while confessing to Congress of consuming extravagant amounts of chocolate, wouldn’t she have been called a "glutton"?

If she was complaining to Congress about a Catholic university refusing to pay for her multiple abortions shouldn’t she be considered an accessory to murder?

Had Sandra Fluke confessed to the national legislature that she had embezzled millions of dollars wouldn’t one have called her a thief?

So why shouldn't someone that proudly testifies to the wanton escapades of herself and her classmates expect to be called exactly what they are?

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, March 02, 2012

Did Obama Have Breitbart Whacked?

Speaker Of The House Proves He Lacks A Pair By Joining In Condemnation Of Limbaugh

Georgetown University President Sides With Campus Trollop Over Limbaugh

Since we have learned in the past week or so that all other considerations are to be subordinated to sexual mechanics and anatomy, isn’t calling someone a douche actually one of the greatest compliments you can bestow upon someone?

Leftists are justifying calling the deceased Andrew Breitbart a “douche” and celebrating his death because the online pundit dared criticize Ted Kenendy at the time of the Senator’s passing. However, it must be remembered that Breitbart never left a woman for dead in a submerged automobile.

If Sandra Fluke is outraged how powerless one feels turned away from the pharmacy counter unable to afford birth control, will she also campaign against regulations requiring our drivers license numbers be uploaded into a government database in order to purchases over the counter decongestants?

Straight Out Of Central Casting

A screenwriter couldn’t pick a better name for a new Bond girl.

It seems sex addict Sandra Fluke’s name might correctly be pronounced “Fluk”?

So does make her mom “Mother Fluk”? Since she has such loose morals, does that make her a “cheap Fluk”?

If she really does go bankrupt from her acute promiscuity, would that make her a “worthless Fluk”?

If she falls down in the mud does that make her a “dirty Fluk”?

And most importantly, should she find herself alone in the dorm by herself, does that imply “Fluk herself”?

So if Sandra Fluke and Anthony Weiner ever got together, would the wedding invitation be pronounced "Fluk Weiner"? Maybe infamous AIDS activist Luke Sissyfag could serve as flower girl.

If there is no such things as absolute morality and there is nothing inherently wrong with sleeping around for money, why should anyone get upset if Rush Limbaugh insinuated a promiscuous woman is a whore? Isn’t the title nothing more than a job classification?

Sandra Fluke insists Rush Limbaugh's response to her consists of the kind of language men have traditionally used to silence women. Will she also heap condemnation on the kinds of things women say to control men such as threatening to call the police over nothing more than a raised voice or harsh tone?

If Obama assured Sandra Fluke that her parents ought to be proud of her, would Obama be proud if his own daughters spent their college years bouncing from bed to bed?

Speaker Of The House Proves He Lacks A Pair By Joining In Condemnation Of Limbaugh

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The cover of the March 2012 issue of Christianity Today examines the state of Christian colleges. One of the headlines reads, “The Browning Of Campuses Catering To White Elites”. This is a euphemism claiming that these schools don’t pander enough to racial minorities by failing to brainwash students as to how they should feel guilty for being White and for holding all students irrespective of pigmentation to the same academic standard.

It’s not that Pat Buchanan is obsessed with race. He is merely advocating the survival of his own ethnicity or genetic kinsmen. That is the very same thing done by the leftist Jews wanting the commentator banned from the airwaves advocate for themselves but seek to deny to others. And what areas without White majorities are worth living in? Given the opportunity, usually even racial minorities rather live around White folks. So what will it be? Will you rather survive or rather be applauded as open-minded by liberal elites?

The God advocated by the Calvinist is an inherently schizophrenic deity. On the one hand, He commands sinners to repent and be saved. Yet despite supposedly being omniscient, God has apparently forgotten that He is the one pre-selecting whom will accept this salvation and whom will be tossed into Hell.

If flags were lowered to half-mast and the media ground to a screeching halt for Whitney Houston, shouldn't the same be done for Andrew Breitbart who actually accomplished something with his life?

In announcing his death, ABC News Radio insinuated that Andrew Breitbart pulled news out of context. In announcing the death of Walter Cronkite, did the network emphasize how he was often a dupe of the Soviet Union and a shill for the establishment of world government? And when Dan Rather passes, will it be pointed out how his bias against Republicans ran so deep that he failed to corroborate allegations against George W. Bush?

Virginia Representative Jim Moran is outraged that children might be exposed to an advertisement posted a Washington, DC subway station telling President Obama to go to Hell. Did the Congressman raise objections when advertisements for female condemns were plastered all over the nation capital’s bus fleet under the auspices of the “DC’s Doin It” campaign since he is so concerned for the purity of innocent eyes?

Why shouldn’t Sandra Fluke’s virtue be questioned when she confessed freely before Congress what a major league skank she is?

Contrary to Barbara Boxer, Rush Limbaugh did not say a woman was a bad person if she used birth control. She is a bad person if she experts other people to pay for it.

As much as the Georgetown law students are alleged to be fornicating, it certainly gives “bar exam” a whole new meaning.

If from criticism of Rick Santorum we are taught by our benighted archons that Satan does not exist, why is it wrong for an advertisement posted in a DC subway station to tell Obama to go to Hell? Because if Satan doesn't exist, shouldn't we also conclude that the clammy region of he netherworld is imaginary as well?

Regarding the Ohio school shooting, ABC News Radio claimed that good came of the tragedy because it brought the COMMUNITY together. I'd rather have my family member alive rather than neighbors getting all up in my business.

The cover of the March 2012 issue of Christianity Today examines the state of Christian colleges. One of the headlines reads, “The Browning Of Campuses Catering To White Elites”. This is a euphemism claiming that these schools don’t pander enough to racial minorities by failing to brainwash students as to how they should feel guilty for being White and for holding all students irrespective of pigmentation to the same academic standard.