Tuesday, March 31, 2015

At a missions conference, it was suggested that a Christian should give up one meal that week and instead use that time to pray for global outreach. Is there some reason this contemplative petition being incorporated into a pre- or post-meal prayer is insufficient?

President Obama urged Americans to be more like Ted Kennedy. That's certainly what the nation needs, additional Communist-sympathizing, homicidal drunken whoremongers.

At a missions conference, it was asked how generous are you with what the Lord has given you. Now is the person making the inquiry doing so from a genuine position of detached pious altruism? Or are they positioning themselves in the hopes of getting a percentage of what you are being manipulated out of?

Did Colorado Legislator Insinuate Victim Of Baby Harvesting Attack Didn’t Do Enough To Prevent Abortion?

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Well that’s disheartening. The Futurist has suspended publication. For some reason that brings to mind the episode of Doctor Who where, by undoing a fixed chronometric point, there was no more future as all of time was occurring at once.

Catholic Women Clamor For Birth Control Handouts At Nearly The Same Rate As Protestants

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Is Ted Kennedy Still Swindling The American People From A Ringside Seat In Hell?

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Will Deluded Astronomers Invite Extraterrestrials To Conquer Earth?

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A radio report categorized the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act as not friendly towards homosexuals. What about the number of court rulings handed down inimical to the adherents of particular religious convictions that require this variety of legislative response? This statute could be carefully modified to protect industries, artisans, and craftsmen below a certain size. Large corporations, for the most part, don’t oppose the disputed lifestyle. They have, after all, been at the forefront of indoctrinating the American people into embracing this form of social decay.

In a sermon, men were rhetorically challenged that, as their lives were ending, would they have rather spent their lives watching every episode of their favorite TV program or having given oneself to the faithful service of God’s church. But in this era of DVR’s, DVD’s and even Youtube, is this really an either or decision? Why can’t one do both? But more importantly, given that the sermon addressed the topic of leadership positions within the church, what if one’s church situation does not allow for such opportunities or attach so many extra-Biblical regulations governing the position that filling the office is not worth the trouble?

Prince Charles Advocates Environmental Dictatorship While Wallowing In Luxury

It was said in a sermon that it is selfish to work for wages or from a perspective of what can you get out of it. Would the homilist prefer we otherwise not work at all? Where do they think the money slipped into the collection plate otherwise comes from? Selfish ambition would be more using immoral means to acquire what one desires or to somehow cheat the individual with whom has entered into a contractual arrangement thought to be mutually beneficial to the involved parties.

If a rape victim is uncomfortable around someone that merely resembles her attacker but never laid a hand on her to the point that her psychosis begins to kick in, isn’t it her obligation to remove herself from the situation rather than to force the innocent male to have his own life ruined?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Creflo Dollar Demands 65 Million Of Yours For Aeronautical Swag

Televangelist Creflo Dollar needs 65 million of yours so that his ministry can acquire a new luxury jet.

This is because of an engine failure that nearly resulted in tragedy but which was averted through the skill of an experienced pilot.

With a new aircraft, the ministry assures that Dollar will be able to continue the mission of spreading the Gospel around the world.

In an age of instantaneous global communications thanks to high speed Internet, why is this even necessary?

Savages in Third World sewer pipes have certainly mastered social media technologies such as Twitter and Youtube in uploading their own propaganda.

Are we to assume that these are too complex for the likes of Creflo Dollar?

Is Dollar that conceited and full of himself that he believes that the Great Commission cannot be fulfilled without him?

Is he so far about the remaining dregs of humanity that he can't fly Southwest Airlines or Jet Blue like everybody else?

By Frederick Meekins

Sermon For Reformation Sunday 2014

Propagandists Indoctrinate Whelps To Applaud The Infanticide Of Siblings

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A Lutheran Review Of Insurgent

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Will The Transformers Movies Develop Spin Off Films?

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Non Opens Mouth Suggesting That Christopher Reeve More Like Zod Than Kal El

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Russell Moore Rather Flagellate Southern Baptists Over Race Than Defend The Unborn

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Thousands Of Churches Distance Themselves From Deviant Presbyterians

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Are Christians Opposed To The American Revolution Willing To Renounce Their Constitutional Liberties?

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Sodomites Rampage Demanding The Pious Support Wanton Carnality

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Is Obama Fleeing Back To The Land Of His Birth?

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Did Deranged Pilot Kill Passengers Over Detached Retina?

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Will Hiro Return To "Heroes"?

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In a discussion of whether or not a Christian should support the American Revolution, a pastor insisted that Patrick Henry’s slogan of “Give me liberty or give me death” undermines the sovereignty of God. So is it just as wrong to emphatically assert what you will be having for supper tonight?

Gays seem to enjoy those pursuits considered feminine in nature. Let them form their own wedding cake bakeries, florists, and nuptial photographers.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Are We Greece or Rome?

Millennials & Religion

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Minions from the Obama regime denounced the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. I am not really a proponent of secession. However, applying this logic, does Obama intend to denounce Union occupation of the Confederacy? And while we are at it, if self determination is to be elevated to the highest priority, why aren't Christian bakers allowed to determine for themselves whether or not they will bake gay wedding cakes? If the President is such an enthusiast for self determination, why does he allow interference in jurisdictions that have already settled through plebiscite the issue of gay marriage?

Homeschool Activist Insists Converts To Catholicism & Anglicanism Little Better Than Serial Killers

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson lamented the account of Baptist twins where one became an Anglican bishop and the other a Roman Catholic priest.

In his tirade, Swanson went off on how could anyone could go from the perspective that the just shall live by faith alone to one where an anathema is pronounced upon those that undermine the role of works in securing eternal salvation.

One cannot speak to the nature of the Baptist church attended by these twins in their youth, but in some of these hardline Baptist and Presbyterian churches in Swanson's orbit, often the soteriological formulations on either side of the Reformation divide have degenerated pretty much into a distinction without a difference.

Granted, this particular variety of Protestant talks an exquisite game regarding the nature of salvation as a free gift and how our works are as filthy rags.

However, from the clarifying expositions and admonitions of these pulpit homilists, it is not enough for the believer to strive for the big virtues such as loving your family, refraining from sex outside of marriage, and slipping a few dollars into the collection plate every once in a while.

According to this particular strain of Protestantism, you might not even be a Christian if you don't share particular viewpoint regarding the propriety of denying females access to education, the necessity of begetting more than five children, and the imperative of being married by 25 years of age.

Perhaps more would hold to the liberty that is claimed to be found in Christ if they were allowed to experience the liberty found in Christ rather than being forced into the spiritual slavery found under another form of legalism.

Kevin Swanson isn't even Baptist but rather Presbyterian.

So how would he like it if some fanatic Baptist raved that Presbyterianism was a slide back down into Rome's eventual embrace?

Instead of insinuating that your formerly Baptist child is one step away from being a serial killer if they become a Catholic or Anglican, perhaps Kevin Swanson will also give as much time reflecting upon what might have pushed these individuals away from a Reformed understanding of the faith in the first place.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Abortion Skank’s Visage Desecrate American Currency?

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Faith Healer Hosptalized

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Phil Robertson Enunciates One Of The Greatest Apologetic Arguments Of All Time

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Will Obama Make Banktellers His New Bitch?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

O'Reilly Plays Stupid Regarding Obama's Transformation Threats

President Obama speculated that mandatory voting would be transformative in nature.

But in the analysis of this policy under consideration, Bill O'Reilly instead decided to spoof and lampoon the President's most profound reason for making this suggestion.

“Transformative” is a euphemism invoked in support of mob rule and the socialistic redistribution of resources and property.

Instead of warning the American people as to this danger, O'Reilly wasted valuable broadcast time feigning ignorance by inquiring if “transformative” referred to some kind of “robot thing”.

O'Reilly knows full well that the “robot thing” is a Transformer.

The correspondent did, after all, make a cameo playing himself in one of those films.

This verbal obfuscation means that O'Reilly is deliberately deceptive or more profoundly dimwitted than expected.

And regarding which, to borrow a slogan from his own network, we report you decide.

By Frederick Meekins

Frankenstein & Transhumanism

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Would conservatives having little issue with students forced by campus administrators to attend the Liberty University Ted Cruz campaign rally be as amicable regarding a school forcing students to endure a similar ideological assault on behalf of leftwing candidates such as Obama or Hillary?

For Fear Of Riots Only Black Fraternities Allowed Booze Privileges

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Southern Baptists Applaud Financially Unprepared Child Marriages

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It was said in a sermon that, if one visits a foreign country and one is identified as an American before one is identified as a Christian, there is something wrong in your life. Not necessarily. And what exactly is a distinctive Christian mode of dress? Given that the minister making the remark is explicitly Baptist, it is doubtful that this pastor would think that highly of clergy shirts, habits, vestments, or monastic robes. Secondly, it is not someone’s fault if they look American in terms of their physical appearance. Granted, Europeans often share a similar genetic ancestry with run of the mill Caucasian Americans. However, one is forced to admit that many Europeans possess a more gaunt or malnourished countenance. Just because the residents of the Old World might not be as fastidious in terms of their grooming, it does not follow that Americans are obligated to adopt similar practices of deliberate slovenliness

Pundit Charles Krauthammer does not find Ted Cruz qualified to be President as a first term senator. Using a similar standard, on what grounds is Krauthammer qualified to determine whom is qualified to hold elected office given that Krauthammer himself has never held elected office?

Atheist Presbyterian Insists It’s Hate Speech To Claim He’s Not A Christian

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Bill Nye Insists He Doesn’t Give A Damn About Hellfire

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ministerial Red Lights Necessary To Prevent Ghastly Church Accidents

In the March 13, 2015 edition of the “Sword Of The Lord”, the publication's editor Shelton Smith compared ministry to the act of driving.

In one of the the remarks, he observed that one hand must be on the wheel.

He expanded on that declaration by saying, “At the church house, someone has to be in charge. A leader is a necessity. The pastor is the scripturally appointed, God-anointed person to be the leader.”

Smith further clarified, “Many of our churches are sitting idle and getting nowhere because just before they put the pastor in the driver's seat, they tied his hands behind his back...So let's get real! And let's be scriptural about it! Let's get a driver who knows how to handle the vehicle and let him drive it. Amen!”

Very well then.

Let us be scriptural about the matter in compliance with Shelton Smith's admonition.

Where in the corpus of divine revelation is blind obedience to the pastor commanded?

If anything, it seems that quite the opposite might be called for.

Acts 17:11 reads, “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scripture every day to see if what Paul said was true (NIV).”

Let's continue a bit with the driving analogies.

Despite dealing with her own doctrinal challenges as she navigates reconciling the demands of celebrity and the Christian faith, Carrey Underwood exclaimed “Jesus, take the wheel.”

How is what Shelton Smith is arguing for that much different in kind than the papal infallibility and the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church where those in the pews are expected to keep their mouths shut if they want to be considered acceptable members?

If anything, isn't the pastor more of a tour guide than a driver that is not to be questioned or challenged?

For is not Christ or the revealed Word of God in Scripture the one theoretically driving this bus?

In the age of the child predator, the fit parent reinforces in the mind of their offspring not to get into a vehicle with someone they don't know, don't trust, or have a suspicious feeling about.

In this day where all kinds of abuse (both spiritual and physical) is taking place in a variety of churches across Christianity's vast theological spectrum, contrary to the impression given by the likes of Josh Harris in his book “Stop Dating The Church”, you as an individual created in the image of God are free to get off the bus of a particular congregation any time you want.

A minister that insists upon broad pastoral powers without teaching that these are curtailed within explicitly delineated boundaries has neglected his responsibilities in a manner not that markedly different than an intoxicated motorist as he veers into lanes in which he ought not to travel.

By Frederick Meekins

Of the seven siblings that died in a New York fire, fuss is being made that they were Orthodox Jews. Would careful delineation of their ethnic and religious backgrounds been announced if they were ordinary White Protestants? If the fire was the result of their religious practices, the incident certainly serves as a warning as to the dangers posed by a religion based upon works.

If your hot plate catches fire because you left it on overnight because you can't turn it on during the Sabbath, that's not religious devotion. That's just outright stupidity.

Hagee Stokes Blood Moons Hysteria

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Will X-Files Miniseries Resolve Dangling Plotlines?

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Boeing Develops Forcefield Countermeasures

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Escape To Witch Mountain 40th Anniversary

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A Lutheran Approach To Ethics

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The White House held a science fair. Did President Obama stroll among the projects, bluntly reminding the young contestants that, despite their effort and hardwork, “Hey, you didn’t build that.” The purpose of the event was to highlight the role of women in science. But does the objective experimental methodology take into account whether the researcher possesses a penis or a vagina?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Obama insists that the US should adopt mandatory voting because that is the policy in Australia. Following that logic, the United States should also limit the immigration of non-Caucasians because that was at one time also the policy of Australia.

The April 2014 issue of The Atlantic asked a panel whom they thought was the most influential teen in history. Harvey Cox missed what should have been a grand slam for someone that professes to be a Christian theologian. The Harvard professor went with David when the shepherd lad slew Goliath. But shouldn't this honor have been extended to Mary and perhaps even Joseph? We are, after all, approaching the Easter season.

Hillary admits that adults need camps. Would these be extermination and work camps?

Regarding a local arts organization, the acting director said in the community newspaper, “Our role is to serve the community and not everyone is coming into out doors.” Maybe not everyone likes the arts. Furthermore, perhaps other enjoy the arts but don't like it when these forms of expression are utilized to promote leftwing causes.

So regarding this mandatory voting: will the Amish and Jehovah's Witnesses be punished also if they are negligent in exercising their franchise?

Must Christian Dictatorship Be Implemented To Facilitate Christ’s Return?

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Obama Frees Thousands Of Murders & Sexual Predators To Prey Upon The American People

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Should Wheaton College Allow Non-Practicing Lesbian To Dispense Spiritual Counsel?

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Christian Youth Celebrate Moral Degeneracy

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Dance Your Cares Away In Fraggle Rock Remake

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

False Spiritualities in the Church

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Vocation Of A Scientist

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Don't Complain About Immaturity & Then Interview Potty Humor Comedian

A word of admonition and chastisement was delivered regarding perpetual adolescence on an episode of “Standing For The Truth with Mike Lemay”.

In particular, it was mentioned that, in Biblical times, an individual was considered an adult at the age of 13.

Yet in contemporary America, the adolescent period can extend into the 20's as education is completed and the young adult strives to figure out their place in the world.

Nothing was said about most being dead by the age of 40 in the era when adulthood was conferred at the age of 13.

However, don't you undermine your own argument when on the same episode you interview a longhaired comedian who proceeds to make a punchline about his bladder freezing in the Wisconsin cold?

Seems to me there is more set in Biblical stone about it being shameful for a man to have long hair then about adulthood being thrust upon thirteen year olds.

by Frederick Meekins

Does God Want Your Teaching Limited To One Pastor?

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Creflo Dollar Needs 65 Million Of Yours To Afford New Luxury Jet

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China Insists It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell Before They Let Dali Lama Rest In Peace

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Why Is The White House Celebrating Iranian Pagan Rites?

Michelle Obama said that there are seven “S’’s connected with the Iranian New Year. One of these is no doubt representative of her being full of something that needs an “s” that rhymes with “hit”.

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What kinds of folks are unsettled by the infant sleeping in the flag as a cradle? Technically, isn’t that a violation of flag protocol? Are these folks generally anti-American or pro-American? Veterans deserve respect. However, that does not give them carte blanche to do as they please without question. The primary issue to consider is the criticism leveled anti-Veteran or pro-flag.

Will Jihadists Obliterate The Sphinx & Pyramids

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Do Vegan Condoms Respect The Pleasure Of Those That Can Handle Only So Much Meat?

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More Proof You Might Be Better Of Treating Women Like Skanks

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A blog post at Christianity Today suggests that Evangelicals should reevaluate the moral legacy of Margaret Sanger. Rather than judge her as a founder of abortion front group Planner Parenthood, ethicists are urged to also consider the good that has accrued as a result of families not conceiving more children than they could afford. But in light of the millions that have been aborted as a result of her movement, isn't that akin to extolling Hitler for his appreciation of Germanic culture and efficient railroads.

Meteorologist says 6 to 8 inches of snow expected in parts of Hawaii. Global warming for you.

Is The Goal Of Common Core To Eliminate The White Race?

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Will Interactive Barbie Collect Intelligence On Obama’s Behalf?

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If Biological Parents Can Abandon Children, Why Not The Adoptive Ones?

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Are Christians Obligated To Publicly Insist That Hymns Are Their Favorite Kind Of Music Even If They Aren’t?

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Why Is Only The Lad In Duo Of Underage Digital Fornicators Forced To Register As Sex Offender?

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The Return Of Electra Woman & Dynagirl?

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Is The Vatican Positioning The World For The Apocalypse?

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Islamists So Mentally Deranged That Mention Of Swine Sends Them Into Psychosis

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Academic Elites Urge Intellectual Surrender To Jihadists

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Isn’t “Dancing With The Stars” fostering heteronormative stereotypes by partnering NFL washout Michael Sam with a woman rather than a man? Interesting how those insisting upon how broadminded they are in regards to fundamental human relationships cling to bigotry and prejudice when it comes to superfluous entertainment.

Fantacist Terry Pratchett Passes

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's Happening In Today's Church?

Don't Hide Behind Piety During Totalitarianism's Rise

On Issues Etc, the topic was addressed if the Christian must defend the Charlie Hebbdo cartoons construed as blasphemous .

From the clip highlighted as the sound bite of the week, one gets the impression that articulating a defense of the gunned down editorial office's freedom of expression isn't really all that much of a priority.

After all, the ultimate concern of the church is not so much with things such as innate or constitutional liberties but rather with the proclamation of the Gospel message.

That might be true in regards to those called to the ministry in the strictest sense of that narrow vocation.

However, not everyone within the church is required to emphasize the exact same aspect of the comprehensive Christian worldview.

Given that this program is Lutheran, one would think they might be quicker to remember the wisdom of Martin Niemoller who reflected how, because he remained silent as the acolytes of totalitarianism hauled off a variety of dissidents, that there was no one left to protect him when the Fascist hordes came to take him away.

Christians don't have to applaud religiously offensive artwork.

However, when bloodthirsty savages begin murdering those that they disagree with, the believer needs to realize that it won't be long until these demoniacs gun down worshipers for little more than singing doctrinally distinctive hymns or reciting the classic creeds.

By Frederick Meekins

Does Jihadist Training Center Qualify For Education Dollars?

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George Will At The Reagan Forum

Weakminded Clamor For Wimpy Doctor Who Plots

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Mohler Condemns Those Not Married By 25 But Insists Queers To Be Viewed As Normal

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Is It Childish To Question Police State Thuggery?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lack Of Racial Diversity Does Not Necessarily Mean Hostility

The Associated Press reported that two-thirds of Evangelicals polled expressed no desire to see their churches become more ethnically diverse in compliance with a decree handed down by the Southern Baptist hierarchy.

Depending upon how the question was formulated, that might not even indicate any discernible resistance on the part of the common pewfiller.

These responses might indicate nothing more than a satisfaction with things the way that they are or that this issue is not seen as that big of a problem when compared to other issues such as a decline in overall morality.

One story regarding the conclusions of this survey observed that most White, Black, and Hispanic Southern Baptists attended churches where the majority of parishioners were of the same racial or ethnic background.

So long as they are not blatantly hostile or cruel to others different from themselves, does this really matter?

Perhaps those surveyed simply did not want to alter their basic order of service to satisfy newcomers.

For example, why should 85 year old WASPS that have enjoyed a solemn liturgy their entire lives have to put up with the more “exuberant” Black way of doing church where it is not unheard of for those gripped by a moment of spiritual ecstasy to run up and down the aisles banging on a tambourine.

As has been observed, often Baptists sleep in the pews while Pentecostals jump over them.

Should an Hispanic church that conducts its affairs in Spanish be required to alienate its congregation by switching to highly articulated English?

If Southern Baptist leaders such as Albert Mohler and Russell Moore are so troubled by this finding among Southern Baptists, do they intend to relinquish their own prestigious and highly paid positions so that these can be filled by minorities?

It has been claimed that attendance at Souther Baptist churches has declined for seven straight years.

That could be in part because of this ongoing effort to wrack the average person in the pew with overwhelming guilt for having done little more wrong that simply having been born White.

By Frederick Meekins

Many of those applauding the banishment of a fraternity for offensively verbalizing the “n-word” in a moronic ditty probably didn’t give second thought about Louis Farrakhan ascending the rostrum at Marion Barry’s funeral.

Interesting. A fraternity is kicked off a university campus for an idiotic ditty where the “N-word” is verbalized. Yet nothing is said any other time about these fraternities and secret societies that inherently glorify homo-eroticism and drunken debauchery

Speaking on picking up the mantle of Elijah, an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist remarked that the reason more men don't start churches is because they are too enamored with material comfort. Maybe so. But these same ministers that emphasize an extremist position on ecclesiastical separation would probably go out of their way to prevent someone going into the ministry that did not embrace a particular perspective or ideology regarding an assortment of nonessential secondaries.

Living A Balanced Orthodox Life

Will Navy Chaplain Be Dismissed For Failing To Embrace Obama As The Name Above All Names?

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Does The Dallas Morning News Promote Hispanosupremacism?

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Southern Baptist Prelate Insists World Missions Won’t Survive Without Centralized Bureaucracy & That Christians Should Be Judged As Much By Color As Character

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Are Jesuit Propagandists Fomenting Liberal White Guilt?

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Will Transhumanist Deception Push The Church Closer To The Edge Of Damnation?

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Apostate Lutheran Insinuates Jesus Was A Sexual Deviant

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Are Tattooed Slobs Leading Naïve Evangelicals To Doctrinal Ruination?

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Monday, March 09, 2015

Feminist Undermines Masculinity & Gripes About The Results

In the February 2015 issue of Sojourner's Magazine, a pregnant feminist in the article titled “Clear Eyes Full Hearts” laments, “I worry about my son. How do I raise a good white male?”

What she is asking for simply isn't a lad that protects the innocent and provides his own way in life while giving his mom a heartfelt hug once in a while.

What she wants is one that surrenders without resistance to multiculturalist dictatorship.

She further writes, “Most stories about maleness suffer from the myth of redemptive violence...the dangerous narrative that violence is a natural means to order and stability.”

This translates as she would have preferred her son to have been conceived as a girl and no Superman or G.I. Joe stories for this poor lad.

Wenches like this get on national TV and insist with a straight face that the key to resolving the ISIS threat is an additional government jobs program.

Throughout her article, she struggles with finding an appropriate male role model or mentor for her son.

That means she should have gotten married before deciding to breed and picked a more appropriate individual with whom to procreate.

By Frederick Meekins

Does Vehicular Homicide Expose The Corruption Of The Episcopal Church?

CliClick On The Headline

Lesbian Star Wars Moff Not Fond Of Extended Sabers

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Obama Vows Not To Rest Until The White Menace Is Vanquished

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Does Vehicular Homicide Expose The Corruption Of The Episcopal Church?

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Would Afrosupremacist Pedagogue Insist That Hitler Wasn’t Anti-Jew But Rather Pro-Nordic?

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Future Crimes

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In a sermon on picking up the mantle of Elijah, a pastor remarked that most young people are more interested in what’s on TV than preaching. But it’s not like they would likely ever be considered good enough to engaged in the aforementioned ecclesiastical elocution anyway.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Don't the riots in Ferguson prove why the police probably did have to use more force in regards to certain "segments" of the community. They certainly weren't busty blond Swedes that burned the town to the ground.

Frosted Flakes Might Not Be That Great But Neither Are They All That Bad

The cover of the 3/2/15 edition of Businessweek depicts Tony the Tiger in a gas mask recoiling in horror at the sight of the frosted flakes he has shilled for decades.

Reworking his classic catchphrase, he declares, “THEY'RE GR-R-ROSS!”

Additional copy on the cover reads, “Carbs, sugar and stubbornness are killing Kellogg.”

How is this dietary staple any more disgusting than these so-called “health foods”?

“Organic” is simply a euphemism for having been grown in digestive excrement.

The same hipsters and neo-beatniks vowing never to feed these breakfast confections to their own spawn certainly had no problem pigging out on these foods in their own childhoods.

It has always been said sausage is a food that you do not want to see being made.

Apparently the same is true now in regards to breakfast cereal in a world where what constitutes nutrition is as much about embracing the proper politics as about keeping a body energized.

A government panel suggested that Americans cut back on the consumption of meat not so much as a way to prevent clogged arteries but rather to prevent global warming.

Interestingly enough, this proclamation was handed down amidst the coldest winter temperatures in years.

If Businessweek insists on being this blatantly honest regarding what we are eating for breakfast, do the editors intend to be as graphically startling as to what transpires in the average abortion clinic or during gay rights parades?

By Frederick Meekins

The New Terrorism

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Did The Simpsons Predict The Higgs-Boson Particle?

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Jihadists Attempt To Lure Western Breeding Sows

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More Proof Green Arrow Just A Batman Knockoff

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Germantown On Its Way To Becoming A Third World Ghetto

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Pelosi Exhibits Psychotic Revulsion Against Jewish Leader

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Didn’t the same leftwing Justice Department accusing the Ferguson police of unnecessary force also launch the raids against Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidian compound?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Pastor Invokes Death Of Nimoy To Condemn Trekkies As Occultic Cabbalists

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Religion & Artificial Intelligence

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Signs A Church Might Be Going Cultic

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Those Not Having Reproduced Damned As Pagan On Lutheran Radio

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Could Kent Hovind Have Avoided Prison The First Time If He Wasn't A Tax Cheat?

Click ONT he headline

Judge Refuses To Hear Case Of Jihadist Welfare Skank Refusing To Remove Head Diaper

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Did God Tell Lady Preacher To Minister Inside The Sex Box?

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Is O’Reilly As Much A Fraud As Brian Williams?

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In response to adoption, Christians often have it rubbed in our faces about how eager we should be to adopt the orphaned because God adopted us. Using these kinds of strained Biblical analogies, should we threaten to nail one of our kids to a cross for breaking our rules since that was the price God required for breaking His?

Will Extraterrestrial Contact Revolutionize Religious Understanding?

Monday, March 02, 2015

Troll To Lurch Back Beneath The Bridge

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Fanatic Homeschool Insists Adults Living By Themselves Are Moral Deviants

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Revenuers Defend Granting Rebates To Illegals On Taxes Never Paid

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Does Black Hole’s Discovery Undermine Evolutionary Cosmology?

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Tolerancemongers Condemn Actress For Suggestion That White Characters Should Remain White

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If Nothing Wrong With Pot, Why Limit Quantities & Distribution Methods?

If Nothing Wrong With Pot, Why Limit Quantities & Distribution Methods?

In Washington, DC, it will be legal to possess up to two ounces of marijuana or to posses three mature plants for personal use that cannot be sold. If there is nothing wrong with marijuana, why can't a resident posses three ounces and four mature plants?

It is fascinating how, in this day of social decline, being strung out on dope is acceptable but attempting to earn a buck isn't.

You will find in DC that it is just as illegal to be a compensated tour guide without a license as it is to sell your three pot plants.

You will probably be sent up the river for the same amount of time whether you are caught selling pot holders (the kind that one holds cookware with) without extensive revenue agency paperwork or pot (as in cannabis consumed for, you know, medical purposes of course).

By Frederick Meekins

What Happened To The Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement?

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Sunday, March 01, 2015