Monday, October 31, 2011

Teach Immigrants About America Rather Than America About Immigrants

In previous eras, those coming to the United States were the ones obligated to learn about and open their minds to a culture other than their own.

In this era of political correctness where Westerns particularly of a Northern European extraction are to be blamed for every disappointment known to man, it is now we Americans that are not only obligated to go out of our way to familiarize ourselves with the backwards peculiarities of the new arrivals but to also degrade our own cultural standards.

A flier for a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration sponsored by a suburban Maryland municipal agency admonishes, "Join us in honoring the traditions and heritage of our Hispanic/Latino neighbors...You will be introduced to the songs and rhythms of Latin America in an exciting interactive performance for the entire family."

No thank you. Many have already had this experience, irrespective of whether they wanted it or not, at two or three o'clock in the morning thanks to rowdy neighbors that civic authorities are extremely reluctant to tell to tune it down for fear of appearing ethnically insensitive but whom would just as easily crack down on you with SWAT raids and tear gas for removing a tree from your own property if failing to make the proper procedural oblations on bended knee before assorted eco-bureaucracies.

Though few possess the cahonies to say it, it is doubtful that many actual Americans still even remain in the area where this concert is being held. Most of those that will likely attend will be Hispanic to begin with.

Basically scarce public money is being expended in what amounts to little more than Hispanics wallowing in their Hispanicness.

In the present day, tolerancemongers would never permit government funds going to finance an activity to lavish praise upon White people over how wonderful White people are by asking minorities to fawn all over White people for simply being White.

If there is tax money burning a hole in the public pocket that just has to be spent on Hispanics, perhaps it should done in such a way that acclimates this population to our bizarre American ways.

The average American wasn't consulted as to how many migrants both legal and illegal would be permitted entrance into the country because immigration policy is crafted to meet the needs of elites rather than the good of the nation as a whole.

Perhaps high on that list of things to be taught ought to be not playing music so loud at 3 AM that it rocks windows half of a block away.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, October 28, 2011

You must really hate Christianity if, while praying to your own false god while on the Christian's property, you can't stand to even see a picture of a priest or a theologian. Funny, I never knew we "theolgians" had a particular look to us.

Do Christians studying at universities in Muslim countries demand campus decor be altered to suit their religious preferences?

Muslims Claim Crosses At Catholic University Violate Human Rights

Didn't these towelheads realize the university was Catholic before they matriculated there?

Interesting how Christians sporting crosses at a private university violate Muslims rights but Muslims killing Christians doesn't violate human rights.

I guess no ones human rights were violated when Jihadists flew airliners into the World Trade Center.

Filthy Deadbeat Occupiers Evade Fees Imposed Upon Tea Party Movement

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Does Vatican Realize It About To Open A Socialistic Pandora's Box?

Speaking on a Vatican proposal to restructure world finance, a Cardinal declared, "We should not be afraid to propose ideas even if they might destabilize pre-existing balances of power that prevail over the weakest."

And does this include the position enjoyed by the Vatican as well?

Or is this yet another example of the "don't do as I do, do as I say" mentality that prevails among globalist elites?

Before calling for the redistribution of global wealth, shouldn't an institution calling for such divest itself of its ostentatious finery that, despite having a certain beauty, wasn't necessarily part of the founder's original business plan when operating in the field?

Before lecturing the rest of us how we need a goodly portion of what we have taken away in the name of the downtrodden, how about telling the downtrodden to exercise a little control over themselves by refraining from having so many children that they can't afford?

Isn't that the greater act of selfishness, going through with one's own carnal enjoyment despite knowing the that the life of the resultant progeny will be likely destitution?

Shouldn't one of the world's foremost moral authorities instead be calling for more independent creation of wealth rather than the centralized bureaucratic redistribution of such resources?

The Vatican insists such reforms are required in order to make the world economy more responsive to democracy.

So what is going to protect Vatican assets when the enemies of all forms of Christianity vote to confiscate that institution's vast and historically varied holdings?

For the sake of sound doctrine and human liberty, patriotic and Tea Party conservatives should be no more reluctant to speak out against the Vatican's call for the redistribution of wealth than they would be of any other politician or institution proposing a similar policy that has historically resulted in the infringement of basic civil liberties and even the significant shedding of innocent blood.

by Frederick Meekins

A legalistic Facebook evangelist has condemned a church for selling pumpkins. Who was it, though, that created the pumpkin? Does the Bible not say that God created all foods to be enjoyed with the thanksgiving of those that decide to partake of them? I guess some of these preachers know more than God as to what time of year nature ought to make the pumpkin ready for harvest. If one sees a pumpkin an automatically assumes some kind of innate evil to it, doesn't that speak more to the evil in the heart of the one making that assumption rather than those attempting to spread this bit of organic autumnal cheer?

On the cover of the 11/11 issue of the Humanist, the winner of the 2011 Humanist of the Year Award urges readers to study philosophy "Because it teaches you to question everything." But are Humanists as supportive of such wide-ranging, unfettered inquiry when such intellectual scrutiny exposes the flimsy basis of militant atheism that turns an increasing number in that particular discipline to some kind of traditional theism?

Is Andy Rooney Near Death?

Occupy Wall Street Call On Veterans To Serve As Brownshirt Strormtrooper Freicorps

Patriotic and Tea Party conservatives should be no more reluctant to speak out against the Vatican's call for the redistribution of wealth than they would be of any other politician or institution proposing a similar policy

Hopefully Joe the Plumber's congressional campaign will not be as underwhelming as his website venture was.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does Giant Lego Man Washing Ashore Herald A Pending Invasion?

Before calling for the redistribution of global wealth, shouldn't an institution calling for such divest itself of its ostentatious finery that, despite having a certain beauty, wasn't necessarily part of the founder's original business plan when operating in the field?

Shouldn't one of the world's foremost moral authorities instead be calling for more independent creation of wealth rather than the centralized bureaucratic redistribution of such resources?

Before lecturing the rest of us how we need a goodly portion of what we have taken away in the name of the downtrodden, how about telling the downtrodden to exercise a little control over themselves by refraining from having so many children that they can't afford? Isn't that the greater act of selfishness?

You will likely sour a child more against Jesus by preventing them from Trick or Treating than to keep them out of the clutches of the Devil.

Always find it interesting how old folks are allowed to fondly recall their own Halloween memories but, by golly the young are suppose to have the desire to participate in this activity beaten out of them.

So if Trick Or Treat is so wicked, isn't slipping a child participating in the activity a tract on the subject akin to slipping one on fornication into an exotic dancer's thong along with a dollar bill?

If Trick Or Treat is so evil and vile, isn't having tracks about it akin to having ones with pictures of Hooter's Girls on one addressing the topic of modest dress?

I can tell little difference in what the Muslims are calling for and the penalties that the Christian Reconstructionists would implement under their idealized regime. At least the Muslims are bold enough to declare openly their policy agenda. Point these kinds of things out to a Reconstructionist and they threaten to report you to Facebook admins or accuse you of "despising God's justice".

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

On the 6/26/11 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace inquired if Representative Michelle Bachman was a flake. As justification for this line of interrogation, Wallace pointed out an instance where Bachman insinuated that certain members of Congress were anti-American.

So apparently in the eyes of those considering Bachman a flake on the grounds it is now allegedly a sign of instability to expose those facts that a number of elites would rather gloss over in the hopes that the American people won’t find out about such personalities and instances.

For example, Cynthia McKinney cannot be described in any other way than anti-American. Not only did this Georgia representative appear on Libyan state television. She also praised the Qaddaffi regime.

People of good conscience can disagree as to the propriety and prudence of U.S. and NATO intervention in this north African uprising. However, what cannot be denied is that old Muammar is one of the great scumbags of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For though Al Qaeda and Qaddaffi’s regime have come to blows in this rebellion, it must be remembered that Qaddaffi was, for a lack of a better term, a superstar of world terrorism decades before any of us ever heard of Bin Laden.

If McKinney wants to position herself as a feminist, she must be asked why would she even give this regime the time of day, much less speak favorably of it. It was reported during one point of the conflict that Libyan forces were using rape as a weapon of terror and intimidation.

It could be argued that, despite her ability to grab an occasional headline such as when she tussled with Capitol Hill police when she insisted regulations regarding members of Congress showing identification didn’t apply to her, McKinney’s subversive tendencies do not necessarily epitomize the foremost personalities of America’s national legislative body.

As one of America’s most prominent families and one of the Senate’s longest serving members, Ted Kennedy was such a part of that institution that he was referred to as the lion of the world’s greatest deliberative body because of his forcefulness in speaking out on behalf of Democratic causes. Though one can be a Democrat and a loyal American (despite this combination becoming increasingly elusive), it could be questioned exactly where Ted Kennedy’s ultimate political loyalties were to be found.

For example, one cannot necessarily cast suspicion by default upon the Massachusetts Senator simply for opposing many of the policies of President Ronald Reagan. After all, a hallmark of a free society is the opportunity to express one’s disagreement with ruling authorities without fear of reprisal.

It is a shame, though, that the youngest Kennedy brother felt the propriety of befriending a regime that epitomized the denial of basic human liberty, namely the Soviet Union.

Those still not convinced of this line of argumentation might observe that, unlike Michelle Bachman, none of these figures are currently in contention for the presidential nomination of their respective party. After all, Ted Kennedy quite literally drove his off a bridge when he fled the scene of an accident in Chappaquiddick, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown. As airheaded as the press might portray her to be, it is doubtful anything that absentminded is to be found in Mrs. Bachman's track record.

To many that would oppose someone like Michelle Bachman winning the Republican nomination and possibly even the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama represents the pinnacle of what this country has to offer in terms of political leadership. However, if one is able to get over the giddiness that the President is half Black to examine him for what he really is as a human being, one cannot avoid the conclusion that Obama is actually flakier than Michelle Bachman.

As a number of her detractors will insist that Michelle Bachman does not have enough experience to be President of the United States. What was it other than emerging from his mother’s birth canal as a baby of mixed pigmentation did Barack Obama do to deserve to have the reigns of the highest elected office in the land handed over to him?

Both Bachman and Obama went on professionally to become attorneys. However, Bachman used her skills to administer her family’s farm and business, adding to the productivity of the United States. Barack Obama used these kinds of skills to become a community organizer in the Alinskyite tradition, meaning he led the downtrodden not into lives of self-sufficiency but rather into dependency on the public welfare roles all for the purposes of overburdening the system in the hopes that it would totter ever closer to the brink of violent revolutionary upheaval as detailed by the Cloward & Piven Hypothesis

Both Bachman and Obama served terms in their respective state legislatures. It was in such an environment that Obama would develop the decisive leadership style he is known for by voting “present” on a variety of issues so he would not be required to take a position one way or the other. One might not that this could be construed as a violation of the injunction in the Gospels of letting your yes be yes and your nay be nay.

The wisdom of the ages holds that you are known by the company that you keep. You can determine a pretty good measure of a man by examining those he surrounds himself with especially in terms of those that he considers advisors.

For example, former White House Director Of Communications Anita Dunn publicly admitted that Chairman Mao was her favorite political philosopher. What all is admirable about one of history’s greatest mass murders?

The affinity of this administration for the most homicidal brands of Communism did not end with that one incident. A Mao ornament was hung from the White House Christmas tree.

Some will laugh this all off. However, would these same fans of Obama be as of a good humor of a presidential underling lauded the political insights of Adolf Hitler or if an Adolf Hitler ornament was spotted dangling from a White House Christmas tree? If anything, wouldn’t a Mao ornament be even more vile since his numbers surpassed the nightmarish atrocities of the Nazi regime, or, since his victims were Chinese rather than predominantly Jewish, these actions weren’t somehow quite as bad?

Granted, somewhere along life’s path we all list among our acquaintances a number of eccentrics and scoundrels. I no doubt fill that role for a number of people. However, for Obama, those closest to him make Dick Tracey’s Rogue’s Gallery look like the Smurf picnic roster in terms of their overall contempt for human liberty.

For example, regulatory advisor Cass Sustein believes those promoting what the government categorizes broadly as "conspiracy theories" should have their freedom of speech curtailed. Sustein also believes that it is the role of the government to implement policies that nudge citizens into certain behaviors. For example, if the government does not want people to rely so much on personal automobiles, increased gasoline taxes might be levied or roads constructed designed in such a way to increase traffic congestion.

Science advisor John Holdren believes sterilants should be put into the public drinking water in order to decrease fertility rates. However, Holdren is not the only Obama minion wanting to do away with what Ebenezer Scrooge dismissed as the “excess population” before this famed miser's Yuletide change of heart. Obama Healthcare Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel thinks that those below or above a certain age range should be denied medical treatment. Basically put a bullet in granny's head.

Obama's Secretary of Energy believes you should be permitted to color your roof any color you want so long as it is white. And speaking of colors, Obama's FCC appointment Mark Lloyd believes White folks should be denied FCC licenses. Obama's State Department Legal Advisor Harol Koh believes that Sharia law should be consulted as a source for American jurisprudence.

It could be argued that flake is a designation in the eye of the beholder. Come election day, voters will have to decide what perspective they want steering the national helm.

Do they want someone thinking that at worst you are a worthless lump to be disposed of by the government as bureaucrats or at best a witless clod needing government control in every facet of your existence. Or do they prefer someone that believes that you are better at optimizing these kinds of decisions in your own life on your own.

Frederick Meekins

There is no shame in the survival instinct. It was created by God. The young aren't suppose to want to die yet. While they should be prepared by telling them to make a decision for Christ, the young should not be condemned for desiring the joys of this life the elderly have since grown weary of. It is only the heathen that love death. It may be an insufficient imagination rather than a sign of religious devotion to go around saying how much one isn't afraid of suffering & the process of death. Usually such people have never seen a breathing tube shoved down the throat of a loved one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beatnick Pissants Rather Wallow In Their Own Filth

On 10/11/11, I predicted that the Emergent Church crowd would eventually come out insisting it was our Christian obligation to provide nutritional provisions to the freeloaders of the Occupy Wall Street insurgency. On October 14th, the Sojourner's Magazine email alert urged recipients to donate food to these shiftless deadbeats. But not only that, it is also our duty to learn from this rampaging mob. You know, the same thing this propaganda rag most fit for lining birdcages urges in regards to homicidal Communists and jihadist Muslims.

Did Bishop Harbor Smut Peddler?

Occupy Wall Street ringleaders should be held responsible for ambulance passengers whose health has been compromised as a result of their terrorist activities. Yes, if you block the streets for political purposes, it should be deemed an act of terrorism. Could you block in a hostile manner the Presidential motorcade without profound legal consequences?

Apparently the word "cult" is the equivalent of a profanity in hypertolerant America. Since it is also the linguistic root of the word "culture" as well, no wonder America is being overrun by Third Worlders with their being very little backbone to speak out against it.

From the way a number of the most radical freemarketeers talk, anyone below superstar status should essentially be denied the opportunity to eat even if they are willing to work but just not that good at anything.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frau Obama Eats Like A Porker

It is one thing to explain in a primary why religion played a role in prompting you to select one candidate over another. On the other hand, it is something else if you live in a state where your vote actually counts to say that you aren’t going to vote for one of the viable candidates at all because neither contenders espouses your professed religious preference. We are not yet at the point where the only alternatives are between a Muslim and a cannibalistic Satanist.

Being Meanest Dog On Block Imperative

One very confused pundit that has no problem with claiming that Glenn Beck and Harold Camping should be executed as "false prophets" insists that the elimination of Al Qaeda social media guru Anwar Al-Awlaki justifies the plot by the Iranians to assassinate the Israeli and Saudi ambassadors to the United States.

But it is exactly because of these kinds of conspiracies why you need to take out a number of these closet pork eaters from time to time.

To maintain our relative safety, we have to promote the assumption that, if you mess with us, you will be met with such overwhelming force that it is not worth the effort.

That is why Toby Keith's "The Angry American" is one of the greatest contemporary country songs.

Granted, there is only one path of salvation. However, I thought true Reformed theology held that certain amounts of Common Grace were available to all men. I've posted some wild things in my time, but equating a vote for a Mormon (who isn't even suppose to drink coffee) with a Satanist (who kills cats, drinks blood, and commits necrophilia) stretches things beyond credibility.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beatnik Filth Copulating In The New York Streets

We should be more disturbed by politicians claiming a pastor's theology is incorrect than by a pastor insinuating that a politician's theology is incorrect.

A minister expounding that he would not endorse a candidate over a matter of theology is an different matter entirely than forbidding a candidate from running for office over a matter of theology.

There is nothing in the First Amendment forbidding citizens from enunciating as to why they vote for one candidate over another if the reason is not on a list preapproved by secularist elites.

Often Neo-Puritans blame the coming of the Irish for the blight of Halloween on the American civic calendar. But who was it that made things so onerous for the Irish that many fled to the New World to begin with?

If leading Republicans such as Chris Christie insist we are obligated to defer to experts who have studied climatology regarding global warming, why are GOP leaders piling on a pastor offering his researched findings regarding an aberrant theology?

Unlike the Occupy Wall Street subversives, there is no proof that any Tea Party activists defecated in public despite the fact that many in the conservative grassroots movement are old enough to wear Depends.

If capitalism didn't exist, would there be a sufficiently advanced transportation system in letting the beatnik rabble to get to their respective metropolitan area of choice to defecate on police cruisers?

If Mormons don't think their own religion is better than anyone else, why are their young folk required to spend at least two years bicycling around neighborhoods knocking on doors?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sodomite Clergy Penetrate Presbyterian Pulpits

Beatnik Rabble Attempt To Lay Waste To Air & Space Museum

The siege was prompted over an exhibit depicting aerial drone technology.  In comparing the ideological divisions in this country, I never recall Christian groups physically attacking the displays blatantly advocating Darwinism.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pastor Castigated For Exercising Multiple First Amendment Clauses In A Single Instance

Bill O'Reilly ridiculed parents that curtailed their children's outdoor meanderings for fear of child molesters. Yet the public has never seen a picture of O'Reilly's wife or progeny. So apparently like Obama, the Fox News broadcaster doesn't think the steps you believe must be taken to optimize the survival of your family are necessary but that you must instead put them in danger in order to promote the agendas of assorted social planners while they cower behind gated communities and perimeter checkpoints.

Were Homicidal Teens Part Of A Vampire Cult?

One must stop and ask is this mentality fostered in part by the TV series "Being Human"?

On the show, the story is depicted in such a way that whatever vampires do must be allowed and that it is the Christians opposed to them that are in the wrong even when the lead character Mitchell slaughters an entire subway car of people just because some girlfriend of his does him wrong.

Will be interesting to see if this novel application of the First Amendment is continued in the future as Vampirism moves beyond the literary realm into becoming an alternative religious movement or form of spirituality.

Is Klingon The Rosetta Stone To Curing Dyslexia?

Friday, October 07, 2011

The topless chanters at assorted Occupy Wall Street demonstrations not likely the kind of women one would want to look at in such a state of undress as most environmentalist females are disgustingly frail looking

Are those crying a river over the elimination of Al Awlaki because he was never convicted in a court of law themselves willing to die as this judicial procedure is conducted? Or is this yet another obligation to be imposed upon those Americans not happening to rank among the “Elect” however one might decide to define that particular term.

Government Lackeys Hope More Men Drop Dead Of Prostate Cancer

No doubt so more medical resources can go to illegal aliens, sodomites, and those that can't refrain from having multiple out of wedlock pregnancies by as many fathers as they have children.

PBS To Air Catholic-Produced Series On Catholicism

It is a positive development that PBS is willing to broadcast programming that would depict religion in a positive light.

However, Protestants should watch carefully.

Firstly, they should begin right away developing a series of their own along the same lines of similar production value.

Secondly, they should stand ready to make a major fuss if PBS is open to one of the branches of Western Christianity but not the other.

We are each guilty of doing so in out own way. However, I wonder if Calvinists have ever stopped to reflect how they have possibly pushed people further away from God through their call to volitional and intellectual passivity in regards to the claims of salvation and even more importantly by depicting God as an arbitrary thug hardly anyone in their right mind would want to love anyway. It is one thing for a Holy God to provide sinners with only one path to eternal life with Him. However, this soteriology posits a deity so callous that He deliberately creates individuals for the sole purpose of tossing into Hell and then blame them for it.

An informative episode of "Decoded" on The History Channel about the possibility of there being no gold in Fort Knox. Would have been even more interesting if videotape revealed if the security patrolling the grounds was Chinese. Best to try and watch this installment before it mysteriously disappears for good like the FEMA detention camp episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory.

At a local Farmer's Market, pickles on a stick are sold for $2.00 each. One could get an entire jar for that at Aldi's, Save-A-Lot, & probably even Walmart.

Steve Jobs mocked that Bill Gates would be more broadminded if he had tried LSD like Jobs had. Since Gates is still alive, who has the last laugh now?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Broadcast Sports Declares Robust Debate Out Of Bounds

It seems that the only stereotypical male behavior broadcast sports won't put up with is free thought and the speaking of one's mind.

For example, Hank Williams Jr. --- a number of whose own songs revel proudly in bawdy behavior such as boozing and smoking --- has been removed from the opening sequence of Monday Night Football for comparing Obama to Hitler.

This reprisal will certainly go a long way in laying to rest the old canard about Jews controlling the media.

In a number of ways, Obama is like Hitler.

Both men would have liked to have seen the nation of Israel removed from history and not above forming alliances with fanatic Muslims in order to do it.

Both men undermined the value of the individual in the name of the COMMUNITY.

Both of these men exerted the coercive power of government to curb free expression. Need one remind of the Administration's pressure applied against the Ford Motor Company to pull an ad referencing the auto bailout stimulus?

It's just that Hitler was more decisive in implementing his agenda.

Regarding his remarks, Williams assures he has always respected the office of the President.

And what if he didn't?

Apart from not threatening the Commander and Chief, there is virtually no legal obligation to harbor any specific sentiment regarding the office.

Did Whoopi Goldberg respect the Presidency when she used the "F-word" in regards to Ronald Reagan?

Did Bill Ayers exhibit fitting homage towards the Executive Branch when he bombed the Pentagon?

Yet today both of these figures are counted among Obama's sociopolitical allies, with Obama actually launching a campaign for political office in the domicile of the one actually given over to physical violence and the destruction of public property.

It will be no doubt be pointed out that, as a business, the NFL is not obligated to respect the First Amendment rights of those under its contract or employ and technically that is correct.

However, it must be remembered that this blurring of governmental and industrial interests is also among the first steps towards the Fascism that apparently no one is suppose to talk about.

by Frederick Meekins

Hyper-Calvinist Reconstructionist in apoplexy over the elimination of Al Alwaki because of his citizenship are crying crocodile tears. They are not telling you that under their theocracy far more would be put to death for far less serious offenses committed by this terrorist ringleader. In their ecclesiastical regime, you are not granted any rights if you do not belong to sanctioned state churches.

According to the 10/10/11 edition of Newsweek, in China a number of eateries have opened glamorizing the Cultural Revolution. It would probably be best to stay away from such dining establishments. It has been claimed cannibalism went on during that period of violent upheaval.

Meredith Vieira had a cameo on the season finale of Doctor Who. That means one of two things. Either Vieira is a journalist and Doctor Who basically real. Or she is an actress and her news broadcasts are largely make believe. Take your pick.

The only way the ransom demanded by the insurgents occupying Wall Street for reforestation should be granted is if this beatnik rabbles agrees to serve as the fertilizer.

I guess Fran Tarkenton believes the mediocre should be left to starvation and destitution.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Idahoan Fined For Refusing To Let Grizzly Consume His Children

So if the Obama children are threatened by a grizzly, are the Secret Service agents suppose to simply stand by and allow nature to take its course?

White Notebook Paper Blamed For Lack Of Minority Achievement

Lesbians Rob Lad Of Manhood