Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So are these college professors with Jewish names calling for the abolition of the Constitution going to shut the Hades up when the time to get aboard the boxcars and head for the "showers"?

Britt Hume on Fox News lecturing us as to why we need hardworking Asians that don't give up. Unlike his son that blew his brains out.

Able to parade Gabby Giffords around for some quick pity cash, how long until Mark Kelly absconds with the funds to lavish on a less damaged model?

Extraterrestrials & The Medieval Church

Theology In Science Fiction

Mary Marvel In Wow Comics

Girl Performing At Obama Inaguration Murdered In Obama's Chicago

Captain Future: Wizard Of Science

Navy Destroys Vessel To Placate Environmental Nutjobs

Scientists Celebrate Collective Consciousness

So are high paid media personalities clamoring for immigration reform willing to take a cut in pay or hand their positions over to podcasters and bloggers who would be willing to do much of the work for free if that is what the free maket requires?

Mexican Sex Cult Leaders Claims To Be Jesus Christ

Egyptians Preparing To Invite Christians FOR Dinner

Immigration Reform Could Add 7 Million To Obamacare Welfare

A caller to WMAL claimed immigrants are good Christian people trying to find work. So I guess those are hymns blaring at 2 am and they are whizzing on the fense because they've had too much communion grape juice.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If the state of Maryland takes no steps to deport illegals that are pursuing higher education in compliance with its “Dream Act”, isn’t that a greater interference in federal immigration law than the Arizona ID check law?

A story in Forbes 2013 extols the wonders of the “share economy”. So what happens when drugs or illegal pornography are found on your property or in driving someone somewhere you get in a massive traffic accident?

During his first campaign for the presidency, Obama criticized individuals and corporate executives traveling to Las Vegas. Then why did the President travel there for his immigration oration? The policies would have gotten a similar reaction in the slums of Langley Park, Silver Spring, and Tacoma Park just mere miles from the White House.

Being drafted in a number of ways would be similar to jury duty, just far worse. If selected, you go if you can’t get out of it, gripe the whole time about it, do the bare minimum required of you because those running the place can place a gun to your head if you don’t cooperate, and the only ones really wanting to be there are the ones that run the show.

C. S. Lewis - A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet

If it is wrong for the government to hunt down illegals, why is it proper for the IRS to track down taxcheats?

Hispanosupremacist Rabblerousers Demand Linguistic Capitulation

Ancient Greece By Peter Benoit

University Blows $3000 On Seminar On How To Have A Better Orgasm

Taco Bell Condemned For Admitting People Don't Go To Parties To Eat Vegetables

If police can issue fines to adults for smoking while operating a motorvehicle carrying children because it endangers the health of the children, if police officers see overweight children riding in an automobile does that mean they can issue tickets because the obesity is harming the health of the children especially if the vehcile wreaks of fastfood?

An Apologetic Response To The Film Prometheus

Adopt The Doctrine Of Clean Your Plate

Couple Face Jail Time For Saving Fawn


Is Cardinal Mahoney The Joe Paterno Of The Catholic Church?

John Warwick Montgomery On Discussing Abortion In The Public Square

X-Men: FF

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What exactly does one hope to accomplish by repeatedly emphasizing that not even believing in Christ is sufficient in order to achieve salvation other than to reduce your congregation (either electronic or [for lack of a better term] embodied) to the status of foundlings rocking back and forth in a Romanian orphanage or perhaps to be fawned over as to how obtusely you can deconstruct the vagaries of Calvinist theology?

The predictive programming theory holds that elites often place hints of things to come within the stories of TV shows and movies. If so, Young Justice admitted that one of the foremost public figures to be duped by aliens will be none other than Glen Beck (as the version of the G.Gordon Godfrey utilized in the series bears quite a resemblance to the famed broadcaster). There was also an interesting plot how extraterrestrials in league with a secret society will utilize genetically modified foods to activate dormant traits in the human genome.

The films to be included in what's being referred to as Marvel's Phase 3 will highlight superheroes lesser known to the general public such as Antman and Dr. Strange. So in Phase 4 or 5 will we get a Bartok the Leaper movie?

An excellent finale to Last Resort. Was a shame this program could not have been allowed a longer run. However, in terms of the various factions competing for power and what was depicted as its proposed solution to stop an aspiring tyrant, I guess it was just one of those programs elites had to have taken off the airwaves

Friday, January 25, 2013

Could a President give White members of Congress a sneek peek at proposed legislation ahead of the members of other races without the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharption, NAACP, and La Razzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza calling for upheaval in the streets?

Republican Elites Vow To Pander To Deviants, Uberfeminists & Radical Minorities

Would the sending of the woman clamoring to be on the frontlines of combat there be much of a loss to the gene pool anyway?

Is Obama Excluding Whites From Immigration Negotiations?

If NFL players are sueing on the grounds that they were never told the game could result in series injury, they were pretty much brain damaged before they ever set foot onto the field.

If you were married to Hillary Clinton, you'd probably steal a glimpse of Kelly Clarkson's backside at the Inaguration as well.

Will Heathen Savages Fly Into A Rampage Over Jabba's Palace?


The "Hitler Myth": Image and Reality in the Third Reich

So will Tina Turner becoming a Swiss citizen evoke as much outrage as golfer Phil Mickelson merely considering moving to another state to avoid crippling tax rates?

Gun Control Fanatics Would Rather Child Be Sacrificed To Rampaging Pit Bull

Is Hillary Suffering Profound Neurological Disorders?

Leftwing Religionists Insist God Told Them To Seize Your Guns

Retired police officers should be no more exempt from gun bans violating the Second Amendment than any other citiizen.

Jindhal Applauds Lavish Government Spending

Tell Nobody, Not Even Her

Is The Chandra Levy Case Still Unsolved?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Interesting few have manhoods of sufficient girth to point out concerns about women in combat are not so much about what's best for the women but rather what's best for the other soldiers.

If it is justifiable to compel a man to go into a war against his will in which he may lose his own life, why ought it be such an outrage for the state to impregnate a woman against her will if an insufficient number are having children in their optimal breeding years?

These women opposed to women in combat are participating to an extent in the false altruism scandal described by Ayn Rand. They are not arguing such because of some profoundly held conviction regarding rigidly defined gender roles. Are they going to oppose women going into other inherently male occupations? It is that they are as much in fear of their lives and a desire not to be inconvenienced as any man that does not want to go to war.

It has been posted, "The US government intimidates not with the capability of its soldiers but with size, money, and a history that tells others that it will go to war and kill anyone, anywhere, if they don't capitulate with 100% of demands." Why should that be seen as a bad thing? Isn't the #1 rule of the playground that you should appear that if someone hits you that you will hit them back harder. This standing around saying how wretched America is is no way to conduct a foreign/defense policy.

Especially if they are not sent into frontline combat, there is no reason why young women should be subject to the draft and selective service registration as young men. For were not the laws governing compulsory national service formulated in a time when women primarily went on to lives of sheltered domestic service and motherhood. If young women can saunter across the face of the earth these days primarily in search of booze and fornication, why can’t they be required to do so for more productive reasons?

Especially if they are not sent into frontline combat, there is no reason why young women should be subject to the draft and selective service registration as young men. For were not the laws governing compulsory national service formulated in a time when women primarily went on to lives of sheltered domestic service and motherhood. If young women can saunter across the face of the earth these days primarily in search of booze and fornication, why can’t they be required to do so for more productive reasons?

Pope Rallies The New World Order Against Social Media

Eight Against Utopia

Inaguration Poster Equates Obama With Christ

If most young women aren't today tending house and birthing babies, why shouldn't they be subject to the horrors of the draft like young men?

Terrorist Sympathizers Infiltrate The Department Of Education

Will Christopher Eccleston Return For Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So are these women opposed to women in combat going to oppose women entering other traditionally male occupations? If not, aren't they just as cowardly as men that wouldn't want to go to war?

So if someone's daughter shouldn't be subjected to the draft, why should someone's son? Is a man maimed and killed in a war less dead than a woman killed in a war?

New Mexican Gunman Was Homeschooled

I feel no shame over the Obama administration authorizing women in combat. I didn't make the policy decision so I have nothing to apologize for or repent of. However, those permitted to go into combat should be required to exhibit the exact same athletic endurance as a man. Though few have sufficient manhood to admit it these days, the rational for excluding women up until this point was not so much that their lives were so much more valuable than that of a man's but rather so that they wouldn't be a burden and thus endanger the lives of men finding themselves amid the upheavals of armed conflict.

If it doesn't matter if the Benghazi horde was set off by the film producer or not as Hillary insisted at the Senate hearing, why is the producer of the film still rotting in a jail cell?

Prohibition Gangsters

Peter The Cat Loves Books

"If Not Us, Who: Bill Rusher, National Review & The Conservative Movement"

Did Charlie Brown Grow Up To Be A Domestic Abuser?

Over 12,000 Apostate Clergy Deny The Genesis Creation Account

Evidence Confirms A Young Earth

The Growing EMP Threat

The Gospel In The Days Of The Anti-Christ

Prince Harry Condemned For Assisting Heathen Savages Into The Afterlife

Was Star Trek Rand Corporation Propaganda?

G. K. Chesterton: A Biography by Ian Ker

Will Transhumanists Coopt Biblical Rhetoric In The Attempt To Justify Their Abominations?

The Bookless Library

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Al Roker So Excited At Inaguration It's A Wonder He Didn't Poo His Pants A Second Time

Flu Vaccine Potentially More Dangerous Than Flu Itself

Golfer Denounced As Counterrevolutionary For Considering His Freedom Of Movement

CBS Political Director Calls On Obama To Wipe Out The Republican Party

Herding Cats

Sodomites Converge On God's House To Spit In Almighty's Face

Will Department Of Homeland Security Gunshot Detectors Record You Muttering The N-Word Under Your Breath Or Romping In The Sack With Your Spouse?

Perhaps Women Supporting Increased Gun Control Deserve Whatever Slapping Around They Get

Obama Celebrates Gay Violence Against Police

Colin Powell Further Shoves His Nose Up Obama's Backside

"I'm Not Rich, But Secure"

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Frankly, other than that you have trusted in Christ, what other assurance do you possess that you are saved? The doctrinal sticklers making a fuss splitting soteriological hairs this thin insisting this is dangerous would be the same ones to look down their noses at those driven insane by the fear of hellfire and external damnation.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bill O'Reilly insists that, if you see something on the Internet, you shouldn't trust it. Don't some say the same thing about Fox News in general and Bill O'Reilly in particular?

In announcing plans for Jonestown 2.0, Glenn Beck said the entrance to the compound would be reminiscent of Ellis Island. This would be because all arriving there would be forsaking all that they previously had. The Kool-Aid stand would be the last place I would want to visit there.

In announcing plans for Jonestown 2.0, Glenn Beck said the entrance to the compound would be reminiscent of Ellis Island. This would be because all arriving there would be forsaking all that they previously had. The Kool-Aid stand would be the last place I would want to visit there.

In describing his plans for Jonestown 2.0, Beck badmouthed the concept of the backyard. Apparently, in the ideal COMMUNITY, it is not enough for neighbors to simply wave to each other as they pass each other going about their own business. Instead, they are suppose to be up in each other's business. Ultimately, Beck is becoming no better than the Emergent Church crowd and even the "Progressives" he spent much of his career at Fox News ranting about.

The New York gun control legislation did not grant an exemption to law enforcement to carry fire arms onto school property or to use high capacity magazines. Why should police be exempt? Doesn't the propaganda assure that this legislation will prevent tragic incidents of gun violence?

Bloggers In PJ's Overdressed Compared To One Ebay Vendor

Wisconsin School Caught Teaching A Hate Whitey Class

Will Star Trek Replicators Undermine Gun Control?

Obama Voters Duped Into Believing The Inaguration Has Already Taken Place

Ann Coulter Points Out Most Gun Violence Not The Fault Of White People

"Is It Always Illegal To Kill A Woman?"

An Examination Of Beck's Jonestown 2.0

Lone Wolf Terror and the Rise of Leaderless Resistance

Fanatic Homeschooler Opposes Women In The Workplace Because Men Can't Control Their Doodad

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pope Enunciates Admiration For An Occultic Evolutionary Pantheist

The White House has said an NRA ad in favor of armed school security is repugnant because the President’s children should not be used as political pawns. But why is it OK for the President to use every other American child in that manner?

It is being pointed out that in certain jurisdictions that it is illegal to hunt dear with a weapon holding more than six rounds of ammunition. Liberals then snip how deplorable it is that we as a society care more about the deer than our fellow human beings. But aren’t the liberals the ones that have promulgated this spirit of jurisprudence where animals are often elevated to a position of superiority over human beings through largely pointless regulations and penalties that serve no real purpose.

If a newspaper can publish a list of addresses where the gun owners are believed to reside, what is so wrong with a political advertisement highlighting celebrities and public officials whose children go to schools protected by armed security?

New York city police want GPS devices placed in prescription medicine bottles. Perhaps Mayor Bloomturd would like an odometer placed in a roll of toilet paper to determine how many sheets at a time one uses to wipe oneself.

Two boys were suspended from an Talbot Country, Maryland school for playing cops and robbers with digits extended as make believe firearms. Is the real threat pretend violence or the distinctively male aspects of the childhood imagination?

The New York gun control legislation outlaws pistol grips dangling conspicuously beneath a firearm’s undercarriage. Is this law about preventing gun violence or the further codification of hatred of the male anatomy.

Under the merger of Obama's healthcare and gun control programs, doctors are suppose to ask about firearms in the homes of their patients. What if patient's lie or finagle the truth like nearly everything else one is asked by the doctor?

If doctors are going to gather intelligence on the extent and placement of guns in your home, will they also add to your government file the position in which you prefer to make love?

Butch Napolitano Organizes Against The Second Amendment

Tripod Aliens

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Baby Momma Show Cancelled Not For Promoting Fornication But For Exposing How Ghetto Filth Lives

What kind of carbon footprint was expended airlifting the children to the White House to be deployed as human shields?

Like the vast majority of winning school scienc fair projects, were the letters written to Obama about gun control actually written by the children or more likely by the parents with the kid's named slapped on it.

A judge decides a teacher is unable to escape her past in pornography. Wonder what grueling legal research this esteemed jurist used to reach such a decision.

Brats gathered to kiss Obama's feet probably the ones with beatnik parents that would never let them play with war toys (or eat McDonald's food for that matter).

So bullets up to the seventh are non-lethal when discharged from the barrel?

So what is inherently evil about a pistol grip? It's not the pistol grip that flies out of the gun's barrel and hits people.

Interesting. Liberals are outraged the NRA has produced a video game where you shoot paper targets but shockingly mum over the game produced by malcontents where players shoot the head of the NRA.

Joe Scarborough Condemns Parents Unwilling To Sacrifice Children To The New World Order

NRA Condemned For Asking Why Aren't Other Children As Worthy Of Protection As The President's

Sailor Girl

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In expounding his vision of his proposed utopian community (in other words, a cult compound), Glenn Beck intoned, "There isn't going to be a Gap here. There's no Ann Taylor. You want an Ann Taylor, go someplace else." However, the question must be asked. Once people move there, will residents be allowed to travel beyond its boundaries to visit these retailers as they see fit? And if neighbors spot you with merchandise from these merchants, will you have to fear assorted forms of retaliation? Years ago, in a letter to the editor criticizing a column I had published, one of the criticisms insinuated was that I dared to shop at establishments that were not in the COMMUNITY.

Obama has categorized Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as having an insufficiently developed legal mind. A clear cut example of the doctrine of it takes one to know one.

It would be interesting to keep track over the years down the road just how many whelps at the Obama gun control oration will themselves go on to instigate assorted violent crimes despite pleading with the government to take away our right of self defense.

Shouldn't law enforcement be as enthusiastic to investigate a video game where players can shoot the president of the NRA as they would a video game targeting a sitting President of the United States?

So will students attending Obama's gun control pronouncement be marked absent from school or be granted Master's degrees for having instantaneously received in the course of a single morning a graduate level education in psychological manipulation and political indoctrination?

Governor Cuomo of New York insists no hunter needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. No law enforcement officer then needs 10 bullets to incapacitate a suspect.

Obama Not The Only Black Guy At The White House Full Of Crap

Superman: Brainiac

Will Feinstien Surrender Her Concealed Weapon Or Is Her Life More Valuable Than Yours?

Glenn Beck Further Expounds His Vision Of Jonestown

Artistic Rendering Of The Cosmos

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Students Contemplate The Visual Implications Of Hyperspace

Monday, January 14, 2013

In a CNN interview, Jesse Jackson insisted that manufacturers should be held responsible for gun crimes. Applying this logic, shouldn't newspapers be held liable for any crime befalling their status in relation to the promulgated gun ownership address list?

Obama claims he does not want America to become a dead beat nation. The only reason he got elected was because a significant plurality of Americans have degenerated into deadbeats.

So if the incident of Achan in Joshua 7 is to be exegeted as meaning that God will thwart the efforts of a church because of a single unconfessed sin, does that mean a network should be set up where the members and attenders of a particular congregation can rat out alleged transgressions to the ecclesiastical authorities? The fact that Achan and his family were ultimately put to death in the passage doesn't exactly contribute to an atmosphere where those hearing this narrative will be wanting to own up to their shortcomings willingly if we are to heed its warning so literally. Furthermore, it is a bit of an interpretative stretch to insinuate that a congregation, where the age of the average attender is probably over the north side of 50, is guilty of Achanism because the swarms of children flocking to the annual summer vacation Bible school don't usually end up sticking around to be Sunday school regulars. Shouldn't those that have been around organized Christianity for any amount of time know that is just the way the ball rolls?

Colin Powell claims many Republicans look down their noses at minorities. Frankly, the average Obama supporter hasn't done much of anything worthy of looking up to.

Obama Poopoos Americans Exercising Second Amendment Rights

Are Wal-Mart's Loyalties With The New World Order Rather Than The Free Market?

If The South Is To Be Politically Isolated, Have Urban Minorities Pick Up Their Own Welfare Tab

Naked Cultists Dip In Filthy River

Does High-Ranking Vatican Astronomer Contend Jesus Was A Human/Extraterrestrial Hybrid?

Powell Demands Republicans Pander To Minorities

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Obama administration is spending $100,000 on the development of an ecofeminist video game. Of course, without the subsidy the game would likely be a flop. What gamer is going to want to put up with a mouthy nagging Black woman? Even if you have jungle fever, I doubt your fantasy is to hear her droning on about this foolishness. If the government continues in this fiscal profligacy, you won't need a video game to encounter a variety of post-apocalyptic horrors and deprivations. In all likelihood, you will be living them

Bloomberg Says Suffering WIll Do You Good

FEMA Operatives Inform Superstorm Victim He Doesn't Need Three Cars

G.I. Joe #33

UK Conspires To Outlaw Watchdogs

Isn't Glenn Beck Calling Alex Jones Crazy Akin To The Pot Calling The Kettle Black?

Is Glenn Beck Out To Build His Own Version Of Jonestown?

Applied Apologetics, Part 1

Superman: Secret Origins #1

Did Eco-Terrorists Deliberately Sink Ship In Publicity Stunt?

Government Financing Ecofeminist Propaganda

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

If the government comes around to take away guns, how long after that until the government comes around to take away Bibles?

So in regards to the Scholastic publishing math book assignment urging students to “Distribute The Wealth”, does that include the fortune the corporation has made off of Harry Potter?

Even as a Christian, when one’s mind wanders and ponders the unending nature of Hell, it’s nearly enough to give the contemplative an anxiety attack.

I fail to see how Alex Jones' yelling is any worse than Michael Savage or Mark Levin raising their voices. I fail to see how his tears are any more a sign of mental instability than Glenn Beck's. And unlike the Speaker of the House's crocodile tears, at least Jones' are in relation to the horrors American children will no doubt be forced to endure in the years to come and not over some melodramatic disappointment from his own childhood.

Shouldn't someone as exposed to the ways of the world as Hugh Heffner realize that a woman 60 some years younger than him is only after his money? I'm sure its not for the long, hard cigars he has concealed under that smoking jacket.

If a woman with children is involved with fractal petroleum distillation, does that make her a mother fracker?

By hinting that he may act without Congressional authorization on the matter, doesn’t that mean the only thing that might be backing up Obama’s potential gun control directives is the threat of executive branch guns used against the people of the United States?

You aren’t going to convince me that Hannity had little idea who Alex Jones was before the Piers Morgan interview. Hannity use to play the Twilight Zone theme whenever anyone would raise issues such as the Bilderbergers or Bohemian Grove.

Isn’t Biden about the last one that should lecture the rest of us as to what constitutes acceptable mental health?

Too bad Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor was not as concerned about protecting the border in California as he is as the sheriff of a town in his latest movie.

"SHHHHHHH! Mom's On The Warpath"

Old Pervert Paying $20,000 For Child Bride Claims He Was Ripped Off

Atlantic Monthly Ponders The Looming Borg Threat

National Cathedral To Desecrate Its Halls With Sodomite Nuptials

Should we be surprised if the next earthquake topples more than the spire tips?

Starship Humanity

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Former General Stanly McChrystal insists that certain weapons should only be carried by soldiers and never civilians. Given that his expertise is in a theater of operations where the goal was to pacify an insurgent population likely by disarming them, what guarantees, other than the word of a government and administration that regularly reneges on its promises, are there that armed forces won’t one day use these weapons on American civilian populations denied access to such means of defense?

Obama Voters Sack Mall

Is Science Knowledge Better Than Lawyer Knowledge?

Faiths Of The Founding Fathers

Paleontologists Hypothesize 45 Foot Snake

Homeschool Activist Opposes Female Olympians

Theology in America: Christian Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil War

What Is the Ancient Astronaut Theory 02: Did Aliens Create Life on Earth?

Buzz Aldrin's Ex-Wife Takes Off With An Out Of This World Divorce Settlement

Monday, January 07, 2013

The cover article of the 11/19/12 issue of Broadcasting & Cable is titled “The New Faces Of Talk: Why Programmers Are Courting African American Viewers With Their Choices Of Talent.” Probably because they are primarily the ones at home during the day enjoying their Obamaphones and other assorted handouts provided by working Americans.

Would liberals jacked out of shape about a police officer shooting an elk that wandered into a Colorado neighborhood be as quick in their condemnation if such swift action had prevented the rampaging ruminant from trampling an abortion clinic to smithereens?

Did The Russian Prime Minister Admit That Extraterrestrial Operatives Have Infiltrated Earth?

Redesigning Humans: Is It Inevitable?

What Is the Ancient Astronaut Theory: Did Aliens Create Life on Earth?

Is It OK For Christians To Vote For A Mormon?

Dealing With False Doctrine, Part 1

Michigan Caliphate Perpetrate Jihad Against Michigan Pig Farmers

Superman vs. The Elite

Obama Voters With Too Much Time On Their Hands Hold Vigil For Slain Elk

Conditions For Powerful Preaching

Incarcerated Sex Offenders Permitted To Watch Violent Erotica

Dr. Doom & Magneto: Masters Of Evil

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

The Visit Of The Magi

Audio: Racemongers Rally To Gay Marriage's Defense

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Racemongers Rally To Gay Marriage's Defense

The Maryland referendum on gay marriage has been decided for now. However, the mindset and motivations leading up to such a decision are still in need of analysis and examination.

A couple of observations relating to it can be made regarding a column by Elbridge James of Progressive Maryland published in the 10/27/11 Gazette newspapers of suburban Maryland.

For starters, it is thoroughly established that Elbridge James is Black and borderline racist. He mentions his ethnic identity at least nine times in a piece of no more than 300 words.

Some of these references have very little to do with the topic at hand he is attempting to address.

For example, James writes, "Because I travel the state regularly speaking to Black voters of all ages and experiences on a variety of issues facing African Americans, I consider myself pretty plugged into the Black community." He concludes, "Continue to count on me when looking at African American support."

From his tone, one might assume this pigmentation narcissist was addressing a topic focusing particularly on HIS people such as sickle cell anemia awareness and prevention. It is in fact an oration in support of gay marriage.

So in regards to a topic that transcends race, why ought we to give added weight if a majority of Black folks supported gay marriage? All that tells the reader is that, given the mentality of dependency engineered into that particular demographic over the decades, those of this background can be manipulated into accepting a practice the religion so many of them claim to adhere to actually finds abhorrent.

If a majority of White southerners believe gay marriage is wrong, why shouldn’t that carry as much weight in determining the morality of the controversial practice?

Elbridge James also asserts, “The values of commitment and family aren’t confined to a person’s religion or race.”

But with some estimates of nearly 75% of Black babies being born outside of marriage, obviously commitment and family are not as valued among this particular human classification as he is persuading his readers to believe.

If Mr. James really loves his race rather than the status that has accrued to him as a fomenter of ethnic discord, perhaps he ought to spend his time addressing this lamentable development rather than promote an arrangement that will further tear down what little moral foundations remain of a rapidly deteriorating society.

by Frederick Meekins

Are Cyborgs The Key To Global Domination?

Has Humanity Lost The Robot Uprising Before It Even Begins