Friday, March 30, 2007

Mormon Cops Harass Evangelical Student Missionaries

One interesting quote read, "...basically said handing things out was looked down on in Utah." Interesting how the rest of us are suppose to put up with cultists knocking on the door in the wee hours of Saturday morning (which is technically the day of rest).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Religion Of Environmentalism

Jan Markell examines this issue on informative broadcasts of "Understanding The Times":

Part 1

Part 2

Tolerancemongers Wish Tony Snow Dead

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Review Of Salvaging Civilization By H.G. Wells.

To most Americans with a recollection of the Cold War, it was assumed the global superstate would be brought about through military conquest. However, in Salvaging Civilization, H.G. Wells suggests how this planetary political organization could be brought about through education and the management of public opinion.

According to Wells, the future of mankind is dependent upon the establishment of world unity in order to protect the human race from social disintegration and physical destruction. However, instead of blatantly imposing this new world order from without, Wells suggests conditioning the masses into accepting the world state through targeted forms of intellectual manipulation.

While Wells claims to have the best interests of man at heart, it is clear he does not think all that much of the common individual as in his view it is the place of such people to simply go along with the will of the elite. Wells writes, “It is often forgotten, in America, even more than in Europe, that education exists for the community, and only for the individual only so far that it makes him a sufficient member of the community. The chief end of education is to subjugate and sublimate for the collective purpose of our own kind the savage egoism we inherit (24-25).”

Thus, education in the proposed global society is not so much about empowering the individual to think for himself as it is to condition him to take his place as a docile member of the group. As such, the early stages of establishing a world government will not be as much about changing politics itself as it will be about influencing the minds of the young.

The freedom Wells grants with one hand by liberating the individual from traditional authorities he takes back with the other. Wells writes, “The world state must begin as a propagandist cult, to which men and women must give themselves and their energies regardless of the consequences (35).”

Furthermore, the future world state won’t simply be an institution in the background keeping the peace and making sure the trains run on time. Rather, it is to be in the forefront in molding what the good member of the community is to think and believe.

Foremost among the methods for keeping order in the New World Order will be what Wells calls ‘The Bible of Civilization”. However, this is not to be the famed Good Book that has guided mankind in religious and ethical matters century upon century. Rather, this new Bible is to consist of an anthology of the best in human literature and learning selected and periodically revised by “a few hundred resolute and capable people”.

But as a renowned atheist, what Wells failed to realize is that the thing that has granted the Bible such sway over the minds of men and cherished in their hearts is that it was handed down by the hand of God or at least that is that is believed by those that honor its precepts. All Wells leaves us is a committee working paper with the proviso that the documents findings are subject to change at a later date.

If God says something like thou shalt not murder, like it or not, I don’t have much room to argue about it. If some sanctimonious committee with no other authority than that which it has bestowed upon itself and duped the masses into abiding by for the time being makes grandiose pronouncements it claims we are obligated to obey , why should I have to comply with its dictates and decrees?

Despite claiming to stand for human freedom by abolishing traditional prohibitions on sex outside of marriage (no doubt in part because he was himself a profligate adulterer), Wells’ behavioral codes would be far more extensive and binding than anything elaborated upon in the pages of the Bible. Wells writes, “One of the first duties of a citizen is to keep himself in mental and bodily health in order to be fit for the rest of his duties.”

Thus, to translate Wells’ position into something we can understand, go out and have as many affairs as you want (no doubt to lessen the bonds to a particular spouse or family so that identity comes instead to be derived from the larger group). Just don’t get caught smoking a cigarette or enjoying fast foods since that might hinder the revolution and the glorious expansion of the motherworld.

To some viewing H.G. Wells as a figure prominent at the beginning of the previous century, he has little bearing on the world in which we live today. However, upon contemplating his proposals in The Salvaging Of Civilization such as the rule by elite committees, extensive control of education, and regulations that bear a frightening similarity to provisions against hate speech when he writes “We must put ourselves, and our rulers and our fellow men on trial. We must ask ‘What have you done or hinder the peace of mankind?.’ A time will come when a politician who has...willfully promoted international dissension will be...much surer of the noose than a private homicide (40)” we are already too eerily close to living in a world of this author’s own making.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lunatic Threatens Hunger Strike Over Sanjaya Fiasco

A lunatic woman at her site has threatened to go on a hunger strike until Sanjaya is booted off American Idol.

While it is easy to agree that he is probably the worst contestant on American Idol this season, if this woman starves to death as a result, she is getting what she deserves and none of us should care one bit what happens to her.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Suze Orman A Lesbian

In this New York Post write-up, the famed financial advisor advocates gay marriage bemoaning that upon her death, her partner will be taxed at 50%.

Why is that a greater cause for lamentation than inheritance taxes hitting anyone else, gay or straight?

Why can't we abolish all inheritance taxes rather than undermine marriage?

Oprah’s School Run Like Prison Camp

Found this story from a link posted at the Drudge Report. Just too good to pass over.

According to the story, Oprah’s school for girls in Africa is run along the lines of a prison camp as students are barred from calling home but once a week and are forbidden from “unhealthy snacks” even though Winfrey has no doubt gorged herself over the years as evidenced by her see-sawing weight.

This should cause anyone thinking this broadcast personality should be granted power beyond that of her daily gabfest (such as elected office) to pause and ponder for a moment just how authoritarian and intrusive she would be in the lives of average Americans.

For while her highness and her closest acoyltes will continue to enjoy the lives of luxury to which they think they are entitled, in terms of the proposals being considered now to curb and monitor the diets of the lower classes, it would not be too much of a theoretical jump to suggest that an Oprah administration would view the American people as children in need of strongarm guidance not all that different than these destitute pupils.

by Frederick Meekins

The Case For Selenite Civilization

A audio discussion regarding life on the Moon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Review Of Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands

Few discussions will provoke opinions among believers as heated as whether or not Christians ought to enjoy works of popular fantasy.

On the one hand, some claim believers should avoid these realms of the imagination. On the other, there are those Christians so desperate to justify their interest with a veneer of spirituality that they try to establish one to one correlations between these entertaining stories and Holy Scripture.

“Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands: A Christian Dialogue With Harry Potter, Star Wars & Lord Of The Rings” by Russell Dalton endeavors to provide a balance between these competing outlooks.

While highlighting the parts of these works that appeal to enduring values, Dalton also admits that neither are these stories themselves Scripture. Rather, he writes, “This book takes an approach that goes beyond a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ evaluation of fiction and film. It gives the reader a chance to reflect whether or not the behaviors and beliefs of the characters in today’s fantasy stories are consistent with the Christian faith, but it also looks at the questions these stories demand of our faith by entering into a dialogue between these fantasy stories and the Christians story (7).”

Rather than condemn The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, or even Harry Potter, “Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands” prudently counsels that the problems that arise in reference to these stories often lie not so much in the stories themselves but in those that read them. For example, most that read Harry Potter are not going to end up sacrificing goats or taking oaths of unending allegiance to Satan. Thus, Dalton suggests, parents must decide for themselves how much exposure to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Lord Of The Rings their children should receive.

Though for the most part balanced in his approach, the reader will no doubt detect a hint of political correctness seeping into Dalton’s exposition. For example, he does not use the phrase “Kingdom of God” but rather “The Reign Of God.” Likewise, Dalton does not refer to Jesus as “the Son of Man” but rather as “the Son of Humanity”.

Dalton also gets all maudlin that the characters in these stories are primarily White. But since Middle Earth is said to correspond to some kind of pre-historic Europe and Hogwarts is a British alchemical school, what does he expect?

If Aragorn had had such vacillating attitudes, Sauron would have still been ruling over Middle Earth by the end of the third film.

Even if one disagrees with the conclusions drawn by “Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands“, one has to admit Dalton approaches the issue in an overall even handed manner carefully respecting the opinions on each side.

by Frederick Meekins

Book Warns Of Golddigger Dangers

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Biblical Literacy Project A Communitarian Scam

Dr. Stan analyzes this informative topic with the author of the article available at

Is American Idol Biased Against The Larger-Sized

Interesting how American Idol banishes a full-sized gal for risque photographs but does nothing to one that not only is alleged to reveal more but deflies a national monument while she's doing it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Welfare Birds Trash Nests Of Birds Refusing To Grant Handouts

Kind of like how Americans refuse to cut out welfare out of fear of the human rabble that will take to the streets and pillage if their demands for handouts and entitlements are not met.

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