Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oprah’s School Run Like Prison Camp

Found this story from a link posted at the Drudge Report. Just too good to pass over.

According to the story, Oprah’s school for girls in Africa is run along the lines of a prison camp as students are barred from calling home but once a week and are forbidden from “unhealthy snacks” even though Winfrey has no doubt gorged herself over the years as evidenced by her see-sawing weight.

This should cause anyone thinking this broadcast personality should be granted power beyond that of her daily gabfest (such as elected office) to pause and ponder for a moment just how authoritarian and intrusive she would be in the lives of average Americans.

For while her highness and her closest acoyltes will continue to enjoy the lives of luxury to which they think they are entitled, in terms of the proposals being considered now to curb and monitor the diets of the lower classes, it would not be too much of a theoretical jump to suggest that an Oprah administration would view the American people as children in need of strongarm guidance not all that different than these destitute pupils.

by Frederick Meekins

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