Saturday, January 31, 2009

Octuplet Mom Is A Single Fertility Clinic Employee

Sounds like she may have been sampling the employer's accounts.

Since she is not married and no father in sight, she should not get a single public penny.

Christmas Responses Taken To Extremes

At one point in its history, one could argue that the West was too sure of itself as the foremost of civilizations. However, such is no longer the case today.

In theory, pluralists and multiculturalists contend that no way of life or culture is better than any other. Thus, one would think that Western and American perspectives and traditions would be welcomed into this expanded showcase of human achievement.

Yet unless one wants to bash the West for its past short comings, they had better think again. If anything, one is expected to feel the same kind of shame in regards to the most innocuous of traditions that was once reserved for more carnal subjects during exceedingly Victorian times.

As an endearing symbol of all that is good and beautiful in the world, one would think there would be no reason whatsoever to get all flustered over a Christmas tree. However, liberals in media and education who any other time believe next to nothing should be hidden even for the sake of propriety and decorum can't even seem interestingly to speak this festive decoration's name nor even that of the celebration in which this symbol has come to play an integral part.

Plastered across the front page of the Gazette papers of the Washington, DC Metropolitan for the week of 12/25/08 in bold oversized typeface was an otherwise bland "Happy Holidays".

Above that and below a photo of an illuminated Christmas evergreen was a caption reading, "Crowds gather around the 60-foot tree for the lighting ceremony and fireworks show to kick off the holiday season on Nov. 28 at National Harbor." What holiday is this editor referring to --- Arbor Day?

Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month are just around the corner. Will this same paper tiptoe around these celebrations as well?

If not, why not? Christmas is probably celebrated by nearly 90% of the American population so we are basically forced to go out of our way to avoid stepping on the toes of a very miniscule demographic.

By default, there is probably a higher percentage than that among the White community who have thought to themselves (even if they lacked the backbone to vocalize their ruminations for fear of repercussions at the hand of the fanatically tolerant) that Black History Month is inherently racist since there is no officially designated counterpart for White folks to be applauded for simply being White folks. But then again, since those raising such concerns are usually conservative, their sensibilities will not be addressed.

Martin Luther is believed to have said that man is like a drunk reeling his head from one wall to the next. This can be interpreted as an analogy of how society careens back and forth between deleterious extremes.

In response to the efforts to expunge Christmas from American culture, some have not simply responded by declaring more than "Merry Christmas" irrespective of the consequences but rather by wearing to work what ostensively amounts to a Jesus costume consisting of a robe and a replica of a crown of thorns. Of this, I am reminded of a quote from King of the Hill where the titular character responds to a longhaired, tattooed preacher, “I’m sure Jesus is plenty of places he doesn’t want to be.”

While nothing should be done to employees that exercise their right of conscience by saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”, supervisors should not put up with subordinates showing up to work like this especially if the position deals with the public. It is, after all, the workplace under consideration and not a costume party.

Chesterton said, "It's the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense." From how many respond to Christmas in either censoring it entirely or becoming so consumed by it they end up looking like fools, it seems America may be tottering along the abyss of total lunacy.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, January 29, 2009

State Crooks Rob Taxpayers

See what happens to you if you don't pay the state what you owe it.

Shouldn't something similar happen to the state that does the same to you?

Mohlerites Contend Church To Pressure Couples Into Fecundity

Regarding the condemnation of being concerned about the financial aspect of having children, perhaps parents ought to skimp on what goes into the offering plate when times are tight since the children ought to be your priority of ministry to begin with.

Frankly, so long as one is not fornicating or abusing one's spouse, somethings are just not the church's business.

Case May Tame Shrewish Mothers

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stimulus Funds To Fund Communist Front Group

Would-Be Prime Minister Promises To Investigate UFO's

Boozers Claim Close Encounter

The drunk that use to live next to my parents thought a light in the backyard was the devil.

Spanking Deemed A Terrorist Act

Liberals Agitate For Government To Provide Contraceptives

It might be cut from the stimulus package, but don't expect this to go away as it is part of the socialistic mindset now running the government.

If you can't afford to pay, don't play.

If what you do in the bedroom is no one else's businesses, don't expect anyone else to provide for these recreations and luxuries.

Penguins Coopted By Environmental Propagandists

While one's heart goes out to these adorable birds, it will be you, average American and not the likes of Gore and Obama, that will be called upon to alter your standard of living on the behalf of these birds.

Socialist Attitutde Infiltrates Christain Sports

Is because of attitudes like this that America's economy is on the brink of collapse and we no longer win our wars.

At least is good to see this mindset extends to athletics now and not just academics where I use to be told in class to put my hand down for knowing more answers than most and that "we already know what you are going to say".

Quantum States Teleported

Obama Conspires To Destroy Free Speech

Monday, January 26, 2009

Coeds Fined $5000 For Playing Soccer

Those extracting this fine are those our New Lord thinks no longer belong on the Axis of Evil and worthy of sitting down in a negotiations between civilzed nations.

Carbon Credits A Joke

Friday, January 23, 2009

Did UFO Buzz Inaguration?

European Daycare Killing Spree

The New Lord Grows Displeased With Lack Of Faith

Shooting In Gun Controlled Norway

Thought such tragedies did not transpire in utopian social democracies.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Join My Twitter

Dutch Lawmaker Penalized For Speaking Out Against Islam

Extraneous Inaguration Revelers Warehoused For Hours In Traffic Tunnel

Portents of the Obama administration's opinion of the average American?

Obama Limo Named "The Beast"

Can this get any creepier? Still think I am the lunatic?

Obama Threatens Catholic Hospitals To Join In Babykilling Spree

Obama To Pander To Crossdressers

Albert Mohler Can't Resist Smooching Obama's Rear Either

Starbucks Hydrates Liberal Arrogance With Community Service Pledge

Yet another chance for liberals to tell you how wonderful they are and superior to we working slobs.

Obama Fanatics Trash Flags After Ceremony

Wonder if they would have done the same to the ensigns defiled by the image of their false god?

About left the Mall the way most of their neighborhoods look.

Guess His Highness would admonish how individual litter bugs shouldn't be held responsible and how it is the obligation of those of us already employed nine to five to go out and pick up after the slobs.

Leftist Blacks Prove They Rank Among The Most Racist People Of All

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Churches Pledge Their Fidelity To The New Lord

The New Lord's False Prophet Thumbs His Nose

Would The New Lord Permit We Commoners To Sup Upon Such Fare?

Need to remember that during the campagin, Obama lamented about Americans having too much freedom to eat what we want.

Pepsi Propagandizes For Obama

Did they offer these same kinds of accolades for George W. Bush?

African Islamists Threaten Obama

So much for the White separatists we've been hearing on and on about for days now.

Airheaded Celebrities Swear Loyalty Oathes To Obama

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

These dupes can do as they please, however, the real question is what will they do to you when you do not take a loyalty oath to the New Lord?

Deluded Black Woman Compose Epistles Of Worship To Michelle Obama

Too Many White Men Watching SciFi Channel

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nation Tottering Close To Political Idolatry

It is understandable that most would take an interest in the peaceful transitions of power that take place in the United States between one administration to the next as it is a skill less civilized countries have failed to master; however, what is taking place right now in relation to Barack Obama is downright frightening and almost idolatrous in its implications

About the most disgraceful piece of commemorative inaugural memorabilia I've seen is a flag with Obama's visage emblazoned across it.

The flag is a symbol of the United States that ought to remain above the holders of the office sworn to protect it.

To defile it in this manner is an act as almost disgusting as burning it.

It has been my contention that if Obama is not the Anti-Christ, he is certainly a stand in for the dress rehearsal as Satan works out the kinks.

A plot element central to the narrative of the Book of Revelation is something known as the "Mark of the Beast" that all dwelling upon the earth must receive as a sign of loyalty to this tyrannical regime.

Interestingly, Obama worshipers are not without their own version as a story on Fox and Friends on 1/18/09 chronicled someone disfiguring their body with an Obama tattoo.

One might respond that Obama cannot be held responsible for the devotion of his followers and should not be perceived as an aspiring dictator because of it.

Frankly though, he has done next to nothing to discourage it and in fact seems to be encouraging these ostentatious trappings of power.

For example, if Obama is the epochal figure of Hegelian proportions he is made out to be, shouldn't he be putting a stop to all these worshipful inaugural ceremonies, especially in light of the financial crisis the country faces?

So I guess when he says we will all be called upon to sacrifice, that does not include the accolades he will have heaped upon himself.

More concrete proposals being considered just about come straight from Hitler's playbook.

For starters, there is the Obama tribute film reminiscent of Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph Of The Will."

Ironically, this cinematic glorification of the Fuehrer is actually less audacious in its titling than the one about the new President called "Believe" as if he is somehow deserving of our prayerful adoration.

Even more frightening are a couple of administrative initiatives being bandied about by Obama's supporters.

One hopes to turn his vast army of volunteers and online minions into a "service" organization existing apart from the government (can anyone say SA or SS).

Another seeks to establish a position within the White House that would basically amount to a secretary of art and culture that would establish an "artists corps" at the beck and control of the government, no doubt to paint massive portraits of Obama himself on the sides of public buildings before it's all over with.

So in these hard economic times where we are told how it is imperative that we all cut back with Obama at one time lamenting how Americans should not be able to eat what we want, drive SUV's, or keep our homes at a constant 70 degrees, we are to be financing new financial outlays in support of what amounts to unnecessary aesthetic debaucheries.
Truthful historians of the 80's and 90's will recall that government funded art was usually a euphemism for crosses submerged in urine, dung smeared portraits of the Virgin Mary, and floors painted to look like the America flag so you could not get through a room without having to trample across Old Glory.

With all the fanatical behavior being exhibited, one must stop to ask would this devotion reach such a fever pitch if Obama was White or, even more importantly, conservative?

Makes you wonder if they are wrapped up in the man or the undeserved handouts he plans to give them.

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, January 16, 2009

Belief In Hell Deemed Unpatriotic

Civil Forefeiture Disguised As Anti-Gang Measure

While on the surface it sounds like a good idea to go after the assets of violent gang leaders, one has to ask will these actions confine themselves to actual street gangs?

For example, in the late 80's or early 90's, the RICO Act, a piece of legislation designed to attack the mafia was invoked against pro-life organizations.

Likewise, will gangs come to be defined as any organization at odds with prevailing government policy.

Furthermore, what is to stop the government from declaring that a particular area is so infected by pervasive gang activity that it can just move in and seize every single property or to manufacture false charges against the owner of a particular envied holding?

by Frederick Meekins

Jericho Movie Announced

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Local SPCA Accused Of Abusing Animals

The Occult Application Of Nanotechnolgy

Click on this link:



Interesting examinations of how certain religious thinkers believe this technology can be applied to eliminate the physical effects of original sin.

Is Eric Holder Soft On Terrorism?

Swansonites Up Their Jihad Against Singles

With as much animus as they already have against them, fanatics in the homeschool movement really ought to be cautious about alienating conservatives who would otherwise side with them.

If homeschoolers are going to chant the mantra of the state minding its own business over matters none of its concern, shouldn't the same apply to the church as well?

Does Insurance Cover UFO Damage?

Healthy Alternatives Worse For You Than Fast Food Burgers

Prisonbreak Cancelled

Hispanosupremacist Terrorists Attack Bordergaurd's Home

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

O'Reilly Endorses Socialism

Multiculturalists Conspire To Censor Those Exposing Results Of Unchecked Immigration

Obama A Socialist

Obama's Treasury Nominee A Tax Delinquent

Didn't the supporters of the New Lord attempt to discredit Joe the Plumber, who merely asked a question and did not aspire to higher office, over a smaller tax bill?

Radicals Threaten Additional Oakland Riots

Pervert Pastor Condemns Prayers In Christ's Name

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

World Sabbath To United Earth's Religions


click on the above link.

NAACP Denounces Southern Culture

Ironically, these same malcontents would probably have no problem with gays and supporters of the Palestinian Intafada marching down the parade route. Once again, it is proven that white folks have little place in tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism.

Feds Conspire To Run Thrift Stores Out Of Business

Anne Coulter Tells Off View Hags

Obama Promises To Rob You Blind

Monday, January 12, 2009

Food Police To Snoop Around British Kitchens

Token Sodomite Added To Inaugural

According to this repropbate minister, it is important for sexual minorities to see themselves at this event.

So does this include polygamists as well if it is practiced among consenting adults?

I wonder if he is all atwitter about his inagural gown?

Eco-Terrorists Threaten Researchers

Friday, January 09, 2009

Monument To Relativism Vandalized

For some reason, am reminded of the old adage if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound.

Did Terrorist Front Fund Congressman's Pilgrimmage To Mecca?

Appeals Process Undermines Justice

10% Claim Life Meaningless

UFO Attacks Windmill

Hispanosupremacists Infiltrate Boy Scouts

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Closed Bridges Will Commence Obama Police State

Smut Peddler Demand Government Handout

Hispanosupremacists Demand Cabinet Post

Homeowners Association Bans Singles

While Mohlerians and Swansonites probably have little problem with this policy since they think you are a deviant if not married by the age of 23, what is to stop this policy from being expanded?

Defenders of it calling in to the Andy and Grandy Morning show on WMAL kept invoking the constiutional protections of free association; but what if someone did not want to live around Black folks or Mexicans?

Though one cannot endorse this woman's decision to live as a shacked up concubine, so long as she has the money to pay the rent and stays to herself, do we really want governing bodies of either a governmental or private variety policing our lives to such an extent?

Furthermore, if someone becomes widowed or is deserted by their spouse, does this mean they ought to lose their home as well?

by Frederick Meekins

Obama To Be Keystone Of New World Order

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Deepak Chopra Peddles Metaphysical Swill

In the 6/25/07 edition of U.S. News & World Report, New Age luminary Deepak Chopra was interviewed about his novel about Buddha interestingly titled "Buddha". Though many will no doubt fawn all over this narrative in search of some new spiritual insight or revelation in much the same way as they did with "The Da Vinci Code" these past few years, however, it seems some of the answers provided by this guru renowned by millions had as much thought put to them as the titling of this novel.

When asked what he thought the meaning of enlightenment was, Chopra responded, "The meaning here is that your real self is not a person, that there is no such thing as a separate self, that a person doesn't really exist...So enlightenment here means transcendence to that level of existence where the personal self becomes the universal self.”

If the separate self and the person does not exist, I wonder what Dr. Chopra would think if some tragedy befell his friends or family members? Is he simply going to brush it off by saying they did not exist anyway? If that is the case, I bet Mrs. Chopra and the children feel loved knowing that, in the eyes of dear old dad, out of sight will be out of mind.

With Christianity on the other hand, while the believer is admonished by I Thessalonians 4:13 not to mourn as the heathen as if there was no hope, the Christian legitimately pines for the departed loved one as one would for any friend or family member that has moved far away that you know you are probably not going to see for quite awhile but whom has nevertheless retained the same degree of distinct individuality as the day you met them.

Though Chopra has manipulated his followers into accepting his teachings and in the process made himself a very wealthy man (so much for desire causing suffering as basic Buddhism postulates), one can't help notice that Chopra doesn't exactly comport himself by the Eastern dictum that the self does not exist. For if the self does not exist, why has Chopra placed his name on the novel? And his photograph in the U.S. News & World Report profile is not of some disheveled lunatic consistently living out the implications of his worldview that appearance is just an allusion but rather of one who poses deliberately with his arm over his knee and his head cocked just so in a statement to the world that he is just a bit better than you.

More importantly, if a person doesn’t really exist since the individual is merely a “transient behavior of the total universe”, is Chopra going to forego the proceeds of what will probably be a bestseller and instead distribute the revenues to every person on the planet equally if “the universal self” and we are all the same person anyway? If Deepak Chopra doesn’t really exist, then why is the name slapped across his Center For Wellness?

But then again, such common sense and logic aren’t an integral part of Chopra’s worldview. When asked in the U.S. News & World Report interview if there is a fundamental tension between spirituality and religion, Chopra responded, “It [spirituality] has very little to do with religious dogma, ideology, or even self-righteous morality.”

Isn’t that itself a dogma? Are those that do not share in such metaphysical open-mindedness in the wrong? Doesn’t saying so imply a morality?

If ultimately morality does not really exist, on what grounds does Chopra have to complain should his publisher abscond with the proceeds of his novel? More importantly, if some horrible crime befell Mrs. Chopra and the kids, would such be wrong beyond the breaking of society’s arbitrarily derived laws?

That must really make his family feel special. Some might point out I already made that point. However, if you have no problems with the Eastern worldview espoused by this cultic guru, repetition and second go-arounds float your boat anyway.

by Frederick Meekins

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