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PETA Linked To Animal Cruelty & Terrorism

An episode of Changing Worldviews with Sharon Hughes.

Farrakhan Smitten By Revelation's Harlot: Calls For Religious Unity

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Javier Salano & 666

An interesting discussion between Dr. Stan Monteith and Contance Crumbey focusing on the inordinate instances of the number 666 surrounding international man of mystery Javier Salano.

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Rumors Of Aflac Duck's Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Global Warming A Crock

An informative discussion from Radio Liberty on how global warming is actually a scam designed to bring the West, particularly the United States to its knees and to reduce the population through a deliberate campaign of starvation and deprivation.

People’s Republic Of Maryland Taxing Its Subjects Into Submission

One of the nicknames for the State of Maryland is “The Free State”. However, since the power to tax is the power to destroy, perhaps it is about time a more accurate slogan was selected.

In an attempt to hop on the global warming bandwagon, the state legislature is considering a bill that would require auto dealers in that jurisdiction to sell vehicles meeting California emission standards.

While this might look good on paper and allow elected officials to pat each other on the back as to how progressive and enlightened they appear to be, as usual, it will be up to the average citizen to pick up the bill so that the politicians can feel good about themselves. For it has been estimated that these upgrades will add as much as $3,000 to the price of a new automobile.

Though most of us aren’t as smart as our overlords in the government, one is forced to ask what is to prevent consumers from going elsewhere to make their automotive purchases such as Virginia and Pennsylvania, which have traditionally had better selections to begin with as certain Maryland areas often exhibit outright hostility to the automotive industry? In Prince George’s County, officials even considered zoning car dealers out of the overly-vaunted Hyattsville “arts district” (a fancy name for a government-subsidized area designated for beatniks and other unemployable undesirables unamenable to regular work) without the compensation required under any eminent domain action.

The vitality and morale is already just about drained from many Maryland residents as they are clearly not getting the quality of life they are forced to pay for and it is doubtful that they can take much more. Already in some counties tax bills are over $3,000 dollars annually and are expected to rise to as much as $6,000 by 2010.

Electoral politics is already a game of the idle rich with too much time on their hands. If those of this occupational classification wish to make such grandiose gestures, perhaps such restrictions should only be imposed upon those openly seeking these positions of prestige and influence. One could be assured that the nation would then see far less of this kind of nonsense.

By Frederick Meekins

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A Review Of Storming Heaven by Kyle Mills

Incidents such as Waco, Jonestown, and the Heaven’s Gate suicides prove the unique challenge such sects pose to contemporary society because of the threats they represent to both life and liberty while having to balance the need to protect the innocent from this danger yet recognizing these organizations have a right to operate under the First Amendment provided they have not committed what most reasonable people would consider an actual crime. In Storming Heaven, Kyle Mills examines a number of these issues in the form of an action novel.

In “Storming Heaven“, FBI Agent Mark Beamon must rescue the granddaughter of a deceased cult leader before she is sacrificed to ensure that power within the group remains within the hands of those already running the show unbeknownst to even the late sect leader. But even though this race against the clock provides most of the suspense within the novel, readers will also be riveted by the extent to which some will go to seize control in the name of religion.

Though Mills concludes the novel with a disclaimer implying that his story should not be construed as picking on any one sect, it doesn’t take too much effort to deduce that the novel reflects concerns regarding Scientology in that the group in the story has a keen interest in courting the influential and its run ins with the German government are central to the plot.

The fictional religion featured in Storming Heaven is known as the Church of Evolution. According to its doctrine, the messenger of God comes to earth at regular intervals throughout history to update His revelation to mankind as humanity’s understanding and comprehension expands.

As such, God’s spokesman to the present age is Arthur Knesis, who is dying and plans to take his own life and hand leadership of the church over to his granddaughter. However as with such groups here in the real world, self-proclaimed omniscience isn’t what it use to be as Knesis’ second-in-command Sara Rensiler has secretly taken control of the church to further her own agenda.

“Storming Heaven” provides a fascinating portrayal of what can happen when the ambitious deliberately turn their backs on enduring values in pursuit of fanatic objectives. The Church of Evolution goes so far to achieve its goals as to set up its own long distance carrier in order to ease drop on and ultimately entrap prominent figures for blackmail purposes and to frame the group’s opponents with unfounded accusations such as pedophilia.

Yet it is this sense of skepticism and suspicion that also is also the novel’s greatest drawback as the motives of this particular cult’s leadership are used to basically call into question all religious movements throughout history without taking the time to test the veracity of any of their claims. Despite being motivated by the noble goals of saving the young girl’s life and unfurling the vast conspiracy of the Church of Evolution, other than his own existential wherewithal, one gets the impression that FBI Agent Mark Beamon does not have much of a moral support structure to fall back upon to say that the cult is really wrong in its action since all throughout the story it is insinuated that the real danger is any firmly held belief.

Despite a tendency to employ more profanity than is necessary, readers will no doubt enjoy this thriller providing a perspective on a topic seldom examined by authors in the secular branch of this genre.

by Frederick Meekins

Genetically Modified Potatoes Linked To Cancer

A Comparison Between Professional Wrestling & World Politics

Columnist and broadcaster Bruce Collins examines the similarities between professional wrestling and world politcs. Those familar with each will find the article quite witty.

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Will Chipping Animals Be A Trial Run For Chipping People

From this episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Montieth, one is forced to conclude if the elites are using the plan to chip all livestock in the United States as a trial run for expanding such a program to the human population.

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Statue Of Liberty Should Be A Liberated Woman

One of the most comic irrationalities to come out of the Vietnam War was that a village had to be destroyed in order to save it. Half a world away, the comment has become something of a joke ever since epitomizing government stupidity; however, as similar logic begins to be used here all in the name of national security, such an observation won’t seem as amusing anymore.

Most responding to my column about efforts to permanently bar the American people from the upper reaches of the Statue of Liberty agreed with my position. However, one response reflected the kind of thinking that will not only end up getting the remainder of our freedoms taken away from us but also lecture us why it is our civic duty to have a smile across our face while it is happening.

In the response, the government toady writes that, since the Statue of Liberty is a target because of its symbolic value as an artistic representation of America’s values, any and all measures should be taken to protect the landmark.

However, since Lady Liberty’s function is primarily symbolic, by closing her off aren’t we sending the message to the world that liberty is not an inalienable and immutable but rather contingent upon circumstances and the malleable whims of those holding power.

If the American people so easily cede control over something symbolic, what is to prevent them from handing over the more practical manifestations of their liberties should authorities whip them into a sufficient frenzy or panic?

For example, in his conclusion, this Department of Homeland Security booster remarks, “If it is OVERDONE, tis better me thinks so long as no place is given to the evil ones.”

Should we place armed troops on every street corner allowed to manhandle passerbys at random? Better yet, should entire neighborhoods be relocated to designated civic detention facilities where authorities can keep better tabs on the population and thus protect them better; after all, if it prevents terrorism according to the Overdone Doctrine, on what grounds may we object?

Don’t think proponents of security beyond that which is necessary wouldn’t be above curtailing those rights that have little bearing whatsoever on preventing mass destruction.

The critic writes, “To use her as your soapbox issue to point your finger and denigrate government simply out of your own opinion of its motivation is counterproductive, and limited it its veracity.”

Frankly, the government denigrates itself when it directs so much effort at closing down one of America’s most cherished monuments rather than closing down the border. Maybe if the government did its job there, the Statue of Liberty wouldn’t need to be closed.

Yet, to those yearning not to live free but rather to have every facet of their lives monitored by authorities, pointing out such shortcomings and inconsistencies that compromise both our safety and quality of life is no longer characterized as the act of a concerned citizen but rather as deeds “counterproductive” that “undermine the population’s confidence”. In other words, freedom of expression is something that will have to be curtailed as a threat to national security even though pointing out the shortcomings and fallacies of those wielding power threatens no one other than those incompetently wielding the power the people have been gracious enough to grant them under the Constitution.

As an American icon, one’s attitude towards the management of the Statue of Liberty says a great deal about one’s perspective. Either one believes in the basic principles the Statue stands for and believes the American people should be granted access to it or one believes that people are better off having the government control the minutest details of their lives and that common citizens are not good enough to caresses this special lady.

by Frederick Meekins

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Will Jericho Expose FEMA Camps?

For my commentary “Contract Granted For American Concentration Camps” those conditioned into accepting whatever the government does as good and acceptable dismissed me as some kind of raving lunatic.

I wonder if they will be singing the same tune when more and more Americans of commonsense come around to my viewpoint on the topic.

On the conclusion of the Jericho midseason finale, the episode closes with a band of weary stragglers wandering into the Kansas town the series is named after.

According to TV Guide these are refuges from a FEMA camp where things were getting ugly (33). As fans will remember in another as dramatic moment, it was revealed that mercenaries based loosely on those belonging to the Blackwater corporation were using just such a facility as the excuse they had for coming to raid the town’s supplies.

Of course, this story has to be totally fictional. For it was based on reality, the discontented would never have been allowed to leave as transpired with those seeking to leave the Superdome turned back at gunpoint during Hurricane Katrina operations.

By Frederick Meekins

Inprisioned Border Agent Assaulted By Inmates & Then Denied Medical Treatment

No doubt a preview of how the government will allow illegals to create a climate of intimidation to keep average Americans in line.

Is The Biblical Literacy Project A Communitarian Scam?

According to this informative article, many of the directors of the Biblical literacy project believe in the confiscation of individual firearms and herald Lenin as a leader in the tradition of Moses.

Dobson Whelp Peddles "Sanctified Smut"

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Sex Shot Linked To Seitzures

Community Whether You Want It Or Not

According to Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio on its February 7, 2007 broadcast, those preferring the anonymity of city life to the in-your-business mentality that can surprisingly pervade rural existence are vagabonds the moral equivalent of Cain.

As his expert witness, Swanson interviews R.C. Sproul.

In contrast to the “transiency” both Swanson and Sproul condemn, apparently Sproul believes COMMUNITY is so binding that the individual should not be permitted to leave.

Southern Baptists Linked To Booze Church

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Josh MacDowell Endorses Communitartian Heresy

Interesting how prominent Christian leaders suggesting we sublimate ourselves to the identity of the group continue to insist upon the notoriety of their celebrity names.