Friday, February 29, 2008

Victims Of UFO's Gather For Convention

President Confirms He May Be As Stupid As Suspected

This is an even bigger embarassment than the time Pappy Bush confessed to have never having seen a supermarket barcode scanner.

Kind of makes you wonder what other vital information the President is willfully ignorant of.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley Expires

One of the foremost minds of our age.

Obama Endorses Terminating Invalids

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Highlander: The Source (No Wonder It Was Relegated To Saturday Night)

One of mankind’s fondest dreams is no doubt to live upon this earth in vitality and youth beyond the paltry 75 to 90-odd years the healthiest among us get to enjoy. As such, one of contemporary fantasy’s most compelling franchises has had to have been Highlander. The protagonist is himself immortal and gets to live indefinitely provided his head is not lopped by a fellow Immortal as these are destined to battle until there is a sole survivor among them as the catch phrase reminds the viewer “In the end there can be only one.”

It has been several years since an adventure of the legendary Scotsman, but if “Highlander: The Source” is any indication, it appears he is feeling his 400 plus years.

For several years as this film plodded its way through production and distribution, fans were given hints that they would finally at last be provided with an explanation as to how the Immortals came to be in the first place. This convoluted story delivers none of that as the Source does not necessarily refer to origins.

Though Highlander: The Source ultimately falls short in terms of the story, these shortcomings are compounded by the atrocious cinematography. Though broadcast in the early to mid 90’s, the old Highlander TV series had better quality effects than the latest film in the series.

For example, central to the milieu of the Highlander saga is the transfer of the quickening from the Immortal that has lost his head to the Immortal that has taken it. In the TV series, this was depicted by an impressive display of lightening bolts and electric shocks.

However, in The Source, these scenes are not nearly as impressive. The electric charges are now less distinctive artistically with the emphasis now on the head rolling away, something that was only alluded to and seldom seen in the older episodes.

Relatedly, in the TV series, the sword fights leading up to this dramatic exchange of life force were often depicted as elegant, almost dance-like encounters. However, in Highlander: The Source, these are now filmed with the same herky-jerky camera action used in many productions today such as the new Battlestar Galactica where viewers almost come away nauseated because the directors think they are too good to shoot images with a steady, smooth hand.

Highlander: The Source is such a disappointment that, if one did happen to be an Immortal, one might just very well be tempted to slit one’s own throat than rather spend an eternity watching this movie.

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, February 22, 2008

Piggy Banks Banned Becuase Over Fears Of Islamist Offense

If certain groups don't want a piggy bamk, then don't take it.

For that matter, if the West is such a pool of filth, then why are those from lands thinking we are continuing to overrun our borders?

Anglicans Pay Protection Gratuity To Muslims

Firefighters Being Trained For Extraterrestrial Contact

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dilbert Creator Comes To Fan's Defense

World Edges Closer To Revelation 6:6

Think things expensive now, likely to get worse:

"Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart* of wheat for a day's wages,* and three quarts of barley for a day's wages,* and do not damage the oil and the wine."

Media/Auhorities Insinuate Suspended License At Fault Of Roadrace Fatalities

Media and law enforcement authorities are trying to insinuate that a suspended license is at fault for eight fatalities at an illegal road race in Maryland.

Some might assume this driver was one of the participants, but that would be incorrect.

So unless police can show how a small piece of plastic would have placed some kind of inertial dampener around this unsuspecting automobile that happened upon the spectators afterwards, tell me why responsibility should not be placed solely upon the dimiwitted gawkers deliberately meandering into the street into oncoming traffic?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eco-Nuts In A Huff Over Magic Markers Among Other Things

Second Episode Of Jericho

The second episode of Jericho's second season is a vast improvement over the first primarily because of subtle points mentioned rather than major dramatic elements.

For example, one character alludes to the fact that the contractor rebuilding the town "barcodes everything", causing the astute viewer to wonder if the townspeople might be next. Also of interest was the revisionist history text, the pending Constitutional convention (making you wonder what liberties will be abolished in the name of national security), and that the security contractors (Blackwateresque mercenaries) that came to loot the town in season one in what had to rank amonng one of the most dramatic hours in television histroy have been put in charge of Jericho by the shadowy Illuminati-like cabal behind the conspiracy.

This show is so hitting on the truth behind the scenes, don't look for it to be renewed for the fall.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Guns Edited From Indiana Jones Trailer

But I guess since sissies like whips, that remains.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Things Change The More They Stay The Same In Leftist Suburb

In some systems of Eastern thought, the doctrine of recurrence teaches that everything that has happened will happen again. Western philosophy of history drawing inspiration from a Biblical understanding of the universe does not share in the same exact idea since the Judeo-Christian worldview sees history as moving towards its ultimate conclusion in eternity. However,. traditional orthodox theism admits there is nothing new under the sun, meaning all the schemes and frauds have all been around the block a few times and will continue to plague the human condition until the good Lord decides to step and put an end to all this nonsense.

In an essay in my underappreciated masterpiece “Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors”, titled “Holiday Tree, Holiday Tree, Thy Name Is In Need Of Serious Changing” I examined the propriety of holding a yoga class in the City of Hyattsville municipal building since the practice is inherently spiritual and wondered if the same courtesy would be extended to a Christian group wanting to hold a prayer meeting or Bible study. For at the very same time the town fathers were opening city hall to limber swamis, these weeping willows of tolerance bent to the whims of political correctness switched the name of their Yuletide evergreen from that of “Christmas” to “Holiday” Tree.

When published in the town newspaper, my comments were castigated by the course instructor, claiming yoga was merely physical exercise having nothing whatsoever to do with religion or faith. The more things change the more they stay the same and eventually both the yoga class and the trees name appeared in the local press again years later.

We are now well into the first decade of the new century and it seems some Christmas or I guess “holiday” traditions pretty much remain unchanged. Still a bastion of liberal foolishness to such an extent that many of the town’s elites are ecstatic that the once quaint suburb has for the most part been overrun by immigrants barely speaking a lick of English and over massive revenue outlays going to finance a so-called “arts-district” where average taxpayers who actually work for a living will be forced to subsidize the lifestyles of decadent beatniks thinking they are too good to hold down regular jobs, it seems about the only form of expression that won’t be supported is the utterance of the word “Christmas”.

According to the 11/29/07 edition of the Gazette, Hyattsville was to hold its “holiday tree” lighting ceremony. Since the festival was also to include “holiday music”, does that mean “Stars and Stripes Forever” was to be played as well since by definition the Fourth of July is a holiday as in such a leftist enclave such a blatantly pro-American celebration is probably as almost as despised as traditional Christian ones such as Christmas.

One might very well argue that the wording could have very well been an editorial; decision of the newspaper rather than that of the city. However, the 11/28/07 edition of the Hyattsville Reporter, the city’s official newsletter, is rife with the spineless euphemism with the only mention of the word “Christmas” being justification why the office would be closed on December 25th.

In the middle of the first page of the newsletter, it reads, “Enjoy The Holiday Activity Edition”. In the left hand column directly beneath this admonition is information regarding the “Sixth Annual Sonny Fraizer Holiday Toy Drive”. On page 2 , “Holiday Events” such as the tree lighting ceremony and “Breakfast With Santa” (multiculturalist fans of the program “Futurama” may wonder why Kwanza Bot wasn’t invited) are listed.

As frustrating as this issue is in terms of undermining both traditional liberties and culture, perhaps of even greater concern over the long run is another spiritual danger that never really went away, namely the matter of yoga. Regarding my comments about yoga, the instructor dismissed them back in the late 90’s by claiming yoga was simply physical exercise with no spiritual ramifications.

By 2003, this very same individual was singing a different tune. In a Gazette article titled “Yoga Class Stretches Into Hyattsville” published on 10/16/03, the guru who years earlier claimed there was nothing inherently religious about yoga finally admitted, “If you want it, [yoga] could be a spiritual journey.”

From the website of this instructor’s own yoga studio, one sees that this is something of an understatement. Prominently listed on the website are the spiritual benefits of yoga which include “increased feelings of forgiveness, feelings of connection to the Divine, ability to empathize with others, and contentment.”

One might say those are the very same things the believer sees as the benefits bestowed upon the individual through devotion to prayer and Bible study. However, the admission as to the spiritual nature of yoga doesn’t stop there.

According to the website, Anusara Yoga is “a powerful hatha system that unifies a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment, Anusara embodies an uplifting philosophy, epitomized by a celebration of the heart that looks for the good in all people and things.” Seems to me that’s about a lot more than limbering up the old backbone.

Furthermore, though all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, is there all that much good in the likes of Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Ladin to spend that much time looking for it and I doubt those that lost loved ones in the September 11th attacks would find much good in that tragedy either. Among the first things you learn in English 101 is to be careful about using the word “all”.

Of Kripalu Yoga, it says on the website, “It is a challenging approach to asana practice that emphasizes meditation and breathwork, encourages inward focus and spiritual attunement. Practicing Kripalu Yoga can initiate a gradual process of physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening.” Once again, things such as “spiritual attunement” and “psychological growth” are the benefits believers receive as byproducts of prayer focused upon the God of the universe as found in the person of His Son Jesus Christ.

Under the First Amendment, Americans are pretty much free to believe whatever they want. However, that fundamental operational principal of government and jurisprudence does not mean that those bent on subverting traditional principles should be allowed to have these foundations removed only to turn around and impose their own deceptive counterfeits.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Female Referre Tossed Out Of Game As A Threat To Catholic Team's Masculinity

In all fairness, this type of nonsense is prominent in Evangelical circles also as I remeber hearing of a similar thing going on at AWANA sporting events.

If woman not good enough to supervise youngsters at play, perhaps they ought to refuse to serve the snacks afterwards as well.

John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul

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Dining Rooms A Thing Of The Past

An excellent yet disturbing edition of the Albert Mohler discussing how many new houses aren't even designed with dining rooms as fewer families eating together.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sermon Argues Grown Daughters To Be Coralled At Home

This sermon goes a bit far in insinuating that to avowed the dangers of the flesh that grown daughters in their mid 20's should be sequestered at home under the control of their father's until the father permits the daughter to wed.

Almost get the impression that women are to be traded almost like commodities and all the fun and enjoyment sucked out of life.

The way these potential marriages are arranged behind the backs of the young woman with the father and would-be groom haggling as to whether or not they are suitable, maybe the two guys ought to run off together.

Friday, February 01, 2008