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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hispanosupremacists Rampage Despite Ruling In Their Favor

Jordan River Baptism Not Worth The Trouble

Obama labels Blacks a "mongrel people". Can you imagine the hell that would bust loose had Bush said such a thing? What makes Obama's statement any less offensive than something David Duke might have said in his robe wearing days?

If there are no possessions, religion, heaven, or hell as John Lennon's song "Imagine" insists, on what grounds does Yoko Ono oppose the parole of her husband's killer?

If Dispensationalism in a sinful heresy, shouldn't John Lofton condemn his employer Michael Peroutka for selecting Chuck Baldwin as his 2004 Vice Presidential running mate?

Apparently Neal Boortz Is A Sodomite Stooge

Is Staten Island Being Surrendered To Mexican Forces?

Shouldn't the blame for a 16 year old Dallas girl getting fangs put in be put on the parents and dentist rather than the author and producers of Twilight?

If illegal aliens can't be compelled to carry ID & prove who they are, isn't it a form of tyranny to require that of actual legitimate Americans?

Illegals Infiltrate Military Intelligence

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Honestly, I can barely tell the difference between Islamists and Christian Reconstructionists. Just saw a post by one hoping the entire East Coast of the United States be destroyed.

Arizona Surrendered To Hispanosupremacists

Fairy Demands Ferry Discount

Interesting how Calvinistic, theonomical Christian Reconstructionists will not directly answer the claim as to what they intend to do should they ever come to power with Christians that profess what this variety of theology would brand heresy.

Obama Does Little To Stop Honor Killings

Does the Institute On The Constution insist upon the death penalty for those holding to alternative interpretations of Christianity as advocated by one of its primary spokesman?

Christian Reconstructionism is a philsophy having so much in common with the Taliban that, in at least one instance I have seen, adherents of this outlook are starting to side with the Taliban against the United States.

LeAnn Rimes Shacks Up As Concubine

Political Theorist Proposes How To Handle The Zombie Menace

This may seem like a bizarre topic to address in one of the world's most prestigious foreign policy journals. However, what one may actually be witnessing here are plans gently being fleshed out on how to handle the hitherto unexperienced supernatural phenomena that will manifest itself during the Tribulation period.

Obama Minions Propose Involuntary Servitude

About the only thing worthy of applause regarding this bill is that it includes women as well as men.

For if the contemporary woman is not going to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, on what grounds should they be exempt from a life of service or even death on behalf of the state?

If every one is equal, your life is no more valuable than mine. If men can be compelled to sacrifice against their will, why not women?

A Nebraska town has delayed the implementation of a law that would forbid employers from hiring illegals or renting property to them. Interesting how the rest of us already have to submit everything just short of our latest colonoscopy to acquire employment or shelter.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A theonomical Christian Reconstructionist posits that blasphemy is promoting lies about God and that those promulgating such ideas should be given the death penalty. How long would such a policy be in place until it was extended to cover those promoting theologies radical Calvinists abhor such as Dispensationalism and Arminianism?

If the spokesman of a Christian organization highly regarded among paleoconservatives starts to advocate the death penalty for a class of offenders that this punishment has not been applied to for centuries, isn't it a valid question to ask to what extent this reinstituted penalty would be applied? More importantly, should the head of this organization who once held high political aspirations be asked to clarify his own position regarding his underling's provacative ruminations?

Human Debris Threatens To Tear Arizona Apart If Immigration Law Enforced

Police Enforce Nonexistent Laws Regarding Photography

Wouldn't this by definition be a form of tyranny, the enforcement of nonexistent laws?  Makes you wonder what other areas of life in which the government is getting by with similar outrages.

Obama Tells Americans Why We Should Praise His Holy Name

Yahoo article suggests one can save money by "sharing with neighbors". Frankly, I'd rather pay the extra and not be bothered by them poking around in my business.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Police Do Nothing As Rabid Sodomites Threaten To Defile Children

Muslims Claim Opposition To Mosques In America On The Rise: Neglect To Mention If Muslim Nations More Welcoming Of Churches

New electronic health records to include body mass index but not HIV status or number of abortions. But if it's the government's business what you do with your head hole, shouldn't it also track what you're doing with the bottom ones?

Know me long enough and I'll tick you off so much, you'll deny knowing my very existence.

Though the Gospel and sound doctrine doen't change, that does not preclude formulating solid theology and apologetics in a number of ways or in a variety of mediums.

Will Paycheck Fairness Act Screw Over Men In Favor Of Women?

Why shouldn't Americans of both sexes be educated on how to get the best salary possible? Even more importantly, shouldn't the millions and millions of dollars going into education already be enough to train them in this skill?

Contrary to the composers of worship music drivel, God is not the air you breathe. If you think that, you are a pantheist. Frankly, who wants to feel the same kind of emotional funk towards God that one does towards a member of the opposite sex that won't give you the time of day?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tweets About Whale Wars

Though Whale Wars is an interesting program, in light of it, Discovery Networks should broadcast from a favorable standpoint a program about a band of prolife activists disrupting the operations of an abortion clinic.

On Whale Wars season 2, episode 8, the Japanese whalers should be applauded in their restraint by only use an acoustic weapon on the Sea Shepherd copter. These beatnik environmentalists should just be grateful a surface to air missile wasn't used.

Perhaps the Japanese whalers should get their own rubber dingies and toss noxious substances onto the Sea Shepherd ship for a change. Given the disgusting things Asians are known to eat, are pungent aromatic assaults the best way to deter the whalers?

Will there be a season of Whale Wars where the Sea Shepherds plan to harass Eskimos for hunting cetaceans? Guess the Japanese are too close to honorary White people to be able to gum up the conceptual relativism of these leftwingers by asking who are they to impose their dietary values on another culture.

The Sea Shepherds ought to be glad they are not dealing with the Japanese of the World War II era. Say what you want about that empire's faults, it's doubtful they would put up with hippies harassing that nation's ships.

Seems Paul Watson is the only crew member to grow obese on a vegetarian diet. Most of them look pathetically sickly and thin. Even the crews pet African looked plumper than the average Westerner onboard

With the sinking of the Ady Gil, maybe the organization now knows how it feels to have one of their vessels rammed.

It was stated that $5 million was paid for the Sea Shepherd's vessel the Bob Barker. Was that bid closest to the actual retail price without going over?

by Frederick Meekins

Frau Obama Again Stuffs Her Pie Hole With Icecream Before Condemning The Sloth Of Americans

Oil Spill Threatens China

Utah Town Offers Spanish Prayer On July 4th

Blacks Riot To Avoid Going To School With Other Blacks

Yet we Whites are expected to have a smile plastered across our faces over such a scholastic prospect.

Wouldn't the NAACP demand that a White person that committed a racist act over 20 years ago still be fired from their government job? The organization struck a blow at Ross Perot for doing nothing more than saying "You people".

Obamaphiles Hope To Spark Islamic Revival In America

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Family Guy" is up for an Emmy for a song mocking the retarded. Maybe Mel Gibson wouldn't be in so much hot water and applauded as a genius if he had sung the slurs hurled at his concubine rather than yelling them into the telephone.

If liberals are going to insist that standard English is not the national language, on what grounds do they then look down on Sarah Palin for a single mispronunciation? At least she communicates at a level well above the extend grunts & moans of press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Mexican Women Smuggling Potential Afghan Terrorists Off U.S. Army Base

Does Bob Schieffer Think Black Panthers Threatening To Kill White Babies Isn't A Big Deal?

Gingrich Suggests Tea Party Movement Brownnose NAACP

Glenn Beck Announces He Might Be Going Blind

No doubt the same liberals who insist that you undermine the Republic and promote racism if you consider Obama anything other than lord and savior will no doubt ridicule this they way they mocked Tony Snow's cancer.

Has The Mystery Of Cropcirlces Been Solved?

A ship infested with spiders was turned away from docking in Guam. Just think how an invasive species could be used by terrorists with a jar of bugs tucked away in their knapsacks waltzing over the border to destroy a nation’s economy and ecosystem.

Obama Spends Tax Dollars To Establish Abortion & Islamic Law In Kenya

And bet you the abortions aren't targetting the Muslims.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Frau Obama lectures us how we should replace soda with water. How about we replace her next election day?

Contrary to a Facebook status update I've seen, the authenticity of one's Christian walk is not determined by how satisfied you are with your station in life. A better measure would be if you show up to work everyday even if you'd rather be somewhere else.

If Glenn Beck correctly points out the similarities between Obama's policies and Communism and Nazism, then why is it wrong for a group of Tea Party activists to do so with a billboard? Guess Tea Party luminaries don't think you should be permitted to exercise your own free thought and speech until you are a Fox News millionaire as well.

NAACP Applauds Bureaucrat Addmitting Refusal To Assist White Farmer

Lawyers have harmed this nation far worse than the armed forces ever have. Therefore, isn’t it hypocritical to work for a law firm while holding to the impropriety of permitting military recruiters onto law school campuses?

If the NAACP distanced itself from the racist elements within its membership ranks, that entire pinko front group would go out of business.

Supreme Court Thought Police Kick Praying Students Into Gutter

Obamas Stuff Pie Holes With Ice Cream After Lecturing Americans That Desert Isn't A Right & To Drink Water Rather Than Soda

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unless he wants them hanging around his neck like a political milstone, Michael Peroutka really needs to examine and consider the viewpoints of some of his closest staff members and advisors.

Just learned from a Christian Reconstructionist how we are never to go through an emotionally down period about anything. So, if their ilk ever siezed power, not only will we have to hold membership in their Calvinistic churches in order to enjoy the rights of citizenship, I guess they will send "happy police" around ascertain if the smiles plastered across our faces are irritatingly broad enough.

Though Geraldo is to be commended for examining the Afrosupremacism of groups such as the NAACP & The New Black Panthers, is he going to expose the terroristic radicalism of illegal alien frontgroups such as MECHA & La Raza?

If Glenn Beck thinks we should go back to the primary historical sources to see that the Confederacy was "racist", why is he closed off to those that suggest Martin Luther King had socialistic Communistic tendencies and influences?

When a French "First Lady" handed down snooty decrees as to what the people ate, she was denounced as an "Austria Whore". Perhaps our own First Lady should cogitate upon that moment in History.

When a French "First Lady" handed down snooty decrees as to what the people ate, she was denounced as an "Austria Whore". Perhaps our own First Lady should cogitate upon that moment in History.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michelle Obama needs to be reminded that maybe if the Black children behaved a bit more, they'd be less likely to end up in prison.

Boycott The Boycotters

Most Americans are no doubt aware of the tragedy of the oil slick coating the Gulf Coast from the damaged petroleum rig. What they might not be aware of is the attitude among elites of how we as citizens and consumers are simply to go along with whatever position they craft as a response regarding the matter.

A headline from the 5/25/10 online edition of the Washington Post bemoans "For Some Washington Drivers, Convenience Outweighs Calls For BP Gas Boycott”. The story laments the tendency of certain consumers who “...prioritize convenience over taking a moral or political stand.”

For starters, in this day where it is constantly pounded into our heads that no one is to impose their views on any one else or to even dare to suggest that certain values might be superior to others, on what grounds are we expected to do something because someone with no real binding authority over us tells us to?

Many of the rabblerousers behind the BP boycott are some of the same nags behind the boycott of the state of Arizona regarding the immigration law. Yet these crusaders would turn around and become moral libertines if some pro-family coalition organized a boycott of states such as Vermont authorizing sodomite matrimony.

In all fairness, busybody progressives are not the only ones to use boycotts not so much in pursuit of a policy objective but rather to exert power and control over their respective constituencies.

I remember in the early 90’s in some Christian circles how an edict was handed down how the truly spiritual wouldn’t shop at K-Mart because at the time its B. Dalton Booksellers subsidiary was selling a line of erotic novels. From the vehemence behind the pronouncement, one almost feared the possibility of expulsion from the more doctrinally rigorous Christian schools if it was discovered that was where one’s parents shopped every once in a while.

It is a good thing to have as much information as possible as to the implications of one’s socioeconomic decisions. However, when an interest group advances beyond the function of conveying information regarding a perfectly legal and acceptable product to demanding that a certain action be taken in response to the purveyors of the product for reasons tangential rather than inherent to the particular product in question and threaten with sanction or approbation those deciding not to go along with the particular campaign, the group presenting the overly enthusiastic warning may also require additional scrutiny as a threat to our liberty.

by Frederick Meekins

Maybe opposing a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center is “Islamosphobic”. But it wasn’t Islamophobes that knocked the towers down in the first place.

Maybe opposing a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center is “Islamosphobic”. But it wasn’t Islamophobes that knocked the towers down in the first place.

Given the vocal soteriology of its key spokesman, wonder how long until "Arminians" will no longer be welcome at Institute On The Constitution events, and should those of this organization's persuasion come to power, would they deny non-Calvinists the right or opportunity to vote.

British Conservatives As Nadless As Liberals

Tea Party Groups Exposes The Racism Of NAACP

NAACP Insinuates Mel Gibson's Potty Mouth Worse Than Knocking Out His Concubine's Teeth

Before denouncing the Tea Party movement as racist, shouldn't the NAACP expunge this epistemological tendency within itself. Is its "One Nation" counter rally going to renounce minority set asides and the denigration of White folks as epitomized by the Black Panther terrorists that Eric Holder let off scott free?

Frau Obama Endorses Rampaging Blacks

UK Announces Unmanned Fighter

Rand Paul Correct On Poverty

What Is Bohemian Grove?

"And The People Turned From The Folly Of The Protobeast Though Destruction Continued To Stalk Them"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Government Unable To Repel Alien Swarms

Obama Justice Department Hostile Towards Whites

CNN Editor Mourns Death Of Terrorist Leader

Apparently It Is The Government's Business In San Francisco What Syruppy Liquids You Put In Your Mouth

The Bronx Turned Into A Mexican Ghetto

Though the word "decline" would make for a more dramatic headline, that part of the city was never much to begin with.

China Demands $1 Million Ransom For Pandas

Looks Like Holder Sniffs The Same Turd As Obama

Mexican Subversives Infiltrate American Public Schools

Leftwing Religious Kooks Travel To Gulf To Lecture Mere Commoners Why It Is A Sin For Us To Use Fuel

Gay Blood Endangers Public Health

Liberal Presbyterians Suggest Normalizing Sodomite Matrimony

On Fox & Friends, a slutty looking Democrat in an outfit covering less than a beachtowel ridiculed the Arizona governor for lacking a college degree. At least Jane Brewer knows enough to come on TV fully clothed.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Lessons In Apologetics #2: Rationalism & Fideism

The next epistemological methodology is rationalism.  Of rationalism, Geisler writes, "Rationalism is characterized by its stress on the innate a priori ability of human reason to know truth.  Basically, rationalists hold that what is knowable or demonstrable by human reason is true (29)."  To the rationalist, the mind takes precedence over experience and the information acquired through the senses as a foundation for truth and knowledge.

In a rationalist methodology, there exists  in  the  mind  a number of innate ideas or principles that allow the individual to arrive at an understanding of the universe.  These include principles of logic such as the law of noncontradiction.  It is from contemplation upon ideas generated through reflection upon such foundational principles that the thinker is able to postulate systems of truth in a manner reminiscent of mathematics and geometry.

For example, in his system, Descartes started from his "cogito, ergo, sum (I think, therefore I am)" as his ability to doubt was the one thing he could not doubt.  From here, Descartes built a theistic proof.

Descartes begins this with the admission that, since he lacks knowledge, he is imperfect.  However, to realize one is imperfect, one must have knowledge that perfection exists.  Yet perfection cannot arise from within the imperfect.  Therefore, there must be a perfect mind from which perfection originates and this is God (31).

An apologetic utilizing the rationalist approach possesses a number of strengths as well as drawbacks.  As to its strengths, the rationalist method stresses a consistency of reality.

It follows that a rational God would create a universe that regularly operates in accord with verifiable laws that we as His creations would be able to arrive at through deliberative contemplation.  As rationalists posit, the mind to an extent must possess some kind of mental architecture to process the jumble of sense experiences the individual is bombarded with almost constantly.   Even  Scripture  indicates   that  part  of   man's knowledge regarding God and His character is innate as Romans says that even the Gentiles, who were not formally given the Law in the same direct manner as their Hebrew counterparts, still had many aspects of the Law written upon their hearts.

Despite the strengths of the rationalist approach to apologetics, the methodology is not without drawbacks.  The foremost is the acknowledgement that it can be argued that the rationally consistent does not always translate into the realm of necessarily actual and does not provide the bedrock certainty its advocates claim. For example, regarding the ontological argument, Geisler notes, "But it is not logically necessary for a necessary Being to exist anymore than it is for a triangle to exist...But the point here is that there is no purely logical way to eliminate the 'if' (43)."

Of the next religious epistemology, fideism, Geisler writes, "In view of the fact that empiricism led to skepticism...and that rationalism cannot rationally demonstrate its first principles, fideism becomes a more reliable option in religious epistemology.  Perhaps there is no rational or evidential way to establish Christianity (47)."  Thus fideism holds that truth in religious matters rests on an accepting faith rather than a critical scrutiny.

As with the other methodologies, fideism comes in a variety shades. On its more moderate side, one finds Blaise Pascal.  At the more extreme end of the spectrum, one would find the likes of Karl Barth.

As a fideist, one might find Pascal a bit subdued.  Though one would assume reason had no place in fideism, Pascal did not dismiss rational appeals outright.  He just did not build his foundation or case upon them.  Of Pascal's position, Geisler writes, "A proof at best may be the instrument by which God places faith in one's heart (49)."

Thus, the real difference between Pascal and the rationalist was basically a differing estimation in what each thought reason could achieve.  To the rationalist, the thinker is able to deduce their way to a logically irrefutable foundation for a belief in God.  To Pascal, such proofs were not absolutely conclusive and the chasm separating doubt and certainty had to be crossed by a bridge of faith.

Since at best, in the mind of Pascal, the individual is left with a fifty/fifty chance regarding the existence of God, the matter did not come down to a dispassionate calculation but rather to a matter of personal existential destiny best summarized by his famous wager (49).  According to this wager, if the odds as to whether or not God exists are about even, one is better off believing God exists and then be proven wrong since upon death you would merely pass out of existence than to say God does not exist and then be proven wrong upon death as then one would end up in Hell.

At the other end of fideism's spectrum stands the Neo-Orthodox such as Karl Barth.  According to Barth, God is "wholly other" in that God can only be known through faith in revelation.  Geisler summarizes Barth's position as such: "We do not know the Bible  is  God's  Word  by  any  objective  evidence.   It  is  a self-attesting truth (54)."  Thus to the Barthian, the accounts contained in the Bible transpired on a plane beyond the parameters of objective, investigative history.  One either accepts them by faith or one does not.  Therefore, the believer does not have to answer and is immune from those such as the Higher Critics claiming to apply the rigors of scholarship to the scriptural texts in the hopes of either authenticating or discrediting these documents.

As with rationalism, fideism has both strengths and drawbacks.  Fideists are to be commended for holding that the God of the Bible is much more than the God of mathematics.  Though there is merit in the attempt to prove that belief in God does not violate reason and logic, there is a great danger in reducing God to the level of a distant first cause not all that interested in how human beings live their daily lives.  Fidesits are also correct that ultimately, no matter how much evidence one might collect or how many syllogisms one might be able to deduce, one has to make a leap of faith over those gaps of doubt that remain no matter how small they might be.

Yet despite the strength of their methodology, it has shortcomings as well.  Foremostly, fideism makes it very difficult to engage in a debate or discussion with someone holding to another worldview if one must accept a comprehensive system of faith solely by faith without evaluating between them with some agreed upon criteria.  Geisler writes, "...either a fideist offers a justification for his belief or else he does not.  If he does not,  then  as  unjustified  belief  it  has  no rightful claim to knowledge (63)."


Geisler, Norman. "Christian Apologetics". Baker Academic, 1988.

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, July 02, 2010

The American Bar Association has denounced the Arizona Immigration Law as "racist". Isn't it logically inconsistent for this group of lawyers to come out in opposition to a statute saying who is allowed to be in America and what documentation validates that status while that guild promulgates regulations saying who can practice law and the paperwork governing such?

The American Bar Association has denounced the Arizona Immigration Law as "racist". Isn't it logically inconsistent for this group of lawyers to come out in opposition to a statute saying who is allowed to be in America and what documentation validates that status while that guild promulgates regulations saying who can practice law and the paperwork governing such?

An Asian literally hacked in my informant's face today. No wonder most strains of deadly pestilence begin as epidemics in that part of the world.

Wonder Woman's Patriotism Diminishes Along With Her Exposed Cleavage

Are Welfare Payments Being Swiped Against Strippers G-Strings?

McLaren is a nut. In his interview on Issues Etc, he characterized purchasing food in a grocerry store as being complicit in cultural accomodation. Though his Burtonsville compound is in what was once the more rural suburbs of the DC area, it doesn't exactly look to be self sustainining nor McLaren a burly agricultural type.

Obama insists borders and fences do not ensure national security. Then why is there an exceedingly tall one around the White House along with snipers and concrete barricades surrounding assorted government buildings in Washington?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Into The Heart Of Darkness, Part 2

In "Into The Heart Of Darkness, Part 1", I examined the Black liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright and how the leftist radicalism at the heart of this worldview serves as the foundation of the belief system of President Barack Obama and forms the basis of many of his policies. And even though Obama claims to have renounced his connections to his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, since Obama sat under this pastor for nearly 20 years and continues to advocate these kinds of policies, it is obvious Obama has not distanced himself from sociopolitical radicalism to the extent he claims he has.

Even if Obama is successful in tossing under the rug the insinuations of having embraced Afrosupremacist theology, he has gone out of his way repeatedly to let the world know he spent the early years of his career as a community organizer. Obama supporters would have average Americans believe that this position involved little more than getting the plumbing fixed in rundown apartments or organizing senior citizens outings to the local supermarket for the elderly without their own transportation.

While these are laudable undertakings, these tasks do not encapsulate the true purposes and intents of community organizing. These are just the bait to lure the needy yet unsuspecting into deeper levels of manipulation.

Though Barack Obama looked to Jeremiah Wright to provide a theological foundation for his ambitions and life's work, the danger the President represents goes beyond even the vile message propagated by his religious mentor. For despite his egregious faults, one has to hand it to Jeremiah Wright that at least he is upfront about what he believes and speaks his mind.

Obama's apostles have tried to place their liege's hallowed past beyond the realm of critical scrutiny by insinuating it is now racist to look into what exactly community organizing is and that Jesus Himself was one. However, it is anything but holy and norhing whatsoever to do with race.

At its heart, community organizing is about Communist agitation. In a National Review article titled "What Did Obama Do As A Community Organizer", Byron York defines community organizing as "the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population...and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem often by giving the affected group money."

It sounds like such an approach is morally neutral as it doesn't differ on the surface all that much from the tactics employed by any group along the political spectrum. However, in the case of Barack Obama, this strategy would be used to implement the kinds of things he learned from Jeremiah Wright and the other acolytes of perdictious revolution.

The school of activism with which Obama aligned himself employed such tactics in pursuits of obviously radical leftist ends. Obama's employer the Calumet Community Religious Conference embraced the doctrines of Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky's magnum opus Rules For Radicals is dedicated to none other than Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. Thus, if Obama was mentored by those who in turn took their inspiration from the devil, by definition, doesn't that make Obama none other than Satan's intellectual grandchild?

The original purpose of the Church was to use its resources to assist the individual to get their lives straightened out in the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, under the rubric of social organizing, we are to no longer view ourselves as responsible for ourselves but instead as part of a COMMUNITY and with docility take commands and instructions from those that have set themselves up as the vanguard of the proletariat who are not bound by the restrictions placed upon we lower breeds of humanity.

This is seen in terms of the denigration of American icon John Wayne. In most of his films, John Wayne portrayed characters that looked to their own moral wherewithal or their families to solve their own problems. Such thinking that is nowadays mocked used to be admired as self-reliance. In the worldview of Barack Obama, we are to have both our guns and our God wrest from us and are instead to look to the state for purpose and to solve our problems as epitomized by his remark that he wanted to “make government cool again”.

Though he may not say it directly, but by examining what Obama says and in analyzing it in light of its implications and how he himself lives, one can legitimately conclude that this would-be messiah thinks that you exist for the benefit of the state and those like himself better than you. For example, at the cornerstone of Obama’s social philosophy is the plan to reduce the standard and quality of life for the vast majority of Americans. In May 2008 in a speech in Oregon, Obama said, “We can’t drive our SUV’s and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times.”

Does the average American really comprehend the level of control being proposed here? Why in the name of perdition does anyone want a president that thinks it is his place to tell you what to drive, what you can eat, and how warm you can keep your house? For any government that can tell you what you can and cannot do in your own home to that extent will eventually no longer permit you to live in your own home for reasons of national security, environmental sustainability, or whatever other bogus excuse will be bandied about the day the mass roundups start.

Even worse, Obama does not live by the standard he thinks out to be imposed upon you. For while you are not to eat anything not on a government approved menu or go anywhere beyond the radius one can travel by unicycle or pogostick, Obama does not sit home in the dark, shivering with a blanket draped over his shoulders, munching on saltines.

The environment is no where near the point of collapse that he wants you to be duped into believing. One of the places Obama vacations is the U.S. Virgin Islands. Though some esteem Obama with an almost messianic aura and he has come close to applying such rhetoric to himself in prattle about turning back the seas and such, I some how doubt he walked to that particular destination.

Yet it is not enough for Obama that your life comes to a screeching halt to assuage the environmental consciences of big shot liberals such as himself and Al Gore (who has obviously been eating whatever he wants since leaving the Vice Presidency). Obama also wants your life regimented and under close government scrutiny.

According to the sacred Barack, it is not enough for the average citizen to mind their own business and take care of one’s own family. Rather, one must surrender oneself to the will of the group or the COMMUNITY.

As the next stage of the liberation theology he sat under for nearly 20 years in the church overseen by Jeremiah Wright, Obama postulated in a commencement address at Wesleyan University in June 2008 that “our individual salvation depends on collective salvation.” This is quite revealing as to the underlying religious orientation of this particular president.

In traditional Biblical theology, salvation is a state of grace or unmerited favor imputed to the INDIVIDUAL pardoning one from the penalty for sin because it the individual that must believe in Jesus as the only begotten Son of God who lived the perfect life we could not, died, and shed His blood as the penalty for our sins and rose from the dead that we have eternal life. However, to Barack Obama, salvation is not about an eternal reward for loving Jesus with one’s mind, body, and soul; rather salvation to Barack Obama is about conformity to the group. You, as a distinct consciousness, do not matter all that much.

This is evident in both Obama's policy proposals as well as in his disdain for the behavioral principles underlying the moral code based in Scripture that prevents some of man's tendencies from degenerating into tyrannical anarchy or collectivism if these desires become unshackled from the realist perspective that man is a sinner and still hears sin’s siren call even when forgiven and redeemed through the shed blood of Christ.

To prevent the masses of the Biblically illiterate from being swept away by Obama’s rhetorical manipulations, Dr. James Dobson spoke out against some of the secular messiah’s misinterpretations of the Good Book. Falling for some of the hype that he’s the best thing since Jesus Christ and actually the Lord’s replacement in the hearts of many, Obama has proceeded to inform the rest of us which parts of his “predecessor’s” Word may apply in the new “AB” era, as some have suggested all of history now be divided between before and after Obama.

Without a more careful exegesis into and research of the Biblical text, the holy Obama concluded that, if one thinks that prohibitions against homosexuality still apply today, than those against the consumption of shellfish still apply as well. In response, according to a 6/24/08 Associated Press article titled “Obama: Dobson Is Making Stuff Up With Bible Criticism”, Dobson dared to say of Obama’s assertion, “I think he’s [Obama] deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology.”

Dobson’s opinion is actually closer to the historic Christian position. Most denominations and theologians claim that the majority of Israelite dietary guidelines do not apply to the Church composed of both Jews and Gentiles because these restrictions were not reiterated in the New Testament and in fact were set aside in various passages.

For example, in Matthew 15:11, Jesus Himself assures that that one is not defiled by what goes into one’s mouth but rather by what comes out of it. And in Acts 10, the Apostle Peter is told in a vision to deliberately eat of an animal said to be ceremonially unclean. If the act of eating a particular kind of animal was in and of itself immoral and sinful, would the God of the universe have given instructions to have done so?

The same cannot be said of homosexuality. Nowhere are the Old Testament injunctions labeling the practice as wrong rescinded in the New and in fact they are reemphasized in passages such as Romans 1 and included in a list of offences barring their perpetrators from entering Heaven if one does not seek forgiveness for them through the shed blood of Christ.

And contrary to all the sissies in a hissy over Rick Warren offering the inauguration prayer because Warren did not endorse the notion of gay marriage, insisting that this lifestyle is wrong does not mean that those falling into this temptation will be rounded up and sent to prison (though a percentage would probably enjoy that) or be put to death. It could be argued that Jesus softened the penalty for the transgressions of the lustful flesh.

Though Jesus was merciful He nevertheless retained the position that what the women at the well did was sin by telling her to sin no more. Today, those wanting to air their dirty laundry with pride rather than keeping it between only God and themselves as those with a tender conscience would prefer, vociferously insist that what they have done isn’t even sin.

And in the eyes of mystical humanists such as Obama and his ministerial supporters in the Order of the Scarlet Woman, this is the area in which Dobson has done something unforgivable. Dobson has held on to the notion that sin, in its most basic form, is an individual act.

According to Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, who basically endorsed Obama for no other reason than that Obama is Black as before Caldwell supported George W. Bush, said Dobson was “a bit over the top”, and “crossed the line”. More importantly, Caldwell admonished, “There has been a call for a higher level of politics and politicking. So to attack at this level is inappropriate and I think unacceptable and we at least want to hold everybody accountable.”

Ladies and gentlemen, what is being called for here is an abridgement of the fundamental constitutional liberties of anyone daring to disagree with or even question the new messiah. For while Dr. Dobson has been told to essentially sit down and shut up, a cabal of leftwing clerics of which Cadwell has been numbered established a website called Examining the groups fundamental principles is quite instructive regarding the new social gospel that elevates the group above the individual.

For example, the website proclaimed regarding Dobson, “He doesn’t speak for me when he uses religion as a wedge to divide.” Let’s look at this for a moment.

Aren’t Obama, his false prophet Jeremiah Wight, and lesser luminaries such as Rev. Caldwell each riding the coattails of each using religion to divide? For crying out loud, the Black liberation theology expounded by Jeremiah Wright thinks God doesn’t even love you if you are White.

Furthermore, who says religion is not meant to divide? While Scripture tells us that God is not willing that any should perish, there are just as many other passages informing us that Christ came to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff.

Also, interesting, isn’t it, how in the coming together in unity that it is those holding to a traditional understanding of Biblical morality that are to compromise their standards rather than those who fall short of these principles and from then on strive to elevate their conduct?

As the declaration points out, “What does speak for me is David’s Psalm celebrating how good and pleasant it is when we come together in unity.” That is true, but in order to unite, there must be considerable agreement as to what principles one is going to unite around. Of those with whom one disagrees considerably, the Bible commands, “Come from out among them and be ye separate.”

The declaration continues, “James Dobson doesn’t speak for me when he uses the beliefs of others as a line of attack; He doesn’t speak for me when he denigrates his neighbors’ views when they don’t line up with his.”

As noted earlier, by criticizing Dobson’s criticizing, aren’t they themselves guilty of criticizing? Did not the holy Barack partake of the same act?

What if Dobson's neighbor was a vile skinhead that plucked the eyes out of newborn kittens? Is Dobson just suppose to sit their and not say anything about this ethical transgression as well if we are to take the mutated uncontextualized version of judge not to its ultimate conclusion?

Contrary to the Obamaist declaration, Dobson does not confine the values of faith to two or three issues. First off, Focus on the Family is not a church.

Thus, the organization does not necessarily have the same spiritual mandate to address to the same extent the totality of existence of life that God's sacred assembly has been called to. Yet that said, Focus on the Family addresses a wider array of issues and concerns than these liberal Black churches that have for the most part confined their message to propagating the blame Whitey mentality of whom Republicans and Conservatives rank their primary targets.

From the tone of the declaration, Dobson stands accused of not seeking justice, encouraging the oppressed, or defending the cause of the vulnerable. Yet when Dobson rises to do so, these collared hypocrites accuse him of reducing the faith to two or three issues and not working to restore what is broken in our communities. If the efforts of Focus on the Family have been reduced to two or three issues, it is only because that apostates like Obama and his supporters have focused their war against Christ and the Bible towards a few central cultural pillars in the hopes of causing the entire edifice of our heritage of liberty to implode in upon itself.

Unable to speak or act on their own behalf, who is more than the unborn that the babykillers can’t wait to hack apart with their meat cleavers? What institution is more vulnerable than the contemporary family with the assorted threats out to achieve its abolition through easy divorce, its dilution through its alleged recognized extension to homosexuals, and through the proliferation of government programs that make parents of both sexes feel either redundant in the case of men as providers or obsolete in the case of work at home mothers.

Leftist clergy drone on and on about the beauty of religious unity and cooperation. However, if they are going to embrace practices such as infanticide and sodomite nuptials as good and positive things, one might as well toss the Bible in the paper shredder and sleep in Sunday morning. Under such a worldview, nothing is wrong anymore and you might as well do whatever the Sheol you please.

Under the Obama regime, while your obligation to God might be diminished, don’t think you are going to slide by on easy street in terms of guilt being toned down. Rather a whole new litany of demands will be placed upon an otherwise productive citizen.

In commencement addresses given in both 2008 and 2009, Obama repeatedly called for a renewed spirit of national service. To most Americans accustomed to working for what they have, on the surface this may sound like little more than what they are already doing. However, the plans go much shockingly further.

In the free market economy of the United States, the individual offers some kind of commodity --- be it labor, a tangible good produced, brainpower, or time --- in exchange for monetary compensation. And though the system is not perfect, the higher the participant rises in the system, the greater the rewarding compensation one is able to accrue.

However, that may come to a screeching halt if our Seigneur and Chief gets to have his way. For in his worldview, no longer will it be enough to strive within the rules to get the things one wants. Rather in a manner not unlike a medieval manor, if the New World Order advocated by a succession of presidents each in their own way with distinctive emphases comes to pass, you will be bound to the same occupational station and residential area not until you as a free person decides to change it but rather until those higher up the system decide to amend such biographical characteristics.

In his 2008 commencement address, Obama said, “There’s no community service requirement in the real world; no one is forcing you to care. You can take your diploma, walk off stage, and chase only after the big house and the nice suits and all the other things our money, culture says, you should buy. You can choose to narrow your concerns and live your life in a way that tries to keep your story separate from America’s.”

Obama cites as precedent his own case where he took a position as a community organizer making $12,000 per year while driving a $2,000 car. But whereas you are suppose to remain content at a life of minimal toil, since Obama has always been in his own mind the man who would be king, he was always entitled to possess so much more.

According to an Investor’s Business Daily article posted at Yahoo News on 6/2/2008 titled “Living On Obama’s Collective Farm", Obama made over $4 million that year. But I guess that’s what it takes to keep a ball-and-chain like Michelle in $500 athletic shoes far uglier than my $20 K-Mart ones and $5000 handbags (a good used automobile doesn’t cost much more than that).

From comparing these dichotomies, one can conclude that Obama does not really care so much about the poor. Rather, in true Alinskyite fashion, he sees those in such circumstances as pawns to agitate into a froth through which to seize power and advance his own status. If it had meant a life of toil and anonymity as it does for most dedicating their lives to uplifting the poverty-stricken, would Obama have even pursued this path in his early career?

As to whether or not Obama will allow participation in national service to remain an individual choice is open to interpretation. In the 2008 address, Obama went on to say, “On the big issues that our nation faces, difficult choices await. We’ll have to face some hard truths, and some sacrifice will be required --- not only from you individually, but from the nation as a whole.” But in light of $5000 handbags, weekend jaunts onboard Air Force I to Broadway plays, and pizza chefs flown in from the Midwest to appease a gastronomical hankering, that call does not apply to his highness of course.

Often, those without an inclination towards politics shrug their shoulders at these grandiose pronouncements and go about their business thinking that those in authority won't go much beyond the stage of public elocution. However, this time around such disengaged citizens might not be so insightful.

The President's ball-and-chain Michelle said in a campaign speech, "Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zone...Barack Obama will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."

Listen up, you battle ax, I'll be as cynical as I want to be. Your hubby might have been a Professor of Constitutional Law, but apparently he was as dedicated to that occupational station as he was to his seat in the Illinois State House, where he regularly and decisively voted “present, and to the U.S. Senate, where his attendance was shoddy at best as he merely used that office to campaign for the presidency and to pull down a hefty paycheck while doing it.

The First Amendment protects the rights of the individual to believe whatever they want and to enunciate their opinion as to the actions and motivations of the nation’s leaders. This includes saying that these politicians are little more than frauds. Any legislation or executive order to the contrary is an infringement of this Constitutional protection.

And as to being isolated and in one’s “comfort zone”, so long as one pays their bills and stays to themselves, they have the right to be every bit of a hermit as they want to be. Until any President can lock down the border and prevent illegal aliens from violating the territorial integrity of the United States, the Chief Executive has so failed in his fundamental responsibility that he ant those that work beneath him should have no spare time whatsoever to be concerned with how I spend my own time.

Though the discerning might have to weave the disparate fragments together into a complete tapestry, the minions of despotism and iniquity are so full of themselves that they cannot resist scattering crumbs and often wholesale cognitive meals detailing their intentions to destroy liberty and reduce the population to the level of modern day serfs. Shame is, the election of Barack Obama is proof how a significant percentage of the American people would rather ignore the harsh realties staring them right in the face.

by Frederick Meekins

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