Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

If it is racist for Benn & Jerry's to provide fortune cookies along with the company's flavor honoring Jeremy Linn, isn't it racist to expect these treats at a Chinese restaurant?

Hillary Sides With Rabble Killing American Soldiers Instead Of Republican Candidates

If the Muslims take over, at least someone will likely put a bag over the head of Hillary Clinton and we will never again have to gaze upon the visage of that contemporary Medusa.

Terrorist Sympathizers Disrupting Noonie Darwish Portrayed As Victims

Why shouldn't those disrupting a speech expect to get the snot knocked out of them?

Maybe a judge will recognize this as an inherent component of "Red Neck" culture if tantrums are to be legally applauded as an inherent component of an Islamic mindset?

Welfare Dregs Nearly Rampage Over Athletic Shoes

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maybe if those wanting the sonograms on their stomachs instead of up their HOOHAH had initially kept things on their stomach instead of up their HOOHAH, maybe they wouldn't be seeking an abortion.

WMAL's Brian Wilson said that he was opposed to mandatory medical procedures such as the proposed mandatory pre-abortion sonogram. Then shouldn't he also be opposed to DNA paternity tests designed to entrap deadbeat dads?

Joe Scarborough remarked that transvaginal sonograms weren't the way to win swing voters (in other words those wanting to hack their unborn babies to pieces without a smeared conscience). Neither was desegregating lunch counters and water fountains. But don't some human rights need to take precedence over others?

If he becomes Vice President, in his acceptance speech will Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell intend to thank the unborn children sacrificed as a result of his politically expedient waffling regarding pre-abortion sonograms?

If we are merely animalistic and materialistic why this insisting by those opposed to pre-abortion sonograms that bodily privates are imbued with an almost worshipful reverence?

If Obama apologized to Karzi over the burning of the Korans with Jihadist crib notes scribbled all over them, do the likes of the Taliban and the Afghan government intend to apologize over outrages perpetrated upon Christians. The only thing that Obama should have said in the letters is that, if the Afghan mobs didn't stop their rampaging, more than a few texts are going to be set aflame.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If good is epitomized by the supernatural personality referred to as "God", why should there not be a literal supernatural entity personifying evil? And if one is going to claim that actual evil does not exist, on what grounds does one insist it is wrong to mention the personification of evil in the consciousness known as "Satan"?

In a Tonight Show interview, in regards to Rick Santorum, Bill O'Reilly said we've all made "dopey" comments. Apparently, Santorum's were in regards to profoundly religious and spiritual matters. Didn't O'Reilly's consist of crank calls to women regarding his debauched fetishes?

If a White philanthropist donates significant sums of money to a museum commemorating the achievements and struggles of the White race but not a similar museum memorializing the history of all American people, wouldn't the philanthropist be considered racist? Then shouldn't Oprah Winfrey be considered as such?

Usually those most vociferous in denying the existence of Satan are the ones in most enthusiastic communion with the Prince of Darkness.

If Rick Santorum is to be grilled regarding his beliefs on the existence of Satan, shouldn't Mitt Romney be asked if he believes that if he avoids warmed liquids such as coffee, tea, and possibly even soup that he will one day be a god over his own planet?

If Rick Santorum is to be mocked for believing in the existence of Satan, shouldn't we poke even more fun at Mitt Romney for thinking the Old Deluder is actually Christ's slightly more naughty brother?

Those tramps outraged about Virginia's proposed pre-abortion transvaginal ultrasounds certainly weren't particular about what they were putting up there prior to seeking to engage in infanticide.

Santorum is correct. Leftist Protestantism is barely Christianity anymore. The very same thing could be said about leftwing Catholicism as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quite revealing that Third World are savages in an uproar over the Koran burnings aren't saying much about the Jihadist crib notes scrawled across the sacred texts in question.

Interesting how sonograms required prior to an abortion procedure are categorized as “invasive” but the actual abortion procedure hacking the unborn child to pieces isn’t.

Rush Limbaugh insists getting sick won't likely ruin you financially if you lack health insurance. How can the average person even save up for $9000 per month nursing home care? Most of us don't make over $40 million per year or afford enough "recreational" oxycontin to kill an elephant.

Media Luciferians Condemn Santorum For Casting Satan In Sinister Light

Was Ron Paul Campaign Duped By George Soros?

Will Summer Youth Program Teach Students To Rampage In The Streets?

Will lessons include how to defecate on police cruisers, how to defile church buildings, and how to toss condoms at private school pupils?

Did Ron Paul's People Double Dip Travel Expenses?

Disney Security No Mickey Mouse Operation

Detentions For Petty Infractions Latest Revenue Raising Racket

School Lad Blacklisted As Racist For Expressing Cross Cultural Curiousity

Interesting we can't ask those that look different from us where they are from, but are we are suppose to fawn all over their cultures as superior to our own or have hand outs dug out our rear ends to lavish all over them.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wonder if 50 years ago Americans would have thought the chief goal of NASA was to guarantee that Muslims felt good about that civilization's contributions to math and science with the Moon on the verge of being taken over by Red China?

If we can no longer say "chink in the armor" in order to show respect to Asians, perhaps we should abolish the phrase "honking the horn" or no longer refer to non-cookie baked snacks as "crackers" in order to render due homage to the White race

Will the likes of the Anti-Defamation League campaign to get the drama "Good Christian Bitches" removed from the airwaves with the same zeal with which the leftist group smeared Pat Buchanan?

How long would one remain alive if one produced versions of "Good Christian Bitches" featuring other world religions with an alacrity for suicide bombings and flying jetliners into skyscapers?

Obama Threatens Massive Tax Increase

Cornel West & Tavis Smiley Find Fornicating Jesus & Killing White Folks Humorous

Juvenile Lushes Threaten Reporter's Progeny

FBI Insists "Distasteful" Stereotypes Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorists

Questioning Obama's Values Denounced

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?

For obvious and justifiable reasons, a number of Evangelical leaders often cast a suspicious gaze at Mormon figures in American public life. After all, though the two systems of belief share a similar vocabulary at certain points and often both hold to traditionalist assumptions regarding social morality, these perspectives differ considerably regarding the nature of God as well as the origins and destiny of man.

However, the least that the orthodox Christian commenting on public affairs ought to do is to try and maintain some kind of consistent policy towards those advocating what could be considered a doctrinally questionable religious viewpoint. It seems that instead of basing such characterizations solely upon the beliefs such voices claim must take precedence above all other considerations, such analysis is often skewered in favor of those most likely to ensure that the particular pundit in question can retain a position as the water carrier of the entrenched political establishment.

For example, in his 9/16/11 commentary transcript, Cal Thomas mentions Rick Perry presenting his testimony before an audience at Liberty University. Thomas closes his brief analysis by concluding Perry's testimony isn't all that important beyond its existential value as it is more important how one's faith works itself out in a President's policies. Thomas astutely observers that believers have had the wool pulled over our eyes numerous times in terms of politicians saying one thing and doing another.

Thomas concludes, "But if Mitt Romney, a Mormon turns out to be better to defeat the President and advance policies with which most Evangelicals agree, then he should be the one the President's opponents get behind."

From the standpoint of an objective political calculation, Thomas is correct. However, since the publication of "Blinded By Might: Why The Religious Right Can't Save America" in which he and co-author Ed Dobson heaped criticism upon the Religious Right by exposing the shortcomings of Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority (an organization both men saw from the inside), Thomas has gone out of his way to downplay the role conservative Christians ought to play in politics.

Since Thomas's coauthor went from a standpoint of being apolitical to losing his marbles by taking on the less than kept grooming habits of an Old Testament prophet insisting that the Scriptures insist that the only properly cast ballot had to be for Barack Obama, you'd think Thomas might have realized he might have been duped into castigating conservative Christians into a state of hyperpious quietism. However, it seems Thomas continues advocating this perspective selectively whenever he thinks doing so might win him a few scraps of dwindling recognition from media and Republican elites.

For whereas we are suppose to gleefully march behind Romney (Thomas no doubt in part so he can ask the former Massachusetts governor who does the candidate's cranial dye job), his tone regarding Glenn Beck, another prominent Mormon, is markedly different.

In the transcript of the 4/11/11 Cal Thomas commentary, the columnist warns, "Beck is not only a Mormon, he frequently drifts into universalism." Writing in particular to the news of Beck's ouster from Fox News, Thomas muses, "They come and they go in this business...and eventually flame out..Put not your trust in princes and kings. That goes for show hosts, too."

This from the very same media figure that just a few paragraphs back was getting all aboard the Romney express.

Evangelicals do need to be cautious regarding Mormon theology. For example, in his book "The Real America: Early Writings From The Heart & Heartland", Beck said a number of things that would make a true believer's hair stand on with goosebumps had it come from the lips of anyone else.

In one passage, Beck said that he thought the Trinity, the idea that the Godhead is composed of the three distinct personages of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, was laughable and that there was no such thing as Hell.

Which brings us to another point. It is interesting how Beck can ridicule the most profound belied and mystery of the greatest number of Christians in the world (that being those that grant assent to the ecumenical creeds such as the Nicene) but the entire Republican Party stands ready to burn at the stake a single pastor that dared enunciate as to why he would not be endorsing Mitt Romney for the nomination.

What the pastor said was technically correct. If Americans inclined themselves a bit more towards religious reflection, they would know that the word "cult" does not necessarily denote a sect that ultimately meets with a violent end as a result of authoritarian leadership as in the cases of Johnstown, Heaven's Gate, and the Branch Davidians.

A cult can be any group that splits off from one of the larger world religions and is distinct from the parental creed it has separated itself from by either renouncing the more orthodox formulations of a doctrine or by promulgating a new dogma or revelation that the more orthodox adherents of the larger faith cannot embrace in good conscience.

For example, Mormonism holds that God was once a man not all that different than the rest of us who worked his way up to that status and that we too can also one day become deities over our own little planets as well. Traditional Christianity holds to the idea, that Beck snidely derided, that God exists externally from everlasting to everlasting in the form of three distinct unified persons. God is complete in Himself and does not grow or learn over time as claimed by the Later Day Saints.

The prominence played by Mormonism in the 2012 election cycle has presented American Christians in general and Evangelicals in particular with a unique set of challenges. On the one hand, believers are obligated by Scripture to speak in a firm but loving manner in defense of their own beliefs while pointing out distinctively where that faith is incompatible with Mormonism. And on the other, in a constitutional republic recognizing the freedom of religion we each posses as individuals created in the image of God, Mormon citizens have every right to engage in the same forms of civic participation that all Americans enjoy and sense a profound duty towards.

by Frederick Meekins

Army Forces Men To Wear Fake Boobs In Training

Friday, February 17, 2012

Married to someone as slow and dull as Allan Greenspan, the talk of the strategically placed analgesic was probably the closest Andrea Mitchell has had to anything between the legs in years.

Interesting that a comical remark about an aspirin between the knees is an economical form of birth control is off color. I guess the hacked to pieces body of an aborted baby is, however, just the right shade.

With all this clamoring for free contraceptives, it seems woman are more obsessed with sex and what is between their legs than most men are.

Will Van Jones Seize Control Of The Democratic Party?

If leftist Jews can agitate to have Pat Buchanan removed from television, is it then proper to agitate to have leftist Jews removed from the airwaves?

Insightful Santorum Policy Tome Dismissed As "Mysterious"

To paraphrase Chesterton, in these times "common sense" is viewed as anything but common.

Interesting. By kicking Pat Buchanan out the door, MSNBC is admitting that Buchanan's thesis about the demise of the White race is so correct that it cannot be refuted in light of rational analysis.

If Jews are to be applauded for taking steps to preserve their own ethnicity & culture, shouldn't they applaud Pat Buchanan for doing the same for his?

Hope the Jews do realize that, to the likes of radical minorities, they just look for the most part like other White people.

Judeosupremacists Oust Pat Buchanan From MSNBC

Certainly lays to rest the notion about the "you-know-whos" controlling the media.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Uncensored Writing Not So Uncensored After All

Does Glenn Beck's Latest Campaign Dangerously Blur Theological Distinctives?

Public School Chorus Sings Song In Praise Of Allah

Even if "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for God, we speak English in America.

Can we sing a German tune with the word "Fuehrer" in it when we simply mean a leader?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

At the behest of Frau Obama, Pentagon officials are changing the chow at U.S. military bases around the world. Shouldn't those willing to die for their country be allowed to eat what they want?

Those Denying Resurrection Keep Religious Language To Spread Deception

In the 9/20/11 issues of Sojourners magazine is an advertisement for the 2012 Gladdening Light Symposium featuring Jesus Seminar scholar John Dominic Crossan. Part of the ad copy reads, "Feed the soul, savor the beauty, and experience the communion love of Agape in the Gladdening Light of God."

However, if Crossan is being heralded as what in show business and prize fights circles is called the main event, those in attendance will have very little to ultimately be glad about. Given the name of the symposium, the event frankly borders on false advertising.

Anyone that has subscribed to the History Channel or A&E before both networks went nearly all alien autopsy and rummage sales has no doubt seen Crossan. He is a talking head that use to get dragged out around Christmas and Easter time for those specials that posture as giving viewers the latest dirt on the events of the Bible being bantered about in the halls of respectable academia.

However, seldom do these programs confirm the accuracy of the Biblical accounts. Rather, the intended purpose is often to heap as much skepticism upon these narratives as possible.

Crossan’s ticket to never picking up a bar tab (or in this case midwinter accommodations in sunny Florida) is that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead. Instead, Crossan believes Christ’s body was instead most likely eaten by dogs.

But rather than surrendering to a life as a squeegee man if religion is such a colossal waste of time, Crossan has taken up the mission of destroying other people’s faith as well. It’s just that Crossan continues to hold onto Christian terminology to accomplish this task. And it’s quite the incentive to keep at it that mildly entertaining eccentric skeptics are invited on midwinter Florida speaking tours and squeegee men are not.

Over the centuries, most have been drawn to Christianity as a result of its hope and promise of a blissful afterlife at the conclusion of this so very brief existence of terrestrial mortality. Crossan’s vision of Christianity’s allure is markedly different.

On the surface, what Crossan and the Gladdening Light Foundation are calling for sounds quite a bit like Communism, but of a milksop variety lacking the backbone to do so without reference to God and along with the hopes that the religious buzzwords will draw in the easily duped.

The ad copy reads, “...Crossan’s vision of God’s longing for a just and loving community representative of all (‘loving thy neighbor as thyself’ from Leviticus and the Gospel of Mark).” The paragraph concludes that, along with Crossan, a number of whom couldn’t otherwise get real jobs such as a “community choreographer” will speak about “their own creative aspirations struggling for transformation beyond societies that marginalize the disenfranchised.”

This may need to be translated for those that don’t speak stoned hippy. What this really means is that your rights and property as an individual mean very little or even nothing.

It is only the group that counts since that is the only thing that lives on. In a materialistic universe without a Resurrection, we pass out of existence at death (or at best make a guest appearance as a garbled electronic voice phenomena on one of those cable TV spiritism shows that took the place of the kind programming Crossan used to be featured on when A&E and the Discovery Channel attempted to appeal to the educated).

"Struggling for transformation" is the new euphemism for the old revolutionary phrase "by any means necessary". For now, the saps at the Gladdening Light Symposium are so naive that they think you will be so dazzled by COMMUNITY choreography (must be something like a Glee cast dance number) and Cherokee story telling that you will gladly hand everything you have over to what the ideological forbearers of these sorts of activities use to call the vanguard of the proletariat.

Of course, they will skim some extra off the top for themselves. I'm sure John Dominic Crossan didn't come cheap and at least had his first class airfare provided while no doubt working into his lectures why the rest of us ought to flagellate ourselves over the developed world's carbon footprint.

This still doesn't answer the most important question. What will prevent the likes of those worked up into such a froth of imminent expectancy from turning violent when they discover you aren't quite as moved as they thought you would be by fancy footwork and the cute little parables many American Indians seem to have a knack for?

One should not try to deny that there will not be any bashing of Western civilization in general and America in particular at the symposium. This will be an automatic given.

This can be discerned from the phrase "societies that marginalize the disenfranchised". But is a symposium where "Pilgrims concerned with the plight of the world's people will gather for an entire weekend of vigorous discussion, enlightened teaching, and thoughtful reflection" where the attendees don't actually travel to assist the disenfranchised but rather to the state whose very name epitomizes delightful winter comfort and luxury really going to accomplish all that much?

About the closest any of the attendees will come to a Third Worlder is the picture of the African refugees placed in the left hand corner of the advertisement announcing the symposium. What this vigorous discussion, enlightened teaching, and thoughtful reflection will likely consist of is a bunch of moderately wealthy former hippies and their young adult children dreaming up additional ways to shame you out of your own money or how to swindle it away from you at the end of the taxman's gun if you aren't gullible enough to go along with the obsequious self-loathing.

I Corinthians 15:19 says in regards to the Resurrection, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." I Peter 1:16 assures, "For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty." Any doubting this central teaching of the Christian message while continuing to employ the imagery and rhetoric of the faith is not out to instill hope but rather the most enslaving form of tyranny.

by Frederick Meekins

Rosie O'Donnell attempted to play matchmaker between Tim Tebow and a Playboy harlot, no doubt in an attempt to ridicule Tebow's Christian faith. Isn't O'Donnell doing this more offensive than someone introducing Rosie to a man, thinking this would cure her of her lesbianism?

Is Nicholas Cage A Time Traveling Civil War Vampire?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First Lady Embarrasses Nation On Late Night TV

Would Martha Washington have gone on TV to lecture Jay Leno regarding his dietary habits?

Leno's diet must not be too bad. He seems quite active, lively, and relatively young looking for his age.

What an outright hypocrit. Frau Obama confesses about her birthday cake while lecturing Leno on junkfood.

Is it any First Lady's business how an American gets their fiber, as Frau Obama interrogated of Jay Leno?

It is more offensive for Frau Obama to inquire of Leno's fiber intake than Sam Donaldson asking if there was blood in Reagan's stool.

Would Martha Washington have been on national TV with a skirt so short that her ass was just about sticking out?

Heard the phrase "Slowdancing with Jesus." And they wonder why so many men distance themselves from organized religion.

Moonbase Gingrich derided as ridiculous. Won't be so funny when Red Chinese get their 1st & aim missles from there at America.