Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bill O'Reilly was certainly combative with Roma Downy regarding the miniseries on the Bible she has produced for the History Channel. O'Reilly kept badgering her about Adam, Eve, and the Flood as being nothing more than allegorical. If these are merely stories, on what grounds does O'Reilly have that the accounts of Christ, the Resurrection, and future reward in the After Life aren't allegorical as well or is perhaps that is what he is banking on?

That's kind of sad the Pope deleted his Twitter account. He could still be an informative voice on world events and theological developments even if one differs with his interpretation on things.

Human Events has decided to cease print operations. My grandmother use to have a saying: "As modern as tomorrow morning's newspaper." Sadly, it seems that witty bit of rhetoric is no longer sufficiently modern. Will likely come a day when a generation won't even know what a newspaper is. At least in consolation, those of us that the traditional journalistic establishments wouldn't give the time of day to in terms of providing content can now ourselves cultivate our own media outposts in terms of blogs and other forms of social media. Those of us that do so now from a Conservative perspective take a moment to recall respectfully the inspiration each of us were provided by this stalwart publication.

Chris Matthews equated hoarders with homicidal gunmen. So will liberals next advocate the need to catalog in the name of homeland security and public safety how many cans of food are stored in people's pantries?

Does Celibacy Undermine The Priesthood?

Benedict Vows Unquestioning Obedience To Next Pope No Matter How Deplorable

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Leftwing Media Hopes New Pope Will Pander To Deviants & Babykillers

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Will "Skynet" Replace The World Wide Web?

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A St. Patrick's Lass

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Pat Buchanan At Nixon Centennial Celebration

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bob Woodward has been threatened by the Administration for daring to report on the President. Was the famed reported threatened this directly during the Watergate investigation?

If an illegal had leaped over the fence surrounding the White House, would they number among the horde being leased from prison to terrorize the United States for refusing to acquiesce to Obama’s budget demands?

Warped Youngster Sues For Right To Tinkle With Girls

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Harry Reid Heralds Film Celebrating The Shooting Of White People As An Artistic Masterpiece

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Bob Woodward Warns Obama Descending Into Madness

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Two female California state legislators are outraged over Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar performance. It is claimed his comments regarding nude scenes were degrading to women. Do these public officials intend to raise such criticism against nude scenes in general as well as MacFarlane’s other bawdy material. Did they say anything about “Family Guy” mocking Sarah Palin’s disabled child?

Idiot Queer Insists Pope’s Aptitude At Introspective Systematic Theological Reflection Indicates Homosexuality

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Biden Proclaims That Only The Criminally Suspect Fear The Infringement Of Their Constitutional Liberties

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What The Emergent Church Believes: Postmodernism and Deconstructionism

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Afrosupremacist Congressman Shows His True Colors On Hannity

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Is The Pope Resigning In Disgust At The Debauchery Of His Underlings?

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So there are sufficient funds for federal civilian law enforcement agenies to purchase millions of rounds military grade ammunintoon but not enough money available to keep violent illegals locked up?

"Women: Help America's Sons Win The War"

So apparently there are no funds to detain violent illegals but more than enough spare change lying around to fly Frau Obama to the midwest to spread her propaganda regarding communal calisthenics

The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do--and How to Get Them to Do What You Want

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Multiculturalism Deludes Christian Intellectual

On Facebook, a prominent Christian intellectual announced they were going to give a lecture contrasting the economic and cultural vitality of Asia with the economic and cultural degeneration of America.

Doesn't Christianity teach not to measure the spiritual health of an individual or society in the abundance of things?

That's at least what we are constantly reminded when the missionaries speak not so much as a way to encourage aide to the less fortunate but rather under the guise of bashing the American way of life.

Isn't this claim of a vital Asia made more so because this is the way assorted elites are conditioning us to think?

Asian culture is such a wondrous thing.

Recently, a Lebanese Muslim raped his sister and, when she got pregnant, he murdered her for disgracing the family.

Things are little better in other nations across the continent now being upheld as the ideal.

Female children are literally tossed aside unwanted in India and China.

And in other nation’s such as Thailand, others are sold into forced prostitution.

But I guess that’s also the fault of the average American that‘s never even set foot outside the United States.

Student Initially Flunked For Writing Report On Topic Of Own Choosing On Gunshow

Obama Releases Illegals To Prey Upon Innocent Americans

Jesuit Propagandists Call For The Repeal Of The Second Amendment

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Arguing that the good Christian does not celebrate birthdays because John The Baptist was beheaded as a result of shenanigans that went on at Herod’s birthday party is akin to suggesting that the ideal way for a guy to get a girl that won’t otherwise give him the time of day is to go ahead and rape her because of the statute set forth in Deuteronomy 22:28-29.

Did Eisenhower Negotiate With Extraterrestrials?

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Storage Wars: Terrorist Edition

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Some of these pastors thinking more should be taken away from many Old Testament narratives other than the history of Israel and Christ’s earthly lineage often exegete proscriptively more than what can be justified by the passage. For example, in a sermon, one pastor blamed the mess Jacob got into by marrying both Leah and Rachel on Rebecca because she did not defer to Isaac’s choice of a spouse for his son. Instead, the preacher suggests Esau should have been married off to Leah so Jacob could have Rachel, the one he wanted. Just because Jacob was more the son of promise, in this preacher’s idealized world, is Esau that obligated to ruin his life just so Jacob is satisfied?

Benny Hinn's Son Arrested For Bitch Slapping Deaf Mute

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Sequestration Won't Crimp Obama's Playboy Lifestyle

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The January 2013 issue of the Magazine of History criticizes Evangelical historiography in an article titled “Using The Past To Save Our Nation: The Debate Over Christian America”. Is the publication as eager to denounce politically correct approaches to the discipline not so much concerned about constructing an understanding of the past as it actually transpired but rather about coddling disruptive minorities that literally become destructive over a misconstrued glance or inflected pronoun?

Does The Third Fatima Secret Portend A Vatican Taken Over By Luciferians?

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The Scandal Of Christian Illiteracy

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Bruce Wayne's Bastard Bites Bullet

Bloomturd Bans Two Liter Sodas With Pizza Delivery

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Religious Fanatic Insists Gradeschoolers Passing Notes To One Another Engaged In Fornication

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Monday, February 25, 2013

So among these Emergent Church types that condemn the American middle class dream of individual achievement and accomplishment, do they ever denounce the European or Third World dream of the youthful able-bodied leeching off the public system?

The concept of "extreme discipleship" as advocated in the March 2013 issue of Christianity Today is just the latest euphemism concocted to brainwash the gullible into believing church authorities and deadbeats have a greater right to your property than you do. Why else does the illustration accompanying the article positively depict two pastors looking like filthy hippies hoisting aloft a red flag with a black “R” in a circle. Such blatantly anarchist and even Communistic symbolizing depicted in a positive manner should be as offensive as a swastika or Klan hoods.

In a radio news story about a prominent American Cardinal traveling to the conclave to select a new pope, experts speculated that an American pope would not be likely because of the status of the United States as a superpower. In other words, there is a strong anti-American element within the Vatican.

Cat Talk

Christianity Today Condemns As Idolators Those Refusing To Settle For Second Best

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Obama Minions Rampage In Chicago Mall

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The Templars: The History & The Myth

Obama Threatens To Perfect Mind Control Technolgoy

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Italian Press Claims Vatican Penetrated By Network Of Sodomite Subversives

Frau Obama Extols The Value Of Cinema In Brainwashing & Propagandizing

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Palestinian Sperm Smuggling Ring

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Obama threatening to lock the doors of restrooms in national parks. Just give back to nature and relieve yourself behind a tree if you've got to go that badly. It's all organic anyway. Least that's what they say when they try to sell vegetables grown in the stuff at marked up prices in the supermarket.

A story in the 2/18/13 edition of the Christian Science Monitor examines why the new breed of gun owner has decided to bear arms. The Monitor categorizes such individuals as "mainstream" and "temperate". These are usually terms of approval extended to those agreeing with the bland liberal establishmentarianism espoused by the Christian Science Monitor. The Christian Science Monitor has not usually propagandized on behalf of its eponymous creed. However, the paper is described on its masthead as “An activity of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. How moderate and temperate is it to believe, as this cult does, that the pain caused by a gunshot doesn’t really exist or that the truly spiritual would overcome such agony through the power of Jedi mind trickery?

Would it be proper for a U.S. President to be interviewed by a media personality openly hostile to Black people? Then why did Obama consent to an interview by Al Sharpton that he was so proud to do that it was noted on the official White House schedule for 2/12/13?

Liberals Throw Hissy Fit Over The Design Of Licences For Illegals

This story is indeed an outrage. THESE DEADBEATS SHOULDN'T GET ANY LICENSE!!!! Click On The Headline.

Washington Post is threaten that the sequestratrion could threaten the exhibits at the National Zoo. That place has been deteriorating for years with signs even put up to excuse the lack of landscaping as "urban wildlife habitat".

Bigger Fuss Made That Peterson Raised His Voice Than That He Killed His Wife

Typical feminism that yelling at the prospect of being tossed in the slammer for 30 plus years is proof one is capable of murdering one's wife. According to these radicals, failure to reply with anything but "Yes, dear." with one of those cheesy Oral Rpberts backup singers smiles plastered across your face to anything your wife says is grounds for a domestic violence charge.

So if Orson Scott Card is left out of the PR campaign for Ender's Game because of his opposition to gay marriage, why should we give a flip when liberals whine on about "blacklisting" in Hollywood during the "McCarthy Era"?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top Yahoo headlines consist of an announcement of Superman & Batman teaming up in new upcoming ongoing title. While the title itself might be new, is this really all that novel of a concept? Hasn't there been a title of this pairing, often under the branding of "World's Finest", in some form or the other for nearly 50 years now?

Contrary to Chuck Hagel, sometimes you are better off if you are thought of as the meanest cowboy on the block.

In an article chronicling the slide of Adam Lanza into homicidal violence, a fuss is made that his family's home cost $500,000. Would radical collectivists have preferred that his mass murderer dwelt in a less expensive domicile? Do they now intend to point out which inner city murders are on public assistance despite owning the latest IPhone and gold plated teeth?

If Adam Lanza during his attack on Sandy Hook elementary was changing magazines more frequently than required, then why all the fuss over high capacity magazines to the extent that we are required to alter our way of life when the technology wasn't even being utilized?

In the 2/18/13 issue of America: The National Catholic Weekly, an article on the entitlement's society and the devaluation of labor concludes, "When social policies encourage the cessation of work at midlife, those early retirees no longer have access to work's non-material benefits." Interestingly, nothing was said about the able-bodied young, especially among the migrant groups pandered to by certain factions within the Catholic church, sucking off the system. The Pope would have stepped down long before reaching the age of 85 if the extent of his daily physically exertion went beyond waving at the assembled throng outside his balcony.

Joe Biden insists you have no right to be defended by high powered weapons. Then why should the highest office holders of the executive branch be allowed to enjoy such a privilege?

In the February 2013 issue of Perspectives On History, a letter to the editor reflecting on the future of the discipline suggests that intellectual and religious history be grouped together under the rubric the history of orientations to better focus on how over time how people made sense of the immaterial aspects of existence. However, one must ask is this also being done to further legitimize the academic study of the history of homosexuality elevating it to a status shared by the examination of ecclesiastical and philosophical pursuits?

To deter rapists, liberals are counseling that, instead of caring a firearm, victims should instead urinate on their attackers. Haven't Democrats especially been doing that to America for quite awhile now?

Tebow Prefers Man's Approval Over God's

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Chessie Calendar 2013

Girls Uncomfortable Urinating In Front Of Transgendered Boys Subject To Reeducation

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Will 3D Printable Appendages Stop At Ears?

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Who In The Name Of Hades Is Going To Open A Message By Someone Named "Misty Hancock"? Sounds like a stripper.

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The Battle of Midway: The Naval Institute Guide to the U.S. Navy's Greatest Victory

Is The Vatican Rottening To The Core?

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One should be mindful of not being a stumbling block to a fellow Christian. However, at some point this concern can become an excuse to meddle in an individual's private affairs. And what about the codification of arbitrary standards commonly referred to as legalism itself becoming a stumbling block?

Friday, February 15, 2013

School Denies Whites Academic Enrichment Opportunity

Cyborg Murders Girlfriend

Screenwriter Tony Kushner claimed that the ideologies promoted by the Reagan administration pose a threat to the idea of human COMMUNITY and the very survival of the species. In other words, Reaganism undermined the notion how the collective is entitled to ever increasing percentages of your stuff. Isn’t Kushner confusing principled individualism with the gay marriages of the type of which he is a participant?

"Zombie Apocalypse" is a code phrase for the government plans to systematically murder those with epidemic pestilences or radiogenic poisoning.

Will A Geriatric Han Solo Appear In Next Star Wars Film?

This Just In

Science Fiction Quarterly: Woman With Forehead Transmitter

Obama took his wench to get liquored up at a $900 bar. Yet you are the one that is condemned for eating what you want, riding around in an SUV, and keeping your dwelling climate controlled at 70 degrees.

Former San Diego Mayor Didn't Know When To Hold Them, Fold Them, When To Walk Away Or When To Run

"I Would Have Gotten Away With It If It Wasn't For Those Pesky Conservatives"

An Overview Of Scientology

Meterorite Careens Into Russia

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The cover of the 2/25/13 issue of New Republic consists of a blank background with words written in gray reading "The Republicans: The Party Of White People". Would the editors of this screed posses the backbone to publish an issue titled "The Democrats: The Party Of Black People" or "The Party Of Jewish People"? And even if the Republican Party was the party of White people, why is that something inherently evil? Ironically, it is only White people that despise being White that make such a fuss over such things. Do not those of other racial backgrounds and ethnicities have political organizations lobbying on behalf of their interests? So why are Whites expected to bend over and have what they've worked for pulled out of their backsides?

A caller to WMAL said that Marco Rubio can't relate to the average Hispanic person. That is an euphemism meaning that he seems unwilling to lavish more extravagant public handouts on this particular ethnicity than he is already willing.

Does Obamacare Contend That The Health Of Whites Not As Important As That Of Colored Folks?

I guess Obama has never needed a sip of water since the media would assure us that he is the waters from which we drink and shall not thirst.

Archon Invasion: Nephillim

Crazed Cop KIller An Avowed MSNBC Viewer

CNN Propagandists Celebrate Crazed Cop Killer

Valentine Rocket

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Will The Next Pope Deal With The Anti-Christ?

Ditzy CNN Blonde Ponders If Global Warming Spawned Asteroid

Myth Of The Superhero

If Princess Kate doesn't want pictures of her pregnant gut splashed all over the newspapers, she should have kept her top on.

Castro is whining about the aches and pains of aging. Still probably hurts less than those he had submerged in Communist prison camp manure pits.

Did The Pope Resign In Part Over The Vatican Money Laundering Scandal?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Write Science Fiction In Five Simple Steps

Mexican Drug Gangs Infiltrate American Neighborhoods

Wildlife Documentaries Denounced As Heterosexist Propaganda

Medal Of Honor Winner Refuses To Be Obama's Dancing Monkey

Supporters Admit Obama Descending Into Madness

Storage Wars Personality Found Dead

Amazing Spider-Man #665

Will The Pope's Resignation Increase The Influence Of Queers Over Vatican Morality?

Malfunctioning Cruise Ship Becomes One Giant Poop Deck

Authorities Downplay Zombie Alert Warning

The Cult, scheduled to air on the CW Network, is about the crimes committed by the viewers of a popular television program. So does the program basically predictv what deranged viewers of The Following on Fox are going to end up doing?

Valentine Terrier

So is this going to be some Dallas type plot twist on the revived 80's prime time soap opera? If actress Judith Light was born in 1949 and is not really wearing any kind of makeup appliance to look considerably older than what she is in real life, isn't it a stretch of credulity to have Mitch Peliggi play her son when the actor was born in 1952?

Monday, February 11, 2013

In a sermon, a pastor gave an example of where Japanese volunteers were called upon to go on a suicide mission for the glory of the emperor. On this mission, each solider would at most be able to cut one or two pieces of barbed wire before being gunned down by the enemy. The pastor read favorably in essence how it was shameful that Christians weren't as dedicated. While one might be called upon to sacrifice much for the Lord, is it really proper for those in leadership to manipulate those under their authority by claiming that God told the authority figure to tell the mere lackey for the lackey to throw their life away? Why is such fanaticism held up as the ideal rather than struggling through the mundane drudgery of everyday existence?

The Navy SEAL wanting his full retirement should put in his full time like everybody else. Is it that he can't find a job or that he's not going to be told what to do outside the military by mere civilians. According to the logic of a Navy SEAL, should someone get full Social Security if they theoretically applied for it four years before being entitled to do so?

Will Third Worlders Seize The Papacy?

Robots To The Rescue

St. Valentine

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Kitten Valentine

Is Obama's Chief Spook An Islamist Mole?

Friday, February 08, 2013

An article in the 2/1/13 issue of the Sword of the Lord details why the publication doesn’t recommend the works of C.S. Lewis. Interesting that, along with that explication as to the shortcomings of these texts, there was no call for Independent Fundamentalist Baptists to try their own hand at doctrinally improved speculative fiction. Nor was there an examination as to why the presuppositions of this particular religious movement have resulted in theologians and scholars coming up short in the realm of literary imagination.

Applied Ethics & Human Enhancement

Transgendered Polack Legislator More Than A Punchline

LA Cop Killer An Obama-loving Gun Control Advocate

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

A Romp Through The History Of Philosophy

The War Against Talk Radio

Pissants Beat Pupil Into A Coma


The Grey Friars & The Black Friars

Much Fuss Over Nothing Much

In light of a congressional staffer being fired over a Tweet, why is it somehow lewder to say you like a commerical featuring two woman seductively disrobing than that the commercial was actually broadcast?

Is the truly shocking outrage that a commercial with two disrobing woman caught the eye of a man or rather that a member of Congress was forced to admit to the public that they are not intelligent enough to compose their own Tweets?

Friday, February 01, 2013

Despising The Old Rugged Cross

In one classic science fiction plot, antagonists attempt to gain control of the future by attempting to alter the past. Though it might not be as exciting as a Dalorian speeding at 88 miles per hour, maniacal forces in our own reality are attempting to accomplish nearly the same thing by drastically reconceptualizing our understanding of history.

Part of the way history is publicly remembered and allowed to exert an influence over the cultural milieu is through the erection of assorted monuments and memorials. This is itself a practice that, in part, traces its origin back through the pages of sacred scripture.

In Joshua 4:5-7, the representatives of the tribes of Israel are instructed as to the following: “Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of tribes of the Israelites, to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant...These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.”

This is not the only incident in Scripture where the believer is admonished to respect assorted physical historical commemorations. In Proverbs 22:28, the child of God is admonished to remove not the ancient landmark.

No doubt one of the reasons thorough going secularists and even their sissified allies among certain branches of the clergy leaning to the left fanatically lobby for the removal of religious symbols and emblems commemorating solemn events in the life of the nation is to no doubt alter our perception of history in the attempt to shift the country's underlying values and focus. By so doing, it is hoped that Americans will go from the most part being an independently inclined group of individuals who will protect their precious heritage to the point of laying down one's life should circumstances require it to one where the state is looked to as the first as the source of goodness and truth which it is free to redefine as changing circumstances warrant.

One such perspective lent a voice calling for the removal of Peace Cross (also just as correctly referred to as Victory Cross) in Bladensburg, Maryland. The American Humanist Association is orchestrating the campaign because the monument is erected on public land. In the mind of this agitprop front group, this violates the non-establishment clause of the First Amendment.

However, one area minister in the 9/27/2012 Gazette newspaper of suburban Maryland provided what he considered a number of Christian reasons as to why the memorial cross should be taken down. Rev. Brian Adams of the Mount Rainier Christian Church is aligning himself with the outcome advocated by the American Humanist Association because he does not want the Cross associated with militarism and patriotism as a "general symbol of sacrifice."

In making his argument, Rev. Adams enunciated a number of questionable assumptions. He insists that the memorial is blaspheming the Cross by honoring violent people with weapons defending a country while they try to kill people from other countries.

No one in their right mind said war was a picnic. But how else will at least a small sliver of goodness otherwise survive in a fallen world? Does Rev. Adams honestly believe that once things have degenerated to the point of physical hostilities that appeals to reason, compassion, and the brotherhood of man alone will be enough to dissuade those bent on utter desolation?

If the way Rev. Adams categorizes the Crucifixion and a number of Biblical imperatives is a true summation of his doctrinal perspective, as a denomination the Disciples of Christ is in serious trouble.

Though it along with the Resurrection is one of the building blocks of the Christian religion and an offence or stumbling block to those hoping to make it to Heaven under the power of their own good works which are as filthy rags, the death of Christ upon that accursed tree was anything but, to use Rev. Adams' words, "the symbol of the son of God dying peacefully." History and medical science concur that it was in fact one of the most tortuous forms of execution ever devised.

Because the believer so appreciates the price paid by Jesus at the hill of Golgotha, over the centuries artists and craftsmen inspired by the moving beauty of Christ’s sacrifice on behalf of all sinners have transformed this implement of abject fear and terror visually into a beacon of hope and adoration. However, in the context of what happened that original Good Friday afternoon, the bejeweled sculptures and golden masterpieces are about as accurate as depicting a ride in Old Sparky the electric chair as if it was an overstuffed Lazy Boy recliner wrapped in a plush snuggy.

By referencing a work as readily available as "The Case For Christ" by Lee Stroebel (so much so that many ministries give away free paperback editions), both disciple and skeptic alike approximately 2000 years after this hinge point of history get a better idea of just how peaceful the passing of this Nazarene carpenter and rabbi was from this world. Stroebel in a chapter on the medical evidence lays out these horrors.

First, Jesus would have been secured to the cross by driving 5 inch nails through a portion of the wrist containing a nerve nearly as sensitive as the one in the area of the so-called funny bone. Once secured in this position, the cross would have been hoisted upright with the feet being secured in position in a manner similar to and as painful as that used upon the wrists. Yet, the suffering had only just begun.

The gravity pulling Jesus downward as the cross was thrust upward would have stretched at his arms, causing his shoulders to dislocate. With gravity pulling the individual downward, whatever waning strength remains in the individual is mustered to thrust the body upward in a reflex to merely continue the otherwise simple process of breathing so few of us even give a second thought to. In so doing, splinters would be driven deeper and deeper into the flesh of the back as it slid against a roughly hued pole not crafted with comfort in mind. This struggle would eventually result in suffocation as the victim in agony would grow too exhausted to continue.

Death upon the cross was of such a terrifying overwhelming agony that a new word had to be coined in order to accurately describe its unique variety of suffering. That word was none other than "excruciating".

So fundamentally wrong about this fundamental of the true Christian faith, it is no wonder Rev. Adams is so profoundly mistaken in regards to other interpretative matters as well. Rev. Adams writes that the cross is the symbol of Jesus “telling his followers to put down their weapons, and dying for the sake of hope, for the forgiveness and salvation of even those who put him to death.” What Rev. Adams has done here has been to take a course of action applied in a particular incident and elevated it to the status of a categorical universal imperative.

Rev. Adams is correct in the sense that in John 10:18 Jesus instructs that no man takes His life but that He gives it willingly. This was demonstrated in Luke 4 when a mob angered at words Christ delivered in the synagogue conspired to hurl Jesus over a cliff. Amidst such homicidal frenzy, Jesus miraculously perambulated on through unnoticed and unscathed.

Yet, later on, the Savior was not as eager to elude His captors. When Peter attempted to rescue Jesus resulting in the severing of the ear of the high priest's servant, Jesus declares in Matthew 26:53-54, "Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen this way (NIV)?" Christ chastised a foremost disciple because His unjust arrest was to unfold so that the greater purpose of His being slain from the foundation of the world might be fulfilled so that all calling upon the name of the Lord might be saved.

Though each of us are valued having been made in the image of God, the way we proceed into Glory will not cause the very cosmos to unhinge if it does not transpire in a precise manner as foretold as a part the public record of religious history. Therefore, though honor is to be bestowed upon those that lose their lives for the sake of the Gospel, one won't likely be given additional brownie points or a crown in Heaven should one not do everything moral within one's own power to preserve one's own life.

In Matthew 5:39, Christ instructs his disciples to turn the other cheek. Often, the application of this passage has encouraged an undue pacifism on the part of certain quietist sects and overly pious theologians. However, what is being addressed here is more akin to individual insults and certainly not the basis around which to build a foreign or defense policy.

The Gospels should not be construed as denying the individual the right of self defense should the individual feel the necessity to protect their life and that of their family. In Luke 22:36, Christ instructs, "...and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."

Scripture admonishes the believer to be as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove. While the Christian is not to go around stirring up undue trouble, neither is the Christian to enter unequipped into situations that will result in overwhelming bodily harm or unnecessary physical death.

Just how literally do those raising the turning of the other cheek to something on the level of the Prime Directive from Star Trek want to take the remainder of the passage? In Matthew 5:41, the text reads, "And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." So will those insisting upon the turning of the other cheek as an unmodifiable absolute now teach their child that, instead of refusing to get into a car with a stranger, that you as a parent will punish them severely if they don't comply with every Sanduskite that slithers out of its sewer pile.

In his concluding paragraph, Rev. Adams declares that using the cross to symbolize the military or to praise the military amounts to a blasphemy equivalent to taking the Lord's name in vain. It seems that clergy within the Disciples of Christ would only be interested in adhering to the strictures of the divine scriptures when they think these teachings can be used to tear down the pillars upon which this great country rests.

For example, a number within the Disciples of Christ are also pushing for the acceptance of homosexuality and ultimately gay marriage. So where is this denomination's outrage over violation of the commandments prohibiting carnal relations between anyone other than a married man and woman?

This tendency to view the Bible and the traditional teachings that are extrapolated from it as optional flow from the Disciples of Christ positioning itself as a creedless church. Such a formalized belief is, of course, a creed itself.

According to Wikipedia, there are those within the Disciples of Christ that deny the Incarnation, the Trinity, and even the Atonement. So what's the point of even bothering with any of the religious racket if Christ as the only Begotten of the Father did not come to die for our sins?

The cross in Bladensburg is not a representation of what the military accomplished through force of arms. Instead, the cross commemorates those from Prince George's County Maryland that died in the First World War.

John 15:13 reads, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (KJV)." Given the disdain he has expressed for both those that take up arms in defense of the American republic and traditional formulation of Christian doctrine, perhaps Rev. Adams does not view the last full measure of devotion worthy of remembrance and appreciation on the part of the COMMUNITY. It seems those like Rev. Adams only extol this particular concept of social organization when it can be invoked as justification to further curtail those areas of existence remaining under personal purview or to confiscate additional percentages of your property.

Yes, a cross is a distinctively Christian symbol. But this particular cross under consideration goes beyond the implement upon which the Savior suffered and died.

At the base of each side of the memorial cross in Bladensburg is embossed a virtue such as endurance, courage, devotion, and valor. As well as representing those that died in Prince George's County during this particular conflict, these virtues on each base of the cross remind that it is not man that ranks these character traits among the desirable nobilities to strive for but rather that these have been decreed to be so by God Himself.

To most in the West in general and the United States in particular during the time of the First World War, deity or “the higher power” to categorize the ultimate in a way the fewest possible could object to was understood using Christian or Biblical formulations. So would those such as Rev. Adams and his allies among the cultured despisers of the Almighty have us remove all other historically accurate symbolizations of godhood as well?

Along with the words “In God we trust.” on the back of our currency, does Rev. Adams also intend to agitate to have the eye of Ra remove from particular tenders as well? Does he also want to knock over the blindfolded goddess of justice standing outside many of America’s courthouses? For does she not also represent, in a less than ideally Christian manner we’ll grant you, the idea that justice originates in a metaphysical realm above and distinct from the state no matter what that social organization’s swords or bullets might insist?

The memorial cross in Bladensburg is dedicated to a finite number of individuals, namely those from Prince George's County that died in World War I. Therefore, historians employed by the county could do something useful for a change, rather than continually stirring the pot about the short end of the stick Blacks have gotten in the past but have more than made up for now, by researching if there are any county records extant as to the religious affiliations of these honored veterans. If it turns out they were all Christian, nothing should be done to the memorial cross; should it turn out that a number were Jewish, instead of abolishing the park altogether, perhaps a plaque could be erected acknowledging the contribution of the patriots of that particular faith. The county certainly doesn’t seem to mind rubbing it in the public’s nose regarding the accomplishments of other minorities.

Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The Founding Fathers were correct to warn of the danger of a state so given over to the interests of religion that whether or not one was to enjoy the basic entitlements and privileges of citizenship would be predicated upon formalized membership in an established ecclesiastical organization. However, that said, these thinkers also realized that any human undertaking would be doomed to failure if such an enterprise went out of its way to slap aside the outstretched hand of a beneficent deity.

by Frederick Meekins

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