Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tony Almeida Returns To 24 Which To Become More Like JAG

Why not make it a crossover with Harm and Mac as the lawyers.

Is Lutheran Polemicist Falling For The Early Marriage Racket?

Issues Etc.

Despite their inherent stuffiness, one does not usually have to worry about conservative Lutherans such as those in the Missouri Synod falling for too many of the fads constantly popping up in the contemporary Protestant world.

Though conducted in the form of an open discussion, one gets the impression that the idea gaining momentum in the church probably thanks to Albert Mohler constantly beating this drum (one wonders if for no other reason to spread the misery) that the truly devout wed at an early age may be seeping into the propaganda organs of this denomination such as Issues Etc, a prominent LMS radio program..

Rather than counseling single Christians to wed earlier or later, shouldn’t both parents and clergy counsel those in their spiritual circle of influence to marry wiser?

For some, this may mean wedding early if they are so blessed; for some, this may mean waiting beyond that which is the accepted social norm.

Proverbs 21:9 says “[It is] better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.” Replacing the word “woman” with “man” is no less valid as the essential meaning of this verse is that you are better off alone and miserable than married and miserable.

Relatedly, why should a Christian that has kept themselves from physical temptation have to settle for a secondhand partner that's already been around the block a few times if that is not what they want?

Often the hyperpious couch their support of early matrimony in terms of those postponing marriage are simply greedy.

But I ask, how can any young person seeking to earn their own way in life afford property tax bills pushing the $4000 per year mark in large part to pay for welfare programs to feed the offspring of those unable to keep their pants on or to buy a house nearly $400,000 that is less than 1000 square feet? Furthermore, why should they also have to settle for rundown apartments with a dozen people (none of which can speak a lick of English) piled in next door or running an unlicensed apothecary if you get my meaning?

If one wants to advocate a Biblical position on this matter, other than warning about the natural urge for carnal relations outside marriage that any healthy person has to deal with, one pretty much has to step aside and mind one’s own business as the Bible I read seems to admit that marriage is both perhaps life’s greatest joy and yet its biggest pain in the rear.

by Frederick Meekins

Homeschooler Insinuates Nancy Drew A Strumpet, But Pirates OK Role Models

As usual, the Swansonites start off with good intentions but end up way off the mark some point in the show.

For example, in the 9/20/07 broadcast about media in the home, a number of good points are brought up about how music often has a greater impact on the formation of a child’s morals than parents these days.

However, things go a bit astray around the five minute mark when the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are bashed as subversive and undermining of good character because these depict life as an engaging adventure rather than as grueling labor.

I think Swanson might have enjoyed the socialist realism of the Stalinist era where most heroes were depicted as laborers undertaking grueling toil for the good of the COMMUNITY.

Ironically, though there seems to be little difference between Nancy Drew and Paris Hilton in the eyes of this theonomist broadcaster, he then turns around and interviews Patch the Pirate.

Though Patch the Pirate is used to introduce numerous children to Christian values, if fundamentalists are going to make such a big deal over Harry Potter and now even the Hardy Boys, where is this highly vaunted sense of separation when it comes to “touching no unclean thing” when it comes to buccaneers and picaroons?

For even though one must admit that pirates have an inherent coolness and appeal to them in how they are depicted in literature and media, weren’t they essentially the carjackers and terrorists of the Age of Sail?

Thus, if Harry Potter is out of bounds because, according to Scripture, there is no such thing as a good witch despite the snippets of redeemable content dropped here and there in Rowlings questionable spiritual brew, than how can there be such a thing as a good pirate to those that wish to extend this stridency to the world of the imagination as well?

By Frederick Meekins

Monday, September 24, 2007

Will Rose Tyler Return To Doctor Who

Some Speech More Equal Than Others At Columbia University?

I wonder if the young skulls full of mush, as Rush Limbaugh use to call srudents, will greet the president of Iran with the reception as they did the Minute-Man project at Columbia Univeristy.

Seems to me that John Kerry protestor was tazed for considerably less disruption.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Afrosupremacists Want Blacks Acquitted For Attempted Murder Of White Teen

While hanging nooses isn't nice, how can it even compare to actually attempting to murder someone?

Would Rev. Jackson and his rabblerousers want a group of Whites let off the hook that attempted to kill a Black kid even if other Blacks had provoked the Whites?

Swansonites Urge Gender Segregation In The Classroom

Though there are a number of helpful observations in this broadcast of Generations Radio such as how many of the regulations in private schools are not so much about building character as about building dutiful statist minions, Rev. Swanson once again takes things too far in claiming that the genders should be segregated in a classroom setting since they are by nature a distraction to one another and inhibit learning.

I, on the other hand, posit that isn't learning to keep this distraction in check one of the most important lessons on has to learn in order to eventually function in society?

For example, if a young man does not learn how to do this in his teenage years, isn't he going to be an unproductive wreck in the workplace or is it that once this idiosyncrasy of the theonomist right is implemented that the next big rallying cry will be that females must be barred from the workplace since they are a distraction in the office as well.

One hates to raise the Taliban metaphor as it is often overdone, but when you hear this kind of stuff you are almost prone to wonder when are they going to start calling for burqas and the painting over of windows.

I also find it highly ironic that these very same people calling for the elimination of mixed education are the very same ones that insinuate you are some kind of pervert or deviant if you are not married by the age of 22.

If not in school, where are you suppose to meet anyone? Knowing these people, probably through practices bordering on arranged marriages.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Women As Wrapped Up In Looks As Men

Settles once and for all one of the biggest lies of all time the crock that women don't care about looks.

New Futurama's Announced

Barry Manilow Comes Out Of His Hatemonger Closet

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pastor Claims Clergy Has Right To Leech Off Congregation

Around the 55 minute mark of the 9/17/07 sermon by the Pastor of Arlington in the suburbs of Baltimore, Md, it is argued that congregants have an obligation to feed and board missionaries.

Frankly, is motel 6 not good enough anymore.

This guilt trip is layed on in part to convince members to house missionaries during a mission's conference.

Unless one wants to reembrace certain aspects of Roman Catholicism, Christian workers are no more important than the rest of us.

In his homily, he goes on about the need of six familes to step forward to house them.

But with two pastors on staff, a Christian school attached to the church, and who knows how many deascons, I find it interesting how the burden is farmed out on us common folks viewed little better as stupid hicks the rest of the time.

by Frederick Meekins

Meteorite Strike Brings Sickness To Peruvian Village

Americans Asking Critical Questions To Be Tasered While Illegals To Be Sparred Shocks

Something sinister is afoot in the land when law enforcement is permitted to zap someone for merely asking inconvenient questions, one of which was what law did the victim actually break, while a new policy is being put into place in the U.S. prison system where jailers may taser incarcerated Americans with impunity while they are to refrain from doing so to detained illegal aliens in a move to placate Hispanosupremacists.

Law and order types will argue that the kid at the John Kerry speech got what was coming to him.

If so, I then ask how come at campuses across the country are radicals allowed to heckle Conservative speakers with impunity such as the time Dan Flynn of Accuracy In Academia was hooted down when discussing the Mumia Abu-Jamal case or whenever the Minute Men gather at a university to rationally discuss border security?

And perhaps most interesting of all, do note how police did not move in until the valiant questioner mustered the courage to ask about Illuminati recruiter the Skull and Bones Society.

by Frederick Meekins

Monday, September 17, 2007

What's Going On At The Mohler Housefhold

Has been my experience that those with the most miserable marriages are the ones that push marriage the most on single adults.

As such, as much as he gripes about the trend of people wedding later in life, makes you wonder how things must be in the Albert Mohler household as he once again rehashes this theme.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Girl Gets One Way Ticket To Myspace Palestinian Lover

Wonder how long until he losers his charm and becomes a wifebeater?

Jericho To Examine NWO Style Dictatorship

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Version Of Flash Gordon Worth Watching

Contrary to the lazy-man's version of Flash Gordon now on the Sci-Fi channel that utilizes a whitetrash version of the Stargate to teleport between worlds, this one proves a rocketship is an integral part of the Flash Gordon mystique.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

They Don’t Cast Space Tyrants Like They Use To

As a narrative form driven considerably by adversarial conflict, in science fiction a good story must have a villain just as interesting (sometimes even more so) than the primary hero or protagonist. As one of the archetypes from which much popular “space opera” is derived, Flash Gordon did much to perfect this template in the form of villains such as Ming the Merciless.

Part of the appeal of such characters in these contexts is that neither hero nor villain usually allow pressures short of overwhelming force influence the types of things either believed should be stood up for even if it happened to be their own lust for power or megalomania. However, had the original Flash Gordon been saddled with the same politically correct sensitivities as those weighing down the creativity of writers and producers of today, it is doubtful the character would have achieved name recognition as an icon of popular culture nearly on par with Superman and if he had been a real interplanetary swashbuckler our planet would have been laid to waste by Mongo long ago.

Though the series did not premiere until 8/10/07, considerably prior to that airdate publicists and producers had already fanned out across the Internet wringing their hands in an almost Phil Donahue-I-feel-so-guilty-to-be-an-American manner as to why it was necessary to alter the appearance of Ming the Merciless. For you see, in most interpretations, Ming is depicted with a Fu Manchu mustache and the flowing robes of an oriental despot.

Since the 1980’s or there abouts, Ming has become decreasingly Asian in his appearance to the point in a 1996 version of Flash Gordon he was no longer humanoid at all but rather reptilian. The reason often given is the need to avoid racial stereotyping (I wonder that the herpetological and animals rights lobbies have to say about lizards being depicted in such a light then).

Interestingly, this concern is only invoked when it benefits minorities. For example, in publicity shots on the website, rather than flowing robes or even a cape, the Emperor of Mongo is rather depicted in a more militaristic looking ensemble.

Furthermore, not only are all but the visually impaired able to ascertain that the actor portraying the role is blond but in the accompanying text, which is longer for Ming than any of the other characters as it goes on and on apologizing how Ming looked previously throughout comic book and cinematic history, closes by pointing out that the actor playing the part is blond.

Often, we have it so beaten into our heads that we aren’t even to think about race or physical characteristics that I was condemned up one side and down the other for criticizing a version of the Honeymooners featuring Black actors, which most other Americans didn’t think highly of either as the film was probably out no more than two weeks. And if we are to swallow the line that Ming’s evil does not depend on his appearance, then why is hair color being pointed out to us at all?

Furthermore, if we are to be told that a traditional portrayal of Ming the Merciless in inappropriate for fear of stereotyping Asians, couldn’t a pale blond in a moderately looking fascist uniforms lead to prejudice against Germans? But then again, since Germans are part of the White race, their sensibilities don’t count for much anyway.

To what extent should the anti-stereotyping mania be taken anyway? If we cannot enjoy a traditional Ming the Merciless for fear of propagating negative stereotypes about Asians, conversely, aren’t we hindering the imaginative expansion of the minds of minority children by casting the male lead as the typical statuesque blond most have come to expect to play Flash Gordon.

Why not a Black man, or better yet, how about a short, dumpy Jew? Wouldn’t watch Flash Gordon otherwise you say? Then why should we be entertained by a Ming that doesn’t even look like a Ming?

This fear of portraying a beloved character in a certain way could get ridiculously if fans do not speak up about it. For example, 50 or 100 years from now should Star Wars ever be remade, will disability advocates get all up in arms (if they happen to have any) that Vader’s characteristic wheezing is an offense against those on respirators? Likewise, retirees will claim that Palpatine’s gnarled and hunched appearance casts those of an advanced age in a bad light. Fans of the Borg from Star Trek will demand their moment of equity by claiming that the portrayal of what has become one of science fiction’s most nightmarish species does not depict absolutist collectivism and the elimination of individuality (concepts all the rage these days from leftwing secularist utopians all the way to certain Evangelical churches) in a balanced light.

And what about Hans Zarkhov? Though he is one of the protagonists of the series, in this interpretation it seems producers are playing up who could be categorized as the bumbling, nerdish aspects of his personality. If one is going to make all these self-congratulatory overtures towards the Asian community, then isn’t it just as wrong to disrespect the shows core base of fans who often fall into the “geek” demographic?

In the classic 1979 Filmation animated version of Flash Gordon, Zarkhov was not written as such. There, though hardly the man of action compared to Flash Gordon, he was depicted as a highly competent though slightly plumpish scientist around middle age.

Though concern about Ming is carefully packaged in terms of racism, a charge these days that even the most advanced deflector shields could protect not against, one must step back and wonder is that is really the underlying concern or if the offense goes to a much deeper level. For the write up on Ming in fact contains a glaring example of racism if one just happens to know where to look.

In elaborating the history of the character, mention is made of the 1980’s animated series “Defenders Of The Earth” where a number of King Feature’s Syndicate heroes joined forces to battle Ming as their primary foe. Mentioned as members of this team of adventurers are Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake the Magician.

Those that remember the series will point out that a character named Lothar is conspicuously absent from the roster. For those with no idea who I am talking about, Lothar started his comics career as Mandrake’s Black man-servant but by the time of his appearance on Defenders of the Earth had, shall we say, risen in stature to that as an equal to these other crime fighters as the team’s strongman and primary gadget guy (hence his stanza in the memorable theme song, though hardly as memorable as Mandrake‘s, “His strength is a legend. His skills conqueror all. On with his power, we never will fall. Lothar.” If ever thing is to be second guess as an example of overt or institutional racism, then why not the continued perception of this character as a mere sidekick no more important than Batman’s Robin, Captain America’s Bucky or Superman’s dog Krypto?

Villains such as Ming were initially given their particular appearances as a reflection of the so-called “Yellow Peril” at that time in light of the fear of the threat posed by Asian powers, particularly Japan. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same as nearly 70 years later we are frankly still facing similar dangers from that part of the world as one of the primary threats arrayed against us. Anyone thinking differently needs only need to be reminded of the swarms of illegal aliens (many from Asia) flooding the country, Islamic terrorists, the Red Chinese Army, and North Korean weapons of mass destruction.

However, unlike the 1930’s and 40’s, today our creative minds do not want to awaken us to the threat of annihilation by foreign empires constantly growing stronger while our nations grows considerably weaker. Rather, we are to be kept ignorant until its too late through either forced silence or by brainwashing the youth of America into thinking these despotic regimes are just as good and often even better than our own United States.

Casual observers will quip, “What are you complaining about? Ming still appears to be a rather loathsome individual.” True enough for the moment.

But what about in the next version of Flash Gordon produced 30 or 40 years hence from now if there is still a United States or even widespread advanced civilization or technology at that point in light of the threat posed by nuclear and electromagnetic pulse weapons. With the downward slide of ethics and morality, there will probably come a point where it will be considered an outrage on par with what spewed forth from the lips of Don Imus to categorize tyrants and despots as villains at all.

Rather, such characters are merely acting in accord with the social parameters acceptable within their particular culture. After all, who is Flash Gordon to impose Earth standards on the planet Mongo anyway?

Over the course of 10 seasons and in the movie prior to that, the producers of Stargate have been able to depict a variety of interstellar warlords such as Ra, Apophos, and Eu in the customary raiment of an Eastern despot and there have been no bias related crimes as a result. If the producers of Flash Gordon want to keep on insisting otherwise, fans of Battlestar Galactica just might say such statements are full of felgarcarb.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Swansonites Admonish Christian Men Must Work Themselves To Death

An old slur classifies a Puritan as someone worried that somewhere someone might be having a good time.

Whether such a classification is historically accurate might make for a matter of academic debate, however, it does certainly seem to apply to the good people at Generations Radio.

In the 8/31/07 broadcast, it is lamented about the declining numbers of older men in the workforce and that a life of leisure after decades of toil is somehow tawdy and sinful.

While Rev. Swanson might be energized by the kind of work that he does, I think it is about time some of these Christian leaders realize that most of us paying their salaries usually have day jobs that are not all that fulfilling and are in fact simply the drudgery we must endure to put food on the table.

Furthermore, if we carry this analogy to its conclusion that because a gentleman of a certain age reposes himself from standard gainful employment that he has by definition surrendered to a life of sloth, does it then follow that stay-at-home wives and mothers are sluggards as well?

For just because someone is not in the traditional workplace does not mean the individual is being idle as many of today's elderly do any number of things.

Firstly, since people are living longer, theoretically someone in their 50's or 60's may have to dedicate an extraordinary amount of time to settling the final affairs of their parents.

Second, retirement from traidtional employment frees up more time for other activiities such as activism and writiing For even though I might one day retire as early as possible, I plan to keep blogging until I drop, go blind, or get sent to a reducation facility.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, if the man who retires in his 50's or 60's is married, doesn't that decision free up more time to tend to the needs of his wife who by that age is often an emotional wreck anyway?

by Frederick Meekins

Flash Gordon On The Brink Of Cancellation

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

D. James Kennedy Passes

He will be truly missed. Unlike many other TV ministries, you never got the impression he was out to swindle you or anything.

Saturday, September 01, 2007