Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contrary to that asinine teacher Gov. Christie of New Jersey put in her place, what regular person these days makes what they ought? As to those that think statist educators are underpaid, Levin just announced that this shrew makes over $85,000 per year.

Government Policies Hypocritical Regarding Syrupy Compounds Entering The Body

The DC city council passed a tax on soda and sweet drinks.

This municipal body believes it is the place of government to manipulate citizens into choices that authorities conclude optimize health.

Yet this very same government provides free condoms to decadent youth because, it is argued, it is not the place of bureaucrats to make value judgments what people do with their own bodies.

These prophylactics will no doubt be financed in part through proceeds collected through the soda tax.

Life has certainly gotten more logical and consistent since giving God and the Ten Commandments the legal system's equivalent of the middle finger.

By Frederick Meekins

Palin Builds Fence To Protect Against Stalker

Border Troops Not Being Sent To Stop Illegals

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emergent Church Treehugger Bit Of A Nut

According to Brian McLaren in an episode of his podcast regarding creation care posted at, God is not all that pleased with us living in square boxes.

I'd like to know what other shape we are suppose to use to get roofs over our heads.

No matter how large that religious circus tent of McLaren's in Burtonsville, Maryland might be, it is still basically in the form of some kind of box.

Much of the purpose of the Emergent Church is to deride so-called "middle class values" and to undermine America's traditional Judeo-Christian culture (or in other words, minding your own business and providing for oneself as empowered by God).

Perhaps someone ought to point out that McLaren's understanding of nature reeks of the bourgeoisie naivety he and his leftist cohorts spend so much of their time criticizing.

To McLaren, nature consists of the beauty of this annual sunflower and the run off pond he stocks with fish that he mentions in the podcast.

Both of these acts, by the way, go against nature left in a pristine state since the sunflower mentioned is deliberately planted by a human being and the fish are not going to slither by themselves into what sounds like a landlocked pond.

If it were not for the contrived boxes McLaren seems to loathe and the technology making such comfort possible, I doubt he would find nature to be all that amicable as he would otherwise be subjected to extremes of heat and cold that would make life unbearable and likely even unlivable.

by Frederick Meekins

Interesting how Glenn Beck can highlight Woodrow Wilson's prison camp for dissidents but ridiculed those that warned FEMA has similar facilities in the planning stages.

Apparently Obama thinks he is too good to go to Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day.

"Glenn Beck is detailing a proposed agency with the potential to monitor all consumer transactions. In other words, government is going to scrutinize you, as grandpa use to say, from "A-hole" to appetite."

Obama Endorses Heckling Those He Disagrees With

India Considers Caste Census

Social Engineers Lament The Leveling Off Of Interracial Marriages

Obama Blesses Black Panther Mistreatment Of White Voters

Racemongers Decry White Actors

And are these activists going to complain about Nick Fury being portrayed by a Black actor in Iron Man?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Episcopal Church Applauds The Demise Of The Anglo In Anglican

The presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Katherine Schori came to a Maryland suburb outside of Washington, DC to bless the denomination's increasing Hispanic numbers.

Are similar plans being made to brownnose the remaining Caucasian members as well?

The racial pandering was justified on the grounds that Episcopalian membership is increasing only in its immigrant congregations.

However, once these also have their resistance worn down and brainwashed into accepting the ecclesiological pathologies plaguing the Modernistic branches of the Anglican communion such as the widespread acceptance of homosexuality, the overall emasculation of the faith through the introduction of less than feminine leftist female clergy, and the outright denial of foundational Christian doctrines such as the Resurrection and even the existence of God, it won't be long until attendance at these now vibrant parishes begin to collapse as well.

by Frederick Meekins

Is Matt Lauer A Serial Adulterer?

Mark Twain Trashes Concubine For 400 Pages

Cops Should Be Subject To Videotape Like Everybody Else

Secret Space Plane Spotted

Obama To Use EPA In Attempt To Take Over Churches

Welfare Leeches Complain About Quality Of Government Condemns

If they don't like these (which shouldn't even be available to begin with), they can always BUY FOR THEMSELVES those more to their likely.

Then again, maybe if they actually worked for a living, they'd be too tired at the end of the day to do much whoring.

Educators Demand Government Handouts

Friday, May 21, 2010

Human Debris Blocks Seattle Streets In Protest Of Immigration Law

If these malconents are so bent on blocking roads, make they can go impede border traffic.

During Congressional hearings into the BP oil spill, Barbara Boxer got all emotional over the fate of tuna fish eggs. Too bad she does not get as worked up over fertizled human ones in regards to abortion.

61% Duped By Hispanics

Hawaii Five O Remake Planned

Guess this is to keep up with the new Rockford Files, though I don't see how James Garner's take on the character can be outdone.

Catholic Church Raises Cautions Over News Of Artificial Life

Food Companies Conspire With Frau Obama To Take The Fun Out Of Life

Wonder if Leonard Nimoy's death scene on Fringe was intended to be similar to his in Wrath Of Khan, even with the raising of his hand in a Vulcanesque salute.

Greta Van Sustern remarked that many got their noses bent out of joint over Calderon's address before congress. Given how many plastic surgeries Greta has had, I guess she'd know about that procedure.

Will Cyborg Insects & Bio-Chip Weapons Destroy Civilization?

In The Name Of Freedom All Expected To Hold The Same View

Obama Minions Undermine Second Amendment

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonder What Else The Obamaphiles Haven't Read

Another Obama Administration official, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, has admitted to not reading the Arizona immigration law.

When this confession is coupled with the revelation that members of Congress failed to read the healthcare bill despite that legislation's potential to revolutionize nearly all of America's economic and political system, it makes the concerned citizen cringe.

Many of the regulations being imposed upon the people of the United States in terms of tyrannical policies may not even be known about before it is too late.

But even more importantly, the actions taken by government officials wallowing in their own ignorance on any wide array of political and legal matters might not even be authorized by any properly promulgated law if this failure to read actual statutes is as widespread as we are now being led to believe.

by Frederick Meekins

If we are "not defined by our border" as Obama claims, then why is the Department on Homeland of Security hell-bent on seizing that Vermont family farm?

Obama Announced He Won't Defend The Border

A Washington Post article claims that for security purposes, the waiters for the White House state dinner have their social security numbers checked almost daily. If so, how come Arizona officials can't assess the ID's of those there the police come into contact with for the purposes of protecting citizens and legitimate residents?

Pelosi Encourages Sloth & Dependence On Government

Obama Brownnoses Mexican President

Pragmatism & Truth

Hispanosupremacist Pastor Claims To Be An Apostle

Department Of Homeland Security To Sieze Vermont Farm

Doctor Who The Musical?

FEMA Defames Salvation Army

Palin Discusses Rand Paul

Congressman Beds Wench Starring In His Abstinence Interview

Obama Minions Plot To Abolish Free Speech

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DC Sniper Case Subjected To Historical Revisionism

The Washington DC, CBS affiliate ran a story that the Beltway Sniper John Allan Muhammad was primarily the result of an elaborate case of domestic violence.

If we are to do justice to both the victims of this scumbag and history, it must also be remembered that the sniper also subscribed to a form of radical Islam.

Will a report also be broadcast to the aspect of his personality that liberal elites would rather sweep under the rug?

Rick Warren Condemns The Study Of Eschatology

The New Age Movement & The Emerging Church

New Age Spirituality Infiltrating Evangelical Church

From the Greta expose of Arizona ethnic studies, it sounds like radical Hispanics in the Southwest pretty much act like typical DC area Black folks.

Arizona Ethnic Studies Anti-American

As slow as Bob Woodward talks, it's a wonder that we still aren't waiting for the Watergate story to break.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Orwell's symbol for Communism was a boot on someone's neck. The symbol of Obama's foreign policy would be a nose shoved up someone's rear end.

Bill Clinton wants a value added tax. Wonder if he'll still endorse it if it is applied to hookers & cigars.

In Arizona schools, Ethnic Studies are overseen by La Raza. In other words, these are the contemporary equivalent of the German racial science or hygiene classes of the 1930's.

Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt To Remain In America As A Welfare Mooch

Pentagon Classifes The Right To Peaceably Assemble As "Low Level Terrorism"

Attorney Denied Law License On Psychological Grounds For Holding To Biblical Values

Obama Minions Employ Slur To Refer To Tea Party Activists

Mark Levin Bores Into Obama

Wiccans Infiltrate Air Force Academy

Will Christians Be Labelled As Terrorists?

Will The Tea Party Movement End Up Pandering To Minorities?

Blonde Booed For Having A Brain

Liberals only like blonds if they are quiet, pliant arm candy.

Miss Oklahoma was booed when she gave the "incorrect" answer to a question as to what she thought of the Arizona immigration law.

As a result, Miss Michigan won the pageant.

The winner herself is an immigrant of Lebanese Islamic origins whose kin are no doubt proud she has achieved notoriety for acting like a Western harlot as she previously won accolades for her acumen with the stripper pole.

Any theologian advocating an eschatology other than Christ Himself establishing the Millennial Kingdom is advocating a form of religious dictatorship

New Apostolic Cult Attempts To Hijack Religious Conservative Movement

Trance Dancing Deludes Christian Youngsters

Apostasy In The Church

Michael Savage On Islam

Michael Savage On Illegal Immigration

Gingrich Fox News Sunday Interview

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doesn't Chicago's Beam Outweigh Arizona's Gnat?

The Council Of The Religious Leaders Of Metropolitan Chicago have released a statement condemning the Arizona immigration law.

Given that Chicago is perennially going to hell in a handbasket because of its high crime rate and the city's legendary corruption of municipal authorities, you'd think these clergymen would be too busy to comment on affairs taking place halfway across the country.

Perhaps conservative pastors in Arizona with virtually no connections to Chicago whatsoever should hand down as a group their own lengthy proclamation as to what they perceive as to the shortcomings of Obama's adopted hometown.

by Frederick Meekins

Isn't it about time Nashville stars had a telethon where one of their number blurted out on national television that Obama doesn't like White Southerners?

Friday, May 14, 2010

If George Bush is to be derided as an intellectual lightweight because of his rumored aversion to dense lengthy tomes, isn't Erick Holder even more of a mental nit for failing to read the Arizona immigration law despite proceeding to make pronouncements on it in an almost ex-cathedra fashion as America’s highest practicing barrister?

Glenn Beck denounced George Whitfield's "bizarre" position on slavery. Wonder if Beck will also comment on the strange things advocated by early Mormon leaders or even the Communist ties of Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Kings Dominion roller coaster inspired by Dale Earnhardt. Given what happened to him, that doesn't exactly inspire much confidence in its pending safety record.

Holder Reluctant To Admit That Radical Islam Responsible For Most Terrorism

Can you imagine in the 1940's what a mess this country would be in if its highest officials were unable to even enunciate how we were at war with Germany or Japan.

I bet these Obamaphiles have no problem about saying things against White folks, Christianity, and the Tea Party movement.

Did Cronkite Assist America's Enemies?

Cyberwar: What It Is & How To Fight It

Movie Glorifying Homicidal Hispanic Produced With Taxpayer Subsidies

Sarah Palin's Remarks To The Susan B. Anthony List

"Civility & Objectivity In The Media" with Jonah Goldberg

Is The Basketball Cancelling Educator A Closeted Pedophile?

What else would you call an adult that manipulates children to divulge their sexual secrets and then pressures them not to tell anyone?

Government To Control What Individuals Eat

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book On Hitler Youth Warns Of Communitarian Dangers

When pondering the evils of Nazism and Adolf Hitler, one's mind reflexively turns to the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust because of the overwhelming loss of life surrounding these historical events. However, coming in high on the list of the Third Reich's atrocities was its use of state power to undermine the most basic of human rights and the subordination of all other social institutions to the prerogatives of the Party. In “Life In The Hitler Youth” by Jennifer Keeley, the reader learns of the Nazi subversion of the family and realizes the disturbing parallels that can be drawn with developments unfolding in our own nation.

According to Keeley, all of German life (including the minutest detail of one's personal life) was brought under Nazi control through the policy of Gleichschaltung or coordination) so that all of society and culture reflected National Socialism (9). As such, the 1936 Law Concerning The Hitler Youth decreed that all of German youth were to be incorporated under the banner of this organization.

Most Americans would probably marvel how all these things unfolded in Germany and take comfort thinking the same ssort of thing could not happen in the United States. However, then reading “Life In The Hitler Youth”, one comes away with an uneasiness in the pit of the stomach when one realizes the similarities of the philosophies justifying a number of the programs in Nazi Germany and the United States of America.

Many will be outraged by such a statement. And though the United States is nothing like Nazi Germany in terms of destroying innocent human lives (at least in regards of those making it out of the womb without being hacked to pieces), if Americans do not now get a hold of certain ideological trends festering below the surface of public policy, the nation could very easily find it self sliding in this kind of downward direction.

In both the Nazi and secular progressiveist systems, it is not so much the individual created in the image of God protected by a set of unchanging eternal laws that matters but rather the larger group that counts. For as much as the word “community” is used in “Life In The Hitler Youth”, one could end up thinking one was reading the press releases of the national service proposals of either the Democratic or Republican parties. For example, the 1936 Law Concerning The Hitler Youth read in part, "The whole of German youth is to be educated, outside the parental home and school, in the Hitler Youth physically, intellectually, and morally in the spirit of National Socialism for service to the nation and community (16).”

Often, justification for the Hitler Youth was couched in language that would not be al that foreign to our own ears. As evidenced in one of Hitler’s speeches: “learn...that life for you must mean sacrifice, sacrifice of your personal freedom, sacrifice of your free time, sacrifice of many of the small pleasures of life; sacrifices when you take on yourself charges, not for the individual, not for yourself alone...but for your small, and yet so great community (39).” Ladies and gentleman, have we not heard as of late the word “sacrifice” on the lips of another aspiring demagogue that has irrationally mesmerized the dupable masses?

Sophisticates will groan that Hitler Youth programs were compulsory while Obama’s are voluntary (at least for now anyway). Eventually, it was indeed compulsory to join the Hitler Youth; however, the communalist rhetoric justifying such is worthy of Amitai Etzioni.

In much the same way the national service proposals brought before Congress and the American people claim to be voluntary, some of the service required of German youth was not explicitly obligatory but mandated anyway. Keeley writes,
“To teach Hitler Youth the importance of their Volk community, the National Socialists suggested members participate in a form of land service. Although not obligated to do so by any mandate or decree, every year young people ... were expected to help the Volk community...This was designed to teach young people about putting the needs of the community before their own (40).”

The objective of such programs --- be they either in a dictatorship or even in a representative democracy --- is ultimately to undermine the loyalty of its participants in regards to other authorities such as family or religion and to replace it with an absolute fealty to the organs of the state. In pursuit of this goal, a number of policies were implemented to get the young away from what would likely have been moderating and counterbalancing influences.

Though always of maniacal intentions, the first phase of this program was seemingly innocuous enough as it consisted of scheduling so many activities and meetings that the good Nazi family had to take part in that they were basically kept running around, away from one another, and unable to reflect more critically about what they were being lured into. This wasn't really all that much different than what is going on in many of these Emergent and Purpose Driven megachurches these days where activities and meetings are scheduled multiple nights per week and it is insinuated you are less than an ideal Christian if you only show up for the traditional scheduled Sunday and perhaps Wednesday services.

Those running afoul of National Socialist authorities underwent a process of scrutiny by the social service agencies of that day in a manner those under suspicions other than quantifiable physical abuse in our own time could relate to. Parents refusing to go along with the Hitler Youth agenda could have their children taken away on the grounds of being “politically unreliable” (the old term for politically incorrect). One might say such parents failed to have their children “properly socialized”, a term often invoked by those opposing home and private forms of education.

Common to all forms of socialism --- be they the Communist, Fascistic, or even more democratic and less blatantly homicidal varieties --- is the aspiration to so totally order the existences of those living under these systems that the state comes to take the place once reserved for God in the hearts of the people. Unlike Communism that was blatantly atheistic early on, the Nazis were a bit more sly in their manipulations to get Germans to unseat the Lord as the supreme authority in their hearts.

Keeley writes, “Finally, the Nazis attempted to replace Christianity with National Socialist ideology in the lives of youth. Some National Socialists expressed discontent with the so-called Jewish roots of Christianity...The Nazis began to remove symbols, such as the cross, from schools (57).” Sounds like a move straight out of the ACLU playbook.

An example of the extent to which the Nazis would go to accomplish this objective was epitomized by a prayer children were required to recite in order to receive a free school lunch (a form of welfare also prominent in our public schools today): “Fuehrer, my Fuehrer, bequeathed to me by the Lord, protect and preserve me as long as I live. Thou hast rescued Germany from deepest distress. I thank thee for my daily bread. Abideth thou long with me, forsaketh me not, Fuehrer my Fuehrer, my faith and my light. Heil mein Fuehrer (58).”

With President Obama regularly refusing to speak with the name of and images pertaining to Christ in the background in a manner similar to the way a vampire cringes before a cross and with Youtube videos of songs such as “Sanctuary” being applied to him that should only be applied to Jesus, it is only a few short steps until the word “Fuehrer” is replaced with “Barack” in that blasphemous invocation.

From her work as an historian in this particular publication, one cannot decipher the politics of Jennifer Keeley regarding the election and administration of Barack Obama. However, if allowed to speak for themselves, the facts and truths of history as chronicled in “Life In The Hitler Youth” serve as a warning no freedom loving American can afford to ignore.

by Frederick Meekins

So have Tennesseans yet looted any TV's and gold necklaces yet because they need food and water following the floods?

If Orin Hatch votes to confirm Kagin, he is as much an enemy of the Constitution as Obama and Kagin.

Given Obama's attitude towards IPOD's and IPAD's, in the wisdom of the New Lord, it is ok for the government to use technology to keep tabs on you but not proper for you to use new technology to keep tabs on government.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagin opposes the military, Christianity, the unborn, traditional marriage, and free speech. Thus, any Republican that votes in the affirmative for her opposes these things also.

Obama's Troll Opposes Free Speech

Hindu Cultist Claims He Hasn't Eaten In 70 Years

United Nations Plots To Impose Internet Tax

Why should average Americans be punished because jungle savages can't keep their pants )or rather leaves on) and keep having children they can't afford to take care of?

Mosque Planned For 9/11 Site

Student Slapped With An In School Suspension For Possessing A Jolly Rancher As Contraband Substance

Is Kagan A Lesbian?

She certainly looks like one.  And for that matter, despite the Obama's emphasis on health and nutrition, none of his Supreme Court nominees look like that have not missed too many meals.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Il Duce looked so arrogant in that photo in either the New York Times or Washington Post where he was being granted an academic honor that it's a wonder he didn't pull a Napoleon and coronate himself.

According to Glen Beck, Obama brownnoser Cass Sustein believes "conspiracy theories" should be banned or its purveyors punitively taxed.

According to Obama’s remarks on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, the purposes of the Justices is not to uphold the Constitution as established by the Founders but rather to be “more inclusive, more representative, more reflective of us as a people.”

The publisher of The International Yoga Guide must really be in love with himself. That heathen is on the cover of every single issue.

Given the dimwittedness of the average food service worker such as having to ask them to repeat nearly a dozen times what they've mumbled, I don't see how advertising something as "hand-made" can be all that appetizing.

Obama decress that everyone is responsible for education. Yet when parents get involved in the public school system they are reminded to defer to professional educators and often the attitutde is little better in Christian school with the added caveat of threats of Hellfire tacked on to silence those questioning things.

Obama condemns IPODs & IPADs as a threat to democracy. In other words, he only wants media sources he can control.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Liberal scum offended by the American flag should go back to the Third World trashpiles they crawled out from under.

Fashion Critic-And-Chief?

Totalitarianism is defined as a political system where the state attempts to govern every aspect of public and private life.

Obama has favorably endorsed the linguistic alteration to the uniforms of the Phoenix Suns (and why didn't he go out of his way to mention what city the Spurs were from as well).

Is there any doubt that the level described above is the extent to which the President desires to intervene in our lives?

One would think that the country is so screwed up right now that Obama wouldn't have time to assume the role of the nation's chief fashion critic.

by Frederick Meekins

Communists Rampage In Greece

Econuts Attempt To Resurrect Ozone Layer Fears

Given the blasphemous turn popular culture has taken in terms of the announced Comedy Central cartoon depicting the Lord as a slacker and the novel titled "The Goodman Jesus & The Scoundrel Christ", perhaps the debauched should take the time to thank God that Christians these days let a bit more depravity slide by than our Islamic counterparts.

Film Glorifies Machete-Wielding Mexican That Kills White People

Requiring students to remove American flags during a Hispanosupremacist holiday is the moral equivalent of forcing Jews to remove their yarmulkes because it is Christmas.

Is Obama A Manwhore?

Stan Lee To Host History Channel Freakshow

Chavez Fanatics Taught To "Kill The Gringos"

Interestingly, other nations train their populations to kill foreigners whereas the leftist admirers of these Banana Republics condemn American states for defending our own borders and populations within the parameters of due process.

Hispanosupremacist Pissants Demand Removal Of The American Flag

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Religion Invoked To Coax America's Cultural Surrender

The March 2010 issue of Sojourners Magazine pictured on its cover an adorable Hispanic child with a caption next to the photograph reading "Citizen or Criminal". Inside the issue were a number of articles expositing how Christians are obligated to basically surrender America to outsiders, most of whom defended by the magazine have no standing to be in the United States to begin with.

For example, one pullout quote in red (no doubt playing on the conditioning that the red words in some Bibles carry more weight than the others) read, "If we are truly about family values, how can we argue for a system that separates parents from their citizen children." Notice how the onus is placed on America rather than the Mexican government for the responsibility of family reunification or cohesion.

Maybe our neighbors to the south should make it easier for children beyond its borders to be repatriated there with their parents. After all, the likes of James Dobson has in the past lectured Pat Buchanan how the family values of Mexicans are superior to those of the average American.

It is interesting how Sojourners, a publication that doesn't really give a hoot about the Word of God any other time given its modernistic and liberal affiliations, suddenly knows all of the verses admonishing the believer to aide the plight of the downtrodden. What about the verse extolling obedience to properly constituted laws (such as those administering the immigration process)?

Another column condemned the ethnocentrism of the American church and that "broadening immigration ... allows the church to pray and worship in a new way." Frankly, what was so wrong with the old way.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that so-called "minority churches" are the ones most mired in the respective ethnicities and cultures of those in attendance. Furthermore, special outreaches and semi-independent "sub-congregations" are not being set up by spineless American congregations for the purposes of preserving the traditional mainstream culture. Rather, these are established because the targeted immigrants are so reenforced these days as to what their particular breed of man happens to be that they won't set foot in a church unless the ecclesiastical authorities fawn all over them and cater to them to the same extent as the other social welfare bureaucracies they are accustomed to dealing with.

And when was the last time a minister ever admonished the new arrivals to make up their minds as to whether or not they want to be Americans or remain what they were originally and to go back from wherever they came. It is about time to stop playing both sides of the identity equation where one plays up what nationality that happens to get the largest government or charitable handout or which provides the most rational explanation for one's glaring flaws in terms of character and behavior.

But whereas nearly no one --- typically liberal but increasingly conservative as well --- will tackle the shortcomings of immigrants in regards to ecclesiastical practices and preferences, "Anglos" are being given an earful on this topic all of the time. At one church I stopped going to, after a snafu with the sound system, instead of simply adjusting the volume, the pastor went into a semi-lengthy explanation of how the controls had been fiddled with for the raucous auditory preferences of the immigrant congregation borrowing the facility the night before.

The verbal smackdown did not end there. We ignorant rubes learned it was our obligation to relent since the immigrant congregation, rather than the one actually floating the bills, was the one on the cutting edge and thus the “In thing”.

This was not the only incident of pandering to minorities at this particular church. Following the announcement of the district's ministerial candidates ordained last year, only the Hispanic ones were specifically mentioned in a commemorating prayer.

In previously solid churches slowly eroding to the spirit of the age, Whitey and anyone else speaking English is suppose to simply shut up and just keep dropping the coins into the collection plate until the gullible old White people die off. And you had better have a smile on your face with a "please sir, may I have another" attitude or you're not a good Christian anymore. Frankly, I don't remember national weakness being commanded anywhere in the pages of the Bible.

Others will insist that since the Bible in general and the Gospel in specific counsels that all who accept Christ belong to the family of God irrespective of nationality or ethnicity, congregations should avoid this characteristic to such an extent that congregations that once sat solemnly in the pews should now do back-flips over them and role around on the floor in testament to just how free of bias the parishioners happen to be. If Americans have to renounce their culture that is probably already about as heterogenous as a nation can be as countries with even lesser degrees of diversity are characterized by regular ethnic bloodshed, then why are Evangelicals putting up with La Razaesque front groups such as the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference having the motto “Empowering the Hispanic Church, Engaging the Hispanic Vision and Enriching the Hispanic Dream”.

In the mission statement on the masthead of Sojourners it reads, "The mission of Sojourners magazine is to inspire hope and action by articulating the biblical call to racial and social justice.” If this leftist rag is really concerned about justice, than they ought to publish another issue on immigration with a tattooed gang member on the cover and articles detailing how unbridled immigration has ruined many neighborhoods and the violence that has been inflicted on Americans either in their homes or through the many that have died in car crashes the result of foreigners that can’t even exercise the minutest degree of self-control when it comes to booze.

by Frederick Meekins

Stomach Cancer Rates Increase Among Whites

And where are the calls for increased government funding and public service announcements produced to make those of another race to feel guilty?

Scientists Reconstitute Mammoth Hemoglobin

Apostates Unite Over Immigration Reform

Pity Party Commenses For Times Square Bomber

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Chimpanzee Sex Toys

While it sounds good to strip the rights of citizenship from accused terrorists as Senator Liberman suggests, we should be very careful as to what is defined as terrorism. It must be remembered that just a few weeks ago media liberals were accusing Beck, Palin, and the Teapartiers of "sedition".

If it is a waste of time and resources to cover over the Goddess Virtus' exposed bosom in the Old Dominion, isn't it an even bigger waste to change the Virginia state song simply because the tune ticks off Afrosupremacists?

Interesting how religious apostates and philosophical deviants think states are required to incorporate the Bill of Rights as part of state law as required by the 14th Amendment but apparently not federal immigration statutes.

And why should we care if the Time Square Bomber has been foreclosed on? Did Zionists somehow prevent him from paying is mortgage?

It must be pointed out to Mayor Bloomberg that all terrorists (irrespective of religion, ethnicity, or national origin) are either deranged, have political agendas, and often both.

Leftists are no doubt disappointed that the Time Square Bomber is not a Teapartier but rather a typical Towelhead.

Hispanosupremacist Fanatics Go On Destructive Rampage

Hawking Contends Time Travel Possible

Iran Plots To Destory America With An Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Oil Slick Decimates Endangered Turtles

Monday, May 03, 2010

Obese Children More Likely To Be Bullied

Proof once more that researchers are so stupid that common sense is portrayed as a stunning scientific discovery.

I could have told you this nearly 30 years ago.

Media often portrays it as the larger students picking on the smaller ones.

However, I can tell you of my experience even in a private Christian elementary school, the snottiest pissants were often the students smallest in stature and meeting the malnourished weight guidelines of the New World Order.

Why Is It Acceptable To Pester Americans For Identification But Not Foreigners?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

While we're at it, wouldn't surprise me if the Gulf Of Mexico disaster was some kind of covert operation as it will justify Obama's policy of objectives of raising fuel costs as well as paint as an enemy of the earth anyone calling for increased petroleum exploration.

As swarthy as most New Yorkers are, wouldn't your average towelhead still qualify as "White"?

If terrorists suspects are still on the loose, why in the name of Sheol would an alleged eyewitness be blabbing his story to Geraldo's less-accomplished sibling?

Though she was advertised as supposing to be there for the entire 2 hours of Geraldo's show last night, I noticed Ann Coulter was whisked away after Obama's atrociously dull comedy routine so she could not tear him to shreds in the delightfully entertaining manner for which we Conservatives adore her over.

If John Stossel thinks Third World sweatshops are so wonderful, perhaps he should indenture himself to one.

Geraldo's brownnosing of Obama's flopped comedy routine is more disgusting than Obama's attempt at comedy.

From the White House correspondents dinner, Obama's aptitude for comedy is as lacking as his skills at leadership.

Had marshmallow fluff on my bagel. If rising nutrition dictatorship has its way, in the future that will be as shocking and carry the same consequences as confessing one has just snorted a line of cocaine.