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Did The Nazis Establish A Subterranean Reich?

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Is Carson Propagandist Armstrong Williams A Farakhan Shill?

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Church Holds Drag Queen Pageant

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do Riot Defenders Believe Perpetrators Even Human?

An article in the 12/2014 edition of the Catholic Worker titled “Ferguson: Anytown USA” states, “I've realized that as a person indoctrinated into white culture, I have at times been thoughtful in the way I talk about nonviolence to people who have been absorbing state violence for decades...Lately I've heard far too many white people complaining about resistance as undisciplined, intimidating, or a riot....Who gets to decide whether an action is nonviolent?”

That passage contains a number of noteworthy assumptions.

Firstly, its author is suggesting that minority hooligans be allowed to destroy whatever the Sheol they please.

Secondly, the article is advocating a different standard for White and Black people.

For example, by raising the question of “Who gets to decide whether an action is now violent or not?” what the author is really saying is that, while minorities should be allowed to vandalize until their reprobate hearts are content, if a White person criticizes such actions, that is to be viewed as a profoundly inappropriate offense worthy of a variety of sanctions as the mobs or the manipulative demagogues of such rampaging throngs might determine.

There is also a hidden assumption that those advocating this kind of perspective will go to even greater lengths to conceal.

That is none other than that, if minorities are not to be held to the same standards as White people, then those holding to the assumption deep down believe that Black people aren't fully people at all.

By Frederick Meekins

Bob Grants Interviews Pat Buchanan On The Death Of The West

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Technology In The Church

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What Other Vehicular Activities Do Statists Intend To Ban?

The Maryland legislature considered a proposal that would have outlawed smoking in a car with a child under eight years of age.

Such measures raise a number of questions and observations.

Firstly, why is it acceptable to smoke in a vehicle with an 8 year old child but wrong to do so around a seven and a half year old?

Secondly, if you can't smoke around children in a car, who is to say what other legal and decent activities you will eventually be forbidden from enjoying in the presence of minors?

In order to indoctrinate children as sufficiently communal, what is then to prevent the state from forbidding the playing of political talk radio in the presence of anyone under the age of 18?

To ensure that children are indoctrinated to make what Frau Obama considers to be appropriate nutritional selections, what is to prevent legislation that would forbid the consumption of fast food in the presence of minors?

Thirdly, does this mean parents would be required to have an official ID to prove the ages of their children.

Because do seven and eight year olds really look all that different?

If so, why is this appropriate but not requiring adults to show photo ID's when voting?

For is not the health of a constitutional democratic republic as delicate as that of a young child?

By Frederick Meekins

Apparently Refugees Demand To Be Driven Straight To The Welfare Office

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Challenges To Lutheranism: Pietism

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If A Pastor Leaves A Church, Should The Congregation Be Beaten Over The Head With A Guilt Trip?

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Why Shouldn’t Brat Refusing To Obey Police Officer Be Forcibly Removed From Classroom?

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Baptist Pastor Advocates The Abuse & Persecution Of Other Christians

In addressing the Oregon community college shooting, Pastor William Strum of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina observed in remarks posted at SermonAudio how this incident likely portends the increasing martyrdom of believers as America becomes markedly less Christian.

The minister then snidely remarked that we don't want that but would rather have our own rights.

The Christian should realize that in this world we will have trouble.

However, that does not mean that Christians should allow themselves to be walked all over when these abridgments move beyond the realm of verbal insults into the arena of physical attacks.

For example, should the pastor return home and find that he has been displaced from his residency, is he not going to stand up for his property rights?

What if he shows up to church Sunday morning to discover that Muslims have seized control of the sanctuary for their own purposes?

Is he going to slink away without even a protest?

Sometimes, in the rush to display their own sense of piety, it seems doubtful that a number of Christian leaders are even contemplating the implications of the radical passivity that they are attempting to condition the unsuspecting into accepting.

By Frederick Meekins

Trump Mocks Carson As Religious Fanatic

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Is Bill Gothard A Depraved Sex Fiend?

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The Bible Answer Man Tackles The Halloween Issue

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Did The Duggars Attempt To Dump Defective Drone On Ebay Shoppers?

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Did Family Values Advocate Gift His Adopted Daughters To Known Pedophile?

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fundamentalist Hardliner Takes A Stand Against Everything Except That Which Matters

With some of these hardline Fundamental Baptists, it seems everything must be explicitly “religious” 24/7.

For example, in one SermonAudio homily, Pastor Bob Barton proudly detailed how he would not allow a church softball team because the purpose of the sacred assembly was not to sponsor such recreational opportunities.

Fine and dandy.

However, this is the very same kind of preacher that would about have a grand mall seizure in the pulpit if someone in the congregation joined a secular recreational league.

In his exposition, the pastor insisted it is not enough to avoid what God is against.

Rather, the believer ought to allow only those things in church which God has explicitly approved.

This is about the width of that proverbial needle the angel is always dancing upon from falling into religious fanaticism.

Using this particular standard, since there is nothing in the Word of God about indoor plumbing or contemporary toiletries such as bathroom tissue, should a church allow these on the property?

It's just ashame that, if the media is to be believed, that Pastor Barton did get not as outraged over two incidents of child abuse that were perpetrated within his congregation as he does against recreational athletics.

by Frederick Meekins

Is Liberalism The Most Dangerous Cult Of All?

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Should Possessing A Penis Disqualify You From Winning Woman Of The Year?

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Defiance Cancelled

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Ahmed The Clockmaker Returns To Turdpile

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TLC Apparently Can’t Get Enough Of Duggar Freakshow

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Reverence In Worship

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Headline Potpourri #79

It is being discussed on Fox News whether or not social media should shut down the accounts of terrorists and mass murderers. All well and good. But don't these sites already have a track record of stifling dissent in the name of upholding COMMUNITY standards? To Hillary, you are already a terrorist if you oppose prenatal organ harvesting and birth control handouts.

 In her condemnation of the growing sentiment that millions of illegals should be deported, Hillary remarked that it would be appalling to seize these people from their homes. But if these individuals contracted for these domiciles and dwellings under false pretenses, aren't they residing in what essentially amounts to a stolen home?

 Mount McKinley is being renamed “Denali” in an act of cultural surrender to the indigenous population. It is claimed that the gesture is in reverence to the preferences of of the native peoples. However, it is doubtful those despising the Great White Father to this extent will renounce their claims to any welfare benefits or technology lavished upon those insisting they'd rather retain primitive Stone Age lifestyles. It will be argued that why ought William McKinley be deserving of having such a majestic landmark named in his honor. After all, he never set foot in Alaska and was assassinated by an anarchist who politically probably had a great deal in common with Occupy Wall Street and the deadbeats that nearly burned Ferguson to the ground. But what has President Obama done to be worthy of all those things named in his honor other than emerge from his mother's birth canal half-Black?

 A homeschool activist insisted on a podcast that the personalities we assume on Facebook aren't real. So how is that much different than what transpires in the offline world?

 If R.C. Sproul, Jr. did nothing more at the Ashley Madison website than take a peek and leave, is there really a need to suspend him from his post a Ligionier Ministries? This is an especially valid question if he preemptively confessed to the transgression. He would have probably been better off keeping this to himself, crossing his fingers, lowering his head like Ted Kennedy at a sexual harassment hearing, and hoping that no one noticed. Should he receive a Kmart circular in the mail and linger a bit on the lingerie page as the thumbs his way to electronics or lawn care, should he lose his livelihood over that as well? Shouldn't the more shocking angle of this story be that this minister, that demanded such a high level perfection of those around him that at one time he wouldn't allow a family to leave that no longer wanted to be a part of his congregation, is himself susceptible to common human impulses?

 The staff of the student newspaper at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC is tossing a fit over the principal asserting a prerogative to approve the edition before it goes to print. What's the big deal? This isn't 1990 anymore. Most of the youngsters have blogs and social media profiles to begin with. If these budding pecksniffs don't want the school to have prior authorization as to what the students plan to publish, why can't they skip the school paper altogether? The content will likely have a wide audience online anyway.

 In a podcast, it was mentioned that, in one particular prayer group, if someone made a request they were asked if the petition would make one less or more dependent upon God. If believers are to be interrogated to that extent as to the legitimacy of their requests, won't most simply stop making verbalized communal meditative appeals during formalized religious exercises?

 A radical homeschooler lamented on a podcast that today's congregations are gypsy-like in the way believers and seekers flow in and out of churches. That translates as one should remain in a congregation irrespective of how much you are abused there or how ill fitted you might be in terms of personality and the available ministry opportunities. You'd think with the way things are nowadays preachers might just be a little more grateful some people showed up if even for a short while.

 If Kim Davis as a government employee refuses to issue gay marriage licenses, as they say in the South, “God bless her.” However, her doing so creates no obligation upon Christians in the civil service to implement their own convictions in the exact same manner. Are these ministries insisting that her particular stance ought to be that of all good people in similar positions going to pay the bills of those fired or imprisoned as a result?

 Jeb Bush muttering in Spanish is as pathetic as another candidate yammering in Klingon in the hopes of getting Comicon votes.

 Now that an Alaskan mountain has been renamed to placate Native Americans, are they going to put down the booze and get off the welfare?

 From the concluding episode of “Falling Skies”, the ultimate message of the series is that extraterrestrial invasion will serve as a catalyst for global government. See how that works. I warn of this and I am dismissed as a lunatic. Spielberg repeatedly condition viewers with this message numerous times and he is heralded as a creative genius. From the final scene, ought we to conclude that Tom Mason is the Anti-Christ? Interesting it was a character named “Pope” who, despite himself being profoundly evil, might have been one of the few able to view the protagonist for the threat he would ultimately pose once the alien invasion had been repelled from the planet.

 In a homiletical analysis, a pastor compared Kim Davis' imprisonment for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses to the beating received by the Apostles in the book of Acts for preaching the Gospel in defiance of the Sanhedrin. Kim Davis should not have been subjected to imprisonment for refusing to comply with the court order. However, the comparison of these examples of civil disobedience is weak and breaks down to a degree under scrutiny. Foremostly, Kim Davis was employed by the government to execute certain duties as directed. The Apostles were under no such mandate. Secondly, what other manners of conscience should a state official be allowed to impose upon others over which there is a variance of perspective? Should a Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist bureaucrat be allowed to deny permits for pork barbecue and shellfish eateries? Should an adherent of a Christian Identity cult be allowed to deny marriage licenses to interracial couples?

 So regarding those that want the Syrian refugees imported to the United States. Will these people be relocated to Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Beverly Hills or the Hamptons?

Interesting. Saudi Arabia won't accept any refugees. So if they won't accept any of their own kind, why is the Western world so obligated?

 At the local railway crossing, there is a now a sign that reads “No Train Horn”. Granted. The noise can be disturbing. But that railway was there literally a century before the Hipsters and Beatniks came flooding in, demanding everyone cater to their peculiarities. They want the quaintness of “small town” life (in comparison to the metropolis a few miles away), they should suck it up regarding the train whistle.

 NBC anchor Jim Vance insisted that giving a child a trophy that they did not earn is a form of abuse. So does he intend to speak out as forcefully against Affirmative Action and racial quotas? So how many Syrian refugees will be moving into the Kasich household?

 Regarding ministers that insist you must pray for them while they are preaching. Aren't they subtly pinning the blame on the pewfillers if the particular sermon is a flop or a dud?

A study claims that parents with four or more children are the happiest. However, as in the case of the Duggars, that does not necessarily mean that the children are any happier or better adjusted than anyone else. It might make for a fascinating study of how many surveyed in this research were adherents of sects where those that verbalize how they really felt would be threatened with ostracism or subjected to some form of chastisement for suggesting tha things might be less than peachy keen in regards to their inner mental or spiritual lives.

 Did Obama also invite to the White House the urchin that masticated his toaster pastry into the form of a firearm?

 Does President Obama also intend to invite to the White House the Virginia students suspended for wearing confederate flag apparel? Or is it only an act of courage to stand up for your beliefs when you agree with the prevailing elite?

 Ann Coulter went overboard in verbalizing in connection with a religion/ethnicity one of the vilest profanities one could probably enunicate. But don't her frustrations exhibit a degree of validity? Why aren't Republican candidates as eager to protect the borders of the United States and the American people as they are those of Israel?

Instructive. The liberal media is in an uproar over Donald Trump failing to assail the accuracy of a statement made at a campaign event by a citizen daring to exercise the First Amendment by questioning the geography of President Obama's advent and religious loyalties. Yet it seems absolutely no journalistic resources have been expended to investigate this vigilant citizen's concern as to whether or not Islamists have organized jihadist training camps within the borders of the United States.

 Regarding the National Geographic program “Live Free Or Die”. It is commendable that those depicted have the skills to live without electricity. However, it is a reflection of their own stupidity rather than something commendable regarding their character if these individuals deliberately decide to live without electricity.

 In a podcast on the topic of submission to authority, a pastor said that women in the church are under the authority of his wife. Before such a claim is made over the airwaves, shouldn't the discerning listener be provided the details of this church's formalized leadership structure? For as the pastor's wife, her only formal role by default is as that of the pastor's wife. Her only church function is to make sure the pastor is fed, his underpants washed, and that he's carnally satisfied in certain ways. There is not a single Scripture giving that particular woman power over anyone else in that congregation --- either male or female.

 During the Pope's visit to Washington, the Obama administration has invited a number of homosexual and transgender activists to the White House. Isn't that akin to inviting Islamic leaders to the White House and serving them pork barbecue?

 It was suggested that there is carnal terminology that even married Christian couples should refrain from vocalizing even in the their own bedrooms. If someone wants to be that frigid in terms of their relationship, that's their business. However, there is no reason to spread such hangups to others. Reminds one of the old joke asking “Why don't Baptists do it standing up?” The answer: “It could lead to dancing.” Guess married couples shouldn't see one another without their cloths on either. No wonder a number believed the rumor awhile back about the pastor that wanted to punish those uttering unapproved dialog amidst the ecstasy of carnal passion.

 Today, an Islamist front group is calling for Ben Carson to withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination over comments the organization found offensive. If these demands are surrendered to, how long until these jihadist sympathizers call for the forfeiture of the lives of Americans over comments that adherents of this religion find offensive?

Instructive. The liberal media applauds Whoopi Goldberg's remarks that Christians viewing God as the highest authority shouldn't be working in government. The same liberal media is outraged that Ben Carson vocalized a preference that he'd rather not see a Muslim in the White House unless the particular heathen under consideration has renounced Sharia law. How is Carson's perspective any more exclusionary than that held by Hillary Clinton's supporters who are backing that particular candidate because it is widely believed that she doesn't possess a penis?

 Do the same media subversives accusing Ben Carson of rejecting the Constitution get as worked up when President Obama blatantly violates the founding document of the United States?

 So if we aren't to consider a candidate's underlying faith according to the establishmentarian media (which no one is supposed to admit has a noticeably high percentage of individuals of Hebraic origins), does that mean we would be obligated to elect an adherent of a racialist Christian Identity sect?

 Critics are outraged at those of an entrepreneurial inclination deciding to sell their free tickets to the papal processional in New York. But how is that any worse than the Roman Catholic Church creating the impression that it controls access to the means of salvation often through a fee such as in the case of certain indulgences when the Bible clearly states that the only price is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

 Was the student suspended last year for committing narrative dinocide also extended a invitation to the White House and United Nations or was he too White?

 If an African immigrant is allowed to collect the offering while wearing brightly printed apparel, would an American be allowed to collect the offering while wearing a Hawaiian shirt? If the response is that to the African the garments that resemble silken sleep wear represent their best even if they have achieved bigshot status in America, would someone from a rural area be allowed to collect the offering while wearing camo? Likewise, would someone that frequented science fiction conventions be allowed to collect the offering while wearing a Starfleet uniform?

 Over 700 killed during pilgrimage to Mecca. And how many died during the Pope's visit to Washington? Wonder if Pope Francis even appreciates this aspect of Christianity's superiority? Doesn't Trump realize that those most likely to vote for him most likely watch Fox as their primary broadcast news source? He's certainly not going to get any warm reception from MSNBC correspondents, pundits or loyal viewers. Makes one bristle how Trump might respond to domestic critics should he obtain any real power.

 Jumbotrons were erected in Washington, DC so assembled throngs could hear the Pope's address to Congress. Does the Pope intend to condemn this as an expenditure of resources that could have actually alleviated the suffering of the poor? And what about the fossil fuels expended by thousands to catch nothing but a glimpse of a mere human being? Does he intend to speak out against this misdirected admiration? This hypocrisy is rising to near-Duggar levels.

 According to Pope Francis, America must embrace immigrants because we can all trace our origins back to foreigners. Since Catholicism was not the original religion of the area of Rome known as the Vatican, by the Pope's logic, isn't he obligated to stand there with his hands underneath his vestments allowing Protestants to waltz on in and set up shop there who have nothing but contempt for the ritual and ecclesiology of the property's caretakers?

 Representative Bob Brady pilfered the Pontiff's drinking glass in order to ingest the few remaining sips of water. Imagine what would have happened had the legislator stumbled upon the Pope's discarded toilet paper.

 In a public service announcement, Today Show correspondent Al Roker insisted that we should travel by bicycle rather than automobile since it is better for the body. Mind you, he himself must have weighed nearly 300 pounds prior to the surgery that led up to him crapping in his pants while visiting the White House.

 In a sermon series on the Book of Genesis, an Evangelical Anglican insisted that the days of creation as elaborated in the text were not so much to be understood literally. Rather, the passage is to be construed as metaphor to help the ignorant Hebrews under the leadership of Moses to understand that all things were created in an orderly fashion. If that is one's hermeneutical approach, doesn't the minister undermine his position when invoking this portion of Scripture to justify exclusive heterosexual marriage? Rather than as a command confining sexual union to male/female relationships, how does one then argue that the narrative of Adam and Eve isn't just a poetic image that carnal companionship should be found in whoever's arms one might happen to fall into?

 Given the rise of Russia in Middle Eastern affairs, those maintaining that Gog and Magog in Ezekiel might be a reference to that particular nation aren't quite the buffoons that they seemed to be. The Vatican has clarified that the Pope's meeting with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis should not be construed as endorsement of her refusal to grant marriage licenses to gay marriages. Interesting how he didn't mind interjecting himself into the immigration and wealth distribution debates.

 A petition is being circulated at George Washington University wanting students to be allowed an opt out of animal dissection. But if they don't want to fulfill that part of the curriculum, shouldn't they select another field of study? Isn't this akin to an English major refusing to read books?

 Trump claims Putin has an 80% approval rating in Russia. However, doesn't it take an extraordinary act of courage in Russia to admit publicly that one does not approve of the autocrat?

 As to whether or not a President should uphold the Constitution over sharia law, in an interview with Eric Boling of Fox News, Donald Trump seemed to decline comment. He remarked that the argument raised over a position enunciated by Ben Carson is not the billionaire's argument to make. Interesting how he seems compelled to address nearly every other issue under the sun down to and including a fellow candidate's facial features.

 New York City museums are being ordered to hand over demographic intelligence on staff members regarding race to municipal authorities if they want to continue to receive public funding. But isn't this the kind of leftwing nonsense these effette art galleries and such support imposing on other sectors of society such as business and religion?

 A Florida libertarian senatorial candidate has admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking the herbivore's blood as part of a religious ritual. As shocking as that sounds, it's probably isn't anymore depraved than what goes on at Bohemian Grove.

 By Frederick Meekins

Playboy Promises Classier Photography

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Southern Baptist Functionary Giddy Over The Demise Of White America

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Seminarian Advocates Destruction Of Individual Identity In Favor Of Communal Hegemony

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German Children Indoctrinated To Accept Slavery To Jihadists

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Obama Badmouths Those Failing To Yield To Him As Messiah

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Alex Jones Interviews Matt Drudge

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Lois Lane Just Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

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Will The New World Order Silence Former President’s UFO Confessions?

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Archbishop Of Canterbury Urges Capitulation To Islam

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Who Are The NeoCons?

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A Survey Of Competing Worldviews

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New York Times Propagates Mixed Message Regarding Manhood

Published in the 9/27/15 edition of the New York Times is a list titled “27 Ways To Be A Modern Man.”.

 A few are just common courtesy such as not scarfing down mouthfuls of popcorn in a movie theater while others are trying to watch the feature presentation.

 Others are just a bunch of foo foo nonsense that one would expect from the New York Times.

 For example, if I don't want to eat the fatty or charred bits of a steak or if I drink Mountain Dew as a preferred soda, that is my business.

 It is, after all, my individual digestive tract.

 Another reads, “The modern man uses the proper names for things. For example, he’ll say 'helicopter,' not 'chopper' like some gauche simpleton.”

 Frankly, how often does a man concerned about being perceived as one verbalize the word “gauche”?

 A number were downright hypocritical and dangerous when taken together.

 Principle sixteen reads, “The modern man lies on the side of the bed closer to the door. If an intruder gets in, he will try to fight him off, so that his wife has a chance to get away.”

 Yet principle twenty-five instructs, “The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.”

 What about to shoot AND KILL the intruder?

 A husband might have a moral obligation to defend his family.

 However, he should also be allowed the most technologically effective means to accomplish this task that will likely result in the least amount of physical harm to himself.

 There is no reason that a man is obligated to die for some other idiot's moronic principle that has nothing whatsoever to do with the way the world actually exists.

 by Frederick Meekins

Will Obama Impose Global Gestapo?

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Will “The 4400” Be Honored With “A Heroes Reborn” Style Revival?

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Will Pacific Trade Pact Undermine American Workers?

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Was Oregon Mass Murderer A Practicing Occultist?

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Florida Libertarian Performs Satanic Ritual

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Swedish Bishop Proposes Surrendering Churches To Islam

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