Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Hyles-Anderson College Changing?

Obama Calls Romney A "BULLSHITTER"

Powell Insists Color More Important Than Character

Meat Prices Expected To Rise

Will Obama's continue to eat high on the hog?

Old Fashioned Halloween Girl

Ian McKellan has said of reprising the role of Gandalf in the upcoming Hobbit movie that he was "robbed" of the opportunity to get to know a new character since he had previously portrayed the wizard in the Lord of the Rings. I am sure he will be duly compensated by the gobs of cash this antipated trilogy will rake in.

Instead of going into apoplexy over Sarah Palin saying "shuck and jive" perhaps the media should be more dillegent in exposing the growth in the "Knock Out Game" where Black hooligans target primarily White folks to see how many blows to the head it takes to knock the victim out.

Interesting. Ann Coulter is condemned for using the word "retard" but almost nothing is said about the proposals no doubt buried deep in the pages of Obamacare that would attempt to snuff out those suffering from these afflictions before they are even born.

If Sarah Palin is to be condemned for using the phrase "shuck and jive" in reference to President Obama, does that make June Cleaver performance in Airplane the most racist scene in Hollywood history.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama said it was worth moving heaven and earth to get Bin Ladin. What proof do we even have that we actually got Bin Ladin? The average American was not deemed important enough to evaluate the photographic evidence for ourselves.

Can’t one support Israel without becoming so entangled as to say that an attack on Israel is an attack on America? An attack on Israel is an attack on Israel. One can lend support without having to take a bullet (or a nuke). Hasn’t Israel proven itself capable of handling its own wars?

In the third presidential debate, Obama said the United States needs to think strategically about space. But it was under the Obama regime that NASA was gutted and the final frontier surrendered to totalitarian hegemonies such as Russia and Red China. Obama himself decreed that NASA’s most important mission was to make sure that Muslims felt good about that civilization’s accomplishments in math and science centuries ago.

Romney was proud that under his reign Massachusetts students were number one in English and Math. What about History?

Obama calls for more Math and Science teachers. Without a foundation grounded in Judeo-Christian morality, won’t that really just result in more advanced criminals?

It is a laudable policy aspiration to bring manufacturing back to America as the President desires. However, the average Obama voter wouldn’t work in a pie factory if they could take home every other pie.

Romney wants to see the establishment of a peaceful planet. If he doesn’t accomplish his goal in this world, he believes as a Mormon that he will get the opportunity to create one of his own when he is elevated to deity.

In the third presidential debate, Obama emphasized conferences held to encourage entrepreneurialism in Egypt. Too bad the President isn’t as eager to encourage a similar spirit of free enterprise among Americans. Instead he conspires to strangle capitalism in the United States with his healthcare mandates.

The Moral Case For Free Enterprise

Halloween: Should Christians Celebrate?

Cats & Kittens in Acrylics

Food Fascists Attempt To Take Over MD County


Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History

Stan Lee & Doctor Doom

Esteemed Unbeliever Awakens In Hell

Monday, October 22, 2012

In the third presidential debate, Obama emphasized the need for "nation building" at home. Nation building often involves altering the fundamental worldview of what is to perceived to be of a backward and undeveloped people often through the use of armed military forces occupying the targeted region.

Just because 71 Senators vote for a nuclear treaty doesn't make it a bright idea. If such a war broke out, they would likely be whisked away to the undersea bunkers.

Contrary to what Obama insists, Russia is still a threat. Just asked the 30,000 Syrians killed in large part by Russian supplied weapons.

In the third presidential debate, Romney claimed education and economic development should be targeted at the Middle East. That's certainly what we need. More powerful weapons of mass destruction built faster.

Obama claimed in the third presidential debate that Romney's geopolitical strategies would not keep Americans safe abroad. As if Obama's was successful in Libya.

Obama might claim to have liked Spider-Man in his youth. However, it's obvious he failed to comprehend storylines in Marvel Comics of Hydra as a metaphor for terrorist organizations if he thinks that Al Qada is no longer a threat because it has lost a few of its key leaders.

Romney remarked in the third presidential debate that we can't kill our way out of the mess in the Middle East. Neither can you rump smooch your way out of it either.

One segment of the 2012 third presidential debate was titled "The New Face Of Terrorism". Has it really changed all that much?

Madeline Albright accused Mitt Romney of possessing a Cold War mentality. And that is a bad thing? As if multilaterialism is doing the United States much good.

Car Free Day Foreshadows Vehicular Tyranny

Often in their attempt to engineer our lives whether we want them to or not, contemporary liberals have a tendency to hand down any number of psychosocial laws or principles since most of them view us as little more than animals to herd into a corral. It seems that their behavior is often just as predictable.

For example, one of the cardinal principles to understanding contemporary liberalism is that the policies that they initially enact as voluntary will ultimately be enforced as mandatory..

Gaining in popularity in large cities and metropolitan areas across the United States is an occasion called “Car-Free Day.” It is pretty much as it sounds. For no other reason than that they have duped most into believing that they are better than everybody else, social planners have told us that we are suppose to voluntarily forego the use of our personal automobiles for a day in favor of public transportation and bio-locomotion (forms of transit such as walking where we want to go or riding a bike).

Eventually, this will go from occasional and voluntary to mandatory and permanent. Some will denounce such a conjecture as typical conservative and conspiracy fearmongering.

But is it? It seems more like rational analysis of the mass media.

In a Washington Examiner column titled "Car-Free In DC In Your Future", Harry Jaffe makes this very proposal. Specifically he contends, "Why not make Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the foot of the U.S. Capitol car-free on Sundays? Imagine the inaugural route, America’s Main Street, a peaceful parade of strollers, bikers, and walkers.”

Another law of human nature is that what is called for (especially when the demand involves extending control over the lives of other human beings) is never enough.

Those opposed to the automobile won’t be satisfied with Pennsylvania avenue closed on Sundays. Eventually the call for it to be closed everyday will go out and ultimately this policy will engulf larger and larger portions of the city.

Such a policy could very well come to engulf much of the population of the United States. Impossible, the skeptical scoff. But once again, is it?

Already in the most blighted portions of Detroit and in Katrina-devastated New Orleans, a protracted campaign of systematic low grade depopulation has been underway for sometime. For instead of sending in SWAT teams to interdict and remove criminally recalcitrant segments of the population, municipal authorities need only deny those utilities necessary to enjoy a technologically advanced standard of existence.

The argument is made that too many resources would be expended to maintain or repair such infrastructure. Residents would be relocated to areas of higher population density where police and bureaucratic operatives do not have to exert themselves to as a great of an extent (we wouldn’t want to interrupt those coffee breaks and doughnut runs). The abandoned properties would be reforested or whatever the lovely sounding word of the month happens to be for infringement of property rights in the name of the environment.

Yet another law regarding how liberals tend to behave manifests itself in regards to the car free issue. That is none other than that liberals tend not to abide by the rules imposed upon and the deprivations expected of the rest of us.

For example, one enthusiastic supporter of Car Free Day so much so that he extended the festivity to an entire week is Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. In 2011 on the very first day of the commemoration, however, he was caught riding in an automobile wherever it was he needed to go.

Those that have surrendered their free thought in return for what Mark Levin refers to as the proverbial government cheese will respond, “But a governor is so much more important and must get wherever it is that he needs to go in a safe and timely manner.”

But in terms of your own life and in the lives of your family members, aren’t you just as important and in many ways even more so than the assorted governmental figureheads and functionaries?

For example, if you are fired for getting to work late or too far geographically from the places of gainful employment, is this governor going to put food on your table? If you are unable to get to your progeny quickly after school, will the youngsters be given a police escort home to ensure they are not victimized by child predators?

Celebrations are about much more than having a good time. Such commemorations also convey the values those holding them want to build civilization and morality around.

For example, Mother’s and Father’s Day uplift the importance of children honoring their parents as well as parents providing the kind of nurturing care deserving of such respect. Christmas and Easter remind that there is a God who so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son. And in its own dark way, Halloween reminds that we only get to enjoy the life in this world for a brief while so we had better get thinking about what lies beyond.

Throughout much of the modern and now into the postmodern era, the value of the individual has been increasingly downplayed. It is only to be expected that the celebrations commemorating what these epochs herald as the ideal would reflect as such. By discerning this, the astute patriot is better able to comprehend and counter these exact threats to our liberty.

by Frederick Meekins

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Walmart Smiley Frowns At Shutterbugs

Don't expect me to say anything good about Walmart any time soon.

I was in the "Holiday" section taking pictures of some decorations.

Some withered crone of a manager jumped all down my throat, asking me what I was taking pictures for.

I responded for my own pleasure.

She replied it was not permissible to take pictures in Walmart.

Are they afraid I was going to document them mistreating their employees?

Maybe I was taking the pictures to send to the Chinese slave children that made the ornaments but don't get to enjoy Christmas.

I guess a multibillion dollar corporation is afraid me making a dollar or two trying to sell the pictures at some rinky-dink craft fair is going to collapse their corporate structure.

I replied that I did not realize Walmart was so PISSY and walked off.

Those that worship at the altar of big business rather than common sense will reply that Walmart can set whatever policy it wants.


I am just as free to bad mouth them over my experience as much as I want.

From that smoking hag's response, you would have thought I was in the lady's lingerie department aiming my camera up under the fitting booth.

There wasn't even anybody else in that part of the store where this encounter took place.

Walmart needs to advance with the times on this issue.

We are well into the second decade of the 21st century.

Likely over half of those walking into these stores already have photographic technology on them in terms of either their smartphones, their tablet computers, or even stand alone pocket cameras.

You can't tell me other people don't take pictures of things in these stores that catch their eye. Perhaps some brave souls should start Take A Picture In Walmart Day.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apparently there is at least one Jew that Obama is willing to meet face to face. Perhaps Netanyahu should get a show on Comedy Central.

A PSA warns that the success of your anesthesia experience is dependent on truthfully answering the preoperation questions. In other words, it will now be considered your fault if you awake while splayed open like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Aren't those offended over a woman's resume being placed in a binder really saying a woman's only qualifications are really her bosom size or hip to waist ratio?

Romney mention women in binders and is castigated for it. Some weirdo artist mention women in binders and he'd probably get a fat government grant check.

Bill Clinton was probably the President to put women into the most positions in the Oval Office, with John Kennedy no doubt following in at a close second.

Perhaps agitating skanks would have preferred Romney hadn't considered any women at all for high governmental position.

Those women yammering the loudest about Romney’s binder comment probably barely look like women anyway.

The average Christian has nothing to repent of if Romney is elected President.

The deliberate tossing of a Molotov cocktail at a suburban Washington mall was not labeled an act of terrorism by police. I guess it was instead a prank of hijinks and mirth.

Black Cat Inside Pumpkin

Is Dinesh D'Souza Whoring Around On His Wife?

Newsweek To Cease Print Operations

Statue Of Liberty. Norman Rockwell.

Dancing Pumpkin Broom

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A study indicating that multivitamins can decrease elderly White men from contracting certain forms of cancer was poo-pooed in a radio account of the findings because the study focused on White men. But what about the incessant reports lamenting the health woes of minorities and WOMEN? Doesn’t this also indicate that the races are not as biologically non-distinct from one another was the multiculturalists dupe the masses into believing?

Why shouldn’t those violating immigration laws be rounded up? Police certainly don’t mind cracking heads over lesser offenses.

Romney prefers that illegals self-deport. Will there be other crimes residents will be allowed to police themselves over such as whether we file our income taxes or pay child support?

Apparently Mitt Romney believes that those here illegally should not be rounded up and forcibly deported. So if someone breaks into your house and tidies up a bit as they empty a significant percentage of your refrigerator, you shouldn’t be allowed to kick them out.

During the second presidential debate, Romney was asked what will be done with immigrants without green cards and how they might be made part of the American system. See just how far you get as a citizen if your paperwork isn’t in apple pie order.

Apparently Romney's pair are kept in a cup somewhere as well if he thinks it is the role of the government to mandate flexible schedules for women thinking they are too good to stay at home and raise their own kids.

During the second presidential debate, President Obama insisted that we mustn’t tolerate discrimination in any walk of life. Except of course when it is Black Panthers threatening White voters in public polling places.

In the second presidential debate, Romney promised that under his tax reforms there would be no tax on savings. It’s not like the average savings account or even certificate of deposit is earning much of any interest these days anyway.

Obama derisively referred to George W. Bush as an oil man. That is more of a legitimate occupation than that held by many Obama supporters.

Romney should have pointed out during the second presidential debate how at one point that Obama had foretold that under his regime energy costs would “necessarily skyrocket.”

According to President Obama in the second presidential debate, soaring gas prices are actually a sense of economic vitality.

In the second presidential debate, Obama enunciated his desire to see cars go further on a gallon of gas. Then his supporters turn around and gripe how revenue from gas taxes will drop, insisting on the need to enact an additional mileage tax that will track your vehicular movements by GPS monitoring sensors.

Obama claimed in the second presidential debate that Romney believes that those at the top play by a different set of rules. What about Obama deliberately ignoring those laws that get in his way?

As if these wenches b---ching about Romney putting the names of women in binders don't judge men by a set of arbitrary criteria.

If the debates women have been selected to moderate are so onerous as journalist Carole Simpson suggests, women are not forced to moderate them.

If Obama is so concerned about gender-based pay discrepancies, shouldn't he increase the salaries of his own female staff members?

One can be a "child of God" in the biological or ontological sense but not in the soteriological sense. If not, one must hold God did not create the individual and there is nothing wrong with abortion or other assorted forms of unjustifiable homicide.

Did those making a fuss over Mormonism's history of polygamy enunciate as much of a concern about Mike Perotuka's rocky family life if we are having to be ultra-Biblical about whom we vote for?

Of course Obama doesn't track his pension fund closely. He doesn't have to worry at night about whether or not the mantra of his Golden Years will be "Welcome to Walmart."

It is no greater tragedy for a woman than for a man to live in poverty.

How come the poverty rates of men are never mentioned during presidential campaign speeches?

Vintage Halloween Postcard

A Fragrance of Oppression: The Church and Its Persecutors

Obama might have called the assasination of the ambassabdor to Libya an attack early on, but not a TERRORIST attack.

Maybe if these women picked better quality men to bed and reproduce with, we wouldn't have to hear incessantly during presidential debates about increasing numbers of women living in poverty.

Polish Jack-O-Lantern

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

I am sure Afro-American and Women's Studies majors are qualified for and going to work in the kind of manufacturing jobs with which Obama was attempting to mollify his supporters.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I guess no MAN was ever denied a cancer screening according to the tone of these political commercials.

Regarding these "invasive ultrasounds", the wenches griping about them certainly didn't mind the prior probing leading up to the procedure.

Is there any good reason why Obama must prepare for the presidential debate in Williamsburg rather than at the White House?

From these campaign commercials, one gets the impression that women are more obsessed with genitalia than most men are.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Students Punished For Knowing More Than Teachers

A number of high school students were suspended for ingesting energy mints on the grounds of their Perkin, Illinois high school.

The thing of it is, the confection is perfectly legal as it consists primarily of caffeine.

Thus, they are technically no worse than popular energy drinks.

But despite learning this, school administrators intend to let the suspensions stand.

The Superintendent insists the suspensions are justified because the students "displayed gross misconduct for taking an unknown product."

The students could have full well know what they were taking.

This is all bureaucratic smokescreen and euphemism that the students are being punished for knowing more than the teachers and for exercising their own judgment apart from certified state authority.

Eventually, this kind of reasoning will be applied to anyone that ingests anything other than the school-provided lunches.

After all, how can teachers be absolutely certain those brownies brought from home don't contain a little flavor enhancing "greenery"?

by Frederick Meekins

The West Coast Avengers #19 : The Times of Their Lives

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JCPenny Vows To Decimate The Human Menace Among Its Ranks

Flim-Flam: Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions

In a Marvel Comics universe so politically correct that in many versions of the character Nick Fury has been switched from White to Black, was Hawkeye's comment about the SHIELD director's one good eye on an episode of The Avengers relevant? Are snide remarks made about Professor X being in a wheel chair?

Halloween Tract

Mouse Powered Carriage

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

All Halloween Witch on a Broom by Full Moon Scene

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

An MSNBC propagandists insists that Elizabeth Warren stretching the truth about being an American India should be overlooked. For who are we to criticize how individuals decide to categorize themselves. If so, what is to stop White folks from claiming they are actually Black in order to get their hands in the racial set-asides cookie jar?

Under the ruling handed down regarding the Pennsylvania Voter ID law, those showing up at the poles will be asked to show identification to election judges. The thing is, though, they are not required to do so. Try being defiant like this when you are so ordered by police or even doctor’s office personnel. The League Of Women Voters claimed that the law would be an undue burden upon the disabled. But don’t those suffering from these kinds of afflictions harp the rest of the time about being treated the same as everybody else?

Apparently Someone At The White House Has A Hankering For Succulent Breasts

The Romulan War: To Brave The Storm

Voluptuous Anchoress Bores Skinny Pissant A New One

Obama says it is up to government to teach us how to dress ourselves and set an alarm clock. It's like he wants to turn the whole nation into a New Jersey gas station where it is assumed all motorists are too inept to pump their own petrol.

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