Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tavis Smiley Insinuates Black Folks Less Than Fully Human

Isn't that what he's saying by claiming those of this background are less than capable of adhering to the standards expected of the rest of us?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Men Barred From Italian Beach

Men have been barred form a beach in Italy because of daring to ogle the women there and making comments about the livestock.

While rude behavior shouldn't be condoned, maybe if these cows stayed clothed, then they'd be treated like ladies.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spider-Man Robs Pharmacy In Pursuit Of Oxycontin

Education Undermines Masculine Identity

Generations Radio starts off doing a satisfactory job discussing how modern education emasculates young men such as the incident where two elementary students were told to snip the tips of the guns of the toy soldiers they had placed atop their graduations hats in honor of America's armed forces since students were allowed to decorate as they saw fit.

However, they go a bit far in insinuating that a single man is not fit to teach school. By this arbitrary standard, I guess that means we have nothing to learn from the Apostle Paul or even Christ Himself.

Also mildy disturbing that you come away with the impression that you are basically to raise young sons to die in old men's wars. Wonder if the leisure and overclasses imbue their young with such a message.

Professional Wrestling's Staggering Body Count

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Review Of “The Deceived” By Bill Myers

Matthew 24:24 warns “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect --- if that were possible.” With all the enticing messages trying to lead Christian young people astray, “The Forbidden Doors Series” by Bill Myers provides a bit of insight into the subtle temptations of mysticism conspiring to lead the individual into spiritual destruction.

In “The Deceived“, Myers examines the dangers posed by hypnosis and reincarnation. The main character, a high school student named Rebecca, is mesmerized by a hypnotist and undergoes past-life regression.

Thinking she is the reincarnation of a French monarch, Rebecca longs to reconnect with the powers she is convinced she once possessed, Rebecca falls under the influence of a renowned motivational speaker. However, does this occultist have Rebecca’s best interests at heart or an intention far more sinister in mind?

The family depicted by Myers is highly sympathetic in nature since as average Christians they have an inkling something is amiss but, as with the rest of us unaccustomed to dealing with the paranormal, the characters are forced to struggle with phenomena not all that common for the majority living in the rational lands of the scientific West.

Young readers will enjoy “The Deceived’s” suspenseful content. Parents will be relieved that the Christian approach taken to the material will prevent the excitement from luring the child into the world of the occult and perhaps even inoculate young minds against these dangers when they manifest themselves in other expressions of popular culture.

by Frederick Meekins

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"I Pronounce You Borg & Wife'"

An amusing pic from a story about unique Las Vegas weddings.

Fortuneteller Fails To Foresee Miscarriage Of Justice

While I do not endorse fortunetelling as it is a Satanic practice condemned by Scripture, some I think this psychic got more than she deserved.

Frankly, don't those falling for this kind of nonsense deserve to be bilked out of their money?

World's Oldest Man Wishes He Was Dead

Monday, June 18, 2007

Will Dead Zone Be Worth Watching Anymore

In the season premiere of USA’s Dead Zone, not only was the Sheriff killed off but so it seems was the “Armageddon” storyline where a nebulous secret society was manipulating Rev. Purdy of the Faith Heritage Alliance (a character based somewhat on Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority) into being the False Prophet and now Vice President Greg Stillson into being the Antichrist.

Most of the high points of the series thus far have dealt with reluctant precognitive Johnny Smith attempting to prevent Washington DC from being destroyed in a nuclear explosion. However, with Rev. Purdy accidentally killing Janus, his handler from the secret society, it seems Smith no longer sees visions of mass destruction when he touches Stillson.

Sounds like the only bomb may be this shows ratings from here on out.

Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski To Screenwrite Silver Surfer Spinoff Film

Friday, June 15, 2007

Curtain Call For Bob Barker

Trent Lott Calls For The Abolition Of The First Amendment

Inronically, less will be made of this though a sentiment of a greater danger to the Republic than his comments wishing Strom Thurmond had been elected President.

Time Magainze Calls For The Abolition Of Father's Day

While this sounds like the quintessentially liberal approach, there will probably be more than one Evangelical pulpit this Sunday using the occassion to lament the shortcomings of the modern father.

However, before any cleric ascends the pulpit to begin such a tirade, they should stop to ask would they do the same on Mother's Day to get across a harangue about modern mothers that would rather go to work than properly care for their children?

Brainwashed Tikes Propagandize For Environmental Dictatorship

Planned Parenthood Baby-Killing Reaches All Time Record

Formal Education A Waste Of Time

I like the remark that laughter is fertilizer for the brain.

Ooopps: Did Solar Array Break Space Stations Computers?

What a choice: stay on the space station with the broken computer or get on the shuttle with a less-than trustworthy thermal shield.

Food Nazis Launch Pogrom Against Breakfast Cereal Icons

Rest in peace Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Diggem the Frog as the latest victims of the New World Order.

Kellogg's has announced its classic sugary cereals will no longer be marketed towards children.

Ironically, the very same nutrition-crazed mothers with the sunken eyes that look so weak that they couldn't do a stitch of housework backing these measures ate the very same things in their childhoods and now want to deny this pleasure to their own offspring.

Interesting how it is alleged that these cartoon characters spark childhood obesity while a trio of animated condoms on the UN payroll or those Viagra and Valtrex commercials with the couples pawing all over each other strolling down a seculded beach don't titilate baser desires.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who Is The Silver Surfer

Hispanosupremacists Call For Lebensarum

Listen to this episode of the Terry Anderson Show, especially around the 27 minute mark.

Polygamist Sect Depleting Its Gene Pool

Ethanol Filthier Than Gasoline

Ethanol Filithier Than Gasoline

Some Ho's Worse Than Others?

On the season premiere of Last Comic standing, a comedian named Mel Silverback whose schtick was wearing a gorilla mask said primate researcher Dian Fossey was a whore.

Will there be as much outrage over this comment as that enuniciated by Don Imus, and if not, why not?

Marvel Comics Announces A Plethora Of Cinematic Adaptations

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fundamentalist Mormons Seek To Legalize Two Girls For Every Boy

Now there's a movement worth standing behind (or in front of for that matter or even between).

If we are to adhere to the "consenting adults" mantra constantly invoked to justify all kinds of other perversions and pecularities, so long as no one is coerced into the practice and no undue discounts on insurance and the like are extended to them, who are we to judge if someone is virile enough to bag more than one spouse (wink wink).

English Schools Take The Fun Out Of Childhood

English children are having the very zest for life conditioned out of them, I bet you the vigorous tendencies of the Islamic youngsters are being encouraged unabated.

For while English children cannot exert themselves of the simplest of games exhibiting the slighest hint of competition, one can find, according to a March 2002 Washington Post story I referenced in my column "Underneath The Turban Of Deceit: Reading. Writing & Revolution", in British mosques books on how to break limbs, twist arms, and slit throats.

Will Battlestar Galactica Movies Pick Up Classic Storyline?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Daycare Urchins Exhibit Less Civil Behavior

Environmental Dictatorship Descends Over Denver

Time Magazine Tosses In The Towel Over Immigration

In its June 18, 2007 coverstory Time Magazine essentially tosses its hat in with the leftwing hordes (which comes as no surprise) calling for amnesty.

Wonder if this publication would be so quick to do so if posh correspondent jobs were farmed out to foreigners willing to do them for less or if the migrants flooded into their fashionable liberal enclaves driving up housing costs while diminishing quality of life through playing rowdy music all hours of the day and night and boozing it up the edge of the sidewalk as these people seem to have a hypnotic attraction to congregate in mass at any border be it the Rio Grande or simply the property line at the edge of the sidewalk.

Ben Gay Overdose?

Would have never thought a mere cream could kill you.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Coulter Warns Immigration Will Lead To White Genocide

Jerry Brown Lays Groundwork For Environmental Dictatorship

Mohler Badmouths Those Not Submitting To The Fate Of A Child Bride

While Dr. Mohler is correct that one cannot have it all, I find it interesting he then insinuates that those not wedding by the time they are 21 have made the wrong decision.

Does he care to take on C.S. Lewis and the choices the famed author made?

Seems to me he led a productive life without procreating or spreading his seed indiscriminately upon coming to Christ.

Frankly, why should either a man or a woman have to settle for an inferior partner just to have children?

For a woman, is a child worth the price being a beaten spouse; for a man, is reproducing worth the price of wedding a shrew who will later leave you, hose you for child support payments beyond anything you can afford, and then conspire to keep you from seeing your kids when its suppose to be your weekend according to the custody agreement?

by Frederick Meekins

Olympic Logo Causes Pokemon Affect

Islamic Congressman Cavorts With Known Terrorist Front Groups

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hillary At Forefront Of Bilingualism

Crosstalk America broadcast.

Now Your A Sinner If You Retire Or Don't Leave Your Kids A Sizeable Inheritance

While his comments extolling debt-free living were commendable, Kevin Swanson's remarks about how one is obligated to leave one's children a sizeable inheritance and how it's a sin to retire are just not realisitic.

For starters, it's nearly impossible to save up much money these days when even the small homes Swanson thinks you should be jammed into (he admires Patrick Henry for raising 15 children in a 400 square foot house, causing one to conclude that Henry wanted something other than liberty at least from the little woman) run close to $350,000 these days with tax bills pushing close to $5,0000 annually with possibly going higher when all the new environmental fees are calculated in. Mind you, the Generation's Radio sect also heeps an additional condemnation upon you if you do not wed by the early 20's and pump out at least a half dozen children.

Maybe Christians should sock into their own bank accounts the money they would nomrally send to these kinds of ministries.

As to the retirment comment, perhaps he should realize that not every one derives the same sense of satisfaction as he does from his payed employment.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pizzeria Dishes Up Big Slice Of Monetary Subversion

Observant critics of the illegal immigration plague sweeping across the United States point out the irony that, while those sneaking across the boarder often have no desire to acclimate to the culture into which they are intruding, they have little problem accepting American money. However, if a policy implemented by one business catches on eventually, those sneaking into this great land will more likely find an odious trashphile rather than a shining city on a hill.

A Texas-based pizza chain has instituted a program to accept pesos as payment for the eatery’s wears. The company claims it is implementing the program to tap into the Hispanic market (and in the very same breath those advocating such a marketing strategy would admonish the rest of us that they never consider ethnicity in reference to social matters).

For decades, the American people have been cowed into not only accepting but also applauding any policy exempting certain groups from the regulations and expectations imposed upon the rest of us for fear of being labeled with one of those nebulous yet ominous chastisements such as “racism” or “intolerance”. However, things have gone so far and even though it’s probably too late to do anything as the time to have corrected the problem was back when Pat Buchanan brought up the issue in the early 90’s, average Americans are just about sick of the demise of their country and are finally speaking out against this demographic and linguistic foolishness. However, as usual, they are the ones being lectured and castigated by various elites for not applauding the cultural surrender of the United States.

The pizza joint’s owner is quoted in a January 9, 2007 entry titled “Pesos For Pizzas” posted on USA Today’s “On Deadline Blog” as saying, “You know what’s really sad is we’ve received a number of emails at our website...and many of them are just filled with hate and it’s very sad...People are linking it to patriotism, people are linking taking pesos for a hot pizza to illegal immigration.”

Critics are not the ones making the most to-do over the policy. Some falderal trotted out to commemorate the promotion at a number of these eateries included banners not simply reading “Pesos accepted for payment” but rather gushing “Welcome Countrymen”.

Though the effort to merge all of North America into a continuous Third World ghetto steams along, Mexicans are not yet our countrymen. Furthermore, anyone crossing the border to the extent that they haven’t or refuse to learn English still see Mexico rather than the United States as the nation to which they are ultimately loyal.

The owner of the pizzeria muses, “I just didn’t realize there was that much hate out there.” If he thinks the worst of it is about failure to applaud the economic subversion of the United States, he has no idea whatsoever of the hate that is actually out there, much of it emanating from those enabling those this misguided restaurateur heralds as his fellow countrymen.

In his classic Death Of The West: How Dying Populations & Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country And Civilization, Pat Buchanan points out that while Caucasian Americans are basically forbidden from enunciating but the most colorblind of sentiments, the same does not apply to the forces of Hispanosupremacism before which spineless liberals cower. The slogan of MECHA, a socialist organization spreading the message of violent insurrection among college students especially, is, “For our race, everything. For those outside our race, nothing (130).”

So no matter how much the owner of this pizza parlor might want to brownnose these migrating insurgents, they will never share his sentiments of a common transethnic nationhood. If other revolutions throughout history are any kind of indicator, this Chief Boyardee’s head will be among the first finding his head atop a pike when these violent swarms decide to finally show the country their true colors.

In all fairness, this is not the only business undermining this nation in pursuit of filthy lucre. Some of the nation’s most prominent financial institutions are undermining this great country as well.

While most assume that it is the politicians that have the ultimate say, one could very well make the argument that this is rather a distinction belonging to the bankers of the world. For while the politicians are in theory accountable to the people, the bankers for the most part only answer to themselves and may in fact control the politicians to an extent as the bankers control access to the money that the politicians crave.

A while back, I went to the bank. While waiting to take care of my business there, I picked up a sheet listing the kinds of identification acceptable for opening an account.

Among these documents requiring people to prove their right to be here included a driver’s license, passport, and voter registration card. However on the list was a document known as a “matricular consular” which are distributed by the Mexican government in what essentially amounts to an act of war so that its population so might be able to circumvent our laws and undermine our economy.

Americans --- citizens of the United States --- are told under the banner of the lofty sounding legislation such as the Patriot Act and the like that they must willingly submit themselves to a litany of new surveillance programs such as more stringent requirements to obtain a legitimate ID. However, its seems foreigners not even having enough class or character to come here in the proper manner are going to pretty much be handed the rudimentary tools necessary to function and prosper here without even having to fully prove who they really are. Thus in the final analysis, such regulations are not so much about keeping troublemakers out as about keeping those with the right to be here corralled and controlled.

It is argued that America (or rather certain businesses) need a steady stream of migrant laborers to do jobs Americans refuse to do or rather to keep wages low and depressed. Now that businesses one by one are beginning to take in both dollars and pesos, what is to stop them from eventually arguing that because of the administrative costs of having to deal with both currencies they can only afford to hire workers willing to accept payment in pesos? If those in the highest positions of influence are willing to set aside this nation’s socio-linguistic foundation in their attempt to establish a new brand of feudalism, couldn’t they also just as easily implement two tiers of currency as well?

An old adage admonishes to put your money where your mouth is. Those willing to accept an inferior tender over that of their own country are just a few notches above Judas Iscariot and at least he had enough sense to demand precious metals and not worthless paper.

by Frederick Meekins

Environmental Taxes Proposed

Immigrants Predicted To Swell Welfare Rolls

Apologies For Slavery Will Lead To Demands For Handouts

Alex Jones Exposes Thumbscanners

UFO Abductions & Ancient History

An interesting discussion by Beth Vegh of Ancient Future Radio and Guy Malone of

Emergent Church Movement Exposed As A Socialist Front

Jericho Likely To Return To CBS

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Obama Threatens Violence

Leftwing Christians Generous With Other People's Money

Libby To Become Big House Scooter

Interesting New Species Discovered

As with women that wear such colors, usually attractive but posionious (ha ha).

Historian Eugen Weber Passes

Majority Of Americans Endorse Bastard Parenthood

The overly-tactful might object to the use of a certain term above.

However, one might say that it is a "legitimate" dictionary use of the word, which is more than can be said of those pursuing this route of procuring a family.

The crux of the issue is not so much that this kind of thing happens as mistakes occur and we're all only human.

The concern arises when no one feels any guilt about such lapses anymore, expects all kinds of accolades and handouts from the rest of us, and then turn around and do it again as if they've learned nothing from the first go round.

Things have gotten so bad that, at a Heritage Foundation roundtable discussion on the problems facing Black Americans, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson relayed an anecdote where a church he knew of was holding a babyshower not for an errant young girl that became with child prior to marriage but rather for a deaconess that had numerous children outside of marriage. Can anyone tell me why the garments bestowed upon the previously offspring weren't good enough for the newest edition?

Those entranced by the incessant invocation of judge not lest ye be judged these days to coverup a litany of popular shortcomings will no doubt be appalled by these apparently strident comments.

But something has to be said when those snickered at during extended family gatherings are not the ones with two and three illegitimate kids in tow along with their assorted concubines and manwhores whom even the octogenarians of the clan have been conditioned into accepting as husbands and wives of the next generation though nary a marriage license can be found among them but rather those that have avoided the temptation to copulate with anything that moves.

by Frederick Meekins

Roswell Considers UFO Theme Park

Swiss Suicide Clinics Provide Express Service For The Emotionally Depressed

Hollywood Adorates Communism's Greatest Butcher

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pat Buchanan & Alex Jones Discuss The End Of America

Human Scum Beseige German Police

An alliance of Anarchists and Communists seek to disrupt world summitt.

While difficult to determine whether the bigger crooks are inside or outside the hall where the negotiations are scheduled to take place, there are better ways to vocalize one's discontent at this point in world history and the system likely to be imposed by these malcontents would be even more oppressive than that currently in place.

Swansonites Claim Those With Fewer Than Five Offspring Don't Love Children

If this headline seems familar, it is because this sect seems to drone on about this issue incessantly and I think it needs to be exposed before it grabs hold in the broader Evangelical community as this group has amicable relations with more respectable Christian personalities such as Ray Comfort and Ken Ham.

Does this group love children or rather the desire to control the lives of other Christians?

Interesting how this mindset is only imposed upon those of us lower down the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

C.S. Lewis didn't have any children of his own and on top of that married a divorced woman; Pastor Swanson care to address that one.

I don't care either way, but I am not the one telling you how to live your reproductive life inside of your own marriage either.

I suppose we'll eventually get a lecture how us single folks are suppose to pick up the bill.

Reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons that poked fun at both sides of the fecundity issue in which Homer said, "We would have never had all these kids if we knew we were the ones that had to pay for them."

Other Networks Interested In Jericho

It worked for Jag in the past, which started out on NBC in Saturday night no-man's land to later make the jump to CBS where it enjoyed something like nine seasons.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Nuclear Power Plant Benefits Wildlife

Liberalism Infesting Evangelical Movement

An informative discussion by Jan Markel of "Understanding The Times".

Spelling Bee Protested