Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Roots & Fruits Of Environmentalism

Links To Truths That Transform broadcasts regarding this topic:

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Lovesick Granny Bullets 85-Year-Old Lover To Death

World Cup Used As Sex Slave Cover

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Radio Frequency Identification The Holy Grail Of World Socialism

An informative warning from Irving Baxter of Politics & Religion.

Presidential Signing Statements Undermine Congressional Authority

Bush Administration Conspires To Implement North American Union

Immigration Chaos & Hemispheric Amalgamation

Jerome Corsi and Stanely Montieth do an informative job in this June 16, 2006 broadcast of exposing how the North American Union being implemented by the Bush Administration will turn Americans into second class citizens as it will allow Mexican businesses operating in what we now think of as the United States to operate under the regulations of their region or origin while holding their American counterparts to our nation's more rigorous regulatory requirements.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Human/Chimp Hybrids

An audio panel led by "progressive creationist" Hugh Ross.

Rush Limbaugh Detained For Illicit Viagra Possession

The above photo is of Rush Limbaugh playing tonsil hockey with Chloe from "24".

Makes you wonder is something other than an appreciation of good television going on between the two.

One would think a peck on the cheek or a brief embrace would suffice since this was at the Heritage Foundation.

Call me odd but, though it is not quite the Oval Office, you'd think some would exhibit a bit more reverence by simply being at the Heritage Foundation since it is one of the largest concentrations of conservative brainpower on the planet; after all, you wouldn't get kinky on the Acropolis would you if for no other reason than out of respect for the Western intellectual tradition.

Why not bring in Chloe from Smallville and slobber all over her while you are at it too?

In all seriousness now, reports indicate Rush Limbaugh has been detained at an airport for having Viagra without a perscription.

This is actually more scandalous than his addiction to perscription painkillers.

At least with those substances, the problem could be traced back to legitimate health problems.

However, if these allegations prove true, what makes him all that different than Bill Clinton?

For unless there has been a secret wedding or about to be one, there are very few reasons why an unmarried man would need this drug for reasons other than premeditated (and in this case premedicated) adultery.

Limbaugh use to brag that he was so virtuous that you could leave your wife with him overnight in a hotel room and another catchy slogan he used during the condom wars of the 1990's was "Abstience, works every time it's tried."

Unfortunately, it seems he has bought into the mentality that morals are only something to be imposed upon us little people while celebrities are to wallow in their own decadence until their hearts content.

By Frederick Meekins

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Black Radicals Behind Sears Tower Plot

Santa Fires Elves

Maybe St. Nick can hire Hispanic day-laborer replacements.

Futurama's Return Confirmed

Thursday, June 22, 2006

United Nation Conspires To Rebuild Babylon As World Cultural Center

Transhumanism, UFO's & The Fulfillment Of Prophecy

Christian Futurist Tom Horn does a superb job of connecting each of these ambitious topics.

Part 1

Part 2

Private Security Goons Manhandle Youth Pastor

According to this Grant Swank column, these rent-a-cops battered the minister in question for daring to "walk around and talk to people".

No complaints were made about the pastor and the only thing he did wrong was violate the inner prejudices of these peons making Barney Fife look like Robocop.

Corporatists will counter that, as a private establishment, those running the mall are free to establish whatever expectations they want.

If that's the case, shouldn't they be free to bar those of a particular race or ethnicity?

Frankly, there are certain dignities the individual should be accorded regardless of whose propety one happens to be on at the time if it is open to the general public and one is not endangering the physical safety of others.

Skating Rink Investigated For Playing Christian Music During Christian Skate Party

The newspaper advertising the event is also being threatened with charges of aiding and abetting unlawful discrimination.

I bet if an event for sodomites was planned nothing would have been said.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Only Six Months Until Christmas: Are You Ready For The Conflict?

There is only six months until Christmas. Are you ready for the conflict?

Over the past few years, each Christmas season grows more and more contentious than the one before it as liberals and secularists increasingly see the festival as an opportunity to impose their views of tolerance and inclusion upon the rest of the country.

Christians and other Americans that enjoy the traditional ways of celebrating the birth of Christ are often taken by surprise by such hostility towards what are usually wholesome ways of commemorating the season.

However, Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors by Frederick Meekins will prepare the reader for this challenge by tracing the phenomena from the early 1990’s up until the present and examines the ideas motivating various sides of this debate.

Liberal Presbyterians Conive To Paganize The Trinity

Monday, June 19, 2006

60 Minutes Takes Second Look At Environmental Terrorism

Overall, this report was balanced and informative as it allowed adherents of this philosophy to make their outlandish claims about wanting to kill humans engaged in experimentation on animals and even those providing these creatures as food.

Sodomite Minions Sieze Episcopal Leadership

Mexican Gangsters Taking Over American Cities

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

Who Are The Vigilantes?: Sides Mischaracterized By Elites In Immigration Debate

Liberal propagandists have conditioned the American people to believe that the Minutemen Project consists of vigilantes out to undermine the law, compromise good social order, and the sense of fairness essential to the character of the United States. Even President George W. Bush, who usually makes a big hoopla how Americans should contribute to the war on terror by participating in efforts such as neighborhood watch programs, flip flops from the administration’s philosophy of near-total surveillance and insists average, patriotic Americans such as Veterans and other dedicated retirees are not good enough to do for the benefit of the United States as a neighborhood as a whole what the Communitarians claim these seniors ought to be doing in our own hometowns.

However, those so worried about the taking of law into private hands ought to be more concerned about the so-called progressive interests claiming to stand for the rule of law and the dignity of all people. For the observant will discover which side of this debate actually honors these principles basic to what makes Western civilization the pinnacle of human social development.

To deter the hiring of illegals, the Minutemen Project of Maryland has set up video surveillance operations of various day-laborer sites throughout the state. In retaliation, Casa De Maryland --- a activist group dedicated to Hispanic supremacism --- has launched its own counterintel program targeting selected Minutemen in a high stakes game of looking back to see if you were looking back at me.

But whereas the Minutemen of Maryland are careful to only observe illegal activities in public places, Casa plans to follow individual Minutemen away from these specific public places and into their respective private lives. One might suggest that Casa operatives are coming dangerously close to stalking as these activists intend to picket Minutemen outside their homes, places of employment, and --- like sex-crazed pedophiles --- lurk outside the schools of Minutemen offspring.

Another distinction Casaistas fail to recognize is that, unlike the illegal aliens and the businesses that come to paw over the human capital like Johns in whorehouses, the Minutemen have committed no crimes and broken no laws. Rather, what those with Casa’s perspective seek to punish, which in their eyes is an even greater threat than the swarms of foreigners pouring over the border, is thought failing to conform to the norms of the group as directed by elites.

The executive director of Casa De Maryland is quoted by WorldNetDaily as saying, “...we are let people know their neighbors are extremeists, that they are anti-immigrant.” It may come as a surprise to the racial enforcement bureau of the thought police, but it’s not quite yet against the law to ascribe to the opinions of which the Minutemen stand accused. It is still, at this time at least, against the law to enter the United States without adherence to proper procedure and to hire those doing so.

The Minutemen are actually stepping up to either assist law enforcement in a task traditional constabularies are unable to perform or even being prevented from fulfilling by their globalist overseers. Their approach to this challenge might seem unorthodox in this era where we have been conditioned to defer to positioned and credentialed experts in reference to lofty public concerns, but the Minutemen have done nothing wrong and have a scrupulous reputation of respecting and upholding the innate human dignity of those with whom they disagree, something progressive protest movements from leftist anti-WTO marchers to anti-Klan demonstrators aren’t exactly known for as of late as epitomized by the tolerance marauders that pillaged and burned a Toledo neighborhood in the name of acceptance and inclusion in response to a smattering of buffoonish Nazis.

The Minutemen exhibit the utmost respect for the law by standing for the principle that the law should be applied consistently to all without reference to status or background. However, Casa and other related interests turning a blind eye actually undermine the impartiality of the law upon which a healthy republic rests.

The executive director of the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority is quoted by WorldNetDaily as saying, “In this area, the commercial sector hasn’t been harmed in the sense of people being deprived because of the day laborers being here. Consequently, while there are issues with their right to be in the United States, that’s not what we’re concerned about. We’re concerned that they wait in an area that doesn’t hurt our commercial properties.” Well that settles it then; so long as the rich keep getting richer even at the expense of the good of the country, so be it then.

Lenin observed that the capitalist would sell the rope with which the capitalist would himself be hung. The article notes Casa has the support of both government and the business community.

Subversion and undermining the United States can apparently be a profitable enterprise. According to WorldNetDaily, of an income of $2,771,615, fifty-one percent of Casa’s came from government handouts. However, this extortion transcends the role of a bribe to dissuade minority agitators from rampaging.

Rather it is a down payment to assist the monstrosity of public/private partnerships in subjugating the American people through a campaign of systematic impoverishment and the sublimation of this people into a homogenized global regime. For Casa receives its beneficences from the elites for the purposes of recruiting laborers “as employers seek to replace permanent workers”.

Somehow I don’t imagine naive liberals prone to believe all the bleeding heart gobbledygook they hear will feel all warm and fuzzy about unbridled immigration when their own upper-mid level jobs are farmed out to a new wave of Chinaman or Asian Indians. After all, if we really are one big global family and one of the few remaining sins in this radically liberated world is to admit that one cannot toss all of the peoples of the earth into one big bowl irrespective of the recipes original ethnic ingredients without changing the nature of the nation itself, why shouldn’t other groups be allowed to replace those higher up the socioeconomic ladder when Hispanics are being used to displace the American laborer and semi-skilled worker? Those that as good liberals embrace all of the attitudes they are told to by the social engineers should be reminded that almost without exception that the revolutions that unhinge themselves from traditional values have a way of consuming their own.

Whether one wants to admit it or not, the world is rushing ever faster towards its ultimate conclusion. Americans are now at a pivotal fork in the road. We can either enter this turning point with the dignity and values that have made the United States the foremost nation around the globe or we can enter this epoch as a people of diluted identity unable to put up much resistance as we are increasingly merged into the prophesied planetary tyranny.

by Frederick Meekins

Quote: “Morbo congratulates our gargantuan cyborg president. May death come quickly to his enemies.”

Morbo (Alien Newscaster), "Futurama"

Organic Grocer Anguishes Over Crustacean Rights

Lobsters and crabs are glorfied underwater cockroaches, for crying out loud.

While any merchant might have concern over the quality of their merchandise and not want it disturbed from an economic standpoint, does it really matter if these creatures are unsettled by children tapping on the glass?

Usually, it is not so much the care for animals as it is a dislike of children that motivates those running these fancy beatnik eateries where the customers have more money than commonsense.

Ironically, these same fruitcakes all in an ethical tizzy over the propriety of selling live shell fish are usually the same ones revelling in the glories of abortion in all its horrid forms.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pro-Immigrant Marchers Marxist Stooges

An informative expose by Chuck and Larry Bates of "Unraveling The New World Order".

Was interesting how those advocating tolerance and liberation forbade their followers from speaking to the media.

Those interviewed claimed they could not speak. But they wouldn't mind running their mouths if it led to getting a welfare check.

Canada Becoming A Haven For Pederasts

Tattoo Parlors Swilling With Disease

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Local Home Depot Employee Foments Linguistic Subversion

Though no doubt irritated by the practice, most Americans pretty much put up with the number of businesses and public utilities providing services in both English and Spanish, often with the interloping tongue regularly showcased as the primary mode of speech offered.

However, as speakers of English let the good manners and propriety, for which the land their own language originated from is renowned, to take precedence and keep their mouths shut, there will come a day when the advocates of the invading culture will seize predominance and refuse to grant the same degree of verbal acceptance those now being conquered have been duped into extending.

A caller to the June 9, 2006 broadcast of The Chris Core Show on 630 AM WMAL in Washington, DC contacted the program to relay an experience he had in a Metropolitan Area Home Depot.

According to the caller, when it was his turn at the self-checkout counter, he discovered the terminal had been locked in Spanish mode.

The caller proceeded to the employee overseeing the self-service operation and informed her of the register’s status.

Instead of adhering to the trusted axiom that the customer is always right by unlocking the register and apologizing for the inconvenience, the Home Depot associate proceeded to berate the customer as to how it was not only our responsibility to accommodate Spanish speakers but also our obligation to learn Spanish ourselves.

The caller humorously pointed out that a number of Asians also in line (clearly immigrants as indicated by their accents) spoke up and insisted that in America we speak English.

By definition, the act of surrender entails one party giving in to the demands of another. Unless more Americans take a stand like that contractor at the checkout and those immigrants backing him up that apparently knew more about what this country is about than those conspiring to sell us out, it won’t be long until the facade of bilingualism will be dropped in favor of the imposition of an alien monoglotism at the heart of this brand of multicultural manipulation.

By Frederick Meekins

FEMA Funds Finance Sex Change

Microchipping Livestock One Step Away From Microchipping Humans

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Issues Etc Examines Oprahism

This Lutheran program takes a look at the beatification of Oprah Winfrey and the cultic tendencies springing up around the adoration of her.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

G.I. Joe Technology Closer To Reality

This reminds me of a G.I. Joe vehicle from the 1980's called the "Cobra Claw".

Though it was motorized while this is a glider, it reminded me of that contraption as both are essentially wings strapped to a soldiers back.

U.S. News & World Report Dupes Readers Into Delaying Retirement

While such advice might be sound if you happen to be blessed and find your job satisfying, what about those in occupations for no other reason than the curse of work God placed upon the world who find little intellectual fulfillment from their jobs or are simply unable to do them any longer because of the wear and tear that inevitably take their toll on the human body?

Contrary to both the Feminists and those Christians with the fakey smiles plastered across their faces yammering incessantly about the joys of the will of God for your life, the world of work is usually not all that and a bag of chips.

Elites such as those running U.S. News and World Report might look forward to finishing out their days in their positions of comfort and influence, but the average American has little to look forward to in saying "Hi, Welcome to Wal-Mart" as the call for clean-up on aisle 6 booms over the loudspeaker.

by Frederick Meekins

Apparently There Are Some Things The American Bible Society Won’t Publish

According to the Associated Press and UPI, the American Bible Society has refused to print an order of Bibles with “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” emblazoned across the cover to be handed out to adult film stars by at locations across the country.

The American Bible Society contends that such a statement was inappropriate for a New Testament cover. As a ministry to those so trapped by this filth as to seek it out in public, one cannot blame the outreach for trying though, as frankly up until now there was little the American Bible Society would not allow on the covers of their Bibles.

All in the name of reaching out to the culture, the American Bible Society has published all kinds of gimmicky Bibles over the past few years. One edition of the Contemporary English Version depicts a teen on a skate board hanging-ten, or whatever its called, on the cover.

And this is one of the more sedate editions. Back in 2003, I wrote a column exposing the American Bible Society’s Celebrating Jubilee New Testament that depicted Black radicals such as Martin Luther King, Jr. (hardly a Biblical inerrantist despite whatever else commendable that might be said about the man), W.E.B. Dubois (a confirmed Communist), and the Olympic athletes that raised their clenched fists in protest in a disrespectful gesture against the Star Spangled Banner. Other questionable editions included the CEV Kwanzaa New Testament and The CEV Jubilee Bible made up to look like the black, green, and red Pan-African flag.

Thus, the American Bible Society doesn’t think it’s appropriate to print on a Bible “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” since to do so would appear misleading causing those catching a glimpse of the publication to think smut was being advocated but has had no problem in the past creating the impression that Afro-supremacism and even Communism are O.K. What’s next: a Spanish translation with pictures of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez on the cover?

Frankly, I don’t know what I feel about the version with the American Flag and the Statue of Liberty on the cover now available on the ABS website either. As the word of God, why isn’t the Bible good enough to sell in a plane old cover anymore?

Though they are a bunch of fanatics, you have to give them credit. You’d never hear about Muslims defiling their sacred text in these manners.

By Frederick Meekins

Monday, June 05, 2006

Preschool Stifles Mental Development

Kevin Swanson Disses Alex Jones

Homeschool guru Kevin Swanson has decided to cast aspersions on Alex Jones of and

Swanson commenced his attack because Jones posted a story daring to suggest that FEMA operatives were training pastors to manipulate their congregations into accepting world government and the related institutions of the New World Order.

Instead of considering the allegations, Swanson burst into a tirade about Jones not having enough about God on his website and condemned him as a "Randian" individualist possessing an incorrect worldview.

Just because God is not explicitly mentioned on a website does not mean by definition that it is necessarily anti-God. Jones might simply have a purpose that transcends that of Swanson's more niche mission.

Swanson's lackey Dave Buehner mocked Jones by saying that information about God might be on the Prison Planet website but that conspiracy operatives might be suppressing it and that he was putting his tin foil hat back on.

Swanson then summed up the worldview of those concerned with conspiracy theories as not believing in the sovereignty of God. Frankly, as a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, it is Swanson's peachy keen Post- or Amillenialism that incorrectly fails to correctly assess the currents of history sweeping over us.

God is always sovereign, but that does not mean He always steps in to prevent Hell on earth. If Swanson's precious homeschooling is outlawed, does that mean he would just blithely accept it as "God's will" and if he and his children are sent to a prison camp, is he not going to resist since he condemned the characters in last summer's cinematic masterpiece "The Island" for having done so?

Sure, some of the material on Jone's website might provide an alternative perspective on current events. But unlike Swanson, Jones is not the one hypothesizing that young women should be discouraged from attending college and that Little House On The Prairie somehow suborns lesbianism.

Makes you wonder who really is wearing the tinfoil hat after all.

Frederick Meekins

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

Artists No More Important Than The Rest Of Us

In a market economy, those with socially valuable skills and abilities are monetarily rewarded in free exchange for their services or the goods that they produce. Those whose aptitudes do not fulfill some kind of broader demand or need are forced to either adapt or be willing to endure a life of self-imposed deprivation.

Foremost among such individuals who forego material enrichment for the sake of remaining true to their understanding of the craft to which they have pledged their lives are so-called “starving artists”. Such iconoclasts usually earn such designations because (unlike Norman Rockwell, Thomas Kincaid, or James Audobon) their work is so blatantly bizarre, bad, or depressing that no person with healthy aesthetic sensibilities is willing to support such individuals. And that is as it should be.

Yet, as with other issues such as education and with those who insist upon procreating outside of marriage, elected officials and social engineers are now planning to interfere with the wisdom of the invisible hand that keeps the artistic rabble in check by making sure their numbers do not proliferate beyond what a productive society can actually bear or reward them with more financial remuneration than they actually deserve. In an era when Americans are becoming increasingly concerned whether they will even have a retirement or be forced to end out their days as Wal-Mart scullions, Congress is authorizing $250,000 to finance affordable subsidized housing set aside specifically for piddlers categorized as artists.

According to the December 1, 2005 edition of the Gazette papers of Maryland, the Renaissance Square project is being funded in part by the 2006 Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Development, the Judiciary, District of Columbia Appropriations Conference Report. This chunk of change is being funneled in part for the Prince George’s County Arts and Entertainment District, a blueprint through which to impose socialistic-style centralized planning in the name of community renewal.

But is it really the place of government to grant special subsidies or set asides for a particular class of individuals so they will be unduly advantaged in acquiring accommodation? A blighted urban community with a high crime rate would benefit if a few more ministers of the Gospel moved into the neighborhood as well or if local officials convinced more White folks to move in.

“OUTRAGEOUS, you hatemonger!!!! How dare you make such a reactionary suggestion.” Then why is it alright to lavish such favoritism upon those evangelizing on behalf of elites and bureaucracies?

In a market economy, such distasteful displays of prejudice in both example are largely avoided by having the government, for the most part, stay out of the unfettered exchange of goods, services, ideas and property. However, those administering such centralized development programs such as the Prince George’s County Arts and Entertainment District across the country do not think of themselves as bound by the same conventions and modes of conduct by which common folk are forced to comport themselves.

Good people loving freedom believe that, once an individual or business procures a piece of property, the owners should be allowed to retain it for as long as they desire. However, to the believers of the eminent domain heresy and related measures of intrusive social intervention, one is only allowed to occupy a given parcel of the COMMUNITY so long as one is utilizing it in a manner in accord with the collective purpose imposed by the ruling bureaucracy.

Propaganda supporting the Prince George’s County Arts and Entertainment District paints a peachy picture of the future where prosperity and creativity will walk together hand in hand. Ashame liberty and those not going along with the mandated vision of the future will have no place in it.

Social engineers plan to bring about the artistic district by establishing a series of art galleries and studio spaces. Thing is, many of the properties coveted by the Arts District are already owned by other businesses, primarily used auto dealers.

But in this enlightened and progressive post-Kelo world our overlords have granted us the privilege of existing in, why should we let a little thing like respect for private property stand in the way of grand utopian visions? If someone already holds title to a piece of property we want, simply manipulate the contrived rules of the game to confiscate what we covet all in the name and glory of the COMMUNITY.

It was only a ruling by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals that prevented the dealerships from being forced from the area without compensation. But what if the crafts commies had been willing to pay; why should the dealerships be forced to close up shop? More importantly, what’s going to protect the homes of the regular people who don’t exactly fit the mold of this Brave New World because the jobs they hold down just aren’t as sexy as the lifestyle of the starving artist?

To those overseeing the establishment of these special districts and those benefiting from their largesse, the masses of humanity exist as lab rats to be experimented on or (in the case of an arts district) as clay to be molded in compliance with all kinds of warped ideas. And if that makes your life inconvenient, those espousing this outlook contend, that’s just too bad as it is the revolution that must take top priority.

In a 3/5/06 Washington Post magazine article about the Arts District, one of the new feudal barons brought in to assist in the establishment of this postmodern fiefdom intimated that he “understands the voice of building materials (wonder if they’ve told him what a kook he is) and he promulgated, “I don’t like machine-made things. They look like they came from nowhere.”

I don’t know how things are there for King Friday in the Land Of Make Believe, but that’s just not how things are, as Allan Jackson might say, here in the real world. Frankly, it’s those evil machines that allow Americans to enjoy a standard of living envied around the world.

But that is irrelevant, as the Borg might say. The important thing is for the rest of us to comply with the artistic whims of our betters no matter how burdensome they might be. The elites might live as overlords in floating cities (hand-crafted of course) high above the earth and everyone else (granted the privilege of existence after the pending depopulation) in mud huts or military-style barracks but that will be perfectly acceptable so long as the COMMUNITY aesthetic is adhered to.

Over a decade ago, some of the first letters and commentaries I ever published dealt with a law in Hyattsville, Maryland that forbade residents from removing trees from their own yards without local government permission. With favored artisans moving in along the Route 1 business corridor thinking that the bricks are alive with the sound of music, how long until residents of this Maryland suburb are compelled to seek committee oversight as to what materials may be incorporated into their domiciles?

Don’t dismiss such speculations as the ravings of a madman. As well as the Arts District occupying the city, talk has been afoot the past few years of saddling residents with an additional layer of bureaucracy by imposing the historic district city wide.

Under such regulatory regimes, homeowners are essentially forbidden from making alterations to their properties without prior authorization. Thus, about the only thing from the past not welcomed are apparently the very liberties Americans have fought and died for over the course of the nation’s history and the only creativity welcomed that which strokes the egos of the ageing beatniks holding power.

By Frederick Meekins

Virginity Pledges A Waste Of Time

According to a Harvard study, public pledges to remain a virgin until marriage are largely a waste of time as teenagers either lie about their sexual pasts when they sign the contracts or conveniently forget ever making the promise after succumbing to temptation.

While virginity is important in this day of terrifying pestilences and conniving women seeking to file paternity suits, why do these promises have to be made into public affairs becoming an entire congregation's or youth group's business?

And therein no doubt lies much of the problem as in our Oprahized culture it seems the only sin that remains is keeping some portion of one's life hidden from the scrutiny of the group.

Many teenagers no doubt simply sign the pledges out of fear of shaming if they do not and it wouldn't surprise me if some Christian schools did not threaten to expel students refusing to take the vow as some of these institutions possess detailed behavioral codes of what students may or may not do on their own time outside of school and many of the demands are not even clearly delineated in the pages of the Bible.

For example, the school I attended forbade students from having TV's in their rooms at home. The last time I checked, the parents were paying the rent or making the house payment, not the school.

Sexual purity is very important in the eyes of the Lord; however, that does not mean the pastor gets to watch while you are doing it. Likewise, the kinds of information detailed in these abstinence pledges belongs within the context of individual families and private relationships; not as fodder for church gossips.

by Frederick Meekins

Al Mohler Goes Too Far In Condemning Lesbian Batwoman

While Albert Mohler should be commended for speaking out against DC Comics' new lesbian Batwoman on his June 1, 2006 broadcast, he goes too far in saying that grown men who read comics need to grow up.

As a form of literature combining both text and illustration in the presentation of its narrative, why should this medium be anymore ridiculed than the fantasy of C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien that Christians leaders seem to latch onto?

Is he going to come out against the oddity of so-called more "masculine" men sitting around watching men in tight pants romping up and down on one another as they attempt to move a pig-skin ball down a field?

At least superheroes run around in odd costumes for a noble purpose.

Famed Cripple Abandons Man To Perish On Everest

As I discovered with my recent round with the deaf-mutes, the disabled are often the cruelest people out there.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Designer Babies Booming Business

The Hugo Chavez Threat

Radio Liberty looks at Hugo Chavez as a tool to bring about an anti-American hemispheric union steeped in Hispanosupremacism.

Magneto To Get Own Movie

Interesting to see that a film will be made detailing the early life of one of comicdom's most fascinating characters as Magneto occupies a complex place along the spectrum between hero and villian.