Friday, March 29, 2013

Dawkins Claims The Aborted Less Human Than An Adult Pig

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Chris Matthews has compared Second Amendment supporters to Nazis. But weren't the Nazi's the ones that wanted to disarm the populations they tagetted for enslavement or extermination?

Too bad those outraged over a Congressman using the word "wet back" aren't as outraged at groups such as La Raza and MECHA that don't so much intend to call White folks unpleasant names but rather KILL White people residing in certain areas when the great uprising takes place.

How about just abolishing all inheritance taxes rather than legalizing gay marriage?

Obama Funnels Millions To Planned Parenthood Fronts To Turn Tots Into Sex Addicts

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Ebay Censors Mention Of Firearms

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Will White House Egg Roll Degenerate Into An Obama Youth Rally?

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Obama To Increase Gas Prices In The Name Of Decreasing Sulfur (You'd think he wouldn't mind his own natural stench)

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Were Calvinist Holy Rollers Predestined To Fall Into Sex Abuse Scandal?

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Liberal Religionists Flagellate Themselves Over Dark-Skinned Devil

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Religious Fanatics Endure The Pains Of Legalistic Ritualism

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Parasite Catching Ride On Contact Lense Nearly Eats Girl's Eye

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Patriotic Lady

America's Most Wanted Cancelled

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Russian Tycoon Insists Cyborgs The Key To Eternal Life

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In coverage of a lottery jackpot, it sounds so much more culturally fascinating to say that the winner was a foreigner working in a bodega rather than simply calling the place of employment a rundown corner store with questionable adherence to health and hygiene standards.

Some Observations Regarding Gay Marriage

Some observations regarding the gay marriage controversy.

This is how liberals and even a number of conservatives clamoring for the approval of secularist elites are farming the issue.

These factions oppose legislation and policies at the national level such as the Defense of Marriage Act claiming that the matter should be left up to states to decide.

However, when certain states decide not to authorize the practice, these activists then want the federal courts to nullify the decision arrived at constitutionally sovereign electorates.

If increasing numbers justify acceptance of the practice on the grounds of evolving cultural standards, should standards revert back, on what grounds does it remain legal?

FBI Downplays Memo To Hoover Regarding UFO's

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The Georgia Guidestones

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Kim Kardashian Brighter Than She Looks In Admitting To Africa's True Nature

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NBC Propagandists Delude Masses "THEY" Are Having A Baby

The only one having a baby is the one that apparently got what only a man can give.

Is Campell's Soup The Official Food Of World Terrorism?

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Hyperlegalist Pastor Blames His Pedophilia On Malfunctioning Prostate

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Meathead Endorses Sodomite Nuptuals

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Celebrating Easter In The End Times

Jim Carrey Now Fancies Himself As Profound Philosopher

This story about a wave afraid to crash itself upon the beach sounds like it could be used to justify genocide or suicide bombings since it advocates that ultimately one is nothing more than part of the whole or COMMUNITY.

O'Reilly Continues Wallowing In His Contempt For Explicit Divine Revelation

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British Taxpayers Pick Up Tab For Model's Enhanced Knockers

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prominent Cardinal Had Gay Lover

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PETA doesn't love animals. The organization just hates humans.

If Presidents are too busy to walk their dogs, perhaps either the dog does not get walked or better yet, perhaps such busy figures should not own a dog. We are called on to sacrifice for the good of the COMMUNITY, why not the nation's leaders?

Obama was overseas badmouthing the United States as to how at one time his daughters would not have had much opportunity in America. Before this President is through with things, his daughters will be about the only ones with any worthwhile opportunities.

Does Ben Carson Advocate Backdoor Euthanasia?

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Does Jesuit Pope Intend To Target Protestants?

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What Does A Jesuit Pope Signify

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Pope Francis Continues To Suck Up To Muslims

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Is O'Reilly Bucking To Be Obama's Bootlicker?

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Is Pope Francis A Threat To Those Wallowing In Vatican Opulence?

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Spineless New Yorker Equates Gun Shows With Nudey Dances

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Will The Mark Of The Beast Be Implemented As Dementia Safety?

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Mining The Sky

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will The Jesuits & Opus Dei Force The Catholic Church To Embrace Extraterrestrials?

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O’Reilly Attempts To Bribe Church Into Sending This Ex-Wife To Hell

That is certainly considerable trouble to go to for someone that has expressed a nearly universalist theology in his books and who nearly shouted down Roma Downey as to how the Bible contains only allegorical legends in regards to the miniseries produced for the History Channel.

Rand Paul Surrenders America To Illegal Aliens

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South African Cardinal Insists Pedophilia Is Not A Crime

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For it's Saturday night B-movie, the Syfy channel is airing "Chupacabra vs The Alamo" starring Eric Estrada. So which of these is the rarely spotted curiosity: the chupacabra or Eric Estrada?

In threatening the sequester, Obama sarcastically mused whose funds should be cut: the poor kid or the disabled child. Firstly, what is being defined as disabled or poor? For some of the ways these terms are being defined, no one but bureaucrats in the educational and social welfare establishments would consider such youngsters as characterized by either of these conditions.

Instructive. Obama celebrated a Rosa Parks statue commemorating her courageous refusal to give up her seat but he threatens to punish corporations such as Hobby Lobby and a number of Evangelical and Catholic educational institutions that refuse to give up their values.

If Rand Paul voted to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense on the grounds that a President should be granted considerable deference in getting to select who they want to fill key positions within their administration, then shouldn't the Senator have voted in the affirmative to confirm John Brennan as the head of the CIA? Isn't an American as likely to be blown to smithereens by a drone under the control of the Pentagon as the CIA?

The cover of the March 2013 Columbia Journalism Review asks "How can we improve American media's coverage of race, class, and social mobility." This translates as why aren't the disenchanted violently rampaging in the street or why aren't there higher levels of White guilt racking the middle class.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Should Protestants Be Allowed To Have An Opinion Regarding The New Pope?

It has been suggested that it is a tragedy for Evangelicals to pray and fast regarding the new pope as called for by Rick Warren.

While it might not be an issue worthy of fasting over as it doesn't look like most of the top contenders to the papal throne have themselves missed too many meals and won't exactly be living in a state of self denial given their opulent surroundings should they get the job, offering up a quick prayer on the matter won't hurt.

After all, the individual selected will play a significant role in steering that interpretation of the Christian faith closer towards true Biblical religion or further away into the assorted errors tempting all that call upon the name of the Lord in one fashion or the other.

What is so wrong with a Protestant praying for the selection of at least a level-headed Pope that adheres to the shared commonalities of Christian doctrine and respects the rights of existence and expression of those he disagrees with?

I guess there are those thinking the atrocities committed during the Thirty Years War by both sides were a good thing.

Nothing wins souls to your vision regarding Christ and His message like a good pillaging and the ravishing of a few unwilling maidens.

Some might ask the question why should Protestants, especially those of the lowly Baptist variety, enunciate an opinion as to the selection of a new Pope or elaborate an explanation as to why those of that particular theological perspective find the power and authority that ecclesiastical institution has asserted for itself as extra-Biblical and questionably dangerous.

Catholics have every right to select whomever they desire as their head honcho.

However, because that institution has assumed for itself a role beyond administering its own internal affairs and undertaken efforts to exert an influence on the world beyond its ornately decorated walls, in a free society those not belonging to this religious tradition have just as much right to speak out regarding the direction as to how this powerful world body might influence the way in which individuals are able to live their own lives and practice their own beliefs.

For though the way in which the Roman Catholic Church gets the message across might be more subtle than the way in which some Protestants do so, relying more on ceremony and glitz rather than a blunt in your face letting you know what they feel and believe regarding the issue often in a gruff and tactless manner, the opposition of the leadership to Protestantism is just as ingrained.

For example, Pope Benedict repeatedly emphasized throughout his pontificate that Protestant churches especially were not real churches and at best could only be thought of as errant theological associations.

No big deal, many not practiced in the art of discernment and worldview implication might conclude.

After all, everyone from the Pope down to the raving village atheist thinks the spiritual path they are journeying down is superior to all others.

However, one may need to stop to reflect for a moment what is being said here.

To the Protestant, the ideal that those of this persuasion endeavor to strive for can be found in Romans 10:13: “For whoseover shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

By this, it is believed that there is no mediator between God and man other than Christ Himself for those that believe Jesus as the only Begotten Son of God died in our place for our sins and rose from the dead so that those placing their faith solely in Him might have eternal life in Heaven.

However, official institutionalized Catholicism pretty much holds that their’s is the only game in town determining who it is that will be rewarded with the prize or gift of salvation.

This the organization does in part through its system of sacraments.

So what the Church is really saying when it denies communion to all but those on its own membership roles is not so much that we think it’s best if you participate in this solemn event with those that can better attest to the validity of your faith experience or worthiness of character but rather that you aren’t even a fellow Christian at all.

If the new pope has called for a new evangelization effort in areas where Protestantism has made inroads, unless the campaign is confined to targeting those that were previously Catholic with those born into Protestantism or who became Protestant from a non-Catholic orientation off limits, on what grounds do Catholics have to get jacked out of shape when Protestants sweep up disgruntled and easily persuaded Catholics?

One would hope that no one in their right mind would find the violent acrimony of the past where individuals on either side of the divide were often deprived of property, opportunity, and even their very lives all in Christ’s name a worthy situation to return to.

However, neither are Christians obligated to go out of their way refusing to admit that profound religious differences still exist that are better off left in place for the sake of the entire world at least until Christ Himself returns to set hearts and minds straight and to sort out the mess we as fallen human beings have made of this world.

by Frederick Meekins

A highly entertaining what I assume was the season finale of Young Justice. After abetting and finally leading the effort to repel the alien invasion, Lex Luthor is on the verge of being made Secretary General of the United Nations (with this grassroots movement spearheaded by the show's Glenn Beck type character). Got to admire Luthor's ability to manipulate nearly any situation to his own advantage. The symbolism one finds in this show is nearly akin to that of the paintings in the Denver Airport. In the final scene, Vandal Savage (the founder of the Illuminati) is shown forging a pact with "the god of the Apocalypse" (Darkseid). Lastly, for those that keep track of such things, it seems after nearly 40 plus years we are finally given a definitive answer as to what's the deal between Wendy and Marvin.

On the season finale of Young Justice, wonder if having Kid Flash fade out of existence with Impulse becoming the new Kid Flash was intended to be an homage to where, in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Barry Allan version of the Flash faded from existence with Kid Flash Wally West assuming the Flash identity of his own mentor.

If WorldNetDaily is going to make a fuss over Jesus celebrating Passover rather than Easter, if they are going to go out of their way to make Christians feel that guilty about things, they could at least have the decency to update their 2011 solicitation regarding the video they are hawking on the subject with the correct 2013 dates.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Are Benedictines Suppressing Prophecies Of A Pending UFO Invasion?

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Rabies Transmitted From Organ Transplant

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Gestapo Agents Intimidate Photographer Into Deleting Biden Pictures

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An Egg With A Unique Sweet Treat

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Will Pope Francis Make Pandering To Islam A Higher Priority Than Christian Truth?

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If the new pope has called for a new evangelization effort in areas where Protestantism has made inroads, unless the campaign is confined to targeting those that were previously Catholic with those born into Protestantism or who became Protestant from a non-Catholic orientation off limits, on what grounds do Catholics have to get jacked out of shape when Protestants sweep up disgruntled and easily persuaded Catholics?

Captain America Socks It To Hitler

Is The CIA Director An Islamist Sleeper Agent?

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Will The New Pope Lodge His Nose Up Islam's Backside?

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The First Jesuit Pope

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ivy League Teaching Prostate Pleasuring

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Will Extraterrestrials Deceive The Catholic Church?

Jesuits Propagandize To Abolish The Second Amendment

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Is The New Pope An Islamist Sympathizer?

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Obama Voters Rampage In Brooklyn Streets

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Why Protestants Must Keep A Critical Eye On Papal Authority

The Ethics Of Drone Warfare

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St. Jerome Extracting A Thorn

What is so wrong with a Protestant praying for the selection of at least a level-headed Pope that adheres to the shared commonalities of Christian doctrine and respects the rights of existence and expression of those he disagrees with? I guess there are those thinking the atrocities committed during the Thirty Years War by both sides were a good thing. Nothing wins souls to your vision regarding Christ and His message like a good pillaging and the ravishing of a few unwilling maidens.

Apparently German Homeschoolers Are Too White To Avoid Deportation By The Obama Administration

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Scottish Cardinal Accused Of Perversion

Are Muslims Taking Over Chicago?

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Billboard Urgers Hispanosuprmacist Uprising

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Jesuits Seize Control Of The Papacy

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An Introduction To Catholicism

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Manatee Massacre

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A caller to Rush Limbaugh said that, at the Catholic Church she attended, the priest prayed that the greed of capitalism come to an end. What about the greed of socialism or other hierarchical centralized authority structures such as small religiously organized Italian city-states?

President Of Iran Condemned As Whoremonger For Consoling Chavez's Mother

This story creates a conflicted feeling in me. On the one hand, this SOB is getting what he deserves. On the other, it exposes what a gutter religion he belongs to when someone is accused of immorality for attempting to comfort someone in a time of sorrow.

Papal Frontrunner Tarnished By Mafia Links

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Feds Fund Study On Lesbian Obesity

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A Picture Of Dear Old Ireland

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

What Faction Will Seize Control Of The Vatican?

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Fanatic Homeschooler Mocks Conspiracy Theorists

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Toaster Pastry Firearm Fiasco Portends Civilization's Collapse

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Aryan Vampire Attempts To Recruit Tots

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Why ought McCain get all fearful about "impressionable libertarian youth in their college dorms" getting all fired up?

If Bob Beckel is a Fox News host, on what grounds is Sarah Palin deemed insufficiently competent?

Interesting how the debate of drone strikes in public places on Americans on American soil is couched in terms concerned about the terrorist scumbag and not the uninvolved in the immediate vicinity.

Rand Paul should be commended for sticking to his gun regarding drone strikes. But isn't he the same Senator that within the past month enunciated a belief that considerable deference should be given to a President in terms of allowing the President to select whomever the President wants to high position within a respective administration? Then perhaps Senator Paul shouldn't be so shocked when these officials implement policies at odds with his own brand of libertarian conservatism.

McCain Insists True Patriots Don't Question Drone Attacks On American Soil

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Writing For Comics

Rodman Intends To Further Lodge His Nose Up North Korea's Backside

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Even Democrats Admit To Being Impressed By The Volume Of Rand Paul's Manhood

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Planned Parenthood Wants Teen Promiscuity Sugarcoated

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Keys of This Blood: Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order by Malachi Martin

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack On The United States

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Analog Of Science Fiction, April 2013

Does DC Consider Freedom An Obscenity?

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Petrus Romanus: Is The Final Pope Here?

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Colorado Democrats Conspire To Confiscate Shotguns

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FEMA Practices For UFO Crash

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Paganism Today: Wicca & Other Fairy Tales

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Will TSA Expand Gestapo Tactics To America's Highway System?

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Red Chinese Attempting To Censor Michael Savage's Novel

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Alex Jones Interviews Michael Savage

Bill Cosby Shows His True Colors

Click On The Headline. The next time the liberal revolution turns on him, we should simply allow it to consume one of its own.

Farrakhan Proposes Recruiting Street Gangs As Freicorps

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Air Mail Is Socially Correct

Monday, March 04, 2013

Eagerness For Martyrdom More A Sign Of Instability Rather Than Spiritual Maturity

In a sermon, a pastor said that, if he dies in bed from something such as cancer rather than being murdered for the cause of Christ, he would be disappointed.

While one should be willing to die for the name of Christ should such circumstances ever arise, isn’t it a symptom of an unbalanced fanaticism to eagerly desire such a thing?

Did not Christ also decree that He came so that we might have life and to have it more abundantly?

It is not the place of mere mortals to fully know why we are taken from this world in the ways that each of us ultimately are.

Since very few partings transpire free of some manner of pain or suffering, who are we to say that the passing after what in human terms seems like a long life trodding this earth is not also a gift from above and who are we to sneer down our noses at such a providence extended by the Almighty?

Isn't the dignity or acceptance one displays in the face of what will be life’s most terrifying existential challenge as much a mark of Christian character irrespective of whether the Reaper awaits us below the hangman’s platform or outside a hospital room?

by Frederick Meekins

Homoerotic Ritual Results In Manslaughter

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Army Magazine Jan 2013

It was said that since Jesus died for us, we should lose our lives for Him. However, that does not mean we should go out of our way to deliberately become martyrs.

One accepts the Bible on faith. However, there exist evidences that point us in the direction of that acceptance. If there is not, on what grounds are the Christian Scriptures to be judged superior to that of the Book of Mormon, the Koran, or the Bagahvad Gita?

WIll The Obama's Control Your Bitch?

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Student Suspended For Failing To Die At Government Command

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Elderly Woman Denied CPR A Preview Of Things To Come Under Obamacare

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Department Of Homeland Security Stockpiles Nearly 3000 Tanks

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Lech Walesea Refuses To Meet With Transgendered Freak

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St. Patrick's Day With Uncle Sam

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If Catholics would speak out against prominent Evangelicals that would have no problem being seen at public forums with Jack Chick or Ian Paisley, shouldn't Protestant speak out against Catholics at the highest levels not blinking twice about sharing speakers' platforms with known Communist sympathizers?

Military Unable To Deploy Carrier Battle Group Or The Blue Angels Has Funds For Dildos & Condoms

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As an advocate of global wealth redistribution, if elected to the Papacy, will Cardinal Peter Turkson divest the Vatican of its ostentatious riches or merely compel you to abandon your average middle class lifestyle on behalf of Third Worlders that either refuse to lift a finger on behalf of their own betterment or can’t keep their legs together in terms of the number of children they continue to produce despite living in squalor where they can’t possibly provide for such progeny properly?

The Obama Of The Vatican Hobnobs With Radical Leftists

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism

In this era of hyperterrorism where every Tom, Dick, and Abdul with a grudge against society because of a rotten childhood blows up a bus or shoots up a post office, many are not too concerned about the activities of other outcasts striving to save the spotted owl or kangaroo rat with methods outside accepted political procedure since the most violent terrorists create the more pressing security concerns. However, simply because radical environmentalists aren’t known for eliminating their opposition with explosives, that does not mean that this movement challenging many of the presuppositions of modern technocratic society is not worthy of our attention.

The radical environmental movement began in opposition to the growing establishmentarian attitude of mainstream environmental groups such as the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Society, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation, the Izaak Walton League, the Defenders of Wildlife, the Environmental Defense Fund, the National Parks & Conservation Association, and the Environmental Policy Institute who are collectively referred to as “the Group of Ten (Scarce, 16). These organizations take a relatively pragmatic stand towards the preservation of the nation’s environmental treasures. For example, some of these mainstream groups agreed to let the government construct Glenn Canyon Dam in Arizona, and in other instances, these groups have been modest in the amount they demand be set aside for preservation.

This sense of compromise with government authorities in order to preserve at least a modicum of the nation’s natural resources has created a rift of ambiguity between the mainstream and the more radical environmentalist groups. On the one hand, radical environmentalists oppose compromise in the name of the environment on philosophical grounds. However, their own unreasonable demands are also part of an orchestrated strategy designed to make public officials more cooperative with the demands made by groups like the Sierra Club whose demands look reasonable in comparison to the ultimatums made by the radicals.

However, the radical environmental movement is more than a marketing ploy designed to win demands from government officials. It is also a school of thought drawing inspiration from various philosophical sources. One of the main philosophical schools that radical environmentalists draw upon is known as "Deep Ecology". According to this set of ideas, the conservation policies pursued by more mainstream environmental groups are incorrect because man is still used as the primary measure of all things, at least when it comes to environmental protection (Manes, 56). To the Deep Ecologist, every natural thing is on equal footing. Human beings are no better than moss or a pine cone.

Any assertion to the contrary is labeled anthropocentrism, which is an offense as allegedly as vile as racism. While this philosophy may make one feel neighborly towards the chipmunks down at the park, this way of thinking is fraught with a number of dangers. For example, it was asserted in one media account of a couple attacked by a rabid cougar, it was commented that no one had the right to kill the beast even though one of the mauled individuals lost several fingers in the attack. Needless to say, the person making the comment had never faced similar circumstances.

Coupled with this bio or eco-centrism is a disdain for technological development. Following in the footsteps of Herbert Marcuse's One Dimensional Man, radical environmentalists believe that technology allows man to dominate nature (Manes, 26). As such, he is dehumanized by his own inventions as existence is reduced to production and consumption. Never mind the fact that it is modern technology that allows individuals feeling this way to have the leisure time to devise and disseminates these thoughts. If dependence on technology can be reversed, it is thought, man will be able to reestablish his proper place in the natural world.

However, there is more to this worldview than abstract thinking and philosophical posturing. Being a physically active lot as many of the movement's adherents are avid outdoorsmen, much of the movement's theoretical underpinnings are based upon action and deed.

The primary action oriented text inspiring radical environmentalism is The Monkeywrench Gang by Edward Abbey who considered himself a "literary bum" destined to stand against the technological and industrial forces simultaneously arrayed against human freedom and environmental preservation (Scarce, 240). The Monkeywrench Gang is a novel about a group of live-hard outdoorsmen who roam the countryside in an old van performing various acts of ecological sabotage such a burning billboards, driving bulldozers over cliffs, pulling up survey stakes, and yanking out railroad tracks. The sequel to The Monkeywrench Gang, written shortly before Abbey's death, is Hayduke Lives! in which the gang reunites for one more spate of neo-Luddite shenanigans.

While these works help define the action-oriented aspects of radical environmentalism in a highly entertaining format, they also expose the inconsistencies at the heart of the movement. For example, throughout The Monkeywrench Gang, the characters rail against highways while tossing empty beer cans on to the side of the road; and while claiming to be at one with nature, the characters long for the showers and coffee at the Holiday Inn (Scarce, 240).

Another book with widespread popularity among radical environmentalists is Ecodefense: A Handbook For The Militant Defense Of Earth. Ecodefense is a how to on radical environmentalist tactics. In a sense, it is comparable to The Anarchist's Cookbook as it elaborates how to perpetrate mayhem by decommissioning bulldozers, pulling up survey stakes, and spiking trees as well as other tactics designed to stop the hordes of civilization seeking to pillage the wilderness (Scarce, 74).

Written by Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, Ecodefense was an immediate success with it being read by young environmental radicals from around the world. The book became so influential that the supervisor of the Williamette National Forest in Oregon testified in a Congressional hearing that he would consider closing the area under his jurisdiction if the tactics described in the book were carried out within the forest's boundaries (Manes, 83). And on a lighter note, "Ecodefense" was published by a firm called "Nedd Ludd Books" named in honor of the 19th century worker who participated in a campaign to destroy various forms of factory machinery.

The group that probably first and foremost put the principles embodied by this ideology into practice was Earth First!. The exclamation point is part of the groups name and not a grammatical construct symbolizing this author’s enthusiasm for the organization

Earth First! was founded by an assortment of individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds. Dave Foreman, who would later go on to write the aforementioned “Ecodefense”, started off surprisingly as a Republican and member of the Young Americans For Freedom as a supporter of Barry Goldwater. Foreman joined the Marines, but eventually went AWOL. He worked for a time for the Wilderness Society, only to leave the group disenchanted with what he perceived as the organization's moderation. Howe Wolke, who was considered by some as somewhat more of a libertarian, was a forestry student, bouncer, and oilfield hand, came to Earth First! from Friends of the Earth where he worked as a field representative attending public meetings and handling press relations. He quit that organization because that organization cut his $75 per month salary (Manes, 66). Mike Roselle was a radical involved with Abbie Hoffman's and Jerry Rubin's Yippy counterculture organization who himself later left that group because of its perceived political opportunism in order to establish the "Zippies". Other founding members of Earth First! included Bart Kochler, a former Wyoming Wilderness Society staff member with a knack for political organization as well as song writing, and Ron Kezar, a former seasonal U.S. Park Service employee who was trained as a librarian and an expert on the history of American military strategy (Manes, 68).

Groups such as Earth First! believe that the earth will be saved via anarchy which will topple modern industrialized technocratic civilization. In such a context, anarchy is defined as, "...the maximum possible dispersal of power; political, economic...and military power. An anarchist society would consist of a voluntary association of self-reliant self-sustaining autonomous communities (Scarce, 88)."

However, within the ranks of Earth First! there was a rift just how much anti-Americanism that the notion entailed. One faction led by group founder Dave Foreman held that anarchy was merely a means to an end which was the preservation of the biosphere. As such, flag burnings, an act of defiance preferred by some in the group, was seen as uncalled for (Scarce, 88). The other side of the dispute was led by ecofeminists, who combined the struggle against environmental degradation with the struggle against the patriarchy, and a splinter group originally called "Stumps Suck" but which ultimately settled on the name "Live Wild Or Die". Both of these submovements used their Earth First! activism as a broader platform to attack the wider consumer culture (Manes, 103).

Though often classified as "soft-core terrorist groups" by the FBI, many of the deeds committed by these kinds of organizations often border more on the juvenile than on the outright dangerous though still unquestionably criminal. Since many of these groups claim to ascribe to a code of nonviolent ethics based upon their own interpretation of Gandhian principles, many of these groups have turned to alternative forms of political behavior.

For example, one group calling itself the Revolutionary Ecoterrorist Pie Brigade tossed pies at timber industry spokesman at a convention. Another group put cow patties atop a Forest Service office building’s air conditioners in Washington State’s Okanogan National Forest (Manes, 104). And yet a another Earth First! splinter group called the Gross Action Group staged an event referred to as a “puke in” at a Seattle shopping center in 1988 when the activists ingested a vomit-inducing drug in order to shock holiday shoppers into realizing the disgusting nature of American consumerism, no doubt prompting sales to temporarily dip at the food court (Scarce, 89).

Despite these shenanigans, not all forms of radical environmental activism can be dismissed as good natured frolicking in the North Woods. Some of the tactics are downright life threatening.

One of the most common and dangerous activities engaged in by radical environmentalist groups is tree spiking where nails are driven into trees often slated for sale from national forests into private hands. The point of such an exercise is to discourage timber companies from extracting the wood because of the damage the nails could do to expensive equipment and not the mention the employees who would most likely be injured by flying nails, shattered equipment, or both.

To justify these actions in light of their “nonviolent” ethics, tree spikers often inform forestry authorities of their activities prior to harvest in order to avoid human injury. A prominent tree spiking incident occurred in May 1987 when a mill worker was injured by a band saw shattered by a tampered tree. Timber authorities roundly condemned Earth First! who denied involvement. Surprisingly, the injured mill worker publicly stated his support for Earth’s First!’s goals, and in an even bigger twist of events, it was learned that Earth First! had not carried out this particular tree spiking as has been concluded earlier. The perpetrator was actually an irate libertarian worried that timber companies logging near his property would want his land next (Manes, 11).

Despite this record, fears on the part of law enforcement are not without justification. Dave Foreman, one of Earth First!’s founders, did say, “It’s time for a warrior society to rise out of the Earth and throw itself in front of the juggernaut of destruction, to be antibodies against the human pox that is ravaging this precious beautiful planet (Manes, 86)." Pretty strong words, especially considering the fact than many in the group, while pro-environment, aren’t necessarily vegetarian or against hunting, with human beings being just another string in nature’s web no more important or distinct from any other animal.

Radical environmentalists have proven that they themselves are not above the use of violence. For example, one group calling itself Direct Action blew up a British Columbia electrical substation in 1982. A radical Greenpeace splinter group calling itself the Sea Shepherds has no qualms about ramming what the organization considers pirate whaling ships on the high seas (Manes, 86). Other groups get a kick from setting bulldozers and related construction equipment on fire.

The future of radical environmentalism and its accompanying deeds of quasi-violence and para-terrorism are the subjects of intense debate. Analysts are divided over the issue.

One perspective concludes that the violence will only get worse. A 1990 report released by the Heritage Foundation titled "Eco-Terrorism: The Dangerous Fringes Of The Environmental Movement" argues that eventually innocent people will likely be hurt by the fanaticism of this ideology that prefers moss over man (Scarce, 265).

The other side of this debate contends that, if such violent actions were taken, they would be counter productive as many law abiding citizens view environmental issues as quality of life issues. For example, residents of both Pennsylvania and Virginia have at times thumbed their noses at assorted development projects that would impact the historical and cultural distinctiveness of geographical treasures such as Lancaster Dutch Country and George Washington's boyhood home. Only time will tell if the true goals of radical environmentalism are simply about raising public awareness or about tossing a wrench into the gears of the technological society they claim to loathe for the purposes of tearing it down.

by Frederick Meekins


Manes, Christopher. "Green Rage: Environmentalism & The Unmaking Of Civilization." Boston: Little, Brown & Company. 1990.

Scarce, Rik. "Eco-Warriors: Understanding The Radical Environmental Movement." Chicago: The Noble Press, Inc. 1990.

Friday, March 01, 2013

A seven year old was suspended for molding a pastry into the shape of a gun. Had he had claimed it was a male appendage, he would have probably been bestowed with a government art grant.

Wonder how long Zero Hour will be on the air. It steps on too many toes regarding secret societies and the Apocalypse. Wonder if the young lad with the pet locusts is suppose to be the Anti-Christ as a child and is he a younger version of the main character that doesn't seem to yet realize he is the result of Nazi cloning experiments.

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