Friday, November 30, 2012

Prison Fellowship Ministries Up To Old Direct Mail Antics

One can tell the holidays that herald the conclusion of the year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are upon us.

Most can tell this by the crispness in the air or from the days growing noticeably shorter.

However, if your name and address has made it into the databases of Christian Evangelical direct marketing, you may also know Christmas time is coming because of an annual appeal received from Prison Fellowship Ministries on behalf of the organization's Angel Tree Project.

In most instances, those that send Christmas cards tooting their own horns at least have the decency to change up the content each year.

The same cannot be said of the part of the Angel Tree Project appeal designed to guilt recipients into compliance.

Contained with the mailing is what the unsuspecting will perceived as a handwritten message from a convict begging for a gift for his daughter.

According to the letter, there was still nine years left on the inmate's sentence and he would not be able to play a role in his daughter's life for nearly an entire decade.

However, since at least 2005 and perhaps even as far back as 2003, Prison Fellowship has been sending the exact same note.

As such, shouldn't "Richard" (if that is even his name) nearly be ready for release if he has not already departed the Big House? It is 2012, after all.

It's bad enough for Prison Fellowship to solicit for the organization's campaign in such a manner as to make those receiving the appeal seem guilty because those perpetrating any variety of criminal deeds have been incarcerated for violating the law.

You'd think that Prison Fellowship could at least exhibit the decency to feature a different jailbird each year still in need of the ministry's services.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The cover story of the November 24, 2012 issue of the New Scientist suggests humans might have been human much longer than originally thought. It would be amusing if science eventually gets to the point where it is admitted that our species has been fully human all along as well as the other species fixed within the parameters of their respective kinds.

Those inquiring as to whether Marco Rubio embraces the notion that the earth is millions of years old don't give a tinkers Darwin about scientific accuracy. What they are really hinting at is that they find such a candidate insufficiently relativistic in his thinking to undermine human dignity and traditional marriage or posses enough of a willingness to eliminate America's system of natural and Constitutional liberties.

Time Magazine is considering naming Sandra Fluke as the Person of the Year. Do the editors realize that, just because someone is reported to be working on their back, it does not mean they are painting the Sistine Chapel or even lubricating an automobile.

To the Calvinist, if the individual is just a puppet with God's hand up their backside unable to profess anything but what the puppeteer allows to come out of its mouth, why is it the puppet's fault if the puppet is not allowed to confess belief in its creator and for any vile things the puppeteer allows the puppet to enunciate?

If the murder of Abraham Shakespeare is to be lifted up an example of the evil that befalls lottery winners, shouldn't the destitution, sloth, and debauchery wallowed in by many of the recipients of assorted government assistance programs extended to the able-bodied youthful be touted as evidence for the eventually abolition of most forms of public welfare?

I hope most realize that, when a publication lists an edition as a special double issue, that this is nothing but a plan to squeak by on the least amount of editorial effort as possible while attempting to fool the subscriber into thinking they are still receiving whatever ever number the volume is suppose to consist of. Often these double issues are no thicker contentwise than the usual installment.

If Pat Robertson thinks that the Genesis creation account should not be taken literally, why should we take as literal any verses of Scripture he invokes to justify the most idiotic segment of his program where he claims to telepathically see God healing generic nondescript illnesses where the televangelist hopes those falling for such parlor trickery will send in a hefty donation.

Nutcase Professor Disavows White American Heterosexual Males

Beck's "Obama In Pee Pee" Actually Less Offensive Than Government-Financed "Piss Christ"

Pat Robertson Apostacizes That Genesis Account Not Accurate

Santa Bends Knee To Christ

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Buffet Admits Raising Taxes Not About Revenue But About Revenge

Immigration Sparks Killer Epidemics
Are you going to tell me your broadmindedness will protect you or that you are willing to die in this manner in the name of your "noble principles"?

Homeschool Activist Considers Twilight Saga Pornographic

Frosty, Prancer And Friends

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If assorted leftists such as Barack Obama can enunciate a sense of accomplishment for wooing the franchise of shiftless minorities and women of ill repute, why shouldn’t a Romney advisor be satisfied for winning the vote of self-sufficient Whites?

Paul Krugman denounced Marco Rubio (and by extension all Republican candidates identifying themselves in some way as conservative) for not embracing the theory that the world is millions of years old. However, isn't the hypothesis of a young earth more rational and less harmful than a political ideology that encourages indolence and sloth on the part of the able-bodied youthful?

So if the Calvinist holds that unbelief is still a sin even though we have no control over whether we come to believe Jesus's claims to be the Messiah or not, they probably also insist it is a sin when a baby poos in the diaper also.

I was never all that impressed with how much one gets back on one's taxes as a result of all the interest one had to pay out in order to receive anything. It is yet another form of government manipulation deluding the gullible into believing the have been given something that was already theirs to begin with.

If the Calvinist observes that many have been duped into believing they have plenty of time before they die to consider their eternal welfare, theologians holding to such have no one to blame but God if things are set up in such a way in terms of salvation if a person is nothing but a puppet in terms of where the individual ends up in the Afterlife.

I am sure it is recognition of America's agricultural heritage that motivates these potheads advocating legalized dope when they ramble on regarding the historic uses and applications of hemp.

According to Calvinism, how can unbelief be considered a sin if you aren't capable of assenting to the propositions of redemption unless permitted to do so by God Himself? In Calvinism, categorizing unbelief as a sin is akin to a bully grapping the hands of his victim, hitting the victim with the victims hands, and then asking the victim "Why are you hitting yourself?"

If you will be forced to pay increased taxes on medical devices, why shouldn't Sandra Fluke be forced to pay for her own birth control?

In Congress, Chicago voters may go from a Representative that prances around naked in gay bathhouses thinking he is a reincarnated Greek charioteer to an aspiring pedophile turned on by the prospects of defiling Catholic school girls. Of course, the really offensive outrage and fall of the republic is Mitt Romney admitting their is a sizeable demographic in this country that won't vote for you unless you lavish them with unearned handouts.

Tard Strutting A Jailable Offence
Can you also be arrested if you gyrate a "noodle neck" at a rampaging Black woman?

Moral Defectives Voted For Obama

Tea Party Accused Of Insufficently Catering To Human Leeches

Mexican President Endorses Obama's Plans To Destroy The United States

Adoration Of The Shepherds

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Rand Paul Urges Surrender To Foreign Invaders, Terrorists & Dope Peddlers

Father Christmas During The Civil War

Cult Leader Has Own Wife Killed By Commune Resident

The wonders of "Intentional COMMUNITY" for you.

How to Make $20,000 a Year in Antiques & Collectibles Without Leaving Your Job

A reviewer remarked that they enjoyed the Charlie Brown Christmas Special with the exception of the part where it became too religious and preachy. Don't they realize the recitation of the Gospel passage by Linus is the pivot around which that Peanuts’ narrative revolves?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Homeless Man Hassles Hackman

Considerable consternation erupted online over actor Gene Hackman striking a homeless person.

The headline initially informing of such was formulated without a modifier or a more colorful description such as "crazed deadbeat" or "lewd indigent" in order to make Hackman appear to be this vile individual that makes a habit of accosting the downtrodden or deriving some kind of buzz from doing so.

Quite the opposite seems to be true.

From the complete account, Hackman was actually protecting his wife and the vagrant properly got what was coming to him.

Why should we care that Hackman's attacker was homeless?

Would the public have been informed of this incident if the assailant domiciled in a more traditional mode of habitation?

As in regards to race and ethnicity, many leftists will so romanticize destitution that they cultivate the perception that those characterized by this economic plight or social condition can do no wrong.

If so, are the hypertolerant going to insist that they would allow some filthy, possibly disease ridden, bum to put his hands all over their wives, daughters, or dinner dates they are hoping to impress?

The Declaration of Independence insists that, in terms of fundamental being, all men are created equal.

If we are to accept the notion that the homeless are no less human than the rest of us and are deserving of the same degree of respect and courtesy that we expect from other members of our species, it also follows that we should expect from them the same kind of character flaws plaguing the remainder of our kind and that we should be allowed to protect ourselves from them accordingly.

by Frederick Meekins

Leading 2016 Republican Contenders Castigated As Creationists

Ben Carson Urges Parents To Be Niggardly With Praise

In a Baltimore parent's magazine, in an interview famed surgeon Ben Carson seemed to suggest that a child should not receive any praise for the accomplishment of ordinary tasks.

What if those are the only things that a child is good at?

And if a child should not receive any praise for the accomplishment of ordinary things, applying this kind of logic why ought run of the mill parents then be fawned all over by children on Mother's or Father's Day.

After all, it was the parents that took it upon themselves to engage in those motions that result in a child coming into existence and should have known what it was they were getting themselves into.

Unless you are a Mormon or something, the child wasn't consulted in the matter.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Is the media making a fuss over Islamist rockets raining down on Israeli civilians?

The best wat to support Israel may be to let that nation fight its own battles.

I don't see why a spiritually meaningful yet materially enjoyable Christmas are mutually exclusive propositions. Do those making such a claim subsist on nothing but bread crusts and rainwater collected in a cistern while wearing a haired shirt while sleeping on a straw mat on a stone floor?

IKEA Employed East German Slave Labor

Gingrich Brownnoses Deadbeat Minorities & Lewd Women

Jindal Insists Popularity More Important Than Morality

Raghead Beat Elderly Woman Rescuing Puppy


According to homeschool activist Kevin Swanson in his sermon "Using Yourself Up", it is a sin if parents don't leave their children much of a financial inheritance. Well excuse the contemporary individual if they eat more than a single saltine cracker with a single sip of water per day and aren't amenable to living under a bridge like a common troll waiting for an unsuspecting goat to perambulate by. And what if, as in the case of many of the elderly, what you did save is eaten up by overwhelming medical expenses? Not only are we forced to suffer sickness as a result of the sin curse placed upon mankind, but according to this line of theological reasoning, we must also feel guilt for implications of the sickness itself now?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Those Spewing Respiratory Expellant Should Remain Home From Church

In a Facebook comment, I admitted that I wasn’t too keen on being showered with viscous respiratory expellant by someone in the pew behind me trying to hack up a lung.

There is no reason why those suffering such afflictions shouldn't stay home.

As an omniscient deity, it's not like God is not able to determine whether you are legitimately sick or trying to pull a fast one over His eyes.

This sentiment is especially pertinent in a church that insists upon some asinine handshaking ritual where some won’t return to their pews until they’ve smeared their palms over every last palm in the congregation.

For sharing this observation that has no doubt crossed the mind of others, it was insinuated my faith was not as sincere as those that participate in foreign missions.

For responding that not everyone’s cup of tea is made of Third World sewer water, I had James 1:27 tossed back in my face about pure religion being visiting widows and orphans in their time of trouble.

I have visited people in hospital settings despite the near phobia I have of those places.

But I guess those I visited were too White and American to rack up any brownie points over yonder.

And unlike missionaries that send out photocards with their fifteen kids all dressed the same like they are members of some sort of cult, I don’t stretch out a hand expecting something to be placed in it while droning on incessantly how morally superior those dwelling in these heathen trashpile countries are to the run of the mill American Christian that doesn’t practice the faith at the level of a religious fanatic.

by Frederick Meekins

So I guess an associate forced out of their job because they were willing to work while their Colored coworkers wouldn’t didn’t have enough of a minority outreach effort?

After being forced out of business as a result of union pressure, what snack food company will Obama minions attempt to destroy next?

These Republicans censoring mention that Obama won as a result of deadbeats and trampy women are as much a threat to America as Obama Administration officials refusing to enunciate the word terrorism.

Police Provide No Reason For Unannounced Raid

Ron Paul: America Is Gone

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: An Insider's Look at the World of Flea Markets, Antiques, and Collecting

Study The Scripture Before You Preach

The Aim Of Preaching

Leftist Hovel Eager For Takeover By Hispanic Interlopers

Jungle Fever Republicans Pander To Ghetto Deadbeats

Obama Voters Destroy Hostess Bakery

Freedom & Virtue with Os Guiness

Thanksgiving Church Bulletin

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In a direct email fundraiser for their Angel Tree Project, Prison Fellowship Ministries invoked the passing of the ministry's founder Chuck Colson as a tactic to solicit contributions. The appeal closed by asking, "We need your church to ensure that no child is without a token of their mom or dad's love." What is the organization doing for the children who lost their parents as a result of the criminal actions of these convicts?

Certain theologians contend that parents ought to avoid Halloween as a way to protect children from the perverts that use the celebration to prey upon children. Using that logic, shouldn't these parents also be warned to stay away from church and Christian youth activities as well?

Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops and Hidden Conflicts

FEMA & Red Cross Guilt-Trip For Cash Donations To Finance Posh Accomodations

Obama Nativity Figurines

UFO's: Chariot Of The Beast

Planned Parenthood Publishes Pedophile Pamphlet

Elmo Gay But Not A Pedophile

Fantastic Four Annual #2 Cover: Dr. Doom

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Halloween: Innocence Lost?

Consistent Size Apparently Does Matter

Nativity Scene

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dependent upon the age of consent in the jurisdiction where the alleged inappropriate relationship took place, on what grounds do PBS heads criticize Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash? Any other time, liberals at the network advocate any number of lifestyles and social arrangements undermining traditional conceptions of morality. If Sesame Street and its backers claim these kinds of allegations will hurt the financial bottom line, don’t these cultural effetes rank among the vile capitalists these artistic types go out of their way to denigrate and despise?

Wine Tasters Test How Much Booze Necessary To Make Hillary Sexy

Something to consider of secessionists get their way and there is a second civil war. What if common Americans refuse to fire on their fellow countrymen? If you are going to die on the battlefield anyway, Americans conscripted on either side should simply turn their guns on their officers when ordered to fire.

So do those clamoring for secession intend to protect the innate liberties of speech and belief of those living in the particular territories that do not agree with this jurisdictional tactic? If not, what makes them better than the Union they are desirous to escape?

The opening of Sean Hannity’s radio program claims that freedom is back in style. Then why did Obama win the election?

So will these geezers agitating for secession from the United States remain as ecstatic when the United States cuts off Social Security payments and the like to those residing in the disunited jurisdictions? Of course, those getting these payments have no problem cutting off the young of today from ever receiving any, but certainly let you hear about it when it comes to the loss of their own civil honorarium.

Why Did The Vatican Name Its Space Telescope After Lucifer?


Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto

The Very Next New Thing: Commentaries on the Latest Developments That Will Be Changing Your Life

BloomTURD Starves Homeless For Their Own Good

Virginia To Let Minority Students Slide By With Less Effort


Wonder if those giddy over the prospects of seccession remember anything about the horrific bloodshed involved the last time it was tried. From what I've read, neither side was overly kind to the other.

FEMA Guilt Trips The Charitable Donating Anything But Cash

Of course they want cash.  It's easier to abscond with.

Did Obama Rig The Election?

Nearly Half The States Desire Secession From Obama Dictatorship

Thanksgiving Turkey and Corn Sheaves

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LA Food Fascists Promulgate Meatless Monday Decree

Mom Confronts Obama Voters Leaving Son For Dead

Monday, November 12, 2012

Does Differential Instruction Undermine Achieving Students?

A new educational buzzword is "Differential Instruction."

This form of pedagogy is defined in the "Fiesta" 2012 edition of the Prince George's Suite magazine.

Before going further, perhaps it should be pointed out to a bimonthly publication that, in the standard American calendar, Fiesta is not a month.

But getting back to the subject at hand, differential instruction is described in the following manner: "After participating in a group lesson, students log into their account and find a passage of text just right for them --- challenging enough but not too difficult."

Efforts to approach each student as an individual rather than as part of a herd are to be commended.

However, the approach may be less than ideal.

For when it comes time for grades and academic assessments or accolades to be distributed, will there be any kind of annotation differentiating an "A" granted for remedial work from an "A" granted for a level of achievement more at the level of talented and gifted?

But then again, it probably doesn't really matter as pretty soon we will all be living in conditions reminiscent of a Mad Max movie anyway.

Ironically, the very same teachers griping that one student should not be concerned if another student put in the same effort for the same grade would be among the first to take to the streets in a rampage if years of service were no longer determined in the calculation of pay levels and benefits.

By Frederick Meekins

An analyst at Commentary magazine has correctly categorized the Obama phenomena as a personality cult. Thus, it must be asked what will happen when it comes time for this pseudo-messiah to leave office? Seldom in history have such things ended well. Jonestown anyone? Just remember it has come to light that not everyone at that tragedy drank the infamous Kool-Aid willingly.

An analyst at Commentary magazine has correctly categorized the Obama phenomena as a personality cult. Thus, it must be asked what will happen when it comes time for this pseudo-messiah to leave office? Seldom in history have such things ended well. Jonestown anyone? Just remember it has come to light that not everyone at that tragedy drank the infamous Kool-Aid willingly.

If voters shouldn’t be asked to show ID in order to vote, then why do I not only have to show ID to purchase Sudafed but also have that ID entered into yet another government database?

One of the primary lessons to be learned from Isaiah 39 is that a nation ought to limit and better police the number of foreigners allowed within its borders.

It has been argued that Republicans must learn to talk about their ideology in a way that appeals to radical minorities. In other words, as in the case of many Seeker Sensitive and Emergent Churches, those elites imposing this stipulation expect average conservatives to hop onboard the bash Whitey and anti-American bandwagon.

For decades, liberals have pounded their chests over the Ugly American Syndrome where individuals from the United States throw their weight around while traveling abroad. Perhaps Americans ought to start exposing the Ugly Foreigner Syndrome where migrants wash up on our shores demanding lavish handouts and wholesale adaptation to their backwards customs.

It has been suggested that significant numbers of Hispanics are not so much in favor of immigration reform as they are in expanding various social welfare programs. So how much more of their income are elitist Republicans harping on the need for reaching out to targeted minorities willing to hand over to the state?

So how much cotton are these GOP elites pandering to minorites intend to pick?

Union Goons Exempt From Identity Theft Laws

X-Men: Season One

Is Tickle Me Elmo A Pedophile?

Obama Insists Only Narrowly Defined Religious Organizations Posses Religious Liberty

The Hybrid Age, 2.0

Christ The Good Shepherd

How To Write Transhumanist Articles


The Fall Of Scripture & The RIse Of The Academic Bible

Trevor Hammack Responds To Anti-Fedora Crone

UFO's, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Will Obama Call In UN Troops To Take Over America?

Many businesses are making a point in their advertising that they are women owned. Ok, if we are going to go that route, I suppose that is good to know so you can instead find another establishment that will do the job right rather than sit around and discuss how they feel about the job.

Priest Bites Off Another Priest's Ear

NAACP Admits Obama Only Voted For Because He Is Black


So if Sean Hannity catches someone living in his attic, garage, or even a closet, doesn’t his “evolved” views on immigration require him to permit the intruder to remain in that particular place of residency?

Given that he has openly ridiculed callers to his program bringing up the subject of Bohemian Grove, those must be some pretty racy Polaroids of what Sean Hannity was caught doing with the giant owl statue to get him to “evolve” his views on immigration.

To be consistent with his new "evolved" views on immigration that if they can get here they can stay here, doesn't Sean Hannity have to side with the invaders against the United States in the remake of Red Dawn?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Headshrinkers Badmouth Pilgrims

On the masthead page of the Nov. 2012 issue of Monitor On Psychology, there was a cartoon published.

In this illustration, one Indian says to another, "That was nice, but I don't want to make it in a regular thing."

Seated in the background are the Pilgrims.

It is no doubt hoped readers will conclude this was a depiction of the first Thanksgiving Day feast in the New World; but given the state of the education system, that might be too much to hope for.

Some will likely laugh, relating to how they themselves have endured numerous dinners and parties this festive time of year they didn't mind attending but would rather not have to endure again in the future if given a choice.

However, the Monitor On Psychology is a flagship publication of the American Psychological Association.

This front organization seeks to turn either every depravity known to man into a mental illness the individual has no control over or excuse it in some fashion altogether.

Therefore, would these otherwise political correct leftists have published a cartoon where a Pilgrim forefather made a similarly snide remark about not wanting the Indians over again any time soon?

by Frederick Meekins

The cover story of an issue of the Spectator, a British periodical of news and opinion, noted the increasing number of women converting to Islam so they can marry. So why should we feel sorry for these women when their marriages fail largely as a result of domestic violence? As far back as the film "Not Without My Daughter" Western women were warned of what they were getting into when they let themselves be lured into such romances. More importantly, why should Christian men then settle for such sloppy, second hand merchandise on the rebound?

Mike Huckabee stated on Fox News that the Republican Party has done a lousy job in reaching out to African Americans. It should be noted that, to the former governor of Arkansas, targeted minority outreach consists of releasing hardcore criminals of the specified ethnicity who proceed to commit violent crimes against innocent Americans.

The flag of St. Louis briefly flew over the District Building because the Mayor of Washington, DC lost a bet as to which of the cities two teams would make it the farthest in the baseball playoffs. Should our flags be treated so trivially? It shows just what little respect elected officials possess for this nation. They are not late night talk show hosts and comedians.

The flag of St. Louis briefly flew over the District Building because the Mayor of Washington, DC lost a bet as to which of the cities two teams would make it the farthest in the baseball playoffs. Should our flags be treated so trivially? It shows just what little respect elected officials possess for this nation. They are not late night talk show hosts and comedians.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Al Cardernas, head of the American Conservative Union, is quoted by as saying, “Our party needs to realize it’s too old and too White and too male.” Mind you, Cardernas will continue to expect these old White people to render financial tribute as a result of direct mail fundraising solicitation so that he can no doubt continue his quasi-lavish lifestyle. He might not rake in as much as high level union thugs, but he probably doesn’t have to eat ramen noodles several night a week either. If Cardernas feels so strongly about this issue, does Cardernas intend to resign his prestigious and lucrative position so it can be turned over to a woman with himself taking a position as a manual laborer barely making minimum wage?

Perhaps Whites should surrender everything to those uppity minorities and radical broads. Whose going to finance their debaucheries when we aren’t around anymore?

I voted against gay marriage. However, here is another way of looking at it. Those of this inclination that wed one another stay together even less than heterosexuals in morally legitimate marriages. At least under these new statutory provisions the scourge and ruination of divorce can be inflicted upon those of this questionable behavioral predilection. As humorist Kinky Friedman mused, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as everybody else.

If Romney received several million fewer Republican votes than did McCain, doesn’t that mean that Romney did not go out of his way enough to attract the White vote?

If you are not FROM here, you have no inherent right to BE here.

The way some of these alleged conservatives go out of their way to explain how Hispanics vote remind me how many Christians in the early 90’s would go out of their way to explain six ways from Sunday trying to hope how Colin Powell was on the side of Bible-believing conservatives.

So if conservatives are suppose to cater to other demographic constituencies, isn’t that an admission that racially groups really aren’t the same?

When it is publicly claimed racial issues are not being sufficiently discussed in the civic dialogue, that is euphemism that not enough Whites have enthusiastically embraced the notion of their own demise and the bestowing of handouts on minorities for accomplishing nothing other than having emerged a certain hue from their mother’s birth canal.

Republicans attempting to justify proposed pandering to Hispanics are claiming that his demographic are supposedly noted for their social conservatism. But if this group’s rate of bastard births is around 43%, is that really conservative?

Journalists and pundits experiencing the most intense spasms of elation over "America's changing demographics" live in developments and complexes as white as a Dutch baby's ass.

Only a percentage of the population gets the government that they deserve.

Saturday Evening Post Pilgrim

Source: via Frederick on Pinterest

Heathens Gyrate In The Buff Before Pagan Idol

Heston Reacts To News Of Obama's Reelection

Diocese Of South Carolina Secedes From Episcopal Church

Interesting. It's an intolerable outrage when Whites organize for their interests but something to fawn over and applaud when minorities do so.

Obama Voters Savagely Attack Victim In Broad Daylight

House Speaker Lodges Nose In Obama's Backside

If Puerto Ricoooooooooooooo becomes the 51st state, will residents finally be required to pay income taxes. And more importantly, if they don't have to currently pay income taxes because it is not a state, why should residents of the District of Columbia be required to?

Toddler Fined $2500 For Urinating In Public

Interesting that the cops never seem to catch the Mexicans doing it.  But then again, unlike many Mexicans, toddlers are usually renowned as knife fighters.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

By emphasizing one perspective over another, namely that tolerance is a preferable thing, isn’t the Museum of Tolerance violating its own mission statement?

Perhaps it is time for AWANA, Royal Rangers, the Catholic Youth Organization, Youth For Christ, Knights Of Columbus, Intervarsity Fellowship, and Navigators to incorporate firearms training into their respective recreational programs. Shocking? Don't be ticked at me. Christ Himself said to sell some excess clothing if you did not have the money to purchase a SWORD.

In mentioning the possibility of widespread voting machine fraud, Rush Limbaugh said he does not want to go there. But shouldn’t he be willing to go wherever it seems the evidence may lead? Or is maintaining his swanky Florida beachside estate and private jet more important while the rest of us are suppose to surrender whatever meager comforts we may possess for the good of the cause? Doesn’t Limbaugh taut himself as the self-proclaimed Mayor of Realville?

Inclusiveness and diversity are euphemisms for handing out large wads of taxpayer cash to those urinating on crosses and smearing elephant dung on portraits of the Virgin Mary.

In terms of the 2012 Presidential Election, you’ve just witnessed what happens with the brainwashing that Blacks are to be catered to at all costs.

Things won’t change immediately overnight at first. However, the process will give you something to talk about as you ride in the cattle car to the reeducation camp or while you comfort an elderly loved one expiring from an affliction that was easily cured just a few years prior and could still be at that point in the future if the scheduling of the treatment hadn’t gotten caught up in the process of bureaucratic approval.

A theologian has accused Mitt Romney of bearing false witness because the presidential candidate predicted a victory that did not come to pass. It is the job of a candidate to project an air of confidence that will motivate one’s minions onward to take the desire action. Exuding all of the enthusiasm of Droopy Dog is not the path to electoral victory. Though that canine did seem to bag an interestingly high number of 1940’s pin up quality dames in the cartoons he starred in.

In terms of the 2012 Presidential Election, you’ve just witnessed what happens with the brainwashing that Blacks are to be catered to at all costs.

With the way the jigaboos took to the streets in celebration swinging from lightpoles like a bunch of monkeys and setting off fireworks, perhaps it is best to give their kind this round so that there will be at least a remnant of the country left standing. Political matters can be settled when there are two proper White candidates running.

In his acceptance speech, President Obama said, “It doesn’t matter if you or poor. You can make it in America.” But under a regime conspiring to take a larger and larger percentage of what you struggle to achieve, make and acquire, why ought anyone really try any harder if it is going to be siphoned off for the deadbeats and human leeches unwilling to lift a finger or even fire a neuron for their own sustenance?

Wonder if Obama has checked in with Vladimir at party headquarters following the election as he promised.

Pollster Doug Shone insinuated that the Republican Party has not shown an inclination towards the inclusiveness necessary to solve the nation’s problems. That translates as most Republicans are not willing to renounce their fundamental principles and go along with the radical collectivism by liberals and Democrats.

A theologian has accused Mitt Romney of bearing false witness for predicting an election victory that did not come to pass. Applying this logic, if one's wife says she is going to prepare a particular food for dinner but, for whatever reason beyond her control, does not get around to it, has she committed the sin of prevarication? And more importantly, is it a spankable offence? And is it wrong if both enjoy that corrective measure?

Washington, DC voted 91% in favor of Obama. Should the predominately Black residents there be lectured as racist for failing to vote proportionally for a White candidate?

Insisting that the Republican Party should reach out to minorities is euphemism for the need to go soft on crime and to expand government handouts to the able bodied.

Hannity attempted to provide a word of encouragement by reminding that government and politics are only one aspect of existence. However, those retaining a grip on power at this time are those believing government ought to take more and more control over those other spheres.

In summary, basic America as we knew it was ended up a certain variety of women that couldn't control the tingling in their HOOHAH's.

If we are on the threshold of a second Obama term and his supporters are still blaming George W. Bush, perhaps the next time a Republican assumes the presidency there should be a continual harping how the entire mess we are in can pretty much be traced back to FDR and LBJ.

Will Radical Environmentalism Spark Third World Epidemics In America?

After America by Mark Steyn

The Protobeast Demands Tribute

Apparently Jesse Jackson Jr. still won reelection despite incarceration in a looney-bin rubber room. Must have been that reincarnated gay bathhouse greek charioteer vote that pushed him over the hump to election victory.

Conservative talk show hosts did not LIE about Republican victory. They just miscalcuated the extent to which most spineless Whites had their noses lodged up the backsides of Blacks

Bubble Universe Theory

Russian Submarine Detected Along US Atlantic Coast

And will those Christians lamenting that the election results are the result of public school brainwashing lift a finger pointing out that the average parent can barely afford private school tuition of nearly $8,000 per year and that many of these Christian schools are still gripped by a pandering to Blacks mentality?

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Perverts and Communist Bastards Triumphant.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Representative Gerry Connolly insinuated that military service is insufficient experience to qualify for elected office. Then why is community organizing?

A cover story of the 11/15/12 issue of Variety reads, "Arab World's Wireless Revolution." Isn't increasing levels of high speed Internet access proof that it is about time to cut out the foreign to this part of the world that does little more than conspire how to destroy America?

Governor Christie admitted that, after talking to Bruce Springsteen, he went home and cried because the gesture on part of the famed rocker meant so much to him. At least Christie has a home to go home to. That's more than can be said for many living in the coastal areas of New Jersey and New York decimated by Hurricane Sandy.

As blonde and as prissy as Fox News' Dana Parino is, you'd think she be the last one to harp about the need of Republicans to pander to minorities. Of course, she will expect you, common American, to make this sacrifice so elites like her can continue to enjoy their lives of luxury. The way the Fox News pundits have been flagellating themselves over their White guilt, one could easily assume one was watching MSNBC.

Of course no White throng rises up to challenge the Black Panther hooligans. The Whites have to go back to work tomorrow. The Black Panthers just back to the sofa awaiting the mail man to bring the next months public assistance check.

Rush Limbaugh said he doesn't watch cable news because he finds it infuriating or there is nothing to learn from it. What if listerners began to think the same thing about his program?

Christian Witness in a Postmodern World

NAACP/Black Panther Alliance Intimidating Voters

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Pat Moran should only be condemned if he actually committed voter fraud, not for answering a journalist's questions on how to perpetrate it. Will those with such sensitive ears now condemn the authors mysteries and assorted thrillers for knowledge of how to perpetrated assorted nefarious deeds?

Friday, November 02, 2012

Concerning The Existence Of God

Upon leaving the confines of the Earth's atmosphere and entering the vastness of space, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is alleged to have remarked, "Where is God?" This was said out of a sense of mockery that the Lord of the universe could not be found in the final frontier rather than an honest inquiry from a soul awed by a majesty of the cosmos.

Several decades later, God might very well reply, "Where is the Soviet Union?" That nation, once referred to as the "evil empire" because of the threat it posed to human freedom, has become a shadow of its former self. This former superpower decayed from its own internal rot resulting primarily from the regime's rejection of the Judeo-Christian worldview as epitomized by that state's promulgation of revolutionary Communism.

Had Colonel Gagarin and his Soviet comrades been more willing to approach the issues in a more objective manner without the rose colored glasses of their Marxist ideology (perhaps "red" would have been a more fitting characterization) and without suppressing the conclusions that such evidence leads to, the world might have been sparred a Cold War costly in terms of both dollars and human lives. Even now nearly two decades later, the world still struggles to forge a global order and stands ready to fall into international chaos at any possible moment.

Despite what some political conservatives and Pentagon officials might think, the mentioned illustration should not be construed as arguing that the former Soviet Union was the sole source of evil operating in the world throughout the era of its infamous existence. Rather, that one nation merely came to symbolize what happens when man tries to expunge the evidence and knowledge of God from the society and its way of life through the use of violence and intimidation of its citizens. For while the Soviet Union and its kin in the Communist orbit may have perfected the outwardly horrific and bloodthirsty ways of suppressing eternal truths, the democratic West was itself busy finding ways to live as if God did not exist.

It could be argued that the methods used throughout Western society to suppress knowledge of God's existence are in one manner more sophisticated than those employed by the secularist's counterparts behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. For where the totalitarian Marxist utilized torture in the form of physical violence and coercive psychological manipulation, his Western counterpart simply made God irrelevant by declaring that, while belief in God was acceptable for those too weak to live without Him, this character flaw was to remain a private issue and not to impact the public marketplace.

Phillip Johnson in "Reason In The Balance" characterized this as a primary tenet of naturalism, the belief that the physical world is all that exists in the closed system of the universe and that man can only look to himself for any kind of values (8). Applying the Protagorean ethic of man as the measure of all things with the satisfaction of natural desires as the highest objective, contemporary man has lived up to this lofty goal with all the zeal, fortitude, and ingenuity over which the secular humanists deified the species in the first place --- with a trail of corpses and chaos laying in the social wake.

No sphere of human endeavor has remained untouched from this effort to remove God and His standards from civilized life. These trends illustrated themselves no better than in the field of sexual morality.

According to Cal Thomas in “The Death Of Ethics In America”, the metaphorical death of God and the abolition of His standards causes those adhering to a naturalistic outlook to see the divinely sanctioned rules governing this sphere of existence as an illusion to be ignored by the liberated individual. Yet in a surprising twist, those same individuals holding to a do-your-own-thing kind of ethic change their tune when it comes to doing one’s own thing when it comes to religion, especially if the belief under consideration is traditional Christianity. According to a New York Times poll, a significant number of young adults believe that belief in God is a personality disorder and that theists cannot cope with reality (Thomas, 93).

However, the rules governing these intimate behavioral matters and their Creator are not illusions to solidify the power of an authoritarian priesthood or to comfort the psychologically imbalanced. These precepts were in fact promulgated with the goal of protecting the ultimate happiness and welfare of the beings made in the image of their loving Creator. Mankind ignores these standards at his own peril --- with abortion, venereal disease, and broken hearts the rewards of such folly.

Thomas points out that sexually transmitted diseases now rank as the primary form of communicable disease (93). However, even these kinds of terrifying consequences barely phase the calloused anymore. One student matriculated in a school near Thomas remarked, “We’re not going to get pregnant....If we slip up, we’ll get an abortion (105).”

To fall into sin is tragic and lamentable. To do so with such a callous attitude surely invites judgment. And when that day arrives, the God dispensing it will not be so easily dismissed.

Despite humanity’s attempts to stifle knowledge of its infinite Creator through the calculated disbelief of the atheistic philosopher or the wanton apathy of the hedonist drunken on assorted carnal pleasures, there is little that can be done to totally obliterate the knowledge of God’s existence since this truth is written across the very fabric of the universe and abides in the hearts of men if only they would open themselves to it. Despite this centuries-old effort at suppressing this knowledge, untold masses are seeking after a higher power in record number.

Unfortunately, the same effort once aimed at dethroning the God of the universe has now turned on the rational thought process created by this very same God. The postmodernist movement argues that, at best, objective reasoning does not exist and, at worst, it is a White male imposition designed to foster the dominance of the patriarchy.

This detachment from reality and commonsense often ends in disaster as those with enfeebled mental powers regularly fall for spiritual counterfeits offering their own false answers. An example of this occurred when Marshall Applewhite convinced his followers to commit suicide so that they might find salvation with extraterrestrials circumnavigating the galaxy.

In many instances, the so-called “Christian church” is not much better. Some branches have veered off into a liberalism bordering on agnosticism and atheism. And even some claiming to adhere to a more literalistic form of worship have fallen for dangerous heresies resulting in aberrant beliefs regarding God.

In “Christianity In Crisis”, Christian Research Institute President Hank Hanegraaff warns that one’s conception of God is just as important as having one in the first place. Hanegraaff shows the destruction that can result from thinking not tethered to God’s revelation in Scripture.

One typical example of this faulty theological thinking can be found in television minister Kenneth Copeland who said God “....stands somewhere around 6 feet 2 inches, in the neighborhood of a couple of hundred pounds and has a hand span of nine inches across (Hanegraaff, 121).” Copeland, however, was not preaching on God's incarnation in the person of Jesus Christ. He was, in fact, making these statements regarding God the Father, who according to John 4:24 is a spirit who must be worshipped in spirit and in truth.

These faulty theological formulations do not confine themselves to the seminary classroom. Rather, they filter down to impact man's view of himself and his relation to the divine Creator. For example, many of these prosperity teachers have demoted the sovereign God into a cosmic department store manager by promoting the doctrine that God is to grant the Christian's every earthly desire whether or not that is in the best interest of the individual making the request or in accordance with God's ultimate will. In so doing, they create an undo emphasis on material wealth when in fact Proverbs 30:8 says, "Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread."

So what is a soul searching for the truth of God or someone seeking to lead someone to the realization of these profound realities to do as they navigate between the gulfs of outright unbelief and warped forms of theism? If the person needing to be convinced is not at the point of accepting Scripture, one can start with a set of arguments seeking to establish an intellectual basis for God's existence through common reason. These arguments are referred to as the "classic theistic proofs" as a number of prominent intellectuals have appealed to them over the centuries in order to establish a rational basis for theistic belief, their most famous proponent being Thomas Aquinas. These classic proofs touch on the areas of ontology, cosmology, and teleology.

The ontological proof derives its name from the word ontology, the branch of metaphysics pertaining to existence or being. This proof seeks to prove God on the grounds that, since God is the embodiment of perfection, God must exist since existence is better than nonexistence.

Striving to clarify the confusion, in "Apologetics To The Glory Of God", theologian John Frame frames the argument in the following manner. "Premise 1: God has all perfections. Premise 2: Existence is a perfection. Conclusion: Therefore, God exists (115)."

This proof has enjoyed a lengthy and controversial existence throughout the history of Western thought, stretching back to Plato and still captivating the imaginations of intellectuals both pro and con from this era such as Alvin Plantinga and Jean-Paul Sartre. The crux of this debate centers around the dispute of whether or not the forms produced by human thought correspond to an objective reality existing apart from the mind.

For example, some conjecture, because someone can think of a perfect God who must exist since existence a perfection, does that mean such a God really exists? Theologian John Frame believes so, arguing that mental forms do correspond to objective realities.

Frame writes, "Our idea of a perfect triangle is not derived from a specific object of the senses, but it must correspond to something real; else it would not be useful as a criterion (116)." Put another way, the ontological argument bears a resemblance to the innate knowledge possessed by each person regarding God's existence mentioned in Romans 1:19-21.

But while this proof may have entertained the Western world's most formidable minds, it has been pointed out that few have been brought to faith through it. At best, it can clarify one's thinking and re-enforce one's position once they have made a decision for theism in regards to these matters.

Perhaps the best known of these theistic proofs is the cosmological argument. In essence, the cosmological argument holds that every affect has a cause which itself is the affect of a previous cause. Yet this chain cannot go on forever therefore, this chain of causality must have a mover complete in itself, an unmoved mover who is God.

This argument has gained added weight in recent times with the advents of the fields of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. The first points to the need for a Creator and the second establishes the need for His preservative influence.

Thermodynamics argues that a closed system will move towards maximum entropy (a scholarly euphemism for disorder and energy loss) in a finite amount of time. This really socks it to the litany harped by metaphysical naturalists such as Carl Sagan (who claimed that the cosmos is all that was, is or ever will be) that the universe is of an infinite age.

Had the paradigm employed by these weighty academics been true, the reader would not have been able to read this sentence nor the writer able to compose it. The universe would have ground to a halt sometime in the infinitely distant past since, by definition, the amount of time needed for an infinitely old universe to have run down would have elapsed infinite ages ago.

This reality points to a startup point --- a moment of creation if you will --- be it the Big Bang or God speaking the ornaments of the cosmos into existence where they now sit on the celestial sphere. Surprisingly, many Evangelical Christians are now coming to grips with some kind of interpretation regarding the Big Bang theory which they once viewed as suspicious and scientists who once looked to it with cyclical modifications to fit their notions of naturalistic universal renewal are fleeing from it with the speed once reserved for seven-day Creationists discussing the matter.

Related to the revelation of thermodynamics in that sense that it is a scientific theory with divine implications is the esoteric field of quantum mechanics, which warns that there is more to the seemingly deterministic clockwork nature of the universe than meets the eye. According to quantum mechanics, the substance of the universe does not operate in compliance with the Newtonian certainty perceived by the senses but is rather a realm where on the subatomic level a wide range of possibilities exist.

George Bernard Shaw remarked, "Everything happened because it must." Quantum mechanics responds that a particle event is as likely not to happen as happen.

Yet, if such an absolute haphazardness were the case, would not the nightly news be filled with stories of individuals discombobulating into non-existence from the loss of their very molecular cohesion? This gulf between absolute determinism and particle anarchy allows for a creator who holds the cosmos together at all times. Colossians 1:17 says, "...and by him all things consist." This is a reference to the role played by God in the maintenance of creation.

Taken together, the ideas of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics point to the fact that all individuals and structures standing as part of the created order exist as contingent units. Quantum mechanics disproves the deist notion that God left the universe to run its course.

In fact, God plays a pivotal role in keeping the universe together. Mortimer Adler clarifies the notion of contingency by writing in How To Think About God, "A contingent being is one needing a cause of its continuing existence at every moment of its endurance in existence (117)."

Closely related to and amplifying the cosmological proof is the teleological proof for God's existence. The teleological proof argues for the existence of God from the apparent purpose and design of the universe. This theistic proof, with its emphasis upon intelligent design, has taken on added relevance in the early 21st century in light of Darwinism's pervasiveness and the increased levels of knowledge scientists have garnered regarding the intricacies of the universe.

One could argue that these two developments have become one of the primary issues demarcating believers and those unwilling to alter their fundamental assumptions despite the compelling nature of the evidence. Even the most diehad to this is what is known as the moral argument for the existence of God.

Throughout the past two centuries, mankind has striven to retain some sense of morality without reference to the Divine Legislator. And the results have been disastrous.

The role of morality in light of atheistic assumptions was set down by Marquis De Sade who had the “foresight” to realize that, without God acting as a cosmic policemen, all acts that were natural in that they could be carried out by an individual being permissible. The new golden rule became do it to others before they could do it to you.

Anarchy, though, is not the only social threat in an atheistic system. In a situation where God and His precepts are not seen as absolutes binding upon conduct, dictatorship becomes an even greater likelihood as those with a lust for power are no longer burdened by ethical restraints and the people willingly hand their inalienable liberties over to such despots in an attempt to regain some kind of social order, Draconian though it may be.

Even if the sociological climate is not as repressive as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia (regimes epitomizing the brutalities resulting from political systems inherently hostile to God), what right does anybody have to tell anybody anything if God does not exist? If the Black man is not made in the image of God, what’s so wrong with slavery as it obviously results from his own innate inferiority in the Darwinian survival of the fittest.

Francis Schaeffer once remarked that, if God does not exist, it does not matter whether one helps an elderly lady across the street or pushes her into oncoming traffic. Yet this moral chaos is clearly not the intended moral order. Even those not enrolled in an Evangelical seminary realize that genocide of noncombatants is wrong. No one but the most rabid Skinhead or fanatical Palestinian supports Hitler’s pograms against the Jews.

In "The Abolition Of Man", C.S. Lewis refers to this universal morality as "the Tao" or "the Way" (12). Even though the way the Way is implemented changes as man's understanding of it grows, the Tao itself represents God's universal standards and any reform of the Way as understood by finite human beings must come from within by its loyal adherents. To do so from without amounts to tyranny because those crafting the moral ethos in such an environment will only end up codifying their own arbitrary inclinations as law. With society increasingly marked by crime and arbitrary rule, the moral argument for God's existence will grow in poignancy as millions will grow weary of liberty degenerating into license and justice perverted into political expediency.

While the classic theistic proofs and other arguments such as that for moral values are intellectually formidable, they are merely a starting point as their conclusion could eventually lead to a deity wearing any number of sectarian hats ranging from historic Christianity to deism to Islam depending on the spin put on the proofs. Furthermore, most of the proofs fail to comment on whether or not the deity arrived at intimately cares for the human creation apart from setting up some kind of legal framework, making Him more akin to some kind of metaphysical traffic cop holding the universe together like some kind of subatomic Elmer's glue.

While quite persuasive, these arguments are just that, arguments, not unlike those bandied about night after night on Fox News debate programs where issues are never resolved and the highest goal being to get a rouse out of the opposition. The theistic proofs also bring to mind the Wisdom/Flew parable mentioned by John Warwick Montgomery in "The Suicide Of Christian Theology" where the theist argues that, while God’s handiwork can be deduced through the magnificence of creation there is no concrete way to point out God to those that doubt (89).

It is because that these arguments present a somewhat distant God that there must be a source to bridge the gap. For man steeped in sin to care about God, he must know that God care for him because before such an awakening man is so full of sinful pride to concern himself with his relation to the Creator. The proof of that love and th the greatest proof of all regarding the existence of God is His earthly manifestation in the person of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, an act proclaimed in Scripture and making that book the compelling work that it is. While not accepting His claims of deity, most religions and philosophies look to Jesus (or rather a warped version of Jesus) as an exemplary figure above the remainder of the human fray in terms of example.

Yet one cannot have it both ways. C.S. Lewis said that either one accepts Christ’s claims to His own deity or one must think him to be a raving lunatic. There can be none of this “Jesus was a good teacher but...” nonsense.

Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” He reveals that He is God as only God has the power to tell God who is to have access to God. In John 8:58, Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I am,” revealing that Jesus shares the same sacred name of “I am” telling the world that God is the pinnacle of existence.

To further authenticate His claims, Scripture records the accounts of hundreds witnessing Him after the Resurrection. Surely, that many people over a series of different occasions could not all have been hallucinating and, from the persecution they faced, it seems these loyal disciples had little to gain from lying about the issue.

From the arguments presented, it can be concluded that God does exist and that He has placed a sufficient number of indicators to this reality throughout the layers of creation so that man might come to this knowledge. It has been seen that some of this knowledge can be arrived at through common logic.

For example, through the theistic proofs man can conclude that a God exists through an analysis of the creation. The fact that man can engage in this intellectual quest at all points to a rational Creator seeking to imbue His most cherished creations with a finite portion of His own rationality. The scientific understanding of the cosmos also points to God's existence. Even the most simple components of the universe testify to a complexity beyond human comprehension. This is even the case with the so called "simple" organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Even more importantly, this complexity testifies that God is not beyond the pale of legitimate conceptual discussion. Mortimer Adler argues that, if man can expound on theoretical constructs such as black holes and subatomic particles without having directly experienced them, then God is therefore not necessarily off limits conceptually.

The contemporary social climate testifies to God's existence as civilization becomes more chaotic with anarchy and tyranny gaining ground simultaneously. Without Scriptural principles under-girding the nation's laws, one can kill their child through abortion but can be sent to jail for disciplining the child should the child be privileged to see the world outside of the birth canal.

Despite the power of these proofs to any unprejudiced individual with any degree of mental acuity, the best proof for God's existence is His revelation to man in the form of Jesus Christ as detailed in Scripture. The only begotten Son of God, whose claims cannot be legitimately dismissed by His enemies, predicted His own resurrection in Matthew 12:39. And unlike the false prophets, hucksters, and shysters who refuse to subject their claims to verification, the risen Christ was authenticated by over 500 witnesses. One of these witnesses was so skeptical that he insisted on sticking his hands into the Lord's wounds in order to be convinced otherwise.

One's alignment in the debate of whether or not God exists is the most important position one will ever take as it will ultimately impact every facet of one's existence. And while this decision is ultimately up to the individual in consultation with the Holy Spirit and cannot be made for them by longwinded apologists attempting to persuade them, they should know that their final decision in these matters will dramatically impact their eternal destinies. There is much more at stake in this conflict than where one will be spending Sunday morning.

By Frederick Meekins