Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bolshevists Rally In Support Of Wisconsin Rabblerousers

Federal Pimps Demand Their Cut From Reenactor Reciting Gettysburg Address

Islamist Pirates Threaten Additional Hostages

Hopefully, environmentalists estatic about soaring gas prices will be among the first to starve to death when provisions are no longer affordable.

Interesting that Canada which doesn't have Capital Punishment has no problems about sentencing an infant to death.

Qaddafi Dupes Black Africans Into Thinking He's King Of Kings

Is The Gulf Oil Spill Killing Baby Dolphins?

If Qaddafi threatens to go house to house killing Libyans to put down the revolt, what makes him any worse than Prince Phillip who wants to be reincarnated as a killer virus to decimate world population?

Does Michigan City Allow Honor Killings?

Deadbeat Obama doubleganger Ted Williams lands reality TV role. Baffling how some people can fall into a pile of excrement & step out smelling like a rose. Wonder if he'll walk out on this like he did his family & Dr. Phil provided rehab.

Contrary to Barbara Boxer, so long as it's not with the interns or staff, does it really matter if members of Congress sleep in their offices?

Obama Threatens To Import 80,000 Potential Islamic Insurgents

If Frau Obama dares point out how flabby Americans are, Rush is correct to point out how flabby she is.

Billy Graham said Glenn Beck knows how the final chapter ends. Technically, if Mormons espouse a form of open theism, by definition the adherents of this sect don't since they believe God is winging it not much better than we are.

Wonder if the racial pride will keep warm those who voted for Obama because he's Black when they can no longer afford fossil fuels

Analysts predict gas could hit $10. Robertson's proposal regarding Chavez not so ludicrous after all.

Are Communist Union Thugs Pulling Obama's Strings?

Reprobabte Savage Has 39 Wives

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Felonious Flatulence, Cannibal Migrants & Cooper Slapped: Headline Potpourri #19

The African nation of Malawi has passed a law criminalizing public incidents of flatulence. This raises the question of what will happen in reference to the quandary where the rectal emissions are categorized as “silent but violent”? This will no doubt be resolved in the precedent-setting decision of “You Smelled It vs. You Dealt It”.

Don't know whether to laugh or cringe at the tone of some articles calling for eager obedience and compliance with government dietary guidelines. Elites wanting to alter the composition of snack foods should be told to go lick a salt block.

Wonder if Anderson Cooper is as enamored now as he once was of the proverbial "Arab Street". Wonder if Anderson Cooper realizes now the considerable differences between Islamists and those he once ridiculed as “Teabaggers”.

Interesting that the unions insisting Obamacare is essential to the Republic's survival have been granted exemptions from ithe legislation. Interesting how the corporations pledging allegiance to the Obama regime are being exempted from his punitive decrees.

The "pro-democracy" demonstrators of the present decade usually end up being the tyrants chased from office decades down the road.

In Canada, a child was excluded from a contest to win a stuffed animal because he brought his lunch in a Ziploc bag. Eventually, parents of students caught trafficking in prohibited forms of nutritional conveyance will find social services knocking on their doorsteps.

According to, students in the “Social Justice” class at Archbishop Caroll School write letters to companies the students believe are exploiting the employees. Do they also intend to write letters about welfare recipients, that obviously don’t know how to keep a zipper up given their number of out of wedlock kids, who eat higher up the food chain than those paying the taxes providing entitlement benefits? Better yet, to understand the full implications of social justice, shouldn’t students acing the coarse have points shaved off their stellar grades and distributed to those that did not put forth as much effort in the class?

Obama is urging Mubarak to leave office promptly and peacefully. Wonder if he'll eventually follow his own advice when it is his own turn to leave power.

If Fox can reject a Super Bowl advertisement for advocating beliefs or practices that might spark “the wrong kind of controversy” in regards to John 3:16, shouldn’t the network ban ads for beer as well? For do not commercials for that particular product promote the position that it is moral to imbibe noxious liquids for nonmedicinal purposes often in pursuit of fornicative ends?

If an advertisement featuring John 3:16 couldn't air during the Super Bowl because broadcasting the segment would spark undue controversy and advocate a certain belief, will the Black Eyes Peas be punished for their ditty calling for increased education spending? Apparently the band is talented in neither music nor public policy.

No matter what side prevails in Egypt, we are pretty much screwed for failing to cultivate our own domestic petroleum resources.

If it is improper to ask potential voters or accused criminals to show their ID's to authorities, there is no reason for Burger King cashiers to ask me what my name is so they can print it on the receipt.

Traditionally, national security is invoked as an excuse to justify any assortment of civil liberties infringements. Thus, if Frau Obama is successful in persuading the policy establishment as to the veracity of her perspective linking obesity and nutrition to national security, just how much control will government exert over what Americans eat.

The White House Super Bowl party menu included bratwurst, cheeseburgers, pizza and beer. Where are the locally grown vegetables and low salt snacks?

Only asinine hippy parents make their kids eat carrot sticks, apple slices, and milk when they go out to eat.

If the federal government is going to send out Presidential Emergency Alerts to the nation's cellphones, is the message going to be charged to the recipients account or is Obama picking up the tab?

A WMAL host laments that the Super Bowl is not family friendly from the standpoint of the late kickoff. How is the NFL responsible if you can't get your kids to bed at a respectable hour? Not like youngsters are going to be irrevocably damaged by missing an ideal bed time. Guess this will be the next thing the Obama's monitor.

In comments at the Washington National Cathedral regarding faith and environmentalism, the head of the National Association of Evangelicals said that we need to revision our entire lives, families, and COMMUNITIES. Perhaps foremost among these is why does there need to be a National Cathedral? For though it is a beautiful and inspirational edifice, if we are to live lives of pious austerity, technically God doesn't really require a structure all that ornate.

In discussing GoProud (a group of gay Republicans) at CPAC, WMAL host Chris Plante invoked a quote by Ronald Reagan about working with those over which you agree 80% and disagree 20%. Does this mean that the Conservative Political Action Conference will eventually welcome a breakaway polygamist Mormon?

The New York Times is outraged that Disney marketers are targeting newborns by visiting mothers in maternity wards and trying to get new mothers to sign up for email updates and complimentary merchandize. Too bad the nation's paper of record is not as eager to expose how Social Services often pressures new parents into home visits.

The Washington Post reported that most handguns in DC were registered in Northwest neighborhoods. In others words, where the rich liberals thinking we rabble should be denied the Second Amendment reside.

Some banks have announced that they may impose fees on basic checking accounts. These financial institutions will no doubt moan and whine for more government handouts when consumers close out accounts.

If George Will is favorable to the presidential candidacy of Mitch Daniels and Mitch Daniels is hinting that healthcare should be denied to those of marginal social utility, does that include Will's mentally challenged son or is this something to be imposed upon those of us that don't wear red bowties, bad toupees or write useless tomes on baseball?

Hispanosupremacists are condemning an Arizona proposal to verify the legality of those utilizing that state's hospitals. You as a real American without lips chronically attached to the welfare teat try to get medical services without the proper paperwork. If You show up at some foreign hospital without proof that you are there legally, they'd probably vivisect you for organ harvesting.

Frau Obama believes youngsters are to suckle teat as long as possible. Is there any aspect of our lives that this government doesn't think is it's place to hand down a proclamation regarding? Guess we'll soon be given instruction as to which position the Obama administration prefers husbands and wives to partake of carnal relations in. A hypothetical future headline will read: "Obamas Insist Lefthand The One For Proper Anal Hygiene". This isn't too far out of a conjecture given their propensity to interfere in all aspects of our lives and for often siding with Third World cultures of a certain persuasion over our own.

It's time to sell off American park lands and museum treasures on Ebay to tackle the debt. It's heartbreaking, but less so than selling your children into slavery. What good is the Hope Diamond, Fonzi’s Jacket, or Archie Bunker’s Chair going to do you when you receive the mid to late 21st century’s equivalent of a jury duty notice that you are to report to a Chinese foundry where you are to render 15 years of hard labor to go towards national debt restitution?

What idea do you prefer and gives you greater comfort: that the First Ladies’ Inauguration Ball Gowns are on display or avoiding an old age living under what use to be a highway overpass as you evade being cannibalized by starving migrant teens?

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Teachers Teach Kids To Skip Class When It Suits

If PBS wants to retain public subsidies, it should surrender profits made from licensed Sesame Street merchandise to the federal govermment.

Was Critic Of Transhumanism The Victim Of Arson?

Beatniks Decide Terrorists Not Good Enough For Them

Muslims Consider United World Empire

Principles Of COMMUNITY Overlook Mistreatment Of Christians

Tolerancemongers Condemn Crackdown On Pirates

Evidence of the doctrine that a liberal is a conservative that hasn't been mugged yet.

Would Jimmy Carter say that the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing to be afraid of if the former president didn't have a Secret Service detail?

An associate astutely inquired why can't there be a celebrity disaster relief telethon that raises funds for deficit reduction.

Will there be as much outcry among the Mohammadeans over 200 of their barbaric kinsman raping an innocent reporter as there was over the incident of likely terrorists being walked on a leash?

Leftists Applaud Raping Of Journalist

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Local Jail Deem Bras A Security Threat

Does Hooters Promote Family Values?

While we're at it, perhaps we can also have a blessing of the boobs there with the laying on of hands.

Hundreds Of Thousands Spent For Flyover Of Domed Stadium

Bible Altered To Placate Muslims

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

TSA Develops Psychic Probes

Will National Anthem Be Abolished?

Homeland Security Fusion Centers Deem All But The Dimwitted & Apathetic As Potential Terrorists

British Woman Dies From Philadelphia Butt Enhancement

Medical Elites Want Patients Robbed Of The Will To Live

Is Obama's Social Security Number Fraudulent?

Rights do come from God. However, they are not extended to an individual based on whether belongs to the right church or not. You have them because you are created in God's image.

Rather revealing that Tingles Matthews & Rachel Madcow of MSNBC would side with the Muslim Brotherhood over Glenn Beck

The more I reflect upon the issue, I am afraid the adage is correct (at least for the contemporary Neo ones) that a Puritan is someone that is afraid that someone, somewhere is having a good time (even one that in no way wreeks of the slighest immorality).

Was accused of being a "red letter" Christian. Now there's one I've never been accused of before. Alright, if some want to play that game, the red letters have a better chance of getting you to the other side than thinking your adherence to the first few parts of THE BOOK alone are going to get you there.

Mass breastfeeding scheduled at Smithsonian no big deal. Quite a few of the statues there bare boobed anyway.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Delusional Lesbian Insists Child Is Her's

Tom Cruise Swept Up In Scientology Human Smuggling Probe

Howard Dean Applauds Islamists

Haunting Closes Themepark Ride

Cock Kills Californian

Since the name "polish mountain" is politically incorrect because according to 1 MD Democrat it's not a pretty name, does that mean we should call that entire central European nation something else entirely? Furthermore, isn't it racist to say the correct name of a particular race or ethnic group isn't beautiful?

Christian Reconstructionist posts that self-esteem is a sin. Guess we are suppose to be so down on ourselves that we never lift a finger to accomplish anything and hand control over non-essential doctrinal & personal matters over to church elders.

If a advertisement featuring John 3:16 couldn't air during the Super Bowl because broadcasting the segment would spark undue controversy and advocate a certain belief, will the Black Eyes Peas be punished for their ditty calling for increased education spending? Apparently the band is talented in neither music nor economics.

If those super bowl 1/2 time show costumes are any indication of how people will dress in the future, no wonder the Terminators rise up to destroy the species.

If the federal government is going to send out Presidential Emergency Alerts to the nation's cellphones, is the message going to be charged to the recipients account or is Obama picking up the tab?

Obama admits in O'Reilly interview that free speech a hindrance to America.

According to the Pelosi Doctrine, one couldn't label Stalin, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, Bin Laden, The Unabomber, or Ira Einhorn as bad people.

Wonder if Michael Vick would have gotten the city key to Dallas if he was White.

With gas prices rising, don't expect to go anywhere & enjoy yourself this summer. Just the way Obama wants it for you as he continues to stuff his mouth will all kinds of treats you are commanded to abstain from.

Negro Mountain Should Not Be Renamed

Monday, February 07, 2011

Frau Obama To Launch Assault Against Nation's Restaurants

I guess she prepared all of the healthy, locally grown snacks glutted on at the White House Super Bowl party in the kitchen on her own while wearing her Aunt Jemima uniform.

Rio Carnival Burned To Hell

Just got where it was headed a little quicker this year.

Baywatch Cow Insists Entry Level Positions Begin On The Farm

Because of my failure to blindly adhere to the Dominionist or Reconstructionist agendas, I have been accused of having gone to a public school. Perhaps I was sent to private school but thanks to parents and own reflection was able to separate the value instilled from the malarkey peddled there. That use to be called discernment in the days before Christians surrendered thinking for themselves.

Group Lacks Backbone To Go Through With Palin Appearance

Rather revealing as to the state of affairs in America. The wording essentially says that violence will erupt if we don't surrender to leftist versions of civility.

Chavez Jails Opponent As Terrorist

WMAL host laments Super Bowl not family friendly from standpoint of late kickoff. How is the NFL responsible if you can't get your kids to bed at a respectable hour? Not like youngsters are going to be irrevocably damaged by missing an ideal bed time. Guess this will be the next thing the Obama's monitor.

The super bowl fanaticism where those that dont watch football any other day of the year reminds me of the episode of Babylon 5 where the Drazi beat each other senseless based on what color snotrag was around their necks.

Fail to see how the ad where the girls suggesting that their dad might land a date if he dyes his hair is a threat to morals & sound doctrine. Was essentially told by one Facebooker that I was "feminized" for not thinking the girls should be buggywhipped Amish style for their suggestion.

The White House Super Bowl party menu included bratwurst, cheeseburgers, pizza & beer. Where are the locally grown vegetables & low salt snacks?

Though I have been accused of being a product of public education, I have yet to figure out or have it explained to me how totalist state established by Christian Reconstructionists is all that more preferable to one run by radical socialists or even Islamists of varying stripes

As dimwitted as I am, it is a new one to me that the fact that I point out infringements of liberty from the left and right both secular and religious is somehow proof that I am a theosophist howling at the moon at Bohemian Grove.

A major problem is Osteen is that he fails to mention that many of life's problems and quandries aren't worked out until after your dead.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tweets Regarding The State Of The Union 2011

Too bad no member of Congress possessed the courage to blurt out "You lie", especially in light how everyone was suppose to make bipartisan goo-goo eyes at one another.

Obama says cutting stimulus is akin to taking the motor out of an airplane taking off. But how can a jetliner even take off when the flue supply has already been burned up?

The camera panned the congressional gallery and showed the head of Xerox sitting in the crowd. Guess they need her to help make all that money that really isn't there.

Obama praised education for beginning earlier in China than in the United States. Guess the government should haul the child off as soon as the youngster emerges from the womb. Perhaps Obama should elaborate to the nation what he thinks of those slave labor camps where children are snatched from their parents and beaten into being Olympic athletes and the like.

Does Obama realize that it's not government that sparks imagination?

Soviets did not beat America into space not so much because of the superiority of their technology or social system but because we were concerned they would disapprove of us using a missile as a rocket.

If Obama believes in spreading the wealth around like he told Joe the Plumber, why should we bother being educated for the complex jobs he is promising?

If more students get college degrees through government subsidies that disrupt the market, the credentials will be useless in securing better employment and higher pay.

I guess $4.00 per gallon gas is reinvented energy policy.

Will one of the promised millions of electric vehicles be Obama’s or will he continue to ride around in gas guzzlers?

Obama is emphasizing rail transportation because the electric cars he is promoting will pretty much otherwise confine people to the areas in which government will permit them to live.

Wonder how many homes will be abolished and how much private property seized to build this fabled high speed train.

By calling the proposed high-speed rail system a "bullet train", isn't the President contributing to the coarsening of the national discourse?

Quite revealing how History is deliberately omitted from the list of subjects such as Math and Science that those advocating an increased federal role in education believe need to be emphasized as part of a renewed national education policy.

If Obama doesn't like foreign students returning to their native lands upon completion of their studies, perhaps they should not be admitted to American universities to begin with.

Obama insists that foreigners are the ones enriching America and fostering innovation. Guess actual Americans are just suppose to keep our mouths shut and paying taxes out the wazoo.

Many of the implications of what Obama says are more between the lines rather than said openly.

For example, the President calls for the leveling of tax rates. This could just as easily mean increasing assessments instead of lowering them.

Obama claims he will eliminate unnecessary regulations. Thing is, he no doubt sees the vast majority of those his minions are promulgating as absolutely necessary.

Contrary to the impression Obama attempted to create, deficit spending just didn't begin a decade ago. My grandfather passed away more than a decade ago and I remember him warning about the national debt when I was a kid.

The way the camera froze and elongated the image, for a moment, Obama looked like the Necromonger emperor in "The Chronicles Of Riddick".

Obama reassured that Muslims are a part of the American family. What about other religions, especially the ones not as inclined to blow things up when they don't get their way?

Likewise, Obama went out of his way to mention gay military personnel. Why aren't the sacrifices of heterosexuals worthy of mention?

Obama hopes to establish new alliances and friendships across the Americas. Wonder how much that is going to cost.

I tabulated 81 rounds of applause during the 2011 State of the Union Address.

by Frederick Meekins

At National Prayer Breakfast, the President assures he and Frau Obama remain faithful to "our God".

Technically, I guess the Egytian mob couldn't be accused of a hate crime for assaulting Christiane Amanpour since wouldn't they be considered her ethnic kinsfolk and co-religionists?

Obama To Bankrupt Power Plants

The "pro-democracy" demonstrators of the present decade usually end up being the tyrants chased from office decades down the road.

Interesting that the unions insisting Obamacare essential to the Republic's survival have been granted exemptions from the legislation.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011