Thursday, April 30, 2009

By Mohler's Standard, Not Mine

Albert Mohler commented his daughter has just turned 20.

Wonder how she feels knowing in her father's eyes that she is almost an old maid by the standard her father imposes upon the remainder of Christendom and Bapistry if she is not already on the verge of getting married.

Government In No Position?

During the midweek prayer service held in his honor, the New Lord, Obama, said a woman is in a better position than Congress or the President to make a personal decision about the morality of abortion.

Taking this line of reasoning to its conclusion, shouldn't the Confederate States and even individual plantation owners have been the ones to make the decision about the morality of slavery?

Furthermore, why shouldn't we be the ones to determine whether or not Fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs are the right CHOICE for our optical or luminary needs?

Things That Make You Say, "HMMM"

Is baffled how public universities don't have the funds for academic research resources but can magically pull the money out of someone's rearend to pay for the benefits of concubines and harlots of employees living in deliberate sodomy and fornication.

Third World Filth Fosters Flu

And Herr Obama lectures us on how much we have to learn from these cultures and wants those of these populations coming to reside here to be permitted to wallow in their backwards practices.

Police Investigate Shiner On Octuplet Mom's Son

Senile Crooner Forbids Anyone From Questioning De Fuehrer

Herr Obama Prepares Night Of The Long Knives Against Talk Radio

Swine Flu Dictatorships Being Prepared

But so long as Mexico and that nation's vagabond transcients are pandered to, that is the all important thing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obamaphiles Enjoy That Which They Would Deny You

The Obama progeny are well into their studies at Sidwell Friends School. As their parents, Barack and Michelle have every right to enroll their daughters in the school they think best for their children. Ironically, this is one of the many prerogatives the President’s most enthusiastic supporters would frown upon should you, the average American, decide to exercise them.

For decades now, liberals and secularists have argued that those pursuing nonpublic education for their children ought to be held in suspicion for exhibiting insufficient devotion to the COMMUNITY. Some might try to obfuscate the matter by claiming that that they do not oppose private education as much as they support the public alternatives.

This might be the line propagated for mass consumption, but the leftist opposition to private education (at least when it comes to your children) goes much deeper. For among the elites that think it is their place to mold what those below them believe and even how we live our lives, education is not so much about the accumulation of a particular body of knowledge or set of skills enabling the individual to make a way for themselves and their families in the world.

Rather, among this class education is seen about conditioning the vast majority into accepting the place predetermined for them and in such a way that they will not be able to advance beyond that. That is of course if human ambition is not engineered out of the individual human psyche all together through a combination of compulsory pharmaceuticals and a form of behavioral reinforcement popularly referred to as brainwashing.

Others will respond that, as the children of the President, these youngsters need to be protected from the assorted dangers that could befall them in a public school where access is gained more quickly than in a more disciplined private one. Such an assessment is absolutely correct.

However, the question to ask here happens to be are not your children as precious to you as the President’s are to him and are your children not entitled to the best kind of protection that you are capable of providing for them? Yet many of the very same elites applauding the Obamas’ decision to educate their children in a private school are among the very same voices insisting you are under some kind of obligation to the COMMUNITY to expose your offspring to an array of moral deviances and outright criminals.

As central as the issue of education is as the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next, it is not the only matter the concerned citizen needs to be worried about in the dawning "progressivist" era. These social engineers hope to impose upon you a lifestyle below which you have grown accustomed and are perfectly capable of providing for yourself. Once again, this point is proven by comparing what Barack Obama has said to what he has actually done.

In a statement lamenting the environmental attitudes of the average American, Barack Obama has decreed that the world is nearing a time when we can no longer eat what we want, drive around in our SUV's, and keep our homes at 70 degrees. Of course, such hand-wringing and soul-searching agony is exhibited over how you, average American, live your life and has nothing whatsoever to do with this figure heralded as transformational lives his life. After all, as Hegel hypothesized, such figures are beyond the rules imposed upon the rest of us.

In the eyes of his Barackness, you probably eat too much and at a level higher than your social class ought to be permitted. However, our liege should be permitted to stuff his face as he sees fit. For while you are to subsist on berries and twigs not much more advanced than our gatherer ancestors of pre-agricultural times, at his inaugural lunch, Obama feasted upon seafood stew with lobster, duck, pheasant, molasses-whipped sweet potatoes, and apple sponge cake. There were also three wines to choose from (no wonder an old drunk like Ted Kennedy went into convulsions and had to be carted out in an ambulance).

Those inclined to give their new lord the benefit of the doubt will reply, “Well, why shouldn’t he have a special treat on his special day?” And who can argue with that as most (at least until Mayor Bloomberg has his way) get graduation and wedding cakes.
However, does someone that complains you are eating something other than sawdust and dirt have the right to turn around and eat like a king day in and day out?

Most Americans either prepare their own sustenance or are blessed to have someone in their family do this for them. Yet despite admonishing the rest of us repeatedly on the need for sacrifice, Barack is not going to settle for having someone in his family prepare his meals for him even though neither Michelle nor his mother-in-law living with the family at the White House have any other obligations to fulfill other than those of wife and grandmother.

Instead, the White House has at its disposal a first rate kitchen. Some may argue that such is necessary for assorted state dinners and diplomatic receptions as the facility can serve 140 guests.

However, according to a 1/28/09 Yahoo News story titled “Hail To The Chefs”, the one chef already employed by the White House is not enough. The Obama’s are bringing from Chicago their private chef (in other words, they have been of the mind for quite awhile now that they are too good to cook for themselves). And like his massa, the Obama chef thinks the average American suffers from “overabundance” and that those in the culinary professions “should take leadership in tackling public health issues”. As what, the beat cops of the food police?

Obama’s detached elitism goes beyond enjoying a level of snobbish luxury he would wish to keep from you to that of actually endangering lives and public safety. This was especially evident during the winter months when citizens could see first hand the implications of his flippant policy announcements. It is in this analysis that we see first hand that Obama does not really think or care all that much about regular Americans.

In his campaign oration, Obama lamented about Americans keeping their homes heated at around 70 degrees. The President is as much a hypocrite on this point as he is about shaming you on the matter of food while he stuffs his face with delicacies the rest of us can barely pronounce and even less likely ever taste.

For while you are suppose to sit around your home shivering all in the name of the environment and over what the ghetto nations of the earth think of the United States of America, Obama might be sweating, but its not over what he thinks the thermostat should be set to but because of what he has set the thermostat to. From photographs taken during Obama’s first full day in office, some where shocked when the President was caught without a suit coat on in the Oval Office.

Though this fell far short of the shock value of what Bill Clinton removed while within the confines of these particular walls, once again as a historical figure of Hegelian proportions, Obama is not bound by the strictures of the epoch he is leading us out of. According to his staff, Obama likes the thermostat set at 80 degrees since he is use to the warm weather of his native Hawaii.

Well whoopteedoo!!! If his majesty likes Hawaii so much, perhaps he should have run for governor of that state in order to run it into the ground rather than for the presidency of the United States.

However, while Obama basks in the sauna, you are suppose to suck it up and head out into the freezing cold. His highness insinuated as such when he enunciated his displeasure that his daughters’ school had cancelled classes after a spate of wintery precipitation.

Of this disruption to the scholastic calendar Obama ruminated, “My children’s school was cancelled today. Because of what? Some ice?...As my children pointed out, in Chicago, school is never cancelled...I’m saying, when it comes to weather, folks in Washington don’t seem to be able to handle things.”

Well, hurray for Chicago. If he likes the way things are done there, perhaps he should have stayed there with his crooked gangland associates.

Though the Obamas’ reputations as parents seem to be impeccable and loving, one must seriously question how often Barack has actually personally himself driven his daughters to school these past few years. After all, from the looks of it, daddy was either on the road campaigning or in Washington (at least that is where he should have been instead of out campaigning) as a member of the Senate.

And now with their father as President, it is doubtful that the Obama daughters will be subjected to the dangers of Washington area traffic. In all likelihood, each school day the New Lord's progeny will be motorcaded to their destination with all other vehicles required to get out of the way as they pass by.

Your children, one can conclude from the President's own words, aren't worthy of being escorted to school in a similar degree of safety. For if Americans are to give up their SUV's as admonished by the President, how are they suppose to get to school in one of those effeminate, limp-wristed hybrids?

No wonder the Obama whelps want to go to school in the slop. They don't have to worry about slipping on the ice.

One of the marks of a great leader is the willingness to abide by the same expectations they extol upon others. Despite all the hype about Obama being such a great leader that will turn back the rising seas and all that malarkey, it seems he can’t even rise to the level of the simplest expectation.

by Frederick Meekins

Liquid Terminator Oozes Closer To Reality

Smut Peddlers Preying On Pre-School Minds

Earth Day Blasphemies

An audio sermon detailing this celebration's theological shortcomings.

Was The Swine Flu Genetically Engineered?

U.N. Building A Glorified Crack House

New Terminator Presents Possible Likely Future

Have also noticed how on a number of episodes of the TV series that Revelation has been referenced.

Conflict Of Interest: Journalists & Obama Sup Together In Secret

Wondere what else they do with each other at Bohemian Grove.

Judge Sentences Courtroom Texters While Freeing Child Molesters

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nazarene Church Totters Along The Edge Of Apostasy

Pedophile Cult Leader Escapes Prison In Heliocopter

Why "Giving Back To The Community" Is Leftist Propaganda

Obama Continues Cheney UFO Coverup

U.S. Fears Political Correctness More Than Swine Flu

Wonder if Herr Obama and his commisars would hem and haw if swine flu was rampant among White populations rather than the Third Worlders they want to replace the lower rungs of America's socioeconomic ladder.

Diversity & Tolerance Outrank Public Health: Border Remains Open

Obama Commisar Proposes Government Police "Uncivil Email"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Fails To Give Back To The COMMUNITY

David Brooks Kisses Obama's Backside

New York To Limit Salt Intake

But since that state is moving down the road to recognive gay marriage, I guess some salty snacks are not as abominable as others in the eyes of the Humanistic elites.

Shouldn't Presidents Remain Fully Clothed?

And Nixon wore dress shows walking down the beach. You'd think Obama could at least keep his shirt om.

Trekkies No Longer Live In Shame

Microbiologists Meet With Questionable Demises

Is The Swine Flu A Biowarfare Attack?

Comrade Obama Expands Number Of Welfare Slaves

Michael Savage Warns Of Swine Flu

Savage, who holds graduate degrees in medicial fields, speculates that the swine flu might have been engineered by terrorists.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is Matt Drudge Dead?

Just one of the articles around the Internet today speculating as to the whereabouts of Matt Drudge.

According to reports, he was not been seen in public for nearly a year.

Have to admire someone that can sway the media and government with a single webpage in near isolation.

If all is well with him, he still sets the standard of what all serious news and commentary bloggers aspire to be.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jungle Savages Sue Journalist

The Scumbags We Are Expected To Say "Please" & "Thank You" To

I say feed them nothing but ham sandwiches.

According to Herr Obama, one can't even refer to this human debris as a "terrorist".

Mystery Scholarship Funds Discriminate Against White Men

$5 million of a $6 million dollar gift must go towards minorities and woman.

By definiotion doesn't that, therefore, discriminate against White men? Wouldn't the principaled thing to do be to turn down the money as the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NOW banshees would be tossing chairs through windows and setting lecture halls on fire if a university embraced a gift solely targetted at White males.

Scientists Spot Blob Of Space Gas Moving Through Universe's Intestines

"I Now Pronounce You Parties A & B"

Since Iowa is now granting it's blessing to sodomite unions, marriage licences in the state will now read "Party A" and "Party B".

Those mired in counterrevolutionary notions can still check blocks labelled "Bride" and "Groom", no doubt the document to be entered into evidence at a later date as to why these individuals will need to be hauled off to a reeducation camp.

State Senator Matt McCoy, one deviant favoring this movement, though abominable in his outlook, possessed enough foresight to categorize these changes as " a precursor of other things to come."

Where does this all end?

What if the man of the relationship wants to check off the bride box and the woman wants to be the husband?

More importantly, if we allow these changes, on what grounds do we then keep a "party c, d and e" from being added to the application?

by Frederick Meekins

Obama Worshipers Condemn Fox News For Defaming De Fuehrer

Who Is Like Unto The Protobeast?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WIll UFO's Perpetrate A False Rapture

Wombat Poo Paper

Envelopes made from wombat poo paper will have an adhesive for those reluctant to lick the flap. Probably though, the paper is likely cleaner than those working at MacDonalds you have to ask four or five times what they mumbled at you as they take your order.

Supreme Court To Determine Relevancy Of Rescuers Color

Remembers back when they wanted a colorblind society liberals use to ask if you needed to be rescued would it matter what color the person coming to save you was. Ironically, today they are the ones arguing that it does matter after all.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The KGB Influence Over American Leftwing Journalism

Obama Worshippers Offer Songs Of Praise To Their False God

Industrial Prosperity Improves The Environment

Guess the Obamaites and Goreans will need to find another excuse to inflict Third World poverty upon the American people.

Ethanol Does Squat For The Environment

Jackie Chan Endorses Communist Dictatorship

Wonder if he's be saying the same thing if he could not flee to America anytime he wanted to.

Cutthroat Buccaneer Portrayed As Tenderhearted Momma's Boy

In light of Waco's 16th anniversary, I wonder if Obama-style leftists would have as much sympathy for this scoundrel if he has been an American Branch Davidian rather than an African Muslim.

One Of Earth Day's Early Promoters A Homicidal Madman

Red Letter Christians Undermine Liberty To Advocate Socialism

These are the ones that refuse to clamp down on anything accept the belief that you should clamp down on certain things.

Fanatical Environmentalism Busting Up Families

The hypertolerant act like it's conservative Christians, but I bet these radical environmentalists are some of the biggest wife-beaters and child abusers around.

What else would you label forcing kids to live in a house 54 degrees in temperature just because you are too idealistic to turn on the heat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Figures Anderson Cooper Would Know

Obama Conives To Elevate His Name Above The Most High

This story coupled with the fact that prayers recited in his prescence at official functions must be vetted for theo-linguistic approval makes me wonder if Herr Obama has a reaction to the name of Jesus similar to that of vampire at the sight of a cross.

Wal-Mart Panders To Hispanosupremacists

Should the outlets geared towards lower class Whites come out and say that they are geared towards lower class Whites and how wonderful lower-class Whites and culture are?

If that is silly, or even worse, "OFFENSIVE", then why is it not so when it is other groups being catered to?

Tea Party Movement Denounced As "Too White"

Illegals Breeding America Into Extinction

Wonder if they would procreate as wantonly if they weren't lavished with benefits and accolades. So-called birthright citizenship must be abolished or this country will be tossed into the trashcan of history.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ron Reagan Jr. A Godless Baby-Harvester

Hispanosupremacist Tolerancemongers Threaten Tancredo With Violence

Wonder if Janet Napalotano will investigate this human filth,

Liberal Danes Let Bin Laden Off The Hook

United Nations Sponsors Transfiguration Cult

Here is a link to the groups on website so the hypertolerant want dismiss this as Fundamenntalist hysterics: The Order Of Transfiguration.

Al Sharpton Supports Pirates

The Obama National Anthem

It would be a good laugh if not on the verge of becoming reality.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Secretary Of Defense Cowers Before Pirate Threat

Already the liberals begin the pity party for the brigands.

Dolphins Rally Against Pirates

Obama Conspires To Abolish Talk Radio

Captured Pirate Likely Tried As Juvenile

Leftists want the captured Somali tried as a juvenile because he is about 17 years old.

Interestingly, in ever other instance, these very same liberals constantly counsel how the cultural norms of Third World trashpile nations are inherently superior to those utilized in the civilized West and the law used to justify letting this scumbag off easy says we must take into account the "social background of the juvenille".

In liberalese that means the supposedly impoverished and downtrodden should be allowed to kill and pillage as many White people and Americans as they want to.

However, if we are to follow what the law ways, shouldn't the pirate then be tried as an adult since in socities such as the one from which the pirate originates, individuals take on adult responsibitilies at much younger ages then we do here.

One must also ask if this human debris had blown up an abortion clinic if these very same proponets of tolerance and understanding would be calling for a lite sentence.

The next time the U.S. Navy comes across pirates, hopefully they won't make the same mistake of bringing them into custody. Instead perhaps they should let the sharks decide the fate.

by Frederick Meekins

Measles Imported From Abroad

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates Get What They Deserve

Wonder how long until multiculturalists condemn the U.S. Navy.

Homeland Security Targets Returning Vets Rather Than Islamists

Friday, April 10, 2009

Herr Obama Flies In Pizza

Our overlord can have pizza chefs flown in, but you and I as mere commoners are suppose to subsist on locally grown grass and beansprouts as emphasized by the new White House garden toiled in by ghetto youths. Frankly, I think he's been smoking some grass and beansprouts.

Obama A Foreign Policy Halfwit

Modern Age To Sissified To Handle Pirates

Liberals need to learn that "please" and "thank you" just doesn't work with these scoundrels.

Government Threatens To Seize Control Of Your Appliances

All for the sake of the children, of course.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leftwingers Insist Color & Gender Of Workers More Important Than Doing Project Right

Senator Kerry Threatens Pirates With Congressional Hearings

He's madder than Jack Sparrow.

Doctor Who & Torchwood Blamed For Increased UFO Sightings

Columbus Day Becomes "Fall Weekend"

Brown University is changing Columbus Day to "Fall Weekend" because multiculturalist malconents are offended by the alleged racism of Columbus.

So does that mean, if enough are offended by the apostacy and Communist affiliations of Martin Luther King, that his day should be turned into "Mid-January Respite"?

Blind Contestant Not Inspirational Enough For American Idol

Maybe if he had a sissy hair-do and eye makeup like Adam Lambert or was a 16 year old with a smoker's hack like Allison Iraheta, the judges would have voted him back on.

Terror Analysts Warn Of Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

Rick Warren Indirectly Endorses Sodomite Matrimony

Area 51 & Poject OXCART

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama Panders To Minorities

Herr Obama has appointed a gauleiter for outreach to the Asian community. Will one be appointed to the White community as well?

Will Eco-Nazi's Replace Cars With Segways

Suppose to seat two, but in the case of Al Gore, looks like a one-seater.

Don't like mocking people's size as am a Gerthful-American myself, but I am not the one bemoaning the comforts of modern civilization that must be abolished while wallowing in luxury and constantly expanding in size like the former Vice President.

Islamists Applaud Obama's Surrender

Army Regulation Establishing Civilian Labor Detention Centers

Who Flipped Glen Beck On FEMA Camps?

Heathen Taking Over The United States

Sandinista Communists STILL Torture Citizens

I guess these things only mattered there if the Contras did them during the Reagan Era.

Maybe Obama can pander to this scum when he goes on the next leg of his "We're Sorry To Be America" world tour.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama Advocates Nuclear Disarmament

This pinko lunatic pulls America yet closer to its demise. The glow won't be from the warmth of our moral superiority should we pursue this policy.

Obama Bows To His Saudi Masters

Obama Surrenders To Islam

Breeding Themselves Silly

NPR investigated a subset of the Evangelical movement referred to as the Quiverfull movement.

Taking as their inspiration where in Psalm 127 it says, "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them", its adherents shun birth control and instead max out their fecundity.

While that Biblical axiom is true, it also says that if you can't provide for your children that you are worse than an infidel.

Maybe that verse should be expounded from the pulpit also.

God does indeed control how many children you have, however, He also provides most with enough common sense not to screw themselves away from the dinner table.

Advocates of this procreative mindset point to the growth of Islam in Europe as to why a similiar baby boom must take place among Western nations.

However, one must ask if most European nations weren't such naive social democracies that give out welfare payments to every deviant that can't control themselves, would Muslims be flocking to these lands?

Some might respond but these people aren't on welfare.

Oh really, from the NPR article, it is pointed out that one of the families profiled regularly seeks assistance from a seminary foodbank.

Is that really anymore honorable or noble? Shouldn't such eleeomysnary be reserved for those that have fallen upon hardtimes for reasons other than those of their own foolhardy decisions?

Tell me, why is it my responsibility to pick up the food bill for your kid either through private or public sector charity?

by Frederick Meekins

Sunday, April 05, 2009