Friday, February 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Won't Respond To WorldNetDaily Over USA Today Global Warming Comments

Congregation Bares All To The Lord At Nudist Church

With a name like "Whitetail Chapel", one has to ask if minorities in the congregation feel self-conscious for some reason. But then its probably all aged sagging hippies.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tolerancemongers Denounce Free Thinking Blonde

Guess California blondes are just suppose to be arm candy.

Scientists Contemplate Cloning Neanderthals

Didn't the final seasons of "Sliders" prove this kind of thing to be a bad idea?

Environmental Agencies Threaten Both Life & Property

Afrosupremacists Conspire To Remove Conservative Figures From Black History

Will Admiral Ackbar Replace School's Confederate Mascot?

Students at the University of Mississippi are campaigning to make Admiral Ackbar from the return of the Jedi the schools new mascot.

The school banished its old mascot Old Reb, an elderly Southern gentleman in Confederate garb, because of "negative connotations of the old South".

If the Rebel Alliance had the same backbone as these radical multiculturalists Vader and Palpatine would have conquered the galaxy without even having to build a Deathstar.

Frankly, there is no pleasing these malcontents.

If you have a minority mascot, those with too much time on their hands throw hissy fits. If you have a White mascot that is anything other than a milksop on par with Al Franken's Stuart from Saturday Night Live, they throw hissy fits.

Once they select Admiral Ackbar let's see how long that lasts before they cave to the demands of the Islamosupremacists for finding the character offensive.

For the ignorant out there, the word "Ackbar" looks in Latin script (an alphabet also soon likely to be abolished since it is used to formulate the language of most Eurocentric cultures) to the Jihadist battle cry of "Allah Akbar" and, most likely as in the case of Judaism, shellfish are deemed ceremonially unclean. Admiral Ackbar is essentially nothing other than a giant talking shrimp or lobster.

Those irritating and useless as to their levels of erudition will squeal like little school girls since they clearly can't be real men that the two words are nothing alike.

Since when has a good terrorist ever let that get in the way of a bombing or riot?

Some will no doubt remember when Burger King altered a logo simply because it looked too similar to an Islamic symbol and banks across Europe have stopped giving children piggy banks out of fear of offending their Levantine overlords.

About the only mascot that perfectly captures the spirit of leftist academia these days is the Nothing referenced in "The Neverending Story" since that is the number of freedoms we have left once the interests of every concieveable ethnicity with the exception of the White race is pandered to in the end.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Van Jones Comes Up From A Bucket Of Crap Smelling Like A Rose

Kind of shows you what the NAACP is made of if they herald someone as a national treasure and bestow the organizations highest award on a self-avowed Communist.

Lockerbie Bomber Recooperates In Luxury

No doubt fairing better that you would under an Obama healthcare plan.

If Canadian socialism is so superior to America's barbarian ways, why did the Premier of Newfoundland flee here in search of treatment?

Diversitymongers Sink U.S. Submarine Fleet

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will Carbon Currency Be Used To Strangle The Econony & Human Liberty

Was Alabama Gunwoman Trying To Invent Artificial Life Or The Mark Of The Beast?

Was Paul Harvey An FBI Stool Pigeon?

While both Paul Harvey and J.Edgar Hoover deserve an esteemed place in history for battling the forces of Communism during the Cold War, frankly things went too far between these two if Harvey was submitting his scripts to Hoover for approval.

One does not necessarily defeat an evil by becoming the evil.

I might admire the FBI and despise Communism as well, but I am not going to voluntarily hand my commentaries over for their approval.

Ms.Magazine Winter 2010 cover reads "Houston, we have a lesbian mayor."

I thought we weren't suppose to consider how or by whom someone liked their privates jiggled when considering their qualifications for public office or other life accomplishments.

Is Glenn Beck A Fraud?

Glenn Beck Losing His Mind: Embraces Global Warming

Am growing ashamed that I was at one time enthralled by this character.

Kudos to Mark Levin for being among the first to point out what a charlatan the Fox News sensation was.

Is Harry Reid threatening to harm his wife if he loses reelection? He said on Senate floor unemployed men become abusive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Was The University Of Alambama Gunwoman Engineering Her Own Cylon?

O'Reilly Advocates The Abolition Of The Second Amendment

If the Second Amendment is abolished in challenging times, what is it prevent the First Amendment from being abolished in challenging times.

Unless he has already sold out to New World Order elites, he should realize he'll be one of the first that they come for.

Pink Ouija Board Targets Young Girls

Necromongers Donwplay The Communicaton Of The Comatose

Zinn Passes Into The Field He Butchered

The "Nutritional Empowerment" Plank in Frau Obama's "Let's Move" initiative sounds like another disguised welfare handout.

Stop to question why inner cities are food deserts with few grocery stores.

Primary reason: "BANG! BANG! BANG!" went the handgun.

Given the tendency of young able-bodied public assistance recipients to “foul their own nests”, what reasonable corporation wants to endanger their workers while being robbed blind.

That ...“beautiful” store the First Lady was going on and on about will be torn to pieces within five years.

Frau Obama laments fast food be quick and convenient.

But not all of us have fulltime chiefs on staff and have additional ones flown in from the Midwest just to bake pizza.

The next time Huckabee interviews Frau Obama, she wants him to be shirtless.

What if Clinton had said something like that to Connie Chung?

Huckabee probably has the larger chest anyway.

If Huckabee is to show Frau Obama his, does Huckabee get to see hers?

Frau Obama condemns children not walking to neighborhood schools because they ride in from outside the COMMUNITY.

It should be remembered that it wasn't White Repulicans that pushed for school busing. Interesting how its OK to be opposed to school busing now that Blacks don't like it but immoral to be when Whites didn't like it.

Frau Obama Keeps Her Home "News Free:

However, according to Eagle Forum, parents doing this in their own homes would be violating Article 13 of the UN convention on the rights of the child by blocking "information of all kinds through media of the child's choice".

Many of Obama's New Worl...d Order friends no doubt endorse this globalist covenant.

Even if government hand delivered the finest of foods to inner city types, a fuss would be raised about qualified chefs not brought to prepare it.

Micelle Obama Inarticulate

For being the consort of supposedly the greatest orator to ever walk the earth, she doesn't express herself much better than George W. Bush. Would Martha Washington or Abigail Adams have said that America is "really cool"?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama Mortgage Aide To Assist Only Those Residing In Specified States

So basically you up you know what creek without a paddle if you have a home where primarily White folks roam.

Can anyone tell me why it is less tragic for someone to lose their home in a state "less hard hit" with mortgage problems?

Are Free Condoms Causing The Most Memorable Olympic Moments To Occur After The Games Conclusion?

Jesus Might Love All The Children Of The World, But Frau Obama Only The Black Ones

Mainstream Conservatives Distance Themselves From Morality

So basically screw whoever you want.

Hopefully for the sake of America, Biden will give up stupidity for Lent.

Name of actual Japanese institute of higher education: Fukuoka University.

Try saying your a graduate of that place with a straight face or not getting it slapped.

To refute the illogic of racism, it's pointed out that if you needed a doctor you wouldn't care about the physician's ethnicity?

Then why should I care if my pizza is made by real Italians?

Besides, what would an "artificial Italian" be?

To carry this to it's logical conclusion, ought a hamburger made by an authentic German actually be more desireable?

Muslim Tosses Baby From Bridge

Muslims Infiltrating Military Attempt To Sabotage Base Food Supply

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apparently J.K. Rowling Not The Most Creative Author In Literary History

Wonder if she would have gotten by with it for so long if she did not look the part of an expert in her area of expertise.

Regarding the Mother Theressa stamp.

How many other U.S. postage stamps are there of non-American citizens (those once broadly categorized as foreigners.

Furthermore, are they any commemorating Protetants or do we only pander to Catholics in this manner?

If not, where are the C.S. Lewis or Francis Schaffer stamps?

Mrs. Mohler Must Have Kicked Albert To The Couch Again

This conjecture is made on the hyothesis that Dr. Mohler rides his early marriage high horse when things hit a rough patch in his household as in my experience those that pester singles the most about marriage are those from the most miserable marriages.

While there are lovely sentiments expressed in the article Mohler references, for most, they are just not reasonably possible.

Of the article, Mohler writes, "He adds, 'Instead of trekking to Africa or exploring Rome alone, why not marry the person of your dreams and take him or her along?'."

All well and good, but for the majority these days the ripe old age of 23 is an unnecessarily low deadline.

In most urban areas of the country, this just isn't possible.

Why should a fairly moral individual of Euro-American heritage have to settle for an Afro one that has already parented numerous children by the mid 20's or for someone that barely speaks a lick of English who is only showing you the time of day because they see you as their meal ticket to staying in the country.

If theologians are going to trod down this path of guilt-tripping the young into early matrimony, perhaps we should also exegete what happens the young make these decisions not out of love or the leading of the Holy Spirit but rather from the result of ecclesiastical busybodies that can't mind their own business.

My mom was accused of being a lesbian because she did not have a boyfriend of a teen.

And there is the case of someone my family was close to that ended up marrying such an outright whore, who unbenownst to him had already had a child in her midteens, that one almost had to consider it a blessing from God for him when he died in a carwreck at the age of 28 just so he could be relieved of that hell-hole of a marriage. Yet even that did not end the pain as the shrew fled town and the grandparents ended up not seeing those grandchildren for nearly 30 years.

Contrary to the swill spewed from the average American pulpit, following God's will is rarely as happy as it is made out to be whether one remains single or gets married.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview With An Acessor To Molestation

An an enthusiast of NAMBLA and failing to report an incident of statutory rape to authorities, the categorization above is exactly what Obama administration offical Kevin Jennings is.

Arianaite Threatens To Shoot Glenn Beck

If one cannot say things like this about the President without correctly having the Sercret Serive work you over with a rubber hose investigating it, why is it proper to say it about anyone else.

Just observe the tone of the so-called advocates of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, and just about every other thing that makes one want to puke these days.

Ministers Get The Bejesus Knocked Out Of Them

No, and its not a form of religious persecution.

A number of churches are turning to Ultimate-Style fighiting as a way to attract young men back to the pews.

Eventually, as in the case with so-called "Christian tattoos" (ones added after conversion rather than prior too), one will be catergorized as not being devoted enough to the Lord if one is not willing to have one's body mutilated in this manner.

If pastors really want to draw in testosterone oozing crowds, why not have two chicks whacking on each other? But that goes too far some may respond.

How so? It is no more incorrect to have two women fighting each other without legitimate cause as two many. And in this day of anything goes and sloppy theology, any undue titilation that results could simply be explained and celebrated as the God-bestowed appreciation of the female form inherent to any red-blooded American male.

If churches want to be serious about luring actual manly men back to their congregations how about more songs and lessons that emphasis objective doctrinal or historical content rather than the lyrical equivalent of Jesus blowing in your ear as is the case of many of these praise and worship choruses as well as providing study opportunities where one is free to share what's on one's heart if one feels led to but one is not branded as a heretical individualist if one decides not to.

PETA Bitches Disrupt Dog Show

Brown-nosing Essential For Career Advancement

Textbook Heralds Communists & Terrorists As Model Citizens

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York Necrophiles Defile The Departed

Taliban Rife With Perverts

Homicidal Alabama Professor A Devout Obama Enthusiast

While Obama can't be held responsible for the shooting at the University of Alabama, the media certainly doesn't mind attempting to link conservative populist thought with acts of violence. So we should certainly return the favor by highlighting one of their's when there is a rampage.

New York Times Insinuates Tea Party Movement Violent

The New York Times headline writers say, "Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right".

Can't say I closely monitor this media dinosaur, but one must ask if the old gray lady as the paper is called pointed out during the presidential campaign that some of Obama's supporters such as Bill Ayers have lit actual fuses.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Muslim Chaplain Smuggles Weapons Into Jail

Michael Savage calls for recomposition of the House Committee On UnAmerican Activities.

Doesn't he realize that, under the current Congress, the targets would be talk radio, the Tea Party movement, and independent bloggers?

Frau Obama Denounces Daughter As Overweight

No doubt a dry run for the Khmeresque plans they have for the rest of us where, in good Communist fashion, we will be forced to sit in a circle and criticize our friends and family as our Maoist overlords look in, taking careful notes for each of our files.

If Sarah Palin was the one upset by Rahm Emanuel's comments, why does his apology to Special Olympics settle the matter?

Thought the Scott Brown election proved pleasing the Kennedy's was no longer the highest purpose of the American political system.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Obama Destroys Space Program

Heaven forbid we actually have a branch of government that projects power. Have to brown-nose our new Chinese overlords.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Contrary to Russell Moore on the 1/28/10 Albert Mohler Show, Obama is not our King. The Constitution is supreme. Obama dishonors it and not we him.

Does Yahoo plan graphics to honor Whites in history as well or is this only for Black ones?

British Market Bans Nightwear & Clothing That Makes Customers Unfcomfortable

A British supermarket is banning nightwear and any other clothing that makes customers uncomfortable.

However, will this regulation be enforced against Africans and Middle Easterners that essentially wear their nightshirts all day long or is this going to be yet another rule that is imposed only on White people?