Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue Alert System Assumes Police Officers Lives More Important Than Mere Commoners

So the importance of catching killers is now dependent upon the occupational status of the murder victim?

And since "hate crimes" are considered a greater offense than regular homicides, would the slaying of a minority officer be deserving of a more eye catching shade of blue than that used for a run of the mill Caucasian officer?

Qaddafi brat should have never been allowed in the United States to take an internship position.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pennsylvania Governor Places Communal Glory Over Individual Worth

In his comments regarding the cancellation of a football game, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell actually let slip the contempt he feels towards the citizens of the United States in general and the people of the Keystone State in particular.

In one remark especially, Rendell posited that the Chinese are to be extolled for the hypothetical situation that they would likely attend a scheduled athletic event despite dangerous weather conditions and march down to the arena on foot in the process.

While most of the hypertolerant zeroed in on what they perceived as the disparagement of the Chinese, that comment is actually quite revealing regarding Rendell's most deeply held social and political convictions.

For instead of being a mockery of China, Rendell's statement is the expression of a desire that our system become more like a totalitarian one.

Cancelling the game on account of foul weather is an acknowledgement of the principle that the individual possesses an inherent worth that certainly surpasses something like a football game that is not essential to maintain a function that could not be done without.

In China, the value of an individual life is next to nothing whatsoever. If a number of people die there, it is not seen as that big of a deal.

With the demographic situation there being what the government would categorize as an excess of population, a thinning of the social herd if handled delicately during an event that would bring glory to the state could be viewed as a win/win situation.

If Rendell thinks that we have an obligation to attend such communal functions irrespective of the consequences, another important issue is raised.

As a supporter of Obamacare with a number of its policy architects insisting that those having crossed the peek of midlife are less worthy of the full attention of the medical establishment, would Governor Rendell endorse the removal of treatment from the elderly heeding his admonition that they endanger themselves on hazardous roads?

Ed Rendell thinks that cancelling a game for count of snow contributes to the wussification of America. Perhaps he will be the one to slip on the ice and shatter a hip or have a loved one perish in a traffic accident on an icy road.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HIV Spread By Organ Donation

Single Sex School Lunches Backdoor Pre-Islamization

Vandal Promotes Crime Spree Online

Contrary to radical leftists, graffiti is only art when it violates someone else's property.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Redskins Demand Washington Post Bribe

American Idol Contestant Applauded For Drunken Carousing

A headline reads that Muhammad Ali has pleaded with the Iranian government to free two detained U.S. hikers. An even more shocking headline would be that Iran even cared.

Regis Philbin is alleged to have said that social networking is a waste of time. Sort of like his TV show then.

If V is granted another season, would be an interesting plot if Project Ares was as much a threat to the free peoples of the world as the aliens.

Another Rapper Done In By Sobriety & Moral Living

Ohio Town Welcomes Dimwitted Blacks To Police Force

Seems Obama thinking that there are 57 states is a more significant lapse of knowledge than Michelle Bachman geographically misplacing a battle of the Revolutionary War. Usually liberals laud ignorance surrounding America's Founding Era as a good thing.

Penalties dropped for absconding Wisconsin Democrats. You skip out on jury duty & see if you get off as scott free.

If R.C. Sproul "Jr" (who technically isn't a Jr, but merely riding on his more famous father's name) can't run a church without it degenerating into abuses of his parishoners, why ought we to believer that his followes siezing control of government would be anymore trustworthy?

Interesting how some willing to overlook the deprivations to liberty & conscience that would occurr under Postmillennialism are opposed to them when enacted by secularist regimes.

If one makes for interpreative allowances that the Rapture is not necessarily Pre-Tribulational, the Anti-Christ could very well be a Postmillennialist that dupes the church to embracing Dominionist or Reconstructionist doctrine.

For you folks out there too obtuse mentally to realize Postmillennialism results in dictatorship, I have better things to than to find exact pages citations and footnotes for you. If you want to pull your heads out of the sand, there is a little thing called a search engine

Postmillennialism results only in dictatorship.

So if a school can ban peanuts because even their aroma can send a single student into fatal apoplexy, if American students are sickened by the stench of the swill eaten by foreigners, will those provisions be banned as well?

School Becomes Virtual Dictatorship Over Single Urchin With Peanut Allergy

Wouldn't the responsible parent simply homeschool the ailing child or acquire a tutor instead of grinding everyone else's life to a screeching halt?

Did Mass Fish Deaths Portend Earthquake?

Bodyslammed Pissant Gets What He Deserves

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tolerancemongers Issue Death Threats Against Those Noticing Asians Failing To Respect American Culture

Hispanic Proliferation Out Of Control

Terrorists & Welfare Deadbeats Granted 1/2 Decade Access To U.S. Border

Snake's Nipple Nip Proves Toxic

Proof that you really can have too much of a good thing.

If Maryland passes a snack tax, those able to should travel to Pennsylvania to acquire sweet & salty treats, smuggling them back over the border by the trunk load. Makes for a nice day trip & it is a form of patriotic protest. Be sure to conduct the transaction in cash in order to avoid a paper trail.

Maryland considers tax on snack food. Does this include flavored condoms? Or do we only tax the vices whose practicioners aren't known for smashing windows & generalized destructive mayhem when you tick them off?

Residence around failing Japanese nuclear plants advised to shelter in place. This is their plastic bags taped to the windows will save you moment.

Comment Deleted By Levin Operatives Apparently

Apparently, whoever is running the Mark Levin Facebook page is threatened by the idea that someone might be as nearly as witty & scathing as that particular host.

For despite listeners posting comments there, my own comment saying "Congress to hold moment of silence for Japan victims. Be back to generalized whoring & mockery of Biblical values within 2 weeks likely."

Couldn't have been the language. Levin has said equivalent to that over the airwaves.

Perhaps I'll go back to listening to Savage from now on.

House of Representatives to hold moment of silence for Japan victims. Be back to generalized whoring & mockery of Biblical values within 2 weeks likely.

Fanatic football fans force ESPN announcer out of town over athletic differences. Can you imagine the violence that would erupt if we faced Japanese level devastation? Buy your guns now before disasters strike.

Wasn't there looting for vital necessities such as big screen TV's at this point following Katrinia? Guess all people groups really don't behave the same.

Mildly amusing that GE chief defending the nuclear power industry is named "Immelt". Like something out of a James Bond movie.

Hopefully, those thinking that illegals deserve instate tuition rates will be the ones victimized by illegals in crimes and traffic accidents.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Priests Rescue Baby From Canadian Death Sentence

If Obama disapproves of bullying, doesn't he have to denounce the insurgents uprising at the Wisconsin State House?

Thousands Of Dead Wash Ashore

Churches Teaching The Eternality Of Hell Denounced As "Toxic"

If Hell is not eternal or doesn't really exist, why bother with Christianity at all if we are all going to "get there in the end"?

Also, by categorizing churches that teach the eternality of Hell as "toxic" aren't we violating the "judge not" hooey that is always propagated in liberal circles and more importantly edging yet another step closer to categorizing traditional Biblical doctrine as "hate speech"?

Will Evolutionists Replace God With Extraterrestrials?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hag Takes Pride In Abandoning Her Family

Family Radio Groupies Give It All Up For One Last Hurrah

Brits Rule Sexual Deviancy More Important Than Feeding Orphans

Peacemongers Threaten Palin's Parents

Is Obama A Moonshiner?

So I guess the issue of homebrewing is not so much the health concern but rather that the government might not get its cut if you sell some to friends or neighbors.

You let it out that you brew your own beer and see if they don't torch your place like the Waco compound in the name of public health.

Iran Seated On U.N. Women's Rights Commission

An illegal demanding in state tuition discounts held aloft a placard reading, “Judge Me Based On What I Do & Not On My Status”. But isn’t his status based on what someone did?

One can certainly differ on the propriety of the war. However, it is interesting that certain Christian Reconstructionists are in an uproar over the war on terror but have enunciated their desire to see dissidents opposing their doctrinal synthesis put down by the sword or at least through an old fashioned stoning.

Illegals demanding in state tuition discounts are not otherwise oppressed. There is little preventing them from returning to their homelands & attempting to migrate here in the proper way.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Why Is The Government Obsessed With Your Privates?

The National Survey For Family Growth has concluded that 25% of young adults have not had sex.

As interesting as these figures are, they are not the real issue.

The vital questions that come to mind are these.

If it is compulsory to answer the American Community Survey (the bureaucratic euphemism under which the intrusive Census Long Form is now conducted) under threat of fine, is it also compulsory to answer some pervert civil servant as to your most private matters?

Also just as important, if answering the National Survey For Family Growth is not compulsory, how come what one does with their privates in the privacy of one’s bedroom is not the government’s business, but how many places one has to use one’s privates for excretory purposes in the confines of one’s home is?

by Frederick Meekins

Talk radio is accused of staging fake calls. At least these "rent-a-mobs" don't cause millions of dollars of damage to government buildings or smash shopkeeper's windows.

Al Sharpton holds rally against Congressional investigation into radical Islam. Amazing dupes such as him fail to realize he will be among the first eliminated should an Islamist revolution (or any kind of leftist revolution for that matter) ever takes place.

A Romanian woman is a grandmother at the age of 26. Wonder what Al Mohler has to say about this since he pushes his borderline heresy early marriage doctrine

Even if Fox News sacks Beck over a decline in ratings, won't replacing him with anybody but Rush Limbaugh send Fox's ratings deeper into the proverbial crapper?

David Frum mocks Glenn Beck from the standpoint of the 295 million Americans that don't watch Beck. Wonder if Frum realizes that the # having no idea who David Frum even is surpasses even that figure?

Fox Considers Dropping Glenn Beck

Old man Murdoch must be catching grief from his Islamist & Maoist overlords.

Is WMAL Surrending To Radical Islamists?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lessons In Apologetics #6: Pantheism

If Deism is the belief that God is so transcendent from the cosmos He created that He no longer participates directly in it, Pantheism must be the worldview at the other end of the continuum believing that a higher power exists as Pantheism holds that God is so immanent with the universe that God and the universe are one. As a worldview, Pantheism has plagued the religious thought of both the East and West from ancient times on up through our contemporary day.

Though there are various forms of Pantheism, most share a set of common characteristics. Pantheists will agree that ultimately there is but one substance.

Parmenides hypothesized that there is either being or nonbeing and in order to exist there must be being. And if everything possesses this quality, everything is of the same substance as to differ by nothing would be not to exist at all.

Though everything is ultimately one under Pantheism, what we perceive as multiplicity or distinction are either manifestations or emanations of the absolute unity.

In the "Enneads", the Greek mystic Plotinus said that from this impersonal unity flowed the various levels of reality starting with unity, then inward into mind, then the world soul, then multiple souls, then to the lowest level of matter. It is man, Geisler writes in "Christian Apologetics" of this brand of Pantheism as "the microcosm who possesses mind, soul, and matter" that the journey back to unity and oneness begins (175).

Though slightly different, other forms of Pantheism share considerable similarity. For example, in Spinoza's pantheism, God is a substance of infinite attributes and we exist as transient manifestations of the absolute that are eventually reabsorbed back into it. And in Hinduism, though that world religion is noted for its multiplicities of divinities, in its philosophically complex variants, the various gods all the way down to the material components of the physical world are the assorted levels of the comprehensive totality known as Brahman.

Though many Pantheists claim to embrace tolerance as they contend all religions are merely human efforts to understand the same all-encompassing God, one is really taking the serpent to one’s bosom when dealing with Pantheism. For example, in much of Pantheist thought, it is held that both good and evil flow from God much in the same way there is both a light and dark side of the Force in the Star Wars epic. Other Pantheists claim that God is beyond good and evil as understood by human beings.

Such positions could be used to not only to justify any number of atrocities but also to view them in a disturbingly detached manner or even positively in an around about fashion. For example, if good and evil are simply just human conceptions useful for ordering social relations, what is so inherently immoral about the Holocaust?

After all, were not the Jews the ones anyway that set the ball rolling on the theism that ended up promoting the conceptual dualism that now hinders the expansion of consciousness? Besides, by liberating them of their physical materiality, aren’t we doing them a favor by reuniting them with universal oneness? Under Pantheism, the “is” becomes the “ought” and that is why one sees cows strutting freely down the streets of India with the baby girls tossed out with the trash.

by Frederick Meekins

Outbursts Forbidden In Sissified America

If breastfeeding really increased children's intelligence, isn't that actually the last thing the Obama's should want?

Ronald MacDonald Shunned For Not Being Ghetto Enough

If Westboro cultists are permitted to harangue those having died in the nation's defense outside the ceremonies honoring the departed, perhaps protestors should start picketing the congregation every Sunday morning.

If I a heretic 4 thinking 1 shouldn't have 2 be a church member in order to vote in a civic election, that 1 shouldn't be executed for advocating an alternative religion, and that marriages between non-Christains ARE NOT invalid. So be it. I don't want to be part of your religion anyway. As much as it infuriates you, you won't be the one deciding who gets to the happy place on the other side anyway.

I at one time thought self-professed modern conservative Christians were among the few that stood against dictatorship in all its forms. I am beginning to have to reevaluate that assumption.

Any form of political organization that wants to execute those for nothing more than differing opinion, even if the leaders claim it is God whispering in their ear telling them to do so, is a dictatorship.

Obama's Glut While You Expected To Fast

Real marriage can only be between a man & a woman. However, one shouldn’t be so hyperpious as to condemn a referendum process that gives those of sound morality a chance to prevent these abominable statutory reclassifications from being imposed upon the legal codes of their respective states.