Thursday, September 30, 2004

Congressman Seeks To Censor Mike Savage & Rush Limbaugh

On his program, Mike Savage has urged bloggers to post the following on their sites a letter from a Congressman calling upon a radio station to remove his program from the airwaves. I hope you will take the time to read of this dangerous threat to frees speech.

September 29, 2004

Mr. Ken Charles
Director of Operations/Programming
Clear Channel Communications
510 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77006

Dear Mr. Charles:

I was shocked to learn of your actions and read your comments in an Associated Press article "KPRC Gives Rather's Radio Show the Boot" filed September 28, 2004. Apparently, KPRC makes programming decisions based on a political agenda, rather than on ratings or broadcasting standards.

The CBS television news organization and Dan Rather made a huge mistake by airing a story based on faulty documents from an unreliable source. The CBS story was wrong, it was presented wrongly, and the network took too long to set the record straight. However, CBS has spent a considerable amount of airtime correcting that mistake and apologizing for their error, which apparently resulted from the sloppy work and the competitive nature of the news business, rather than by a political agenda.

Removing one radio show for one acknowledge mistake by its host while continuing to run shows of commentators who often make inaccurate and unverified statements reveals a double standard. I believe KPRC should hold Mr. Rather and all others to the same standards. The failure to do so strongly suggests KPRC has no broadcasting standards of accuracy and only a political agenda. Here is a sampling of just a few inaccurate, uncorrected statements from other KPRC commentators to illustrate my point.

From Michael Savage's "Savage Nation":

1. Sen. John Kerry has given "some intelligence to Osama bin Laden." 9/17/04.

2. The Democratic Party is "ethnic minorities and women and immigrants." 7/28/04

From Rush Limbaugh's "The Rush Limbaugh Show"

1. "[W]e spend over two times on education already, what we spend on defense." 6/30/04
2."There aren't families living on the minimum wage" 4/29/04

I strongly support the free speech rights of Mr. Savage, Mr. Limbaugh, and your station as a whole, but the above statements are completely inaccurate. Sen. Kerry has never given intelligence to Bin Laden. As a white, native Texan male, I can testify that the Democratic Party is diverse and open to all Americans, and is not based on race or gender. Furthermore, the federal government spends fully 14 times less on education than we do on defense, and millions of American families do, in fact, live off the minimum wage. How does KPRC justify Mr. Rather's punishment, while ignoring repeated inaccuracies by other hosts?

Please make a commitment to your listeners that KPRC has standards of accuracy and they are enforced for all broadcasters. If KPRC can make such a commitment, then there is no justification for removing Mr. Rather's radio show. However, if KPRC makes no such commitment, then at least listeners should be forewarned.

Gene Green
Member of Congress

Doctor Savage points out that, in typical Democrat fashion, the above statements are incorrect as they have to taken out of context.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Is Rush Limbaugh Trying To Bag Fourth Wife?

Some British Heads Up Their Rears Over Hot Cross Buns

According to Ken Ham in the September 2004 edition the Answers In Genesis Newsletter, hot cross buns won’t be quite so cross anymore in merry ole England because a number of local governments there have banned them because the shape of the pastries offends Muslims. Ham’s article does an excellent job explicating how such asinine policies are the result of an unbridled form of pluralism that goes beyond allowing different ideas to exist within one’s borders to actively undermine the foundations upon which Western civilization rests, thus allowing those alien beliefs the upper hand in determining how society is to be ultimately run.

If the politically correct are now going to get this jacked out of shape over the shape of a desert, maybe Christians should reciprocate the protest with one of our own by organizing a boycott of croissants. Croissants, you ask, the flaky moon-shaped masteries?

That’s right. Croissants are shaped like crescent moons, which are in turn the traditional symbol for Islam.

Such a boycott would show the multiculturalists and the Islamophants just how stupid this game really is.

The world over, radical Muslims are killing off Westerners and our allies left and right and the most important thing some limp-wristed tolerance monger can find to have a hissy fit about is some filthy heathen’s hurt feelings. If this is the extent to which our civilization has declined, perhaps it deserves to be taken over or to fall into the garbage can of history.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Gov. Ehrlich Panders To Jewish Interests: Why Aren't Gentile Children As Precious?

Can you imagine the stink that would erupt if a similar donation went to a Christian school?

Ironic thing is, Jews --- especially the liberal ones that support any form of "spirituality" so long as it is not Christian or Conservative --- would be whining the loudest.

Ehrlich is trying to justify the expenditure with the tired "we are in a new post-9/11 world" excuse.

The last time I checked, Bin Ladin despises Christians, whom he refers to as "Crusaders", almost as much as he does Jews; so why is it more important to safeguard the lives of Jewish children than Christian ones? Could it be the parents of the Jewish ones are more capable of lining his campaign coffers?

Copyright 2004 by Frederick Meekins

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Schauungtown Chronicles: Part 1, The Bible Peddler

He silently slipped into the back pew as those gathering for the day’s service quietly talked amongst themselves. Since he had never been here before, most simply ignored him. A few nodded cordially, but did not really pay much attention since they had never seen him before.

Others glanced as they walked by, trying to win a glimpse at the slim black object the visitor held in his hand. They strained their necks in an effort to get a look at what it was, but did not want to appear to be rude to the visitor who was able to keep the object concealed in a polite manner.

Those gathering hurried to their seats as the music began to play. The visitor kept an eye on the bustle around him. He usually didn’t attend these kinds of functions, but his curiosity had gotten the best of him and he just couldn’t resist at least a peak to see for himself how things were being done now. Besides, he might be able to do some good here or at least plant some kind of seed that could germinate into such.

The visitor looked straight ahead to the front of the auditorium. Upon the platform located there he noticed the circular, upright lectern.

It looked like wood, but the visitor knew it was not since few who regularly came here would want to inconvenience a tree in such a manner and would find it appalling to impose upon such a noble creature in such a way. The visitor continued to study the lectern’s deliberate craftsmanship. He could tell from the way light and shadow played off it that it was a multidimensional representation of the sign of peace, the symbol of everything this grand hall claimed to stand for.

The visitor continued to look forward towards the platform. His eyes looked up from the peace sign lectern to the peace sign tapestry adorning the wall at the back of the room high above the floor. Interestingly, in the days of Before it was said that the arms of the broken cross pointed in another direction. The mind of the visitor wandered back to the days of Before prior to the time of the Change.

The Change. The thought of it hung in the visitor’s mind.

When did it happen? He wasn’t sure. Seems no one really was. No one remembered when it happened. Just that there had been a Before. Little by little, the time of Before slid into the days of the Change, but so infinitesimally no one conscientiously realized it while it was happening but soon enough those sensitive to such things had an inkling something was going on even if they couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

The thoughts of the visitor came back to the proceedings transpiring around him. The music came to a conclusion as just about everybody was in their respective seats and were eager to get the service underway. The visitor himself felt a tinge of anticipation to see just how things had changed since the time of Before.

A cloaked figure ascended the platform. From that distance, the visitor could not tell if it was a man or a woman. Many of the celebrants prided themselves on the degree to which they could blur the distinctions of such a trifling human characteristic as gender.

The celebrant smiled, “Good morning. Before we get started, I’d like to welcome those gathered to the Schauungtown Toleration Fellowship. My name is Sibling Cecilia and this is my partner Catherine.” Catherine briefly stood to wave to the congregation.

As much as she tried to downplay her natural features with the short buzz-cut and silver stud protruding from her eyebrow, the visitor concluded that “the Sibling” was in all likelihood a woman no matter how much “she” did not want to admit it. At times, even ideology had to yield to biology, but for whatever reason, the most dedicated celebrants within the Toleration Fellowship insisted upon expressing their devotion to Oneness by using the title “Sibling” rather than more gender specific appellations such as “Brother” or “Sister” carried over from Before and still used by celebrants who --- despite their devotion --- just couldn’t seem to rid themselves of those pesky ingrained inclinations leftover from less progressive times.

Sibling Cecilia continued, “Won’t you all stand, please, as we render supplication unto Oneness.”

The congregation rose. The visitor stood along with them even though he would not be joining them in spirit. He clutched the concealed object close to his chest.

“Transcendent Oneness, we approach We now. Looking to the unity within to overcome the degraded apartness for the sake of the All. And forgive us still so ensnared by our individuality to still require the confines of language to share these aspirations between consciousnesses. In Diversity’s name, Ahumyn.”

The visitor hadn’t assented to the words as they were said aloud; but he nevertheless felt spiritually soiled upon hearing them, almost like he had no business being there. But he knew that even in this setting he was not alone, a table having been set for him in the midst of his enemies. There was work, even here, that needed to be done.

The congregation sat back down at the conclusion of the invocation. Sibling Cecilia stepped to the side of the podium.

“Now, it gives me great pleasure,” she smiled, “to introduce this morning the latest addition to our Toleration Fellowship and to welcome her into our midst. I’d like to introduce you to little Sally Witherspoon. Won’t you bring her on up, Betty and Cal?”

A young couple probably in their early 30’s stood up and brought their newborn to the front of the sanctuary. The congregation cooed with the obligatory “Awwwww!”

The family joined Cecilia at the bottom of the raised stage, slightly to the left of and below the hewn peace-symbol lectern. “As responsible parents, Betty and Cal, inform me they want to raise Sally in reverence of the values espoused by the Toleration Fellowship. As part of this dedication ceremony, we must ask each of you a series of questions to determine your degree of sincerity in wanting little Sally to grow up in the ways of the Fellowship. So Cal and Betty, whom do you say gave you the gift of little Sally.”

Her mother responded, “The forces of nature.”

“Correct, Betty.” Cecilia replied. “And who controls the forces of Nature?”

The baby’s father answered, “The All.”

“That’s right, Cal. And how does the All manifest itself to us?” questioned the Sibling.

Betty answered, “In the form of the universe, in the Earth and our relationship with Her, and the Holy within all of us.”

Cecilia asked, “Since we are all part of the All and since we are all of one another and ultimately none unto themselves, who is it that bears final responsibility for this child?”

“The Community,” both parents answered without hesitation.

“Realizing such, do you swear to abide by the wisdom and decisions of the Community --- in all its diversity --- in having the final authority over your fami......” Cecilia caught herself. “...excuse me, domestic collective.”

Cal responded, “Yes, without the Community, we are nothing.”

Cecilia smiled. “I now present to you the latest component of our communal body.”

The “domestic collective” turned around smiling to face the congregation. They dutifully returned to their seats.

Cecilia took her place behind the distinctively-shaped podium. She fiddled through her note cards as she prepared to begin her homily.

“The ceremony we were just privileged to experience spoke to one of the universal suggestions which me must all recognize: the fundamental realization that we as mere humyns are nothing without the approval and sanction of the Community.”

The visitor both listened and tried to gauge the reactions of those seated around him in the congregation.

Cecilia continued, “In the time of Before, it was often believed the individual possessed a certain status apart from that bestowed by the Community. As strange as that sounds to us, in those days many believed their value and worth was something found within themselves. Some thinking this way even believed certain social privileges they called rights came from God rather than from the Community.”

The visitor could hear the faint, audible gasps and sighs of disbelief of a few of those seated around him.

“That’s right,” Cecilia continued, “at one time quite a number believed God stood above the Community and even above Nature itself instead of believing as we do that the concept once understood as ‘God’ arises from the intersection of the totality of All. Those living under such a disjointed perspective were alienated from reality by such an absolutist hierarchy that they failed to recognize their own, shall we say ‘god within’. Instead, of realizing that as a part of the All that all that happened also happened to themselves, they would compete with one another --- even inflicting harm upon one another --- in hopes of bettering their status or acquiring additional resources. They failed to realize that by harming others they were harming themselves. Today we have overcome such primitive notions from the time of Before. And even though we still come across an occasional misguided individual holding to these notions to be pitied and assisted in anyway possible in helping them achieve the awakening that comes so easily to some but not to others, most of us have embraced our cosmic and communal obligation to accept whatever place the Community, in its unquestionable wisdom assigns to us, in its pursuit of actualizing the All.”

Cecilia stopped, lowered her head, and intoned as the congregation stood, “Dear Oneness, we come before ourselves now as the glorious manifestation and embodiment of the All asking ourselves to muster the power within to do as the Community requires of us, no matter how low it might seem through our perceptions of individuality and by submitting to its wisdom find fulfillment as part of the greater social organism. In Diversity’s name, Ahumyn.”

The congregation opened their eyes knowing that the service had now concluded. The visitor knew his moment to act, the reason he came here this day, had arrived.

The visitor looked down at the leather-bound object concealed in his hand. Amid the bustle of activity as members of the congregation bid farewell to their friends for the day and probably the week, the visitor found the opportune moment of anonymity to carry out his mission as those around him were too caught up in their own conversations to notice a congenial but quiet stranger.

The visitor held the black leather rectangle to his chest a moment longer as he quickly bowed his head for a moment. He gently placed the object on the seat he just occupied and slyly exited the pew.

With others making their way out the door or so engrossed in their conversations so as not to have to notice those making their way out the door, the visitor extricated himself unnoticed under such chattering cover. He hoped, however, that the small rectangular object he left behind would not go as unnoticed.

Worshippers continued to linger in the sanctuary for awhile after the visitor had slipped away. The object the visitor left behind occupied the same seat as the visitor with the same quiet dignity as the one in whose hand it had just previously rested.

But whereas most had avoided making contact with the visitor out of shyness or a desire simply not to be bothered, most passing by the rectangular object could not resist the urge to take a quick glance at it. But since few could really make out what it was, they just kept walking.

Eventually, the final barriers of reluctance eroded as one college-aged student lingered a little longer than most to catch a good glimpse of the object. He stopped and edged closer towards it.

He bent over and scooped it up. His eyes focused on the unfamiliar words printed across the textured leather.

“Holy Bible,” he read. The words seemed strange yet familiar all at the same time. For some reason, they conjured images in his mind of dignified yet loving grandmothers: judgment yet acceptance. A sense of well-being swept over him as a tinge of terror also panged deep within his soul.

The young man wanted to run. Instead he yielded to an even more compelling urge to study the book further.

He carefully opened the cover. The message scribbled across the title page caught his eye.

The young man felt overwhelmed with confusion. He called out, “Sibling Cecilia, I think you need to see this.”

“What is it?” She rushed over to the miniscule throng gathering in the vicinity of the now-empty pew. They stood aside to make way for their spiritual leader.

Cecilia took the mysterious book into her hands and read the message scribbled across the title page: “To whom it may concern: It is obvious that the words contained within these pages are desperately needed within this place. It is my prayer that this book will serve as an island of truth amidst this sea of error. Courtesy of the Bible Peddler.”

So much anger began to well up within her normally composed facade that the piercing above her eyebrow began to jingle. “By Tolerance, how dare this filth undermine this Community’s diversity and inclusion!”

The congregation watched and wondered as she frantically ripped pages from the book and threw them across hall built as an expression of the equality of all ideas.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick Meekins

Islamic Scholars Claim Propriety Of Kidnappings Have To Be "Studied Carefuly"

Judge Upholds Right To Bash Skulls & Suck Brains

Saturday, September 11, 2004

You Scratch My Blog, I'll Scratch Yours

Here’s a little shameless cross promotion.

Louis Petolicchio formerly of recently moved to another Pennsylvania location and has rechristened his newspage

The site focuses a great deal on news and politics from a South Central Pennsylvania perspective, but also provides considerable coverage of wider national issues. As such, Mr. Petolicchio has been gracious enough over the past couple of years to publish a number of my columns on his site.

To publicize the relaunch, Mr. Petolicchio has sent out a press release to various media outlets informing these organizations of this online journalistic undertaking. As part of the outreach, I was invited to contribute a quote regarding news of, shall we say, the “redigitalization” of this quality source of information.

Mr. Petolicchio does a classy job of incorporating my comments into the text of the release. By identifying me as Frederick Meekins of Washington DC, the reader gets the impression I possibly wield a bit of power or influence. Such an aura of mystery and sophistication lends a degree of credibility to both of our websites.

Unlike the mainstream media, independent websites do not have vast marketing or advertising budgets. However, through word of mouth (or rather blog) hopefully an information revolution can be triggered putting the power back in the hands of individual Americans where it belongs.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Is President Bush Bisexual?: New Book Traces Perversion Back To Orgies Of Shull & Bones Days

Did Ghandi Dislike Black People?

Serbia Adopts Ideal Science Curriculum : To Teach Evolution & Creation Side-By-Side

Muslims Seeks To Set Up Segregated Community

Guest Analyst Admits GOP Best Political Friend Black Folks Ever Had

I would like to offer words of commendation to Governor Bob Ehrlich and Lieutenant Governor Michael S. Steele. On Monday, August 30th, Governor Ehrlich asserted that he saw a message coming out of the Democratic convention. The message is that “if you happen to have black skin, you have to believe one way.” Otherwise, “you are a traitor to your race.” Lt. Gov. Steele, who delivered an outstandingly auspicious speech at the Republican National Convention, can relate to the governor’s words of wisdom. Have we forgotten that supporters of former Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend threw Oreo cookies at Steele during a gubernatorial debate in 2002? It was people on the Left who did this malicious, racial act.

Steele recently did a national talk show on an African-American station and the first question presented to him was “How can you be a Republican?” He cleverly responded by asking the caller, “How can you be a Democrat?” To suggest that Steele is traitorous to his race because he is a registered Republican is the most invidious, baseless accusation. Why should Steele be targeted as one who abandoned his race because of his political identity? Is the evidence that the Democratic Party best represents black Americans?

During the period from the 1940s to the 1960s, there were some leaders in the Democratic Party who advocated civil rights protections, most notably Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson. According to a black history issue of The WallBuilder Report, Truman “introduced an aggressive civil rights legislative package that included an anti-lynching law, an anti-poll tax law, desegregation of the military, etc.,” however, he fought strong opposition from his own party. Truman was able to include civil rights language in the platform for the National Democratic Convention, but a “walkout of southern delegates resulted.”

In 1964, President Johnson, a Democrat, was unable to garner support from his own party to pass the Civil Rights Bill and the Democrats controlled two-thirds of the seats in Congress. It was necessary for Republicans to work with Johnson to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. As a result, millions of African-Americans were able to register to vote in southern, Democratic-controlled states where literacy testing was abolished and the federal government intervened to oversee voter registration.

The WallBuilder Report further indicates that in “Democratic-controlled States, rarely are African-Americans elected statewide (with the exception of US Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (IL, 1992-1998) and African-American Democratic Representatives to Congress usually are elected only from minority districts (districts with a majority of minority voters).” However, members of minority groups running as Republicans are “elected statewide in Republican States, or in congressional districts with large white majorities.”

Furthermore, in 2000, US Rep. JC Watts (OK) became the “third African-American to chair a National Republican Convention (the first was US Rep. John Roy Lynch (MS) in 1884 and then US Sen. Edward Brooke (MA) in 1968.” Why is it that there has never been an African-American to chair or even co-chair a Democratic National Convention?

President Bush has an administration that is more racially diverse than that of any other in US History! Why aren’t the multiculturalists celebrating with elation? This is because they despise a Republican President who appoints minorities to high positions in government but who do not adhere to radically liberal ideologies. Any minority member who serves in the Cabinet under a President who is a conservative Republican is viewed as disingenuous and disloyal to his race by people on the political Left. I find such tactics to be utterly reprehensible and blatantly racist.

Bush campaign spokesman, Terry Holt, articulated the facts well when he said that “all families should ask whether or not the party they’ve supported is best for them.” ( Holt contends that Republicans generally appeal to African-American voters on issues such as values while “Democrats have tended to take a different approach.”

Copyright 2004 by Matthew Pasalic

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Gold Medal In Arrogance: Olympic Officials Assume Godlike Powers Over Human Lives

During the Cold War, both sides used the Olympic games as a forum to rally world sympathy for their respective causes. But with the conclusion of that ideological conflict, it seems an act of Hegelian synthesis has taken place surrounding this international festival that would make Marx’s whiskers tingle in delight.

Incorporating aspects of monopolistic capitalism and command socialism into their managerial approach to the games, Greek officials and the International Olympic Committee planned to exercise a degree of control over spectators no human being should be allowed to exert over any other. It has become common practice for major corporations to pay millions of dollars to have their names emblazoned across the public consciousnesses as being affiliated with the Olympiad. But instead of accomplishing this with witty advertisements during commercial breaks or less than inconspicuous billboards in every broadcast shot, marketers schemed to establish product dominance not through the rigors of free market competition but rather by emulating practices more in common with the arrogance associated with pompous bureaucrats and centralized planners.

According to the Sunday Times of London, spectators could be refused admittance to the games for sipping the wrong brand of soda or told to flip their shirts inside-out for displaying logos of corporations not coughing up the dough for the vacuous honor of being an Olympic sponsor. Just because these tycoons aren’t confident as to the soundness of this investment is no reason to take out their insecurity on unsuspecting spectators.

It would be bad enough if game officials concocted the excuse that no outside beverages could be brought into the venues for fear of protestors or other related leftwing Euro-trash using cans and bottles as projectiles and then sell gullible sports enthusiasts marked-up, water-downed soft drinks in dainty, sissy-sized cups. But how in the name of homeland security can you justify allowing someone to bring in a Coca Cola but refuse entry to someone should they have Pepsi or the local Wal-Mart off-brand equivalent let alone demand someone obscure unobscene clothing logos if no functionally justifiable dress code has been delineated?

The last I heard, onlookers weren’t the ones receiving the obscene amounts of money. Spectators are not under any contractual obligation to blithely do as they are told regarding matters not even remotely connected to those of public safety.

Fortunately, despite the socialist grandiosity of Olympic organizers, the public thwarted some of the ambitions of these aspiring potentates by utilizing the strengths of the free market system to thumb their noses at these petty micromanagers. Rather than subject themselves to such control, many Greeks forsook attendance and viewers tuned out to avoid being brainwashed or to at least to avoid the severe nausea that often results from exposing oneself to such globalist blather.

One disgruntled Greek told the Sunday Times, “I don’t see why, after all the money that Greek taxpayers will end up paying to host the games, McDonald’s should dictate what I can eat in my own city.” While it’s nice to cheer for your country’s team if you are from a country worth loving, there is nothing anywhere saying we have a duty to pay attention to the Olympics: game overlords have not yet discovered a way to coerce such interest.

If International Olympic Committee officials and their sycophants in multinational corporations continue to undermine basic human freedoms --- foremost among them being the right to consume whatever foodstuffs one has legally acquired irrespective of brand --- hopefully this antiquated pageant of feigned brotherhood and other hypocritical drivel will once again go the way of the heathen deities such athletic spectacles were invoked to venerate as curious but best forgotten footnotes of ancient history.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Parents Murder Own Daughter For Being Raped By Her Brother

We Have A Name Don’t You Know: Bush Campaign Ashamed Of The Words “Protestant”, “Evangelical”, Or “Christian”

Someone forwarded me an email about volunteering with the Bush Reelection Campaign . Curious, I clicked on the link for no other reason than to see what was up --- or to phrase it in a more sophisticated manner ---- to gather intelligence.

As part of the volunteer registration process, those logging onto the site have the option of participating in various outreach efforts targeted at specific demographic groups or policy interests. Among the groups potential volunteers can direct their efforts towards include Arabs, Hispanics, African Americans, and Young Professionals. There are even efforts targeted at faith-based communities, Jews and Catholics being specifically mentioned.

It would seem the remaining one-third of America ecclesiastical triad, Protestantism, is not named. Sure, there are a number of policy categories that would appeal to Protestants such as pro-life and homeschool efforts, but if you are going to mention Jews and Catholics by specifically, don’t Evangelicals or Protestants deserve the same courtesy?

The form does provide the nebulous choice of “Religious Conservative”. But when you come down to it, that can cover just about anything. One could argue that within his own faith Osama Bin Ladin is himself a “Religious Conservative” as well as is the Utah polygamist who ups and marries the local junior high cheerleading squad.

If one is not going to mention Evangelicals or Protestants, then why extend such recognition to Jews and Catholics? After all, aren’t the ones within these respective groups likely to vote for the President come November religious conservatives anyway?

Defenders of these campaign tactics might counter that these groups are more denominationally homogeneous than their religious counterparts on the Protestant side of the ecclesiastical divide. However, while there might be fewer independent denominational organizations to deal with among Jews and Catholics, in many respects these communities are as theologically fractious even if not so obvious on the surface.

The most prominent voices of Jewish leadership are so pathetically leftist as evidenced by rackets such as the Anti-Defamation League that it’s frankly a waste of money and a lost cause for Republicans to try and persuade these people since most belonging to groups such as this one barely embrace anything even remotely resembling Old Testament values.

The same can be pretty much said about Roman Catholics as well. For while all Catholics might belong to the same church, does anyone believe Bills Bennet and Buckley have that much in common with the Brothers Berigan.

Still others will counter that Jews and Catholics are more cultural identity than anything. But why not the same with Evangelical Protestantism?

As with Jews and Catholics who embrace these sociological classifications as their primary cultural identity, those embracing Protestantism often share enough behavioral characteristics unique to their way of life to qualify as what Randall Balmer termed the “Evangelical subculture” in his Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory. Likewise, as with Evangelicals, Jews began as a community organized around a shared system of belief, but so many have abandoned that faith and must now organize around the less noble foundation of ethnicity in order to maintain some kind of identity.

Even if one accepts the previous points as valid, one might still argue its best not to mention Evangelicals by name since many people find them offensive. And in this age of radical inclusion, inoffensiveness and tolerance have become the highest values to which we are to aspire --- even surpassing in importance those of less enlightened eras such as truth, self-reliance, and liberty.

Going back to our previous examples, there are critics to the theological left and right of the Catholic Church offended by beliefs held by that particular denomination; but apparently the Republican Party has no qualms about publicizing their desire to appeal to Catholic voters. Even more importantly, the GOP has no problem with pandering to immigrants by also providing a translation of the website in Spanish even though, despite the fact most are terrified to admit it for fear of being labeled “racist” or whatever other slur the hyertolerant are using this week to beat the common man into submission, the vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of the ongoing surrender to foreign tongues uttered by freeloading aliens harboring no intentions of acclimating to our way of life and catered to by elites using these unsuspecting transnational vagrants as a tool through which to undermine the foundations of this republic.

If the Republican Party is so ashamed of its Evangelical supporters perhaps it should try winning elections without their votes. I doubt they’ll get very far electorally since the reprobate vote is pretty much sewn up by the Democrats.

Matthew 10:33 reads, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” If the higher-ups in the Republic Party continue to distance themselves from Evangelical voters, maybe Evangelical voters should reciprocate the gesture come election day.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick B. Meekins