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Child Dismembered In Sex Offender Colony

Was Santa Gunmen A Disguised Muslim?

Interesting how Bob Beckel downplays the number of millionaires in Congress but wants the funds snatched from millionaires found in more productive sectors of society.

Zany Might Be An Improvement

Romney insists in regards to Gingrich that "zany is not what we need in a President".

By that, one must assume Romney considers as "zany" a willingness to at least consider approaches to issues outside of the box and observing where our time fits with the overall flow of history.

To Romney, it seems how things are going now are, to use vocabulary fitting with his own patterns of speech, "just peachy".

But one supposes there really isn't anyway of ascertaining such since Romney also informed us that we really didn't need an historian either.

And just think, he could have likely gotten by with it if it weren't for those pesky kids.

Thought I would toss that in if candidates are going to start sounding like they are doing voiceovers for Scooby-do episodes from the mid 70's

Same Sex Couples Shouldn't Be Considered Families Because In Most Instances They Aren't Technically Married

Those in an uproar over Christmas' alleged pagan origins need to be reminded that not all of paganism was about orgies and child sacrifice.

Often, it is insisted that one must use the phraseology "Happy Holidays" in order to avoid excluding New Year's Day. However, don't the advertisements exclaiming "Now that the Holidays are over" prove that such linguistic manipulation is just at attempt to avoid saying Christmas?

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Ron Paul of the disputed newsletters is a more respectable figure than the dope peddling peacenik of this election cycle.

Tragic Story Exhibits Elitist Tone

A story regarding a Conn. fire claiming the lives of three children exudes the tone that the tragedy is some how compounded that the mother was an ad executive and the dwelling a Victorian.

Is this somehow a tragedy more befitting of youngsters residing in suburban tract housing?

Leftist Episcopals Support The Defilement Of Everyone Else's Property But Their Own

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New Yorker Cartoon Exposes Bias & Not Historical Realities

It has been observed that often a picture is worth a thousand words. By this, it is meant that often a witty image can more quickly convey an idea than a written exposition.

Another truism nearly as classic insists that the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history.

A prime example of these working in tandem could be found on the cover of a late 2011 edition of the New Yorker Magazine. Depicted violating the U.S. southern border were migrants adorned not in sombreros but rather in what would be considered traditional Thanksgiving pilgrim garb.

Such doodling, though admittedly humorous, displays a number of questionable assumptions.

For starters, the cartoon assumes that the illegal aliens of today are the equivalent of the Pilgrim settlers.

In addressing this issue, emphasis must be placed upon ILLEGAL.

The migrants coming here today are doing so in violation of the agreed upon governing authorities of the territorial United States.

The English Separatists voyaging here aboard the Mayflower committed no such transgression. In fact, the pioneers making that trek were so eager to see law and order established that among their first acts was to promulgate the Mayflower Compact. They are not to blame if the Indians did not have an as developed sense of property as we have in our own Western tradition or that there was not as much of a need to enforce borders back then as there is today.

The naive will likely respond but, if our Founders were all immigrants, who are we to forbid entrance to those that come here after us?

If that is the case, should those making such a case (especially if they are White) be forced to not only provide shelter to any minority squatter that crawls in through an open window but also cook daily meals and provide laundered sheets for the uninvited house guests? If not, how is amnesty and assorted social welfare benefits going to those that have not earned them any different?

Those fawning all over the border violators of today will gush incessantly how moral and family oriented these blatant criminals are just like the Pilgrim settlers coming here to start a new life. Even the likes of alleged conservatives such as Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family have at times been duped by this as evidenced by the time he got atop his Colorado high horse and proceeded to castigate Pat Buchanan regarding the syndicated columnist's classic "The Death Of The West".

However, just how moral are these new arrivals when one of their foremost weekend activities is bawdy drunkenness that often results in public urination? It's doubtful many Pilgrims blared music until 3 AM given the solemnity and austerity for which the rigorous Protestants of that era were renowned.

Often leftists like to harp on the decline that befell the American Indians once the historical paths of these people groups intersected with those of the Europeans. Then let's draw on some lessons from that episode as to why the United States of today must curtail the numbers crossing over the nation's frontiers.

If the migrants of today are to be construed through the prism that they are the equivalent of the Pilgrim "foreparnets" (no need to set off radical feminists among fanatic grammarians), it must be pointed out that their famed work ethic wasn't the only thing the early Puritans brought with them. They also brought a number of diseases against which the population already residing here had little immunity.

Sadly, little can be done to prevent the suffering and death from the epidemics that swept across the New World centuries ago. But with the germ theory of disease that has developed since that time, shouldn't we honor those passing in that tragedy by clamping down on our own borders by only granting admittance to those from beyond our borders that adhere to the most rigorous of health standards?

Don't think this is a valid concern? Then why are not only diseases once thought conquered or at least under control such as tuberculosis but even bedbugs as well making a resurgence?

Nation-states exist primarily for the benefit of those already living within the boundaries of a particular delineated territory that have a proper legal basis for being there. Once a culture loses its wherewithal to defend this particular principle, it won't be long until it is swept into the dung heap of history.

by Frederick Meekins

With lines 200 deep waiting for them, one must ask how long until ghetto dwellers start shooting each other over the new Air Jordans.

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Back On The Road To Serfdom

Electricity Source Likely Puts Chicken Sh-t Grin On Jailbirds' Faces

Should Shop With A Cop programs where "underprivileged" youngsters go Christmas shopping with a law enforcement officer be for 16 year olds whose parents make nearly $40,000? This is a bigger joke than Angel Tree for the jailbirds kids.

A group of adulterers have put up a billboard endorsing Newt Gingrich. The pothead vote goes to Ron Paul, but they are probably too stoned to erect a billboard.

There is no definitive way to determine definitively whether the Shroud of Turin belonged to Jesus Christ or that era's version of Charles Manson.

If one is going to be outspoken about one's disdain for Christmas cards with the image of the Christ Child on them as violating prohibitions against graven images, one also has to come out in opposition to Nativity displays and Sunday School Christmas pageants.

Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors

Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors

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Baffling Bawdy Broadside

Only at Christmas time it seems we are reamed a new one for attempting to convey greetings of kindness.

Perhaps those attempting to guilt trip over what kinds of Christmas cards people send would prefer not to be sent any Christmas cards at all.

I know some no doubt consider me some kind of moral reprobate since I don't go along with every decree in "Churchianity" just because someone in a clerical collar or holds an established ecclesiastical position hands it down.

But frankly I'd rather receive a card with an artist's tasteful rendition of the Christ Child on it than one where a dog insinuates he's about to cock his leg and piss all over the living room tree.

Don't like my language? Don't get after me.

The cards I send are considerably more sedate.

Take it up with those that are held up as exemplary church leaders who send such cards.

Want to declare me an apostate for telling it like it is, go right ahead.

Usually, I don't have a problem with that kind of humor.

However, I do when there is a hypocrisy involved that sneers down it's nose at those whose faith is not considered as rigorous or straightlaced while mailing something that can't be described as anything other than scatological.

The same crowd regularly ranting about women wearing pants is now in an uproar that women's boxing is being planned for the Olympics. But It's not like Feminists are grabbing women off the street and forcing them to fight one another. So why is it more appropriate for a man to knock the teeth and snot of another man but not for a woman to do it to another woman?

Jesus among other gods : the absolute claims of the Christian message

The war on Christmas : how the liberal plot to ban the sacred Christian holiday is worse than you thought

Our final hour : a scientist's warning : how terror, error, and environmental disaster threaten humankind's future in this century on earth and beyond

Audio: Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

Battlestar Galactica and philosophy : knowledge here begins out there

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Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year.  It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and the very names seldom mentioned for fear of irrevocably harming those not participating for whatever the reason.

Though not always cognizant of the epic spiritual and philosophical struggle taking place all around them, Americans can be a remarkably stubborn and independent lot.  As such, a number sympathetic to the process of communalization have realized that they might be more successful in accomplishing their goals through a subdued gradualism rather than through sudden revolutionary upheaval.

The first of the remembrances of the waning year subverted by manipulative social engineers is Thanksgiving.  This holiday is despised for a number of common liberal reasons.

For starters, it is argued that Thanksgiving is racist because of the hostilities that eventually erupted between Americans of European origins and the American Indians.  However, such criticism fails to recognize that, at the time of the first Thanksgiving Feast, these distinct groups were at accord with one another over the blessings shared amidst hardships and struggle.

Frankly, if you have a problem over the concept of Thanksgiving, you have a serious attitude problem.  No one is saying that at points that the Indians weren't screwed over.  Yet it must be remembered that some of them gave as good as they got in terms of inflicting violence upon innocent Whites not responsible for crafting or implementing policy.

So if you can't take a few moments to express gratitude for what you do have in this country as a result of the values set in motion there at the beginning even if they weren't adhered to in full at every step along the way, you are yourself  harboring a degree of animosity bordering on racism.

The next and probably deeper reason as to why Thanksgiving is really despised despite all the lofty platitudes regarding honoring indigenous cultures and the like is that the day expresses gratitude towards God.  In this era of postmodern enlightenment, such homage is to be directed more towards terrestrial sources, the COMMUNITY being foremost among them.

Usually when given the opportunity in a public forum such as the popular press to provide words of encouragement and understanding, those holding positions as professional clergy worthy of their hirer tend to draw focus to what God has done for us, how we have fallen short of the glory of God, and how He still loves us anyway with restoration available for those placing themselves under His mercy.  Interestingly, pastors of Emergent Church inclinations would rather go along with the flow rather than prevent the nation's downward slide into tyranny and desolation.

Writing in the November 2011 edition of the Hyattsville Life & Times, pastor of the town's First Baptist Church Todd Thomason asserts that the thing he is grateful for this Thanksgiving season is not so much his God, his freedom, or even his family Chesterton is credited with saying that one should not take a fence down until you know why it was put up.  Sometimes the best way to maintain amicable relations is to limit one's interactions with those whose values are diametrically opposed to one's own.

Rev. Thomason, on the other hand, advocates such a compulsory and contrived degree of togetherness that one ought to willingly surrender those convictions of the heart one holds most dear.  For usually in those kinds of situations where the parties involved hold to conflicting perspectives, it is the party holding to the higher standard that is forced to adopt the more lax principle.

For example, in terms of religion, if this is not to be one of the categories by which we determine those from the within from those from the without, it is usually the ones that believe that faith alone in Jesus Christ without reliance upon good works is the only means of eternal salvation and not those that believe all paths are equally valid so long as our good works outweigh our evil deeds that are forced to compromise in the name of ecumenical unity.  Likewise in regards to sexual orientation, when we supposedly come together setting aside our differences, in the postmodern context that does not mean the promiscuous elevate their behavior by henceforward living lives of repentant abstinence, covenantal monogamy, or at least keep their mouths shut regarding what kinky proclivities they might be into. Rather, it ends up that those espousing a traditional morality are the ones not only shamed into silence but forced to smile and applaud in affirmation under threat of punitive denunciation.

Until recently, the disputes regarding Thanksgiving have for the most part been of a more subdued or subtle nature.  Some of the really great battles of the culture war have instead broken out over Christmas.

The key to winning any conflict is controlling how that conflict is expressed in terms of language and conceptualization.  Those that despise Christmas and the Christ that the celebration was originally intended to honor have gone to considerable lengths to minimize the mention of the day's very name.

Occasionally this is accomplished under threat of some kind of punishment on the part of the state.  More often, this is achieved by attempting to shame these words out of common usage by crafting elaborate reasons as to why the values given lip service by petty despots such diversity, inclusion, and hyperpluralism are to be extolled at the expense of those preferred by the average person.

For example, the Hyattsville Reporter insert of the November 2011 edition of the Hyattsville Life & Times lists a number of events to be held by the municipality throughout the month of December such as the "Annual Holiday Tree Lighting", breakfast with Santa, and a memorial toy drive.  At no point in the announcement is the reader informed as to why these events are being held this time of year rather than in the middle of the summer as Christmas is never mentioned.

In the past, it was claimed in connection with this very issue that the phraseology "holiday" has to be utilized since not everyone celebrates Christmas.  If so, then why is the word invoked in the column immediately to the left?

The heading reads none other than "We're Dreaming Of A Green Christmas".  However, what follows does not so much detail what certain individuals plan to do themselves but rather what they hope to guilt trip everybody else into.

For example, in regards to gifts, it is literally insinuated "You shouldn't have."  Instead of traditional gifts, the responsible consumer rather gives donations to charities or purchases locally made items.  In other words, things nobody really wants.

As in the case of the blurb about domestic artificial and locally grown trees, the reason behind locally produced gift items has nothing to do with bolstering the U.S. economy.  Rather, it is about reducing the distance for ecological reasons the miles goods and supplies are transported.  But unless an artist or craftsman forges, smelts, or mixes their own supplies, does it really matter if the assorted petrochemicals are assembled down the street or across the country since they will still have to travel the exact same distance?

In "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe", the tyranny imposed by the White Witch upon Narnia is categorized as it being always winter but never Christmas.  It seems now the next stage of villainy has developed where the White Witches of our own time and realm instead wish to use the trappings of this celebration as a tactic in the attempt to implement their assorted agendas.

by Frederick Meekins

If Brian McLaren's new book is titled "Naked Spirtuality: A Life With God In 12 Simple Words" why is the text 288 pages.

What does it matter if the Walmart family has more wealth than the bottom 30% put together if the family has acquired that wealth providing goods and services most desire or find satisfactory? If not for this corporation, wouldn't the lives of these lower tiers of the socioeconomic ladder be even more impoverished?

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Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Accuses Legendary Grappler Of Sodomy

He did rise to the top of a profession where one essentially rolls around on the mat entwined around another man.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sidwell Friends School To Serve Japanese Food On Pearl Harbor Day

So does this mean the cafeteria will serve pork chops to commemorate the death of Bin Ladin or barbecued sushi in remembrance of Hiroshima?

Illinois Humanities Council Sponsors Dinner With Convicted Terrorist

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If Michelle Bachman is a "lying ass bitch" according to Jimmy Falon's slackers, then Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton even more so.

"Lady Hoggers" should be one of the few TV programs permitted to be broadcast into the GITMO detention facility since the title alone features two of God's creations that the savages despise the most.

Department Of Homeland Security Denounces Frying Turkey As A Public Safety Threat

No doubt the first step in conditioning the American people into accepting the ultimate prohibition of fried turkey.

Is this really the kind of thing the national government was instituted to handle?

Eventually, all food preparation in the home will be forbidden since technocrats will conclude we are no capable of handling the life threatening task of selecting and handling our own nutritional sustenance.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Of course some DC leaders are not welcoming of Walmart. What the retailer provides would assist residents in providing for themselves rather than to remain dependent upon certain bureaucracies and political figures.

DC Welfare Deadbeats Demand Bribe From Walmart

Mind you, these are the same people that whine incessantly about inner city ghettos being "food deserts". So, by simply being in the jurisdiction and that these stores are going to be robbed blind anyway by these concrete savages is all the COMMUNITY benefits that Walmart ought to extend to anyone.

Playground Kiss Results In Police Raid

Interesting how in an era where we are assured morality doesn't exist and one is free to have one's privates jiggled by nearly anyone one pleases, things have grown so prudish that incidents that in the past would at most simply result in a pedagogical admonishment to desist from a certain behavior now result in police intervention.

Very little prevented these students from being entered into a sex offender registry that would compell the children to seek residence deep in the woods with what amounts to the postmodernist equivalent of a leper colony or under a bridge.

In The Land Of The Free Ought The Government Care Whether You Caught A Fish On A Hook Or In A Net

You know what. There will be some set off by this headline not so much because of the curtailment of a basic liberty such as the ability to earn a living for yourself but because I used the word "damn".

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The DC council is claiming that, since it is sensitive to the needs of free speech, it will allow the Occupy movement to trample under the city as the hooligans see fit. Would the legislative body allow a Klan rally to continue indefinitely?

Are Vodka Tampons The Latest Intoxication Danger?

So, eventually, as in the case of certain nasal decongestants, will consumers be forced to show their identification for entry into a government database to prevent them from purchasing what bureaucrats have deemed to large of a quantity of this particular medical product?

Occupy Predators Threaten School Children

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Radio Hosts Insist Regulations More Important Than Innocent Human Life

Alleged conservatives on the WMAL morning show applauded the termination of a Walgreen's pharmacist who stopped a robbery with a concealed weapon.

The hosts insisted the decision was correct because a workplace policy was violated.

So will slavishly adhering to workplace policy miraculously prevent brigands from taking the lives of those that abide by managerial decrees above all else?

Better yet, should a similar incident occur at the radio station, given the choice would these broadcast personalities rather ne'er-do-wells take their innocent lives or be saved by someone competent to use ballistics technology to neutralize the threat?

by Frederick Meekins

Elderly Or Pregnant Occupiers Deserve No Special Police Handling

If pregnant teens and the elderly don't want to be pepper sprayed, perhaps they ought not to be rampaging in the streets.

If these beatniks don't any other time think an unborn baby is alive anyway, why should we care if a pregnant woman is sprayed over any other individual?

The reprimanded woman claims she is only two months pregnant.

Other than her claims, is their any verifiable proof other than her word that she is with child?

And if she is part of this rabble, that's not very trustworthy to begin with.

If Occupy Protestors block subways, they should be tossed onto what would no doubt become known as the new third rail of American politics.

Interesting that a fanatic Reconstructionist that says a true Christian can never support torture and celebrates the Puritan legal/penal code says very little about the punishments provided for in that system such as the placing in the stocks of a man that kissed his wife publicly after having been away at sea for 3 years. If one is going to condemn waterboarding, doesn't one also have to criticize the dunking stool of that era in question? Interesting those advocating such think women that gossip should be treated more harshly than Islamists piloting jetliners into skyscrapers and other attacks of mass destruction.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pastor Equates Living Independently With Moral Degeneracy

According to Tom Cunningham on the 10/27/11 edition of Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier, it is not enough to remain abstinent.

You are little better than a fornicating reprobate if you have delayed marriage.

This likely means that, as a youth, Cunningham was likely the greatest whoremonger among his peer group.

Usually, those having lived the most debauched lives prior to finding salvation in Christ are the ones that end up imposing legalistic demands found nowhere in the pages of Scripture.

For example, in the interview Cunningham equates living independently with the "doctrine of demons".

Instead this pastor admits to pressuring youth into getting married between their junior and senior years of college.

But when those heeding his counsel don't have enough to pay their bills, is he going to bail them out of eviction and a ruined credit score?

If churches are going to increasingly come to the conclusion that singles are less than welcome, than neither should our tithe dollars be in the collection plate.

Balanced theologians have suggested that where the Bible is silent, that perhaps it would be best if we followed a similar course.

As God's complete revelation, His word teaches that, whether married or single, life is a mix of blessings and curses.

Perhaps the American family would not be in the mess it is in today if meddlers did not pry into matters best left to individual decision rather than to the preferences of clergy racked by guilt from their own questionable life choices.

by Frederick Meekins

A Yahoo headline asks why Penn State students lashed out violently. The article goes on with fancy psychological gobbledygoop. But it all boils down to that these pissants have too much time on their hands and not enough to do in terms of school work or in working to pay for their education as most are likely on some kind of government handout.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain regrets calling the House Majority leader "Princess Pelosi". I've called her other things starting with a "w" and "b" with each ending in "itch".

Duggers Apparently Don't Know When To Quit

If no one is suppose to comment on the Dugger parents procreating out of control, then perhaps the couple should refrain from making public appearances.

No one is forcing the family into the spotlight.

If not for making a media circus of their fecundity, could they afford so many progeny?

Hypernatalists will remark none of this is the concern of outsiders since the Duggers provide for themselves.

Fair enough.

If so, perhaps leaders of the homeschool movement such as Kevin Swanson and sympathetic theologians such as Albert Mohler should also keep their noses out of the affairs of others and stop insisting that you don't really love children if you have fewer than five or are not married by 22 years of age.

Often those sympathetic to high birthrates applaud migrants both legal and criminal for families of multiple children.

However, if entitlement handouts were cut to these constituencies, the fertility of these demographics would fall more in line with that of Americans that actually earn their way in life.

Children can indeed be a blessing from the Lord.

So is chocolate.

And as any one that has overindulged in that delightful confection knows, you can reach a point where you have too much of a good thing.

by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Lessons In Apologetics #9: Theism

The next worldview examined by Geisler in "Christian Apologetics" is Theism. Theism is the belief that a transcendent God created the universe as a reality distinct from Himself but which He actively sustains through both a system of natural law which He created and through divine intervention at the moments He deems such action appropriate for the accomplishment of His divine will. It is Geisler's intention that, since the other worldviews thus far are contradictory and therefore false, Theism is the true worldview.

However, Geisler does not leave readers dangling by requiring them to embrace Theism simply for the lack of another viable alternative. Instead, Geisler provides an argument more positive in its orientation incorporating analytical and evidential components.

The argument is stated as such: "(1) Some things undeniably exist. (2) My nonexistence is possible. (3) Whatever has the possibility not to exist is currently caused to exist by another. (4) There cannot be an infinite regress of current causes of existence. (5) Therefore, a first uncaused cause of my current existence exists. (6) This uncaused cause must be infinite, unchanging, all powerful, all knowing, and all perfect. (7) This infinitely perfect being is called "God". (8) Therefore, God exists. (9) This God who exists is identical to the God described in the Christian Scriptures. (10) Therefore, the God described in the Bible exists.

Borrowing from Descartes' conclusion "cogito ergo sum", Geisler posits that, in order to deny that one exists, one must exist in order to do so. From reflections upon the nature of our own existence, one concludes that our nonexistence is possible. For even though we do not like to admit it, there was a time when the world was at least able to hobble along crippled without us in it.

We know that whatever has the possibility of not existing is currently caused to exist by another. Each of us resulted from the physical union of the genetic material of our respective parents who in turn came from the union of their parents, etc, etc. However, physical laws such as those of thermodynamics point out that this chain must have a cause that does not need to be caused. To accomplish this, the uncaused cause would need to be infinite, unchanging, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all perfect. Anything less would be unable to be this uncaused cause.

It is appropriate to call this cause "God" since it possesses the attributes traditionally assigned to divinity. Therefore, God exists.

Geisler further argues that the God affirmed by this proof is the God described in the Bible because there can only be one infinitely perfect and changeless eternal being. However, at this point in the apologetic task Geisler is careful to point out that, "This does not mean that everything the Bible claims that this God said or did, he actually said or did. Whether or not what the Bible says about this God is another question. What we conclude here is ... the God described in the Bible exists; second, whatever the Bible claims for this God that is not inconsistent with his nature, it is possible that he did indeed do and say (250)."

Having reached this conceptual plateau, the apologist can rest for just a moment before he must begin the sectarian and denominational wrangling to make the case that the Christian path into fellowship with God is indeed the correct one.

by Frederick Meekins

Afrosupremacists Plot Buchanan's Demise

Don't efforts like this prove Buchanan's claims?

Interesting how minorities can plot for cultural dominance yet Whites aren't even suppose to express concerns regarding their own survival.

Say what you want about Pat if he convicts you about participating in the demise of your own race, but he would never call to have someone removed from the media for merely expressing an opinion.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Occupy DC Brutalizes The Elderly

Occupy DC Sex Fiends Threaten To Rape Reporter

Pastor Advocates Beating Infants

If nothing else, shouldn't Herman Cain be applauded for being broadminded enough to sexually harass a woman of a race other than his own?

Litigation Whore Gloria Allred Interjects Herself Into The Cain Witch Hunt

I guess a witch hunt should have a real witch involved.

The accuser's name is pronounced "Buy-A-Lick".

Some headlines just write themselves.

A caller to the Chris Plante Show on WMAL insisted media left the Americans For Prosperity Summit so the would not be required to report on the attack carried out by the Occupy DC insurgents.

Double Breasted Suits Deemed Sexually Offensive

If false detention is defined as consisting of unlawful restraint against the will of an individual's personal liberty or freedom of locomotion and the Occupy DC protests were perpetrating this against vehicles of a perceived economic status such as luxury automobiles and SUV's, shouldn't this human excrement be charged with a hate crime? This act is not all that different than inhibiting the free movement of a targeted ethnic minority.

The 9/21/11 issue of The Christian Century asks why was there no new New Deal with the election of Barack Obama. Maybe because there isn't enough money left to pay for the first one and everything else that has been tacked onto it since the 1930's.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

And What If We Do Begrudge?

Apart from being the first President elected primarily for the color of his skin rather than the content of his character, Barack Obama will be remembered for a number of other peculiarities as well.

Foremost among these is wallowing himself in a number of opulent luxuries he believes you as a mere commoner ought to curtail and possibly even be denied.

Often, when those in the press pool, who have to be leery when steeping off a curb afterwards, point out the incongruities of a Chief Executive that called for shared sacrifice while the First Family enjoys pleasures the rest of us can only dream about, we are told that the American people would not begrudge the President a vacation.

But what if we do?

Barack Obama, not the American people, was the one lamenting that we eat what we want, drive around in SUV’s, and keep our homes climate controlled at 70 degrees.

Barack Obama, not the American people, is the one with a deep sense of elation each time fuel costs rise. After all, he was the one that told us that, under his system of cap and trade, utility bills would necessarily skyrocket anyway.

As part of the fleet of presidential vehicles, the Secret Service unveiled to the public two modified passenger buses.

These alterations included security enhancements such as armor plating and state of the art electronics. It does not take an engineering degree to realize that neither of these contributed to the mileage and fuel economy of the vehicles in a positive manner.

So while Obama will ride around in comfort and safety, you (on the other hand) if you dare have the nerve to step outside the house since you aren’t really suppose to go anywhere these days, with all the propaganda extolling the wonders of locally grown produce and social planners corralling people into developments of higher population density, are to ride around in rolling death traps that provide little protection whatsoever.

Around the time of the debut of these behemoth additions to the presidential motorcade, Obama announced that fuel efficiency standards were being raised to 54 miles per gallon.

A true leader does not require of those he is charged with overseeing things he is not willing to require of himself.

Barack Obama might hold the highest elected office in the United States. However, he does not do so as a true leader one would gladly follow irrespective of whether or not he was the one that had all the firepower and lawyers at his disposal.

by Frederick Meekins

Audio:Did The Vatican Step Into A Socialistic Hornet's Nest

Monday, October 31, 2011

Teach Immigrants About America Rather Than America About Immigrants

In previous eras, those coming to the United States were the ones obligated to learn about and open their minds to a culture other than their own.

In this era of political correctness where Westerns particularly of a Northern European extraction are to be blamed for every disappointment known to man, it is now we Americans that are not only obligated to go out of our way to familiarize ourselves with the backwards peculiarities of the new arrivals but to also degrade our own cultural standards.

A flier for a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration sponsored by a suburban Maryland municipal agency admonishes, "Join us in honoring the traditions and heritage of our Hispanic/Latino neighbors...You will be introduced to the songs and rhythms of Latin America in an exciting interactive performance for the entire family."

No thank you. Many have already had this experience, irrespective of whether they wanted it or not, at two or three o'clock in the morning thanks to rowdy neighbors that civic authorities are extremely reluctant to tell to tune it down for fear of appearing ethnically insensitive but whom would just as easily crack down on you with SWAT raids and tear gas for removing a tree from your own property if failing to make the proper procedural oblations on bended knee before assorted eco-bureaucracies.

Though few possess the cahonies to say it, it is doubtful that many actual Americans still even remain in the area where this concert is being held. Most of those that will likely attend will be Hispanic to begin with.

Basically scarce public money is being expended in what amounts to little more than Hispanics wallowing in their Hispanicness.

In the present day, tolerancemongers would never permit government funds going to finance an activity to lavish praise upon White people over how wonderful White people are by asking minorities to fawn all over White people for simply being White.

If there is tax money burning a hole in the public pocket that just has to be spent on Hispanics, perhaps it should done in such a way that acclimates this population to our bizarre American ways.

The average American wasn't consulted as to how many migrants both legal and illegal would be permitted entrance into the country because immigration policy is crafted to meet the needs of elites rather than the good of the nation as a whole.

Perhaps high on that list of things to be taught ought to be not playing music so loud at 3 AM that it rocks windows half of a block away.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, October 28, 2011

You must really hate Christianity if, while praying to your own false god while on the Christian's property, you can't stand to even see a picture of a priest or a theologian. Funny, I never knew we "theolgians" had a particular look to us.

Do Christians studying at universities in Muslim countries demand campus decor be altered to suit their religious preferences?

Muslims Claim Crosses At Catholic University Violate Human Rights

Didn't these towelheads realize the university was Catholic before they matriculated there?

Interesting how Christians sporting crosses at a private university violate Muslims rights but Muslims killing Christians doesn't violate human rights.

I guess no ones human rights were violated when Jihadists flew airliners into the World Trade Center.

Filthy Deadbeat Occupiers Evade Fees Imposed Upon Tea Party Movement

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Does Vatican Realize It About To Open A Socialistic Pandora's Box?

Speaking on a Vatican proposal to restructure world finance, a Cardinal declared, "We should not be afraid to propose ideas even if they might destabilize pre-existing balances of power that prevail over the weakest."

And does this include the position enjoyed by the Vatican as well?

Or is this yet another example of the "don't do as I do, do as I say" mentality that prevails among globalist elites?

Before calling for the redistribution of global wealth, shouldn't an institution calling for such divest itself of its ostentatious finery that, despite having a certain beauty, wasn't necessarily part of the founder's original business plan when operating in the field?

Before lecturing the rest of us how we need a goodly portion of what we have taken away in the name of the downtrodden, how about telling the downtrodden to exercise a little control over themselves by refraining from having so many children that they can't afford?

Isn't that the greater act of selfishness, going through with one's own carnal enjoyment despite knowing the that the life of the resultant progeny will be likely destitution?

Shouldn't one of the world's foremost moral authorities instead be calling for more independent creation of wealth rather than the centralized bureaucratic redistribution of such resources?

The Vatican insists such reforms are required in order to make the world economy more responsive to democracy.

So what is going to protect Vatican assets when the enemies of all forms of Christianity vote to confiscate that institution's vast and historically varied holdings?

For the sake of sound doctrine and human liberty, patriotic and Tea Party conservatives should be no more reluctant to speak out against the Vatican's call for the redistribution of wealth than they would be of any other politician or institution proposing a similar policy that has historically resulted in the infringement of basic civil liberties and even the significant shedding of innocent blood.

by Frederick Meekins

A legalistic Facebook evangelist has condemned a church for selling pumpkins. Who was it, though, that created the pumpkin? Does the Bible not say that God created all foods to be enjoyed with the thanksgiving of those that decide to partake of them? I guess some of these preachers know more than God as to what time of year nature ought to make the pumpkin ready for harvest. If one sees a pumpkin an automatically assumes some kind of innate evil to it, doesn't that speak more to the evil in the heart of the one making that assumption rather than those attempting to spread this bit of organic autumnal cheer?

On the cover of the 11/11 issue of the Humanist, the winner of the 2011 Humanist of the Year Award urges readers to study philosophy "Because it teaches you to question everything." But are Humanists as supportive of such wide-ranging, unfettered inquiry when such intellectual scrutiny exposes the flimsy basis of militant atheism that turns an increasing number in that particular discipline to some kind of traditional theism?

Is Andy Rooney Near Death?

Occupy Wall Street Call On Veterans To Serve As Brownshirt Strormtrooper Freicorps

Patriotic and Tea Party conservatives should be no more reluctant to speak out against the Vatican's call for the redistribution of wealth than they would be of any other politician or institution proposing a similar policy

Hopefully Joe the Plumber's congressional campaign will not be as underwhelming as his website venture was.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does Giant Lego Man Washing Ashore Herald A Pending Invasion?

Before calling for the redistribution of global wealth, shouldn't an institution calling for such divest itself of its ostentatious finery that, despite having a certain beauty, wasn't necessarily part of the founder's original business plan when operating in the field?

Shouldn't one of the world's foremost moral authorities instead be calling for more independent creation of wealth rather than the centralized bureaucratic redistribution of such resources?

Before lecturing the rest of us how we need a goodly portion of what we have taken away in the name of the downtrodden, how about telling the downtrodden to exercise a little control over themselves by refraining from having so many children that they can't afford? Isn't that the greater act of selfishness?

You will likely sour a child more against Jesus by preventing them from Trick or Treating than to keep them out of the clutches of the Devil.

Always find it interesting how old folks are allowed to fondly recall their own Halloween memories but, by golly the young are suppose to have the desire to participate in this activity beaten out of them.

So if Trick Or Treat is so wicked, isn't slipping a child participating in the activity a tract on the subject akin to slipping one on fornication into an exotic dancer's thong along with a dollar bill?

If Trick Or Treat is so evil and vile, isn't having tracks about it akin to having ones with pictures of Hooter's Girls on one addressing the topic of modest dress?

I can tell little difference in what the Muslims are calling for and the penalties that the Christian Reconstructionists would implement under their idealized regime. At least the Muslims are bold enough to declare openly their policy agenda. Point these kinds of things out to a Reconstructionist and they threaten to report you to Facebook admins or accuse you of "despising God's justice".

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

On the 6/26/11 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace inquired if Representative Michelle Bachman was a flake. As justification for this line of interrogation, Wallace pointed out an instance where Bachman insinuated that certain members of Congress were anti-American.

So apparently in the eyes of those considering Bachman a flake on the grounds it is now allegedly a sign of instability to expose those facts that a number of elites would rather gloss over in the hopes that the American people won’t find out about such personalities and instances.

For example, Cynthia McKinney cannot be described in any other way than anti-American. Not only did this Georgia representative appear on Libyan state television. She also praised the Qaddaffi regime.

People of good conscience can disagree as to the propriety and prudence of U.S. and NATO intervention in this north African uprising. However, what cannot be denied is that old Muammar is one of the great scumbags of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For though Al Qaeda and Qaddaffi’s regime have come to blows in this rebellion, it must be remembered that Qaddaffi was, for a lack of a better term, a superstar of world terrorism decades before any of us ever heard of Bin Laden.

If McKinney wants to position herself as a feminist, she must be asked why would she even give this regime the time of day, much less speak favorably of it. It was reported during one point of the conflict that Libyan forces were using rape as a weapon of terror and intimidation.

It could be argued that, despite her ability to grab an occasional headline such as when she tussled with Capitol Hill police when she insisted regulations regarding members of Congress showing identification didn’t apply to her, McKinney’s subversive tendencies do not necessarily epitomize the foremost personalities of America’s national legislative body.

As one of America’s most prominent families and one of the Senate’s longest serving members, Ted Kennedy was such a part of that institution that he was referred to as the lion of the world’s greatest deliberative body because of his forcefulness in speaking out on behalf of Democratic causes. Though one can be a Democrat and a loyal American (despite this combination becoming increasingly elusive), it could be questioned exactly where Ted Kennedy’s ultimate political loyalties were to be found.

For example, one cannot necessarily cast suspicion by default upon the Massachusetts Senator simply for opposing many of the policies of President Ronald Reagan. After all, a hallmark of a free society is the opportunity to express one’s disagreement with ruling authorities without fear of reprisal.

It is a shame, though, that the youngest Kennedy brother felt the propriety of befriending a regime that epitomized the denial of basic human liberty, namely the Soviet Union.

Those still not convinced of this line of argumentation might observe that, unlike Michelle Bachman, none of these figures are currently in contention for the presidential nomination of their respective party. After all, Ted Kennedy quite literally drove his off a bridge when he fled the scene of an accident in Chappaquiddick, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown. As airheaded as the press might portray her to be, it is doubtful anything that absentminded is to be found in Mrs. Bachman's track record.

To many that would oppose someone like Michelle Bachman winning the Republican nomination and possibly even the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama represents the pinnacle of what this country has to offer in terms of political leadership. However, if one is able to get over the giddiness that the President is half Black to examine him for what he really is as a human being, one cannot avoid the conclusion that Obama is actually flakier than Michelle Bachman.

As a number of her detractors will insist that Michelle Bachman does not have enough experience to be President of the United States. What was it other than emerging from his mother’s birth canal as a baby of mixed pigmentation did Barack Obama do to deserve to have the reigns of the highest elected office in the land handed over to him?

Both Bachman and Obama went on professionally to become attorneys. However, Bachman used her skills to administer her family’s farm and business, adding to the productivity of the United States. Barack Obama used these kinds of skills to become a community organizer in the Alinskyite tradition, meaning he led the downtrodden not into lives of self-sufficiency but rather into dependency on the public welfare roles all for the purposes of overburdening the system in the hopes that it would totter ever closer to the brink of violent revolutionary upheaval as detailed by the Cloward & Piven Hypothesis

Both Bachman and Obama served terms in their respective state legislatures. It was in such an environment that Obama would develop the decisive leadership style he is known for by voting “present” on a variety of issues so he would not be required to take a position one way or the other. One might not that this could be construed as a violation of the injunction in the Gospels of letting your yes be yes and your nay be nay.

The wisdom of the ages holds that you are known by the company that you keep. You can determine a pretty good measure of a man by examining those he surrounds himself with especially in terms of those that he considers advisors.

For example, former White House Director Of Communications Anita Dunn publicly admitted that Chairman Mao was her favorite political philosopher. What all is admirable about one of history’s greatest mass murders?

The affinity of this administration for the most homicidal brands of Communism did not end with that one incident. A Mao ornament was hung from the White House Christmas tree.

Some will laugh this all off. However, would these same fans of Obama be as of a good humor of a presidential underling lauded the political insights of Adolf Hitler or if an Adolf Hitler ornament was spotted dangling from a White House Christmas tree? If anything, wouldn’t a Mao ornament be even more vile since his numbers surpassed the nightmarish atrocities of the Nazi regime, or, since his victims were Chinese rather than predominantly Jewish, these actions weren’t somehow quite as bad?

Granted, somewhere along life’s path we all list among our acquaintances a number of eccentrics and scoundrels. I no doubt fill that role for a number of people. However, for Obama, those closest to him make Dick Tracey’s Rogue’s Gallery look like the Smurf picnic roster in terms of their overall contempt for human liberty.

For example, regulatory advisor Cass Sustein believes those promoting what the government categorizes broadly as "conspiracy theories" should have their freedom of speech curtailed. Sustein also believes that it is the role of the government to implement policies that nudge citizens into certain behaviors. For example, if the government does not want people to rely so much on personal automobiles, increased gasoline taxes might be levied or roads constructed designed in such a way to increase traffic congestion.

Science advisor John Holdren believes sterilants should be put into the public drinking water in order to decrease fertility rates. However, Holdren is not the only Obama minion wanting to do away with what Ebenezer Scrooge dismissed as the “excess population” before this famed miser's Yuletide change of heart. Obama Healthcare Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel thinks that those below or above a certain age range should be denied medical treatment. Basically put a bullet in granny's head.

Obama's Secretary of Energy believes you should be permitted to color your roof any color you want so long as it is white. And speaking of colors, Obama's FCC appointment Mark Lloyd believes White folks should be denied FCC licenses. Obama's State Department Legal Advisor Harol Koh believes that Sharia law should be consulted as a source for American jurisprudence.

It could be argued that flake is a designation in the eye of the beholder. Come election day, voters will have to decide what perspective they want steering the national helm.

Do they want someone thinking that at worst you are a worthless lump to be disposed of by the government as bureaucrats or at best a witless clod needing government control in every facet of your existence. Or do they prefer someone that believes that you are better at optimizing these kinds of decisions in your own life on your own.

Frederick Meekins

There is no shame in the survival instinct. It was created by God. The young aren't suppose to want to die yet. While they should be prepared by telling them to make a decision for Christ, the young should not be condemned for desiring the joys of this life the elderly have since grown weary of. It is only the heathen that love death. It may be an insufficient imagination rather than a sign of religious devotion to go around saying how much one isn't afraid of suffering & the process of death. Usually such people have never seen a breathing tube shoved down the throat of a loved one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beatnick Pissants Rather Wallow In Their Own Filth

On 10/11/11, I predicted that the Emergent Church crowd would eventually come out insisting it was our Christian obligation to provide nutritional provisions to the freeloaders of the Occupy Wall Street insurgency. On October 14th, the Sojourner's Magazine email alert urged recipients to donate food to these shiftless deadbeats. But not only that, it is also our duty to learn from this rampaging mob. You know, the same thing this propaganda rag most fit for lining birdcages urges in regards to homicidal Communists and jihadist Muslims.

Did Bishop Harbor Smut Peddler?

Occupy Wall Street ringleaders should be held responsible for ambulance passengers whose health has been compromised as a result of their terrorist activities. Yes, if you block the streets for political purposes, it should be deemed an act of terrorism. Could you block in a hostile manner the Presidential motorcade without profound legal consequences?

Apparently the word "cult" is the equivalent of a profanity in hypertolerant America. Since it is also the linguistic root of the word "culture" as well, no wonder America is being overrun by Third Worlders with their being very little backbone to speak out against it.

From the way a number of the most radical freemarketeers talk, anyone below superstar status should essentially be denied the opportunity to eat even if they are willing to work but just not that good at anything.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frau Obama Eats Like A Porker

It is one thing to explain in a primary why religion played a role in prompting you to select one candidate over another. On the other hand, it is something else if you live in a state where your vote actually counts to say that you aren’t going to vote for one of the viable candidates at all because neither contenders espouses your professed religious preference. We are not yet at the point where the only alternatives are between a Muslim and a cannibalistic Satanist.

Being Meanest Dog On Block Imperative

One very confused pundit that has no problem with claiming that Glenn Beck and Harold Camping should be executed as "false prophets" insists that the elimination of Al Qaeda social media guru Anwar Al-Awlaki justifies the plot by the Iranians to assassinate the Israeli and Saudi ambassadors to the United States.

But it is exactly because of these kinds of conspiracies why you need to take out a number of these closet pork eaters from time to time.

To maintain our relative safety, we have to promote the assumption that, if you mess with us, you will be met with such overwhelming force that it is not worth the effort.

That is why Toby Keith's "The Angry American" is one of the greatest contemporary country songs.

Granted, there is only one path of salvation. However, I thought true Reformed theology held that certain amounts of Common Grace were available to all men. I've posted some wild things in my time, but equating a vote for a Mormon (who isn't even suppose to drink coffee) with a Satanist (who kills cats, drinks blood, and commits necrophilia) stretches things beyond credibility.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beatnik Filth Copulating In The New York Streets

We should be more disturbed by politicians claiming a pastor's theology is incorrect than by a pastor insinuating that a politician's theology is incorrect.

A minister expounding that he would not endorse a candidate over a matter of theology is an different matter entirely than forbidding a candidate from running for office over a matter of theology.

There is nothing in the First Amendment forbidding citizens from enunciating as to why they vote for one candidate over another if the reason is not on a list preapproved by secularist elites.

Often Neo-Puritans blame the coming of the Irish for the blight of Halloween on the American civic calendar. But who was it that made things so onerous for the Irish that many fled to the New World to begin with?

If leading Republicans such as Chris Christie insist we are obligated to defer to experts who have studied climatology regarding global warming, why are GOP leaders piling on a pastor offering his researched findings regarding an aberrant theology?

Unlike the Occupy Wall Street subversives, there is no proof that any Tea Party activists defecated in public despite the fact that many in the conservative grassroots movement are old enough to wear Depends.

If capitalism didn't exist, would there be a sufficiently advanced transportation system in letting the beatnik rabble to get to their respective metropolitan area of choice to defecate on police cruisers?

If Mormons don't think their own religion is better than anyone else, why are their young folk required to spend at least two years bicycling around neighborhoods knocking on doors?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sodomite Clergy Penetrate Presbyterian Pulpits

Beatnik Rabble Attempt To Lay Waste To Air & Space Museum

The siege was prompted over an exhibit depicting aerial drone technology.  In comparing the ideological divisions in this country, I never recall Christian groups physically attacking the displays blatantly advocating Darwinism.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pastor Castigated For Exercising Multiple First Amendment Clauses In A Single Instance

Bill O'Reilly ridiculed parents that curtailed their children's outdoor meanderings for fear of child molesters. Yet the public has never seen a picture of O'Reilly's wife or progeny. So apparently like Obama, the Fox News broadcaster doesn't think the steps you believe must be taken to optimize the survival of your family are necessary but that you must instead put them in danger in order to promote the agendas of assorted social planners while they cower behind gated communities and perimeter checkpoints.

Were Homicidal Teens Part Of A Vampire Cult?

One must stop and ask is this mentality fostered in part by the TV series "Being Human"?

On the show, the story is depicted in such a way that whatever vampires do must be allowed and that it is the Christians opposed to them that are in the wrong even when the lead character Mitchell slaughters an entire subway car of people just because some girlfriend of his does him wrong.

Will be interesting to see if this novel application of the First Amendment is continued in the future as Vampirism moves beyond the literary realm into becoming an alternative religious movement or form of spirituality.

Is Klingon The Rosetta Stone To Curing Dyslexia?

Friday, October 07, 2011

The topless chanters at assorted Occupy Wall Street demonstrations not likely the kind of women one would want to look at in such a state of undress as most environmentalist females are disgustingly frail looking

Are those crying a river over the elimination of Al Awlaki because he was never convicted in a court of law themselves willing to die as this judicial procedure is conducted? Or is this yet another obligation to be imposed upon those Americans not happening to rank among the “Elect” however one might decide to define that particular term.

Government Lackeys Hope More Men Drop Dead Of Prostate Cancer

No doubt so more medical resources can go to illegal aliens, sodomites, and those that can't refrain from having multiple out of wedlock pregnancies by as many fathers as they have children.

PBS To Air Catholic-Produced Series On Catholicism

It is a positive development that PBS is willing to broadcast programming that would depict religion in a positive light.

However, Protestants should watch carefully.

Firstly, they should begin right away developing a series of their own along the same lines of similar production value.

Secondly, they should stand ready to make a major fuss if PBS is open to one of the branches of Western Christianity but not the other.

We are each guilty of doing so in out own way. However, I wonder if Calvinists have ever stopped to reflect how they have possibly pushed people further away from God through their call to volitional and intellectual passivity in regards to the claims of salvation and even more importantly by depicting God as an arbitrary thug hardly anyone in their right mind would want to love anyway. It is one thing for a Holy God to provide sinners with only one path to eternal life with Him. However, this soteriology posits a deity so callous that He deliberately creates individuals for the sole purpose of tossing into Hell and then blame them for it.

An informative episode of "Decoded" on The History Channel about the possibility of there being no gold in Fort Knox. Would have been even more interesting if videotape revealed if the security patrolling the grounds was Chinese. Best to try and watch this installment before it mysteriously disappears for good like the FEMA detention camp episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory.

At a local Farmer's Market, pickles on a stick are sold for $2.00 each. One could get an entire jar for that at Aldi's, Save-A-Lot, & probably even Walmart.

Steve Jobs mocked that Bill Gates would be more broadminded if he had tried LSD like Jobs had. Since Gates is still alive, who has the last laugh now?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Broadcast Sports Declares Robust Debate Out Of Bounds

It seems that the only stereotypical male behavior broadcast sports won't put up with is free thought and the speaking of one's mind.

For example, Hank Williams Jr. --- a number of whose own songs revel proudly in bawdy behavior such as boozing and smoking --- has been removed from the opening sequence of Monday Night Football for comparing Obama to Hitler.

This reprisal will certainly go a long way in laying to rest the old canard about Jews controlling the media.

In a number of ways, Obama is like Hitler.

Both men would have liked to have seen the nation of Israel removed from history and not above forming alliances with fanatic Muslims in order to do it.

Both men undermined the value of the individual in the name of the COMMUNITY.

Both of these men exerted the coercive power of government to curb free expression. Need one remind of the Administration's pressure applied against the Ford Motor Company to pull an ad referencing the auto bailout stimulus?

It's just that Hitler was more decisive in implementing his agenda.

Regarding his remarks, Williams assures he has always respected the office of the President.

And what if he didn't?

Apart from not threatening the Commander and Chief, there is virtually no legal obligation to harbor any specific sentiment regarding the office.

Did Whoopi Goldberg respect the Presidency when she used the "F-word" in regards to Ronald Reagan?

Did Bill Ayers exhibit fitting homage towards the Executive Branch when he bombed the Pentagon?

Yet today both of these figures are counted among Obama's sociopolitical allies, with Obama actually launching a campaign for political office in the domicile of the one actually given over to physical violence and the destruction of public property.

It will be no doubt be pointed out that, as a business, the NFL is not obligated to respect the First Amendment rights of those under its contract or employ and technically that is correct.

However, it must be remembered that this blurring of governmental and industrial interests is also among the first steps towards the Fascism that apparently no one is suppose to talk about.

by Frederick Meekins

Hyper-Calvinist Reconstructionist in apoplexy over the elimination of Al Alwaki because of his citizenship are crying crocodile tears. They are not telling you that under their theocracy far more would be put to death for far less serious offenses committed by this terrorist ringleader. In their ecclesiastical regime, you are not granted any rights if you do not belong to sanctioned state churches.

According to the 10/10/11 edition of Newsweek, in China a number of eateries have opened glamorizing the Cultural Revolution. It would probably be best to stay away from such dining establishments. It has been claimed cannibalism went on during that period of violent upheaval.

Meredith Vieira had a cameo on the season finale of Doctor Who. That means one of two things. Either Vieira is a journalist and Doctor Who basically real. Or she is an actress and her news broadcasts are largely make believe. Take your pick.

The only way the ransom demanded by the insurgents occupying Wall Street for reforestation should be granted is if this beatnik rabbles agrees to serve as the fertilizer.

I guess Fran Tarkenton believes the mediocre should be left to starvation and destitution.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Idahoan Fined For Refusing To Let Grizzly Consume His Children

So if the Obama children are threatened by a grizzly, are the Secret Service agents suppose to simply stand by and allow nature to take its course?

White Notebook Paper Blamed For Lack Of Minority Achievement

Lesbians Rob Lad Of Manhood

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did Obama Participate In An Occult Ritual At Denver International Airport?

If nothing sinister goes on there, why all of the Satanic looking artwork and statuary at that facility?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Chuck Schumer as in much of an outrage over the Census asking you how many toilets are in your house & what your utility bills are as he is over OnStar tracking cancelled customers?

Obama goons have threatened the Ford Motor Company over a commercial mentioning the auto bailout. Ford was requested to censor the advertisement because Il Duce's minions assumed the spot "denigrated" the stimulus program and cast aspersions on the Obama presidency. For supposedly being among the brightest people to ever walk the earth, these statist bureaucrats certainly have the hardest time comprehending the simplest of phrases such the right to free speech shall not be infringed.

Obama Goons Threaten Ford Over Commercial Mentioning Auto Bailout

Articles in the International Journal Of Humor Research with titles such as "Humor In The Collectivist Arab Middle East" certainly don't sound funny. And I thought I was a dullard to be around. I guess the old adage that those who can, do and those who can't, teach can now be extended. It now includes that those who can't teach publish journal articles only about five people in the entire world will read.

U.S. Citizen Ship Extended To Mexican Drug Dealer's Child

The child will no doubt receive all of the privileges and handouts it is due as a non-White baby.

Woman Injured By Exploding Government Toilet Seat

Consumerism is a condemnation leftists invoke when they think OTHER people have too much.

In a WMAL interview, a Case de Maryland propagandist said the organization gets government money to provide high quality services to the COMMUNITY. And how many of these were provided to run of the mill White people?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Doubtful The Washington Monument Will Ever Reopen To The Public

Educrats Force Coaches To Bend Knee To State Rather Than Bowing Head To God

Nurse Strike Results In Patient's Death?

Eugenicists Declare Voluptuous Unworthy Of Reproducing

For now, it may only be a discussion regarding those that need technical intervention to have a child.

However, eventually prenatal care will be denied to any woman that does not measure up to the physiological standard extolled by the New World Order.

Ultimately any woman over a certain size reproducing will be charged with child abuse.

By eliminating from the gene pool woman that actually look like women rather than malnourished teen boys, the technocrats are moving the world closer to the unisex ideal applauded by cultural elites having forsaken the Elan Vital.

To Frau Obama, "shared sacrifice" means settling for the $42,000 diamond bracelet.

Did Abbas say that the Palestinians were "peace loving" in that they want a cessation of conflict or "piece loving" in that they love to blow apart those they disagree with?

Just because Morgan Freeman has played God in a number of screen plays, it does not follow that his political opinions are Gospel handed down from on high on little stone tablets.

If over the counter asthma inhalers are bad for the environment, would medicinal reefer be even more so?

If states today track in the name of public health how much psuedoephedrine you purchase, what is to stop them from keeping similar tabs on sugar & salt in the future?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exercise Kills Ted Kennedy's Daughter

Why the government needs to stamp at rigorous activity.  Her father made it to a riper age as a rotund whoremongering boozer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sodomite Matrimony Penetrates Archie Comics

Sadly, Archie Comics use to be seen as so wholesome that the company was entrusted with the task of determining if all the issues put out by other companies lived up to the comics code.

Since this is now deemed acceptable, why not have Archie convert to the Warren Jeffes branch of Fundamentalist Mormonism with the famed redhead wedding both Veronica AND Betty.

Better yet, maybe the three of them can form a polyamorous triad.

It can be revealed that Jossey & The Pussycats are really lesbian furries.

And in one issue, Sabrina the Teenage Witch can be seen going "skyclad" (that's when Wiccans pounce around nude at their ceremonies) or getting it on with her demonic familiar, Salem the Cat

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shaking Assumptions Regarding Natural Disasters

Though the event displays the wonder of God and His creation, no minister can hand down an edict one way or the other whether a particular earthquake other than the ones foretold in prophetic passages of Scripture such as the Book of Revelation was an act of retribution and judgment.

Countless congregations no doubt heard from the hyperpious among their number how they were disappointed the quake didn't result in total destruction and that any not so eager for it all to end aren't even worthy of the chewing gum stuck under the pew.

In response to the earthquake, it has been admonished that it id God and not government that saves you.  But should you need to be pulled from the rubble, is it the direct hand of God doing so or, in the vast majority of instances, is it more likely to be a policeman, firefighter, members of the National Guard or a group of average concerned citizens?   Taking this mindset to its natural conclusion, is it therefore wrong to express gratitude toward parents if they do something good for you?  Is it wrong to verbalize one's love to one's spouse if language can only be used in such an exclusivist and univocal manner?  Furthermore, if we are to wait on the direct divine intervention of God to determine what happens to us in such calamitous upheavals, does that mean we should not seek medical attention during times of sickness or to even prepare a meal to stave off hunger?

If earthquakes are to be viewed as God’s judgment, is one sinning if one takes steps to save one’s life during such an event?  Would hyper legalists such as Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists advocating the perspective that natural disasters are to be understood as divine retribution insist that criminal charges be filed against those their elaborate spy network discover took steps to protect themselves?

Just because your family and spouse mean less to you than promoting your image as an uberChristian is not sufficient grounds for insinuating a lack of faith on the part of those that left work after the quake to check on loved ones and property.

A number of talk radio hosts and hyperpioitted to take.

It's easy, as in the case of these various radio personalities such as Rush Limbaugh, to sneer down your nose at those that may have overreacted at the prospect of losing their homes when you no doubt own several fortified compounds scattered across the United States.  Are those outraged over the nation's alleged lack of courage themselves willing to die to prove that Americans are not wimps?

Do those losing their lives and property think the calls for emergency preparation were overkill?  Are these individuals any less dead because predictions regarding the intensity of Irene didn't pan out?

Do talk show hosts encased in padded studios out of the elements and the hyper pious criticizing "excessive" hurricane preparation intend to pay the expenses incurred in the next disaster by those persuaded by such orators that living up to some arbitrary affectation of machismo is more important than survival?   Of course, some of the ostentatiously pious probably salivate at the prospect of a high casualty count in order to validate their rants regarding judgment and such.

Assorted foreigners are accusing Americans of self-absorption for paying attention to the coverage of Hurricane Irene rather than the uprising in Libya.  Isn’t it an even greater act of self-absorption to fly into a homicidal rampage when someone pokes fun at your religion?

A number of posts on the Washington Post website are lamenting the fact that consumers have stockpiled their pantries with "too much" food following Hurricane Irene.  For starters, who are they to determine how much food is too much for your pantry?  Can't the victuals just as well sit in your cupboard as on the store shelf?  What these elitists really oppose is the notion that a food supply of your own makes you less dependent on whatever agenda they may be attempting to implement.

Technically, isn't it a form of borderline Humanism to assume that the earthquake and hurricane were primarily a response to mankind's behavior.  God may have simply been focusing on natural processes, phenomena, and cycles with humans just being in the area when these events occur as a result of where we ourselves have decided to live.

It is interesting how those arguing that the Book of Revelation is not to be taken literally are among the most insistent that the hurricane and earthquake were God's judgment when He has not handed down any specific decree as to why these particular events took place.  At least those crazed Dispensationalists can point to a text that definitively tells them which earthquakes in history are to be viewed as retributive in nature.

God sets the weather into motion. He's bright enough to realize why you might not have been in church last week. Church authorities might have the say so whether or not there will be services. However, you are the one that has the final veto as to what transpires from your house to the church. No need to harang a congregation if most thought it more prudent to remain home following a significant storm.

I don't see how it logically follows that if you did not go to church last week because you did not know what the conditions were from your house to the church that you somehow don't care about learning about God. Church will still be there the following week. I thought the strength of Protestantism was suppose to be the individual following one's own conscience in regards to unsettled matters.

If I will be declared a heretic for thinking that the quake was not necessarily God's judgment, so be it. They can add it as another charge at my Inquisitional hearing.

by Frederick Meekins

Would VA Teen Been Arrested For Wearing A Mask If Muslim?

Obama honored 9/11 by volunteering in a soup kitchen. If I or a loved one was a victim of that atrocity, I'd rather the President spent the day blowing terrorists to Ghenna.

Backlash against Bachmann's STD vaccine concerns shows that either a # in the Teaparty are a bunch of pervs or that they are in the backpocket of big medicine.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nutritional Assistance Leaves Bad Taste In Taxpayer Mouths

Social activists are outraged over a proposal in Michigan that would limit welfare benefits to four years in a lifetime.

Perhaps that limit might be a bit harsh given the state of the economy where often people find themselves unemployed for extended periods of time through no fault of their own.

However, given America's pending financial ruination, these very same agitators should be as outraged about the growing trend of permitting aide recipients to apply their benefit payments to restaurant tabs.

Since many of those on public assistance are unemployed, are you going to tell me that such individuals don't have to time to prepare victuals within their own domiciles?

Or, rather is such an inability yet another symptom of lazy burro syndrome?

If ramen noodles and frozen fish sticks or chicken nuggets are good enough for those working to provide nutritional assistance, why aren't these foods sufficient enough for those receiving public benefits?

The government might have a minimal public health concern in seeing that citizens do not starve to death.

However, the argument cannot be made that there is a compelling state interest in going to extraordinary means to see that your taste buds are titillated in a culinary fashion.

by Frederick Meekins

FEMA using wildfires to inflict scorched earth policy upon Texas

Interesting how the Oct 2011 issue of Astronomy magazine on the cover asking for a naturalistic explanation of what transpired prior to the Big Bang asks, "What Triggered Cosmic GENESIS". (Capitalized to make point clearer).

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. says in regards to conservatives "Let's take out these sons of bitches." Didn't someone say something similar to taking out his father? I don't apologize for writing that questionable word this time as it is not my quote. What if he had called either of the Obamas this?

Monday, September 05, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alec Baldwin Considers How He Twists Around Yoga Instructor Girlfriend As Profoundly Spiritual

Ragheads Rampage Over Headrags

If they think they have it bad here, at least we have amusement parks. Their beloved Taliban even forbade the flying of kites and even the slaughter of songbirds (made by their precious God one might note) for no other reason than that such things brought joy into life.

Bloomberg Gives God The Finger

Pissant that was hurling rocks at cars who was shot by a crossbow got exactly what he deserved.

Justin Bieber owns a $186,000 Ferrari. He'll be dead or in rehab in 5 years.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Does Qaddaffi Have The Hots For Condoleeza?

Obamas Top Shelf Boozers

Insinuations Candidate Slate Not Sufficiently Religious

Those that express a Christian Reconstructionist or Dominionist perspective are in an uproar that it is imperative that Christians only vote for other Christians.

Some holding to this perspective even contend that only confirmed Christians should be allowed to run for public office and if you vote for someone that isn’t, even if none are running, your soul could very well be in danger of eternal damnation.

Yet there isn't a single Republican candidate that hasn't assented to at least a belief in God.

What is not often deliberately spelled out is that, if a candidate does not agree with this particular subset of the broader Evangelical spectrum nearly 100% on what in Christian thought are categorized as secondary issues, one is not considered to be a Christian at all in the eyes of this perspective’s adherents.

For example, it is not enough for a conservative presidential hopeful to pledge to stand against gay marriage.

Rather, to these fanatics, one is branded an apostate if one believes Old Testament injunctions to put homosexuals to death only applied within the context of ancient Israel and were set aside by Christ Himself when the Lord intervened at the stoning of the adulterous woman.

It must be asked, though it is doubtful they will even answer and even more likely to threaten to report you to Facebook administrators when you raise concerns about these kinds of omissions in their professed ideology, just who in a Rushdoonyian regime will decide whose belief is sincere and pure enough to be granted permission to seek elected office?

The Founding Fathers intended religion in general and Christianity in particular to exert a profound influence over American culture.

However, when the faith’s institutionalized forms end up determining who may enjoy the rights and benefits of citizenship, it has become a very pillar of the kind of tyranny that it was hoped such devotion and piety would serve as a bulwark against in the first place.

by Frederick Meekins

One Of Those Family Oriented Illegals Tosses Baby From Parking Garage

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vermin Lovers Excuse Rats From Black Death

More afoot here than a desire for accurate history.

Any other time, Leftists assure us that at best accuracy in antiquarian pursuits isn't all that important and at worst an imposition of Whites upon the world's more backwards cultures.

This is rather planting the seeds to downplay efforts to curtail rats, which PETA assure us are just as important of human children.

One can see this in regards as to how certain policies such as the prohibition of specific pesticides have rejuvenated the bed beg menace.

Eventually, one will not be allowed to refer to this episode of history as Black since one cannot retain any sinister connotations to that particular hue and cannot look at this tragedy negatively since to elites, so long as they do ranked among the victims, such mass curtailments of the excess population are to actually be seen as a positive thing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons In Apologetics #8: Atheism

If the Christian has no assurance that God will triumph from the way the world appears to be going, one would be better off hedging one’s bets by siding with the Devil or sitting the whole thing out all together. There are those that attempt to do just that.

Atheism is the worldview that believes that God does not exist. Those embracing this perspective tend to do so over both objective and existential reasons.

Those claiming to embrace Atheism for objective reasons often concentrate their attacks on the more scientific approaches to the existence of God such as the cosmological argument. The cosmological argument for the existence of God holds that all contingent things must have a cause and that this cause is at the minimum Aristotle’s Uncaused Cause and preferably the God of the Christian faith as expounded by Aquinas when he adapted these propositions for Christian usage. Atheists raise their hands and say hold on a moment to what they see as presumptuous conclusions.

From the Christian perspective, since God exists beyond what we perceive as time, He is sufficient or necessary to jumpstart the universe and get the temporal ball rolling. However, the Atheist has no metaphysical problem with an infinite chain of causality. Yet the laws of thermodynamics might dictate otherwise as these fundamental principles of physics hold that there is only a finite amount of energy available within a closed system.

So even though the Atheist may not have an intellectual objection to a material universe that is infinitely old, such an assumption smashes eventually against the hard wall of reality. However, seldom has that ever stopped anyone adamant about adhering to their favored delusions no matter what the evidence might say.

The next set of arguments for Atheism against belief in God center around a set of moral objections. All must confess these have crossed our minds at low points in each of our lives.

The most objective of these centers around the nature of goodness and God's relationship to it. This argument was developed by Bertrand Russell (218).

The moral disproof for God states that good must result because either God decrees it or He does not. If good is good simply because God says it is and no one can argue against Him since He is the biggest guy on the cosmic block, good is not really good since God has willed it so arbitrarily. However, if God declares something good because of its own inherent nature or compliance with a standard beyond Himself, doesn't that mean that the standard rather than God is ultimate? Thus, at best, God ends up being demoted to the status of Plato's less than omnipotent demiurge.

Geisler counters, though, that this is really putting the ethical cart before the theistic horse. Geisler writes, "Rather than flowing from God's arbitrary will, the moral law may be seen as rooted in God's unchangeably good and loving nature, then the apparent dilemma is resolved (226).” Thus, good is something God is rather than something God decides or does. This brings to mind verses such as John 8:58 where God proclaims “Before Abraham was, I am.”

Other moral objections to the existence of God are a bit less ethereal and considerably more visceral and marked by the pain those leveling them have experienced or witnessed living here in an obviously fallen world. One such objection raised by Albert Camus in The Plague uses the backdrop of an epidemic to make the point that theism is inherently anti-humanitarian. The story posits the dichotomy that, if one assists the suffering, one is siding against God by interfering with the work of His judgment, and if one wants to be in His will and not stand in His way, one is therefore opposed to human well being (221).

Other related objections to God over the problem of evil dismiss His existence all together. A number of Atheists deny the existence of God on the grounds that, because people often suffer disproportionately to what they have done wrong, an all powerful and all good God does not exist. It is argued a God possessing these attributes would not allow evil. But because evil is rampant, that is proof that either God is not all powerful and cannot do anything about evil or that He is all powerful but does not do anything about the evil in the world because He is not good enough to care.

Though it is not always a comfort to someone that has befallen an overwhelming tragedy such as the murder of a loved one, the existence of evil does not by default disprove the existence of God. It does, however, toss the apologetic ball into the theist's court to provide a plausible reason as to why an all-powerful and all-good God would allow suffering to exist.

Known as "theodicy", these explanations attempt to reconcile the simultaneous existence of both God and evil. It is at this point that the theist must counter claim that the evil in the world is solvable or redeemable. The Christian especially can point out that God has indeed done something about the evil by sending His only begotten Son into the world to do something about this tragedy in the most personable of ways.

If the Atheist presses this objection too vigorously, the wily apologist ought to turn the argument back on his unbelieving compatriot. To even make the claim that God does not exist, because the world is not as good as we think it would be if He really did, is actually an indirect argument that He really does.

For to argue that things are not good enough is to assume some kind of standard exists beyond the earthly fray we find ourselves in. If this material universe was all there ever was, the highest good we could ever know is what we see around us and we’d be unable to criticize anything as the “is” automatically becomes the “ought” in such a context.

Yet there is a deep dissatisfaction that compels most human souls onward towards a better world. Romans 2:14-15 says, “...when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves even though they do not have the law, since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts..."

Secondly, Atheists claiming disbelief in God because, in their view, He has not done enough to stop or prevent suffering in the world often want to have things both ways. These theophobes not only deny God over the imperfections they see in the world but then hypothesize that, if God existed, man would not be free because human freedom would be, as Geisler puts it, "circumscribed by his divine determination (231)."

However, it is because God loves us so much and respects us as individuals that in the vast majority of instances He does not directly interfere with most actions but rather permits their outcome to propel the world onward to His ultimate plan for all of His creation. Geisler writes, "If love is persuasive but never coercive, then allowing men to freely determine their own destiny would seem to be the loving way to make them (231)."

Unfortunately, some are in such a state of rebellion against God that they take this animus out on others. Foremost among such deeds would no doubt rank murder.

Some would respond that, if God really loved the innocent, He would intervene to prevent this crime. However, as C.S. Lewis hypothesizes in The Problem Of Pain, for our own benefit God has created a world that operates in the vast majority of instances by a series of repeatable and verifiable principles.

For example, according to this moral "steady-state theory", I am able to pick up a knife to either slice a steak or slit my neighbor's throat for the purposes of providing man with a rational world where we will not go mad. Faced with such, the Christian must embrace Romans 8:28 as a comfort in a world that often does not seem fair to our finite minds.

By Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Grants Perry Permission To Speak For Now

Obama Calls For Abolition Of Dissenting Opinion

Obama Denounces Blogs, Calls For Centralized Media

What the President really means when he laments Americans don't listen to one another anymore is that insufficient numbers have failed to pledge unwavoring loyalty to him as the Psuedomessiah.

Is Perry An Islamist Stooge?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Since Pakistan gave Red China access to U.S. stealth technology, perhaps Pakistan should be used as a proving ground bombing site for the next generation of American super weapons.

Krugman Insinuates Staged Extraterrestrial Invasion Could End Economic Slump

Must also ask how many innocents would be "eliminated" to pull off this ruse and what other civil liberties would be curtailed in the process.

Also, notice how, when this "respected" public intellectual suggests this, he is applauded as a first rate mind.

But if Jesse Ventura or Alex Jones brought this up, they would be denounced as laughingstocks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bet if it was Buckingham Palace the commie mobs threatened there wouldn't be any reluctance about using water hoses and rubber bullets

Afrosupremacist Flash Mob Attack Unsuspecting Whites

I guess it is easier to get metrosexuals and hipster beatniks to eat potato chips with "classic" plastered across the bag rather than "regular" or "plain".

If the Tea Party is at fault for the financial downgrade for calling attention to the debt crisis, does that mean NOW or even the women reporting the crimes to police are at fault for domestic violence in America? So should the real villains of history be those that expose infamous atrocities rather than commit them? If the preservation of the status quo is the highest good, shouldn't we instead have Bull Connor Day in the middle of January or herald the bus driver that told Rosa Parks to get to the back of the bus?

According to home school activist Kevin Swanson, what is particularly offensive about True Grit was that the protagonist did not run like a mindless zombie to have her every decision given the OK by her pastor and that in the end scene she never got married. In the eyes radical homeschoolers, one's Christianity is not as valid if you do not marry and reproduce like a rabbit stoned on Viagra.

Coulter Solemnizes Alliance With Sodomites

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fox Infodame Not So Free-Market After All

Megyn Kelly thinks other advanced Western countries are so wonderful in terms of expansive maternity benefits, perhaps she should immigrate to one of these social democracies where the Muslims have about taken over and enacted laws to punish journalists like her that expose practices such as so-called "honor killings".

Unless they are the father of the baby, why should employers be required to pick up the tab beyond standard sick leave if you decide to procreate?

If Megyn Kelly really made her baby a top priority as she insists in claiming that a quarter of a year is supposedly essential to facilitate bonding between mother and child, perhaps she should resign her correspondent position aIl together in order to be a stay-at-home mom.

It's not like she's the type to have married a low-paid working slob whose crack hangs out when he bends over and couldn't afford to pursue a calling as a domestic engineer.

Though he backed down when confronted, Mike Gallagher is to be commended for suggesting that such long term maternity leave might be a racket.

Most are too afraid that they won't be getting sex anymore or labeled with domestic assault allegations for even daring to speak critically on the matter.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Obama's Super Congress sounds eerily similar to the Anti-Christ's 10 horns in Revelation 17.

Stoned Wallabies Blamed For Aussie Crop Circles

The Friendly Neighborhood Mulatto Man

Turning Spider-Man into a half-Black and half-Hispanic individual is being justified on the grounds of opening up whole new narrative possibilities.

In other words, the plight of a studious White lad trying to look after his widowed Aunt just isn't as exciting as it use to be.

As leftist as Marvel Comics is becoming, in their mind it would probably be considered speciesist now for humanity to deny Galactus the opportunity to consume the Earth the next time he gets hungry.

Those opposed to the change in Spider-Man's ethnic background will be denounced as racist.

However, aren't those making the change the one's wallowing in ethnicity since they are the ones saying that a White wall-crawler isn't good enough in light of supposed advances in diversity though it is probably a safe bet to assume that the famed Marvel Bullpen is still predominately non-minority in terms of those weaving these illustrated adventures.

Would the very same tolerancemongers excited regarding the creative possibilities that a non-White Spider-Man opens up be as enthusiastic regarding a non-Black Fat Albert?

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shining The Light On Laser Pointer Penalties

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced plans to impose fines as high as $11,000 upon those caught shining laser pointers into airplane cockpits.

Exposure to the beam emitted by such a device can result in temporary blindness, thus theoretically resulting in a major air catastrophe if a flight crew were unexpectedly incapacitated.

In a sense, such a regulation is all good and called for.

However, one can't but help ask the question how the perpetrators of such malfeasance can be identified at such a distance.

One account categorized the proposed penalty as civil rather than criminal in nature.

As such, it should be pointed out that the threshold to impose such are often lower and occasionally do not afford those they are leveled against with the traditional procedural protections of the judicial system.

In light of the way certain regulations regarding drug possession are implemented, these enforcement operations could end up being as much about raising revenue and seizing desired property as it is about making the skies a friendlier place to fly.

For example, under certain instances of civil penalties and forfeiture, those ultimately cleared of any criminal wrong doing in regards to the drug offenses leveled against them do not necessarily have their property returned to them despite never having been convicted as a part of due process.

Often assorted agencies end up retaining the seized objects and parcels or require those such possessions should rightly revert back to to go through additional bureaucratic procedures that consume both time and resources. This for the purpose of pressuring the individual to relent to the seizure of their property and to further enrich the lawyers for whom the regulatory behemoth was ultimately designed to benefit.

The reasoning is that such property could potentially be used in a future crime. And in the case of an automobile seized from the owner despite the fact that it was being driven by someone else at the time of a contraband interdiction, the standard reply goes something like, "Well, you should have been more careful as to whom you let borrow your car so we are going to auction it off now anyway ."

Thus, will fines for the shining of laser pointers into jetliner cockpits be issued against the person actually aiming the device or rather the title holder of the land from which the beam originated?

Eventually, if an area has a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents or even the potential for a disproportionate number of laser pointer incidents, the government will step in to preemptively snatch the property in question. What they then decide to do with the disputed parcel may have nothing whatsoever to do with enhancing air travel safety but more about rewarding contributors in real estate development.

Vigilance against the terrorist menace out to destroy the American way of life is essential. However, perhaps even more imperative is keeping an eye on those that would use this threat to undermine life, liberty, and property.

By Frederick Meekins

Ron Paul is unconcerned if the budget crisis causes federal workers to go unpaid. Does this include himself and his staff as well. But I guess he'll be needing drug money as a fan of unrestricted access to hard narcotics.

Ron Paul is unconcerned if the budget crisis causes federal workers to go unpaid. Does this include himself and his staff as well. But I guess he'll be needing drug money as a fan of unrestricted access to hard narcotics.

5 Amish die in New York car crash. Would we have had denominational affiliation pointed out to us if these passengers had been Baptist, Presbyterian or Catholic?

Law enforcement should be no more immune from criticism than any other government agency. To say otherwise lays the first stone upon which a tyranny, also known as a POLICE STATE, is built. It must be remembered that the Gestapo and KGB were law enforcement agencies

Pepco is urging costumers to keep their AC set at 78. Wonder what temperature the White House thermostat is adjusted to.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Wiener

With a pending financial collapse, you might have to spend your declining years selling pencils on a street corner.

It will likely help you feel a bit warmer though, that we haven't heard of the last of wiener in connection to the federal government.

The Traditional Value Coalition has uncovered tax money going to a study determining how penis size in gays influences whether they played the part of the pencil or that of the sharpener, if you get my meaning.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Leftists Plot Materialistic Afterlife

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, Former Vice President Al Gore, and Bill Maher are scheduled to take part in an all-star panel discussion titled "Transcendent Man” broadcast to select theaters across America.

The forum will in part discuss the merging of man and machine for the purposes of indefinitely extending the human lifespan.

No doubt listening to Al Gore drone on and on will definitely make it feel like an eternity has elapsed.

Apparently, overcrowding isn't the pending calamity he often makes it out to be. That is unless of course, his friends in the New World Order are planning a culling of the human herd.

Other than a profound hatred of God and a contempt for those that believe in an omnipotent creator, what qualifications does Bill Maher posses to speak as an authority figure on such an ethically complex subject?

The fool has said in his heart that there is no God.

How else does it explain that an individual can belittle the prospect of Heaven in one breath and then grasp at straws in the hopes of delaying the inevitable by either hooking oneself up to a ghastly array of machines or somehow electrochemically uploading the memories we have accumulated our few brief years upon the earth as some kind of accumulated database that might eventually animate some android duplicate of our own visage?

G.K. Chesterton is said to have quipped that the danger when we no longer believe in God is not that we won’t believe in anything but rather that we will end up believing in anything.

by Frederick Meekins

Mind Your Own Condiments

As a part of bread and circuses designed to keep the workers from revolting, an associate's employer bought the staff lunch.

The sandwiches were procured from an establishment that went out of its way to point out that mayo, mustard or catsup would not be available.

Why does everything have to be elevated to the level of some grand struggle poking the average American in the eye regarding the things most of us enjoy?

If you regularly patronize such an establishment, in all likelihood, you are one of these types that believe your own gastronomical peculiarities should be imposed upon everybody else.

If this was just all about free enterprise, wouldn’t the true entrepreneur allow the consumer to make their own policy in regards to condiments?

by Frederick Meekins

A suburban MD eatery called Rhode Island Reds in honor of Communism is closing in part because of the owner's disillusionment with overwhelming bureaucratic intrusion. Isn't that exactly what you deserve if you are going to glorify the most homicidal & liberty destroying ideology to plague modern man?

The printed book may be the preferred or superior conveyance of information. However, that does not mean we third tier intellects should remain silent and shun the electronic means at our disposal to propagate our ideas & perspectives.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Did Lack Of Pollution Spark Global Warming?

Interesting how when America burns coal, we are contributing to global warming, but when Red China does, they are applauded for halting this climate change phenomena.

If school books have profanities in them, concerned parents should be able to read the books verbatim before school board meetings.

America is essentially surrending the space station to the Russians.

Obama Administration Allies Itself With Homicidal Pedophile

To those claiming bad things will happen to Americans in other countries if we do not abide by these diplomatic technicalities, perhaps Americans ought not to be going to these hellhole countries.

Scientists predict people to live to be 1,000. Isn't this season's Torchwood suppose to address this kind of topic?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Halperin Hullabaloo

An MSNBC analyst called Obama a BLEEP. As spineless as the President is, one shouldn't be so sure he should be categorized as anything so distinctively male.

In the sex-dominated culture of the leftist media, wouldn't calling Obama a BLEEP actually be the highest possible compliment?

Calling Obama a male appendage is no worse than calling anyone else that.

The President is owed no more verbal deference than anybody else.

White House propagandists insist it's inappropriate to refer to any President as a BLEEP. Are you really going to tell me no one ever giggled at the double entnde of referring to Nixon as "Tricky Dick". Or that Clinton was only called "Slick Willy" because of his political acumen and not his philanderous nature.

If the President is this sensitive as to be profoundly disturbed by a single reporter enunciating a reaction to what was definitely not the rhetorical high point of Obama’s public career, how can this President ever hope to stand up to Al Qaeda, the Red Chinese or the Russians?

So long as you don't threaten violence, it is not the concern of the White House how you refer to any president.

How come our ears will shatter if we hear Obama referred to as a BLEEP but there isn't second thought about sending out more information over the airwaves regarding feminine hygiene products and male erectile dysfunction than most members of the respective opposite sexes ever cared to know?

Why on MSNBC is it deemed an outrage to refer to Obama as a "BLEEP but referring to conservatives as "teabaggers" is worthy of a hearty chuckle?

Shouldn’t Americans be more offended that Obama minions called MSNBC in an intimidating manner rather than that Halperin called Obama a BLEEP?

There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing any branch of government to determine the propriety of what names a citizen may call the President. Seems to me one of the document’s primary provisions cautions against the government from doing such a thing.

Maybe if more Americans had the courage to tell a President he’s been acting like a BLEEP, this country wouldn’t be as in bad of shape.

Since Halperin’s elocutionary faux pas, broadcasters have been tripping over themselves as to the necessity of respecting the President. How about the President respecting the American people for a change?

by Frederick Meekins