Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Education Is A Lifelong Journey

Israel Lays Foundation For Rise Of Antichrist

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Senator Graham Condemned For Unwillingness To Relinquish Property To Revolutionary Redistributors

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Terrorists Assault Peacefully Assembled Veterans

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Regime Invokes Dignity As Reason To Censor Exposing Detention Camp Conditions

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America First Key To Survival & Prosperity

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Russell Moore Condemns As Satanic Those Refusing To Kneel In Subjugation To The Plague Cult

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Might Fans One Day Enjoy Dolly Parton’s Succulent Bosom On Their Tongues?

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Plague Cultist Extols The Virtues Of Tyranny

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Will Mike Pence Seek Presidency?

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The Great Reset: Bill Gates,The Carbon Credit Scheme & The War On Freedom

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Texas Plague Rates Decline Despite Lack Of Slave Muzzle Mandate

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Vaccine Passports: Ticket To Tyranny

Teaching Literature with Gene Edward Veith

Chariots Of The Who?

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Importance Of Studying History

Anabaptist Perspectives: Conservative Mennonite

Spring Break Sex Fiends Rape Woman To Death

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Vaccine Sickens Scores Of Educators

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Walmart Whores Itself To The Beast

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Veggietales Cartoonist Insists Those Preferring Cracker Barrel To Whole Foods Likely Unbelievers

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Predictive Policing As Methodology Of Tyranny

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Writing Fiction As A Christian

Church Treasurer Embezzles $150,000 To Fuel Smut Addiction

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Zoologist Speculates Life On Other Planets Similar To That On Earth

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Answering Assumptions About Mennonites

Speculative Design, Strategic Foresight & Futurism

The Pastor As Public Theologian

The Marks Of A Cult

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Friday, March 19, 2021

Will Mileage Tax Be Imposed To Punish Thralls Daring To Venture Beyond Cell Block Confines?

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Pastor Equates The Unmarried With The Whore Of Babylon

In a sermon titled “The Ultimate Marriage” posted at SermonAudio, Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church starts of comparing the Whore of Babylon with the Bride of Christ as each is described in the Book of Revelation.

However, this is not the standard eschatologically based interpretation describing the two great systems of belief operating throughout cosmic history.

Instead, the exposition quickly degenerates into the standard condemnation of the unmarried, the divorced, and those that happen to get married at an age other than that probably standard in the 1800's when most were dead by their mid 40's.

In other words, if you are not acceptably married, you are the equivalent of a prostitute irrespective of whether or not you are actually fornicating.

In his remarks, Pastor Harris when to the extent that he ridiculed the unmarried as obviously having no interest in woman as if they were closeted homosexuals.

But is it no interest in women or in being saddled with a bad match that will result in financial ruination once a relationship that should have never been in the first place comes to its lamentable end?

Towards the conclusion of the tirade, Pastor Harris remarked that the church needs to create a culture where getting married is what Christians do and all those that do not should be viewed as abnormal.

Technically, isn't what Christians ought to do is abide by the explicit laws detailed in the Word of God irrespective of what station of life one happens to find oneself without outside pressure for an individual to move on to the next level not so much for the purposes of their own fulfillment but rather for no other reasons than herd conformity and group approval?

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Russell Moore's Tirade Targets Wrong Youth

 In an episode of his podcast, Russell Moore interviewed Senator Ben Sasse regarding how perpetual adolescence hurts the church.

One might immediately snap what's so wrong with that?

Nothing if by that one is referring to 25 year olds still on their parents' health insurance as authorized under Obamacare or having never worked a day in their lives by the same age.

However, that is apparently not what this phrase is referring to when articulated by certain professional religionists.

Moore states in the opening of his remarks that, no matter how hard his 16 year old lads work in their grocery store jobs, it is nothing in comparison to Sasse's own sons bailing hay and birthing cattle.

But doesn't Moore rank among this contemporary breed of Evangelical that condemns those that would retreat from concentrated areas of population, no doubt going so far as to call “racist” Whites preferring a more reclusive and less urban lifestyle?

Often what these religionists mean when they complain about “perpetual adolescence” is not being married off by the age of 23.

Perhaps Moore and Sasse's time would have been better spent condemning the perpetual welfare recipients that can't seem to keep their pants on and their legs together in terms of an unending litany of out of wedlock offspring where as in the case of potato chips many can't seem to stop at just one.

By Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pundit Condemning Capitol Kerfuffle Excuses More Destructive Outbreaks Of Violence

On the 1/10/21 edition of America's News Headquarters on Fox News, pundit Jessica Tarlov decreed that, if you said that the election was fraudulent, you are complicit with what transpired at the Capitol during the Electoral College vote confirmation.

The only ones guilty of the shocking vandalism are those that perpetrated such acts of violence.

Does Miss Tarlov really want to go the route of criminalizing thought?

For in the very next segment of the interview, Tarlov remarked that the riots earlier in the year occurred for a “very good reason”.

So applying what amounted to a moral categorical imperative just moments prior that those articulating ideological sentiments that those of a less-refined sense of discernment are incapable of distinguishing from those committing crime, should Tarlov be punished for the property and lives destroyed by the likes of Antifa or Black Lives Matter?

At the very least, should she be tossed in terms of her digital personage into a electronic version of the Phantom Zone not unlike President Trump for expressing a viewpoint deemed counter-conducive to what elites are extolling as the rudiments of a stable social order?

By Frederick Meekins

Did Famed Pugilist Succumb To Blow Delivered By Plague Cult Sorcery?

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Autarch's Propaganda Efforts To Vilify Those Questioning Plague Cult Sorcery

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Thursday, March 11, 2021

On Becoming Anglican

Scientists Conspire To Design Goa'uld Sarcophagus

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Pentagon Recommences Anti-White Brainwashing

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Pillow Kingpin Plans Expansion Into Social Media

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Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650


Why Study Christian Apologetics?

The History Of Ufology From Past To Present

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Nearly 1000 Dead From Plague Vaccination

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Plague Turns Thoroughgoing Relativists Into Fanatic Absolutists

 A public service announcement part of the New York Tough propaganda campaign insists that one does not wear a mask because it is the LAW but because it is the law of nature.

So what if the only reason an individual wears one is to avoid confrontation with the Barney Fife’s of law enforcement and retail security?

If the issue is not about obeying the law but rather philosophical agreement, why the threat of punishment for noncompliance?

Then there is the issue about the laws of nature.

Can it be explained what law of nature prevents a microorganism from floating through a gap in the fabric?

Is similar to a mosquito buzzing through a chain link fence.

It is stated in a PSA that concealing one’s countenance is not so much about preventing the spread of illness but rather about “showing respect”.

At the conclusion, it is revealed that this propaganda is being spewed by the State of New York.

One of the foremost complaints of the sorts that deliberately make that jurisdiction’s primary metropolitan cesspool their place of residence is that the denizens of the much-maligned “fly over country” tend to impose a traditionalist morality upon others.

So if it is acceptable for the Cuomo regime to spread this message beyond the boundaries of the Empire State, perhaps the State of Florida needs to produce a similar spot extolling the virtues of individuality where each person should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not a mask is the best way to address what we are repeatedly indoctrinated ad nauseam to the point of nausea is a public health crisis.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, March 05, 2021

Plague Cult Laments Decline Of Sacerdotal Pestilence

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Autarch Biden Forbids Media Access Of Migrant Concentration Camps

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Plague Cult Maneuvers To Maintain Stranglehold On Power

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Thirteen Killed In SUV Packed With Two Dozen Illegals

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Autarch Biden Sics America With Illegalist Superspreaders

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Careers In Media & Communications

The New Largest Methodist Denomination

Western Civilization & The Recovery Of Greek Wisdom

Encore Careers: Finding Work That Matters In The Second Half Of Life

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Church Chucking Out Flag Likely As Idolatrous Has No Issue With Black History Worship

It might be one thing for a church to remove an American flag from its sanctuary on the grounds that nowhere in Scripture are congregations commanded to put on display in the house of the Lord a symbol of their earthly political or cultural loyalty.

So if national identity is something to be downplayed in an ecclesiastical environment in order to emphasize the unity of believers in Christ, don't turn around and conduct a Black History worship service especially on Sunday morning.

For there is no more authorizing that in the pages of Scripture if a congregation is going to take such a hardline stance in opposition to Old Glory.

If the pastor of such a congregation is on the record as stating that his congregation is neither Black nor White but rather “diverse, does the congregation intend to also hold a White History worship service?

Or does the pastor's concept of diversity consist largely of badgering Whites such as when from the pulpit he justified support for Black Lives Matter, demanding that Whites because they are White surrender property to Blacks simply for being Black and participated in the town BLM protest march while wearing a shirt emblazoned with the church's logo?

By Frederick Meekins

Tolerancemongers Equate Dr. Seuss With Confederate Memorabilia & Pornography

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Cultural Vanguard Prefers Intellectual Suppression Over Free Flow Of Ideas

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Defense Of MacArthur’s Finances Raises More Questions

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The Future of Futurists, Futurology and Crystal Ball Technology

Three Streams Of Lutheranism In America

Plague Cult Alchemy Potentially Linked To Facial Paralysis

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William F. Buckley Interviews Fulton Sheen

Futurist David Brin On Where Are We Headed?

Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand

Monday, March 01, 2021