Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pundit Condemning Capitol Kerfuffle Excuses More Destructive Outbreaks Of Violence

On the 1/10/21 edition of America's News Headquarters on Fox News, pundit Jessica Tarlov decreed that, if you said that the election was fraudulent, you are complicit with what transpired at the Capitol during the Electoral College vote confirmation.

The only ones guilty of the shocking vandalism are those that perpetrated such acts of violence.

Does Miss Tarlov really want to go the route of criminalizing thought?

For in the very next segment of the interview, Tarlov remarked that the riots earlier in the year occurred for a “very good reason”.

So applying what amounted to a moral categorical imperative just moments prior that those articulating ideological sentiments that those of a less-refined sense of discernment are incapable of distinguishing from those committing crime, should Tarlov be punished for the property and lives destroyed by the likes of Antifa or Black Lives Matter?

At the very least, should she be tossed in terms of her digital personage into a electronic version of the Phantom Zone not unlike President Trump for expressing a viewpoint deemed counter-conducive to what elites are extolling as the rudiments of a stable social order?

By Frederick Meekins

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