Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Public Schools Embrace Debauchery & Apostasy Over Christmas Music

Most Americans would agree that freedom of conscience ranks among our most cherished liberties. As such, the state should protect this particular right by almost any means necessary and reasonable (especially for citizens).

In California, an initiative has been undertaken to get a ballot before voters to determine the propriety of Christmas music in California public schools. Within the measure is a clause that would require schools to notify parents 21 days before the specified tunes would be played or performed so that students can opt out of being exposed to such material.

Those having embraced a rigorous interpretation regarding the separation of church and state will applaud the measure as a enlightened compromise as these voices will be among the first to point out that, in these swinging days of free thought, not everyone embraces the Christianity espoused by these Yuletide harmonies. One must ask then would the exponents of the unsullied conscience be as outspoken in defense of those wanting to be excused from exposure to more progressivist causes and material.

Absolutarian relativists claim that, in order to ensure the scholastic neutrality of the classroom, not even a whiff of religious material can be permitted to waft across young impressionable minds. That might be what is claimed in theory, but the reality falls far short as an exclusionary objectivity is applied only to Christianity with other worldviews and religions actually imposed upon students.

Any rational person will admit that, in order to have the most comprehensive understanding of the world possible, one must have an understanding of religion as one of history’s most influential motivating forces. However, there is a point at which education becomes advocacy.

For example, it has already been stated that even if authorized, traditional Christmas music will be categorized as quasi-subversive in nature as one has to admit exposure to these lyrics could potentially alter the very spiritual identity of those exposed to them. However, such caution is not exercised in regards to Islam.

According to a WorldNetDaily.com story titled “Islamic studies required in California district” posted 1/2/02, students there are required to learn about this prominent world religion. However, students were not going to be doing this via the traditional social studies methodology of reading a standard text detached in tone about the tenets of this system of belief and its impact upon the world in terms of history, geography, and culture. Rather, the curriculum required students to live out Islam. This was to be achieved by having students memorize Koranic verses, praying in the name of Allah, adopting an Islamic name, and staging a pretend jihad.

Wonder if the name Nadal Malik Hassan mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm is available with students able to pretend to shoot up an army base. When one takes all this into consideration, the above lesson plan sort of looses its grade school charm, doesn’t it?

Mass death brings up yet another disturbing point. According to Islamic teaching, all one has to do to become a Muslim is to say with conviction that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

Parents need to seriously investigate if this is one of the Islamic phrases being chanted in the public schools where an accommodationist approach to the study of Islam has been adopted, and if it has, parents need to be quite insistent as to having their children removed from the program even if it means withdrawing from the particular school all together. For you see, to a sizeable percentage of Muslims around the world, one is justified in murdering someone that apostasizes or leaves the faith.

To many, this may seem like theological nitpicking on the scale of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a needle. However, should we, with little resistance, be giving these fanatics another reason with a straight face to kill Americans?

Numerous Muslims will insist that their faith does not condone the slaughter of innocent people. They just don't tell you that their definition of innocent is much narrower than ours. Never has an insincerely or regretfully sung Christmas Carol resulted in anyone’s death.

The hypertolerant will sneer that this extremism of either Christians wanting everyone to sing Christmas tunes or Islamists demanding students recite the Koran and even miss recess as a simulated form of Ramadan fasting are shortcomings inherent to the traditional religious mindset irrespective of the belief system in question. However, the agnostic reprobate can’t resist to impose their belief on everyone else either.

To both the pagan who sees the natural world as God and the materialist who believes in nothing beyond the natural world, there is nothing as important as the reproductive pleasure cravings we all posses and know as the sex drive. Since it is claimed that there is no absolute truth in these particular worldviews, the "is" automatically becomes the "ought" and however the libidinous impulse manifests itself is acceptable upon the particular social context. Therefore, those wanting a world with the fewest taboos possible have a vested interest in convincing the greatest number possible to this perspective.

And unlike the Christian and even the Muslim for all that matter, this persuasion is not so much for the benefit of the soul of the person whose mind the adherents of these respective outlooks are out to change. Rather those trapped in lives of carnal destitution are so wracked by personal guilt that they cannot bear the thought of others disapproving of their individual predilections. That is why students cannot be permitted to privately make their own decisions about what we are continually reminded are private decisions.

When it comes to matters of traditional religious belief, the secularists believe that children should not be exposed to theology until they reach maturity. However, when it comes to conjugal relations, indoctrination is suppose to commence nearly the first day of kindergarten.

In June 2009, a California school district approved a mandatory homosexual appreciation curriculum. As part of the curriculum, five year olds will study a book titled “And Tango Makes Three” about two “gay” penguins that hatch an egg together. They name the chick “Tango” because “...it takes two to make a Tango.”

This propaganda will cause mental damage that will take years to undue if it can be done so at all. Likely contrary to the mantra of the illustrated tractate, these were not the two that made Tango.

Like it or not, a male and a female penguin had to copulate together in order for little Tango to be brought into existence. All the two penguins in the story can do is raise him.

Do four and five year olds really need to be exposed to the intricacies of human relationships and reproduction? Most can barely tie their own shoes.

The lessons learned about the biological impossibility of a child having two parents of the same sex and what ought to be a legal impossibility as well since two unmarried people shackedup should not be permitted to simultaneously adopt the same child will not stop in kindergarten. They will be expanded upon from year to year as the student progresses through the statist school system.

In the first grade, according to WorldNetDaily, the book “Who Is A Family” will dupe students into believing that “in our school and our community there are many different kinds of families that provide love and care to each other. Remind the students that all family structures are equally important.”

Do these “equally valid family structures” include fundamentalist polygamist Mormons? Does this also include radical Islamist families where the fathers murder their daughters in so-called “honor killings” for exhibiting such proclivities towards harlotry such as wanting to pursue higher education and not wanting to wear burlap bags over their faces? After all, even if we find these practices abhorrent, it must be reminded they fall under the rubric of “all” family structures being equally valid.

Technically, a number of the social arrangements being promoted as such aren’t even families. But Western society has become so unhinged morally that only the most daring are publicly willing to enunciate these observations.

A family consists of a married man and women and any children that might result from their fecund union or any children such adults united together might adopt. If one is feeling especially innovative and cutting edge, one might be able to expand the definition to include the unmarried propagating offspring via fornication.

However, no matter how much we might want it to be so, the non-biologically related unmarried adult residing in the home with the actual parent is not part of the family. They might be the concubine or harlot of the adult residing in a particular domicile, but they can only be a friend or acquaintance of the child not all that different in terms of relationship than the next door neighbor.

Even if the laws are altered to let anyone live anyway they want with all the accompanying tax breaks and even welfare handouts to which they claim they are entitled, it will not be enough. The consciences of those living in manners contrary to both theology and biology are so pricked that they will not be content letting you simply put up with the iniquities they have wrought but also compel you to applaud and embrace these appalling decisions.

Fourth graders will be required to read an essay titled “My School Is Accepting -- But Things Could Be Better”. Along with this assignment, elementary students will be required to define “gay”, “lesbian”, and “LGBT”. By the way, to the pure of mind, that acronym is not a reference to a deli sandwich.

About all children need to know about human reproduction at that age is that babies somehow grow inside women’s stomachs. My grandfather didn’t know what the word “pregnant” meant until after he got married in his early 20’s and he came from a family of ten kids that lived on a farm. Things might not need to be that hushed over, but neither does everything need to hang out in the open classroom either.

As part of the curriculum, students will be extended the opportunity to learn of the warped affections of Elton John, Ellen Degeneres, Christina Aguilera, and Lance Bass. Are we going to also learn about the preferred bodily orifices of other historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson’s alleged bout of jungle fever?

In all likelihood, his name won’t even come up in class. Familiarity with the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and third president might fortify students against the efforts to deprive them of their liberty.

In their preparation for world conquest and hegemony, do Red Chinese pupils sit around discussing what celebrity likes what hole? Maybe if American students spent less time on these frivolities, educators would find the traditional 180 day school year sufficient and no longer need a reason to threaten an extended academic calendar.

It is claimed such acculturation (more accurately indoctrination) is necessary to prevent bullying. However, wouldn’t a generalized policy of don’t make fun of anyone at school without bogging down young minds with things that would make even grown adults blush and giggle in mixed company be enough?.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Though social engineers might try their hardest, human nature is pretty set within established parameters and as such these educators might end up stirring up the very animosities this ideological indoctrination is suppose to prevent.

Whether this contraindicated outcome is what is actually desired or not could be open to debate. The state benefits even more when the results are the opposite of peace and understanding as activists believe they are then justified in calling for additional restrictions on speech and thought.

Isaiah 5:20 warns, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" American society is swiftly approaching the point of no return when those that run our educational institutions would rather the nation's children be acquainted with the most shameful of deeds and desires rather than the noblest of truths that have inspired the highest of ideals of millennia

by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welfare Skanks Urged To Withhold Sex From Those Opposing Obamacare

DC Cop pulling gun on snowball mob ought to be commended rather than condemned.

Had the frozen projectiles beeen hurled at Obama's limo, the officer would have only been following procedure.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arnold vs. Palin

How's that for a wrestlemania event.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Student Suspended & Ordered Sent To Headshrinkers For Drawing Cross

Had the lad placed his art work in a vat of urine he could qualify for a government grant or, if he peed on it himself, he could get his own HBO sitcom.

School officials claim the child is guilty of drawing a "violent picture".

Newsflash, boys --- unless you want them emasculated and docile --- draw violent pictures.

With China on the move around the world and the Towelheads constantly on the rampage, these scholastic sisses better pray boys keep drawing violent pictures if they want this great country to surive as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Trashpile Nations Demand Environmental Handouts

One cannot help but feel a sense of relief when these kinds of negotiations fall apart.

However, since Obama can't recuse himself from brown-nosing these backward Third Worlders, one has to ask how long until he goes crawling on his knees to deliver the concessions his internationalist masters demand.

Democrats Steeped In Occultism

Mohler Denounces The Patriotism Of Those Questioning Obama's Nobel

Hyperpurified Water Kills

History Channel Denounces America

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oral Roberts hospitalized. Should we assume this is the result of a lack of faith?

If a faith healer can't heal himself, he better keep his mits off of me.

University in a tizzy that only 20% of bicyclists female.

Is amazing the things that will set the Leftist mind into a handwringing depression. Before it's all over with, bet men will be chewed out for doing even environmentally aware things.

Peacemongers Rampage At Climate Summitt

I guess the flares don't give off greenhouse emissions or I guess "carbon offsets" have been purchased that go straight into Al Gore's pockets.

More importantly, I guess this human debris walked to the summitt.

Congress to probe if scholastic admission standards lowered for men. Did they investigate when the criteria lowered for Blacks?

And for that matter, is Congress also going to investigate young men having to pay higher insurance rates when even insurance agents today will admit the contemporary female is as every bit as scatterbrained as her male counterpart?

And even if they weren't, doesn't the emphasis on "egalitarianism" dictate in the name of fairness the same price irrespective of how the plumbing is hooked up?

Will Obama Speech Police Patrol Your Thoughts?

Look Of Resignation In His Eyes Shows Who Really Runs White House

Can we say "whipped"?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apostates Devise New Ways To Spoil Everyone’s Christmas

One of the shortcomings I remember the most about the Christian elementary school I attended was how a number of the less-than dedicated educators would punish all of the students for the misbehavior of a single pupil. To this day, I remain convinced this had more to do with lazy teachers preferring not to mess around with recess than correcting actually delinquency.

As miniature societies, the dynamics of schools often reflect the processes that govern nations and countries. Unfortunately, the good students --- or rather citizens in the macrocosmic case --- are having something that is by every right their's taken away just because those in charge don't want to deal with those out to ruin things for everyone.

For nearly 15 years (or at least since I've been writing about the topic annually), Christians and allied conservatives have waged a noble effort against secularists claiming the First Amendment, through an expansionist interpretation of the Separation Clause, forbids the erection of Nativity scenes and even less conspicuously devout Christmas symbols on public property.

Since Christmas has become a pivotal component of our culture, most Americans instinctively recoil at efforts to banish the beloved winter festival even if they are not particularly religious. Thus to be successful, secularists realized they would need to pursue a different strategy.

One of the foundational dictums (feigning a posture of sophistication, those of this mindset eschew the notion of creeds) of radical ecumenicalism is that, if you can’t beat them, join them. However, the ecumenicalist does not seek union or compromise with the more thoroughgoing traditionalist for the purposes of common ground but rather to eventually wear down the traditionalist to the point where the traditionalist capitulates to the original demands of the ecumenicalist.

For example, realizing that Americans aren’t willing to give up the public recognition of Christmas yet esteem the idea of fairness nearly as much, a number of wily atheists decided on a new strategy. These hostile unbelievers surmised, “Fine, we will allow you to have your religious display provided we are granted equal access to put up a display depicting our beliefs as well.”

Frankly, in some ways they had a point as it is often through verbal conflict one not only comes away better knowing what one’s opponent believes but what you believe as well. After all, Americans --- both devout and apostate alike --- are often complacent in regards to both theology and politics.

However, a critical populace of an analytical inclination is the last thing the government wants. And in the clamp down to prevent an outbreak of citizens thinking for themselves rather than handing the process of ratiocination over to leftist bureaucrats, even more radical academics and the media dupes of each, victory by default is handed over to the more malevolent brand of secularist.

It is pretty much the establishmentarian consensus that public displays commemorating America’s religious roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition cannot be directly set up by the government. Rather, in most instances, a public forum is established with a mad dash being made by adherents of the respective viewpoints to get permits to sponsor the annual display or to divvy up the space equally.

Thing of it is there is only a finite amount of space in most government buildings even if the power of the agencies housed therein often is not while the number of worldviews clamoring for public acclaim in an age of pluralism is nearly infinite. The rational American at their noblest wanting to see the greatest number possible satisfied and at their most base just wanting the incessant whiners to shut up would probably be willing to accept a Nativity with a snowman, a Menorah, and possibly even a flying spaghetti monster to please the acolytes of evolutionist Richard Dawkins though most would be rolling their eyes and mumbling under their breath about it.

In an age where every viewpoint is considered equally valid, who is to say more eccentric belief systems are not as worthy of exhibiting their own Yuletide emblems? For example, upon opening their display space to both the glory and Hades bound alike, the Washington State Capitol saw the erection of a Festivus pole, a fabricated holiday popularized by the minds behind Seinfeld, at least one of whom now thinks it is comical to urinate on artistic portrayals of Christ.

Where does it end? Since Star Wars has also weaved itself into the Christmas fabric of many that grew up during the 70’s and 80’s (just recall the fan film “Christmas Tauntauns” as well as the Star Wars Christmas special Lucas is claimed to have seldom acknowledged the existence of with its Wookie Life Festival), are we going to allow a display to this as well?

In the name of getting a handle on this, the Washington State Capitol has banned all holiday displays from the building. Leesburg, Virginia tried to pursue a similar policy, but rescinded the edict after citizen outcry against the abrupt ending of a tradition that extended back decades.

Of those of the mind that we must downplay the acknowledgement of certain statutorily recognized holidays because certain elements of the population finds them disturbing, does that mean we also eschew all other civic commemorations because a scant few find these others distasteful as well? For example, should Martin Luther King Jr. festivities transpiring on or near public property be cancelled since there a few that know this figure was hardly the godlike personage he is portrayed to be in the popular memory but rather someone with questionable Community ties and faulty theological assumptions no matter how laudable certain aspects of his philosophy might have been.

More importantly, what about Black History or other assorted ethnic supremacy months? One reason no one is suppose to mention Christmas since to do so is to be "divisive" because it is not a celebration that everyone embraces.

So because around three percent have an attitude problem, the rest of us are suppose to sit around with out lips sealed shut. Few would admit it for fear of losing their jobs or having rocks hurled through automobile windshields as I can assure you does occur when one enunciates positions on these kinds of subjects other than the one insisted upon by the diversitymongers. However, there are definitely more than three percent of the Caucasian population that, if you could assure them that there would be no repercussions, would admit to opposing these fill-in-the-flavor-of-the-month history months.

As Ann Coulter, I believe it was, once remarked the United States is not a bus stop. All should be free from violence and deliberate mistreatment even if their ideas fall outside the norm. However, as a nation, Americans should not have to cower in shame before a few disgruntled malcontents whose rights have otherwise been upheld and protected.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, December 10, 2009

White acquaitance told she has to put up with racist names at work because she's in the minority. Bet she's not allowed to call them sambo though.

Arianna Huffington wants government to take Beck off the air. She proof that some women are better seen than heard.

Now Racist To Mispronounce Names

Just think, if Rep. Jan Schakowsky was properly domesticated and went by her married name of Creamer, we wouldn't be having this problem.

One hopes these ethnic rackets will spend as much time castigating their respective memberships that refuse to learn English.

Open Degenerate Elected Bishop

They always look the part too.

We all sin, but why should we heed the call to righteousness by someone that doesn't even feel shame for their flagrant shortcomings but rather wallows in them with pride.

But then again, about the only things still labelled sins these days is insisting that sin exists, failure to become a mindless drone of the COMMUNITY, and for thinking America as envisioned by the Founding Fathers is not the source of all the worlds troubles but rather one of the few places where most of these ills are kept reasonably at bay.

by Frederick Meekins

University Declares Ideological Jihad Against Whites

To Obama Minion, Safe Schools Include Oral Sex & Fisting

Obama Nazifies Christmas

Some may claim that headline is a little strong.

But if one goes back and studies history, one finds that Hitler also deemphasized the religious aspects of Christmas in deference to a generalized "winter holiday".

Interesting how Il Duce was all agush over the contributions of Islam to civilization during the White House Ramadan commemoration.

Yet Christianity is giving minimalist recognition as merely a generalized world relgion with "universal themes".

Obama's initial desire to forego the Nativity display altogether lends further confirmation to my theory that, like a vampire, he cannot stand the name of God and more specifically Christ.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Obama cancels lunch with Norway's King. That monarch must be too white as Big O had no problem bowing to Japanese Emperor

If the fruitbasket & the cheescake wheel are the same price, you've got to be a deluded Leftist to buy the fruitbasket instead.

Am looking at these rich people's gifts in some mail order catalog.

What kind of doofus is going to want a fruitbasket over a cheesecake?

Buying someone a $75 fruit basket is a classy gift. Give them an apple & box of saltines & you are a Scrooge? But aren't these the same thing?

Christmas Observation

Why is the one that stops sending cards after never having them reciprocated accused of having the “ungodly attitude” but not the receiver that never responded in gratitude in the first place?

If You Condemn Beck, Even More For Gore

If Beck is to be condemned for castigating worthless paper currency while being sponsored by a gold investor, shouldn't Al Gore's environmental fearmongering be called into question since he rakes in millions through investments in alleged "clean technology"

Optimus Prime Retires

Does The USA Have A Space Fleet Piloted By ET's?

Women Blowing Away Home Intruder Has Nothing To Be Sorry About

Monday, December 07, 2009

Workplace equality means women doing their share of the janitorial duties as well.

Paul McCartney Propagandizes For "Meatless Monday"

Vegetarianism certainly did his wife Linda who died of cancer lots of good. But I guess by that point, the drugs from the 60's had probably already done her in.

Eco-Sluts Of The New World Order

UN Bans WorldNetDaily From Climate Conference

Friday, December 04, 2009

Raisin Girl Gets Boob Job

I guess the marketing pitch for her would have to be thinner face, thicker chest.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Will Melancholy Individualists Be Castigated As Subversives

Bet we won't get any ribbon draped over the White House.

White House Defiled For World AIDS Day

Will there be a Christmas wreath this large placed on the front of the White House?

If I was a bookie, I'd start a betting pool as to whether or not Obama will be able to say the name Jesus at the tree lighting ceremony.

More importantly, will there be other decorations in honor of diseases that actually claim more victims but whose sufferers are less likely to throw hissy fits if the world does not stand around and applaud how they came down with the affliction?

Obama's Arrogance Without Limits

Obama's arrogance knows no limits.

He bumps Charlie Brown Christmas special to next week.

Must have been that Linus Gospel recitation Il Duce did not want to hear, proving once more that like a vampire he can't stand Christ's name.

It is always those professing their toleration & broadmindnesses that are the least forgiving.

If Tiger Wood wasn't Black, would he have been fawned over all these years?

Cherly Crowe to be at National Christmas tree lighting. Wonder if this witch flew into town on a single sheet of toilet paper.

Police Finally Do What Huckabee Wouldn't