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Hard economic times must have hit Narnia as well. Seems Aslan is the new spokescat for Food Lion in commercials.

Doesn't “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” convey the message that a thief that returns what belonged to you to begin with should be rewarded? The special should have ended with his corpse hanging from the tree in the town square. If the Who's in Whoville weren't so soft on crime, the Grinch would have been too afraid to loot their village.

Isn't 8:30 am on Thanksgiving when a sizable percentage might not even be out of bed a little early to activate the telephone prayer chain? So it's worth the risk of someone getting up and breaking a hip forcing them into the hospital because someone else is on the way to the hospital? God's last name is not Gallup or even Zogby. He's not more likely to answer a prayer the way that you want it just because that petition's polling numbers are on the rise.

A segment on Fox News claimed it was detailing what to lookout for in order to avoid the Knock Out Game. Yet not a single word was enunciated that the assailants are overwhelmingly Trayvonite Obamaphiles. Apparently, political correctness is once again more important than public safety or survival.

Ivy League Word Games Undermine Human Dignity

In Isaiah 5:20 it says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” At the time abortion was legalized, opponents of the procedure warned that, if this moral floodgate was opened, there would be no telling what might pour through that would further devalue human life overall and increasingly erode traditional taboos.

Those professing to be enlightened and progressive scoffed that such a claim was an over-exaggeration designed to elicit fear. However, in the thirty-plus years since the legalization of abortion, some of the nation’s most celebrated academics in the most prestigious publications are now advocating that we as a society do away with infants that do not live up to some standard while going out of their way to defend the rights of animals and criminals.

Princeton Professor of Bioethics Peter Singer, who advocates bestiality (giving a whole other connotation to the phrase a boy and his dog) and animals rights as epitomized by the Great Apes Project which argues gorillas and orangutans deserve many of the protections enjoyed by human beings, believes that it is permissible to kill an infant up until 28 days after birth because an infant is not self-aware nor worthy of personhood since the baby has no preferences concerning living or dying. Furthermore, such a course of action might be of benefit to the family.

Interestingly, Singer is not some lone crank that got hold of a bad batch of pot in the faculty lounge. Professor Steven Pinker, director of MIT’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, in the November 2, 2000 issue of the New York Times Magazine defended the practice of infanticide by suggesting that the killing of an infant should be treated differently than a person.

Pinker argues that we only have a right not to be killed if we have “an ability to reflect upon ourselves as a continuous locus of consciousness, to form and savor plans for the future, to dread death, and to express the choice not to die.” Thus, infants do not qualify for protections against murder, and may be disposed of without offense.

The fundamental issue of this debate is perhaps one of the most important of all in this day of unsettled foundations. That of course is the question of what exactly is a human being.

Both Singer and Pinker argue that newborns should not enjoy legal protection from on the part of parents or the medical establishment because they are not fully human since they have not reached a certain level of development. The traditional ethical position contends that the baby is entitled to the same protections from bodily harm as any other member of the human family. Though these two professors have countless accolades and honors heaped upon them for their acclaimed erudition, both science and Biblical teaching affirm the position considered outdated by influential opinion-makers.

From scripture, it clearly teaches, “Thou shalt not murder.” And though many theologians and Bible scholars grant an exception for the taking of human life in the case of self-defense in the case of war or when confronted by someone intent on doing bodily harm and in the case of capital punishment authorized by the Noahic covenant as spelled out in Genesis 9, in no way does an infant pose the kind of threat presented by these specific exceptions. Inconvenience just does not constitute that manner of bodily harm.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” In Psalms 139:13-16 it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;...My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.”

If the embryo inside the mother is not a distinct person in his own right, how is the Lord able to know a specific collection of cells apart from the mother? Life as a continuum from conception and gestation on through birth and maturation is further confirmed in Psalms 51:5 which says, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” Nonpersons are not capable of existing in a state of sin.

Those with degrees as long as their arms cannot turn around and claim such speculations are ancient Hebrew superstitions. These prophetic revelations are confirmed by the very science the wonders of the modern world are based upon.

Both the fetus and the newborn are as genetically unique at these particular stages as the ethicists and physicians pondering the nuances of this philosophical quandary. Scott Rae writes, “(1) An adult human being is the end result of the continuous growth of the organism from conception. (2) From conception to adulthood, this development has no break that is relevant to the essential nature of the fetus. (3) Therefore, one is a human person from the point of conception onward (142).”

One of the most powerful arguments against both infanticide and abortion is that if you devalue human life at these stages, what is to prevent it from being devalued at other stages by radical utilitarians and the like? This is what happens when the standard suggested by both Peter Singer and Steven Pinker is employed.

For starters, what even is a “continuous locus of consciousness” and even if we knew, how many would even want to reflect upon it? Furthermore, even if one did, shouldn’t human value be based on something more than whether or not the individual is tickled pink at the prospect of his own belly button?

What if the individual does not temporarily possess the ability to reflect upon oneself as a “continuous locus of consciousness”; does this mean the disgruntled spouse has a window of opportunity each night to whack their mate as the sleep and get a get of jail free card? After all, during many stages of sleep one is not even aware of one’s surroundings much less one’s inner emotional workings.

The other criteria used to determine whether or not an infant is worthy of life are no less troubling. Both Pinker and Singer hold to a standard that an individual is not worthy of life unless one has the ability to ask to be kept alive.

If that is the case, if one slips on the ice and knocks themselves out, they had better come to before the ambulance gets there because who knows what organ hungry doctors would do if this criteria is allowed to play itself out. Before you know it, your kidneys and corneas could be on airplanes headed in multiple directions.

All joking aside, Pinker’s comments especially cause one to stop and pause to wonder if these remarks could be used to justify a sliding scale for human life not all that different than the blue books used by insurance companies to assess automobile depreciation. For example, Pinker says, to be worthy of life, one must savor plans for the future and dread death. Since the twenty-year old has more of these than the eighty-year old, doesn’t it then follow that it would be a greater offense to kill the twenty-year old than the eighty year-old? If the Professor has raised his children in light of such values, I trust for his own sake he does not let his guard down around them for fear of what he might find being plunged in his back as he ages.

Furthermore, who at some point in their lives (especially during the moody teenage years) hasn’t gone through a period where they didn’t care one way or the other whether life continued or not? Even if one is no where near jumping off the root of a building or suck fumes out of an exhaust pipe hasn't gone through times where the thought did not transiently skip across out minds how much easier things would be if we simply didn't wake up the next day. That did not mean that those around us had the right to do away with us.

It has been said that a society will be judged by how it treats its weakest members. If current academic opinion about how easily the unborn can be discarded is any kind of barometer, America could be in for a tumultuous twenty-first century.

By Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Issue Of Personhood Foundational In Bioethical Debates

In numerous bioethical debates approached from a secular perspective, many seemingly noble principles such as autonomy, individual choice, dignity, the common good, and the preservation of limited resources are invoked to justify various positions. However, when these complex issues are approached from a Judeo-Christian perspective, many times the implications and morality of these decisions are altered profoundly.

Perhaps the most fundamental concern raised by a standpoint informed by the principles of the Bible is none other than personhood. Though something we each possess, its value varies drastically depending on the worldview each of us brings to the concept.

For example, to the person living out a consistently evolutionary or materialistic perspective, the idea of personhood is not that important since it is merely an arbitrarily contrived social and intellectual construct with no inherent worth other than what we decide to give it. Thus, it is no major concern if the concept is altered to exclude those at the extreme ends of life’s continuum unable to sustain themselves apart from intensive medical intervention.

However, if one approaches the matter from the Judeo-Christian perspective, the concept of personhood impacts dramatically the techniques and procedures one finds morally justifiable. Since man is made in the image of God, the life and spirit of man (his personhood if you will) is unique in all of creation. As such, it is due a respect placing it just below the reverence due God Himself.

Since the human being holds a special place in the heart of God, it is God Himself that establishes the guidelines regarding how we are permitted to relate to and treat other human beings. In Genesis 9:6, where God establishes His covenant with Noah it says, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man”. Later in the Ten Commandments this decree is reiterated in the command “Thou shalt not commit murder”.

From this, it is established that it is morally incorrect to take an innocent human life not having itself taken another human life. Therefore, it is improper to deliberately take a human life that does not threaten yours or has not violated the law.

Since the minds of men dwell continually on evil, a number of wily thinkers attempt to skirt around the issue by redefining personhood to make it distinct from the humanity of these individuals facing the prospects of having these procedures inflicted upon them. However, even these attempts prove inadequate as they endeavor to describe things how some would like them to be rather than how God created them.

For humanity/personhood is something one possesses inherently rather than bestowed upon you as a result of having reached some developmental milestone. The individual remains a distinct biological entity throughout the continuum of existence.

If anything, by limiting personhood to those having reached some arbitrary standard such as viability, quickening, or sentience speaks more to the limitations of medical science than an actual state of ontology. And with advances, these frontiers are being pushed back further all the time.

Things are now to the point where doctors are able to do surgery inside the mother’s womb. A photo of one such procedure where a tiny hand reached out of the mother’s abdomen got Matt Drudge fired from the Fox News Network. It was feared such an image might unsettle or disturb the consciences of viewers regarding the issue of abortion.

Scott Rae in “Moral Choices: An Introduction To Ethics” concludes his examination of the abortion issue with the following argument advocating for personhood of the unborn: “(1) An adult human being is the end result of the continuous growth of the organism from conception... (2) From conception to adulthood this development has no break that is relevant to the essential nature of the fetus... (3) Therefore, one is a human person from the point of conception onward (142).”

by Frederick Meekins

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Claim All Links Are Equal If You Aren't Willing To Treat Them That Way

The founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian told a university audience, “If all links are created equal, the Internet is the world’s largest stage and platform for ideas.”

But apparently not all links are viewed as equal on the site if a number of moderators are censoring or suppressing access to alternative sources of information through the site to the right side of the political spectrum.

It might be retorted that on a private website it is well within its rights to propagate the vision of the world that it sees fit.

However, in comparing the rhetoric that claims to celebrate the bold expression of all ideas without fear of rejection or of the consequences and a reality where some ideas are forbidden as being less than equal than others, those caught redhanded in such a conceptual cookie jar are in part responsible for the long steady march towards the totalitarianism that Orwell warned about.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Inklings: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and Their Friends by Humphrey Carpenter


C.S. Lewis: The Heart Behind Mere Christianity

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Fanatic Homeschool Suggests Those That Don't Procreate Go To Hell

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Malcolm Guite On C.S. Lewis

Celebrating C.S. Lewis

According to a story in a local paper, apparently sexually assaulting someone after they get liquored up after playing beer pong is a greater outrage than sexually assaulting someone after simply getting them liquored up. So is it that there is something inherently more immoral about beer pong or that the state is somehow not getting a tax cut from a gaming element being added?

Mike Wallace Interviews Aldous Huxley About "A Brave New World"

Cal Thomas Considers Kennedy, Huxley & Lewis

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British Telegraph Examines Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

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EU Parliamentarian Daniel Hannan Reflects On Lewis, Huxley & Kennedy

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Huxley Foretold Of The Dictatorship Of Debauched Pleasure

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Food Fascists Conspire Against The McRib

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Albert Mohler Considers Kennedy, Huxley & Lewis

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Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley by Peter Kreeft

Thursday, November 21, 2013

National Review: The Kennedy Cult

Should The Church Embrace Postmodernism?

Another Hyles/Anderson Bigwig Can't Control Himself Around Young Girls

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Southern Baptist Seminary President Insists Pedophiles Should Walk Free & Proud

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Anti-Second Amendment Congresswoman Rendered Defenseless During Mugging

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Origins Of New Apostolic Reformation

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Costco Mislables Bibles As Fiction. No News Of Riots Spreading Throughout Turdworld Christian Communities

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If Paula Deen had been scheduled to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her accomplishments in gastronomic broadcasting and just days before the award was bestowed upon her it was revealed that decades earlier she uttered the “N-Word” to her husband after a gun had been put in her face, should she have still be extended this honor? If not, then why was Oprah Winfrey still allowed to receive her's despite salivating on national television over the prospect the deaths of elderly White people?

Tom Woods On Independent Journalism

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Should Asperger's Victims Be Granted Free Reign To Terrorize Others?

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What Does The New Apostolic Reformation Believe?

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Cut out their welfare and I doubt deadbeats would have gathered in line already for Black Friday Bargains.

Trayvonite Playing Knockout Game Gets Shot Like He Deserves

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TD Jakes & Mark Driscoll Advocate Modalism

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Kuwait Proposes Anal Exams To Ferret Out Gays

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Obama Heaps Accolades Upon Avowed Racists, Babykillers & Perverts

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Is DC Comics Considering A Nightwing Movie?

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Is Ragnarok Looming?

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Pope Reminds God Always Forgives The Repentnat

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Nazi Cops & The Abuse Of Power: How To Minimize Petty Tyranny

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The Future Of Conservatism

The Hypersocialized Generation

Lee Webb Jumps Pat Robertson's Sinking Ship To Join Ligioner Ministries

The Brave New World Of Media

How Journalism's Past Became Journalism's Future

Hipsters Bask In The Joy Of Infanticide

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A critic of social media at a Ligioner conference said the words “monetized relationship” like it was a bad thing. But isn’t that marriage essentially is? One partner gives certain things so that they can get certain things in return. Women feigning shock at such an observation wouldn’t marry a poor man if he was the last one on earth and men posturing how much more valiant than these sentiments would have no interest in the relationship if it meant never seeing their wife with her cloths off.

The same leftwing female campus ministers working to set up a place where WOMENNNNN can be inspired through “storytelling, mentoring, and connection” would probably burn their bras in protest if they wore any if news got out that Promisekeepers was conspiring in a similar fashion on behalf of men in an academic setting.

Palestinian Terrorist Seeks Assistance Of Jewish Doctors

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A critic of social media at a Ligioner conference remarked that the sense of COMMUNITY created through these communication technologies is false because no one is there to lift you up should you become discouraged. However, if one turns to those in positions of conventional church authority during such times, you are often just reamed a new one for having fallen into sin over something as minor as not having one of those chicken-excrement smiles plastered across your face.

A critic of social media at a Ligionier denounced these kinds of websites because the providers would rather monetize than connect with you. So I guess the speaker wasn’t provided with a fee for his services and all of the tickets to the event were provided gratis on a first in line basis. Interesting how in Christian circles it’s appropriate for some to make money from the goods and services that they provide but not others.

Rick Warren Throws Support Behind Establishment Of Non-Episcopal Anglican Church

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Why John Lennon Was A Scumbag

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Rise Of The Robowarriors

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How To Prepare A Sermon

A Baptist pastor opposed to the existence of cinema complained how the media spreads doctrinally false assumptions and ideas about the Afterlife. But isn't that the outcome to be expected if Christians are to be actively discouraged from pursuing careers and callings in the creative endeavors?

A Baptist pastor opposed to the existence of cinema complained how the media spreads doctrinally false assumptions and ideas about the Afterlife. But isn't that the outcome to be expected if Christians are to be actively discouraged from pursuing careers and callings in the creative endeavors?

An Introduction To G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy

A Baptist pastor complained about contemporary parents having to provide entertainment, activities, or toys for their children. In other words, once those of this mindset have had their fun making the child (with the minimal amount of movement possible in order to avoid the possibility of such gyrations potentially leading to dancing), they pretty much just want a child to make themselves look good. The rest of the time, I guess, the child is obligated to occupy their time rocking back and forth chanting Scripture like a student in some kind of Christianized madrassa. This pastor continued that he did not think that parents do not need to provide their children with toys or activities because these did not exist for centuries. That's because most of your kids would have died before they were five years old, the rest were worked to death in the fields or sent off to fight in their lieges' wars, and the few that made it through all that were probably eager to be planted in the ground by the time they were 45 years old. But those were the good all days were are suppose to be eager to get back to.

According to an anti-movie preacher, those that think that motion pictures can serve as a method through which to reach the lost with the Gospel are guilt of the sin of Uza who was struck dead for touching the Ark of the Covenant to keep the scared relic from falling to the ground. Granted, nothing can replace the foolishness of preaching in spreading the salvation message. However, what is to be done with creative types within the church? The way these hardline fundamentalist churches are operated, there is no way there individuals are going to be allowed to express themselves unless they are part of the in crowd that run these places. Most will be shouted down with a Bible pingpong bashing if they even raise a question that has the hint of clashing with the interpretation preferred by the pastoral staff or Sunday school teachers. If these types ever took over, it would probably be a daily marching out to the equivalent of the Cambodian rice paddies of anyone that dare exhibit literary inclinations.

A pastor opposed to entertainment suggested that parents should toss out anything as soon as it violates the guidelines of Philippians 4:8. Does this include passages of Scripture such as when Tammar was raped by her half-brother or when David got so horny watching Bathsheba bathe that he was willing to have his devoted friend murdered in his pursuit of her? So if ugly details are allowed in the Bible as a way of arriving at more profound truths, why is such a literary strategy to be forbidden in other forms of narrative?

A Baptist pastor bragged how, if his son exhibited any signs of liking or loving something more than Christ, it was gone. Wonder how long until the child learned that particular household it did not matter so much what was happened on an individual's inside so long as the boy learned to squawk the expected platitudes on signal like an exceptional trained parrot.

It seems that the pastor of a series of sermons against the existence of motion pictures has himself been the subject of allegations that he undermined a child molestation investigation of those on his pastoral staff. Seems to me that the Bible speaks more against bearing false witness and that those harming children would be better off with a millstone placed around their necks than whether or not sequential film footage is used in the production of dramatic narrative. A church that has had a pedophile problem on the pastoral staff doesn't exactly have much of a leg to stand on in condemning dating as part of its congregational constitution.

Gettysburg: The Graphic History of America's Most Famous Battle and the Turning Point of The Civil War

Religious Fanatics Deem Hypothermia & Preemptive Beatings Appropriate Child Training Techniques

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Obama Removes God From Gettysburg Address

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Will Skynet Grand Marshall The Thanskgiving Day Parade?

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Aussie Lady Bishop Preaches Christ's Death Upon The Cross Not A Ransom Or Punishment For Our Sins

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Peeping Tom Fatally Wounded At Liberty University

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God equips every believer with a spiritual gift. However, for whatever reason, they are not always able to exercise it within the context of the formal organized church.

Stan Lee To Examine The Chinese Zodiac & Esoteric Brotherhoods

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British Eunuchs Free Sand Heathen Raping Toddler

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Deranged Trayvonite Runs Down White Couple In Parking Lot

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Terrorists Consider Surgically Implantable Explosive Devices

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Guess it's easier and a better grandstanding opportunity to hold food drives for their employees rather than pay them a better salary or let them have the day old bread. If Amelia's in PA can sell semi-expired food with no one croaking from it, there's no reason Walmart couldn't do the same for its folks.

Laying The White Guilt On Thick To Maintain A Stranglehold On Power

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EWTN Interview Of Newt Gingrich On Obamacare

The cover of the 11/25/2013 issue of The Nation is titled “The Grand Old Tea Party: Why Today's Whack Birds Are Just Like Yesterday's Wingnuts”. Accompanying the title are caricatures of Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich, Joe McCarthy, and Barry Goldwater. Say what you want about these figures. But unlike the Occupy movement of the pages of this publication best suited to line the bottom of a bird cage, none of these men ever defecated on the side of a police cruiser.

Give Thanks Unto The Lord

A Baptist pastor I've been listening to an audio sermon tirade against the existence of cinema has linked to the spread of debauchery those seeking pain relief (especially that related to child birth). He then proceeded to denounce the contemporary American as soft and lazy. That's basically code for wanting the pews filled with the brainwashed fanatically doing as they are told. Ministers such as these would probably be quite happy and content in the ranks of the Taliban.

A Baptist pastor condemned Sunday School studies that used as a discussion starter the Beverly Hillbillies and Mayberry. So if cultural references are off limits, is the Apostle Paul to be condemned in his address on the Aeropagus for mentioning the altar to the unknown god or the quote from a pagan poet about in God how we live, move, and have our being? And if no Christian is to be acquainted with the popular culture, how were those assembled supposed to understand the like kryptonite to Superman simile utilized in the sermon? In the kind of regime advocated by these ultralegalists, shouldn't such a remark be grounds for defrocking the pastor?

Martin Bashir Aroused By The Prospect Of Making Wee Wee & Dookie On Sarah Palin

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Scientologists Open Psychic Warfare Training Center

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Will The American Medical System Collapse Within A Year?

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Obama Allows Russian Missle Targetting Sytems To Be Erected Accross The US

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Apparently the idealized Christian world we are supposed to endeavor to implement before Christ even returns is one where women can’t vote without a man’s permission and where forms of popular culture such as movies and amusement parks are to be condemned (and thus probably forbidden) not in terms of content but rather as forms of expression altogether. I find such a realm no more appealing in which to dwell than a secularized debauched or totalitarian dystopia.

A pastor opposed to movies claimed that allowing a desire for innocent entertainment in children will lead to a desire for “adult entertainment” when they have matured. So I guess the title of that tract would be “From Bunnies To Bunnies: The Journey From Fuzzy Lagmomorphs To Heffner’s Groto”.

A pastor opposed to cinema also condemned the notion of fun from the standpoint of the terms etymological origins as “vulgar merriment”. I bet his wife finds him a real hoot in the sack.

A pastor opposed to the cinema tossed in for good measure condemnation of Vacation Bible Schools that attempt to reach children through entertainment. But if it’s not fun, on what grounds are children obligated to attend Vacation Bible School? Given its not directly commanded in the pages of Scripture, you can’t very well guilt them into attending.

Archbishop Of Canterbury Warns Against A Hog Wild Christmas

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A Baptist opposed to movies condemned cinema because the medium can evoke emotions such as fear in response to situations that the viewer is not actually experiencing directly at the moment. But don’t Bible stories and passages often do something categorically similar? For example, those such as the Book of Revelation that describe death on a planetary scale in the hopes that the reader will come to a particular decision regarding Christ.

Steamboat Willie Still Puffing Along After 85 Years

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If Paula Deen should lose her fortune for simply using the “N-Word” in a private conversation with her husband after a gun was put to her head, shouldn’t Oprah be forced into a similar state of financial ruination for having yearned for the death of an entire race of people?

Monster Survival Guide is broadcast on the National Geographic Network. Though always laced with evolution propaganda, I remember back when things connected with that name at least exhibited an air of scientific and scholarly class about them.

Was Crazed Anthropologist Sex Slave Of The Elf Lords?

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A Lutheran Review Of "Thor: A Dark World"

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Pope Confesses Most Marian Apparitions Spiritually Fraudulent

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Oprah Calls For The Genocide Of Elderly Whites Critical Of Obama

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Dark Matter Of Transhumanism

Developing An Apologetic Mind (Part 1)

Huffington Post Badmouths Vigiliant Conservatives Catching The Effort To Normalize Pedophilia

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Deranged Faith Healer No Mercy For The Shell Shocked

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The Lucrative Bodily Fluids Market

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Will Dolly Parton Hologram Keep Her Uplifted & Perky Forever?

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Everyone across the Internet is enjoying a good laugh at the White supremacist whose DNA test on a talk show hardly anyone has heard of until now came back with the results that the racialist is genetically 14% sub-Saharan African. Is that enough to earn him Affirmative Action handouts and set asides? Can he now publically say the N-Word like his kinsmen now without fear of violence or economic sanctions being inflicted upon him? If not, he is still for all intensive purposes White.

Coptic Hierarch Lays Out The Smackdown Against The Episcopal Church

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Innovative Family Economies: Self Publishing

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Are Vatican Luciferians Planning To Assasinate Pope Francis With Mafia Assitance?

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The Story Telling Podcast #16: Writing Fantasy

What's the big fuss about the frozen McRib photo? Is not like you are seeing a picture of the cow or whatever creature those things happen to be made of being killed.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Act Careers

Alienology: A Leap Of Faith In The Wrong Direction?

Glenn Beck Interviews Ann Coulter About Never Trusting A Liberal Over 3

Will China Conqueor The Moon?

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Almost Human Examines The Implications Of Synthetic Lifeforms

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Culture Fascists Want Duggars Destroyed For Comparing Abortion To Holocaust

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Theology & The Future Of The Southern Baptist Convention

Are Jihadists Training In Syria To Launch Terrorist Attacks Against America?

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Pope Asks This Day Whom Will You Serve

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Carolina Hammerhead Discovered

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Should Animals Be Manumitted?

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What Proof Is There That The Vatican Is Displaying St. Peter's Bones?

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Will British Anti-Annoyance Laws Targetting Christians Also Apply To Radical Islamists?

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Obamacare Celebrates Whoremongery

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Michael Savage 11/13/2013 Broadcast

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1: The Hypothetical Gentleman

National Review: Tattered Liberty

WMAL Morning Host Losing Touch With Moral Conservatism

WMAL is a station in the Washington Metropolitan Area where listeners can turn for solid conservative opinion throughout the broadcast day.

However, regarding Mornings On The Mall co-host Larry O'Connor, one might be advised to turn a skeptical ear.

On the 11/4/23 edition, he intoned that the only law he believed in in regards to the immigration debate was that of supply and demand.

So does that mean that if there was a market for outright slavery that that particular form of peonage would be acceptable?

O'Connor's response regarding news of the alleged harassment by Miami Dolphin's Ritchie Incognito of teammate Jonathan Martin involving death threats and the expression of a desire to defecate in his victim's mouth was little better in terms of the moral position enunciated.

According to O'Connor, instead of filing a complaint about the matter, a 300 pounder should have settled the issue like a man.

That is, of course, being euphemism to take the matter outside.

As we learned from Kenny Rogers' “Coward Of The County”, sometimes you have to fight when you're a man.

However, Martin's girth is of no relevance, especially when he'd be confronting others of similar size possibly given to homoerotic violence.

Why shouldn't Martin avail himself of the procedures intended for the purposes of preventing the situation from escalating to a point of no return where the individual defending himself might end up facing a litany of legal or criminal charges?

By Frederick Meekins

New Age Aliens

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Blue Collar Intellectuals

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The Dark Horse Of Techno-Fascism

Will Totalitarian Dictatorships Seize Control Of UN Human Rights Council?

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Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism

Will The Vatican Go Soft On Abortion?

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Are Christian College Staff Allowed To Engage In Activities That Would Get Students Booted From Campus?

Click On The headline

So I guess the way to keep your status in hardline Independent Fundamentalist Baptist circles if you have been there from day one is to marry a divorced person and then cop that your initial confession of faith wasn't sincere to begin with. Otherwise, you'll not be anything other than a wallet to dump into the collection plate for the rest of your life. Interesting how God can still use you that way but in no other if that is the path you pursue.

Tolerancemongers Demand Uniform Sex Education Policy

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Will Government Detect You Cussing Under Your Breath?

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Columnist Rachel Alexander On The Second Amendment Implications Of Obamacare

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Amish Vampires From Outer Space

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 1932

Anti-Christmas Messianic Rabbi Accuses Christmas Of Spreading Islam

Jesuit College To Punish Students Defending Themselves Against Brigand

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Conan O'Brien Condemned For Observing Islam Sanctions Polygamy

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Will Police Dogs Be Eliminated To Placate Islamists?

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It is quite revealing the steps taken by factions of the New World Order to promote its agenda and undermine the critics against it. For example, NBC slaps a viewer discretion warning on Revolution when all the program does is dramatize what life will be like after society collapses. But little is said before an episode of Dracula begins despite that programs copious fornication, vampirism, and the occult.

Refuting Non-Christian Worldviews

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Jewish Parent Investigated As Neo-Nazi For Questioning Educational Bias

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Pope Francis Admits God Not Necessarily Catholic

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Atheists Establish Megachurch

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Swedish Archbishop Blasphemes The Creed

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A Lutheran Review Of Ender's Game

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Russian Artist Nailing His Testicles To The Pavement In Red Square Deserves Not A Shred Of Pity

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Friday, November 08, 2013

In The Traditions Of Her Father

Hillary Advocates Bull In A China Shop Police State While In Buffalo

In a speech in Buffalo, New York, Hillary Clinton let slip a startling degree of insight into her political ideology and philosophy of government.

Responding to a heckler carted off by security, the former Senator and Secretary of State admonished that citizenship does not involve yelling but rather coming together to sit down and talk about the kind of future that we want as a nation.

Hecklers should be removed from such settings and not allowed to disrupt the message those gathered have assembled to hear.

However, the incident raises a number of questions.

Does this prohibition against raucous and uncontrolled vocalization of a disturbing volume also apply to those the former First Lady and presidential-aspirant would consider her allies or simply her opponents?

Back during the Bush Presidency in her role as Senator during debate surrounding the Patriot Act, Hillary Clinton reminded (in a rather loud voice it should be pointed out) reminded dissent was itself the highest form of patriotism.

Even more disturbing was how Hillary categorized the heckler.

Instead of simply calling for the removal of this disruptive nuisance refusing to exercise the First Amendment in an orderly manner, Hillary suggested that this individual typified any that would dare challenge or disagree with her publicly.

Thus, in a Hillary regime, would those in Congress refusing to go along with her and more importantly the citizens daring to speak out against her be similarly manhandled by the federal security establishment?

We do indeed need to talk about the kind of future we want for America.

However, the kind of future advocated by Hillary will simply bring additional ruination upon this once great country.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Certain Fundamentalists Grasp At Straws In Exaggerating Halloween's Evils

Interesting how Baptists that start out a message assuring that what they are expounding is simply one perspective on a given topic would not allow a second opinion on the same topic to be enunciated from their pulpit until Hell froze over.

One such example is none other than Halloween.

One pastor opposed to Halloween argued that Halloween is wrong because God has not given us a spirit of fear.

As such, the pastor went on , Christ never uses fear but only hope to achieve His purposes.

What about the terrifying images from the Book of Revelation?

Sure, the redeemed come out fine, but what about those that don’t come to accept Christ as Lord and Savior?

And what about the vast majority of sermons (such as those against Halloween) that invoke the most frightening examples, anecdotes, and evidence possible to scare listeners into certain behaviors?

For example, it has been argued that the policy at some Christian colleges of forbidding men and women in the same elevator is justified to prevent rape or false allegations of such.

I have even heard it claimed that Christians should avoid movie theaters altogether not simply because of the content of the movie but because someone once heard a rumor that teens they knew had played tonsil tennis and possible even more while frequenting such entertainment venues.

This same Baptist also admonished that Halloween is wrong because it glorifies death and death is the result of sin, thus something we ought to be ashamed of.

While death is the wages of sin, it should also be made clear that dying is not yet something else we have to beg forgiveness for and feel guilty about.

The necrotic state is more something imposed upon us.

Psychology suggests that fairy tale villains are necessary for youngsters to come to grips with the reality of evil in the world.

So provided the commemorations don’t become overly macabre, doesn’t something like Halloween help make manageable the grim terror that stalks each one of us to the end of the terminal condition known as earthly life?

By Frederick Meekins

Aliens, Angels and the Fourth Dimension

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Humanist Of The Year Calls For Mandatory Systematic Mass Infanticide

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Leftwing Jesuits Call For The Abolition Of Fossil Fuels

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Underwood & Paisley Denounced As Racist For Spoofing Obama Care

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World War III: Are We Losing?

Nephillim Theory Vs. The Ancient Alien Hypothesis

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Do Cops Have The Right To Dig Around In Your Anus Without Proof Searching For Drugs?

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Culture & Contemplation

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Foul-Mouthed Pastor

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Food Fascists Conspire Against Transfats

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

God Versus Particle Phyiscs

Happy Thanksgiving Tract

Try the Spirits: 9 Demons We Fight in Spiritual Warfare

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Loki Develops Devoted Following

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Promoting The Leftist Agenda Foremost Concern At World Council Of Churches Confab

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Is North Korea Developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons With Russian Assistnace?

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According to radical homeschooler Kevin Swanson, medical decisions should not be made by corporatist medicine but rather by the church. That sounds all warm and fuzzy in a religious sort of way unless you aren't part of the in crowd at church.

Radical Homeschooler Insists Only Reformed Calvinists Worthy Of Medical Care

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Did Shirley Maclaine Procreate With An Astronaut's Clone?

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Idiot Geezer Drops Dead Day After Running Marathon

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Osteen Asserts Gays Having Nothing To Repent Of

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Pentecostal Accused Of Consorting With Witches

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Churches Seek Booze Hounds With Religious Brewed Hootch

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Will Robo Sapiens Replace Humanity?

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If Republicans are suppose to alter their beliefs in order to appeal to minorities and WOMMENNNNNNN (the term pronounced as the liberals do), how do the Democrats intend to amend their ideology to appeal to straight White men of a religious or morally traditional orientation?

Beatnik Presbyterians Badmouth Thanksgiving Day Dinner

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Will Roman Catholics Reconsider Booze At Youth Events?

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New Ms. Marvel A Muslim

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Fired Coach Insists Hooters Wholesome & Family Friendly

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Has Christianity Failed You?

BBC Horizon: Life In The Future

Bionics, Transhumanism & The End Of Evolution

Will Same Sex Couples Play A Role In Altering Catholic Understanding Of The Family?

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Does Reddit Intend To Stamp Out Political Dissent?

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Humanist Of The Year Waxes Eloquent About Gorillia Suit Fisting

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A pastor opposed to Halloween argued that Halloween is wrong because God has not given us a spirit of fear. As such, the pastor went on , Christ never uses fear but only hope to achieve His purposes. What about the terrifying images from the Book of Revelation? Sure, the redeemed come out fine, but what about those that don’t come to accept Christ as Lord and Savior? And what about the vast majority of sermons (such as those against Halloween) that invoke the most frightening examples possible to scare listeners into certain behaviors. For example, it has been argued that the policy at some Christian colleges of forbidding men and women in the same elevator is justified to prevent rape or false allegations of such. Have heard it claimed that Christians should avoid movie theaters altogether not simply because of the content of the movie but because someone once heard a rumor that teens they knew had played tonsil tennis and possible even more while frequenting such establishments.

A Baptist admonished that Halloween is wrong because it glorifies death and death is the result of sin. While death is the wages of sin, it should also be made clear that dying is not yet something else we have to beg forgiveness for and feel guilty about. It is more something imposed upon us. Psychology suggests that fairy take villains are necessary for youngsters to come to grips with the reality of evil in the world. So provided the commemorations don’t become overly macabre, doesn’t something like Halloween help make manageable the grim terror that stalks each one of us to the end of the terminal condition known as earthly life?

What To Do About Halloween?

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Interesting how Baptists that start out a message assuring that what they are expounding is simply one perspective on a given topic would not allow a second opinion on the topic to be eunciated until Hell froze over.

Mass Starfish Disintegrations Plague The West Coast

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Is Butch Lutheran The New Henry Emerson Fosdick?

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Christians & Film Making

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Film Glamorizes Lesbian Pedophile

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Woman handing out letters at Halloween to children she deems fat should in turn be handed a letter deeming her a b--ch.

Will The Pope Select Female Cardinals?

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A greater fuss is being made that Richie Incognito enunciated a racial slur against teammate Jonathan Martin than that Incognito threatened Martin’s life and expressed a desire to defecate in his mouth. But I guess that sort of thing is overlooked in the media since that’s the sort of thing a number of gays tend to enjoy anyway.

Audio: Mediocre Comedian Fancies Himself As Historically Astute

Mohler's Biggest Peeves Against Halloween

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Monday, November 04, 2013

Spirit Of 1917: Join The United States Marines

Vatican Tackles Contemporary Slavery

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Will Sabrina The Teenage Witch Be Burned At The Stake For Supporting The GOP?

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Halloween & The Christian

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Will Human Turds Rampage In The Street Over Cut Food Stamps?

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Pastor Expects Parents Of Dead Infants To Applaud God Tossing Babies Into Hell

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Fox News Reporting Charles Krauthammar Profile

Sand Heathens Declare War Against Martians

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Advertisement for the discrete pocket catheter. You better make sure those are earbuds you are sticking in your auditory canal.

Beauty Contestant Accused Of Harboring Too Much Negro Blood

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Too bad World Net Daily does not take as hardline position against those that are setting dates regarding the return of Christ as the news outlet does against those that celebrate Halloween. Seems the one is explicitly frowned upon in the pages of Scripture whereas the second is a matter of personal interpretation.

On the CW drama Arrow, Oliver Queen sponsored a gun by back. If it is unacceptable for the average citizens of his fictional city to defend themselves against assorted criminals, on what grounds is this costumed adventurer justified running around shooting the bad guys with a bow and arrow?

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013

Grammar Marms Ignorant Of The Looming Genetic Tyranny

At Liberty University, Senator Rand Paul warned of the temptations and dangers inherent to genetic experimentation and manipulation.

But instead of confronting one of the most profound issues that an advanced technological society will face in the years and decades ahead, smaller minds and those of limited imagination are focusing on whether or not the legislator's remarks were rhetorically footnoted with all of the punctuation put in the right place.

Those with too much time on their hands unable to substantially refute the Senator's remarks, such as Rachel Maddow, are claiming that he plagiarized his summary of the film Gattica from Wikipedia.

If truck drivers and hog farmers rather than academics and journalists were the ones that got all worked up over plagiarism, would this linguistic oversight be considered all that much of an outrage?

Snobs siding with Maddow flippantly query what does Gattica have to do with a political campaign stop.

After all, that distracts from much more important work such as the legalization of gay marriage and the distribution of subsidized birth control.

However, will these libertines keep singing the same tune when a test is developed possibly determining whether or not someone might be inclined towards the particular variety of temptation of which Rachel Maddow is herself afflicted as evidenced by her mannish appearance?

Perhaps Senator Paul should have been more careful in observing the protocols of scholastic attribution.

But isn't this response to his remarks akin to dismissing someone warning against the dangers of the looming Final Solution because the analyst in question forget to mention what review of Mein Kampf was being quoted from?

by Frederick Meekins