Monday, May 29, 2006

Announcing The Publication Of "Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors"

Columnist and blogger Frederick Meekins is announcing the publication Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors.

The work is a collection of essays chronicling from the early 1990’s onward the attempt to remove traditional holidays such as Christmas from the American civic calendar in the name of pluralism, inoffensiveness, and inclusion.

The book will be available through is a print on demand company merging the synergy of the Internet content revolution and the classic appeal of the printed word.

Though it’s still a few months until Christmas, it’s never too early to consider a gift that will educate as well as entertain.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why It Pays To Marry A Dull Man

Rick Warren, The Da Vinci Code & Other False Teachings

Chuck and Larry Bates of "Unraveling The New World Order" interview Gary Kah on these important matters.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Terrorists Plotting New York Attack

Responding To The Da Vinci Code

A sermon by Freddy Fritz of Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Human Genetic Engineering & Alien Intervention

An additional perspective on the genetic manipulation of mankind by demonic intelligences.

U.N. Health Official Drops Dead

Rather symbolic.

First Copy Of Yuletide Terror Sold

Just a note that the first copy of Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors has been sold.

This distinction goes to Dr. P. Bradley Carey of the Institute for Christian Works.

Dr. Carey has been kind enough to place a link to the publication on the website of his seminary as well as on the website of his denomination The Fellowship Of Christ International.

Albert Mohler Tackles The Da Vinci Code

Part 1: The Da Vinci Code, Gnosticism & Popular Culture

Part 2: Debunking The Da Vinci Code

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Scientists Suggest Bestiality

A comical reworking of "Happy Birthday To You" ends, "You look like a monkey and you act like one too."

If certain scientists have their way, that ditty might very well come to be seen as something akin to a racial slur.

It is reported that researchers from MIT and Harvard are contending that, millions of years ago, early humans and chimps got down and dirty with a little interspecies hanky-panky.

Such unions produced fecund offspring that introduced genes from both species into the respective genomes.

Some might dismiss such speculation as idle academic babbling, however, such theorizing will serve as the background of future policy and social thought.

To most of us, chimps and humans getting together seems so bizarre it sounds like eharmony meets Planet of the Apes. Yet for years rumors have circulated that mixed creatures known as "humanzees" have been engineered behind the closed doors of laboratories where the only standards adhered to are the twisted imaginations of the mad scientists that lurk in shadows of such places.

It has been claimed that Stalin dreamed of an army of hybrid ape-men to impose Communism upon the world. In China during the Cultural Revolution it has been alleged one of these monstrosities was killed before it could be born.

However, such experiments are not confined to the godless Communists across the sea. It has been claimed one such hybrid was born at Yerkes National Primate Research Center but destroyed shortly after birth.

But whether or not these incidents have actually occurred, what there is no debate about is that there are those in scientific and philosophical circles bent on undermining the distinctions between man and beast.

Ethicist Peter Singer, who believes it is permissible for parents to kill their infant children, argues that the great apes should be granted what we currently call "human rights".

Though it is another issue entirely, already things have gotten to the point where a person reluctant to endorse courtship and marriage outside their respective race or ethnic group puts themselves in the position of social sanctions being imposed upon them such as when Bob Jones University stuck to the beliefs of its founders rather than change its position simply because the government told them to. Just imagine the condemnation that will be heaped upon those insisting upon the integrity of the species in a world where the very word "person" will be greeted with the same revulsion reserved today for the vilest of slurs and terms of superiority.

Won't take that little cute red-headed orang gal to the prom? Why you are so prejudiced, its off to the reeducation camp for cognitive reconditioning for you, you wretched conservative.

Many enjoy "The X-Men" as an allegory analyzing the ramifications of the acceptance of human beings and the dangers of ethnocentrism. Viewers might want to consider it more as a literal depiction of the horrors that await mankind if we continue to allow our technical advancement to take mankind into ethical realms best not trodden upon.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, May 19, 2006

Congress Threatens Internet Censorship

Thanks in part to sensational media reports, websites such as have gotten a reputation for attracting various kooks such as pedophiles and other nefarious miscreants

Now to make them look like they are doing something, the House of Representatives is considering a bill that would make it illegal to access networking sites such as from a school or library.

While it can be hard to counter the Mrs. Lovejoy from The Simpsons screech of, "But think of the children!", why is this any of Congress’ business?

Individual schools and library boards should be free to adopt policies as they see fit regarding these technologies; that is after all, one of the beauties of a little thing called federalism.

However, one cannot really get around that little clause in the First Amendment declaring, “Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech”. Should be rather self-explanatory.

Those already conditioned to enthusiastically embrace control of their lives by various government institutions and social elites will counter, “But this medium can still be accessed from private domiciles.”

But if one ends up molested, does it really matter from behind what electronic rock one was leapt upon by a predator? Therefore, once these mandated regulations have been accepted throughout schools and libraries, it won’t be long until do-gooder activists begin to insist that the Internet presents too much of a danger to allow common citizens access to sites produced by other average citizens; thus we will only be granted access to information made available by government licensed data providers.

From comments made by those in government and mainstream journalism about citizen media, one is given pause to wonder if the issue is really about protecting the innocence of children or rather about suppressing technologies having the potential to undermine the stranglehold on opinion these institutions once enjoyed. For they have certainly done very little to clean up television.

When it comes to public complaints about the filth broadcast over the airwaves or found in books, liberals admonish the concerned that it is up to individual parents to turn off the TV or to monitor what their children might be reading (though interestingly, they do not have the right according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to be the sole arbiter of what their offspring are taught about human procreation). So why is it Congress’ responsibility rather than the result of deficient parenting when an adolescent places every sordid detail of their lives on the Internet for the entire world to see?

Even a number of prominent Conservatives have come out against Internet media in the hands of private citizens. Cal Thomas, in a column titled “The Blog That Ate Real Journalism”, laments the rise of the blogosphere, claiming that a united people must all sup from the same news source (I wonder though if his concern is more that there are those of us that do for free something similar to what he is paid a handsome salary for) and that you are basically too stupid yourself to determine whether or not a particular story is credible.

Americans valuing liberty and freedom might be shocked to learn of the similarity of warnings as to why MySpace usage must be curbed not by personal restraint and individual discernment but rather through national legislation and those promulgated in Communist countries as to why information technology must be kept from the hands of common people. In the Soviet Union, typewriters had to be registered with the State so as to prevent their misuse in the spread of counterrevolutionary ideas. Likewise, here in our own time, the Red Chinese carefully monitor Internet use of the enslaved population living under the scrutiny of that dictatorship out of concern for “unhealthy” material.

Books can be used to spread porn and licentious ideas as well. Will Congress move next to shutdown libraries?

As with books, computers and software applications are morally neutral and simply take on the ethical characteristics of those utilizing them. If there are problems arising from the use of this technology, the fault lies with oversexualized youth and the aging perverts too eager to assist them in their slide into iniquity.

If Congress is so enthusiastic about protecting the American people from a bunch of old crooks, shysters, and deviants, perhaps they should put themselves out of business.

By Frederick Meekins

U.S. Government Financing Engineering Of Genetic Master Race

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Real Men Joust

This story examines a group of enthusiasts that simulates medieval combat.

I find it interesting the participants are dismissively referred to as "nerds" even though, from the sound of it, this activity takes a great deal of physical ability.

Why is this more worthy of ridicule than football?

Frankly, it is considerably more masculine than pro wrestling.

Maybe we should mock men that pay to watch other men in underwear wrap their arms and legs around each other.

By Frederick Meekins

Shootout Erupts Over Immigration Debate

UFO's & Apparitions

A series of programs by Dave Hunt of The Berean Call:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dr. Phil Takes On Radical Hutterites

Many times these groups think that because they hide behind beards and bonnets that they are not bound by the same laws the rest of us must obey.

Nice Guys Finish Last As Women See Them As Nothing More Than A Pocket To Pick

According to a study, the men women want to bag to pay for their offspring are not necessarily the ones they want to hop in the sack with.

This raises the question of why should the men not deemed attractive enough to lust after have to pick up the tab for the kids of these tramps?

What such women really deserve is a fate like the gal in Toby Keith's classic "How Do You Like Me Now".

If nothing else, at least this study scientifically sets aside the pietist blather that women are so morally pure that they do not consider appearances when considering a mate.

Futhermore, if women are now going to be permitted to wallow in their own shallowness, then men have nothing to apologize for if its the size of a dame's rack or the roundness a broad's fanny that first jumps out at a gent's attention.

by Frederick Meekins

Hispanics Breeding Out Of Control

Come back in 20 years when the nation looks like one giant Third World slum and then tell me if you still think the ethnic background of those we let into the country does not matter.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Traitors Within Customs Department Interfere With Border Enforcement

Black Tolerancemongers Undermine Minutemen's Right To Peaceful Assembly

Warrenistas Lay AIDS Guilt Trip On Church

Since more people perish from Alzheimer's than AIDS, is the Saddleback crowd and their assorted campfollowers going to lament the lack of outreach directed towards those suffering this affliction?

But I guess since the demented elderly aren't into tattoos and rock music, they will be left to rot.

Since AIDS is a highly communicable disease not only because of the HIV virus but because of the drug-resistant infections such as TB that percolate in these convalescents, the individual (not church leadership) should decide to what extent the individual is going to get involved with this kind of missions work.

Even though the Purpose Driven crowd seems to know more than God Himself now, doesn't the Bible teach not everyone is called to the same ministry?

by Frederick Meekins

Deaf-Mutes Make A Noisy Rucus

Normally, those with disabilities bring warm feelings to heart as they struggle to achieve and get ahead despite their limitations often with a positive outlook most of us could learn from. Ironically, though, the deaf seem to rank among the crabbiest leftwing activists out there.

At Gallaudet University in the Nation's Capital, students and faculty are holding protests because the new president of the school is not what they consider "deaf enough". It is not that she does not have a sufficient level of hearing loss to satisfy these rabblerousers but rather that she did not learn to speak sign language until early adulthood, married someone with hearing (so much for it being what's on the inside that counts), and dared to mother children who are themselves not deaf (talk about reverse Eugenics). And for good measure, Fernandes is a pariah because she is White (good radicals never let that one slide by).

The school's outgoing President I. Jordan King calls the protests an example of identity politics. For the organized deaf are not about empowering the individual but rather about keeping them dependent upon those running this particular ghetto.

For example, several years ago two deaf lesbians made headlines when they tried to conceive a deliberately deaf child. Furthermore, many with this affliction turn on those that seek relief from their condition through new technologies such as Cochlear implants. Shouldn't such decisions be up to the individual?

Though I am not deaf, I am blind in one eye. If I one day ever become a parent, though I function rather well, why in my right mind would I want this condition inflicted upon my child? Furthermore, though I was born this way and have known nothing else (I still remember my mom sitting me down as a kid and explaining it to me and to this day find it hard to imagine what it's like to see out of two eyes as I see out of my bad eye what you see out of the bottom of your foot), why should I have less sympathy for those who befall this condition later in life or begrudge someone able to have sight restored as if they were somehow a traitor to the nation or faith?

I do not see airfilter visor of Star Trek’s Geordi LaForge or the electronic artifical eye of Narn Ambassador G'Kar on Babylon 5 as some kind of threat but rather as innovations to be anticipated no less amazing than the starships that allow these characters to sail across the cosmos. These same liberals always tell us our body our choice when it comes to killing babies, so why not the same attitude when it comes to enhancing life rather than destroying it?

Perhaps the auditorially challenged have not heard that the character of an individual is not judged by their disabilities but rather by what they do with their abilities.

by Frederick Meekins

Monday, May 08, 2006

Archaeologist Castigated For Atlantean Theories

Man Glued To Toilet Seat

One has got to be a fool to sit bear on a public toilet seat nowadays.

Can only hope this poor sap got stuck when the glue seeped through the toilet paper he strung around the seat.

Frankly, if one can't hold it, one is better off squatting without sitting if one has the balance and letting the chips fall where they may.

by Frederick Meekins

Family Dinner-Hour Nourishes Both The Body & The Soul

Cults Push Early Marriage For Young Members

Wonder if Al Mohler and Dr. Dobson will feel a bit squeamish when they see their own policies reflected in these questionable sects.

Third Stargate Series Hinted At

Thursday, May 04, 2006

U.N. Conference Suggest UFO's Will Guide Man To Next Step In Spiritual Evolution

Sean Penn Fantacizes About Torturing Ann Coulter

Courgars Prowling Air Force Base Outside Nation's Capital

At least now it seems wildlife experts will admit mountain lions live in Maryland. In the past, those claiming to see such felines were ridiculed and derided.

Liberal Media Downplays Mexican Violence Against Americans

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

12 Year-Old Aspiring Vampiress Has Family Whacked By 23 Year-Old Lover

Is Albert Mohler Being Lured Into The Communitarian Cult

In a recent column, I warned that Evangelical Chuck Crismier had been duped into hitching his ecclesiastical wagon to the growing Communitarian heresy infiltrating the church and Christian thought.

Now it seems similar errors are creeping into the mind of Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler as well.

Seems the plunge into heresy comes step by step and can no doubt be traced in part to Mohler's notion undermining the Christian liberty of the individual when he postulates one has fallen into a state of sin if one has not wed by their early 20's even if living in a state of chastity and abstinence.

In the May 3, 2006 entry at his blog, Mohler writes that civilization is at risk because "genuine community" is disappearing because of "giant concrete structures" and "elevated freeways".

As a frequent traveler of these "elevated freeways", is Dr. Mohler himself contributing to the decline of COMMUNITY he so eloquently laments? More likely though, elites such as himself are not to be bound by the travel restrictions and privacy limitations to be placed upon the rest of us all in the name of being a good neighbor and the like.

A theologian of Dr. Mohler's stature should realize that our culture is not necessarily in danger because of such structures but because of the decisions made by those dwelling in them. Thus, the fault lies not with insufficient group socialization but from not enough individual moralization.

Street gangs and terrorist cells provide the individual with a high degree of group acculturation as well, but these will not bring about the revitalization of America's blighted areas. Such renewal will only come about when each person takes responsibility for their own actions.

by Frederick Meekins

Star Wars TV Still Far, Far Away

The line in the story that says "Think bounty hunter....There's nobody else that you'll know [in it]." Could this be a show centered around Bobba Fett? Hopefully, Vader would at least make a occassional appearance during sweeps week or something.

Hispanic Gangs Infiltrate U.S. Military

Interesting how back in the 90's when militia or skinhead groups were allegedly infiltrating the military, something was done about it. But now that their even more nefarious Latin American counterparts are doing the same thing, the upper-level brass is doing little more than shrugging it off.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hispanosupremacists Backed By World Bolshevism

From the photo montage at, it is clearly evident that the so-called peaceful protestors are really stooges of various Socialist and Communist agit-prop fronts.

Biblical Approach To Immigration

It has been said that the Constitution is not a suicide pact. And neither is the Word of God.

The linked teaching by David Dykstra of the Reformed Baptist Church of Lafeyette, New Jersey does a commendable job of placing the issue of immigration in Biblical perspective.

Often liberals and the naive in America's pulpits pound over the heads of Christians in the pews how the Bible admonishes compassion for the stranger.

What Pastor Dykstra points out is that such an injunction does not apply to the hostile alien bent on doing harm.

Those such as the one pictured above (found on a leftwing website) with silver studs protruding from their noses and chins and with a T-shirts that revel in killing Americans and spreading world Communism are clearly up to no good.

by Frederick Meekins

Boycott The Boycotters

In response to "The Day Without Immigrants" sponsored by an alliance of subversives, racemongers, and illegals, either out of fear of retaliatory violence or even out outright support, a number of businesses shutdown for the day.

The purpose of the event was to show just how vital illegal migrant labor is to the U.S. economy.

Since we have so much to learn from the "oppressed" and "underprivileged" living among us, perhaps we ought to follow the example they set and American citizens should now boycott those establishments that supported the boycott to show them just how important Americans are to the American economy.

By Frederick Meekins

Illegals Hurl Rocks At Police

Monday, May 01, 2006

Texas Minutemen Post Column "Congress Draws Up Declaration Of Surrender As Human Rabble Takes To The Streets"

Just a note of gratitude to the Texas Minutemen for posting my column "Congress Draws Up Declaration Of Surrender As Human Rabble Takes To The Streets".

I did not send it to the organization, so that means they thought highly enough of it to repost the piece from another site.

by Frederick Meekins

Christian UFO Journal Launched

Military Theorists Consider Extraterrestrial Invasion