Monday, May 28, 2012

MD Legislator's Priorities Warped In What Life Is Worth Preserving

During the 2012 session, the Maryland State Legislature considered the abolition of the death penalty.

Opponents of the practice argued that not everyone receiving the sentence actually committed the crime of which the judicial system found them guilty.

However, having only carried out the practice five times since 1977, it is doubtful such miscarriages of justice have been perpetrated all that often in the jurisdiction under consideration.

State Senator Lissa Gladden, a sponsor of the legislation, said, "I think as a community and a government that we should not be in the business of killing people."

Senator Gladden certainly has a warped way of implementing that ethical assumption.

According to Maryland Right To Life Incorporated, Gladden voted for stem cell funding that placed no limits on the destructive harvesting of human embryos.

The legislator also voted against an amendment that would have limited taxpayer funding of abortions for reasons of mental health; in other words, for women in a panic that a pregnancy might leave them with stretch marks during swimsuit season.

So in her eyes, if you are a murderer or a rapist, Gladden believers your life is so precious that it is worth saving no matter the horror or carnage you may have wrought in other people's lives.

However, if you happen to rank among the most innocent or defenseless members of society, Senator Gladden has little problem with snuffing you out in the name of utilitarianism or convenience.

Proverbs 8:36 admonishes that those that hate God love death.

It may seem counterintuitive.  But the effort to eliminate the death penalty, when coupled with the effort to legalize homosexual matrimony, indicates that the hatred of the Almighty in this particular state is approaching levels that threaten to unravel those social conventions established from on high designed to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness founded on true virtue.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will Ministries Calling For Early Marriage Repair Shattered Lives?

Unless you are some kind of breakaway old school Mormon, marriage is a decision between an INDIVIDUAL man and an INDIVIDUAL woman.

Are groups that pressure these individuals into this decision going to pick up the pieces when lives are shattered when this union is gone into not out of a sense of love towards one's intended but rather to curry the approval of authority figures?

Likely not.

Many of these ministries and denominations pushing the young into early matrimony are among the same ones so lacking in a sense of forgiveness that they would forever sentence a person to a life of loneliness should an individual make a mistake in regards to this area of existence.

In the way a number use to invoke "separation" in regards to things they nebulously opposed but really couldn't but their finger clearly as to a reason why, it seems many Christians now are hurling the term "individualism" at practices they sneer down their noses at while wanting to cement the impression in the minds of those they are desperate for the approval of that they have embraced the lemming mindset.

In the story of violent tolerancemongers attacking diners in an eatery outside of Chicago, considerable detail was given to the criminal backgrounds of the victims insinuated as belonging to a White supremacist group. Had the roles been reversed with a rightwing militia attacking a group of Occutards, would a list of outstanding warrants been elaborated by the shiftless ant-capitalist deadbeats? Better yet, had this group gang-raped a woman, would her scanty wardrobe been described in detail or that she had a reputation as the town floozy? So if certain details are omitted to protect certain victims, shouldn't the less politically correct be extended similar protections?

BBC Calls For Mark Of The Beast

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MSNBC News Skanks Applaud Islamic Atrocities


Seems some women just enjoy a good slapping around.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Americans are being assured that surveillance drones over U.S. cities are merely another tool of law enforcement. I am sure similar things were once said about herding targetted ethnicities into boxcars and detention camps with specially designed gas emitting showerheads.

Leftists In Uproar Over Unproduced Ad

Assorted leftists are in an uproar that a PAC favorable towards Romney considered producing an advertisement reemphasizing the relationship between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Critics claimed the television spot would be potentially racist and that candidates ought to refrain from negative campaigning.  

So if there was a theoretical Republican conservative that held membership in the World Church of the Creator or some other Christian Identity congregation for over 20 years and considered the pastor an ideological mentor for much of that them, would such a religious shortcoming be quietly overlooked by the mainstream media?

If a candidate was running against Hitler, would it be improper to expose the links of National Socialism to anti-Semitic secret societies?  If one was running against Stalin, would it be an outrage to point out that tyrant's past as a bank robber?

Sperm Bank Deposits Not Necessarily The Cream Of The Crop

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will Laxative Racket Poopoo Virtual Colon Exams?


Memory Foam Not Conducive To Conjugal Romping


A hardcore Christian Reconstructionist in a Facebook post has condemned a church with a booth at a local street festival for assuring those that pass by that Jesus loves them. In such a setting, one doesn’t have opportunity to convey a complete 500 page systematic theology in an encounter likely to not even last an entire minute. Like it or not, you aren’t going to get the average person to learn more about your church by berating them over what a horrible person they are.

Priest Fathers Child

USA Today

Obama admits that he spent his last two years of high school in a daze. How is that any different than how he has spent his presidency?

A hardcore Christian Reconstructionist in a Facebook post has condemned a church with a booth at a local street festival for assuring those that pass by that Jesus loves them. In such a setting, one doesn’t have opportunity to convey a complete 500 page systematic theology in an encounter likely to not even last an entire minute. Like it or not, you aren’t going to get the average person to learn more about your church by berating them over what a horrible person they are.

Obama assured on the View that, with a name like Barack Obama, it’s always going to be tight. Is that because, as Biden pointed out, Obama has a big stick?

Wiping your backside is good and natural too. That’s doesn’t mean it should be prominently pictures on the cover of Time Magazine.

Advocates of increased levels of surveillance insist that, if you have done noting wrong, you have nothing to worry about. The thing of it is is that there are now so many laws and fiat regulations that often carry harsher penalties than actual laws that nearly everything a person can conceivably do is in violation.

Did The Teleprompter Pitch Woo For Obama?

Audio: Those Ashamed Of America Shouldn't Make A Penny Off The Name

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Those Ashamed Of America Shouldn't Make A Penny Off The Name

Though at one time barely considered worthy of the appellation of literature, scholars of popular culture have today established the thesis that comic books and other forms of media expression derived from these illustrated periodicals serve as a snapshot of the perspectives and assumptions prevalent at particular points in American history.
Certain characters and series evoke more reflection on certain aspects of culture and ideas than others.
For example, the Fantastic Four evoke reflection upon the loving but some times contentious relationship inside a family.  The plight of the X-Men have been compared to assorted struggles for civil rights and social acceptance.
Likewise, the two characters that most epitomize what it means to be an American are none other than Superman and Captain America.

Interestingly, in recent interpretations of these characters, creators have done nearly everything in their artistic power to disassociate these characters from the nation as a whole.

For example, as almost as iconic as his bright red cape and the oversized “S”-shaped insignia on his costume is the credo summarizing his never-ending struggle for truth, justice and the American way.  

However, the film “Superman Returns” poopooed those noble sentiments when Perry White instead uttered “Truth, justice, and ALL THAT STUFF.”

Given that Superman is from another planet and suppose to be the epitome of humanity (hence the name SUPERMAN), one might at least understand that the renowned Kryptonian might want to remain somewhat aloof from taking sides in the common conflicts plaguing the world and instead focus on those threats far beyond powers and abilities of mortal men.

A character named “Captain America” doesn't have such a luxury.  

Even if Captain America disagrees with a policy of the United States government at any particular time such as in the case of the Marvel Civil War where a law was passed requiring costumed adventurers to publicly reveal their secret identities, the character must be identified with those values upon which the nation’s foundation rests and which true heroes must call institutions back to.

If one if going to rake in a fortune off of a character with a name like Captain America, the least you can do is not to view the word “America” in the same category as the vilest of profanities.

However, producers allowed the option of dropping the name Captain America from the title in overseas markets.

This is the equivalent of not wanting to call Superman “Superman” because part of the name offends feminists or because the prefix “super” offends hyper-egalitarians and fanatic pluralists denying the existence of gradations of value.  

The countries that were listed as taking up distributors on the offer included Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea.

Russia and Ukraine might be understandable.   

After all, both of these countries were once part of the Soviet Union and the totalitarian tendency at the heart of Communism in that part of the world is likely not as dead as Americans have been led to believe.

South Korea is a different story.  

Since the 1950's, Americans have died and put their lives on the line to protect the lower half of that disputed peninsula.  

If anything, South Korea ought to be at the front of the line pledging its support for Captain America being called “Captain America”.

Sophisticates might sneer down their noses at concern being expressed over a mere comic book character and movie.

However, it won’t be a laughing matter should those responsible for these forms of cultural expression undermine the perception of this nation as a shining city on a hill that is our last best chance on earth.

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, May 11, 2012

Saturday, May 05, 2012

So if these aliens are to be this season of Young Justice's primary antagonists, does that mean that viewers are going to have to read most of the dialogue in subtitles? Given that most of the viewers of that program are of a bookish inclination to begin with, you'd think producers would take pity on those with diminished eyesight.

The UN wants US territory returned to American Indians. Perhaps the first plot to be handed over ought to be the one occupied by UN headquarters. Though I am not a big proponent of legalized gambling, the world might be better off with an Indian casino there in NYC.

By bringing Beast Boy and Wonder Girl onto Young Justice, doesn't that prove it is just a better animated version of Teen Titans?

Martin Luther King Linked To Communist-Backed Periodical


At the school where I vote, there hangs a sign notifying that during school hours visitors are required to show photo identification in order to enter the building. Given that the majority of the students are Hispanic (many with foreign born parents), that means at least one or two things. First, it means more Hispanics have legitimate forms of ID than the fuss raised about the issue in the leftist media. Secondly, if they do not, that means the public school system is granting access to children by adults for whom legitimate identification cannot be satisfactorily verified in the eyes of the state by utilizing the same standard imposed upon those of us belonging to the despised racial majority.

A series of readers aimed at Hispanic youth are titled "What It's Like To Be..." Each of the figures featured in the series is of Latino origins. Will there be an edition about George Zimmerman? If these youth are to read about fellow Hispanics, does that mean Whites should read primarily about Whites? How about a series of books about what it is like to be an American and how one ought to live by American standards when residing in the United States such as speaking English and not playing loud music in the wee hours of the night.

Terrorist Khalid Sheikh Muhammad lost weight under government oversight and is denounced as torture. When the average American is manipulated and hounded into doing by the federal government it is categorized as the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative.

Diversitymongers are having a hissy fit over a cartoon of Obama "woking the dog". So it is racist if we assume that the other cultures of the world eat and cook as average Americans do. But it is also apparently racist to observe that other cultures do not eat and prepare food in the same way as Americans do.

Michael Savage insists that unless you have children, you have no business talking about family values. So will he remain consistent and invalidate the teachings of the Roman Catholic church? These fundamental values are universal values. One does not have procreate to oppose those that beat their spouses or progeny, shack up outside benefit of matrimony, and proceed to breed under the auspices of such illicit living arrangements.

By pronouncing "Taliban" with an accent, isn't Obama extending these terrorists more respect than they deserve? Does Obama intend to enunciate words regarding organized crime with a proper Italian intonation?

The raging debate on the cover of the May 2012 edition of Art News is “Naked or Nude?”. Mind you, these are the very same effetes that insist no standards exist anyway. And if you are at the point of placing the unclothed human form on public display, you are pretty much at the point where it doesn’t really matter what you call it.

Regarding these Food Insurance emergency rations advertised on talk radio programs such as Glenn Beck: do these meals also come with firearms to stave off thieving marauders when civilization crumbles?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Christian School Propagandizes On Behalf Of Trayvon Martin

At Clinton Christian school in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington, DC, students gathered in hoodies at a makeshift prayer vigil in support of Trayvon Martin.

Does the school intend to hold a rally in support of George Zimmerman as well if it turns out Martin instigated the physical aspect of the confrontation?

More importantly, does the school intend to hold a rally in support of the elderly couple that fled their home following death threats after Spike Lee posted the incorrect address for what the racially obsessed film producer thought was the alleged gunman's father?

It must also be asked, with the way things are done in Christian schools in order to coerce mass conformity, what threats were leveled against students not wanting to participate in such blatant activism?

It was been reported that Mr. Martin vandalized his school with graffiti and may have possessed on school premises a bag containing marijuana residue.

Back in my day where I attended Christian school, the ENTIRE student body would be denied the “privilege” of expelling concentrated metabolic and digestive wastes at the preferred time of one’s own body over less.

Though it is regrettable that Trayvon Martin perished in an altercation he may have instigated, it is rather ironic that a Christian school would elevate as worthy of adoration and emulation a figure that in all likelihood would have been expelled for his behavior.

Devoted Christian parents spend good money to protect their offspring from the manipulative debasement of American culture taking place in the public schools.

Any private school that allows such one-sided grandstanding to take place before all the facts have been established has betrayed not only this financial trust but also the sacred aide parents plead for in assisting them to raise their offspring in light of values honoring to both God and country.

by Frederick Meekins

Is Facebook Establishing An Organ Harvesting Databse?

Young Justice episode insinuating the UN General Secretary is an alien in disguise is closer to the truth than most realize.

Was Bob Jones University Student Expelled For Watching Glee?


As a private institution, Bob Jones administrators should be able to run their institution as they see fit.  Likewise, we Christians not wanting our lives micromanaged are just as free not to go there and to warn others about excesses.

Occutards "Squatting" In Private Homes Should Be Shot On Sight

Does it really take a physicist with the reputation of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to craft a thought experiment as to what will likely happen if you decide to sun bathe in the middle of the road as did two Pennsylvania teens?

Police Do Nothing About Black Mob Beating White Couple

Albert Mohler Blames International Sex Trade On Common American Rather Than Globalist Elites

 The average person does not need to be put onto a guilt trip over a sin they themselves did not commit.

Occutards Conspire To Blow Up Bridge

Stephen King Calls For Mass Beheadings

Human Excrement Rampages In Streets

Blogger Threatened With Prison For Practicing Nutrition Without A Licence


Is it so much that he is threatening the lives of those that follow his advice of their own free choosing or denying a cut of the action to whatever state or accreditation agency that is running the licensing racket?