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Does Winfrey Ride The Beast?

At one point in her career, Oprah Winfrey was pretty much seen as a harmless crank as to the casual viewer catching the show in passing assumed that the program dealt primarily with her seesawiing weight and whether or not her shackup might secretly prefer to be paid in three dollar bills. However, as she has amassed considerable power and influence during her 20 plus years in the public limelight, this broadcaster is no longer an innocent afternoon distraction filling the time between when one arrives home from work and when dinner is set on the table but rather has intentionally set out to subvert American culture and the spiritual well being of the nation.

Not content with the worlds of television, publishing and politics now that she has taken an interest in Barack Obama only because he happens to be Black, Winfrey has now set out to establish her web presence as well. According to the March 3, 2008 edition of USA Today in an article titled “World Is Oprah’s Classroom”, Winfrey plans to lead an online interactive book discussion.

However, there is more to the book being studied than the typical feminist drivel one would expect women of the upper income bracket to be sitting around and reading. The title of the book alone is enough to send a chill down the spine.

The book is titled “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. It is through this text that Winfrey hopes to be the False Prophet to Obama’s Pseudo-Messiah.

According to USA Today, “Winfrey calls the book ‘a wake up call for the entire planet...It helps distance ourselves from our egos, which of course, we all have, and to open ourselves to a higher self, which he [the book’s author] calls consciousness’.” As with most New Age bunk, it all basically boils down to socialism, no doubt wreaking of the smell of dope and unwashed hippies.

For when the likes of Winfrey and her literary vassal Eckhart Tolle criticize ego, they are not really talking about curbing their own arrogance or astonishing appetites. Because if they really did want to downplay notoriety of the self, why did the author even put his name on the book and accept the proceeds from the royalties?

Though it is doubtful that Obama and Winfrey are the Psuedo-Messiah and False Prophet, from the philosophy promoted in her webcasts, one could very well make the argument that the Old Deluder and his minions pulling the world strings behind the scenes are no doubt using the duo as a test run for the future global delusion.

According to the USA Today article, Tolle’s philosophy includes “Buddhist, Christian, and Islamic influences’” yet he is not “offering a religion or set of beliefs, but appeals to peoples of different faiths or no faith at all.” However, Tolle (as well as Winfrey for that matter) fancies himself as a “spiritual teacher”.

If anyone falls for this, that what Eckhart and Winfrey are offering up is not inherently religious, I have a bridge to sell them or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By claiming to be dogma free (itself a dogma), what Tolle hopes to accomplish is to unify as many as possible under a single banner of the flavor of the moment --- be that Obama and Winfrey for the time being or a duo far more ominous once the powers that be are through with them.

From this, one is very much reminded of the Great Harlot mentioned in the Book of Revelation that conditions the world into embracing the Devil’s chosen one but who is herself betrayed by the Beast once he solidifies his power.

Those interested by what Winfrey and Tolle have to offer can get a more in depth introduction through an exert of the text posted in the lifestyle section of The following analysis is from a portion titled “A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (Part 1).”

The gist of the text is the wonder that will come about once more and more of us reach the threshold of enlightenment, defined by Tolle as “...a leap to an entirely different level of Being and, most importantly, a lessening of materiality.” Akin to punctuated equilibrium or the hopeful monster theory in biology where the evolutionists hope to cover their tails (both prehensile and otherwise) by claiming such advancements just occur spontaneously without leaving any proof behind, Tolle claims this state can come about as a result of ”discontinuity in its development”(thus only available initially to a select elite). In the plant world, this is a likened to the first flower.

However, in humanity the process is more existentially profound and contemplative as enlightenment occurs when one becomes aware of “...the underlying one Life, one Consciousness”. When enough people realize this, a “...profound shift in the planetary consciousness that is destined to take place in the human species” will occur.

It is through this monistic pantheism that New Agers or expanding perception types will be able to justify the deprivations they plan to inflict upon the remainder of humanity while continuing to enjoy their standard of living. Since Oprah is “every woman” as her theme song arrogantly intoned one season, she feels well within the bounds of propriety to tell the average person subsisting on ramen noodles several nights a week that their lifestyle is “too materialistic” whereas she vacations on David Copperfield’s private island resort for $24,000 per night.

Since Oprah is our avatar and embodiment of the collective consciousness, it is actually her metaphysical obligation to wallow in such luxury and up to us to provide a similar standard of recreation for her minions in government such as Senator Obama.

More importantly, by undermining individuality as in the case of Hinduistic New Age spirituality (atman is brahman) by claming that we are just a temporary cellular manifestation of the One Consciousness, when the time comes those accustomed to this mindset won’t have all that much of a problem with mass roundups and ultimately executions of those doing nothing more that questioning the worldview of those holding power. After all, one does not lament the removal of an infected hangnail or the cutting of hair since such an act benefits the overall body --- or as in the case of the global community --- the One Consciousness as Tolle calls it.

Such wayward intellects, according to Tolle, have failed to evolve to the point of enlightenment and “identify only with their own physical and psychological form”. Thus, for the sake of the COMMUNITY, it is imperative that such impediments be removed. Besides, doing such really wouldn’t be wrong (a concept itself outdated and bigoted since transcendent absolute standards don’t exist anyway) since distinct individuals don’t really exist and by hastening their return to the universal consciousness one may in fact be doing them a favor by expediting them onwards towards their next incarnation.

Progressives will no doubt ridicule conservatives speculating how close Obama, Winfrey, and their crowd might be to the revelation of the psuedo-messiah foretold in the pages of Scripture. However, it probably wasn’t a conservative artist that painted for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine a portrait of the Senator with the kind of reverence categorizing portraits of Christ nor was it a conservative that appointed Oprah as the herald of the so-called “new spirituality”.

by Frederick Meekins

Dalai Lama Allowed To Brainwash School Children

I wonder if public school children would have been taken to an audience with Billy Graham.

Ravi Zacharias Loses Backbone

The speaker known for facing down both Hindu and Islamic mobs is caving to the liberal American Jew.

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Illegal Alien Kills Mother Protecting Baby During Carjacking

Consumers Duped Into "Eco-Friendly" Products

Guess all that New World Order conditioning will pay off for the elites.

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Star Wars & The New World Order

An interesting podcast examining the links between Star Wars and the New World Order.

Vitamins Bad For You

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From One Compound To The Next

Young Cultlings suffering under state control as well.

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Principal Tells Teacher She Deserved Beating

Robotech Intro

Perhaps the greatest animated space epic of the all.

Oprah Blasphemes Christ

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Will Leftist Evangelicals Demand Believers Get On Obama Bandwagon?

Just because some white liberals are going out of their way to vote for Barack Obama for no other reason than that he happens to be half-black, some within the Evangelical leadership are once again beating on their drums about congregations being too split along racial and ethnic lines.

However, it they are the ones noticing this, isn’t that proof that those patting themselves on the back for their embrace of racial diversity are in fact the ones looking at the color of skin rather than the content of character?

So long as a church sticks to Bible basics and welcomes those showing up at the front door, what does it really matter if a particular congregation appeals more to a particular group of people?

Has anyone ever stopped to think that, provided so long as no one is blatantly mistreated or rights to affiliate and peaceably assemble not infringed upon, maybe God is pleased as after all it is believed He is the one that caused different racial and ethnic groups to come about to begin with as a protection against the human tendency to unify and lavish accolades upon pseudo-messiahs?

Before Evangelicals rally behind Obamaism as some kind of miracle cure to a contrived problem more in the minds of elites than actual practice, perhaps they should take a look at the kind of ecclesiology many of Obama’s supporters in theological ranks would impose upon Christendom.

Though someone cannot be held accountable for every inappropriate comment that might fly out of the mouth of their pastor, there comes a point where if the congregant does not disassociate himself from a particular church by either speaking out against incorrect doctrine or, even better yet, by taking their religious dollar elsewhere, it essentially means that one is tacitly endorsing the stance taken by a particular ministry.

If that is the case, then those taking seriously the notion that the Gospel message is for all of mankind really need to take a look at the sort of thing Mr. Obama has no problems allowing to slide by (like the Che flag hanging in one of his offices) for nearly 20 years and even more closely at the heretical poisons poised to infiltrate the nation’s houses of worship.

According to a transcript of the March 2, 2007 edition of Hannity and Colmes, the church where Obama attends does not promote universal values but is rather distinct in standing up for the “Black family” (not just families) and the Black value system (not universal values).

It should also be pointed out that this so-called “Black value system” heralded by religious liberals are not exactly the same characteristics the rest of us may be use to hearing from the pulpit week after week. The things making up the foundation of Obama’s worldview sound like they come more from the pages of the Communist Maniifesto than the verses of Holy Scripture.

For example, prior to having its seditious radicalism exposed in the broader media, the website of Trinity United Church of Christ provided a ten point program which included some of the following points.

“A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.” Ladies and gentleman, this is code for confiscatory socialism. I wonder if Obama’s friends in emergent church circles and the like are willing to surrender their bank accounts and property or like most of their other demands, that is something to be imposed upon we doofuses sitting in the pews.

“A congregation seeking RECONCILIATION.” That may sound nice, but in liberal circles that doesn’t mean everyone striving to be polite to one another despite past hurt feelings but rather that Whites are suppose to stand up and ring their hands for being “White devils” as Lousi Farrakhan, a good friend of the pastor of this church by the way, calls Caucasians and to dig into our pockets to fork out reparations payments.

“A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA” because as the preamble to this document reads before it mysteriously disappeared, “Africa is ‘our native land‘.”. Well, if you are going to harp on the need for multi-ethnic congregations, why should Caucasians care about Africa as it is not our native land. If you were born here, that distinction belongs to the United States.

Frankly, why would any white person want to subject themselves to such nonsense? Furthermore, if a church propounded the so-called “White family” and so-called “White values”, wouldn’t it be lambasted as crypto-Nazi and the presidential hopes of anyone holding membership in such a den of doctrinal iniquity rightfully dashed?

by Frederick Meekins

Communist Tactics Employed To "Protect" Olympic Torch

On what grounds are protestors and even torchbearers obligated to obey these tyrants?

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Not The Only Smithsonian Mistake

A fifth grader is being heralded for pointing out a mistake in a Smithsonian display.

However, it is not the Institution's only fast and loose use of the English language.

Recently, I looked into the docent program at the Air and Space Museum.

The brochure made it sound as if they were in desperate need of volunteer guides.

However, when I contacted them, it was like, "O, we have no need for anymore at our facility in Washington, try Chantilly."

Thus, isn't it false advertising to say in the brochure, "Frankly, we could use your help" when they really have no need for it?

Frankly, what person in there right mind is going to travel 30 or 40 miles for a gig that doesn't pay one dime, especially the way gas prices are?

by Frederick Meekins

Booze Peddlers Back Hispanic Subversives

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Mohler's Male Bashing Rhetoric

In the April 1, 2008 edition of the Albert Mohler program, the host lambasts the trend in Italy where fewer men (a title Mohler himself denies them) are getting married in favor of remaining in their parent's home.

Since a marriage is made up of two partners, is Mohler "man" enough to also criticize young women also for being partly responsible for this trend as so few of them are fit partners these days either.

Maybe if more of them showed more of an interest in homemaking rather than tattoos and boozing, young men would be more inclined to marry.

Provided these young men in question have jobs and keep their pants on, I don't really see where they reside being a matter for the clergy. Perhaps Mohler thinks he's better than the likes of Issac who did not wed until his 40's.

by Frederick Meekins