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I Pray The Lord My Firearm I Get To Keep

During the American Revolutionary War, the Black Regiment was a unit composed of pastors who defended freedom with a Bible in one hand and a musket in another. Had these patriots lived in our day rather than in a time when liberty was taken a bit more seriously, they would no doubt been defrocked and possibly turned over to police. If a ceremony held at the Hispanic Baptist Church of Laurel is to serve as any kind of template, these actions could all be carried out in a single, sweeping act of casearopapism.

According to the March 24, 2005 edition of the Laurel Leader, Miguel Reymaga stood before the congregation of the Laurel Hispanic Baptist Church to profess his new found faith in Christ. But instead of engaging in a traditional Christian ritual such as baptism or communion as an outward testament, Mr. Reymaga surrendered his shotgun and rifle.

Mr. Reymaga confessed he wanted the guns out of his home because of his tendencies towards temper and booze. While he is to be commended for his dedication to his family, he is ultimately being manipulated by authority figures whose primary interest is not the welfare of this particular individual but rather their own social agenda designed to accrue power unto themselves and to further curtail what few God-given freedoms we have remaining.

The Leader article chronicles that Reymaga went to his pastor to arrange for him to turn the guns over to police. But couldn’t this be done without turning the transaction into a public spectacle with the mayor, chief of police, and the editor of the newspaper himself all there to exploit the situation for the benefit of their own anti-Constitutionalism?

Interesting, isn’t it, how liberals yammer incessantly about the Separation of Church and State but don’t mind conspiring in league with religion and using its powers of persuasion when there is common cause between the politically inept and the theologically confused? This congruence is especially dangerous to life and liberty when this alliance attempts to extend its control into areas over which neither was meant to influence.

At this ritual rendering homage to the omnipotent state, the chief of police said, “You made the right decision...We are very much concerned about gun safety in this community. I think all of you are aware of the danger of drinking...and having a gun somewhere in the house.” Is anyone else concerned about a law enforcement officer in an official capacity at a public function enunciating policy preferences in no way backed by law?

Though the opponents of human liberty constantly labor to alter the statutes, it’s still legal to own guns in America. Are the police going to pressure us into giving up other things we are within the bounds of legal propriety to use or enjoy?

The Chief tried to buttress his position by emphasizing the danger of drinking while there is a firearm in the house. So why not have a service where the convert hands over his liquor instead --- guns are just as legal as booze, after all. But such a suggestion wouldn’t go over to well in an Hispanic church since most of the congregation probably have refrigerators full of Coronas and enough glass in their recycle buckets to make Robert Schuller blush.

Obviously, Reymaga is not the smartest bean in the burrito, yet he is merely parroting a number of misconceptions rampant throughout contemporary Evangelical social theory. Reymaga said, “I don’t need these weapons because I have God in my heart...Take your weapons out of your homes.”

If we are to apply his logic and that of his ecclesiastical overseers that we don’t have to protect ourselves since God will do that for us, then why did he come here from Mexico --- initially as an illegal --- to provide for his family since God is ultimately the one we look to to provide for our needs?

Those more opposed to firearms than they are in favor of commonsense will counter --- if they are not yet totally warped by the welfare mentality --- that the Bible tells us to work to secure provisions but to turn the other cheek when faced with assault.

While that might be the advice of the limp-wristed girlie-man Jesus of pop religion, it is not that of the Jesus of the Bible there in the black and white (or red letter edition) who commanded His disciples in Luke 22:36 to acquire a sword if they did not have one. If we want a complete Christology, don’t we have to incorporate this axiom into our view of Jesus as well?

The right to bear arms also entails its opposite in that one does not have to own a firearm. But this is a personal decision the individual must make for themselves. To borrow and modify a line from the abortionists: if you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one.

For if members of the congregation find themselves in a situation where they are forced to protect themselves, will the pastor come riding to the rescue as the masked clergyman? Laurel is not the town it use to be; Islamic extremists, Hispanic gangs, and other run-of-the-mill human debris now crisscross this once respectable middle class neighborhood as they foment destruction and mayhem.

Perhaps these radical pacifists --- instead of promoting proper firearms safety --- would rather stand over a child’s coffin and tell parents they did the right thing surrendering their own better judgment on the church altar and allowing the dregs of society to get away with shedding innocent blood. Unless the pastor is willing to do so, let the parents decide.

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Mexican Catholics A Threat To Religious Liberty

According to, the Catholic thugs running one Mexican town are threatening to tear down the homes of Protestant residents unless they recant their Evangelical faith.

Gullible American Evangelicals often defend the continuing immigration onslaught by claiming Mexicans are such devout, family-oriented people.

And while the loyality of this demographic to their beliefs might be beyond question, it seems their religion could prove to be a theological cancer if allowed to spread unchecked throughout the American body politic.

Those for open borders will snap, surely the events described in this article cannot happen here.

But I remind you that we are not getting the best Mexico has to offer coming here. America, is in fact, being used as a release valve through which to vent the rabble of our neighbor to the south.

As such, these kinds of Mexicans are exactly the ones clogging our Metropolitan areas. One wonders how long until Americans are going to be forced to curb their own Protestant tendencies so as not to offend the Catholic sensibilities of the new arrivals.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

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Family Of Famed Evolutionist Admits Scientists Are Fallible

The family of famed evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould is suing two Boston hospitals and three doctors for misdiagnosing the cancer that ultimately led to his death.

Interestingly, it turns out scientists can be wrong after all. And if they can be this tragically wrong about the evidence right there in front of their highly educated noses, just think how much more so regarding matters not as easily observed such as the origins of the universe.

Though the loss of any human life deserves pity for the loved ones enduring such an unbearable hardship, it is only from the standpoint of the Christian and religious values Dr. Gould spent his life attempting to undermine that we are able to muster any sympathy for the Gould family.

For if Dr. Gould was nothing more than a soulless animal arising from the primordial ooze as the result of pure chance who didn‘t fair too well obviously in the Darwinian struggle for survival, why should anyone care about his passing out of existence? Isn’t his family’s emotional response nothing more than a biological stimuli with their love for him nothing more than some hormone driven impulse?

Furthermore, isn't it ironic these aggrieved individuals are seeking to correct a wrong done against someone who possessed no basis for believing right or wrong actually existed? It is only in considering him as an individual created in the image of God that these doctors should be called in account for their actions.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Ragheads Desecrate Bibles

NYPD Denies Bias Assault Against Whites Constitutes Hate Crime

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Anglicans Hint At Willingness To Accept Popish Mariolatry

Thought We Weren't Suppose To Look At Color

For daring to question the choice of Cedreic the Entertainer to star in "The Honeymooners" remake, I was castigated by the Diversity Mafia as a racist and even barred from Their argument was it did not matter what the ethnic background of a performer happened to be.

I wonder if mass opposition is going to mount for pointing out the new mayor of Los Angeles is Hispanic. Or as is common practice, I suppose we are only to condemn the practice of noticing race when doing so is advantageous to Caucasian Americans.

Would it have been mentioned if the new mayor was the first freckle-faced redhead to win the city's highest elected office? Then why inform of us of this distinction for an occupation where ethnicity ought to play an even lesser role than in the world of cinema?

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One Of The Worst Books I Ever Read: A Review Of Drudge Manifesto

Matt Drudge will be remembered for the role he played in popularizing the revolution brought about by the advent of Internet news. However, when it comes to the world of publishing, he better not quit his day job.

As one of the pioneers of a new form of mass communication, one would expect Drudge Manifesto to be an insightful tome as to his medium’s possibilities and strategies on how others might replicate his success. However, on this count Drudge Manifesto falls as short as the New York Times in fulfilling its civic obligation of supplying useful information.

The reader comes away from Drudge Manifesto with the impression that Mr. Drudge is an individual --- not unlike his nemesis Bill Clinton --- too aware of his own place in history. The extent of Drudge’s own self-awareness is to such a radical degree that it has led him to use a number of McCluhanesque literary devices bordering on the bizarre and that, ultimately, detract from the text.

For example, there are a number of pages scattered throughout the work filled with nothing but oversized “0”’s or a “1”s. On another is nothing but a single declaration in smaller-than-average size type in the center of the page reading “You’re boring”.

The only thing boring is wading through Drudge’s inane gimmicks. However, those with the stamina to meander through will be rewarded for their troubles with a transcript of the Q & A of Drudge’s 1998 address at the National Press Club in which the famed Internet muckraker provides perspective into the nature of this new medium and deflects criticisms of elitist mainstream journalists jealous about sharing the media spotlight with insightful outsiders.

In reading Drudge Manifesto, one is forced to conclude that Matt Drudge has become so intertwined with the medium synonymous with his name that he is nearly unable to rise above its limitations or to provide much of an analytical perspective capable of making the information revolution an even more effective venue for further expanding the freedoms of all mankind.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

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New Honeymooners The Wrong Color

Fans of the antics of Ralph Kramden will be shocked to learn that Cedric the Entertainer will portray the blowhard bus driver in the upcoming theatrical remake.

Those priding themselves on wearing their racial tolerance and sensitivity on their sleeve will claim it does not matter what color the characters are.

Would they be so broadminded if they made a White version of Sanford and Son or a Korean cast as a new Cliff Huxtable?

If the producers weren't out to make some kind of racial statement, wouldn't they have cast actors more in accord with the appearances of the originals filling these roles thus keeping the parts White since --- like it or not --- racial background determines a great deal of appearance?

Critics disparaging America's cultural heritage of which "The Honeymooners" played an important role as an early successful television comedy will muse that, in order to gain the attention of the hip urban youth of today (in other words, the vulgarians occupying our cities), we must alter the original to comply with these new diverse sensibilities.

But if that happens to be the case and minorities will only watch minorities, why should White Americans waste a single penny on this cinematic drivel?

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

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Homeland Security Denies Freedom Of Speech To Editor Connected To Minute Man Project

Maybe he would have gotten in if he had been a gay prositute and Internet porn star.

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Where Is The-Law-Must-Always-Be-Obeyed Crowd Now?

Throughout the Terri Schiavo Crisis, the Necromongers maintained that orders and directives emanating from the judicial branch must be obeyed without regard to how we might feel about them.

Where are they now that Michael Schiavo is refusing to inform Terri's parents where her ashes are being layed to rest as ordered by the court?

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Nothing Will Be Restrained From Them

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Genesis 11:6 says, “And the Lord said, ‘Behold the people is one and they all have one language; and this they began to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” The Lord was speaking in reference to the Tower of Babel built by the followers of Nimrod a short while after the Deluge so his followers might make a name for themselves in a prideful manner. To prevent this blasphemous arrogance from getting out of hand, God confused the languages so the people would disperse across the face of the earth.

The account does more than chronicle the origins of languages, nations, and races. It, in fact, serves as a warning of the trouble mankind can get into when the species comes together and pools its resources in total unity.

While such an assertion might have been dismissed years ago, today as the world draws together as one here at the conclusion of history as it did nearer to the beginning, we see the warning coming to pass in relation to various technological developments.

Take the issues of human cloning and genetic engineering for example. These new sciences could very well be seen as a modern Tower of Babel.

These techniques are not only being considered to ease the suffering of disease but to also tailor humanity to its own liking. In essence, this is one of modern man’s attempts to lift himself above the heavens in a manner similar to that of our ancient forebears gathered on the plain of Shinar.

Not only can a prospective parent turn to this technology to prevent their children from suffering from debilitating conditions such as epilepsy or Alzheimer's but they can also tinker with traits such as hair color and sex and perhaps even enhance aptitudes such as intelligence and athletic ability. Eventually, parents refusing to utilize such technology beyond the alleviation of illness could come to be seen as negligent or abusive in the eyes of lawmakers and social engineers.

Having imbibed heartily of the spirit of Babel, for some even this is not enough. Throughout much of world history, those seeking to make a name for themselves in the manner described in Genesis 11:6 were content to revel in the wonders and accomplishments of man on an exaggerated scale.

But as technology continues to advance and the world continues to unify, for an emerging worldview known as Transhumanism being human is no longer enough as adherents of this new outlook seek to surpass the limitations of the species through cybernetics or genetic enhancements. Such thinkers will not stop at Hitler’s Ubermensch but will prefer something even far more sinister akin to the Borg from Star Trek or humans crossbred with animal DNA resulting in hybrids similar to The Thundercats of 1980’s cartoon fame.

The skeptical might dismiss such speculation as impossible. But we only need to look back over the history of the twentieth century to see the improbable has had an uncanny way of becoming reality. For example, it was one time thought it was impossible to traveler faster than the speed of sound.

Just imagine what other horrors of his own creation await mankind down the road as this truly seems to be an age where “...nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.”

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Farrakhan Seeks Alliance With Sodmoties