Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did Obama Participate In An Occult Ritual At Denver International Airport?

If nothing sinister goes on there, why all of the Satanic looking artwork and statuary at that facility?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Chuck Schumer as in much of an outrage over the Census asking you how many toilets are in your house & what your utility bills are as he is over OnStar tracking cancelled customers?

Obama goons have threatened the Ford Motor Company over a commercial mentioning the auto bailout. Ford was requested to censor the advertisement because Il Duce's minions assumed the spot "denigrated" the stimulus program and cast aspersions on the Obama presidency. For supposedly being among the brightest people to ever walk the earth, these statist bureaucrats certainly have the hardest time comprehending the simplest of phrases such the right to free speech shall not be infringed.

Obama Goons Threaten Ford Over Commercial Mentioning Auto Bailout

Articles in the International Journal Of Humor Research with titles such as "Humor In The Collectivist Arab Middle East" certainly don't sound funny. And I thought I was a dullard to be around. I guess the old adage that those who can, do and those who can't, teach can now be extended. It now includes that those who can't teach publish journal articles only about five people in the entire world will read.

U.S. Citizen Ship Extended To Mexican Drug Dealer's Child

The child will no doubt receive all of the privileges and handouts it is due as a non-White baby.

Woman Injured By Exploding Government Toilet Seat

Consumerism is a condemnation leftists invoke when they think OTHER people have too much.

In a WMAL interview, a Case de Maryland propagandist said the organization gets government money to provide high quality services to the COMMUNITY. And how many of these were provided to run of the mill White people?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Doubtful The Washington Monument Will Ever Reopen To The Public

Educrats Force Coaches To Bend Knee To State Rather Than Bowing Head To God

Nurse Strike Results In Patient's Death?

Eugenicists Declare Voluptuous Unworthy Of Reproducing

For now, it may only be a discussion regarding those that need technical intervention to have a child.

However, eventually prenatal care will be denied to any woman that does not measure up to the physiological standard extolled by the New World Order.

Ultimately any woman over a certain size reproducing will be charged with child abuse.

By eliminating from the gene pool woman that actually look like women rather than malnourished teen boys, the technocrats are moving the world closer to the unisex ideal applauded by cultural elites having forsaken the Elan Vital.

To Frau Obama, "shared sacrifice" means settling for the $42,000 diamond bracelet.

Did Abbas say that the Palestinians were "peace loving" in that they want a cessation of conflict or "piece loving" in that they love to blow apart those they disagree with?

Just because Morgan Freeman has played God in a number of screen plays, it does not follow that his political opinions are Gospel handed down from on high on little stone tablets.

If over the counter asthma inhalers are bad for the environment, would medicinal reefer be even more so?

If states today track in the name of public health how much psuedoephedrine you purchase, what is to stop them from keeping similar tabs on sugar & salt in the future?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exercise Kills Ted Kennedy's Daughter

Why the government needs to stamp at rigorous activity.  Her father made it to a riper age as a rotund whoremongering boozer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sodomite Matrimony Penetrates Archie Comics

Sadly, Archie Comics use to be seen as so wholesome that the company was entrusted with the task of determining if all the issues put out by other companies lived up to the comics code.

Since this is now deemed acceptable, why not have Archie convert to the Warren Jeffes branch of Fundamentalist Mormonism with the famed redhead wedding both Veronica AND Betty.

Better yet, maybe the three of them can form a polyamorous triad.

It can be revealed that Jossey & The Pussycats are really lesbian furries.

And in one issue, Sabrina the Teenage Witch can be seen going "skyclad" (that's when Wiccans pounce around nude at their ceremonies) or getting it on with her demonic familiar, Salem the Cat

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shaking Assumptions Regarding Natural Disasters

Though the event displays the wonder of God and His creation, no minister can hand down an edict one way or the other whether a particular earthquake other than the ones foretold in prophetic passages of Scripture such as the Book of Revelation was an act of retribution and judgment.

Countless congregations no doubt heard from the hyperpious among their number how they were disappointed the quake didn't result in total destruction and that any not so eager for it all to end aren't even worthy of the chewing gum stuck under the pew.

In response to the earthquake, it has been admonished that it id God and not government that saves you.  But should you need to be pulled from the rubble, is it the direct hand of God doing so or, in the vast majority of instances, is it more likely to be a policeman, firefighter, members of the National Guard or a group of average concerned citizens?   Taking this mindset to its natural conclusion, is it therefore wrong to express gratitude toward parents if they do something good for you?  Is it wrong to verbalize one's love to one's spouse if language can only be used in such an exclusivist and univocal manner?  Furthermore, if we are to wait on the direct divine intervention of God to determine what happens to us in such calamitous upheavals, does that mean we should not seek medical attention during times of sickness or to even prepare a meal to stave off hunger?

If earthquakes are to be viewed as God’s judgment, is one sinning if one takes steps to save one’s life during such an event?  Would hyper legalists such as Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists advocating the perspective that natural disasters are to be understood as divine retribution insist that criminal charges be filed against those their elaborate spy network discover took steps to protect themselves?

Just because your family and spouse mean less to you than promoting your image as an uberChristian is not sufficient grounds for insinuating a lack of faith on the part of those that left work after the quake to check on loved ones and property.

A number of talk radio hosts and hyperpioitted to take.

It's easy, as in the case of these various radio personalities such as Rush Limbaugh, to sneer down your nose at those that may have overreacted at the prospect of losing their homes when you no doubt own several fortified compounds scattered across the United States.  Are those outraged over the nation's alleged lack of courage themselves willing to die to prove that Americans are not wimps?

Do those losing their lives and property think the calls for emergency preparation were overkill?  Are these individuals any less dead because predictions regarding the intensity of Irene didn't pan out?

Do talk show hosts encased in padded studios out of the elements and the hyper pious criticizing "excessive" hurricane preparation intend to pay the expenses incurred in the next disaster by those persuaded by such orators that living up to some arbitrary affectation of machismo is more important than survival?   Of course, some of the ostentatiously pious probably salivate at the prospect of a high casualty count in order to validate their rants regarding judgment and such.

Assorted foreigners are accusing Americans of self-absorption for paying attention to the coverage of Hurricane Irene rather than the uprising in Libya.  Isn’t it an even greater act of self-absorption to fly into a homicidal rampage when someone pokes fun at your religion?

A number of posts on the Washington Post website are lamenting the fact that consumers have stockpiled their pantries with "too much" food following Hurricane Irene.  For starters, who are they to determine how much food is too much for your pantry?  Can't the victuals just as well sit in your cupboard as on the store shelf?  What these elitists really oppose is the notion that a food supply of your own makes you less dependent on whatever agenda they may be attempting to implement.

Technically, isn't it a form of borderline Humanism to assume that the earthquake and hurricane were primarily a response to mankind's behavior.  God may have simply been focusing on natural processes, phenomena, and cycles with humans just being in the area when these events occur as a result of where we ourselves have decided to live.

It is interesting how those arguing that the Book of Revelation is not to be taken literally are among the most insistent that the hurricane and earthquake were God's judgment when He has not handed down any specific decree as to why these particular events took place.  At least those crazed Dispensationalists can point to a text that definitively tells them which earthquakes in history are to be viewed as retributive in nature.

God sets the weather into motion. He's bright enough to realize why you might not have been in church last week. Church authorities might have the say so whether or not there will be services. However, you are the one that has the final veto as to what transpires from your house to the church. No need to harang a congregation if most thought it more prudent to remain home following a significant storm.

I don't see how it logically follows that if you did not go to church last week because you did not know what the conditions were from your house to the church that you somehow don't care about learning about God. Church will still be there the following week. I thought the strength of Protestantism was suppose to be the individual following one's own conscience in regards to unsettled matters.

If I will be declared a heretic for thinking that the quake was not necessarily God's judgment, so be it. They can add it as another charge at my Inquisitional hearing.

by Frederick Meekins

Would VA Teen Been Arrested For Wearing A Mask If Muslim?

Obama honored 9/11 by volunteering in a soup kitchen. If I or a loved one was a victim of that atrocity, I'd rather the President spent the day blowing terrorists to Ghenna.

Backlash against Bachmann's STD vaccine concerns shows that either a # in the Teaparty are a bunch of pervs or that they are in the backpocket of big medicine.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nutritional Assistance Leaves Bad Taste In Taxpayer Mouths

Social activists are outraged over a proposal in Michigan that would limit welfare benefits to four years in a lifetime.

Perhaps that limit might be a bit harsh given the state of the economy where often people find themselves unemployed for extended periods of time through no fault of their own.

However, given America's pending financial ruination, these very same agitators should be as outraged about the growing trend of permitting aide recipients to apply their benefit payments to restaurant tabs.

Since many of those on public assistance are unemployed, are you going to tell me that such individuals don't have to time to prepare victuals within their own domiciles?

Or, rather is such an inability yet another symptom of lazy burro syndrome?

If ramen noodles and frozen fish sticks or chicken nuggets are good enough for those working to provide nutritional assistance, why aren't these foods sufficient enough for those receiving public benefits?

The government might have a minimal public health concern in seeing that citizens do not starve to death.

However, the argument cannot be made that there is a compelling state interest in going to extraordinary means to see that your taste buds are titillated in a culinary fashion.

by Frederick Meekins

FEMA using wildfires to inflict scorched earth policy upon Texas

Interesting how the Oct 2011 issue of Astronomy magazine on the cover asking for a naturalistic explanation of what transpired prior to the Big Bang asks, "What Triggered Cosmic GENESIS". (Capitalized to make point clearer).

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. says in regards to conservatives "Let's take out these sons of bitches." Didn't someone say something similar to taking out his father? I don't apologize for writing that questionable word this time as it is not my quote. What if he had called either of the Obamas this?

Monday, September 05, 2011