Wednesday, July 21, 2004

CBS Believes Creativity Determined By Race

CBS Execs have established the CBS Diversity Institute providing mentors for "writers of color", or to shorten it a bit, "colored writers" word economy being a good thing and all.

We are always told that if we were seriously ill we wouldn't care what color the doctor would be or if trapped in a burning building about the ethnic background of the firefighter sent in to rescue us.

Why, then, should we care about the color of those scripting the television shows we watch since we never see the behind-the-scenes talent?

By establishing programs targeted at getting minorities into the television industry, aren't TV executives implying these individuals are not as inherently creative as their White counterparts?

Since most of these TV producers come from Jewish backgrounds, are we going to have set-asides for Protestants or Catholics?

But bet you one thing, regardless of the color of the new crop of script writers selected through this program, they will likely continue to spew forth the same kind of liberal filth that has come to dominate the nation's airwaves these past few years.

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Linda Rondstadt Hates Christians

Singer Linda Rondstadt claims she does not like having Fundamentalist Christians or Conservatives Republicans in the audience.

Who, then, does the aging country has-been thinks buys tickets to her concerts since these are the groups prone to listen to her brand of music? Definitely not "hip", young  liberals.

 If all else fails, maybe she can go shack up with former hippy governor Jerry Brown once more

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Noisy Bugs Aren’t Only Ones Making Irritating Racket

Every seventeen years, periodical cicadas emerge from their otherwise sedate underground burrows to serenade their ladies fair and to inconvenience humans unsettled by the disturbing countenance and unique musical tastes of these creatures. But unlike environmentalists and evolutionists, these pests are gracious enough to subject us to their whining only once every decade and a half and aren’t nearly as nerve-wracking.

In this age of postmodern subjectivism, it is never enough for the purveyors of secular scientific understanding to present philosophically unencumbered facts and allow individuals to draw their own conclusions about them. Since we are little more than buffoons in the eyes of the technocrats, we must be catechized as to what to think about the processes of the world around us to an extent exceeding anything taking place in any run-of-the-mill Sunday school or Bible college.

Along with a diagram detailing the life cycle of the cicada from its lengthy period of subterranean singleness sucking sap to its emergence and molting from its nymph to adult form as well as explaining the mechanics and purpose of their symphonic performances, the experts interviewed for a Washington Post Metro Section feature on May 16, 2004 waned ideological rather than keep things purely scientific.

To a number of so-called scientists and researchers, the vast numbers of cicadas are to serve as recruits in the cause of anti-human, anti-technology evolutionary environmentalism. Biologist David Dunn is upset that people compare the sound cicadas make to mechanical sources and laments these as “the sounds with which we have replaced the patterns of the natural world.”

If it weren’t for those pesky machines, Mr. Dunn wouldn’t be able to bombard readers with such Luddite foolishness. He probably wouldn’t even have the leisure time to cogitatively formulate such nonsense, idle hands being the Devil’s workshop and all.

Of course, should those like this researcher gain power, they won’t be the ones foregoing the comforts of modern life for the sake of environmental preservation; his ilk won’t be the ones forced to endure a life of drudgery, malnutrition, and disease all for the sake of getting back to nature. The likes of the Rockefellers, Kennedys, Kerrys and Bushes will always live in opulent luxury; it is you and I, dear reader, who will be forced to live lower than dirt and that at least will have the soil erosion lobby to look out for its interests.

Already the plight of cicadas is being used to pound additional nails into the coffins of development and environmental policy. According to the BBC, insect supremacists are lamenting that the cicada faces possible extinction since construction projects such as paved roads, houses, and other buildings block the immature cicadas from reaching the surface.

Woopteedo! Frankly these things are the bug world’s equivalent of welfare recipients in that they do nothing but eat, smell bad, and reproduce while contributing little or nothing productive to society in return for their upkeep. Why should we care if these pests become nothing more than a footnote in the annals of entomological history?

If the expanse of civilization does pose such a threat to cicada kind, does that mean human happiness and progress must come to a screeching halt? For in the minds of environmentalists, animal rights theoreticians, and the rest of those more infatuated with the creation that the Creator, you and I are no more important than that slimy slug slithering across your aluminum siding.

One bug brain composing cantatas as an act of worship of the cicada told the Washington Post of his musical composition in their honor, “I want to reflect the insectlike character of our own lives. The Post ads, “...his ambition for his...piece is not to emphasize difference.”

Heaven (rather Earth forbid in the minds of these fruitcakes) we acknowledge the distinction and hierarchy of species, something the animals --- dumb as they are --- don’t seem to have much of a problem with. Hegel, the father of the modern pantheism from which much of contemporary environmentalism ultimately flows, when confronted by a student that his audacious theories did not square with the facts of reality is alleged to have railed, “Then the facts be damned.”

As with its cousins Communism and Socialism, it is this callous disregard of the world as it really is in favor of how they’d like it to be that makes environmentalism especially dangerous. As such, the related movements of environmentalism and evolutionism are not so much based on testable scientific propositions as faith-based presuppositions.

Another scientist romantically swooned in the Post that these swarms of cicadas suggest “...what North America was like an eon ago, when these bugs rose to the top of an unpopulated continent’s vast forests...It gives me a sense of awe at the scale of evolutionary time.”

Things might be a little less crowded if we didn’t have these scientists playing philosopher to deal with. For anyone that comprehends cicadian engineering and ends up feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside in praise of evolution has clearly been educated beyond all usefulness.

A top the Post feature article where tenured scientists waxed hysterical like convulsing holy rollers all over the church carpet was an informative diagram and flowchart detailing the life story of the cicada as well as mechanics behind its unique brand of music. Anyone thinking this ability came about on its own has a few cicadas of his flying around in his belfry.

According to the article, the male cicada is able to crease his tympana so as not to deafen himself as a result of his own racket. Does it make more sense that these powers and abilities were bestowed upon these creatures deliberately by a wise God or came about helter skelter by pot luck?

If God didn’t, did the cicadas all get together at a convention in Vegas and decide it would be prudent for amorous cicadas to close their ears and synchronize their friskiness so as to ensure safety in numbers and that the maximum number find love? If it’s all just the role of the dice, wouldn’t the cicada either end up all alone or blow out his ear in pursuit of his lady love?

Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til observed that each of us looks at the world through the rose colored glasses of certain presuppositions that mold everything we see. Those who deny the handiwork of God throughout creation are just as religious as those who see the purposes of the Lord written throughout the pages of His handiwork.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

County & City Sponsor Festival Promoting Racism

Blacks get all of February and most of January for all that matter as they fill the time from Kwanzaa at the end of December through Martin Luther King Day and the time leading up to Black History Month. Hispanics get most of October. Now even Asians, once considered the model minority for their former tendency to provide for themselves and not expect the rest of us to fill their outstretched hands, get their own month to wallow around in what they are. As usual, the White man gets forgotten in all of this as it becomes his duty to sit there quietly and simply nod in agreement as to what a wretched human being he is.

With a goodly portion of the year given over to ethnological naval-gazing and occidental denigration, one would think even the most fanatical mulitculturalists would grow weary of all this and find another way to entertain themselves over the weekend. But in Prince George’s County, Maryland in general and in the City of Hyattsville there in particular it seems the minds of liberals are so one track they can’t ever get too much of the same thing.

The weekend of July 10, 2004, the first annual Heritage Carnival of Prince George’s County will be held to celebrate “...the culturally diverse experience of African, African American, American Indian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Filipino, Italian American, and Latin American cultures. “ For supposedly being held for the purposes of, as Municipal Liaison for the County Obie Pickney told the Gazette, “...uniting Prince George’s County as ‘one people, one community’’ most Caucasian groups --- especially those of Northern European extraction --- are conspicuously missing from the list.

In order to be “one” as county propaganda urges, don’t you have to include Whites also? After all, though we might be fewer in number than we use to be, we all haven’t died off yet. Liberal racemongers will have to wait a while longer before they can celebrate our ultimate demise and finally forget about us all together.

The dogmaticians of diversity will respond that, if we are to enjoy an age of brotherhood and understanding, we can no longer look to race or ethnicity as a source of personal value and individual identification. If we are to ever be truly equal, we must think of ourselves as human beings only.

Why, then, are those who exploit such a sentiment the most organizing a festival where certain minor cultures are deemed more worthy of celebration and study than those from which the nation’s values, institutions, and way of life actually derive? Our children, as well as ourselves, would be much better off learning about the constitutional ideals of the Founding Fathers than about how some insignificant African tribe with a name hardly anyone can pronounce shakes their boody around the camp fire.

But then that’s probably the point about holding a celebration such as the Heritage Festival. By filling our minds with entertaining trivialities, those in power hope we won’t realize what’s going on and, even more importantly, what we might be able to do to correct the situation.

Those assembling around diversity as the highest principle of social organization don’t exactly muster the keenest argumentation in defense of their questionable cultural assumptions. For example, Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson writes in support of the Heritage Festival, “Our county’s population is the most diverse of any jurisdiction, and our greatest asset.”

An area or country is not great because of its alleged diversity but in spite of it. Isn’t greatness, as Martin Luther King whom professional racialists usually just about deify noted, determined not by the color of skin but by the content of character?

Aren’t race and color just accidents of birth and do little in determining what kind of person an individual will become? Both Walter Williams and Mumia Abu-Jamal are Black; but the first happens to be one of the wittiest social and political commentators of our day and the second a skuzzy-looking cop-killer convicted of murder.

Leftwing social engineers have conditioned the American people to applaud any minority conga line coming down the pike. Maybe it’s time we stepped back and examined such volkish posturing.

Suppose for a moment there was a population of pale-skinned redheads. Should we assume it is their redheadedness that endows them with their values and skills? Should we hold pale-skinned redheaded history month and convene pale-skinned, redhead festivals since in the past pale-skinned redheads weren’t appreciated as they should have been since most of us have heard of things denigrated by likening them to redheaded stepchildren?

Seems silly, doesn’t it? Then why do we put up with such silliness when Blacks or Hispanics are involved?

Even if you lack the courage to stand up for true American ideals in this age of radical tolerance, the spineless citizen can still oppose the Heritage Festival on purely economic grounds if they have not been fully communalized into thinking their tax dollars are better off in the hands of officials with no intentions of spending them frugally or wisely.

As of August 7, 2003 back when the Festival was planned for Sept. 26-28 but was called off as a result of a hurricane mercifully sent by Providence, the City of Hyattsville designated $12,000 to help defray Heritage Festival expenses. Though I can’t really say for sure if the City council eventually reneged its position in the year ensuing the Festival‘s September cancellation, such an outlay of revenue is foolish in light of the hoopla over the municipality’s looming budget crisis.

Though property tax rates are the same this year as last, that was not decided until there was a multi-session debate where members of the police and firefighters’ union paraded their sob stories before the public access cameras of the televised meetings lamenting how their pensions would go underfunded unless conscientious residents did the civic-minded thing by agreeing to higher property assessments. Maybe if the Council made their legitimate expenditures their top fiscal priority instead of surrendering other people’s money to trendy elitist causes just to show everyone how politically correct they are and how guilty they feel about being White people, maybe they’d have enough to properly reimburse those who actually do the city’s assigned tasks. Before you put the statutory gun to my head demanding I fork over more, make sure you’ve properly spent what I have already been forced to give you.

Neither diversity, nor its accompanying heavy-handed approach to social organization made American great. Rather that is a distinction that belongs to the individuals who realized that they couldn’t expect the group or government institutions to float their boats on the seas of life.

We should not trample the memory of such valiant pioneers by patronizing a festival designed to undermine our identity as Americans while robbing us of our financial resources in order to do so. Rather the spirit of hearty individualism should be honored by keeping government sponsored activities to a minimum thus allowing the productive to retain more of what’s theirs to begin with. That would be something we could all celebrate.

Copyright 2004 by Frederick B.Meekins