Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama Jets On Taxpayer Dime To NY For Broadway Show

Some are no doubt growing weary of my constant drumbeat of Obama's campaign quote lamenting America's eating what we want, driving SUV's, and keeping our homes heated at 70 degrees. However, I am not going to let this one slide until De Fuehrer starts living by the same spirit of sacrifice he is demanding from the remainder of us.

Minding The Times: An Exposition On Postmodernism, Part 1

One might say the future is here --- and we might want to send it back for a refund. Having waited years and wondering at times whether mankind would even survive to see the day, the world now finds itself on the other side of a new millennium. In some ways, it is everything optimistic futurists dreamed of in terms of faster modes of transportation, improved forms of medicine and almost instantaneous global communication. However, one would hardly consider it the quaint but technologically sophisticated world of George Jetson whose most formidable challenges consisted of navigating Mr. Spacely's fickle temper and making sure Rosie the robot maid stayed adequately oiled. Instead, inhabitants of the early twenty-first century worry if their children will even return home alive from school in the evening or how much longer they have until turbaned fanatics turn the accumulated glories of Western civilization into a smoldering atomic wasteland.

Somewhere along the highway leading from intentions to actuality society seems to have taken a wrong turn and gotten lost along the way. When finding oneself in unintended surroundings while road-tripping across the country, one pulls over to the shoulder of the road to look at a map to determine where one's navigation went astray. Likewise, when a culture begins to display signs of being out of kilter, the time has come to examine the sociological roadmap in terms of the philosophies, beliefs, and ideas individuals use to live their lives and those in authority employ to oversee events.

The observer of intellectual trends might note the contradictory nature of today's philosophical scene. For while proponents of the status quo purport to be characterized by a considerable latitude of conscience, such professed flexibility ultimately turns back on itself and bears down harshly upon any dissident daring to question the system's most cherished assumptions. The prevailing outlook can be characterized as a pragmatic Postmodernism.

Postmodernism can be looked at as a worldview holding that truth as an objective overarching reality does not exist and is instead a subjective linguistic or conceptual construct adopted by an individual or group for the purposes of coping with existence. As such, no single explanatory narrative is superior to any other. In light of such characteristics, Postmodernism is pragmatic in the sense that ethical propositions are judged by how well they work rather than how they stand up to standards of right and wrong. Postmodernism is relativistic in that each propositional expositor is self-contained since it is inappropriate for an individual to judge someone else or another group by the standards to which he himself subscribes. James Sire notes in The Universe Next Door that to the Postmodernist the use of any one narrative as a metanarrative to which all other narratives must submit as to their authenticity is oppressive (181).

As is deducible from its very name, Postmodernism is more a response than a set of original insights. Sire argues, "For in the final analysis, Postmodernism is not 'post' anything; it is the last move of the modern, the result of the modern taking its own commitments too seriously and seeing that they fail to stand the test of analysis (174)." In other words, Postmodernists are basically Modernists having grown tired of maintaining the illusion that things such as values still matter even when the issue of God does not. Therefore, one can gain significant understanding into the Postmodernist mindset by examining the outlook's Modernist roots and where these systems ultimately diverge from one another.

As a derivative of it, Postmodernmism shares a number of assumptions with its cousin Modernism. Thomas Oden observes in Two Worlds: Notes On The Death Of Modernity In America & Russia that both outlooks embrace autonomous individualism, reductive naturalism, and absolute moral relativism (33-35). Both systems are naturalistic in the sense that in them all reality is reduced to and originates from physical components; nothing exists separate or independently of matter. As such, man is an autonomous being since, without God, man can rely only upon himself and his institutions to provide purpose, guidance, and meaning for his life. Since this is the case, all ethical and social thought is predicated on finite human understanding and therefore subject to revision in light of changing circumstances or the accumulation of additional data.

Even though the Modernists sought to set out on their own without holding God's hand, many of them endeavored to maintain a system of behavioral standards and social norms reflective of the Judeo-Christian ones embedded in the cultural consciousness but now resting on an alternative foundation. Rather than seeing the niceties governing civilized conduct as arising from the character of God and discoverable through the study or application of His Holy Word, these courtesies were seen as coming about through the unfolding of trial and error, a process most akin to biological evolution. While most Evangelicals are aware of the links between Darwinism and Nazism and Communism (both vile forms of totalitarianism), most are not as cognizant of the links between this theory of origins and what many would consider stereotypical British traditionalism. Alister McGrath writes in Intellectuals Don't Need God & Other Modern Myths, "Darwinism achieved popular success in England...because Darwin's ideas happened to coincide with advanced Whig social thinking relative to matters of competition, free trade, and the natural superiority of the English middle class...Darwin's science provided a foundation for Victorian liberalism (161)."

It did not take long for the hopes, dreams, and promises of Modernism to break down and disappoint many of its enthusiastic adherents. Psalm 127:1 says, "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain (KJV)." Instead of utopian brotherhood as promised by Marx, millions found themselves enslaved behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. Instead of the sexual liberation promised by the likes of Freud, for tossing aside restraint and embracing the wilds of passion, just as many found their bodies rotting under the curse of diseases unheard of just a few decades ago. Still others discovered that a life of constant entertainment was not quite as entertaining as originally intended. As John Warwick Montgomery so eloquently summarized through his courses in Apologetics at one time offered through Trinity Theological Seminary, in the nineteenth century God was killed and in the twentieth century man was killed.

Thus, with the realization that finite man was incapable of establishing any enduring standard, the Postmodernist decided that the best that could be hoped for was a kind of compulsory hypertolerance all must ascent to and embrace in order to be recognized as full members of the community. Not unlike the Roman Empire where citizens and subjects were pretty much free to practice whatever religion they wished so long as there was room enough within their beliefs for the emperor as an object of worship, those existing under hypertolerance's prevailing rule find themselves free to believe whatever they would like provided they are publicly willing to admit that what the next fellow believes is just as valid, no matter how strange or unorthodox it might seem to be.
Such an approach of live-and-let-live might work between neighbors who agree to keep their differences on their own respective sides of the fence for the sake of community tranquility. However, there are instances in life where matters cannot be glossed over simply by closing the door behind you and retiring to your living room, especially when how controversial issues are approached will end up impacting the way in which people live.

After all, the idea of absolutist tolerance exists for purposes beyond mediating athletic rivalries among coworkers and arbitrating those heated debates as to whether chocolate or vanilla is the better flavor of ice cream. The concept, to the Postmodernist, becomes the central organizing social and cultural principle. Harold O.J. Brown notes in The Sensate Culture, "...postmodern man is beginning to create for himself a world filled with...all manner of beliefs that would have been dismissed as absurd superstitions only a few years ago (55)."

Since Postmodernism seeks to rest asunder traditional dogmas and orthodoxies, it inevitably ends up emphasizing outlooks and perspectives not regularly brought before the public's attention. Sometimes this can be beneficial in the sense that information once overlooked is brought to light that provides a more fully-orbed picture as to what really happened such as when historians expand the scope of their research outward from diplomatic or military concerns to embrace the social realm as well. However, the approach has often sparked more trouble than what it is worth in terms of the conflict that has arisen and the rights that have been trampled upon as activists jockey for position in this moral and intellectual free-for-all.

It is this propensity for Postmodernism to deny the existence of established objective truth that makes the system so dangerous. However, it can also be this aspect that works out to be the Christian's unwitting ally in the apologetic struggle.

To the Postmodernist, what we construe as knowledge is in reality mere interpretation; the fact is, facts do not exist. Chuck Colson writes in A Dance With Deception: Revealing The Truth Behind The Headlines, "The carelessness about factual accuracy didn't come out of nowhere. It came from a shift in educational theory...Educators began to downplay facts and focused instead on changing students' values to solve social problems (47)."

The result of this has been the ascension of increasingly bizarre academic theories and assertions more about promoting trendy causes than expanding the horizons of human understanding. For example, one Feminist professor contends that Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is actually about pent-up sexual energy that "finally explodes in the...murderous rage of the rapist"; others of similar mind oppose the scientific method as an approach to acquiring knowledge, claiming the method is based on the subjugation and control of sexual domination (Colson, 55).

Some of this might be cute for a good laugh if it confined itself among a few lunatic professors who were trotted out before the students for an occasional lecture or to write articles for publication in journals barely read by anyone. Like most thinkers, Postmodernist scholars hope to exert influence over minds other than their own. Postmodernists, however, want to do more than alter the focus of classroom textbooks. Dr. James Kennedy warns in Character & Destiny: A Nation In Search Of Its Soul, "In fact at the bottom of the 'change' movement is a deep desire to dismantle this nation and to sever average Americans from their heritage of faith and freedom (74)."

It is said nature abhors a vacuum. Something will eventually step in to take the place of something else that has been removed.

In the film "The Neverending Story", the amorphous adversary known as "the Nothing" operates on the assumption that those without hope are easy to control. Postmodernists might claim to be creating a community of tolerance and inclusion free of artificial hierarchies, but end up imposing a regimen more doctrinaire than anything even the most tightly-wound Fundamentalist would devise.

This is because of what Francis Schaeffer termed "sociological law", defined in A Christian Manifesto as " that has no fixed base but law in which a group of people decides what is sociologically good for society at the given moment and what they arbitrarily decide becomes law (41)." This principle results in a mass of seemingly contradictory policies that are unified only in their opposition to the divine order of innate human dignity. The individual is reduced to the level of a mere cog to be tinkered with to improve the engine of the overarching societal machine.

For example, in the name of elevating minorities, certain programs such as campus speech codes and preferential employment practices turn around and infringe upon the traditional rights of those just as innocent as those these convoluted regulations claim to protect. Conversely, those justifying this social manipulation by such utilitarian standards could just as easily alter their position and justify the wholesale slaughter or detention of entire ethnic groups as in the case of Nazi Germany.

According to the Washington Times, Professor Noel Ignatiev of Harvard argues for the abolition of the White race. So long as Western institutions continue to embrace such blatantly pragmatic standards, one can no more count on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the precepts of liberty in the end than the Chinese Community Party since, no matter how much we try to dance around the issue, both ultimately draw upon the principle of the state as the final authority. They only interpret it differently at this given time.

by Frederick Meekins

Frau Obama Rides SUV To Visit Garden Toilers

According to Barack, I thought we weren't suppose to be riding around in SUV's.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Government Funding Telepathy Experiments

Today, they might claim to be financing these experiments for military applications, but I wonder how long until it's used to track what you are thinking about Obama or whoever else might be running the show at some future date.

O'Reilly Calls For Surrender To Diversitymongers

Obama Minions Allow Black Panthers To Intimidate Voters

Sotomayer A Second Amendment Enemy

Census Perverts Inquire How You Bathe & Undress

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aren't those saying we should not oppose Sotomayor because she is a Hispanic woman really saying women and Hispanics are mentally inferior?

The Man That Now Laments You Having "Too Much"

Wonder if that tobacco is regular or whacky.

He now laments you eating what you want, driving a SUV, and keeping your home heated at 70 degrees but seems himself to have led a hedonistic existence.

Do That Many Black Folks Even Watch NASCAR?

I guess that "empathy" Obama worshippers wax eloquent about does not extend to Southern Whites.

New World Order Montage

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Diego Bans Bible Study

Wonder if groups of beer-swilling migrant workers are accosted as well when they urinate on the neigbors fense while blaring mariachi music at 2 am.

Gibson Impregnates Concubine

Brooke Shields Regrets Not Being A Tramp

Judical Nominee Slurs White People

Obama Picks Justice On Basis Of Skin Color

V Preview

Whale Washes Ashore

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will Proclivities Towards Individualism Be Declared A Mental Disorder?

McCain Lass Demands Government Subsidize Her Debauchery

By saying that the Republican Party should move beyond abstinence, isn't McCain's daughter not so much suggesting that government should mind its own business in regards to our private lives but rather subsidize us with handouts in those areas where our personal character falls short.

Maybe Uncle Sam can provide us with the silk sheets and wine as well.

Might as well toss in the cigaretes for afterwards while we are at it.

Fugitives From Medicine

Bet if the lad wanted an abortion the mantra of "my body, my choice" would be recognized.

Google Grants Evolution Honor It Rarely Grants Christianity Or U.S. Military

In commemoration of the alleged discovery of a missing link between humans and other primates, Google has altered its logo. However, on past Memorial Days, the Internet search engine has rarely recognized the contribution of American veterans.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Commemorate Today's Emasculation Of The Auto Industry

The Ted Kennedy Slave Labor Act

Obama Makes Light Of Pirate Problem

Some may dismiss this as cute, but would it be as funny to have the President joke around with someone in a comical KKK robe, terrorist headrag or urban thug paraphenilia?

If not, then why can we laugh about pirates for aren't they simply carjackers or street gangs of the high seas?

I wonder if victims of pirates would like the President being so light-hearted about the tragedy that befell them.

But I guess since the pirates are teenage Africans (one of Obama's prime voting blocs), we should just overlook it all.

If Arnold So Worried About Pollution, Why Did He Come To DC?

Scientists Discover Dragon Venom

Christian Century Advocates "Condom Gospel"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

South African Lad Deemed "Not Black Enough" For African-American Award

Technically, by definition, wouldn't he be more "African" than all the Black students at the school put together? And as a public school where evolution is taught, since evolutionary anthropology contends we all came from Africa to begin with, shouldn't every student (White or Black) be eligible for this recognition?

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tyranny Of Civility Descends Over UK

Somethings ought to be more important than "good manners".

Was John Lennon A Satanist?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rotten Egg Presidency Co-opts Easter Celebration

Some traditions should be so hallowed that they should not be sullied by political controversies or used as a vehicle to manipulate the participants into embracing perspectives and policies they might not otherwise be exposed to or willing to accept. As a celebration of profound cultural significance at one of America's most solemn and historic venues, the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House ought to be just such an occasion.

Unfortunately, not even this event gets to remain one where kids and families can have a day of fun without being bombarded by a litany of questionable values. Ironically, the ones that ought to be the most vigilant about protecting the event's integrity are among those most eager to see it bastardized.

To the average American mired in outdated notions such as individuality and privacy, one would think tickets to this event would go to the first to apply for them irrespective of attributes such as race, creed, or sexual preference. However, to the Obama administration, who you like to roll around in the bedroom with should be one of the factors considered to determine whether or not your child is worthy of rolling eggs on the White House lawn.

According to an Associated Press story posted at titled "White House Invites Gay Families To Easter Event", the Obama Administration set aside and funneled a percentage of the tickets to Sodomite front groups such as the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. The executive director of the Family Equality Counsel said in the article, "The Obama administration actually reached out to us as an organization and said we want gay families there, and they are an important part of the American family fabric."

It is not so much that gay people want to attend the Egg Roll and have been barred in the past as gays have participated in years past. Rather, it is now they not only want to tell everybody about it but also for authorities to fawn all over them.

Are those mired in this brand of sin so guilt-ridden that they cannot simply attend this event quietly in support of the children without having to blab about their personal kinks? If a family of polygamist breakaway Mormons showed up at the Egg Roll, should White House staff ooh and ahh over them as "an important part of the American family fabric" as not all participating in this deviancy are child molesters like in the Warren Jeffs cult.

Though the attention of those interested in these kinds of cultural battles will be focused primarily on this skirmish as to what constitutes a family, this was not the only ideological struggle taking place at the White House Egg Roll. Though less likely to garnish headlines, the information families were exposed to at the event no doubt nudged many in the direction of increasing how much government control and influence they would allow over their lives.

The theme of the 2009 Egg Roll was "Let's go play". In pursuit of this policy, children were encouraged to live healthy and active lifestyles complete with cooking demonstrations (I wonder if any of the St. Louis pizza chefs flown into the White House to appease our New Lord were on hand). No doubt, much of these efforts are to get the youth fit for Fuehrer Obama's proposed mandatory service programs and work camps.

At least in regards to homosexuals infiltrating the White House Egg Roll, the Associated Press Article observed, "Some conservatives accused gays and lesbians of trying to crash the event and turn it into a forum for ideological politiciking."

Some might conclude unseemly forms of propaganda were not allowed to sully the innocence of the Egg Roll before the reign of Barack The First was unleashed upon the American taxpayer. Frankly, I heard about it last year as well under the regime of George W. Bush but didn't get around to writing about it in a timely manner as (at least until Obama pulls the plug on the Internet which is being considered in a variety of ways in the name of special emergency executive orders, the fairness doctrine, and now even online civility) a blogger's work is never done.

The theme of the 2008 Egg Roll was ocean conservation. Frankly, other than an hard boiled egg tasting good with a pinch of salt sprinkled on it, what does the ocean have to do with an Egg Roll?

This propaganda went beyond having a nifty touchtank on hand with a horseshoe crab crawling around inside. The White House declared, "Through education and volunteerism, all families can make a difference in keeping our oceans clean."

Seems, when being brainwashed, it's not simply enough to dutifully assimilate the material our keepers expect us to. We must also pledge ourselves to manually labor without remuneration.

More importantly, we are also reminded by this story that the manipulation of the American people into indentured servitude was not something sprung upon us totally with the election of Barack Obama. Rather the erosion of liberty has been slowly put into place over a succession of presidential administrations and getting to the point where many no longer notice the noose tightening around our necks or actually have grown to accept it as a comforting embrace.

There is no reason whatsoever why an egg roll must have a theme other than being an egg roll. If the American people allow the state to draw the focus away from the higher truths these celebrations were established to commemorate in favor of extraneous policies and propaganda, eventually the state will take the place of the One

such festivities were originally intended to honor.

By Frederick Meekins

Do The Unemployed Deserve Free Viagra?

What Is The Illuminati?

Singularity University Conspires To Alter World Through Revolutionary Technology

Postmodernist Nuns Insist They're Better Than Jesus

Is Humanity The Foodsource Of Noncorporeal Reptilians

Are You A Binarist?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Environmentalists Bemoan Advanced Technology

Would You Buy A Cellphone From This Man?

Christ-Denying, Buddhism-Affirming Apostate Nominated For Bishopric

Incompetent Trolley Conductor Hired Solely On The Basis Of Transgender Status

Afrosupremacists Make Consumer Decision On The Basis Of Color

Tax Dollars Fund Chinese Hookers

Note this money is not being used to get them out of this lifestyle and glamourizes the scumbags running these rackets as gatekeepers, as if they are manning a highway tollbooth, rather than as pimps.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ethical Irony: Trump's Loose Standards Save Brave Beauty Queen's Crown

Armed Pastor Saved Lives

Though one cannont deny the name of Christ, I have often wondered if this mentality pervasive throughout church history of just meekly surrendering as a martyr is a Biblical one.

Gundam Wing Promo Classic

Parents Letting Children Run Wild Heralded As Model COMMUNITY Members

Monday, May 11, 2009

Saudis Endorse Spousal Abuse

Maybe they can give you more of that crock how Islam respects women.

Will Space Shuttle Return Home?

Fungus Threatens Frogs

Propaganda Video Brainwashes Students Against Prosperity

Environmentalists Oppose Alternative Energy

Proof that radical environmentalism is not about applying better technology but rather about beating regular people back to the stone age. Next you'll be hearing that Bubonic plague has an inherent right of existence as an autonomous lifeform.

Church Insufficiently Masculine

Real men tire of sissified songs and want to mind their own business.

Obama Giggles At The Prospect Of Limbaugh's Death

Friday, May 08, 2009

Britain Welcomes Euthanasia Advocate

Hawaii Celebrates America's Islamic Enemies

Vagrant Couple Given Lavish Wedding

This story raises a number of questions.

First, I don't care how much they love each other, if these two cannot afford to care for themselves, should they really be getting married?

As my grandmother's sister use to say, "Love can fall in a bucket of sh--."

By this she meant that while important, love was not the sole determining factor upon which one should make critical life decisions especially when one is at a minimal subsistence level.

For even though no one wants to say it for fear of being branded a hatemonger and the like, since these two are of prime breeding age, who is going to pick up the tab when babies come along as that use to be what married people did even though nowadays it seems the stork can arrive at any time either before or after the wedding date without an eye being raised by the hypertolerant.

Neither of these people are employed. Why should the rest of us pick up their bills when they bring unnecessary expences into their lives when they are in a state of being unable or unwilling to provide for themselves?

Furthermore, as Rush Limbaugh use to say, liberalism is easy; it is conservatism that's hard.

Analyzing this story, one has to wonder if the wedding is not so much for the couple as it is to make the congregation providing it feel good.

For at the end of the day, while it might be more glamorous to throw a wedding, is it really what these two people need in their lives to make it better or to face its challenges?

by Frederick Meekins

British Hospital Deems Church Paintings Offensive

Radical Islam once again claiming another victory in the UK as the decree does not forbid depictions of mosques.

Pervert Pastor Downplays The Depravity Of Man

Is Warp Drive Possible?

Does NASA Have An Antigravity Space Navy?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Once Again Obama Cringes At Christ's Name

Is like he is a vampire avoiding a cross or holy water.

Will A Pervert Be Nominated To The Supreme Court?

I guess fitting in one way. It has been rumored for years that Souter was gay, especially after he was mugged roaming alone through a park late one night searching for what it was never disclosed.

Paula Abdul Admits Drug Addiction

British Thought Prude Watches Porn At Taxpayer Expense

Is Obama Behind The Brits Banning Savage?

Protobeast's False Prophet Overseeing Census Bureau GPS Program

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama Praises Souter For Having No Absolutes

Runny Nose Diverts Plane

"I have a booger and I know how to use it."

Fraulein Obama's $500 Shoes

These shoes look no better, and in certain ways even cheesier, than a pair of Chuck Taylor's that today run for between $25 and $50. I should know, I own several pair.

Will Swine Flu Be The Mucus Lubricating The Globe Into The New World Order?

Michael Savage Predicts Coup By The Protobeast's False Prophet

36,000 Dead From Flu

That's the annual statistic, not the projections for the current outbreak. But since they are likely not queers or illegal aliens, those people don't really count.