Friday, November 19, 2010

Federal Reserve Insider Predicts The Elderly Will End Up Living Under Bridges

Did Hitler Plan To Attack London With Flying Saucers?

U.S. News & World Report Ceases Regular Print Publication

Guess those snooty print journalists won't be able to mock us bloggers too much longer as it seems in the future all news and analysis will be online news and analysis.

Pelosi Heralds Herself As An Alluring Intellectual

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deluded African Migrants Starve To Death Thinking UFO's Will Bring Them Food

Pleiadian Prophetess Tells Russian TV That Mystery Contrail An Attack By U.S. Against Extraterrestrials

In a Washington Post column, Ted Koppel puts his vaunted sense of nonpartisanship on display for the public to fawn all over. Are you going to tell us that the documentary he produced lauding the wonders of Red China was evenhanded and not onesided? But then, since the former Nightline host laments the proliferation of broadcast opinion beyond the establishmentarian party line, perhaps an authoritarian regime is exactly where he belongs.

If nothing else, at least with the Sarah Palin reality series there is finally a nature documentary that will likely approach nature without beating the viewer over the head in terms of environmentalism and evolutionary propaganda.

If to be subjected to a government mandated "groin check" in an airport, dependent upon what the attendant looked like, one conducted by the opposite gender would be prefereable. And if conducted in privacy, there better be candelight and soft music playing in the background.

Just because Glenn Beck wants to cutback on the things he has accumulated is no reason to send out a clarion call expecting everybody else to do the same. Since he makes $33 million, he likely has quite a bit more than the rest of us anyway.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Just How Far Do Hispanosupremacist Sympathizers Intend To Take Their Biblical Analogies?

In a Sojourner's blog post titled "Abraham, Joseph and Today's Patriarchs", David Vasquez of Luther College likens the plight of illegal aliens to the epic of the Biblical patriarchs.

Let's examine the analogy for a moment.

Unlike the illegals of today, at no time did the Hebrew progentiors Abraham up through Joseph demand that those in the lands where they sought refuge cater to their preferences or change the fundamental tenets of these respective cultures in which these figures sought refuge.

Secondly, if one is going to compare the majoritarian English culture to that of the Pharaohs, it must be remembered that in the end Egyptian authorities prevented the Hebrews from leaving the empire. No one is preventing illegals from returning to their respective homelands.

Furthermore, just how far are liberals going to take the Biblical comparison? For if the migrants of today are to be fawned over as the equivalent of the Hebrew forefathers, perhaps we should consider what it was that this people did when they reached the Promised Land. In many incidents, the Israelites executed the inhabitants of the cities they came to occupy.

Though that may shock our contemporary sensibilities, since the Israelites were told directly by God to do this, it is not really our place to pass judgment on this historical reality. However, it is theologically sound to assume that God does not at this time or dispensation deal as directly or as explicitly as to what one nation should inflict upon another.

But if one is going to place upon one’s own shoulders or those one admires a divine mantle, shouldn’t one more clearly elaborate the parameters of this emulation, especially when veiled allusions to bloodshed are made that can be deciphered by those schooled in what to look for.

Deceptive leftists will assure the unwitting that I am out of my mind for insinuating that those on the side of illegal aliens in general and Hispanosupremacists in particularly are quietly biding their time until the day when they will launch a violent uprising against the United States. To paraphrase Gauis Baltar in the finale of Battlestar Galactica, just because I am crazy doesn’t mean I’m not right.

Already, radical groups such as MEChA and La Raza have threatened to kill when the day arrives any Whites found within the borders of the “reconquesta” they will name “Atzlan”. Essentially, the kinds of groups fawned over on the nation’s college campuses and often quoted as respectable spokesmen of an ethnic perspective in the organs of the mainstream press don’t really differ to any appreciable degree from the deadbeats of the Ku Klux Klan.

If these uninvited arrivals don’t want to think of themselves primarily as Americans in terms of nationality and view themselves as Israelites and the remainder of us as Canaanites, what makes their elitist backers think they will escape the pending carnage. After all, in the eyes of the interlopers, don't all gringos pretty much look alike?

by Frederick Meekins

On what grounds can George W. Bush call Sarah Palin unqualified. He didn't exactly always come across as a font of knowledge and eloquence himself. Most of what he accomplished was the result of whose family he happened to be born into.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Towns Regulating Trick-Or-Treat Need To Go To Ghenna

In keeping with the spirit of the celebration, youngsters should tell towns passing ordinances forbidding Trick or Treating for children over 12 years of age or six feet of height to "go to Ghenna".

It is claimed that the regulation is justified on the grounds of the fear felt in part by single mothers confronted by trick-or-treaters nearly six feet tall. However, isn’t that the fault rather of whatever reason or moral shortcoming as to why the mother is single in the first place?

For starters, since most adolescents don’t have official ID’s prior to obtaining a driving license, on what grounds can a child be compelled to reveal their ages to law enforcement and (more importantly) how can age even be legitimately proven? After all, it seems foreigners can’t be compelled to reveal their identities, so why ought actual Americans be forced to?

The hyperpious will snap that any law that restricts what they consider to be a heathen practice is a good thing. However, if that is the case, what is to prevent statutes from being promulgated that will arbitrarily forbid activities that ought to be of an ethically neutral nature in the eyes of the state such as at what age one can be given a Bible or which teens are permitted to date?

Those not wanting to deal with Halloweeners beyond a certain age or size are perfectly free to ignore the knock at the door and to have prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law those that get destructive over not having been rendered the coveted confections.

The passage of yet another layer of regulation to which once free citizens are required to bend the knee a bit more is not always the answer. Those failing to realize this rank among the most frightening boogeymen of all.

by Frederick Meekins

Chupacabra Exposed

Randy Travis Dumps Cougar

Filthy Rabble Herald Themselves As Environmental Heroes

Do Genes Determine Ideology?

Didn't we already fight a war in part over this?

Terrorist Ascends To Brazilian Presidency

Is NASA Bioengineering Astronauts To Secretly Colonize Alien Worlds?