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Naughty Tunes Tempt Teens

Eggheads once again finally realizing what the "dumbest" among us knew for years prior.

New York Post Surrenders To Sharptonians

Seems the chimp may represent free thought and expression instead.

Darwin, The Pope, & The New World Order

Click On This Link: mms://

Monday, February 23, 2009

Race Hustler Threatens To Blackmail The New York Post

Mohler Wants To Eat His Matrimonial Cake & Have It Too

There is no pleasing some theologians.

While Albert Mohler is correct to point out the flippant manner in which the Palin lass glosses over her adloscent spawning, some of Mohler's criticisms need to be examined.

On the one hand, Mohler regularly rides his pet horse deriding those putting off marriage and not marrying young as if you are the deviant if you are not married by the age of 23.

Now he is condemning, though correct about the matter, early dating.

Dr. Mohler, just come out and say that what you believe in is prearrganged marriage if you wish to hold to both these positions that, whether you like it or not, are essentially contradictory in this time in which we live.

If Dr. Mohler wants all these early marriages, who does he suggest picks up the tab?

Should we homely singles that don't have the prospects of a worthwhile husband or a wife have to pick up the bill as punishment for "being outside of God's will" or are we going the Obama route where those on the government insurance roles defined as "underprivileged children" are nearly 30 years old and whose parents make nearly $80,000?

Maybe if Dr. Mohler just stuck to the Bible's message of opposing sex outside of marriage and left the age issue alone as the Bible sets down no command as to what age someone should marry, there would be fewer Bristol Pailn's inside Evangelical circles as it's not those getting married later necessarily bringing all of these illegitimate children (often through multiple repeat pregnancies when the first time around should have taught the lesson) into the world.

by Frederick Meekins

Illegal Murdered Levy

Court Grants Minors Right To Video Game Smut

Obama Outranks Jesus In Hearts Of Americans

Will Nanotechnology Cause Mesothelioma?

Keyes Calls Obama A Communist

Keyes once again speaks the truth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Microdictatorships Line The Road To The Future

>In my column "Capital Implements Measures Violating Rights & Property", I warned that a number of steps taken in the name of curtailing crime in a particular Washington, DC neighborhood forbidding entrance to anyone but those whose business and reasons for being there were deemed legitimate by law enforcement were to be baby steps in laying the foundation of a plan that would ultimately turn many of America's cities into micropolice states by cordoning off selected segments of concentrated areas of population. Some snickered at my idea as I in part drew inspiration for my projections from an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" where the downtrodden were corralled into sanctuary districts and they also chided me for failing to comprehend the complexities of the lawless situation supposedly requiring a response characterized by considerable sternness.

In all honesty, as an analyst basing many of my conjectures upon extrapolations where I see various trends headed, there are times when I wonder if perhaps I have overreacted to certain things I have stumbled across in the news. However, in light of a number of additional press accounts, any doubts I may have had about America’s municipalities eventually going into a state of lockdown with few chances of them reopening have been laid to rest as things continue along to such a lamentable destination

According to an Associated Press story posted 1/8/09 at titled “Bridges, streets being close for inauguration”, all bridges crossing the Potomac River and a “huge chunk of downtown” will be closed a goodly portion of the week Barack Obama is scheduled to assume control of the federal government. Only official and authorized vehicles will be granted access over these routes headed into the nation’s capital.

Those accustomed to doing as they are told might respond, “What’s the big deal? This is only for an historic one time event that will be over with in a few days?”

Maybe so. But chain smokers and chronic boozers weren’t born into the addictions that plague them daily either.

Since that is the case, once both authorities and commuters have acclimated to the first time something like this is done in the nation’s capital to this extent, it will be all the easier the next time and then it will be done so frequently that it will no longer make headlines. Eventually, very few will give a second thought to the death of yet another liberty whose surrender has very little to do about saving actual American lives but rather about unduly controlling them.

One can make a case about shutting down access to much of Washington, DC for the protection of the President during the inauguration and the hundreds of thousands of duped brainwashed sheeple coming to gawk worshipfully upon their psuedomessiah. However, what is to prevent the city from being closed for less auspicious purposes?

For example, few will dispute that traffic throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area can be a nightmare. Where you will find differences of opinion is in what to do about it.

It does not take a creative genius on the level of Tom Clancy to speculate that one day progressivist social planners running everything could decree that, in the name of aestheticism, urban planning, sustainable development or whatever other rhetorical garbage they might be spewing at some future date, only a certain number of cars will be granted entry permits to come into the city (most of them going of course to these elites who always insist upon the need for sacrifice but always on your part and never of themselves.

Workers and others lower down the occupational ladder would either have to congregate at pickup points outside the city where they would be duly scrutinized to determine whether or not their reason is meritoriously sufficient to be granted entrance to the city or --- as in the case of some in the lower class needed to serve their betters during inaugural festivities --- workers could be warehoused in barracks at their respective jobsites.

This idea of shutting down U.S. municipalities wholesale is so anathema to the American way of life that very few have intellect expansive enough to wrap their minds around it at this time and dismiss this conjecture as alarmism. Perhaps if they stop and consider what went on in the summer of 2008 in the Arkansas town of Helena-West Helena, they will see that this warning is not one of hysteria but rather a probable future for this once free land if the American people continue to uncritically swallow everything they are told about the steps supposedly necessary to curb violence, crime, and terrorism.

In August 2008 in that town in response to a crime wave, police were not directed to go after those known to be breaking any laws but rather to enforce an around the clock curfew where residents were forbidden to be outside of their homes. Violators were subject to further scrutiny by law enforcement and forced back into their domiciles if the reason coerced from them did not pass the rigors of further investigation.

Docile minions of the New World Order claim that it will only be those acting nervously or suspiciously that will be accosted. But frankly, who wouldn't act nervously or suspiciously under the constant threat of at any second of police cursing at you at the top of their lungs, getting a shot of mace in the face, or getting a gun pointed at your head with you the one having to justify why you have wandered out of the house and not the police for beating you like a rented mule.

In a story titled "Go Home Or Go To Jail!: Helena-West Helena Implements Curfew For All Ages," a resident told a reporter with, " can't go to the store without being harassed by police."

That scenario brings us to yet another conjecture as to where these policies might be headed in the future if Americans refuse to wake up. What is to prevent the police from determining whether or not your trip to the store and what you plan to purchase there is or is not legitimate? After all, the all-wise Obama prophesied that there is coming a time when Americans will no longer be able to eat what they want.

Since America is edging ever-closer to the point where, in the name of public health and national security, the state must make for the individual the most detailed of personal decisions, why not kill two birds with one stone? One could easily combat both the crime spree and obesity epidemic by not only putting the innocent under house arrest but by also only allowing them to eat the provisions brought to their doors during the periods of protracted curfew and quarantine.

Preposterous, you say. Americans will never put up with living in such a manner. Well, up until recently, would they have put up with a 24 hour curfew?

Throughout the Western world, freedom as we once knew it is pretty much on its last leg. Things we once took for granted such as driving over a public bridge or even enjoying our own yards will become a thing of the past unless we vocalize our dissent. And with the attitude Obama has exhibited towards the press here in the opening days of his presidency, even the ability to do that may be endangered if the American people fail to exercise eternal vigilance.

by Frederick Meekins

Obama Prophesizes You WILL Sacrifice For A New Age

Pay For Your Own Mortgage!!!!

Octuplets' Family Mortgage Deadbeats

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World's Poor Ogled By Organ-Harvesters

Vatican Embraces Darwinism

Islamofascists Deny College Republicans Free Speech

Americans Denied Right To Protect Property From Illegals

This decision is downright bizare.

The jury found that an Arizona rancher did not violate the civil rights of illegals tresspassing across his property but nevertheless awarded the illegal aliens (a number of convicted drug pushers among their number I might add) damages for "emotional distress". In other words, the property owner hurt their feelings.

If anything, the rancher should be heralded as a national hero.

See if you don't get a gun pulled on you if you cross the White House lawn and one time as I rode past the U.S. Capitol, saw machine guns pulled on a school bus.

If our leaders are no more important than we are as we are told in high school civics propaganda, why aren't property owners allowed the same high-caliber protection?

by Frederick Meekins

America On The Decline

As my grandmother use to say, some are going to have to learn to "eat it up, wear it out, or do with out".

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Government Ruminates Banning Children From Libraries

Rush Limbaugh's TV Costs $180,000

From his 2/16/09 broadcast, Rush Limbaugh is considering a giant TV costing $180,000.

Will the arrogance of the rich ever cease?

One can buy whatever they want if they have the money, but with the world falling apart and decscending unto Hades in a handbasket, one would think a broadcaster would have no time to mention their luxuries.

Number Of Abused Men Rises

Wonder of Liftime network will produce movies on this topic or even then it will be from the "men are always wrong" perspective.

Anglicans Get Vestments In A Knot Over Evangelism

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Financial Deadbeats Not Kicked Out Of Their Homes

Perhaps the rest of us shouldn't pay our bills either since obviously defaulting on one obligations results in little penalty now.

Is The Obama Beggar A Welfare Leech?

Octuplet Mom Becomes Online Mendicant

The threats issued against her are inexcusable.

However, the American people have had enough of putting money into the outstretched hand of ever failure unwilling to provide for themselves.

Obama Administration Snuggles With Smut Peddlers

Obama Opens Borders To Islamic Terrorists

Woman Marries Dolphin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Koalas Comfort Each Other Amidst Tragedy

Illegals Feast At Welfare Trough

Reporters Deemed Worthy Of Questioning Obama Preselected

Obama Beggar Given House

Has anyone asked why she was "homeless"?

More importantly, I wonder how long until the place given to her ends up looking like a rundown shack.

Maybe the media should go over her with a fine-tooth comb the way they did Joe the Plumber.

Taxpayers To Pick Up Octuplet Tab

England Opens Borders To Islamic Militants But Not Those Warning About Them

Batman Replaced By Lesbian

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Liberals Don't Want Poor To Advance Apart From Government Dependence

New Age UFO's & The Great Apostacy

Scientologists Building Secretive Underground Bunker

Obama Orders Americans To Celebrate Black History Month

And will our glorious overlord issue a proclaimation ordering us to observe White Hisotry Month as well?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indigent Panhandle Obama For Handouts

Koala Tragedy Ends In Romance

Hinted Even More Bailout Funds Needed

Where will the madness end?

Environmentalists Consider Curtailing Freedom Of Movement

Water-powered Jetpack

Atlantic Monthly Heralds The End Of White America

Mohler Nearly Catholic In His View Of Vocation

According to Mohler, if someone leaves the ministry, it likely means they never had a calling to it to begin with.

This is more a medieval Catholic viewpoint seeing those in ministry somehow superior to the average Christian.

According to Protestantism, if all work is equally called by God whether it is secular or ecclesiastical and if people change jobs all the time, why can't someone be called into professional ministry for a portion of their lives and then be called elsewhere like any other occupation.

Or if Mohler is pressed further on this issue, will he also say that --- like marriage and church memebership in the eyes of the crowd Mohler often aligns himself with --- once someone has decided on a job, they are stuck with it for life.

by Frederick Meekins

Stimulus Grants Illegals Jobs

But so long as they are not White males, Robert Reich should be happy.

Octuplet Welfare Confirmed

Of course daddy is nothing but a sperm donor when you can suckle off the welfare teet.

Obama Allies Believe Elderly Not Worthy Of Healthcare

Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Nothing But A Poseur

According to a Washington Times story titled "Obama Now In Combat Mode", the President is headed to a posh Williamsburg resort where he and the politburo will wallow in luxury ringing their hands about the deteriorating economy.

It is estimated that the trip will cost at least $80,000 with this tabulation arrived at by factoring in the $70,000 it will cost Democratic leaders to charter an Amtrak train to the event and the $11,000 for food and the $7,000 spent on entertainment at this leftist orgy back in 2003.

If these frauds were really interested in addressing the nation's problems, they'd drive there themselves, pack their own snacks, and go outlet shopping on their own dime like the rest of us when on break.

Better yet, they don't need to go there at all because what are they going to do over the course of a single weekend that they don't get done the rest of the week while they are in Washington?

Readers need to be reminded that the President going to this event was the candidate who at one time lamented about the American people eating what we wanted, driving SUV's, and keeping our homes at 72 degrees.

Real leadership consists of not placing a set of expectations upon those following you that you yourself are not willing to abide by.

If President Obama was anything more than a poser, he would refuse to participate in this ostentatious consumption at taxpayer expense.

by Frederick Meekins

Cher Enunciates Loyalty Pledge To Obama

Obama Seizes Control Of Census Bureau

Obama To Snoop Through Your Health Records

Jerry Falwell's Former Gay Ghostwriter To Participate On Amazing Race

Guess he'll be this rounds token queer.

Nazi Saucers & Secret Societies


Octuplet Grandmother Condemns Daughter's Wanton Spawning

Obama Artist A Vandalizer

When I heard during the NCIS marathon on USA Network during one of those "Characters Welcome" segements that the individual coloring that creepy Communist-looking Obama "Hope" poster was a "street artist", I figured that was just an euphemism for graffitti vandal.

It has now been reported that the artist has been arrested on charges likely related to that particular form of urban mischief.

Ironically, some praising this hoodlum would applaud him as more of an artist than Norman Rockwell or Thomas Kincaid who actually drew and painted things that actually looked like things rather than toss a dab of color on something and claim it was theirs.

Rather fitting the artist heralded as embodying the spirit and values of the Obama administration would be someone with almost no respect for private property whatsoever.

Wonder if his opulent benefactors would be as enthusiastic if it was their property being spray painted?

by Frederick Meekins

Friday, February 06, 2009

Bat Populations On The Decline

Hindu Fanatics Threaten Valentine's Violence

Gang Crime Sweeping Across America

Obama Considers Slaying The Feeble & Infirm

Yet he places on the public take "children" that are 30 years-old and parents making nearly $80,000.