Monday, April 30, 2007

Home School Ministry Argues Boys Ought To Be Married Off By 15

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the head of this ministry peddles his doctrinal peculiarities while wearing what appears to be U.S. Naval uniform as if in an attempt to foster the impression that to disagree with him is to disrespect the military? Check out the video.

The theory is based on the following. Since a Bar Mitzvah is at 13, a young man should be expected to have gotten married and fathered his first child by age of fifteen. This in turn is based on the assumption that since a Jew could not become a rabbi until they reached the age of 30 since one could not be considered an elder until one had his first grandchild.

Through careful examination, it is easily deducible such reason (if it can be called that) does not apply to our own ere of increasing life spans.

Here's the reason why. If we are to be honor Mary and Joseph as the ideal Jewish couple, that would mean by this standard that they were 15ish by the time Jesus was born. Therefore, if Jesus died around 33 years of age, that would mean Joseph was dead by his mid 40's since Jesus asks John to take care of Mary. Thus, are those advocating what today amounts to child marriage themselves ready to kick the bucket by the time they are 50 years old?

Frederick Meekins

Tolerancemongers Violate Minuteman Chris Simcox's Right Of Free Speech

Check out this YouTube expose of the violence threatened against those not adhering to the leftist open border propaganda. Note how some of the Hispanosupremacists don masks not unlike their Ku Klux Klan counterparts. Frankly, ashame the cops did not start cracking noggins.

Here is a link to a Blogtalk Radio program analyzing the attack.

Fox Cancels Illuminati Road Race

Part of the excuse for cancelling this show that had potential is that, as lead in to 24, it caused the Sutherland drama to have its lowest ratings in three years.

However, it must be remember that "Heroes" was new last week and frankly, any problems 24 is having is 24's fault. For despite a riveting beginning and a few highlights here and there such as when the Russian antagonist hacked his own arm off to rid himself of a tracking isotope, it has been a somewhat lackluster season.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stephen King Warns Of Pending Witch Hunt Against Iconoclasts

Sensible advice from the Grandmaster of Horror.

Immigrant Bastards: Illegitimacy Rate Higher Among New Arrivals

In his radio interview with Pat Buchanan some years back about the semial tome Death Of The West, Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family flew into a tirade about how family oriented the Hispanic population was. Wonder if he'll change his tune now.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gunmen Ranks Among Remembered At Memorials For Mass Shooting

Isn't this akin to fondly recalling Adlof Hitler as a victim of World War II or the Holocaust?

One efeminate cleric claimed we must strive to understand the shooters mental illness.

I believe the shooters own grandfather had the right perspective on the matter when he said he was glad the "son of a b--ch" was dead.

Apostate Congregations Eschew The Lord

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Virginia School Alma Mater Of Multiple Mass Murderers

Westfield High School in Chantilly, VA is developing an infamous reputation.

Not only is it the alma mater of Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui but also of Michael Kennedy, who shot up a Fairfax Virginia police station in May 2006 where he murdered two officers in a shooting rampage.

Before dismissing these incidents as disturbing coincidences, we owe it to both the families who lost loved ones in these massacres as well as the broader frightened public to look into what role this institution might have had in shaping the warped worldviews of these deranged gunmen.

Such a line of investigation might prove more than grasping at straws if it comes to be learned that Westfield High had a death education curriculum.

According to education analyst Samuel Blumenfeld in a May 27, 1999 WorldNetDaily column titled “Death Education At Columbine High”, students at this school that has since becomes a byword for such tragic heartache and bloodshed were taught to embrace death through psychologically manipulative exercises such as writing one’s own suicide note, listing ways to die, and lying in caskets.

More than one student has reacted negatively to the exposure of such grim topics devoid of the comfort provided by a Biblical faith when confronted by the thing a vibrant and healthy person fears the most. A number have attempted suicide and may be responsible for some of the worst incidents of school violence in American History.

Ultimately, those deciding to pull the trigger must be the ones held responsible. However, if in the coming days we are to be bombarded with an increasingly insistent chorus about how we should all be willing to give up yet still more of our liberties (namely the right to bear arms as stipulated by the Second Amendment and state officials being granted the authority to bring in for psychological evaluation anyone preferring to stay to themselves) in order to prevent this kind of violence in the future, shouldn’t government be subjected to the same level of scrutiny?

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Point In Voting As Fate Of Nation Already Decided

Every two years on the first Tuesday of November, Americans go to the polls in hopes of influencing the direction of the nation in regards to matters of politics and policy. However, the exercise of this civic duty may be increasingly directed towards deciding matters of escalating irrelevancy as the ultimate disposition of the nation has already been settled at levels that regularly ignore the will of those beneath their heals along the social hierarchy.

For the time being, those that actually run the world have decided that it will be in their best interest if the trappings of the traditional electoral system are continued for a while longer. Such niceties are not being continued solely out of the beneficence of our glorious leaders or merely to keep the serfs from revolting. Rather these procedural mechanisms will be used to condition the American people into accepting a place in the pending global order by subtly subjecting them to assumptions and perspectives of which they might not even be aware of initially.

Many Americans making the pilgrimage to the polls have recently been given a small sticker that reads “I voted”. Besides being a waste of money if paid for with taxpayer funds and like something one would give a pliant child (quite telling as to what the government thinks of the average citizen), those that truly love this country were no doubt deeply troubled that between the American flag at the top of the sticker and the words “I voted” at bottom of the sticker was the phrase “Yo vote”.

Thus, not only has our national unity been undermined though this endorsement of bilingualism, but it was subtly made known that the English population would be taking a back seat in the America sector of the pending global regime as the Spanish was triumphantly placed over the English in a position of superiority.

If the United States is to remain a nation with English the predominant form of culture and expression, shouldn’t English have been printed in the top position? When you come down to it, no Spanish should have been on the sticker at all.

To put things bluntly, Spanish speakers that don’t know that “I voted” means that they just voted, for the sake of the Republic, should not be voting anyway. For isn’t a workable knowledge of English suppose to be a requirement to receive citizenship? If this standard is not being enforced, Americans have the right to know about it.

Those seeking to please their leftist masters by wearing their tolerance on their sleeves will wail, “HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!!!” Yet even though they are reluctant to admit it for fear of running afoul of the thought police and their speech codes, Americans worthy of the name don’t think much of the effort to bring about the end of their beloved country.

Yet no matter how much conscientious patriots might complain about it and bring the matter before the public’s attention, don’t expect anything to be done about it. For at some point down the road if the American people have not been weaned from that annoying voting habit by then, not only will the stickers have both English and Spanish but will probably have a Mexican flag in a position of dominance over Old Glory. There is more at stake than which country has the longest pole and a clash of colors akin to a Star Wars lightsaber duel. Such background symbols that we don’t usually pay much attention to actually reflect the profound geopolitical realignments taking place at the highest levels.

Though much is not said about it in the mainstream media with the possible exception of Lou Dobbs, President Bush and his fellow internationalists are quietly conniving to bring about the union of the United States, Canada, and Mexico without regard to what anyone outside this small circle of moneychangers, powerbrokers, and paperpushers might think about it. Their contempt for the institutions of this nation and the principles upon which it was founded is so complete that the proposed unification is pretty much underway without the congressional oversight the Constitution bestows upon the legislative branch, especially the Senate in terms of ratifying treaties, to have the final decision about such comprehensive foreign entanglements.

One of the prominent themes of the history of the 21st century will no doubt be the fall of the United States from a place of prominence and the sublimation of its original culture to the interests of foreign occupants. The second most important theme will no doubt be how this development was ignored until it was too late.

by Frederick Meekins

Witness Is A Real Ass

Was Virginia Tech Killer Demon Possessed?

Indian Couple Commits Suicide Over Dead Pet

Monday, April 16, 2007

Are Playground Acid Attacks Newest Form Of Terrorism?

Constitutional Scholar Placed On Terrorist Watchlist For Critcizing El Presidente

Albert Mohler Weighs In On Imus Controversy

Albert Mohler makes some astute observations about the Imus controversy.

He raises the questions of hasn't Imus been fired over the very thing he was hired to do in the first place, why didn't activists wait this long to make a fuss, and hasn''t it gotten out of proportion.

New Flash Gordon Series Announced

Friday, April 13, 2007

Injured Governor Violated Seabelt Law

While sympathies go out to him, interesting how seatbelt socialists refuse to obey the very same laws they are charged with imposing upon the rest of us.

Would be interesting to know the Garden State's policy for fining violators of this law hurt in traffic accidents.

If such a fee is levied in the case of common drivers, shouldn't it also be extracted from the governor?

Black Panther Spokesman Calls Michelle Malkin A Prostitute

I wonder if Al Sharpton will condemn this.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Does Albert Mohler Worship The Church Rather Than Christ

This prominent Southern Baptist insinuates that one cannot belong to Christ unless one is a member of a local church.

While there might be a bit of truth that some avoid church because they don't want to live by God's plan, just as many of more rigorous doctrinal standards just not fool around with the ecclesiastical dog and pony show since so much of what is insisted upon in Evangelical churches these days has nothing to do with divine revelation but more to do with the trendy political progressivism such as the handwrining over the environment, the castigation of the White race over racial injustices from so long ago, and even Mohler's own obsession that one is somehow a deviant if one is not married off by the age of 25.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Eco-Celebrities Spew Ideological Toxins

One thing about the various threats conspiring to undermine human liberty is that, even if they fall out of public view for a while, it won’t be long until they resurface with a renewed ferocity to bend the people of the United States to the will of the elites. With the threats of immigration and the war on terror (both from foreign heathen fanatics as well as those within our own government out to use these efforts to protect the innocent from such violence as an excuse to implement measures that will do very little to actually protect the nation but only make it less free) it has been a while since most concerned Americans have given much thought to the subversive machinations of those claiming to make ecology their primary focus of ethical concern. However, in light of statements made by those straddling that ghoul-filled spectrum between politician and entertainer regarding their environmental visions, freedom lovers would do well to once again expose the dangers that result from those with a sense of guilt for having acquired exorbitant fortunes in a less-than productive manner wanting to control your life in an attempt to assuage their own consciences.

During the 1990’s, Al Gore carved out a niche for himself in the American political landscape as a proponent of a revolutionary environmentalism that went beyond being a good steward of the earth by taking your trash with you after a picnic at the beach so that a sea turtles don’t end up ingesting plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish but rather to embrace the notion that the entire basis of our civilization had to be reconstructed from the ground up including religious, political, and family structures as detailed in “Earth In The Balance”. Distracted by more important things such as having to invent the Internet, rehashing the 2000 election ad nauseam, and deciding whether or not to grow a beard, Gore seemed to stray from his original focus for a while.

However, this errant apostle of Mother Earth has come back to his true faith with the release of his documentary about global warming titled “An Inconvenient Truth”. In it, Gore once again ascends the pulpit warning us ignorant slobs how we must repent of our industrialized ways or face ecological judgment.

But while the rest of us are suppose to adopt entire new modes of existence simply because someone of Al Gore’s charisma and dynamism tells us to, Gore himself does not abide by the environmentally conscientious strictures he wishes to impose upon the rest of us.

For example, throughout much environmentalist propaganda it is suggested that government should place limitations on the number of children a person should be allowed to have through a number of coercive measures ranging from fines to outright forced abortions or sterilizations for those refusing to abide by the guidelines to prevent overpopulation. However, Gore has reproduced on three separate occasions.

Does the former Vice President care to admit to being a closet eugenicist as well? For to go around saying that people should only be allowed to have one or at most two children irrespective of whether or not they can provide for them and then himself sire three children basically says, “Since I am superior to you, I don’t have to abide by the same standards to be imposed upon the classes of humanity inferior to my semi-divine self.” Though the Eastern spirituality espoused by Gore is notorious for promulgating the notion of the divine spark within, it seems some of it supposedly have a bit more of it than others if some are going to be allowed to do as they please while the rest of us will be compelled to toe the line in the name of Mother Earth.

For example, while the rest of us are supposed to pearback our lifestyle by turning down the heat, eating lower on the food chain by eating less meat and more locally grown produce (how you are to avoid winter starvation by following that guidelines is conviently overlooked), and be content with smaller vehicles and living spaces, according to an August 10, 2006 USA Today titled “Gore Isn’t Quite As Green As He’s Led The World To Believe” the former Vice President has a 10,000 square-foot, 20 room, 8 bathroom (I wonder how many of them have those irritating low-flush toilets where the water level is so low in the bowl that one has to reach in with a wad of tissue and manually wipe the smears off once one has completed their business yet since Gore acts constipated half the time anyway I guess it’s not much of an issue) as well as an additional 4,000 square-foot home in the Washington Metropolitan Area where empty nesters such as Al and Tipper could easily live comfortably in a home a third of that size if they were really dedicated to conservation and the preservation of resources). It was also later revealed that Gore spends $3000 a month on electricity while the rest of us are suppose to turn the thermostat back and Congress is mulling over a proposal that will force a switch to fluorescent bulbs and then probably sit back and wonder why cataract rates will skyrocket.

It would be one thing if this eccentric behavior confined itself to a single kook such as the former Vice President as Al Gore isn’t exactly known for possessing the kind of charisma necessary to inspire revolution alone, or in other words, to get the lemmings off the cliff all by himself. Unfortunately, as an inherently egomaniacal lot, numerous entertainers have bought into a similar mindset that it is their destiny to live as lords of the dawning cosmic era by shaming the rest of us into adopting a mandatory neo-primitivism.

One of the most irritating harpies deluding the ignorant with the banshee’s wail of pending ecological catastrophe is Barbara Streisand Several years ago, to get Californians to do their part to alleviate that state’s energy shortage, Streisand suggested residents hang their wash on a clothesline while she continued to illuminate the exterior of her mansion with bright lights.

However, the environmental hypocrisy does not end there for the megastar, of whom it was pointed out on Hannity and Colmes that she forbids the staffs of the hotels where she stays from gazing upon her visage as if she was some pre-WWII Japanese monarch (but maybe then again she is so ugly maybe she’s afraid they will turn to stone if they look upon her like those looking upon Medusa in Greek mythology.

Streisand announced that she is embarking on a twenty concert tour in part to combat “dangerous climate change”. So while you as a grubby commoner are suppose to dry your clothes on a line, Streisand plans on expending fossil fuels and expelling toxins into the atmosphere to go around telling the nation why we should be shamed if we exhibit the audacity to do the same.

This is about as dimwitted as Arianna Huffington response to an inquiry by Sean Hannity when he exposed that, while she was heading a campaign against SUV’s, she was hopping rides on private jets. She responded that “The planes were going there anyway.”

At least Huffington is easier on the eyes than Streisand’s gnarled countenance. Americans should do their part for the environment by boycotting the Streisand concerts.

Hypocritical travel is not the only environmental double standard wallowed in by the entertainment elite. For while you as a harbinger of bourgeoisie middle class values and expectations which by definition makes you a despoiler of the earth who must eventually be confined to specific zones of habitation which will ultimately mean the forfeiture of privately owned automobiles in favor of more closely monitored public transportation, the confiscation of individual single family homes in exchange for communal-style barracks, those in the overclass will be allowed to despoil Mother Nature all they want in pursuit of gratifying their own egos in ways mankind could really do without if these self-anointed crusaders actually did care about the environment.

In the future, many structures that facilitate access to public parks for the average citizen will be removed to prevent enjoyment by all with the exception of the best equipped and dedicated of hikers, usually rich people with too much time on their hands that spend all kinds of money to look like as if they hadn’t seen a comb or taken a bath in months. Usually for men, this manifests itself in men in the form of a lice-infested ponytail and in women an appearance so malnourished as to lack any of the physical characteristics making a woman pleasurable to look at.

In the ecologically-minded world of tomorrow, most will be expected to bow to the alleged needs of Mother Earth. However, if one happens to be an internationally renowned celebrity, then nature must by all means take a back seat.

In a move that even upset a number of environmental groups, to show just how much he values the environment, famed rocker Sting planned to headline a concert in a park in Spain titled “Musicians For Nature.” Sounds a bit like the old military tactic of destroying a village in order to save it.

One does not have to be a prophet or a clairvoyant to foresee that rockfans (not exactly known for being a tidy bunch to begin with) would no doubt trash the park as they went about letting everyone know just how much they support it. One time a friend was dragged to an Earth Day Celebration on the Mall in Washington where he saw more than one participant toss their rubbish onto this semi-hallowed piece of American ground rather than into its proper receptacle.

If this lunacy confined itself merely to entertainers and deluded also-rans at the edges of the American political landscape, things might not be so bad as the average citizen might be able to weather such mental irritation as something mildly amusing, even deriving a small laugh from these hypocritical inconsistencies. However, these faulty assumptions are no longer a source of comic relief when elected officials begin to take them seriously as the basis of future policy decisions.

At one time, much of this nonsense could be dismissed as fringe hooey. It now infects holders of respectable public office.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for whom Humvees were first made available in part to the general public to assuage his neurosis to have the biggest toy on the block, is now on the bandwagon to reduce emissions as part of an initiative spearheaded by the Western Governors. And while the governors expended fossil fuels to travel to Sedona (a New Age resort town where those gathered for this coven no doubt reveled in the luxury found there while you are suppose to feel guilty for turning on the air conditioner), a number of them handed down an expansive definition of what it means to be an environmental criminal.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is recorded by the Associated Press as saying, “Unless you’re living naked in a tree eating nuts, you’re part of the problem, and I’d like to hear your solution.”

What such a statement essentially means is, that since you do not live in a mythological state comparable to Rousseau's “noble savage”, you have no right whatsoever to complain about what plans the global elite have in store for you. Even if that includes starvation as the minimalist diet mentioned above was no doubt an assumption held by many environmentalists such as himself that the masses dare to eat foods other than those native to their respective regions even though the elites have the finest delicacies airlifted to these neo-pagan confabs such as at an Earth summit convened in South Africa where delegates dined on steak and caviar while denouncing the evils of the indoor flush toilet.

Nothing like a crocodile taking a bite out of those taking a dump along the river side as a way to cut down on the excess population. But then again, you wouldn’t actually want to improve conditions in these backwards lands as that would do away with the excuse allowing these foreigners to swarm into the United States.

Like the forces of nature they so highly venerate to the extent where things that should be appreciated end up being worshipped, the environmentalist threat cycles in and out of the view of the public already overwhelmed by the buzzards of tyranny incessantly picking at freedom’s dieing corpse. But as with all opportunistic scavengers, just because this parasitic ideology does not always attack out in the open that does not mean it is not always stalking its prey and eager to send the accomplishments of the West into a death roll from which this civilization might never recover.

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Was Friar Tucks Omitted From New Robin Hood For Being Overweight

Claimed he made poor role model.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Illegals Violently Forcing Blacks Out Of Inner City Neighborhoods

American Dictatorship

An interesting series of broadcasts from the Prophecy Club detailing how new laws such as the Patriot Act authorizes the government to arrest you without warrant, be able to do so without having to tell anyone they have done it, and torture your family as they attempt to coerce a confession from you (no wonder they don't want you to see 24 and see what's really going on).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Supreme Court Conspires To Eliminate The Automobile

Doctor Who Whoops Harry Potter

Monday, April 02, 2007