Friday, April 28, 2006

California State Senate Endorses Hispanist Revolt

National ID Act Threatens Liberty

In this audio program, Irving Baxter of "Politics & Religion" and Joseph Farah of discuss the implications of the National ID Act.

Interesting how, as barriers are being taken down to normalize illegals and allow any foreigner in that wants, that by 2008 actual Americans will be expected to "authenticate" themselves for the privilege of receiving an identification approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

According to CNet, your local MVA (that bastion of courtesy and service) will be the party to determine whether the proof of your existence you place upon the altar of the state will be deemed an acceptable libation unto the Beast.

This raises the concern of what of Americans who, for whatever reason, are unable to produce proper documentation? What is to stop government officials from using this as a means of removing disruptive elements from our population such as troublesome activists such as civil libertarians and principled Christians, those holding property deemed desirable the government would like to eminent domain for its corporatist masters, or even senior citizens who are no longer useful to the COMMUNITY and whose unprogressive outlooks hinder social progress?

What is to stop the government from snatching your house since you are not "properly documented" and handing it over to what was just a few years previous an illegal alien that isn't even an American?

It is argued these super-ID's are needed to prevent "terrorism" and will be checked before allowing passengers to board an airplane. Baxter and Farah mention these cards (at least for now anyway as ID chips loom ever closer on the horizon) might even be checked before being allowing people to get on a bus.

What's to prevent regulators from enacting some kind of law or decree stipulating one must present this national ID before being allowed to purchase gasoline, food, or some other necessity? After all, after the September 11th attacks, the FBI thought it was a national security matter to investigate what supermarket discount card programs the Jihadists belonged to.

Americans had better wake up now or the National ID act might very well turn into the National Displacement and Relocation Act.

by Frederick Meekins

Bill Would Protect Against Mandatory Microchipping

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Congress Draws Up Declaration Of Surrender As Human Rabble Takes To The Streets

Throughout much of the 1990’s, prescient social analysts such as Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage warned of the changes that would take place in our nation should the government of the United States fail to get control over the flood of immigration that was pouring across the border. At the time, those viewing radical hypertolerance as more important than cultural survival dismissed such warnings as the ravings of lunatics. However, now that increasing numbers of Americans finally want something done about the matter, it may be too late.

In response to certain provisions of the so-called “immigration reform” being considered in Congress that would have criminalized being in the United States illegally, mobs of radical malcontents have taken to the streets no doubt to insinuate violence should political leaders refuse to acquiesce to their demands. Most accounts from the media infiltrated by internationalist sympathizers claim that these demonstrations are expressions of peaceful dissent concerned for the rights of all living within (for at least a few more days) this great country. However, upon closer examination, nothing could be farther from the truth.

For starters, a number of the protests could hardly be classified as orderly or even peaceful. Across the nation, teenage and even elementary aged pismires bolted from their classrooms in violation of school attendance policies, often with the support of their teachers and no doubt egged on by these pedagogical revolutionaries.

Those given over to mass demonstrations no doubt find their wicked hearts leaping in joy. However, would those for such unfettered democracy be as supportive had the students rushed the schoolhouse doors in support of massive deportations and the implementation of English as the official language? If not, such aged beatniks are not really the custodians of the First Amendment but rather thought police of the first order.

It must be noted that many of these youngsters were not on their best behavior but rather comported themselves in a fashion reflective of the ideals and attitudes promoted by the contemporary public school system. Apparently unable to express themselves through the use of words no doubt as a result second rate phonics and reading comprehension instruction, a number of these darlings had to resort hurling projectiles such as fruit and rocks at law enforcement personnel, according to Larry Altman and Doug Irving in their account, and some even blocked freeway traffic. Too bad some of them weren’t rundown by motorists, but then again why ruin a perfectly good automobile?

Fortunately, police were able to teach some of the hooligans by dousing them with pepper spray and firing beanbags at them. Hopefully, they’ve learned that, if someone can’t picket back and forth in front of an abortion clinic, then others should not have the right to block traffic because the average citizen has more of a divine right to drive to work unmolested than some skank that wants her unborn baby hacked to pieces.

Despite the significant nuisances spawned by these naïve whelps, the real threat lies with the organized subversives pulling their strings. For even though the American people have been duped into believing these mass demonstrations represent spontaneous grassroots outbursts, they are in fact being orchestrated by forces whose intent is nothing short of the destruction of human liberty and the American way of life.

One of the groups pulling the strings is MECHA. Mecha or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán is a revolutionary front group dedicated to the secession of the American Souuthwest from the United States and its ultimate reunification with Mexico through either peaceful or violent means. Funny, I remember vaguely that when White Southerners wanted to do something similar there was a little skirmish or whatnot. This movement glorifies pre-Columbian civilization and would no doubt reinstitute the ancient pagan beliefs of the area the seek to reconqueor. Wouldn’t surprise me someday if they didn’t start sacrificing Whites to their heathen deities if ever allowed as it is their ultimate goal to expel “Anglo-Americans” from the face of the continent and many feel more of an affinity for their Aztec heritage rather than the Spanish component of their identity.

At a number of the rallies across the country were banners reading, “This Is Our Continent. Not Yours”, “Brown Is Beautiful”, and North American maps with the United States crossed out. According to Tammy Bruce, American flags were burned. Mike Savage marked he believed in nonviolent protest, so Mexican flags should be burned in retaliation.

In her column posted at, Michelle Malkin observed , “Can you imagine the uproar if someone had come to a rally holding up a sign reading, ‘White is Beautiful’.” Nowadays a White folk is considered a racist if they hold a position anything short of compulsory miscegenation yet our leaders stand passively buy as these radicals rub their brown rearends in our faces constantly telling us what they are while expecting the rest of us to open not only are arms but apparently our very homeland in a union of mandatory brotherhood.

The average American of commonsense and decency thinking their elected officials will come to the rescue in the nick of time are in for a rude awakening. For instead of defending the nation and its people from the marauding hordes, our so-called leaders are using the situation to transition the United States into the pending global order where American standards of living and liberty will be dragged down to Third World levels.

As with most other issues being used to whip the American people into compliance, they will be manipulated through a campaign of misdirected guilt blaming everything on their own prosperity and “greed”. At a ceremony swearing in thirty new American citizens, the President (no doubt thronged by his Secret Service detail, chided, “No one should play on people’s fears or try to pit neighbor against neighbor. No one should pretend that immigrants are a threat to the American identity, because immigrants have shaped America’s identity.”

Apparently, his infamously limited mind has never heard the old adage about too much of a good thing. I bet something would be done if this transborder rabble guffed up the White House lawn the way many immigrants have done to many of our suburban neighborhoods. Maybe when members of Congress come home to find illegals rummaging through their houses and ravishing their wives as occurs in border regions such as Arizona, something will finally be done about the issue.

Encase the President has already forgotten, each and everyone of the 9/11 hijackers was an immigrant as well as are many of the notorious street gangs prowling our cities and suburbs. Perhaps Ted Kennedy would like to invite some of them to dwell at the various family compounds if such souls pose no threat to anyone.

One of the primary justifications for allowing the invasion to continue is that the illegals do jobs Americans won’t do. Once again the blame has been shifted to the average American rather than placed squarely upon those it actually belongs.

Actually, the issue is not so much that Americans won’t do certain jobs, but rather that often times the rich are not willing to pay more to have these tasks done. While one must vigorously stand against any legislative efforts to mandate a living wage, if we are to be lectured as to how it is our duty as to embrace all immigrants irrespective of their intentions or desire to whether or not become Americans, what about the patriotic obligation of the well-to-do to share some of the sacrifice for the benefit of their countryman to earn an honorable living? As Mike Savage has asked of the luxury class, is a 50 foot yacht not sufficient and now you need an 80 footer?

Even if one were to admit that there was a need for immigrant labor for jobs pampered Americans simply refuse to do, such a market imbalance owes itself a great deal to undue government interference in the economy. For at one time, it was argued the nation needed a social welfare safety net to prevent the downtrodden from falling through the cracks; but as both the waistlines of those receiving such entitlements and the bureaucracies that administer them continued to expand, more and more such beneficences have come to pay for the luxuries of those unwilling to work for them than the bare essentials to squeak by for those unable to provide for them.

If the government simply eliminated most of these programs, those at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder as a result of their own diminished intelligences or poor decisions made in their lives would be forced to fill the positions now occupied by illegals. It will be that or starve; it is that simple.

“BUT SUCH CRUELTY, you heartless conservative!!!!” those given over to making sure everyone far and wide knows just how compassionate they think there are. But will anyone really starve?

Those that despise America, especially those aspects of it derided as “White” middle class values, regularly admonish us how much we have to learn from backwards cultures and the like. Therefore, if we are to assume that the illegals dwelling in our midst really work as hard as their apologists claim they do, then they show how one can work multiple jobs and survive (though perhaps not luxuriously, but survive nonetheless) without handouts.

Think you deserve higher then minimum wage? Good, don’t drop out of school, keep your pants on, and don’t start having babies until you are married and can afford it.

More importantly, since we are constantly being told about the importance of giving back to the COMMUNITY, perhaps the multigenerational hyper-rich such as the Kennedys, Bushes, and Rockerfellers whose primary right to their vast fortunes stems from having fortuitously sprung from their parents loins should dedicate themselves as an example making their life’s work those tasks no one else wants to do since those from these families could continue to live comfortable lives without making an additional cent because of their vast fortunes. If a life of picking tomatoes for a pittance is not good enough for the Bush children, why should it be good enough for yours?

Like it or not, nationhood is the result of a blend of the religion, language, and ethnic mix of people living in a particular geographic location. Since the 1960’s, liberals have been at war to remove our religious heritage. Now they are about to lay siege to its linguistic identity and racial balance as well in order to commence the final demise of this once great nation.

Copyright 2006 by Frederick Meekins

A Biblical Viewpoint Of UFO Phenomena

Lewd Cartoon Takes "Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus" Too Far

Miniseries Based On Von Daniken Theories Planned

Battlestar Galactica Spin-Off Announced

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Prominent Evangelical Succumbs To Community Racket

Christian author Chuck Crismier, usually so concerned as to the purity of doctrine as to suggest that divorced people who have remarried should consider divorcing their current spouses in order to remarry their previous mates or face the possibility of eternal damnation, came out on the February 7, 2006 episode of his program“Viewpoint” entitled Restoring Community To The Church” as part of the growing communitarian chorus critical of George Barna’s book Revolution. It is Barna’s hypothesis that those pursuing their Christian faith outside the church institutional are just as devout as those that are in the pew every time the door swings open.

Though Crismier does a good job in pointing out that buildings and programs a good church does not make, in his interview with Tod Bolsinger, the author of It Takes A Church To Raise A Christian, he seems to insinuate that the sincerity of one’s profession of faith is based on to what extent one not so much surrenders to Christ but rather to the will of the group.

For while he encourages the growing house church movement, he turns around and condemns the electronic church such as found through loose-knit Internet associations based on common interests expressed through forums, blogs, podcasts, and message groups. It is Crismier’s contention that these do not meet the requirements of fellowship such as the breaking of bread and the “going from house to house” as described in Scripture. I guess it all comes down to the opportunity to snoop through everybody’s stuff since while one can fellowship with others over the Internet in an exchange of thought, one can’t very well rifle through somebody else’s house in a virtual manner.

The passages referenced on the program also said that the early church lived together and shared their possessions. So what’s next, condemning as “individualists” those refusing to live in Jonestown or Wacoesque communes?

In this confused age, it has now become fashionable to extol the group at the expense of the individual and almost shameful to want even the wholesome for the benefit of you as a person. But in categorizing marriage as a “community”, Crismier shows that he is mistaking the human longing for friendship with the desire to lose oneself in the herd.

The Christian conditioned to dutifully heel to his ecclesiastical masters every time they ring a bell will whine, “But the church is a family.” In a sense, but in this life it is now more LIKE a family than an actual one and even if so, there are varying degrees of relationships within the most basic form of human social organization.

For example, just because I am your brother does not mean I am going to share my wife with you. There are parts of my life and property to which no other human beings are entitled. Just because there is little one should conceal from one’s spouse, that same transparency does not apply to the guy living down the street.

Why can’t the breaking of bread and mutual prayer and care take place within the context of the traditional nuclear family? Is it because there is no way for denominational bigwigs or gadabout missionaries to grow fat off the tithes and offerings in such a close-knit context with the individual families free to best determine how to give to the work of God?

Furthermore, not everyone is going to require the same degree of social interaction. To some, community will require repeated sharings of every last tawdry detail of their life’s testimony; for others an occasional “hello” will suffice.

Nowadays, we are often admonished how we must alter the way we do things to make headbangers and other musically rowdy sorts welcome in the church. Why can’t similar concessions be made to those that simply rather be left alone? One what grounds are we to say those prone towards solitude are not closer to God when they are listening to recorded sermons, reading Christian books or simply reflecting upon the handiwork of the Lord in nature than when they are sitting in some Sunday School classroom as waves of isolation and loneliness sweep over them despite all the yammering socialites gabbing about them saying little of consequence all around them?

Crismier claims that if the Christian is not in community, they will and I do quote “live like hell.” However, from my experience, it is often those that derive their identity from the group that “live like hell” as one PCA church (and that’s the more conservative Presbyterians) I was visiting for a while couldn’t seem to have a young adult fellowship function where it was not alluded to that booze was going to be present.

And as a PCUSA pastor, one would think Rev. Bolsinger would have more fundamental issues facing his denomination such as abortion, the demphasis of the role of Christ in the process of salvation, and chummy relations with terrorists and tyrants such as Hezbollah to occupy his time than Christians in his opinion not outgoing or affable enough. Maybe someone should tell Mr. Crismier how many get remarried in that denomination.

Of course people are going to flee from a haven a perdition such as that as those not going along with the progressive trends are no doubt castigated and ridiculed. Don’t the same New Testament epistles Bolsinger likes to bash everyone over the head with about the need to further communize also instruct the believer to come out and be ye separate?

The problem with Christianity today is not a lack of socialization as it is a basic failure to stand for truth. If anything, failure to make defense of the faith the priority of the day will make this renewed emphasis upon the group a far more dangerous threat to ordered liberty as well as sound doctrine.

Copyright 2006 by Frederick Meekins

White Southerners No Longer Good Enough For Wal-Mart

Maybe Maury's The Baby's Daddy

Teacher Of The Year Selected For Pandering To Immigrants

If immigrants are no different than the rest of us, then why should this prestigious award go to a teacher noted for teaching students from immigrant backgrounds and 90% of whom are on public assistance (apparently the parents are not so ignorant of American ways that they've never heard of welfare)?

If we are suppose to be color blind, why does it even come up in the story where these pupils hail from?

Thus the key to winning this honor is not so much about perfecting one's skills and expertise as a teacher but rather about rendering such skills in the service of the ongoing social revolution seeking to transform the fundamental nature of American society.

Last year's winner, Jason Kamras (a District of Columbia Math teacher who selected pedagogy as his life’s work because he thinks "high quality schools for economically disadvantaged students is the greatest social injustice facing America today") is quoted on the National Teacher of the Year website as saying, "My intense desire to see my school excel comes not only from an unwavering belief that all students deserve an excellent education, but also the unique role Sousa played in the civil rights movement...To honor the school’s unique role in the movement, I feel compelled to guarantee that it serves as an agent of social change, advancing those who have been ignored or constrained."

What business is this of a math teacher? It is his job to teach students how to add and subtract, not to indoctrinate them in utopian theory. After all, even these students need to know basic arithmetic to determine whether they have gotten the right amount of government cheese or that their food stamps have been tabulated correctly.

Had this teacher seen his students as individuals to be taught career skills rather than as components of some demographic shift to be channeled for the benefit of the elite, I doubt his name would have never come up for consideration. And the same goes for the 2006 winner as she makes a big to-do about teaching minority children rather than children as children.

Sadly, as with most other aspects of the education system, it seems the Teacher of the Year award is not about encouraging people to stand on their own two feet but rather about fostering dependency upon the COMMUNITY.

By Frederick Meekins

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

Glenn Spencer Warns Of The Pending Hispanist Uprising

The Predetermined Outcomes Of Public Meetings

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz examines how most public meetings are designed to manipulate residents into predetermined outcomes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tolerancemongers Pelt Elderly With Rocks

It's Not How You Hit The Ball But The Color Of The Bat That Counts

Contemporary American athletics has been a success story in that those on the field have embodied the dream Martin Luther King professed at least public ally where achievement would be measured not by the color of one's skin but rather by the content of one's character and ability.

Washington's racist mayor Anthony Williams thinks he knows more than both historical wisdom and the invisible hand of economic forces in that he believes the city's new baseball franchise, the National's, should not be sold to the most competent managers but rather to ones whose primary qualifications are the pigmentation of their skin in that this whiney politician insists minorities need to be given portion of this lucrative prize.

In the running for ownership is one group of investors with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and another featuring retired Redskins Art Monk and Charles Mann. Since Monk and Mann have darker complexions than Powell, does that mean they are more deserving of the team than Powell?

If you turn and say, well skin color does not matter, then on what ground can you then turn and denounce the impropriety of the team predominately being owned by Whites? After all, since Caucasians are the minority in DC anyway, shouldn't they be the ones granted special status?

Why should White folks be penalized if Black people don't exhibit financial acumen? Should we take away set asides for Asians when they rise to the top despite being fewer in number? Better yet, perhaps we should set aside a number of starter positions on each sports team for short, dumpy Jews.

It's high time some referee stepped up to the plate and called foul on these minority supremacists that constantly police White Americans for the slightest hint of ethnocentrism yet go out of their way to accrue benefits and privileges for their own little specialized tribe.

by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

National Treasures Recall Historic Event

Many are taking the time to reflect upon the massive earthquake that struck San Francisco 100 years ago.

Even more amazing and touching about this news item is that there are some still alive that can recall this event.

Featured in this MSNBC article is a gentleman of 103 that still works two days per week in a grocery store .

From the photo, he looks remarkably well. Hope when I am that age I am still able to be the bane of mankind and scourge of linerals everywhere.

Monday, April 17, 2006

School Locks Students Out Of Restrooms

According to this story, one school locked down the restrooms to prevent students from participating in immigration riots. Instead, pupils were, for the most part, compelled to relive themselves in buckets.

This might sound like a "back in my day response", but they should be glad to have had the buckets.

For when I was in school, usually towards the end of the school year when students and teachers got tired of looking at each other, there would be an incident of some sort or the other such as graffiti in one of the restrooms and one year even a smoke bomb (the perpetrator of which was never revealed to the student body, thus possibly pointing to one of the teacher's kids as the culprit) that would grant the administration an excuse to justifying the suspension of normal restroom "privileges".

This would mean students would only be allowed to use the restrooms at certain times of the day, mostly right before lunch.

"Sounds better than the bucket to me,” some might respond. Don't make such a hasty conclusion.

The bucket might have actually been preferable as where I went to school during those times of year when staff and faculty would get their butts up on their shoulders either the principal or some other teacher would be stationed at the back of the restroom watching students as they went to and fro for this brief five minute period, acting as if they were doing students a favor at all by allowing us to use the toilet.

If one was able to rush into the closed stall, one was OK, but if one came in as second runners-up and channeled towards one of the urinals before the tardy bell rang, it would mean almost an entire school day without emptying the bladder since it is a tad difficult to turn on the waterworks with an authority figure just about breathing down one's neck.

Would have been glad to have a bucket with a bit of privacy.

It would have been rather pointless for parents to have complained about these conditions as in a private school, anytime you went against the directives of the academic and ecclesiastical elites, you usually got a lecture on how good Christians are submissive to those in authority and that little things like rights and such were actually inventions of the devil. Furthermore, if you or your parents said too much, they could simply have you expelled and this was in the days when homeschooling was not as widespread as it is now and there were not that many other Protestant high schools to pick from.

While overall public schools are inferior to the private alternative, at least these parents in this California incident are able to publicly air their grievances without fear of the retaliation that might befall their offspring.

Reflecting on this article and my own experience, something tells me the infringement of this fundamental biological necessity is more widespread than most Americans are willing to admit as educators like nothing more to set themselves up as petty tyrants. Things have gotten so far out of line that we can't even wiz or take a dump without permission or apply for a license.

by Frederick Meekins

So-Called Evangelicals Denounce The Atonement As "Too Individualistic"

In an interesting article posted a Christianity Today, Mark Dever examines growing opposition within the Evangelical community to the substitionary atonement, meaning the death of Christ upon the cross for the fulfillment of our sins.

Thinking they know more than God now, a number of theologians oppose the Atonement as a barbaric holdover from less enlightened times that fosters a sense of individuality among believers. Heaven forbid anything that hinders our sublimation into members the COMMUNITY.

Frankly though, if Christ did not die for our sins and rise from the dead, why bother being a Christian at all? 1 Corinthians 15:19 says, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable."

Furthermore, what's the point of forgiveness and eternal life if it means the obliteration of our individuality in a manner akin to Brahmin in Hinduism or the Nirvana of Buddhism?

Also, the observant might note that, if these theological babblers have constructed elaborate arguments to convince themselves they are without sin, the last thing they want to confront is the most jarring reminder of all that the bad in humanity outweighs the good.

The word sin is simply retained as a convenient tool with which to prod the masses when the uneducated clods drag their feet in implementing the agenda of the elite and hindering the revolution rather than to convict any one person of individual wrongdoing.

For the offenses of materialism, racism, and nationalism mentioned are so broad that they are more interpretations than specific misdeeds.

In the eyes of our social and ecclesiastical overlords, materialism is not so much the Saganist philosophy that the universe all the was, is, or ever will be but rather the failure to relinquish one's property to the state or other institutions of authority. Racism is not so much the mistreatment of a particular individual and thus covered under more traditional ethical codes but rather failure to support undue concessions or favors for protected groups. Nationalism is not so much the elevation of the state above God or even the individual but rather the failure to embrace the headlong rush towards global government.

As all powerful as the Communitarians would like their collective to be, it's not going to do one bit to keep you out of Hell or launch you into a happy afterlife. And if there is no hope beyond the grave, why shouldn't we party like a bunch of Epicureans, maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain as each of us sees fit if death is nothing but the ultimate get out of jail free card as the cold end of it all with neither the guilty being punished or the righteous rewarded?

by Frederick Meekins

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Keep Telling Yourself That & You Might Believe It: Quack Says Fetuses Can't Feel Pain

This same thing use to be said of Blacks and Jews, did it not?

A Psychologist says laws enacted to protect the unborn from undue pain are irrational and might end up harming the woman.

Me wonders if this shrink is concerned about the physical health of woman or the guilty consciences of the mass murderers.

This story goes on to point out that pain has been redefined in such a way that even new borns are incapable of feeling it.

Bet before long neither will the elderly, the insane, the handicapped, and eventually anymore not going along with the New World Order.

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mormon Brainwashing Techniques

This article examines a number of Mormon outreach efforts.

Foremost among those examined is the practice where young adults are expected to donate two years of their lives in missionary service to the church.

Frankly, any religious organization --- either hetero or orthodox --- that stipulates the extent of contact that someone may have with their family (as the story points out missionaries are only permitted to phone home on Christmas or Mother's Day, I notice Father's don't count even though they've done just as much for their children as Mothers)should be considered suspect to begin with.

by Frederick Meekins

Russian Piglets On The March Cuter Than Commie Pigs At The Immigration March

Just something cute to ease the mind in a troubled world.

Paul Craig Roberts Warns America Tottering On The Verge Of Dictatorship

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Communists & Jihadists Back Open Borders

Michelle Malkin does an excellent job exposing the dangers of this movement the media refuses to admit.

State Of The Border

To counterbalance all the ecstasy over the disillusion of the United States this week as media sycophants snuggle up to their immigrant overlords, this link provides another perspective of the crisis on the border.

This interview takes a look at incursions of the Mexican military into the United States and how Americans living along the border live in fear and are forced to arm themselves against rapacious transborder vagrants.

But I guess some liberal is going to tell us we have an obligation to have our property pillaged and our women ravished in the name of tolerance and diversity.

Gaze Upon The Ghettoized Future --- If You Dare

I tried to watch some of it myself as C-Span's coverage of these Communist powwows is quite enlightening as they usually take a hands-off approach and allow the coverage speak for itself. At one ant-war rally a while back, they showed some rock band whose most memorable lyric was "F-Dick Cheney", something the American people were not told about on the collaborationist evening news as socialist sympathizers in the mainstream media usually paint such gatherings as wholesome and all American.

However, since the rally was primarily in Spanish, I did not have the stomach to sit there and watch this human bilge dance upon the grave of my country.

Frankly, if these activists are not going to use English at such gatherings, they should be put under surveillance for subversion since the average America does not know what is being said. For all we know, they could be speaking about putting the Anglos in relocation camps.

Yet, I did hear a few such as Virginia Congressman Jim Moran extol illegals as "the hardest working Americans" in what amounted to his exhortation of the glories of retaining a slave race in our midst for the purposes of doing work he himself is too good to do and noticed from one woman masquerading at being an Indian how she purposefully left out Caucasians and White folks in her enumeration of the various people groups within out borders.

Those favoring an immigration policy that does not take into account the ethnicity and linguistic backgrounds of those coming here should be compelled to watch all four hours of this Marxist filth and then turn to their children and tell them this is the ghettoized future mommy and daddy want for you.

by Frederick Meekins

Papists Grant Blessing To Alien Hordes

Since these conclaves represent the death knell of America and thus the Protestant Reformation, wonder how long until the Papists reinstitute burning at the stake to put down dissidents since the heavily Catholic countries the illegals come from aren't exactly known for protecting civil liberties.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Insightful Pastor Predicts Hispanic Revolt

Reds Poised To Take Latin America

Chuck Bates of Unraveling The New World Order analyzes the rise of Marxist movements south of the border. According to the program, even Daniel Ortega is conspiring to resize power.

Words "Mother" & "Father" Barred From Spanish Birth Certificates

There was once a Greek philosopher named Cratylus that refused to speak but rather wiggled his finger in response to a question because he believed things were in such a state of change and flux that by the time he responded the answer would be linguistically meaningless.

In the postmodernist rush to abolish all traditional values, Spain's socialist government is removing the terms "Mother" and "Father" from birth certificates and replacing these titles with "Progenitor A" and "Progenitor B" in order to accommodate the legalization of gay marriage in that European nation.

How they plan to circumvent biology, they have not yet announced.
Surprisingly, lesbians are among the first to balk at the administrative change on the grounds that in Spanish the term for "progenitor" is inherently male in nature.

I guess won't be long until those sensitive to the implications of hierarchy will be offended to the labeling of "A" and "B" since one would be listed before and thus above the other.

If things continue down this path, eventually no one will be permitted to speak at all since to translate thought into words and speech is itself a form of auditory rape since the act of communication puts the recipient of the message in a submissive position as the recipient (can't use the word person since that would be speciesist) is then bound by semiotic conformity through such cognitive intrusion.

By Frederick Meekins

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bombers Disguise Themselves As Women

I’ve discussed this before among colleagues and associates as to the propriety of Muslims retaining the trappings of their traditional garb and head-coverings.

Suicide bombers disguised as women have blown up an Iraqi mosque, killing 79 and wounding over 100.

While Muslim women are to be commended for dressing modestly as modernized women continue to dress sluttier and sluttier with piercings through their navels and tattoos scrawled across their backs jiggling out there in the open for all the world to see, Western societies need to think long and hard about allowing additional immigrants from lands where this mode of dress is prevalent to settle in industrialized nations.

At the very least, bans on face veils should be considered because when their mugs are concealed you don’t know whether there’s a good looking dame under there or a pile of whiskers out to blow you up.

Americans would not tolerant Klansmen going about unimpeded with their faces concealed. Then why allow it by those practicing an interpretation of a particular world faith just as dedicated to implementing their pernicious ideology through any means necessary?

by Frederick Meekins

Star Wars TV Series To Be Over 100 Hours

Let's just hope they are more like the originals than the newer ones.

Chuck Swindoll Takes On The Da Vinci Code

The Red Chinese/Mexican Alliance

Maj. James Linzey argues that the Chinese army is training Mexicans to conduct revolution in the United States and are on the verge of taking over Panama.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

American Idol To Take On Queen

It was announced on this week's American Idol results show that on the next episode the contestants would be taking on Queen.

I wonder if any of them will tackle the theme from the Flash Gordon film.

"FLASH!!! Ahhh!! Save everyone of us."

Or at least maybe take on the theme from the Highlander TV series.

Tax Returns Outsourced To India

Seems Americans aren't even good enough to process our own tax returns anymore.

What's next, farming out police operations?

Don't dismiss it; some thoughtful conspiracy theorists have hypothesized that one day foreign troops will be brought in to keep order in the United States as our own forces continue to be deployed overseas.

by Frederick Meekins

Muslim Immigrants Riot In Germany

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Beauty Wins Out Over Brains For CBS Anchorship

It has been reported that Katie Couric of the Today Show has been selected to assume anchor responsibilities on the CBS Evening News.

The position is currently filled by broadcast news fixture Bob Schieffer.

Is Couric really all that more qualified than a journalist whose career spans back before the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy or is it that Bob doesn’t look as good in heels and a miniskirt?

by Frederick Meekins

Camouflage Deemed Racist

A Colorado school has banned camouflage as well as other assorted patriotic paraphernalia on the grounds that such raiment represents a divisive brand of patriotism (meaning any that does not support the sublimation of the United States into the New World Order) and thus presents a potential threat to public safety. In a similar decision in San Diego, a school there has banned the flag as well as red, white, and blue clothing.

It is about time people remembered just what country this is. If old glory offends you that much, you should have never come here in the first place. Maybe students can find happiness and prosperity back in the geographic trashpiles they fled from but from which they continue to derive their sense of pride and identity.

Just how far does promulgating regulations about clothing in the name of harmony at the expense of individuality extend? If skinheads don't like the Jewish kids wearing yarmulkes, are school administrators going to make students remove those?

And what about the towel heads; technically, some will argue, there is nothing in Koranic Islam compelling women to wear headscarves. If these immigrants are to be granted a cultural, non-religious exception, what if another student’s cultural expression supports the wearing of camouflage as is the custom for young males in certain Southern and conservative areas?

And though we are now heading into spring, what if a student's winter coat was camouflage as is the case of one of my own? Is the school going to provide an alternative of the pupils choosing since school authorities should not have that much say over non-obscene items.

In this era claiming to value racial intermingling and cohabitation above all else, one would think camouflage would represent the perfect coming together of the various shades of brown and other tones of the earth to represent a purposeful pattern. But no doubt the manly strength and independence alluded to by such garments is something the communalists running the nation's schools simply cannot countenance.

I guess educators are going to have to find another mode of dress more in keeping with the worldview to which students are expected to aspire. Perhaps those little Mao suits once worn by the Chinese would be more appropriate.

Better yet, maybe students should be forced to not wear anything at all since this would be in keeping with the notion prevalent throughout the organs of the totalist state that nothing is to be hidden from the COMMUNITY.

I went to a private school where there were all kinds of silly rules about uniform and dress that were, to use a pun, far from uniformly enforced (especially if you happened to be one of the teacher's kids or from a family favored by the school administration). And even though the school was run by a church part of a denomination somewhat pacifist in nature, nothing was said if one wore a camouflage jacket to and from school.

Things have certainly gotten so much better without school prayer and Christian values now, haven't they?

by Frederick Meekins

Eharmony Sued For Failing To Abet Adultery

The New Spirituality

Dr. Kennedy examines the spiritual legacies of the 1960's with an old classmate of John Lennon.