Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Shouldn't Public Safety Personnel Pick Up Their Own Restaurant Tabs?

In a Facebook update, Sword Of The Lord editor Shelton Smith suggested that upon seeing a police officer, firefighter, or member of the military in a dietary establishment, one ought to purchase such civil servants a complimentary meal.

Would that include law enforcement such as those that drafted guidelines that would categorize constitutionalists and the religiously devout as potential terrorists or those that raid Amish dairies?

The two officers didn't deserve to be murdered on the streets of New York City.

However, from that presupposition, it does not follow that the officer that ended a life over an untaxed cigarette should be relieved of the burden of handling his own restaurant tab.

Aren't these functionaries provided a salary or stipend with which to acquire necessities and simple pleasures?

These are not voluntary positions.

No one is forced to pursue this line of work.

Apart from the solider perhaps, the police officer and professional firefighter are paid at a rate not that far below that of others in the working or middle classes.

Granted, these individuals provide an essential service.

But so do a lot of other people.

So since he grew the food that the restaurant prepared, does that mean that the farmer or the field hand that harvested the nutritional consumables shouldn't have to pay for their own meals either?

A number of historians conjecture that the flush toilet may have done more to expand the human lifespan than nearly every other medical advancement.

Therefore applying the principle that public safety personnel are for some reason entitled to complimentary meals, does that mean plumbers and sewage treatment workers should be lavished with free healthcare?

by Frederick Meekins

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sandheathen Endorses Pedophilia

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James Bond Isn't Black

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As a result of his participation in the lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding attempts by the Obama Administration to prevent the deportation of millions of illegals, WMAL categorized Larry Klayman as a “gadfly attorney”. Would the broadcast outlet dare say something similar regarding Gloria Allred (whose primary motivation of jurisprudence is penis envy) or former Senator and infamous whoremonger John Edwards?

Pastor Invokes Independence Day To Undermine Human Liberty & Legal Protections

An Independence Day sermon posted at is titled “We Have No Rights”.

The pastor hypothesizes this is because Christ is our master.

The presupposition is correct but the conclusion the pastor deduces from that principle is at best only partially correct if at all.

It must be point out that, because Christ is our master, no man or government can ever be in the ultimate meaning of that concept.

Pulpit expositors must be exceedingly cautious when making claims such as the thesis around which the sermon under consideration is based.

For what if there is some kind of calamity and ISIS-like insurgents establish something akin to Sharia law somewhere in the United States?

If this doctrinal pronouncement is taken to its logical conclusion, when these savages threaten to kill you and rape your wife, as a Christian brainwashed by such urine deficient sermonizing would you just stand there and do nothing with the glazed over smile of an Oral Roberts back up singer plastered across your face?

And what about in a case not so extreme and out of the realm of the possibility in the dark days in which we live?

For if we really have no rights and are to endure everything that is as what Christ deems us worthy of enduring, on what grounds do you defend yourself or family members against a pastor with “wandering hands”?

Or by enunciating this very concern, have I stumbled upon the reason why this particular theory of jurisprudence is shockingly pervasive among certain extremist elements?

By Frederick Meekins

In a sermon titled “The Church: A Called Out Separate Assembly”, Pastor Jason Cooley suggested that people that start screaming and crying when you attempt to take away their Baal bush (presumably he means a Christmas tree) because such people are not acclimated to strong doctrinal preaching. Might the same thing be said regarding this minister as well? For does he not tend to toss a tantrum when a fellow believer might come to a different conclusion regarding such secondary matters?

In a prayer, a pastor insinuated that it is wrong to read the Bible in search of a blessing. That attitude might be wrong if one is doing so to obtain a material blessing. But why bother reading the text if not to get something --- either spiritual or intellectual --- out of such a mental exercise?

Regarding the extremeists that post anti-Christmas sermons on Given that the site allows pastors that support the celebration of Christmas to upload content to the site, aren't those opposed to Christmas that remain on the site violating the very Scriptural injunction about separation that they invoke as justification for heaping condemnation upon those that celebrate Christmas? Or have I once again brought up one of those questions no one is supposed to ask?

Continuum Granted Six Episode Conclusion

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Southern Baptist Liberal Gets His Rearend Up On His Shoulders Over Christmas Music

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Human Turds Attempt To Smear Police Officer's Funeral

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Cuban Catholics Outraged Over Pope's Coddling Of Catro Dictatorship

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Did Traynonites Carnally Defile & Murder Blonde Acquaintnace?

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Is It Racist To Ask If Black Folks Like Black Movies?

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Has Glenn Beck Embraced Shemitah Hysteria?

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Even The Pope Admits That The Vatican Functions Like The Whore Of Babylon

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Spider-Woman Redesigned

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Is Dr. Oz A Cultic Quack?

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New York Cop Killer A Jihadist Sympathizer

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PID Radio To Expand National Influence

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How Authoritative Are A Pastor's Sermons Over You?

Ligonier Ministries has posted a meme disturbed that a majority do not believe their pastor's sermons to be authoritative over their lives.

It is God's Word that is authoritative over your life.

The pastor is simply one voice among many to assist in coming to an understanding of that particular text.

The minister's expositions are only authoritative or binding in those areas where the Scriptures speak definitively.

The pastor should be respected and listened to while in the pulpit if you decide to remain in the congregation where he is preaching in terms of refraining from audible disturbances being enunciated upon hearing something over which you have disagreement.

However, in regards to those issues where they can be a variety of opinion among Christians of similar piety and doctrinal propriety, you are the one that has the final say as to what goes on in your own home and life beyond the church meeting house.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Michelle Obama Offended For Being Confused With The Hired Help

Rejoice, America. For Michelle Obama deems you worthy of her condemnation and chastisement.

During her “incognito” trip to Target a few years ago, a mere peasant requested that the First Lady assist her to retrieve an item from a shelf.

But was that because she was confused with ranking among the servile classes as she insists transpired or because she is built like a Sasquatch?

So the next time you find yourself in a retail setting and you see individuals of a particular demographic that become human bobbleheads whenever they go to open their mouths, you will probably get less grief if you hold to the assumption that they are probably too lazy to work to begin with.

Attack of the Killer Beavers & Other Dangers of Misconstrued Science & Ecology

Attack of the Killer Beavers & Other Dangers of Misconstrued Science & Ecology

Slick Willie Grabs Something To Hold Onto

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1984: Year Of The Robot

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Duck Dynasty Will Robertson Bends Over Backwards Seeking Affection From The Gay Community

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Will Reality TV Chronicle Bruce Jenner's Genital Mutilation?

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Canadian Feline Overseer Passes

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And why shouldn’t those on parole be required to pay their public transportation fair like the working slob taxpayers?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mourning Outburst Not Necessarily A Repudiation Of Faith

In a sermon, a congregation was encouraged to have a faith fixed like the astronomical phenomena described in Matthew 2 commonly referred to as the Christmas star.

As a counterexample, the illustration was provided of a pastor that, upon hearing of the unexpected tragic death of family members questioned, why and where was God.

However, apart from an admonition not to let one's faith waiver like that of this grief-stricken minister, those listening in the congregation weren't provided with much homiletical resolution otherwise as the sermon was hastily brought to a conclusion.

Did this pastor in the illustration renounce his belief in God altogether, as that would have been wrong.

Or, was he upset with God for a season yet still retaining his underlying faith and love of God?

After all, who among us has not been profoundly upset with a family member while still continuing to love them deeply?

Is God so wrapped up in Himself that He does not realize this?

On what grounds does a minister require an expectation that the Bible does not seem to impose?

For example, Job did not curse God.

However, at one point he did verbalize his frustrations with the divinely allowed unfolding of events that this suffering servant did not comprehend.

There are Psalms of lamentation that seem to indicate that David experienced a similar frame of mind where, despite being profoundly troubled, he still retained his deep faith.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, his son Solomon would counsel that there is a time for mourning.

And one of the most profound Biblical references of all is also the shortest.

The passage succinctly conveys “Jesus wept.”

So if God's own Son did not make it through life without the intense emotional disturbance that is often required to bring a man to public tears, is it really proper to demand an emotional response bordering on a cognitive dissonance more concerned with how a response will be perceived rather than with what the traumatized person is actually experiencing?

By Frederick Meekins

Why Study Prophecy?

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Creches and Crucifixes

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Skynet Readied For Deployment

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Furies No More Deserving Of Ridicule Than Lesbians

On an episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Mika Brzezinski ran off stage while a story was being reported where 19 were hospitalized following a chemical attack at a fury convention in Chicago.

Would correspondents expressing shock and contempt upon learning exactly what it is that their colleague Rachel Maddow does in pursuit of carnal pleasure still be employed by that network?

As warped as they might be, at least there is still the possibility for those at the fury convention to pair off with members of the opposite sex.

The Humanless Christ & The Esoteric Salvation Of The Gnostics

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Did Abusive Church Divert Mission’s Funds To Massage Pastor’s Massive Ego?

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Pope Admits Slavish Adherence To Ritual Pointless

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Traynonite Terrorists Advocating Genocide Of The White Race Block Ambulance Transporting Mangled Subway Victim

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

No One's Business If Fewer Parents Allow Children To Play Football

A survey concludes that nearly 50% of Americans would not want their sons to play football.

So what?

It is up to the parents to decide what recreational pursuits that they will allow their children to pursue.

There is nothing in Scripture demanding participation in organized athletics whatsoever.

Should these youngsters be catastrophically injured during a game, are those elevating participation on the gridiron nearly to the status of an obligation going to pick up the expenses for hospitalization or longterm care?

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kirk Cameron No More Self-Obsessed Than Other Hollywood Luminaries

Regarding Kirk Cameron's Christmas movie, a critic wrote, “He's made a movie to say, 'Stop complaining about something I like.'. 'Saving Christmas' is a self-indulgent mess that ignores legitimate concerns in favor of saying, 'Don't spoil my party' gives us a swarmy lecturer justifying his proclivities and ignoring complaints.”

In other words, the production follows in the classic Hollywood tradition trail-blazed by the likes of Ellen Degeneres who stretched her talents as a thespian by coming out on her sitcom as a lesbian (which most could already tell she was by simply looking at her) and this seasons acclaimed comedy “Black-ish” that is so obsessed with race that the producers gave it a title that would result in riots (these days quite literally) if nearly the same program aired with an ethnically corresponding ensemble titled “White-ish”.

On Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson admitted that he does not like actually spending time with his grandchildren. Then what's the point of breeding if one does not like or want to be around the byproducts?

Columnist David Brooks is publishing a book titled “The Road To Depth”. Mind you, this is the same pundit that concluded Obama was fit to be President based upon the crease in Obama's pants. So how much depth can this opus actually possess?

Kudos for Time Magazine for selecting Ebola doctors as person of the year rather than Michael Brown or his rampaging devotees as had been rumored.

If The Leaving Are The Excrement, What Does That Make The Pastor Forcing Them Out?

Pastor Perry Noble suggests that, if the church is analogous to a human body, those leaving a congregation must be the excrement.

But wouldn't that make the one squeezing them out (often the pastor) the anus?

That part of the anatomy remains attached as a permanent fixture and remains caked with lingering stench and filth no matter how well intentioned its regular cleaning.

Unless one is on the payroll or holds some kind of position of responsibility in a particular congregation, there is nothing in Scripture saying you have to articulate any specific reason why you might decide to leave and go elsewhere.

By Frederick Meekins

North Dakota has gained headline attention for proposing that, in order to graduate, students ought to be required to pass a citizenship test of the variety administered to arrivals seeking that particular legal status. Before looking down one's nose in disgust at contemporary youths unable to intellectually grasp the basics of being an American, shouldn't it be asked if the school system is itself teaching these basics?

Southern Baptists Delcare Jihad Against Bloggers

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Pastor Suggests Those Leaving His Congregation Are Pieces Of Sh-t

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Southern Baptist Leadership Urges Churches To Emulate Mafia Protection Rackets

What those hearing this ought to do is either leave that church altogether or, if they don't itemize their contributions for tax purposes, not give the remainder of their 2014 offering until sometime in 2015 just for the Sheol of it.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Foulmouthed Comedian Condemns White Folks For Ancestral Racial Crimes

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Was It Sin Not To Know Jesus Was In The Nativity At That Time If Only A Few Were Told?

In a sermon on the humility of the First Advent, a pastor observed that the only ones in the world that commemorated the birth of Christ other than His earthly parents were outcast shepherds and Persian Zoroastrian astrologers.

However, should a sermon be formulated in such a way to rhetorically insinuate that everyone else had done something profoundly wrong if God concealed this event from all but a few?

Why are certain hardline Evangelicals this insistent about finding sin in nearly everything?

Isn't the point of these accounts that, in announcing the birth of the Messiah to people as disparate as agricultural laborers and imperial advisors, the Gospel message is for everyone?

It might sound exceedingly pious, but you can't accuse a population of being too preoccupied with their own affairs in terms of complying the Roman census to be concerned about a young woman about to give birth to the most important baby in all history, as this pastor explicates in his homily, if the population is not told exactly who this blessed virgin happens to be?

They didn't exactly have Twitter or post Amber Alerts in those days.

by Frederick Meekins

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

CSPAN Ann Compton Interview

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Popes Duel Over The Sanctity Of Marriage

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Do Jealous Theologians Bask In The Failure Of Christian Artists?

On social media, Lutheran apologist Chris Rosebrough felt the need to point out that Kirk Cameron's “Saving Christmas” is the worst rated movie in the history of Internet Movie Database.

And what is the point?

Is the truth of an artistic or didactic work to be determined by critics out to advance their own philosophical or religious agendas?

Applying Rosebrough's reasoning to other institutional venues, should a church not be judged by its willingness to stand up for the Gospel but rather by the size of the crowd drawn in Sunday morning?

There was no doubt a time when the influential of Europe condescendingly looked down their noses at the pastor and theologian Rev. Rosebrough identifies with in terms of denominational affiliation.

Should the bold Reformer have quietly taken his seat as well, leaving the issues of his day to be addressed and resolved by more celebrated thinkers and prestigious minds?

There seems to be little way of winning those of Chris Rosebrough's perspective.

He is correct in much of his analysis that a spirit of entertainment has penetrated the operational procedures of how many churches function.

But Cameron is not necessarily plying his craft solely in a the formalized ecclesiastical setting in which Lutherans of Rosebrough's variety insist the form and order of service cannot veer from its highly ordered and regulated nature.

Kirk Cameron will likely never be an historical figure on par with Martin Luther ushering humanity into whole new epochs of understanding where the very relationships between the individual, church, and God are reevaluated in light of reconsidered Scriptural evidence.

However, shouldn't these Christian leaders that bemoan the lack of a Christian influence throughout the arts be a bit more supportive when a fellow believer attempts to burst the epistemological shackles that were often put in place by fellow ministers imposing a misdirected brand of piety to begin with?

By Frederick Meekins

A Conversation With Sam Donaldson

Afrosupremacist Pedagogue Praises White Race Traitors

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Costumed Weirdos Hospitalized Following Chemical Attack

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Does Chick-Fil-A Finance Homosexual Youth Movement?

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Thieves Of Any Color Not Wanting To Be Shot Shouldn't Steal Cars

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Walid Shoebat Lodges Himself Up Putin's Backside

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What Is Orthodox Christianity?

DC’s Broadcast Golden Age

In terms of the actual comics, I tend towards Marvel over DC.

But DC has done the better job of transitioning their properties to the small screen where the characters can be developed better than in big screen movies.

The art form was perfected with Smallville.

There is now Arrow, Gotham , and the Flash.

Saw posted today that Teen Titans is in development.

It sounds like Syfy Channel has picked up the Krypton series and a Supergirl series is set to take off soon on CBS.

I’ve yet to see Constantine.

Horror has it’s place.

It's just not my favorite.

With ondemand available over cable, it is a challenge to keep tabs on everything.

Will Obama Deploy Immigrant Swarms To Destroy Rural America?

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Will Transgender Athletes Be Allowed To Bring Own Bats To Practice?

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Should Organ Harvesters Be Required To Wait Until Victim Is Deceased Before They Scavenge?

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Santa Not The Only One Throwing His Weight Around At Christmas

The greatest joy some derive from the Christmas season stems from badgering or threatening others on what to do.

At the end of each broadcast, Bill O'Reily concludes with what the correspondent considers common sense advice.

On the 12/1/14 episode, he suggested that viewers not wish their non-Christian friends a “Merry Christmas” but instead a more non-sectarian platitude.

If such people are to remain so prickly despite knowing your particular preferences in terms of religious and holiday matters that they can't humor you, are such people really your friends?

It's not like the greeting is enunciated as some kind of religious identity test the way that ISIS conducts impromptu Koranic quizzes for the purposes of singling victims out for execution.

What's so wrong with wishing non-Christians a “Merry Christmas”?

Do those belonging to another faith think they'd fair better off should Jesus had never come?

Secular scholars always make a fuss how much tolerance and leeway Rome gave to populations subjugated willingly.

But that world power was particularly brutal to those that did not, particularly those insistent that their loyalty to God outweighed any that might be owed to earthly authorities.

A pastor opposed to Christmas insisted that Christians ought not to have anything to do with the day because of the widespread carnality that often takes place at that time despite many of the participants feeling holier overall because of the religious meaning attached to the festival.

But isn't that more the fault of the individual that decides to celebrate the occasion in that manner?

The pastor continued that he also opposed Christmas because the holiday does not deliver the joy and happiness that it promises.

But isn't the same true regarding nearly everything else in life?

Applying these same reasons, wouldn't it also follow that organized religion, and especially services conducted on weekends, should be avoided as well?

For do not many that attend these also think that by doing so that they have kindled special favor with God for having done so and, though few will admit it, they really did not have as good of a time as they claim they did in order to retain good standing with the group?

By Frederick Meekins

Tyler Perry productions are often marketed as quality (even family friendly) entertainment. In a preview for some film featuring Perry's transvestite character Medea, comedian Larry the Cable Guy remarks something like did you hear the one about the two Black dudes and the rabbi. Medea remarks to Larry The Cable Guy did you hear about the Redneck shot for telling the one about the two Black dudes and the rabbi. Would a White producer be heralded and acclaimed like Tyler Perry if the punchline of a skit was a White character threatening to shoot a Black one over something that the White character considered to be off color?

Hatemonger Honored At Funeral Of DC Luminary

Louis Farrakhan spoke prominently at the memorial service of Marion Barry.

Just days before, this Afrosupremacist demagogue delivered a tirade insinuating threats of racial violence and terrorism.

This is a testament to the extent to which DC political elites despise White people.

Mind you, these are some of the same people that would in other circumstances insist that Paula Deen should be financially ruined for what was said in the privacy of her own home following a traumatic experience and that the name of the Washington Redskins must be changed to comply with politically correct sensitivities.

Will Hardliners Crucify Rick Warren's Call For Measured Alliance With Roman Catholics?

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Mark Hamil To Reprise His 1990's Flash Role

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Is Ebola An Antediluvian Bioweapon?

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Will Pope Francis Bless Gay Marriage?

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

In remarks before the House of Representatives, a number of congressional members enunciated in reference to the Ferguson grand jury verdict and following upheaval the mantra “No justice, no peace”. Would these elected officials be as sympathetic to violence and destruction if such mayhem was instead carried out in the halls of the Capitol by thieving hordes rather than inflicted upon the property owners of Midwestern hamlet in question?

Star Trek Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of Pilot's Filming

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Observations Regarding The National Christmas Tree Lighting

At the National Christmas Tree lighting, Obama failed to name “the child” that we celebrate this time of year.

Is he deluded into thinking that the story refers to himself?

At events commemorating Islamic occasions, does Obama also stumble over himself linguistically in the attempt to avoid mentioning the name of that world religion and its founder as he did at the National Christmas Tree Lighting?

Obama pointed out that young WOMENNNN used their coding skills to program the digitized Christmas trees on the Ellipse in Washington.

Is there a reason why possessing a penis excluded youngsters from participating in this opportunity?

by Frederick Meekins

Did The People Or Elites Decide In Favor Of Gay Marriage?

In reference to the Supreme Court's refusal to hear cases regarding prohibitions against gay marriage in a number of states, the 10/6/2014 episode of Viewpoint with Chuck Crimier was titled “America Officially Embraces What God Hates”.

But is that entirely accurate?

For did not voters in these states initially enact prohibitions against this practice?

Therefore, on what grounds is the average American responsible when leaders at the highest levels of government overturn the electorally expressed will of the people?

There is only so much that the average person can do.

Chuck Crismier is both an attorney and a theologian.

However, others might have different areas in which they are expected to minister.

For example, is it not perhaps even more important for parents to model loving marriages and family behavior in the lives of their children rather than to neglect these relationships through an all-encompassing activism?

Getting these priorities out of order will do more to spread this form of social decay faster than an out of control judiciary ever could.

By Frederick Meekins

Homicidal Policing More The Outgrowth Of Contemporary Liberalism

Liberals create a situation where the selling of unlicensed cigarettes is an offense worthy of fatal police intervention and the statists applaud the continual expansion of government power.

These related perspectives then apparently blame certain varieties of conservatism when it is caught on tape how the totalist state actually plays itself out on the streets and in people's lives.

Obama can't chicken excrement his way out of this one.

Obese cigarette vendors are exactly the ones that have no place in the President's version of utopia.

One shouldn't resist arrest.

However, these bureaucrats are often clearly intoxicated on their own sense of self importance these days.

You are about accused of causing a disturbance at the DMV if you raise your voice for the purposes of being heard over the background roar of this anteroom of Ghenna to get your point across to the witless functionaries attempting not to apply the procedures as they are actually written and who can barely speak audible English.

Parents Gloat Over Denying Brats Christmas Gifts

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Fanatic Leftists Demand Boys Stop Playing War & Girls Playing House

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Archbishop Of The Celtic Cross Foundation Of Ministry Heckled Midservice

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Extraterrestrials & Religion

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Lunatic Pastor Calls For The Mass Execution Of Gays By Christmas

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Profounder Debate Flies Under The Radar In Santa Fighter Jet Escort Fiasco

NORAD was criticized last year for its annual Santa-tracking public outreach.

One might think such a concern expressed would be about military resources diverted to what essentially amounts to frivolous entertainment or the result of upon additional reflection realizing that, if the military industrial complex is willing to go along with such a low-grade deception, what other things might the American people be being told less than the truth about.

However, a leftwing front group known as the Campaign For A Commercial Free Childhood denounced the violence and militarism promoted on a NORAD Santa-themed website depicting Old St. Nick's sleigh piloted by eight tiny reindeer being escorted by two fighter jets.

This response is wrong on a number of levels.

First is the name of the racket raising the ruckus.

Why should a Commercial Free Childhood be construed as a positive thing?

In many respects, commercialism and commercializing has been beneficial for all parties involved . Such transactions should not be looked at as necessarily bad.

Through commercialism, the manufacturer is able to produce a product that is needed or (in the case of most Christmas presents) desired in exchange for profit. Parents, in turn, are able to bring a degree of happiness and joy into the lives of their children on Christmas morning.

Granted, there are times that commercial transactions can get out of hand and begin to encroach upon or crowd out other considerations. But does that mean we abolish the free market or capitalist system as a result?

Such a question must be raised especially in light of the alternatives. It is interesting how radical activists aren't quite as eager to denounce the shortcomings of economic systems other than unbridled commerce.

Does an outfit like the Campaign For A Commercial Free Childhood honestly think it could exist in a milieu other than the technologically advanced West?

If the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood prefers a statist command economy where resource allocation is not made by an incomprehensible number of uncoerced choices but rather by a panel of credentialed experts thinking that they know more about the wants and needs of the individuals that make up the masses that such technocrats claim to be acting on behalf of, they need to realize that troublemakers such as themselves questioning the underlying assumptions of the regime in such an outright manner are either not allocated their ration for failing to comply with the objectives of the COMMUNITY or outright eliminated for undermining the authority of the hegemon.

The other alternative to both the advanced commercialist or command economy models would be one based more on simple barter or self sufficiency. To those that have never been forced to live in such a world, that particular way of life might seem idealized or even romantic.

However, such an existence is hardly the picture postcard it is easy to construe it to be from a distance. In such a setting, many of the luxuries and even many of the now easily-obtainable necessities that we enjoy would not be available or so scarce that access to them would be restricted to all but those with a level of wealth and power far beyond that of the ordinary.

Often, the sensitive can be troubled by the emphasis upon the material or physical that seems to characterize societies and civilizations that have advanced to at least an industrial level. It is only within a context where the basic biological needs of a high percentage of the population are met in an expedient or efficient manner that a sufficient number are allowed the luxury to reflect upon whether or not childhood (a period of life which itself wasn't given much consideration before the expansion of the mass society activists in these kinds of groups have made it their mission to denigrate and undermine) has become overly commercialized.

In a simple barter or self-sufficiency economy, the crank employed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, in the best circumstances, wouldn't have the time necessary to contemplate abstractions such as militarism. Nearly all of one's attention and working hours would be devoted to cultivating and crafting on one's own the bare necessities of life if these are even available.

More than likely, those drawn to these kinds of non-profit associations that don't really do anything useful (or little of anything beyond pining for a world that would result in widespread destitution and ruination if it existed anywhere other than in the imaginations of the deluded) wouldn't survive for very long.

If the beatniks at the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood are clueless regarding the operation of a viable economy, they are downright dangerous when it comes to defense policy.

The specific complaint of the organization was that the animated sequence of Santa escorted by fighter jets promotes violence and militarism. Mind you, it wasn't like Santa was blown to smithereens for violating North American airspace.

Even more disturbing and unsettling was the extent to which the military went to placate the peaceniks in regards to this outreach effort.

The NORAD spokesman answering the press inquiry went out of his way to point out that the jet fighters depicted in the video weren't only unarmed but that they were Canadian rather than American. Nothing shouts surrender monkey this side of France louder than an unarmed Canadian.

A nation's future is determined in part by the values it instills in its youth regarding certain essential social institutions such as family, work, and the military. In terrorist nations of the Middle East, a Mickey Mouse knock-off indoctrinates toddlers regarding the need to exterminate Jews and Christians while extolling the glories of dieing a mangled death on behalf of the tribal deity. We, on the other hand, become unhinged now should a child merely see the image of an armed airplane.

By Frederick Meekins

WIll Obama Attempt To Give Life To The Image Of The Beast?

Click oNT eh headline

Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Schwarzenegger Bastard?

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Did Male Lesbians Open The Vegan Butcher Shop?

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Brown's Mother's Manwhore Insinuates Marauders Not Allowed Enough Time To Loot Unmolested

Click On The Headline

WIll Pope Francis Celebrate Homosexual Penetration Of The Roman Catholic Church?

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Rob Bell Pimps For Revelation's Harlot

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Police Insist Property Owners Obligated To Endure Pillaging Afrosupremacists

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Does Fantastic Four Reboot Film Demote The Monarch Of Latveria To Mere Hacktivist?

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Commission Seeks Ways To Pin Upheavals On Ronald Reagan Or George Bush

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Will Human Turds Be Heralded As Time's Person Of The Year?

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Bludgeoning Murder Of Bosnian Immigrant Celebrated As Beautifully Multicultural

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Head & Heart Knowledge Not Easily Divisible

In a prayer, an admonishing petition exhorted that the hearers would not accumulate Biblical facts but rather be spoken to by the Holy Spirit.

Isn't it just as important to pray that a stark dichotomy not be drawn between these states of cognitive awareness?

Within a set of hermeneutical parameters where the Scriptures are ultimately the only trustworthy venue through which God speaks to mankind, without a collection of Biblical facts and observations deduced from revelation, how else will the believer hear from God?

Farrakhan Stokes Racial Genocide

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Theistic Evolutionists Undermine Belief In Adam & Eve

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White House Beatifies Michael Brown As Trayvonite Saint

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Reefer Madness Grips America

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Combative Ministries Dreaming Of A Disputatious Christmas

An old adage warns that, the more you do for people, the more they you know what all over you.

Actor turned evangelist Kirk Cameron may be becoming personally acquainted with that classic truism.

Merging these divergent vocations, Cameron has produced a documentary examining the Christian origins or at least basis of Christmas.

Surprisingly, some of the harshest criticisms are not coming from the militant secularists or even outright atheists but rather from Cameron's fellow believers.

Cameron is coming under condemnation for including in his film a segment on Santa Claus being inspired by Bishop Nicholas of Myra.

It is from this figure that the legend of St. Nicholas is derived.

But instead of commending Cameron for highlighting little known facts of church history, according to, Mike Gerndon of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries is peeved that Cameron kept his presentation on an ecumenical level and did not go all Jack Chick in exposing the jolly red elf's Roman Catholicism.

The evangelist is quoted as saying in an article posted 11/12/14. “The fact that the Roman Catholic Church made Nicholas a saint should be a red flag to anyone who knows only God can convert sinners to saints by the sovereign work of His Spirit.”

Does it really matter if Nicholas was Roman Catholic or not?

It's not like there were many other churches to pick from in his time if one wanted to express one's religious faith in terms of an orthodox Biblical theology.

However, for Gerndon, even getting his rear this high up on his shoulders is not enough.

His joy this time of year seems to be derived apparently by attempting to ruin every one else's holiday season.

Gerndon continued, “Born again Christians should not be joining Roman Catholics in any spiritual...activity. Paul called on us to remain separate from the unbeliever. When people say 'Merry Christmas'....They are mixing the holy name of Christ with a pagan holiday and a blasphemous representation of Christ on an altar.”

Like many other conceptual formulations, Christmas is imbued with the meaning that we put into it.

By saying “Thursday” or “Saturday”, are fundamental Evangelicals rendering homage to the pagan deities for which those particular days are named?

Scripture urges to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

At no time is salvation dependent upon how vehemently one opposes those historic points and personalities where this particular understanding of the faith intersects with another with which it is at times at distinctive variance.

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, November 28, 2014

Small business Saturday: guilt trip attempting to goad people to purchase at higher prices stuff nobody really wants.

I can't decide which is funnier: the Ferguson protester shooting herself in the head as she waved around a gun while riding in a car or the protester dieing from smoke inhalation while burning an American flag.

Traynonite Deadbeats Attempt To Disrupt Thanksgiving Parade

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A woman hit a man in the face for a Barbie Doll at a Black Friday sale. If she instigated the attack, she should have been punched back.

Guess cops were wrong to shoot the gunman rampaging in Austin, Texas early this morning as well.

Observations Regarding The Thanksgiving Parade

Couldn't the Macy's Parade start with classier lyrics than something with "Hell Of A..." in it with so many children no doubt watching?

The Thomas The Tank Engine balloon looks like it is plunging over the proverbial cliff.

The Chinese float. A nod to America's landlords.

After the parade, will Kiss be wheelchaired back to the nursing home for their meal of creamed corn and turkey mash?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Should Churches Be Subsidized For Preaching Politically Correct Propaganda?

In compliance with the state mandate to curb storm water run off, the Prince George's County Department of the Environment is considering a proposal that would waive the unpopular impervious surface property tax assessment for their properties if churches agree to preach environmentally friendly sermons or engage in other forms of mental conditioning.

What's the big deal, some will ask.

After all, does the Bible not teach us to be good stewards of God's creation?

God's word also instructs the believer to be on guard against wolves in sheep's clothing.

If governments grant tax code favors to religious organizations for ideological compliance in regards to one issue, what is to prevent them from doing so in regards to more controversial matters?

In the name tolerance and diversity, what if governments granted tax and regulatory relief to congregations supporting gay marriage?

What if a government wanted to promote pluralism and inclusion by lavishing all manner of benefits upon a church that agreed not to lift the name of Jesus above all names but instead only reference a nondescript generic God or no God at all but rather just the Ultimate Concern as formulated by Paul Tillich?

How about putting the shoe on the other foot for a moment?

What if to bolster declining birthrates a government lavished tax favors upon churches promising to preach prolife messages?

It is said that the power to tax is the power to destroy.

Advocates insist that that the program is strictly voluntary.

However, government programs that start off voluntary can easily end up becoming mandatory.

Anybody remember the assurances of if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan?

From one perspective, the program is completely voluntary with no government shocktroops raiding churches failing to put in the environmental upgrades or enunciating church dogma in such a way to win the approval of the state (at least not yet anyway).

Yet from another perspective, aren't churches that refuse to have their very thoughts policed in this manner punished by having to pay the tax?

Courts have forbidden graduation prayers for being less of a mental intrusion.

By Frederick Meekins

Pastor Badgers Congregation To Boycott C.S. Lewis

In a series of sermons against C.S. Lewis posted at, Pastor Jason Cooley creates the impression that it is wrong to read that particular author's works because of areas in which the famed scholar's theology was deficient by the standard of Biblical orthodoxy.

So why is it not wrong for the pastor to have either read these works or to have familiarized himself with this material?

At one point in the sermon, Pastor Cooley shouts like a lunatic asking if anyone in the congregation still wants to read the disputed books or watch movies inspired by these particular texts. And what if someone responded back “YES!”

In this series of sermons, Pastor Cooley insisted that the title alone of “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe” ought to be enough to get the believing Christian to avoid the book.

So if witches are evil, what is wrong with casting one in the role of the villain?

Maybe that role should instead, as in the case of many of Stephen King's works of speculative literature, be reserved for ultralegalistic ministers attempting to assert too much control over their congregations and parishioners.

From the sermons, it becomes increasingly apparent that, while Pastor Cooley has a commendable grasp of these areas where caution regarding Lewis would be prudent, the minister does not have much appreciation for the techniques of the literary arts.

This is particularly evident in regards to the scenes Cooley analyzes of Lucy's encounter with the fawn Mr.Tumnus.

For example, Rev. Cooley insists that, since fawns are noted in mythology for their seductive powers, that what Lewis is advocating are indecent carnal relations between underage minors and demoniac spirit beings.

Instead, the greater truth Lewis could be attempting to convey might be for the need to be cautious of that which we might initially find appealing if we consider the literary motif associated with the fawn and how the narrative plays itself out with Mr. Tumnus wanting to capitalize on his initial encounter with Lucy by handing her over to the White Witch.

Sometimes these unsettling realities that we are reluctant to face can be easier to grapple with or stick in the brain in the form of an engaging story rather than be constantly hollered at alone.

However, apparently Pastor Cooley is not much of a proponent of the old adage about a spoonful of sugar getting the medicine to go down.

In his tirades against C.S. Lewis, Pastor Cooley remarked that science fiction is nothing but witchcraft.

As justification for such a claim, Pastor Cooley posits that witchcraft consists of any power that does not come from God.

Once again, what Pastor Cooley possesses in terms of a desire to preserve sound doctrine he sadly lacks in literary understanding.

Admittedly, magic is often an intrinsic component of many forms of fantasy.

However, though science fiction can contain certain mystical elements such as the Force in Star Wars, over all, the genre attempts to provide a technological basis for the impressive wonders described in these works of imagination.

As such, though science fiction can be utilized to promote questionable philosophies, science fiction is morally neutral like most other forms of technology.

As such, does Pastor Cooley condemn the use of electricity or the internal combustion engine?

For though these are based upon natural forces set into motion by God's sustaining power, as in the case of literary speculation in conjecture like science fiction, these are the result of the human mind reflecting upon a fact or a concept and extrapolating from these to configure them in such a way as to result in an until then unrealized application or insight.

Interestingly, developers of these technologies expressed affinities towards ideas and affiliations perhaps even more questionable than those to which C.S. Lewis was drawn.

Henry Ford disseminated “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion” to promote his particular brand of anti-Semiticism.

Thomas Edison wasn't just at one time a member of Theosophical Society; his research into electricity was intermingled with speculation regarding spiritualist phenomena and communication.

Therefore, does that mean that to remain consistent with Pastor Cooley's call for a radical degree of separation, that Pastor Cooley must repent of his electronic ministries and instead must in faith rely only on those methods utilized by the Apostles in the early days of the Church?

By Frederick Meekins

Given what he's done and the subversions he advocates, Al Sharpton should be banned from the White House for reasons going beyond a substantial delinquent tax bill.

Reflections Upon The Passing Of Marion Barry

Marion Barry has died.

Comedians everywhere mourn the loss of such a rich source of material, from his classic outburst “The bitch set me up” to the time he was caught having oral sex behind bars.

Not every DC mayor is infamous enough to be mentioned on The Simpsons.

Was quite amusing the time some welfare leech inquired when was he going to do more for those in her economic condition and he replied by asking when was she going to stop having babies.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bill Cosby probably is a sex pervert. But how is one going to prove allegations made regarding carnal liaisons transpiring over thirty years ago? For all we know, these woman might have liked the attention at the time and merely are now outraged that the famed comedian did not share more of his pudding pops with them. Given Janice Dickinson's history of chemical dependency, how do we know that what she's recalling isn't a bad LSD trip?

If polls indicate that only 28% of Americans intend to go shopping Thanksgiving Day, should divine retribution still be inflicted upon the nation for that particular reason as suggested by a number of activist theocrats?

Given that he praised in a sense Americans willing to prostitute themselves as ISIS breeding sows, does Albert Mohler intend to also applaud the mental case planning to wed Charles Manson?

Benedict’s Teaching For The Dark Ages: His & Ours

Government Thugs Bitch Slap & Threaten To Shoot Homerschoolers' Dog Without A Warrant

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Is Bill Cosby An Islamist Sympathizer?

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Government Provides Perverts With Own Sex Dungeon

It's one thing to protect people from violence.

However, it does not follow that they should be exempt from rules binding upon other prisoners. Click On The Headline

Student Suspended For Deploying Telepathic Particle Beam

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Should Churches Be Subsidized For Preaching Politically Correct Propaganda?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why shouldn't anyone that reaches inside a police cruiser to nab the officers gun expect to have their brains blown out?

Should fewer minorities be arrested to placate the lily White tolerancemongers about alleged criminal justice disparities, perhaps there will be increased crime where these liberal pukes reside.

Obama Fails To Categorize Synagogue Attackers As Radical Jihadists

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The Dones Retain Faith In God But Move Beyond Institutionalized Religion

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Afrosupremacist Aspires To Genocide Of White Infants

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Holder Insinuates That Flippantly Flirting With A White Woman As Evil As Snatching A Police Officer’s Gun

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Was Chesterton Too Much Of A Boozehoud To Be Beatified?

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Probe Sniffs Comet's Backside

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Trayvonites Threaten To Vandalize St. Louis Arch

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Marine Veteran Insists Criticizing Islamists Cost Him Livelihood & Home

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Even Other Muslims Admit CAIR Is A Terrorist Front Group

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Does Pope Francis Have The Hots For Blasphemous Rocker?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Calloused Digit #3

The Calloused Digit #3 by Frederick Meekins

British Pedagogues Edge Children Closer Towards Government Sanctioned Molestation

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Are Pastafarian Accessories Protected Religious Apparel?

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Betsy Ross, Albert Einstein & Mother Teresa Not Black Enough To Remain On Mural

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Cosmologist Plots Theocide

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Telegenetic Activation

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Turncoast's Mother Admits Brat May Have Gotten What He Deseved

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Should Taxpayers Pick Up The Tab For Charles Manson's Wedding Planner?

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Episcopals Forge Alliance With Islamists To Destroy America

Of the Muslim prayers allowed in the structure on 11/11/14, the National Cathedral posted on its Facebook page that the service was open only to attendees and interfaith guests.

So apparently the National Cathedral doesn't have a problem with religious exclusion when doing so promotes that institution's anti-Christian and anti-American agendas.

Would a radical Christian sect that opposed homosexuality be allowed to promote their particular theological viewpoint within that particular edifice with the vestry's blessing, especially if the sponsors or participants advocated the use of violence or extend moral approval to those utilizing such to achieve their socioreligious objectives?

Then why is this privilege being extended to Muslims having participated in such outrages?

Police Deliberately Shoot Retreating Puppy

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Nobody Save Smallville Comics Don’t Care How You Do It

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Are Stores Open Thanksgiving Deserving Of Wide Scale Divine Retribution?

Granted, retailers opening on Thanksgiving might not have been the most family-friendly or magnanimous gesture in relation to their employees. However, the response on the part of certain theologians and critics might have gone a bit overboard.

In particular, one such condemnation intoned that from this alteration in commercial operational policy that America is an evil nation worthy of God's judgment.

So because Walmart was either open on Thanksgiving or opened their doors later that evening, nuclear destruction and annihilation or something comparable should rain down across the nation. That is, of course, what is usually meant by the euphemism of “God's judgment”.

To justify this hardline response to opening stores on Thanksgiving beyond simply frowning upon the decision to actively wanting to see lives ruined because of it, Biblical prohibitions regarding the Sabbath are often invoked.

The intentions might possess a nobility in that these sentiments attempt to construe all of reality through the light of God's word and theology derived from it. However, in terms of religious jurisprudence, the position falls a bit short in terms of serving as a platform upon which one can stand to look righteous in calling for blatant ruination and upheaval.

God no doubt delights when His children offer up gratitude for what He has provided and is angered when this appreciation is not evident. However, it does not follow that one cannot express gratitude in a scheduled ritualized manner prior to engaging in orderly commerce later that same day.

One might even claim that God does not really care one way or another to a great degree about the statutory observance of Thanksgiving Day. It may come as a surprise, but there is nothing found within the pages of the canon of Scripture demanding the observance be commemorated a particular Thursday in November.

It must also be asked to what extent do those enforcing Thanksgiving Day under the Mosaic regulations upholding the Sabbath want these punishments and prohibitions enforced? From Exodus 20:9-11, it is learned that the Sabbath is the seventh day of the week. Jehovah is quite explicit about this.

In our system of chronometric tabulation, Saturday is the Sabbath. What the vast majority of Christians celebrate each Sunday (especially in the morning) is technically not the Sabbath but rather the Lord's Day to commemorate the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

These have been conflated in the minds of many, especially those under the sway of a strict legalism. However, these days are not the same.

So are those demanding compulsory observance of the Sabbath willing to turn themselves over for execution should they find themselves violating the extensive prohibitions regulating the day? For according to Exodus 31:14, that is the stipulated punishment for those failing to observe the Sabbath of the seventh day if such a regulation still applies beyond Deuteronomical Israel.

When those attending compulsory Sabbath observations return home, do they intend to walk rather than operate a vehicle? For that is the extent to which the most observant Orthodox Jews adhere to the exactness of that divine decree. Senator Joseph Lieberman would not even place his own subway fair card into the electronic ticket-taker.

Furthermore, do those deliberating to make such a chore of relaxation intend to only eat leftovers from the night before or unheated prepackaged foods? Because if the true believing Christian must abide by every Biblical decree in excruciating detail for fear of befalling God's indignation, the preparation of consumables is forbidden as well.

Those more interested in ruining everyone else's celebration rather than simply maximizing their own will respond that simply pointing out what is said plainly in certain passages of Scripture downplayed as a result of those advocating them not wanting a greater majority of Christians to grapple with what is being said actually obscures the greater truth of the principle that is being conveyed. Fair enough.

If not for the principles conveyed by God to the Hebrew forefathers of the need for rest and reflection, mankind might have never comprehended the need for a work environment beneficial for all sides of the economic transaction. Before this revelation, for the most part laborers were little more than fodder to be worked until they dropped and quickly discarded.

However, are those insisting up a slavish adherence to the letter of the law really getting that point across when their homiletical formulations cause the listeners to stop and wonder if what really gets the motors of these scriptural exegetes running is rather body counts, the destruction of property, and overall social upheaval. For are not these in some form or another what is meant by the phrase “God's judgment”?

In these times of widespread debauchery and systematic subversion of Western culture, one usually tries to distance oneself from feminist critiques and condemnation of traditional religion. However, if one desires to be an honest observer of the human condition, one is forced to admit that only a man sitting back with his feet propped up would construe Thanksgiving Day as a Sabbath free from labor.

On the classic sitcom “Home Improvement” starring Tim Allen, one of the wittiest lines ever uttered on the series was verbalized when his sidekick Al Borlin quipped that dinner does not make itself. The remark was very similar to an observation made by my own mother.

If a man fails to realize that Thanksgiving is not some magical occasion where one of the most delicious dinners of the year just sprouts fully formed on the table in a manner akin to manna from Heaven, it is most likely that a woman in either the form of a wife, mother or even unwed concubine has spent much of the day laboring away in preparation.

Interestingly, those often complaining the loudest about the growing irreverence with which the day is treated are not absent from the kitchen because they are given over to the higher spiritual pursuits such as prayer, Bible study, or theological contemplation. Instead, they are plopped in an easy chair or on the sofa watching the most typical of entertainments. And I am not talking about the Westminster Kennel Club but rather NFL football.

The conspicuously religious claim that they are opposed to retailers being opened on Thanksgiving because their delicate consciences are disturbed by something so crass and base as mere commerce being transacted on such a solemn occasion. Then why do they have their peepers glued to the boob tube?

It is quite instructive that this contempt for free market exchange is limited to when it is engaged in by the laboring and servile classes. For the last time I checked, it is doubtful that the players, assorted team personnel, or the media conglomerates were putting on a complimentary exhibition game.

No doubt, millions upon millions of dollars exchange hands to orchestrate whatever number of games take place on this particular day. I am not really aware of the exact number. I usually watch the dog show while eating canned pasta just so I can say I had spaghetti for Thanksgiving.

So why are those deciding to go shopping on Thanksgiving more worthy of having death and misery inflicted upon them more so than those instead either attending the football game or even watching the event on television? Confronted so boldly about what it is that they are advocating, those previously enunciating a desire to see God's wrath dispensed over something as commonplace as going to the mall might attempt to linguistically backpedal by claiming that, in their call for judgment, they did not mean to wish misery or death upon those participating in a disputed activity or behavior.

I've pretty much been in or around Christian circles my entire life even if I don't feel welcomed within them entirely. The phrase “God's judgment” rarely has connotation other than that of sorrow and lamentation unless in rare instances where one is referencing the rewards that will be bestowed upon the believer for the good deeds they did honoring to Christ.

Furthermore, in the vast majority of instances, it's not like those participating one way or the other were prevented from enjoying the primary festivities of the Thanksgiving celebration or were not duly compensated in some manner.

For example, though likely not a universal beneficence bestowed on all employees, most laboring to make the sales happen were probably paid some kind of overtime. If not, such personnel were probably not compelled to work beyond their normal allotment of hours for that particular week. As such, they were payed with their scheduled adjusted to be off at another time.

Of even less moral concern ought to be the ones deciding to participate in these sales events on the consumer side of the transaction. For example, many of these sales were designated to commence well after the customary dinner hour.

As such, by that point in the evening, most would have already cogitated upon whatever thoughts of gratitude would have otherwise fired within their respective synapses. Most are in a turkey-induced catatonia, bloated and passing intestinal gas as they glare in a stupor into the television.

Interestingly, if we are raising the opposition to the opening of retailers on Thanksgiving to the level of Biblical law worthy of incurring divine retribution for violating, it must be pointed out that the commencement of these sales technically aren't even occurring on Thanksgiving. In the context of Hebrew culture and religious jurisprudence, the rendering of the day is not determined from midnight to midnight as occurs in the contemporary system. The day is instead rendered from sundown to sundown.

If one wants to be a stickler to Biblical detail, it must be noted that many of these Thanksgiving sales often commence well after dark. Therefore, under Sabbath prohibitions, it is no more immoral to shop from the disputed 8 to 11:59 PM than it would be during the 8 to 11:59 AM period Black Friday morning.

Those wanting to impose the Old Testament as binding civil legislation insist such must be done because God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. So if Americans deserve nuclear annihilation, plague, or whatever manifestation of the Apocalypse tickles your particular eschatological fancy for simply going to the store on Thanksgiving, should our nation also be destroyed for altering the method of rendering the days in compliance with the interpretative principle just enunciated?

It can indeed be upsetting to see what one perceives as our culture moving away from Godly foundations. However, enunciating a desire to see lives ruined and destroyed for such is probably a greater violation of explicit Biblical imperatives (such as the careful invocation of judgment) than the modification of a practice that (though commendable and worthy of continuation) is more of an interpretive application of the divine imperatives to begin with.

By Frederick Meekins

Religious Leftists Attempt To Turn Thanksgiving Into Socialistic Guilt Trip

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Apostate Clerics Bestow Blessing Upon Racialist Mob Violence

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DC Budgetary Viability Based Upon Seized Property

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Before Leaving Office Will Obama Surrender To The United States More Fully To The Red Chinese?

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Islamist Desecrating National Cathedral A Terrorist Sympathizer

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

How Much History Is One Obligated To Study?

Because God in Christ worked out the plan of salvation in a particular moment of time, I don’t see how it follows that the true Christian is obligated to have a lifelong love of history to the point where you read the discipline regularly.

Isn’t that akin to saying that if you don’t possess a physician’s or nurse’s level of knowledge of anatomy that you don’t appreciate the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit?

Everybody’s got different things they are interested in.

It is commendable to have a knowledge of church history.

But I don't see the point of laying on a guilt trip on those that really aren't into the topic as an avocation or hobby.

Should the bookworms not that great at math beyond balancing a checkbook be condemned for not being skilled in what is often described as the language in which God wrote the universe into existence?

It is commendable to have an understanding and appreciation for church history.

However, if one becomes to absorbed in the discipline, isn't there a danger of keeping stoked to too intense a degree ancient disputes of long ago?

Just how worked up should the believer still be over the Defenestration of Prague?

by Frederick Meekins

Uranus Gets Gassy

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Christian Militias Refuse To Die As Martyrs Without A Fight

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Legalistic Fanatics Condemn Kirk Cameron's Defense Of Santa Claus

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Church History Sermon Fails To Consider Profound Lesson

In a sermon on the importance of church history, it was argued that the church rather than the biological family was the primary social and psychological relationship in the life of the believer.

That might provide a degree of comfort if one's biological family is urging one to engage in blatantly anti-Biblical behavior.

However, such a grandiose sentiment itself needs to be circumscribed by carefully delineated boundaries.

You will always have a higher priority to those through whom you came into the world.

There is something downright shameful regarding some of these missionaries that will willingly die on behalf of the Pygmies in the African bush but hardly give a second thought to their aging parents here in America.

In classical Christian thought, this is the idea of subsidiarity, that your most profound obligations are to those closest to you.

Secondly, by insisting that a more profound loyalty is owed to one's church family than one's biological family can expose the gullible to a shocking litany of potential abuse on the part of church leaders.

For Jim Jones will live in infamy for conditioning numerous followers to place obedience to church structure over the well being of spouses and children, with the coercion and manipulation he subjected them to in the isolation of the jungle ending with hundreds dead.

It is a shame that a sermon purporting to admonish the need for the Christian to heed the lessons of history failed to take into account one of the twentieth century's most profound.

By Frederick Meekins

If Fox News really cared about the military, wouldn't they not want to participate in revealing the identity of who it was that allegedly pulled the trigger on Bin Laden?

It is commendable to have an understanding and appreciation for church history. However, if one becomes to absorbed in the discipline, isn't there a danger of keeping stoked to too intense a degree ancient disputes of long ago? Just how ticked off should the believer still be over the Defenestration of Prague?

It is commendable to have a knowledge of church history. I don't see the point of laying on a guilt trip on those that really aren't into the topic as an avocation or hobby. Should the bookworms not that great at math beyond balancing a checkbook be condemned for not being skilled in what is often described as the language in which God wrote the universe into existence?

In terms of the civilian sector, a veteran is no more entitled to a particular occupational position than any other qualified applicant. An associate knows of a veteran in the corporation where both are employed that is quite lackluster in terms of the execution of the assigned tasks and another that is an academy graduate that is appallingly indecisive in terms of management style.

Before lecturing the American people to lavish perks and accolades upon veterans to which there is no binding contractual obligation, shouldn't the government honor the promises of healthcare made to those maimed and wounded on it's behalf?

Rowan Williams Would Allow Teachers To Parade Around The Classroom In Full Heathen Regalia

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National Cathedral Surrendered To Islamists

Yes, these are Islamists.

If just interested in quietly practicing their Islamic faith, they'd simply find somewhere else to prayer.

Will women be allowed to participate?

The National Cathedral has embraced the libertine sexual agenda so wholeheartedly that the bells were rung following a Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage like a war had ended or a new monarch crowned.

How many mosques or Islamic centers are open to distinctively Christian prayers?

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If Kimberly Gilfoil on Fox News is insistent about veterans being given civilian employment, does she intend to give up her seat on the panel? Or are ratings that dependent upon her sitting there with backside nearly hanging out in her tight short skirt and heels?

Increasing Number Admit To Despising Church Handshaking Rituals

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White House Still Not Doing Jack Squat For Honkey Brats

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Mormon Church Admits Founder Was A Sex Pervert

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Obama Extends Massive Carbon Footprint To Assure Chinese Overlords Americans Will Be Brutalized Under Environmentalist Dictatorship

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Pentagon Considers Developing Hellicarrier

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Ben Stein Condemned For Failing To Celebrate Negro Indolence

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Is Justice Department Nominee An Enemy Of Private Property?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For Thinking It's So Evil, Preachers Can Certainly Rattle On About Harry Potter's Specifics

In a discussion of the Harry Potter novels that was broadcast interestingly enough as part of the program that just days before heralded Larry The Cable Guy as a philosophical humorist on par with Will Rogers, the host lamented that 50% of all children in America have read at least one of the novels in that particular series and how said it was that many of the children claim to be Christian.

But what if a youngster, particularly as they move into the adolescent and teenage years, is able to discern spiritual truth from deception for themselves?

If that aptitude is irrelevant to the discussion, what about these ministers and teachers that go beyond the message that witchcraft is to be avoided but can themselves go into exacting detail regarding the plot twists of the Harry Potter saga that it is obvious that they have either read the books or seen the movies?

That is akin to simply not warning of the dangers of pornography but being able to critique how convincingly particular actors in that debauched genre are able to pull off roles as pizza delivery lads or coeds needing the dormitory plumbing snaked.

Should they be called upon to repent as well?

What gives this occupational class an exemption to research this material first hand but not the remainder of us?

If we are to be forbidden from investigating these things on our own, how do we know that the line they are pedaling us is really true?

By Frederick Meekins

Colorado Educators Prefer Students Discuss Legalized Pot Than Theology

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Does Obama's Ebola Czar Support Mass Human Extinction?

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Tolerancemongers Eager To Turn America Into A Third World Slum

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Obama Dresses To Appease America's Chinese Slave Masters

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Ebola: The Blood Serpent & The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Check Out News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Hagmann and Hagmann Report on BlogTalkRadio

Does Dollar Store Toy Subliminal Condition Children To Mutilate Themselves?

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Is Marvel Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel With Proposed Aunt May Movie?

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Trayvonites Beat Fellow Insurgent In Afrosupremacist Church

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Are Certain Evangelicals As Obsessed Over Sexual Identity As Radical Gay Activists?

Controversy has erupted over a Notre Dame University conference titled “Gay In Christ: Dimensions In Fidelity”.

The purpose of the meeting was to reflect upon and address those that embrace Catholic teaching on marriage and the family but also experience homosexual temptation.

But instead of encouraging those that are struggling to live the right way despite the desires of their flesh, some have instead decided to criticize the goal of reconciling these combating inclinations.

Ryan Dobson, the slovenly tattooed beatnik son of James Dobson of Focus On The Family, is quoted in a article as saying, “Sexuality is not an identity; sexuality comes from one's identity. My identity does not come from my intimate relationship with my wife; my identity comes directly from my relationship...with God.”

Those words can be a powerful encouragement for those struggling against this variety of sin --- both homo and heterosexual.

However, haven't those affiliated with Focus On The Family over the years such as James Dobson and Albert Mohler carved out for themselves lucrative niche ministries guilt tripping those not married by the age of 25?

In essence, these ministers and scholars have come dangerously close to reducing individuals to little more than their sexual identities.

In these circles, it is not simply enough to teach that heterosexual marriage is the only relationship in which the manifestation of carnal affections is not a profound sin.

On his broadcasts and audio recordings, Mohler has suggested that churches should actually interrogate and verbally harass young adult singles as to why they have not yet married.

Our identity is indeed grounded in Christ and not over what elicits a stirring in the loins.

As such, perhaps it is about time for churches to leave alone those that have not fallen into open sin in this area of their lives and lend sensitive support rather than condemnation to those that have requested assistance in battling these particularly vexing temptations.

By Frederick Meekins

Bill Cosby Insists Value Of Art Determined By Color Of The Artist

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Audio: Church's Opposition To Holidays Borders On The Cultic

Researchers Hope To Respark Interest In Da Vinci Code Hooey

Click On The Headline

Will The Jesuits Brainwash The Gullible Into Surrendering To Extraterrestrial Invasion?

Click On The Headline

Scandal Erupts That Consumation Of Duggar Wedding Insufficently Prayed Over

Click On The Headline

Obama to be in China on Veteran’s Day. Wonder if he would pull something like that on Martin Luther King Day or one of the other concocted holidays designed to fawn over rampaging minorities.

The Dreadful Legacy Of Mark Twain

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Because God in Christ worked out the plan of salvation in a particular moment of time, I don’t see how it follows that the true Christian is obligated to have a lifelong love of history to the point where you read the discipline regularly. Isn’t that akin to say that if you don’t possess a physician’s or nurse’s level of anatomy that you don’t appreciate the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit? Everybody’s got different things they are interested in.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Crazed Futurist Insists Occupy Movement More Civilized Than The Tea Party

It was remarked by the author of “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now” in a speech posted at Youtube that the Tea Party represents a “Give Me, Give Me” mindset.

On the other hand, he congratulated the Occupy Movement as a more mature perspective.

So on what grounds is a movement morally superior that defecates on police cruisers and desecrates churches to one that for the most part upholds as an ideal as little reliance upon government as possible?

Is There A Reason The Pentagon Can't Procure Its Own Candy?

Halloween has concluded.

Now, as in the case of Thanksgiving and Christmas, assorted propagandists are laying it on thick with assorted forms of guilt regarding what these youngsters have accumulated as a result of their own gumption and achievement.

In the latest manifestation of the false altruism racket, youngsters are admonished to surrender their confections for distribution to the armed forces.

Let the kids keep their own candy.

Shouldn't the question to ask be why can't adults in the military get their own candy?

At one time, weren't soldiers issued chocolate bars and the like for the purposes of seducing foreign prostitutes?

Perhaps there should instead be a lobbying campaign to Congress or the Pentagon to include candy as a part of standard rations.

The claim is made that these youngsters don't need the candy they've collected for a number of health reasons.

So then why is it being applauded as a noble undertaking to engage in the nutritional sabotage of the military service personnel of the United States of America?

By Frederick Meekins

In commenting on the proliferation of media technologies that allow for the individualization of media consumption, it was remarked that the syncronicity of everyone watching a program at the same times has been lost. What does that matter? It has been years since I've actually talked to an individual about a television program both parties involved in the conversation actually watched anyway.

The Influence Of Christians Upon Culture

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Psychic Necrophile Assumes Apostolic Mantleship

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Depraved Islamists In The Market To Defile Infants

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

Has The Pope Abandoned Christianity In Favor Of A Platonic Mormonism?

In addressing the Pontifical Academy Of Sciences, Pope Francis pontificated, “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so.”

If this wasn't bad enough, Pope Francis further elaborated, “God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life.”

In other words, Pope Francis is not so much a Christian but rather a Platonist.

Christianity holds that God brought forth the world from nothingness.

John 1:3 reads, “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Colossians 1:16-17 stipulates in concurrence, “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth...And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”

Platonism, on the other hand, believes in accord with the assumptions hinted at in the Pope's statement that matter exists eternally and independent from God.

God merely reshaped to the best of His ability that which was already there.

Pope Francis is to be commended for his attempt to preserve the metaphysical freedom of human beings in playing a role in determining their eternal destiny.

But in positing the cosmology that he does, what guarantee are we provided that the system won't go spiraling out of control or that the promises made by God are even trustworthy?

For example, if God did not bring matter nor the laws governing physical substance into existence and is Himself subject to these limitations as inviolable standards rather than by His own volition, why ought we to believe that He is able to cause a virgin to conceive a son, and for that son to rise from the dead after dying upon a cross so that we might have the forgiveness of sins and beatific eternal life?

For are not these greater contraventions of how the universe operates than to bring the cosmos into existence within the span of six literal days?

In Luke 5 in the account where Jesus heals the paralytic lowered through the roof, Christ inquires in verse 23, “Whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Rise up and walk?”

Thus, if the laws of nature cannot be suspended as the Divinity sees fit, on what grounds ought we to believe that He really has paid our debts in full?

On old adage asks is the Pope Catholic.

Maybe so, but these days it seems that, in terms of his foundational presuppositons, he might be trending Mormon but hopefully with a much less active sex life. By Frederick Meekins

Christian Bale Damns Moses As Barbaric

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Lesbian Couples Prefer Locally Grown In Their Choice Of Man Sauce

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If it is acceptable for DC residents to possess 6 marijuana plants, why is it wrong to possess 7?

Disciples Of Christ Congregation Spices Up Hymn Sing With Free Booze

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DC Announces Wonder Woman 77 Comic

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Was Murder/Suicide Of 9/11 Researcher Staged?

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Will Obama Consolidate Dictatorship?

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Tolerancemongers Denounce Emoticons As Insufficiently Diverse

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Worthless Fluke: Renowned Tramp Defeated At Ballot Box

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Church's Opposition To Holidays Borders On The Cultic

In the equivalent of the self-denunciation that occurs in a variety of cults and Vietcong prisoner of war camps, the congregation of Grace Fellowship Church in Davenport, Iowa celebrate assorted holidays by not only being harangued by their pastor as to what wretched Christians they are if they are caught participating in these festivities but they are also expected to confess to one another just how much they despise these occasions as evidenced by a number of sermons posted at

In an anti-Halloween sermon, the pastor remarked that any parents that have taught their children about Santa Claus are guilty of having lied. He then remarked how delighted he was of his son for having responded to an inquiry that Santa Claus was a wicked elf from the north. So the moral of that story must be that falsehoods are acceptable then they advance the family theological agendas and pecularitiies.

In a sermon condemning Halloween and nearly all other holidays, the pastor suggested that if you enjoy the accouterments of a particular celebration, you can partake of it at another time of year. As an example, he suggested saving your marshmallow peeps until May or June.

But if you are required to live your life in such a controlled and contrived manner, aren't you still living still beholden to that particular holiday? And more importantly, isn't such an individual still seeking the approval of man rather than God?

In an anti-Halloween sermon, the pastor made the argument that Trick Or Treating was wrong because the custom encourages children to dress up as something they are not and to hoard something that “appeals to the flesh” (that being candy). So in the case of this preacher, it would not be a sin for him to dress as a donkey because he's certainly a dumb you know what.

In a sermon on Halloween, it was claimed that the customs of Halloween are designed to take children away from God at an early age. Couldn't something similar be said about legalistic churches and Christian schools pushing children away from God with too many nitpicky and asinine rules?

The pastor devoted a portion of his assorted tirades exposing that Frosty the Snowman was based on a lie. Who over the age of six believes he is real? Even the History Channel hasn't stooped that low yet. By singing about Frosty, you are no more worshiping Frosty than you would be worshiping Calijah The Wooden Indian or worshiping The Gambler by singing those classic songs.

Particularly unsettling and disturbing were the verbal confessions members of the congregation were expected to engage in order to receive approval and affirmation from the pastors and elders.

One gentleman confided how much he had wanted to celebrate Christmas the previous year but instead submitted himself to the eldership of the church. Buddy, the elders might have say as to whether or not the church building is decorated for Christmas. However, they don't have any say whatsoever as to what you do in your home.

In being prodded further by the leadership as to why he no longer celebrated Christmas, this individual responded because the authority in his life had instructed him as such. At no time did he clarify whether or not by that he meant the Holy Spirit or rather merely those holding position at church. If you are going to relent to pastoral control over your life to such an extent, please for the sake of your family, decide for yourself now if you are going to let the pastor sleep with your wife and molest your kids when he comes asking or drink the sour Kool Aid when he orders it.

Another seeking approval during this protocultic ritual admitted in her confession to tossing out a Fischer Price Nativity set because of the adoration her granddaughter exhibited towards the Baby Jesus figurine. The grandmother reflected, and rightfully so to a certain extent, that often we prefer the adorable Baby Jesus that is not a depiction of the Christ of wrath and judgment.

But shouldn't we be cautious about tossing out the messianic baby with the baptismal water? Isn't there a profound and beautiful truth in God in Christ condescending to our level by becoming one of us?

There are indeed both gentle and wrathful sides to God. And in the spirit of the Book of Ecclesiastes, there is a time and purpose to contemplate each of these under Heaven.

Would it be better to deny this obviously spiritually sensitive and receptive child the tender side of Jesus and instead replace Him only with the hard-edged disciplinarian Jesus that the most thoroughgoing Fundamentalists seem to have a preference for? About the only thing the child is going to retain of this entire encounter is that granny tossed out such a beloved toy or decoration. Her family will no doubt sit around twiddling their thumbs years down the road baffled as to why the child is no longer close to God.

A pastor opposed to the celebration of Christmas remarked that no one that has considered the material he has made available regarding the subject and prayed seriously about the topic has told him that despite these that they will continue celebrating the holiday. The statement was made to promulgate the impression that there is little chance for the true believer to come to any conclusion other than that of this particular pastor.

However, there are at least two other alternatives.

Firstly, the individual believer could have been convicted by the Holy Spirit that there is something more profoundly wrong in that particular congregation than the celebrating of Christmas. Concluding such, they retreat hastily from that particular assembly and flee to another house of worship.

Secondly, they might have considered what the pastor had to say, came to a different conclusion, and felt their was no need to inform the pastor of the decision. Especially in light of those matters where the individual is granted some measure of personalized conviction, it is not really the preacher's business what goes on in your home. If this brand of theology and ecclesiology makes such a fuss over Roman Catholic confession, they can't really then invoke some kind of expectation that you are obligated to blab about everything you do.

In these churches where the congregations don't celebrate Christmas, is it out of a desire to please God or have they been so brainwashed by the pastor that they are afraid of ticking him off?

A pastor can repent of celebrating Christmas as much as he likes. However, it is really not his place to homiletically manipulate and coerce you into doing so.

By Frederick Meekins

(Audio) Has The Pope Abandoned Christianity In Favor Of A Platonic Mormonism?

Understanding The New Testament

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Scholastic Airheads Endorse Preschool Pogrom

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Present Shock: Everything Happens Now

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Christianity & The New Liberalism

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Should We Reform Or Abandon American Protestantism?

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Will Tolerancemongers Crucify Tucker Carlson For Suggesting White Appreciation Day?

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Now, on his commercial where he says that he and Gloria Copeland are married forever, does Kenneth Copeland speak rhetorically about this life or has he adopted the Mormon teaching on marriage. Might as well. Sounds like his old pal Pope Francis is adopting a more Mormon understanding of Creation.

Queen Sasquatch Demands Colored Folks Vote As Told Without Sassback

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Convergence Storyline Celebrates 80 Years Of The DC Multiverse

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Are Manwhores Immune From Prostate Cancer?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The cover story of the 11/10/2014 edition of the Nation is titled “Abortion: No More Apologies. It Is Time To Claim Abortion Rights As A Social Good”. Weren't similar things said at the time in reference to Nazi racial hygiene laws, separate but equal public accommodation, and the reason why American Indians need to be shunted away onto reservations?

Threat Of Hell Underlies Heaven's Initial Appeal

A blog posted at Patheos,com titled “What Christianity Without Hell Looks Like” claims that a more authentic expression of this particular world faith would be possible without the concept of a potentially punitive destination in the Afterlife being held over the heads of humanity.

The author writes, “In short, a Christianity without hell would be a fearless, trusting, loving, divinely inspired source of good in the world.”

Maybe so.

But it must asked, what then is the point?

For if either we all get to Heaven or Heaven is as nonexistent as this mythologized Hell, why bother going out of one's way to consider the claims of the Gospel message or to abide by the basic rigors of Biblical revelation?

As much as these progressives brainwashed to oppose the notion of enlightened are loathe to admit it, there are few motivators greater than an aversion to pain and suffering.

By Frederick Meekins

The Christian Origins Of Halloween

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Presbyterian Minister Downplays Physiological Aspects Of Mental Illness

In an anti-Halloween sermon that dealt in part with demonic manifestations, Presbyterian Pastor Steven Dilday insisted that the cure to potential possession was the same irrespective of whether the particular case was real or more psychological in nature.

That is because it is ultimately Christ that delivers the victory.

And does that include maladies that were once considered demonic in origin such as epilepsy or schizophrenia?

It might be the role of the minister to provide prayer in the resolution of these afflictions as well.

But if the cause of the illness lies in the realm of the biologically physiological, does not Christ also work through a physician for the alleviation of that variety of suffering?

By Frederick Meekins

Are Christian Broadcasters Losing Resolve To Stand Against Transgenderism?

In coverage of an incident where parents were not informed that a deranged sex fiend identifying itself as a female was allowed to change in the presence of minors actually configured as such genetically, the hosts of Standing Up For The Truth went out of their way to point out that it would be inappropriate to judge the student.

Comments crossing over the line into profanity would not be publicly acceptable.

But isn't there a place for good old fashioned judgment and shame?

This student wasn't caught in his own home crossdressing.

If this behavior is not to be subject to appropriate condemnation, is it really all that wrong to begin with?

How do we know that the lad in question really identifies as a woman or simply had an overwhelming compulsion to view a lush, emerging bosom?

If a boy wiggled his way into the girls changing area for that reason would Christian broadcasters be fumbling all over themselves verbally in regards to a school system that applauded such deviancy?

Yet isn't that lewdness less morally depraved than someone so obsessed with the body of the opposite gender that they are willing to have themselves mutilated in pursuit of such lust?

By Frederick Meekins

Educrats Insist Parents Have No Right To Know If Sex Fiend Disrobes In Front Of Their Children

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School Disseminated Negrosupremacist Propaganda

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The Lutheran Reformation & Education

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Elton John Aroused By The Pope's Description Of God's Impotent Wand

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Human Turds Threaten Missouri Vandalism Spree

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Tolerancemongers Applaud The Cinematic Denigration Of The White Race

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Southern Baptists Penetrated By Sodomite Accomodation

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A Heritage Foundation study concludes that married men make more money. Probably so their wives will stop with the nagging and bitching.

Regarding an incident where a breastfeeding mother was photographed in a restaurant. The best way to avoid that is for her to keep her shirt on. Unless in a strip club or a chicken joint, most patrons really don’t care to have breast on display. If it is that urgent to feed the baby, perhaps at that age they need to remain at home.

Manhood Not Linked To Weilding Tools

An article in the British newspaper the Telegraph is lamenting the decline in do it yourself home repairs as evidence in eroding masculinity.

Nothing in the Bible requires men to fritter away the weekend doing home repairs.

If one is not good at these things, one is not good at these things.

Why isn’t it sufficiently masculine for a man to pay someone else to do this kind of work? Isn’t this why God created Mexicans and Rednecks?

Will those now bemoaning the decline of men with these skills have gonads of sufficient circumference and girth to post a similar article about women these days lacking similar aptitude in the kitchen or in cleaning house?

Most of these wenches aren’t the prize pigs at the fair either.

Fanatic Homeschooler Advocates Shacking Up Over Obtaining Marriage License

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Two Percent Of Anglicans In It Just For The Frilly Dress

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Will Superman's Homeworld Get Smallville-Style Series?

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Derek & Sharon Gilbert The Edge With Daniel Ott Interview

Pope Francis Undermines Belief In Biblical Creation

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Nurse Fails To Accurately Diagnose The Police State Menace

The nurse at the heart of a New Jersey quarantine verbalized a concern about this potential epidemic degenerating into a police state situation.

That is indeed a very valid concern.

If she is that sensitive to the preservation of American freedom and liberties, does she plan to condemn the coercive intervention on the part of the President that resulted in her release?

Administration propagandists insisted that differing quarantine standards between the states could undermine the resolve of medical professionals to volunteer in the effected regions?

But shouldn't the primary concern of both the American medical and governmental policy establishments be the preservation of health and well being here in the “Homeland” (the word invoked to condition silence in response to deviants who should otherwise be on an offender registry when they run their hands over your junk in the airport and when they read through your emails)?

By Frederick Meekins

No Obligation To Watch The World Series

The closing segment of the 10/26/2014 episode of Fox News Sunday lamented the decline in the ratings of the World Series over the past few decades.

A number on the panel yammered on about that being statistical evidence of Americans no longer being able to delay gratification.

Where is it written anywhere that Americans are required to enjoy baseball?

Is as much concern expressed on that program about the violation of things that are actually written down such as the Constitution or prohibitions in God's word about marriage being between a man and a woman?

Granted, Fox News does tend towards the right in terms of its commentary programming.

However, the flagship Sunday News broadcast consists of the more establishmentarian analysts that would gladly urge tossing traditional morality overboard if an ethical utilitarianism enables these elites to maintain their hold on power.

By Frederick Meekins

Ministers Condemning Trick-Or-Treat Excuse Their Own Halloween Participation

In a tirade against Halloween, it was assured that, while the autumnal celebration is not referenced directly, the Bible does speak about the works of the devil.

So does that include pastors that can't keep their hands off the teen girls (and shockingly even the teen boys these days) in the congregation?

Since a shockingly high number of these incidents now occur in the ranks of Independent Baptist Churches now that this profound evil has burned its way through the Roman Catholicism, to avoid the appearance of evil and to be separate from these unclean things, does that mean the Christian ought to avoid independent fundamental Baptist churches for the sake of their testimonies as well?

In their annual tirades against Halloween, often aging ministers excuse their past participation in this celebration by insisting that the confectionary collection ritual did not mean back then what it does today.

To justify not only their abstention from the holiday but calling into question the profession of faith of any Christian caught participating as well, often ghastly atrocities that may or may not have actually taken place are elaborated as the sources from which these customs are alleged to have originated.

So unless there has been some kind of chronometric discombobulation where the time stream has become unhinged, even if these ministers are on the declining side of fifty in the their onward perambulation towards the century mark, these pulpiteers are still younger than the evils that they are referencing.

To get around the question that pops into the mind of the discerning of why it was acceptable for the Christian youth of fifty or sixty years ago to Trick Or Treat but a transgression bordering on the unpardonable for the youth of today to participate in the same form of merriment, the geezers at Southwest Radio Ministries concocted a novel but logically questionable justification..
Back when they were wee tots, America was a Judeo-Christian nation.

However, going door to door to collect candy (even if the local preacher doesn't place his hands where he has no business and will land him on an offender registry) will mentally warp the youth of today in these philosophically confused times.

It is still never satisfactorily explained how carving a pumpkin or cavorting about in an amusing but tasteful costume will cause one to apostatize from the faith later down the road.

It seems ministers and clergy that admit to having done one thing still not sounding very repentant about it while demanding another of those under their teaching would be the greater threat of tempting people away from the faith.

It has been suggested that, instead of handing out candy for Halloween, that the Christian should give out Gospel tracts.

But if Halloween in general and Trick Or Treat in particular are so inherently evil, applying this kind of logic to another setting, would placing a gospel tract into an exotic dancer's thong rather than dollar bills justify attendance at a strip club?

By Frederick Meekins

Filthy Beatniks Pervade National Geographic Backwoods Program

There are misleading characterizations on the National Geographic program "Live Free Or Die".

For example, if the one is living in a rundown shack, he's not a "nomadic hunter".

If the another drives a truck to go purchase his goat, he's not really a "primitive woodsman".

The individuals portrayed on Mountain Men seem more authentic and pursuing legitimate backwoods lifestyles.

Even that weird one Eustace is trying to run an historical education complex.

However, the ones on Live Free Or Die just exude the impression that they are a bunch of strung out, doped up beatniks.

Newt Gingrich Address The Reagan Library

American Cops Stand Around With Fingers In Rectums As Sandheathens Stone Christans

Click on The headline

Will Transhumanist Law Further Erode Traditional Morality?

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Would Pope Francis Allow Pedophiles & Mass Murderers To Roam The Streets?

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Is Crotch Rot The Latest Aromatic Fashion?

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In an anti-Halloween sermon, a pastor showed the congregation a picture of himself in a costume as a child. If Halloween is so wicked, isn’t that the equivalent of a repentant adult film star showing a clip of one of her pornos?

Returnees From Ebola Countries Should Be Taken Straight To White House

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A self-loathing Caucasoid has attempted to capitalize on a slice of the racial grievance racket through essays titled “Seven Things I Can Do That My Son Can’t” and “I Hope My Son Stays White”. In these, the author laments the lack of acceptance on the part of the White devils. In summary, he asks why are Black males still feared in White America. Frankly, it’s not the Swedes that have rampaged for months on end in Missouri and threatening more violence if the judicial system does not rubber stamp a predetermined outcome in the Michael Brown case. Perhaps the author should have been more selective with whom he decided to procreate instead of branding everybody as racist that fails to applaud his redistributionist agenda.

Is Obama Conspiring To Eliminate Online Expression?

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Revenuers Now Seizing Bank Accounts Because Deposits Are "Too Small"

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Female Nerds Increasing

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Religious Busybodies Condemn Gravesite Ornamentation

In a tirade against Kirk Cameron's defense of Halloween, fundamentalist Pastor James Cooley also went out of his way to heap ridicule and scorn upon those that place flowers upon the graves of departed loved ones.

The minister rhetorically asked what was the point of doing so since the person's essence is not there anyway.

It is correct that there in the ground are only the physical remains.

However, Christianity is not Gnosticism.

Unlike that errant belief, Christianity places considerable value upon the body.

What lies there is a tangible connection to the departed loved one.

One must indeed be careful about imbuing these remains with a transferable spiritual energy that they do not possess.

Placing flowers at a grave or visiting the location occasionally extends a degree of respect to the person's memory and, in the mind of the Christian, honors the hope and truth that one day one of the saints dead in Christ will resurrect from that very spot.

Furthermore, for those that practice the custom of placing flowers on the grave, the act is often a way for the individual to cope with what may be overwhelming grief.

But perhaps ministers in Pastor Cooley's circles don't want people to find coping mechanisms.

More than likely, they'd rather people go ahead and descend into mental illness so as not to mess up the sermon rotation for those homilies condemning the depression that sets in for many following the Christmas holiday.

By Frederick Meekins

Shouldn't Christians Be More Outraged At Scripture Twisting Than Trick Or Treating?

In an anti-Halloween sermon, a pastor quoted I Thessalonians 5:7, which reads, “For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.”

In the exegesis that followed, the minister expounded that it was nearly a sin to do anything at night other than sleep as if to do so were some kind of mark of evil.

But what if you are a nocturnal type that is more alert at night?

Or what if, no matter what you do, you tend not to sleep the whole night through?

But is the text really so much about the condemnation of any activity at night other than slumber?

Earlier in the passage, the text emphasizes that the Day of the Lord is at hand.

The verses that follow remind the believer that we do not belong to darkness.

There is not much argument that significant carousing takes place while many of the more industrious and diligent are at home resting up for work the next day.

However, from the passage, one could just as legitimately conclude that both sleep and drunkenness are more metaphors for a lack of discernment and awareness.

The drunken could be viewed as those so overwhelmed by the despair of the world that the turn to overwhelming distraction.

The asleep are those that just don't give a tinker's you know what.

From such a comparison, a case could be made that the drunken might be better off because at least they are troubled by some kind of nagging sense that something is not right in the world.

If a pastor is going to position themselves as being so spiritual as to take a hardline position against Halloween, shouldn't they at least be as cautious as to consider the verse of scripture immediately prior to the one they intend to bash over the heads of those that do not agree with their interpretation of certain secondary matters?

I Thessalonians 5:6 counsels, “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.”

This portion of the epistle under consideration is similar in motif to Christ's parable of the virgins in Matthew 25 that let their lamps go out waiting for the groom to arrive at the marriage feast.

If the passage is to be utilized to condemn Halloween on the grounds that it prompts people to participate in nocturnal activities other than slumber, shouldn't the next sermon in the series aim its condemnation at the mattress or pillow industry for abetting recuperative unconsciousness?

For in the passage, sleep is not portrayed all that positively either.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who Are Some Anglican Theologians?

What a dumbass. Gunman goes on shooting rampage on the grounds of the Canadian Parliament and the most profound thing Obama can say is on the need to not pass judgment.

Assistance Applicants Crying Poor Mouth Live High On The Hog

A coworker of an associate is considering having his pregnant wife apply for WIC.

Yet this individual can afford a $30,000 SUV and a $10,000 loan that went primarily to provide his wench with a wedding or engagement ring.

The couple, despite apparently considering nutritional assistance, can apparently afford an Iphone 6 when there was nothing wrong with the cellphone that they already have.

Out of curiosity, I researched the WIC requirements for the state in which the couple resides.

Two of the criteria are interesting.

One allows for a new mom with a child up to six months of age.

Another criteria allows for mothers breastfeeding infants up to a year old.

One might make a case to extend this program to the mom while she is pregnant or is breastfeeding.

However, as soon as the whelp shoots from the birth canal of a mother that does not intend to breastfeed, there is no need to continue this nutritional assistance to her.

For the baby is not directly dependent upon her for nourishment as in the other examples that might justify the entitlement program.

Why not go ahead and provide the father with food for his own consumption as well?

He is, after all, the one that is traditionally still actually going to work while the mom is loafing about on maternity leave.

By Frederick Meekins

Does Ebola's Ebola Czar Support Systematic Human Depopulation?

Are Zombies Plotting Feeding Frenzy?

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Are Factual & Religious Beliefs Different?

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Will Government Database Track Dietary & Exercise Choices?

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Trayvonites Threaten Terrorism If Brown Case Doesn't Go Their Way

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Will Fanatic Legalists Want To Burn Kirk Cameron At The Stake For Defending Halloween?

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Sacremental Entreprenuers & The Five Two Movement

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Was Ernest Angley Obsessed With Parishoners Genitals?

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Gay Catholics Wantonly Violate Church Doctrine

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Medirval Lives: The Peasant

Jesuit Propagandists Applaud Joe Kennedy's Call For Intrusive Welfare State

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Black Serial Killers Exist After All

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Cyborgs, Mutants & Sentient Holograms Launch Political Party

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Transhumanism: Changing Tomorrow Through Technology

A documentary about the band Hillsong scheduled to be shown in theaters assures that the musicians have not been changed by the world. Given than the musicians depicted in the trailer look like beatnik slobs to begin with, they were probably already living like the world to begin with.

Christian Legalists Prefer Female Students Burn To Death Than Escape Flames Immodestly

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Do Vegetarians Have Less Zesty Man Sauce?

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How Should We Then Live: The Middle Ages

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lawyered Up For Ebola

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Vatican Cosmologist Denounces Creationists As Blasphemers

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Government Institutes Study To Combat "Social Pollution"

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Trayvonite Thuggies Prowl In Search Of Sacrificial Caucasoids

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Trayvonites Besiege Missouri Walmarts

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Will Republicans Embrace The Tide Into Debauchery?

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North Carolina Episcopals To Celebrate Gay Weddings

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The Vatican & Homosexuality

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Cardinal Burke Banished To Malta

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Bishops Tell Pope Hell No Regarding Homosexual Penetration

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Sheriff Prefers Nazi Goons As Deputies

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pastor Baffled Why Christians Reluctant To Embrace Death At The Hands Of ISIS Or Ebola

A pastor mused during a sermon that he wondered why so many Christians were reluctant to die.

It was then remarked you can either die at the hands of ISIS or from Ebola, so you might as well have a positive attitude about it.

Do those making such statements in a religious frenzy actually stop to consider how it is to perish as a result of such necrotic modalities?

Regarding the concern Christians often express regarding death.

Why are we at fault regarding the survival instinct God has imbued into nearly every form of life?

Furthermore, if Scripture says that those that hate God love death, wouldn't it therefore follow that as the most correct religion that Christians would be the most averse to this disputed metabolic state?

By Frederick Meekins

Friday, October 17, 2014

Could The President's UN Remarks Undermine Religious Liberty

In an address before the United Nations, President Obama proclaimed to the planetary assembly, “No children --- anywhere --- should be educated to hate people.”

The President went on to clarify, “There should be no tolerance of so-called clerics who call upon people to harm innocents.”

The President suggested that this could be accomplished in part by composing a “new eradicate the corruption of young minds by violent ideology” and by “contesting the space that terrorists occupy --- including the Internet and social media.”

Such proposed policies sounds like a prudent course of action to take against those out to destroy the American way of life.

But in deciphering the double talk that spews from the mouths of political elites like phlegm during flu season, the discerning grow concerned as to whether or not such rhetorical pronouncements will only be used against the jhadist menace.

Given the President's fundamental ideological orientation as a socialistic secularist, what safeguards are to be put in place that these strategies won't be used against Americans of a conservative Evangelical or Roman Catholic persuasion?

For example, when the average American hears Obama insist that no child anywhere should be taught to hate other people, images of toddlers and preschoolers being indoctrinated by a giant plushy mouse as to the glories of not only killing Christians and Jews but of their own suicide martyrdoms.

However, in the eyes of the crowd that Obama runs with, propagating hate can consist of little more than publicly reading those passages of Scripture critical of homosexuality or peacefully insisting that professing belief in Christ is the only path to eternal salvation.

In fact, columnist Mark Steyn was dragged before a Canadian human rights tribunal for remarks not too much more rhetorically forceful than those made by Obama on the floor of the United Nations by simply exposing what jihadists had themselves articulated.

Obama suggested that different faiths should come together to speak out against this violent worldview.

It depends upon what the President means by that.

Fine and dandy if he means a respect for human decency being enunciated individually from behind each pulpit in a wide variety of houses of worship.

However, if the President is suggesting that widely diverging faiths are obligated to open their pulpits to one another free of doctrinal criticism as to where these guests measure up and fall theologically short, the government will have taken a step one too many to the point where its agencies will likely become the next great threat to our own liberties and well being once the identifiable terrorist menace has been identified and appropriately dispatched.

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Naive Lutheran Would Welcome Homiletical Interrogation

Speaking in regards to the subpoena of the sermons of a number of Houston pastors opposing a “gender equality” statute, Dr. Scott Murray of that city's Luther Memorial Church remarked on an episode of Isssues Etc. that he would welcome such an opportunity to have his homilitetical output scrutinized by the state.

He ruminated that it might be the only time that these magistrates might be exposed to a nonlegalistic version of Christianity.

But is it really the proper function of civil authorities to deploy its policing powers to penalize doctrinal expression that has not veered beyond the boundaries of verbalization into the territory of physical or financial abuse?

Will Obama Use Plague To Destroy The National Guard?

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Self-Loathing Jew Jon Stewart Calls For The Elmination Of The Caucasoid Hegemony

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Vatican Prelate Insists Darkies Not Enlightened Enough To Determine Church Doctrine

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Queen Sasquatch Gets Giggy With Turnip

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Government Food Fascists Develop Biometric Sensors To Track Weight & Caloric Consumption

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

British Magazine Denigrates White Males

The 10/10/2014 issue of The New Statesman is a special edition titled “The Great White Male Issue”.

Among the articles is one titled “The Whitest Men: We Talk To Four Unexceptional Party Leaders”.

Since this is a British magazine, of course leaders in that European nation that climb a conventional career ladder aren't going to be as exciting as the Nigerians there that select a solider at random to decapitate in the middle of the street to make a political point.

If this same periodical had published a similar edition with a caricature of the hook-nosed Jew from Nazi propaganda or something similar emphasizing the fiendishly exaggerated features of the typical Islamist, wouldn't these editors have violated some kind of hate speech regulations?

Broadcaster Michael Savage was banned from entering the United Kingdom altogether for simply highlighting the threats posed by assorted manifestations of multiculturalism to borders, language, and culture.

By Frederick Meekins

Pastor's Advice Could Result In Prolonged Abuse

In a sermon comparing those that express anything but positive comments to the Ebola virus, a pastor suggested that we ought to concentrate solely on the good in our marriages, families, and churches.

But in the world in which we live, shouldn't that instruction be conditioned to apply only to minor everyday slights?

For example, should a wife say, “My husband only backhands me once in a while, but he certainly buys me pretty things.”

Should the husband say, “I might have caught her in the backyard next door squirming around in the neighbor's lap, but I should just be satisfied because she's the only woman that would consider marrying me.”

And what about church?

Should it be said, “Well, pastor might skim off the collection plate when he thinks no one is looking and, sure, he cops a feel of the teen girls occasionally, but boy can he preach a sermon condemning nearly every last aspect of the contemporary world and how we ought to avoid contact with any church that doesn't embrace our doctrinal peculiarities in their unaltered totality.”

by Frederick Meekins

Will Bridezilla Destroy America?

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Spirituality Of Christians Unwilling To Embrace & Celebrate Death By Ebola Questioned

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Obamaphiles Threaten To Crucify Those Questioning Government Ebola Policy

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Devout Catholics Stand Erect Against Homosexual Penetration

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Burqa Bitch Demands Right To Swim In Pool Wearing Full Heathen Regalia

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Is Ebola Divine Retribution For Gay Marriage?

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Pastor Insists The Critical Should Be Ostracized Like Ebola Patients

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Never Married Singles That Haven't Procreated Accused As Reprobates

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Kentucky Food Fascists Ban Birthday Cake

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reflections Upon Ebola

Thomas Friedan of the Centers For Disease Control remarked regarding the Texas nurse that contracted Ebola in the course of treating a patient with the plague that protocols were obviously violated.

In other words, it is her own expletive fault.

So does the government's medical establishment enunciate the same flippant dismissiveness regarding those that contract sexually transmitted diseases?

Eventually, Friedan did apologize for his remarks.

But if a public health functionary would still need to be punished for verbalizing such sentiments in reference to certain celebrated lifestyles, then why not in this particular instance where a dedicated individual was attempting to assist the suffering and afflicted rather than satisfying some carnal desire?

It was pointed out on Hannity that 900,000 Africans could perish in the Ebola epidemic.

This will undoubtedly rank among the great disasters of the 21st century.

The bubonic plague was one of the events demarcating the close of the Middle Ages and the commencement of the Modern Era?

Likewise, are we witnessing the close of this epoch even apart from any eschatological considerations. How much of the present order will be left standing this time next year?

by Frederick Meekins