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Tim LaHaye Passes At 90

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Media Use Of The Term “Evangelical Catholic”

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Feeding Cardinal

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What Is Your Ministry?

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Naked Couple Leaves Skidmarks With Mower In Broad Daylight

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How To Write 50,000 In A Month

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Newt Gingrich Republican Convention Speech

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Flag Burners Get What They Deserve

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Laura Ingraham Republican Convention Speech

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Cultic Polygamist Rumored To Add Two Additional Wenches To Harem

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Sticklers Suck Joy From Captain American Statue

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Myths About Stewardship

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CNN Propagandists Insist Lucifer Not Such A Bad Guy After All

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Thought Police Threaten Retribution Against Students Failing To Brownnose Minorities

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Islamist Perverts Mutilated Their Victim’s Sex Organs

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Headline Potpourri #89

President Obama remarked in light of the Brexit decision that it is more efficient to negotiate trade deals with blocs of nations rather than one at a time. Since when did he care about government operating efficiently?

A congregation was instructed to pray that a forecasted shower would be directed towards other towns so as to avoid raining during the scheduled vacation Bible school. But what if churches in these other vicinities also have vacation Bible school scheduled for this particular evening?

Is speculating Britain leaving the European Union might bring that confederation back down to the ten prophesied to grant authority to the Beast anymore worthy of a condescending snort than a sermon series on the Book of Revelation ascribing most of the upheaval described within to Muslims or that tornadic calamity befalling America's agrarian heartland classes is the fault of foreign policy elites in their Foggy Bottom offices failing to pander to Zionist interests? Perhaps this is why some don't usually open their mouths in church if sincerely responding to what one thinks about what is going on in the news is going to lead to feelings of derision and borderline belittlement.

A prayer thanking the Lord that a VBS mishap wasn't too bad sounds suspiciously similar to “Lord, thank you that there likely won't be a lawsuit.”

It was remarked in an opening prayer that, in some churches, the formalized weekly hootenanny begins with an invocation asking God to be with the proceedings but that in this particular church such was not required because He is wherever two or three are gathered in His name. If God already knows what is going on in other churches, is there really a need to remind Him of this publicly? Doesn't this prayer translate as, “Lord, the way we do things here is so much better than everywhere else. Thank you, Lord, that we are not like other men.”

A sermon on Genesis 41:38-53 was titled “Joseph's Reward From The Lord.” If this text is approached from the standpoint of what believers can also expect from the Lord, does that possibly include a heathen wife from a family benefiting from a polytheistic religious power structure? After all, it says in the passage that Joseph's wife was the daughter of a priest of On. I guess this is one of the things you aren't supposed to notice in the text. Mind you, to many of the hardline fundamentalists you are violating the injunctions about being unequally yoked if you just go out on a date with a Methodist or some manner of Charismatic.

If you point out that the King James says butler but the idea is more cupbearer, aren't you saying that the King James might not be the most accurate English translation out there after all?

It was said in a sermon that some that don't like police officers because such people usually want to commit crimes. True to an extent. However, for the sake of accuracy, shouldn't if such a remark is delivered from behind the so-called “holy desk”, shouldn't it also be recognized that some sincere people are not that found of law enforcement because of the disturbing percentage within that profession that like to throw their weight around?

A hymn often sung on Mothers and Fathers Day with the lyrics altered to fit the respective parent being celebrated is “Faith Of Our Fathers/Mothers”. One verse reads, “Our Fathers/Mothers chained in prisons dark, were still in heart and conscience free. How sweet would be their children's fate if they, like them, could die for Thee.” So aren't what you are asking for essentially that your children be executed for their faith? Seems to me does not Scripture counsel pray that you get to live a quiet and peaceable life with that being one of the primary reasons Romans 13 urges submission to temporal authorities?

A UNICEF commercial begs for money from viewers. In other words, an appeal to the free market to alleviate the suffering largely the result of socialist or command economies.

Given with what is being done with Marvel superheroes, the great prize to be claimed throughout the multiverse to be valued even more than the Infinity Gauntlet will eventually be the last remaining drops of testosterone.

Sulu is to be revealed to be homosexual in the upcoming Star Trek film largely because George Takei, who originally portrayed the character in the original TV series, is himself gay. Applying this logic, should it be concluded that the character of Willard Deckard from Star Trek: The Motion Picture was a child molester since it was later revealed that actor Stephen Collins exhibited that particular inclination on a number of occasions?

Regarding the Archbishop demanding that divorced remarried Catholics live in a celibate state without carnal relations. Wonder if he is as condemnatory of his fellow clergy with a hankering for underaged minors.

In light of the terrorist attack against police in Dallas, those questioning the militarization of law enforcement are now being categorized as subversive. Police should be granted access to the equipment that will protect them. However, citizens are rightfully concerned when the federal government has often told these departments that not even the municipalities that provide the civilian oversight of these agencies is to be told that the agencies now possess this equipment.

If Fox News analysts are going to insist that nothing critical of law enforcement should ever be verbalized for fear that such remarks might spark violence against police, does the network intend to extend such protective linguistic deference to other civil servants such as revenue officers and environmental regulators?

Hillary Clinton said White Americans need to do a better job of listening. Does she also plan to say that Black people need to do a better job of not destroying property when confronted with a story in the news that they find upsetting?

Matt Damon has called for the systematic confiscation of firearms across the United States. So in the upcoming Jason Bourne film, does the character intend to appeal solely to reason and warm sentiments in approaching conflict? And in failing to reach an amicable compromise, does the character intend to peacefully surrender in deference to the superior wisdom of collectivist institutions?

In a podcast regarding the demise of Christian Conservatism, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson spoofed the number of activists advocating this particular ideology that fell into sexual sin. Does he include within that criticism his own good friends and allies such as Doug Phillips of Vision Forum and his own former sidekick Dave Beuner? Contrary to the racial guilt peddled by Southern Baptist bigshot Russell Moore, one fails to see how middle aged and geriatric working class Whites that have never committed a crime are at fault for minority youth that lack the basics of self control.

A meme with a quote attributed to Dr. James White reads, “I have no interest in fireworks because my country has indeed declared its independence from God.” Maybe so. But does it follow from that statement that everybody else's party needs to be pooped on? Things are indeed likely descending into Ghenna in a wicker transport receptacle. However, that does not mean one can't take a celebratory day to both recall times past and to enjoy what good things still remain in America. Secondly, Dr. James White has positioned himself as a foremost Reformed Calvinist theologian. As such, if America has declared its independence from God, as White suggests, isn't that God's responsibility for imposing the inability to head anywhere but in that lamented direction?

Home school activist Kevin Swanson claimed that there is a push to allow the transgendered to use their bathroom of choice because Christian parents have not taught their children the law of God. But apart from an activist cabal demanding such a level of debauchery and their handlers among the New World Order elite, what normal everyday people support this policy innovation? Given that Swanson is himself a Christian parent, are we to assume that because this is transpiring that he ranks among those that have not properly taught his children?

Echoing the spirit of the FBI's disposition of the Hillary Clinton investigation, try telling the IRS that in failing to file your tax return that you did not intend to defraud the government of any income in that the government had already preemptively confiscated what it was owed to begin with and see what happens to you.

In a discussion with Albert Mohler regarding our fractured society with political theorist Yuval Levin, it was decreed that we ought to be more invested in our COMMUNITIES. And what if the respective institutions at that particular level of social organization don't really want your involvement?

Given that the one shooting victim was selling videos in a parking lot, couldn't it just as legitimately be viewed as an assault against capitalism? Interesting how the leftwing media never plays up that angle.

Hillary Clinton has said that Whites need to put themselves into the shoes of Black people. By that, she is probably referencing so-called criminal justice disparities. As such, the very first she needs to redress is her own case in which anyone else in a similar situation would have been tossed in the slammer for decades probably.

If a Lutheran church building has two distinct congregations of the same denomination meeting on the property and one is specifically advertised as “multiethnic”, are those that decide to attend that one berated and chastised for not wanting to be around White people?

If Obama believes in class integration of neighborhoods to the point where his regime threatens to erect ghetto enclaves in middle class areas, why is he planning to move to ritzy sections of Northwest, DC rather than somewhere like Suitland, Glennarden, or District Heights?

The Mormon Church condemned its member Ammon Bundy for his occupation of a federal wildlife preserve in Oregon. Does the organization issue press releases regarding the questionable actions perpetrated by its other members? Did the Latter Day Saints release official declarations at the point in Mitt Romney's political career when he supported the right to an abortion? Did the church issue an epistle in condemnation of obscure presidential candidate John Huntsman's support of gay marriage? And perhaps most importantly, how was Bundy's “militia” any worse than the armed gangs raised by Mormonism's “prophet” Joseph Smith?

On an episode of “Standing For The Truth”, it was suggested that the only thing that will likely bring revival to America is persecution. However, it was lamented, the attitude of the average American is to avoid suffering. Such a statement raises at least two observations. If persecution breaks out in America and we are expected to view that as the Yankee getting what's coming to him and we'll be better off as a result, why isn't the same thing being said regarding other nation's such as Syria? For did not the Christians martyred there also fail to exhibit a faith pure enough if they are enduring such obvious affliction? Secondly, if only Americans seem to run from hardship and misery, why are hordes of refugees pouring over the borders of modernized nations?

In a Berean Baptist Church podcast, it was countered that to counter transgender restrooms, Christians ought to open up their homes to be used as alternative public facilities. It was also decreed that any believer unwilling to allow total strangers to urinate or defecate in their homes were selfish. So what is to prevent deviants from getting hold of a list of citizens providing this service and using the document for nefarious purposes such as robbery or sexual assault? Will this church pay the legal bills of homeowners defending themselves or is it still more glamorous to finance missionaries ?

Those that oppose investment in fossil fuels certainly don't mind reliance on the numerous devices that depend upon such resources in order to remain functional.

Michael Savage has said that survival is more important than civil rights. For a certain extent that is correct. But what if Savage was one of the ones locked away without trial with no concrete charges filed against him. After all, didn't Savage toss a fit when he was banned from entering the United Kingdom, a country he admitted he had no desire to visit in the first place?

During a sermon on Joseph, it was remarked how some emulated the Hebrew patriarch and lived up to their responsibility to teach vacation Bible school. Good for them. But from that, it does not follow that those that did not participate were somehow shirking responsibility. How does the pulpit exegete know that others did not having more pressing responsibilities to attend to during that period?

In a church where the vast majority that attend are elderly, on what grounds can it be said that few children in the congregation is evidence that parents aren't fulfilling their obligations? Can it be said for certain that children in the area don't attend other congregations?

It said in a church bulletin that over $200 had been donated for Syrian refugees in the Middle East. If offerings are now being bequeathed with strings attached, what if someone targets funds for outreach to Geeks at Comicon, bikers at Sturgis, or flea market vendors at swapmeets? After all, sociologists will likely concur that each of these is its own valid subculture.

It was remarked from a pulpit that, from what has been said by certain members of the congregation, a number of these believers seem to think Heaven is going to be similar to Earth. Given that humans as of yet really have no other geographical reference to relate in that most have not yet visited another planet or dimension, can people really be blamed if they think of this eternal destination in terms of the best that this particular reality consists of. Despite such beratings, leadership probably no doubt baffled why Sunday school attendance is down.

Regarding theologians and Bible scholars that mock those concerned as to whether or not we will recognize loved ones in Heaven, aren't you really ridiculing God who designed familial and relationship bonds to be so strong?

That's quite a hermeneutical homiletical stretch to reference Joseph's reunion with his brothers in Egypt as a springboard to mock those longing to be reunited with departed family in eternity.

It was said that dogs can't go to Heaven because they have a soul but not a spirit. As such, shouldn't evangelists be referred to as “spirit winners” rather than “soul winners”?

Newt Gingrich remarked that White Americans just can't comprehend what it is like to be Black. Wonder if he would ramble on in a similar progressivist manner if the road being blocked was one that his third Mrs. Gingrich traveled over to get to wherever it is one purchases those expensive Tiffany lamps she's reportedly so fond of?

Wonder if the media propagandists heralding as heroic the activists blocking access to public roadways would be as celebratory of pro-lifers blocking access to an abortion clinic, Tea Party demonstrators delaying access to the Food Stamp office, or a Christian baker standing by their own particular convictions denying a gay couple a wedding cake.

Featured on the August 2016 issue of Architectural Digest is a cover story titled “Anderson Cooper's Brazilian Paradise”. So apparently it is acceptable for this mouthpiece of the global elites to own multiple dwellings scattered across remote corners of the world. But if you reside in a single family dwelling in a suburb rather than a highly controlled multi-purpose highrise in a ghetto neighborhood you are accused of endangering planetary ecology.

Homeschool activist Kevin Swanson remarked that the nation needs men willing to put in tens of thousands of hours into the lives of the sons of single mothers. But isnt that more the fault and responsibility of the men that already put their something into these single mothers?

In his analysis of a mother arrested for beating her sons over burglarizing a neighbor, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson remarked that often these African American single mothers are the last line of social stability in the lives of these children. Does he also intend to admonish and chastise these Black women for their poor taste in breeding partners? After all, any other time Swanson is part of the chorus insisting that young women should rarely be allowed outside of their parents' home for the purposes of advanced education or even employment and are to be allowed minimal say as to whom their husbands will be.

“Reboot” means that producers lack the creativity for anything other than a rehashed origins story.

It is being insisted that using the police robot to expedite the Dallas gunman onward to his eternal reward was inappropriate because he was a veteran. That is really a moot point. This terrorist forfeited any respect due such when he turned his weapons on unsuspecting Americans.

Jeb Bush has announced that, in good conscience, he cannot vote for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. So why are the remainder of us obligated to enthusiastically fall at the feet of his particular crime family or to surrender to them our hard earned resources simply because their minions drop a direct mail fund raising letter into our mailboxes.

Addressing the assassination of police officers in Dallas, President Obama said that “we ask too little of ourselves.” Maybe so of Obama's core constituencies that demand the world as their oyster and not lifting a finger for it with the exception of looting the property of others. The rest have already been asked of enough as they comply with assorted taxes compelling surrender of nearly 50% of what we own accompanied by threats of the brutal police state tactics the President otherwise opposes when applied to his beloved shiftless deadbeats.

A Louisiana mother arrested for whipping her sons after they burglarized a neighbor's house is being lauded as an ideal parent by a number of public officials. Yet the same ones praising her disciplinary methods would probably rank among the chorus that would condemn those wondering if the lack of character in the mother's own life was what led her to take such drastic steps in the lives of her children. For example, is she even married to the father of whom it was revealed is himself in the penitentiary?

In a sermon, it was suggested that, because Jesus did not utter condemnatory words during His trials and mistreatment, we are also obligated to emulate similar linguistic surrender when we find ourselves verbally attacked and berated. But is this exhortation about cultivating Christian virtue or more about letting the leadership have its way with a congregation? For in other instances, did not Christ give people a piece of His mind when He spoke in reference to the moneychangers in the Temple and when He said to the Pharisees that they were as whitewashed sepulchers? In addressing the Canaanite woman seeking healing for her daughter, how was comparing her to a dog little different than referring to someone as a “bitch”?

In a New York Times interview, Jimmy Carter categorized Donald Trump's mere advocacy (to say nothing of actual implementation) of a border wall and the banning of Muslims from entering the United States as human rights violations. Does the former president intend to speak out as forcefully against his allies in Hamas for producing Sesame Street-style programming indoctrinating toddlers regarding the glories of killing Christians and Jews in suicide attacks? Does Carter intend to renounce his friendship with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia? For in that regime, one can be executed for converting to another religion and women severely punished for being seen in public with a man that they are not related to. For supposedly being against the death penalty, Jimmy Carter certainly associates freely with rather bloodthirsty and murderous people yet rarely utters a word critical of these assorted atrocities.

Vocalizing criticism of the police is different than advocating violence against them.

It was said in a sermon that one ought not criticize a preacher until one has himself preached. However, it is doubtful that the ministers admonishing such would allow pulpit time to those that differ with them in opinion though still within the boundaries of orthodox theology. For when are the available opportunities, especially when what was billed as the first annual talent knight has not been held since its inaugural debut over two years ago? And where does it say that someone adept at the written word cannot critique something they encounter aurally?

It seems that these tragic assassinations of police officers are to serve as broad generalizations justifying sweeping changes in the course of public policy. If so, it would seem that the problem is not so much firearms in the hands of lifelong civilians but rather apparently in the hands of those supposedly trained by the government on how to handle a weapon.

CNN propagandists insist that Hillary Clinton's affinity for Saul Alinsky is no big deal since that was back in 1969. Wasn't that about the same time that Paula Deen is alleged to have verbalized the “N-word” in the privacy of her own home after being robbed at gunpoint? So if Paula Deen is to be punished over the articulation of a single phrase around which she did not build her life's work, shouldn't Hillary Clinton be ostracized even more so for a lifetime of striving to implement Alinsky's revolutionary totalitarianism?

In his upcoming book “Liars”, does Glenn Beck include Joseph Smith and Brigham Young?

On Fox News, anchor Shannon Bream corrected Alan Colmes that being in favor of a business owner's religious liberty did not necessarily make one anti-gay. The leftwing pundit snapped back that such was a cold-hearted understanding of religious liberty of a kind that he did not believe in. Where does it say in the Constitution that such liberties are to be extended only to those that agree to implement those protections in an sufficiently warm or flaming manner?

It has been suggested that Hillary Clinton's email improprieties should be overlooked in large part because she likely did not intend any harm. Given that her actions were of even lesser consequence, why doesn't this same sense of magnanimity extend to Melania Trump in regards to her plagiarizing Michelle Obama's own convention oration?

Fuss has erupted that Melania Trump's Republican Convention speech might have been plagiarized. Is that all that big a deal if a potential First Lady confines herself to a traditional role? For her primary responsibilities would consist of seeing that her husband's clothes are cleaned, that he has been adequately fed, and sufficiently sexed.

If Megyn Kelley now insists sexual advances made by Roger Ailes over a decade ago are now somehow out of line, why didn't she leave before being given her own show that bumped Hannity to the 10 PM slot? How do we know she did not like it at the time until she found out she wasn't the only news skank that he had the hots for?

The forty-seventh anniversary of the Lunar Landing. That was back in the day before NASA's primary mission, according to President Obama, was to make Muslims feel positive about ancient contributions to math and science.

Throwing his weight around, Governor Chris Christie decreed that Ted Cruz is obligated to endorse Donald Trump as allegedly promised or that Cruz is not the person he presented himself to be to the American people. But given that Christie has condemned those believing that constitutional liberties are irrevocable absolutes, why is Cruz obligated to keep his alleged word when Christie does not believe that the government is obligated to keep its world?

If Cruz was allowed to speak at the Republican convention without endorsing Donald Trump, for the dimwits in the audience, that means he was not obligated to endorse Donald Trump. How is the approach taken by Cruz any different than Reagan not endorsing Ford? Yet from the esteem in which many of these same political operatives hold Ronald Reagan, one might easily conclude that the Gipper's flatulence exuded no aroma.

The verbal formulations selected by Cruz at the Republican convention have been categorized as “petty” and “classless”. His remarks were no more classless than Trump's remarks regarding Cruz's wife and those insinuating that Cruz's father played a role in the assassination of President Kennedy.

If Ted Cruz is obligated to endorse Donald Trump despite Trump insulting both Cruz's wife and father, how is this different than the mindset of cultic Obama worship that conservatives have condemned for nearly the past decade?

Leftwing propagandists are concerned that the Republican chant of “Lock her up” could lead to a mob mentality that might result in violence. Yet just recently CNN pundits insinuated that Black Lives Matter agitators should be allowed to rampage and destroy property as desired.

By Frederick Meekins

Lesbian Bishop Forces Herself On United Methodist Church In Defiance Of The Rules

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If There Is Black History Month, What’s Wrong With Celebrating What Whites Perfected/

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Glenn Beck's Pet Rabbi Suggests Only Married Men Worthy Of Employment

Republicans Condemned For Admitting Multiculturalism Not So Wonderful After All

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Exploring The Tropes Of Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Shephard Smith Endorses Racialist Propaganda

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21 Thoughts On Preaching

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Hagee Predicts Rapture By The End Of August

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Earth Mover

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Does The Wesleyan Church Advocate Income Redistribution?

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Second Pupil Levels Allegations Against Backwoods Child Abusers

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Multicolored Flowers

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The Supergirl Action Figure With The “Who Cut One?” Expression

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Will Diversitymongers Demand The Legalization Of Rape?

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How To Produce An Adult Coloring Book

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Are O’Reilly’s Days At Fox News Winding Down?

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Monica Crowley & Laura Ingraham Discuss Trump’s VP Pick

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Fluffy Cat

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Can Thought Police Compel Diversity Oath?

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Heathens Allowed To Defile Church

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Islamists Commit Violent Assault Over Act Of Charity

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Heathen Savage Molests Teen In Public Pool

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Church Of England Advocates Financial Insolvency In The Name Of Advancing The Welfare State

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Bill Nye The Totalitarian Guy Decrees Private Organizations Must Be Forced To Advance Evolutionary Agenda

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Conservative Establishmentarians Condemn Drudge For Refusing To Sellout The White Race

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Mother Praised For Literally Beating The Hell Out Of Her Kids

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Radical Homeschooler Decrees Only Confirmed Church Members Should Be Allowed To Hold Elected Office

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Heretic Ousted From Pulpit As Boozehound

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Tolerancemongers Invade Home To Promote Diversity

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Gingrich Hops Aboard The White Guilt Bandwagon

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Water Bird

Drawing By Frederick Meekins

Feline Duo

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Russell Moore Invokes Shootings To Pander To Minorities

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Spineless Europeans Insist Rubber Bracelets Will Dissuade Rapine Jihadists

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Can Teaching Robots To Hunt End Well For Humanity?

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Readers Tire Of Marvel’s Anti-Y Chromosome Propaganda

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Are UFO’s A Tramsdimensonal Phenomena?

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Will Transhumanism Be Christianity’s Tea Party Moment?

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Sci-Fi Author Talks Self-Publishing

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Making A Fulltime Living From Self Publishing

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Did Duggar Gal Confess To Being Hotline Harlot?

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Black Version Of Uncle Buck A Flop

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Archbishop Decrees Remarried Catholics Must Avoid Sex To Evade Hell

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Transhumanism Vs. Christianity Debate

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Pastor Accuses Those Critical Of Trump Of Effeminacy

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Dimwits Embrace Linguistic Dictatorship

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Apparently New Iron Man Is An Angry Mouthy Black Woman

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Transhumanists Strategize Alliance With Antichrist’s Regime

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Who Owns The Skrulls?

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Jewish Intelligentsia Celebrates Abortion Holocaust 

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Bee On Cone Flower

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Technocrats Fret Hitler Quote Exposes Modus Operandi

A popular truism holds that those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

On the surface, that insightful observation might apply to those that know the factual details of history but refuse to embrace that field of study's numerous object lessons.

However, for the aspiring tyrants, oligarchs, and elites eager to exert their control over a targeted population, it can be just as easy to censor and oppress those examples most likely to arouse suspicions those advocating nefarious agendas might otherwise prefer remain dormant.

Through the horrors of the Holocaust, the lives destroyed or ruined as a result of the Second World War, and the nightmarish curtailment of civil liberties that took place in Germany under the auspices of the Nazi Party's, mere utterance of the name “Adolf Hitler” stops the discerning and reflective in their tracks to take stock of what is being said so that life and liberty might be preserved.

For what happened under the oversight of this particular dictator saw one of Europe's most advanced nation's transformed into one of the most brutal regimes this world has ever known.

Given the scope of the atrocities perpetrated during the Nazi era, the average person often concludes that this organization must have must have stormed into office with only the most brutal and violent of tactics that only the most courageous were willing to withstand.

And while these were always the stock and trade of the most diehard of Nazis, the movement was also able to warp for its own purposes those aspirations of the human heart towards which nearly all have a desire.

Some of the dicta propagated sounded disturbingly similar to the public service announcements of our own day.

In the attempt to draw attention to the subtle spiritual war waged at the worldview level, Life Savers Ministries sponsored an Alabama billboard that consisted of a picture of a group of children and two contrasting quotes.

One attributed to Adolf Hitler read, “He alone who owns the youth gains the future.”

The second from Proverbs 22:6 admonished, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Put up on a Friday in June 2014, the billboard was taken down by the following Tuesday as a result of the ensuing hullabaloo.

The ministry's founder was quoted in an account appearing in the Columbia Ledger Enquirer as responding, “We are pulling the billboard and actually never intended to cause confusion...Herbert Hoover would have been a far better one to quote when he said, 'Children are our most valuable resource'. We are a children's organization and had honorable intentions and nothing else.”

Granted, it is easy to cave when tolerancemongers are eager to rip out one's throat (possibly even literally with the threats of violence such fanatics often make in the name of peace, understanding, and inclusion).

However, what this pastor or evangelist should have done is to use this incident as what President Obama would call a “teaching moment” when the Chief Executive desires to lecture the American people in an exceedingly condescending manner.

Glenn Beck's yeoman's efforts to the contrary in struggling to educate the population as to the dangers of 20th century Progressivism, but why doesn't anyone get all exercised over this Herbert Hoover quote?

For shouldn't those seeing this alternative quote get jacked out of shape over children being dehumanized to the level of a resource like coal or, in this era of mass legalization, industrial hemp?

A resource, after all, has no will of its own and little to no rights.

The purpose of a resource is to be shaped, utilized, and discarded by those to whom in belongs once the owner or those holding title to it see fit for their own benefit.

Perhaps failure to notice that is an indicator of just how conditioned many of us have become to the statist mindset. Such a concern is similar to that unsettled by how dangerously close our world in general and our country in particular are on the verge of mirroring the early days of Nazism.

Of course, at this point, we are not close to placing the assorted undesirables onto boxcars.

But there are signs all around that such a worst case scenario is not beyond the realm of plausibility.

Government agencies whose sole distasteful purpose is to simply and dispassionately collect revenue are use to suppress speech prevailing elites find distasteful.

Millions of the unborn are snuffed out as an inconvenience by those who apparently didn't find it inconvenient to find the time for the carnal pursuit through which new life is brought into existence.

Thousands concerned over the revolutions in morality and lifestyle remain silent for fear of an act as innocent as a donation to a perfectly legal organization could one day be used against them as grounds for terminating employment.

Swarms of supposedly “youthful” foreigners are detained for who knows how long in government warehouses because a militarized or enclosed border is supposedly less humane.

By contrasting the rhetorical similarities between the Book of Proverbs (a source of world religion's most profound wisdom) and Adolf Hitler (a personification of fallen man in his most unredeemed states), one is forced to confront the two basic paths a child can be led down as they make their way towards their eternal destination.

Parenting is not a spectator sport.

Like it or not, the soul of each child will end up in the hands of one of the two great forces waging war for the ultimate allegiance of mankind.

Without a doubt, once in Satan's grasp, though not an impossibility to be freed by the infinite compassion of the works of Christ's death upon the cross and His resurrection from the dead, it becomes all the more harder and complex for the individual to accept this free gift of salvation there for the asking.

By Frederick Meekins

Gray Squirrel

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Swedish Politician Aroused By Filthy Savages

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Future Theological Threats

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Talk Radio’s Tom Marr Suffers Stroke Linked To Back Surgery

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Do Anti-Independence Day Churches Also Condemn Black History Month?

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Happy Belated World UFO Day

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Catholics Hash Over Protestant Theology

So if Protestants are expected to throw their arms open at all levels to Catholics without comment or criticism, does the Vatican intend to renounce its claims that outside of its oversight that there is no salvation and to welcome all believers to the Lord’s table irrespective of whether or not they are on the membership roles at the home office?

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Is Iranian Soccer Team Fielding Men Underneath Islamist Garb?

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Duck Commander Notices The Lunacy Of Unbelievers Utilizing A Christian Calendar

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Hooters Sponsors Scout Camp

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Are The Faithful Tiring Of The Pope’s Antics?

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The Dangers Of Theological Pluralism

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Shark Drawing

Drawing by Frederick Meekins

Little Goose

Photo by Frederick Meekins

Monday, July 04, 2016

Baptist Functionary Suggests Popularity A Standard In Culpability

In a podcast, Southern Baptist intellectual Albert Mohler praised the conviction of former House Speaks Dennis Hastert on assorted financial manipulation charges resulting from little more than withdrawing below a certain amount of his own funds in the attempt to avoid triggering certain reporting mechanisms.

Mohler said the case is an example of the principle of your sins finding you out. The funds were part of a coverup linked to carnal improprieties Hastert allegedly took with the underaged decades ago.

Interesting how Mohler lets things slides by when his pal C.J. Mahaney was involved in a similar scandal.

Of the pastor that ought to be disgraced, Mohler heralded Mahaney as one of the great Evangelical leaders of the 21st century.

Given that Mohler seems to indicate that leniency should be extended to Mahaney because as Mohler declared at a pastor's conference attended by both of them that Mahaney has “10,000 friends”, one must ask would Mohler side with Barabass over Jesus?

By Frederick Meekins

Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Beast readies its kingdom?

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How to write an op-ed

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Carpetbagggers & Scalawags Conspire To Rename School

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Do Presbyterian Lesbians Secretly Desire Abusive Islamist Husbands?

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Thought Police Remand Juvenile Food Critic’s Remarks To Child Protective Services

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National Cathedral

Photo by Frederick Meekins

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Why Are UN Troop Carriers Rolling Down US Highways?

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