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Child Dismembered In Sex Offender Colony

Was Santa Gunmen A Disguised Muslim?

Interesting how Bob Beckel downplays the number of millionaires in Congress but wants the funds snatched from millionaires found in more productive sectors of society.

Zany Might Be An Improvement

Romney insists in regards to Gingrich that "zany is not what we need in a President".

By that, one must assume Romney considers as "zany" a willingness to at least consider approaches to issues outside of the box and observing where our time fits with the overall flow of history.

To Romney, it seems how things are going now are, to use vocabulary fitting with his own patterns of speech, "just peachy".

But one supposes there really isn't anyway of ascertaining such since Romney also informed us that we really didn't need an historian either.

And just think, he could have likely gotten by with it if it weren't for those pesky kids.

Thought I would toss that in if candidates are going to start sounding like they are doing voiceovers for Scooby-do episodes from the mid 70's

Same Sex Couples Shouldn't Be Considered Families Because In Most Instances They Aren't Technically Married

Those in an uproar over Christmas' alleged pagan origins need to be reminded that not all of paganism was about orgies and child sacrifice.

Often, it is insisted that one must use the phraseology "Happy Holidays" in order to avoid excluding New Year's Day. However, don't the advertisements exclaiming "Now that the Holidays are over" prove that such linguistic manipulation is just at attempt to avoid saying Christmas?

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Ron Paul of the disputed newsletters is a more respectable figure than the dope peddling peacenik of this election cycle.

Tragic Story Exhibits Elitist Tone

A story regarding a Conn. fire claiming the lives of three children exudes the tone that the tragedy is some how compounded that the mother was an ad executive and the dwelling a Victorian.

Is this somehow a tragedy more befitting of youngsters residing in suburban tract housing?

Leftist Episcopals Support The Defilement Of Everyone Else's Property But Their Own

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New Yorker Cartoon Exposes Bias & Not Historical Realities

It has been observed that often a picture is worth a thousand words. By this, it is meant that often a witty image can more quickly convey an idea than a written exposition.

Another truism nearly as classic insists that the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history.

A prime example of these working in tandem could be found on the cover of a late 2011 edition of the New Yorker Magazine. Depicted violating the U.S. southern border were migrants adorned not in sombreros but rather in what would be considered traditional Thanksgiving pilgrim garb.

Such doodling, though admittedly humorous, displays a number of questionable assumptions.

For starters, the cartoon assumes that the illegal aliens of today are the equivalent of the Pilgrim settlers.

In addressing this issue, emphasis must be placed upon ILLEGAL.

The migrants coming here today are doing so in violation of the agreed upon governing authorities of the territorial United States.

The English Separatists voyaging here aboard the Mayflower committed no such transgression. In fact, the pioneers making that trek were so eager to see law and order established that among their first acts was to promulgate the Mayflower Compact. They are not to blame if the Indians did not have an as developed sense of property as we have in our own Western tradition or that there was not as much of a need to enforce borders back then as there is today.

The naive will likely respond but, if our Founders were all immigrants, who are we to forbid entrance to those that come here after us?

If that is the case, should those making such a case (especially if they are White) be forced to not only provide shelter to any minority squatter that crawls in through an open window but also cook daily meals and provide laundered sheets for the uninvited house guests? If not, how is amnesty and assorted social welfare benefits going to those that have not earned them any different?

Those fawning all over the border violators of today will gush incessantly how moral and family oriented these blatant criminals are just like the Pilgrim settlers coming here to start a new life. Even the likes of alleged conservatives such as Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family have at times been duped by this as evidenced by the time he got atop his Colorado high horse and proceeded to castigate Pat Buchanan regarding the syndicated columnist's classic "The Death Of The West".

However, just how moral are these new arrivals when one of their foremost weekend activities is bawdy drunkenness that often results in public urination? It's doubtful many Pilgrims blared music until 3 AM given the solemnity and austerity for which the rigorous Protestants of that era were renowned.

Often leftists like to harp on the decline that befell the American Indians once the historical paths of these people groups intersected with those of the Europeans. Then let's draw on some lessons from that episode as to why the United States of today must curtail the numbers crossing over the nation's frontiers.

If the migrants of today are to be construed through the prism that they are the equivalent of the Pilgrim "foreparnets" (no need to set off radical feminists among fanatic grammarians), it must be pointed out that their famed work ethic wasn't the only thing the early Puritans brought with them. They also brought a number of diseases against which the population already residing here had little immunity.

Sadly, little can be done to prevent the suffering and death from the epidemics that swept across the New World centuries ago. But with the germ theory of disease that has developed since that time, shouldn't we honor those passing in that tragedy by clamping down on our own borders by only granting admittance to those from beyond our borders that adhere to the most rigorous of health standards?

Don't think this is a valid concern? Then why are not only diseases once thought conquered or at least under control such as tuberculosis but even bedbugs as well making a resurgence?

Nation-states exist primarily for the benefit of those already living within the boundaries of a particular delineated territory that have a proper legal basis for being there. Once a culture loses its wherewithal to defend this particular principle, it won't be long until it is swept into the dung heap of history.

by Frederick Meekins

With lines 200 deep waiting for them, one must ask how long until ghetto dwellers start shooting each other over the new Air Jordans.

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Back On The Road To Serfdom

Electricity Source Likely Puts Chicken Sh-t Grin On Jailbirds' Faces

Should Shop With A Cop programs where "underprivileged" youngsters go Christmas shopping with a law enforcement officer be for 16 year olds whose parents make nearly $40,000? This is a bigger joke than Angel Tree for the jailbirds kids.

A group of adulterers have put up a billboard endorsing Newt Gingrich. The pothead vote goes to Ron Paul, but they are probably too stoned to erect a billboard.

There is no definitive way to determine definitively whether the Shroud of Turin belonged to Jesus Christ or that era's version of Charles Manson.

If one is going to be outspoken about one's disdain for Christmas cards with the image of the Christ Child on them as violating prohibitions against graven images, one also has to come out in opposition to Nativity displays and Sunday School Christmas pageants.

Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors

Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baffling Bawdy Broadside

Only at Christmas time it seems we are reamed a new one for attempting to convey greetings of kindness.

Perhaps those attempting to guilt trip over what kinds of Christmas cards people send would prefer not to be sent any Christmas cards at all.

I know some no doubt consider me some kind of moral reprobate since I don't go along with every decree in "Churchianity" just because someone in a clerical collar or holds an established ecclesiastical position hands it down.

But frankly I'd rather receive a card with an artist's tasteful rendition of the Christ Child on it than one where a dog insinuates he's about to cock his leg and piss all over the living room tree.

Don't like my language? Don't get after me.

The cards I send are considerably more sedate.

Take it up with those that are held up as exemplary church leaders who send such cards.

Want to declare me an apostate for telling it like it is, go right ahead.

Usually, I don't have a problem with that kind of humor.

However, I do when there is a hypocrisy involved that sneers down it's nose at those whose faith is not considered as rigorous or straightlaced while mailing something that can't be described as anything other than scatological.

The same crowd regularly ranting about women wearing pants is now in an uproar that women's boxing is being planned for the Olympics. But It's not like Feminists are grabbing women off the street and forcing them to fight one another. So why is it more appropriate for a man to knock the teeth and snot of another man but not for a woman to do it to another woman?

Jesus among other gods : the absolute claims of the Christian message

The war on Christmas : how the liberal plot to ban the sacred Christian holiday is worse than you thought

Our final hour : a scientist's warning : how terror, error, and environmental disaster threaten humankind's future in this century on earth and beyond

Audio: Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

Battlestar Galactica and philosophy : knowledge here begins out there

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Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year.  It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and the very names seldom mentioned for fear of irrevocably harming those not participating for whatever the reason.

Though not always cognizant of the epic spiritual and philosophical struggle taking place all around them, Americans can be a remarkably stubborn and independent lot.  As such, a number sympathetic to the process of communalization have realized that they might be more successful in accomplishing their goals through a subdued gradualism rather than through sudden revolutionary upheaval.

The first of the remembrances of the waning year subverted by manipulative social engineers is Thanksgiving.  This holiday is despised for a number of common liberal reasons.

For starters, it is argued that Thanksgiving is racist because of the hostilities that eventually erupted between Americans of European origins and the American Indians.  However, such criticism fails to recognize that, at the time of the first Thanksgiving Feast, these distinct groups were at accord with one another over the blessings shared amidst hardships and struggle.

Frankly, if you have a problem over the concept of Thanksgiving, you have a serious attitude problem.  No one is saying that at points that the Indians weren't screwed over.  Yet it must be remembered that some of them gave as good as they got in terms of inflicting violence upon innocent Whites not responsible for crafting or implementing policy.

So if you can't take a few moments to express gratitude for what you do have in this country as a result of the values set in motion there at the beginning even if they weren't adhered to in full at every step along the way, you are yourself  harboring a degree of animosity bordering on racism.

The next and probably deeper reason as to why Thanksgiving is really despised despite all the lofty platitudes regarding honoring indigenous cultures and the like is that the day expresses gratitude towards God.  In this era of postmodern enlightenment, such homage is to be directed more towards terrestrial sources, the COMMUNITY being foremost among them.

Usually when given the opportunity in a public forum such as the popular press to provide words of encouragement and understanding, those holding positions as professional clergy worthy of their hirer tend to draw focus to what God has done for us, how we have fallen short of the glory of God, and how He still loves us anyway with restoration available for those placing themselves under His mercy.  Interestingly, pastors of Emergent Church inclinations would rather go along with the flow rather than prevent the nation's downward slide into tyranny and desolation.

Writing in the November 2011 edition of the Hyattsville Life & Times, pastor of the town's First Baptist Church Todd Thomason asserts that the thing he is grateful for this Thanksgiving season is not so much his God, his freedom, or even his family Chesterton is credited with saying that one should not take a fence down until you know why it was put up.  Sometimes the best way to maintain amicable relations is to limit one's interactions with those whose values are diametrically opposed to one's own.

Rev. Thomason, on the other hand, advocates such a compulsory and contrived degree of togetherness that one ought to willingly surrender those convictions of the heart one holds most dear.  For usually in those kinds of situations where the parties involved hold to conflicting perspectives, it is the party holding to the higher standard that is forced to adopt the more lax principle.

For example, in terms of religion, if this is not to be one of the categories by which we determine those from the within from those from the without, it is usually the ones that believe that faith alone in Jesus Christ without reliance upon good works is the only means of eternal salvation and not those that believe all paths are equally valid so long as our good works outweigh our evil deeds that are forced to compromise in the name of ecumenical unity.  Likewise in regards to sexual orientation, when we supposedly come together setting aside our differences, in the postmodern context that does not mean the promiscuous elevate their behavior by henceforward living lives of repentant abstinence, covenantal monogamy, or at least keep their mouths shut regarding what kinky proclivities they might be into. Rather, it ends up that those espousing a traditional morality are the ones not only shamed into silence but forced to smile and applaud in affirmation under threat of punitive denunciation.

Until recently, the disputes regarding Thanksgiving have for the most part been of a more subdued or subtle nature.  Some of the really great battles of the culture war have instead broken out over Christmas.

The key to winning any conflict is controlling how that conflict is expressed in terms of language and conceptualization.  Those that despise Christmas and the Christ that the celebration was originally intended to honor have gone to considerable lengths to minimize the mention of the day's very name.

Occasionally this is accomplished under threat of some kind of punishment on the part of the state.  More often, this is achieved by attempting to shame these words out of common usage by crafting elaborate reasons as to why the values given lip service by petty despots such diversity, inclusion, and hyperpluralism are to be extolled at the expense of those preferred by the average person.

For example, the Hyattsville Reporter insert of the November 2011 edition of the Hyattsville Life & Times lists a number of events to be held by the municipality throughout the month of December such as the "Annual Holiday Tree Lighting", breakfast with Santa, and a memorial toy drive.  At no point in the announcement is the reader informed as to why these events are being held this time of year rather than in the middle of the summer as Christmas is never mentioned.

In the past, it was claimed in connection with this very issue that the phraseology "holiday" has to be utilized since not everyone celebrates Christmas.  If so, then why is the word invoked in the column immediately to the left?

The heading reads none other than "We're Dreaming Of A Green Christmas".  However, what follows does not so much detail what certain individuals plan to do themselves but rather what they hope to guilt trip everybody else into.

For example, in regards to gifts, it is literally insinuated "You shouldn't have."  Instead of traditional gifts, the responsible consumer rather gives donations to charities or purchases locally made items.  In other words, things nobody really wants.

As in the case of the blurb about domestic artificial and locally grown trees, the reason behind locally produced gift items has nothing to do with bolstering the U.S. economy.  Rather, it is about reducing the distance for ecological reasons the miles goods and supplies are transported.  But unless an artist or craftsman forges, smelts, or mixes their own supplies, does it really matter if the assorted petrochemicals are assembled down the street or across the country since they will still have to travel the exact same distance?

In "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe", the tyranny imposed by the White Witch upon Narnia is categorized as it being always winter but never Christmas.  It seems now the next stage of villainy has developed where the White Witches of our own time and realm instead wish to use the trappings of this celebration as a tactic in the attempt to implement their assorted agendas.

by Frederick Meekins

If Brian McLaren's new book is titled "Naked Spirtuality: A Life With God In 12 Simple Words" why is the text 288 pages.

What does it matter if the Walmart family has more wealth than the bottom 30% put together if the family has acquired that wealth providing goods and services most desire or find satisfactory? If not for this corporation, wouldn't the lives of these lower tiers of the socioeconomic ladder be even more impoverished?

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Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Accuses Legendary Grappler Of Sodomy

He did rise to the top of a profession where one essentially rolls around on the mat entwined around another man.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sidwell Friends School To Serve Japanese Food On Pearl Harbor Day

So does this mean the cafeteria will serve pork chops to commemorate the death of Bin Ladin or barbecued sushi in remembrance of Hiroshima?

Illinois Humanities Council Sponsors Dinner With Convicted Terrorist